Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1916
Page 3
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tOCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE BOCK FALLS, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, OCT. 21, 1916. . THIMBLE CLUB E 8. Club Entertained Sterling Club " " Afttrneon. ROCK FALLS BRIEFS St»!t ill t n S Thimhl" afternoon " rnt«t Ma»"nu- fr-U. *a» :«• r:un.\ On*, there were nho\it forty- the lnHlf« «|i«ini_-in a isucJal i»ttint<» h'-tng: pet formed. a peanut ra<e dining room c|v,ir> ?niiUi wrn! tn beautifully ft«(0mtetl with autumn lenve» whirh *« verv spprof.rlnte fo the orrn«lon. Later 'ift the rtny nn elaborate lunrh- * «•• WH-ed, Mrf. rinrk bHtig the , «nd the serving wait done by ofth* high The of creamed Vhlcken on tonrt. potnto rlre. . pie with whined «-ream. rof- f«e and folio. _ _ VISIT INJOLIET -j wylle and Bafl yeaferday In ioUet. the waft pnper rnl wall paper mad* from l^ngfellow Mr Wy He hit° tli«n went to th» nrinon which InWMtlnK to see. They 5«ld that the tmr*«h*i¥ have a good time playing Mil Md other g«meii If they behave AIDSO€IETY "" Th* Aid Rociety of the held: * meeting: >'" At tbB lwnt» of ,. Thtrc wet* only W»ont .present 011 ncconnt of the Wfftther. "The attefnoon WWK «in-m in tying comfortef-n. SLUMBER PARTY Ethel A riumTer'paVty ^'«* «rtve"n last eve- ftt WISH Kthel dross' home on R fl street. The affair was In honor of"Mla»-»th»-rit thirteenth. • • • Tho»« present were Misses ttvelyn «turlev«nt, Katherlne Nc-wtnn und Mildred O'Hare. OPERATED ON For R*m»v«l Of Tontili And Ad«noid» «* Y«tt«rd«y. Heirn Tttbbn was taken to the yenterday -here she uniler- " tor removal of ton- wont an oneral'"' 1 f(tr removal . "3l**4Wt adrnolds. This morning she ' WKH t*lwm to her horn* and Is getting jUone fine. ._____— for f"<l,ix H (.« u.r\ (.'ri itci'i"if' "f bnrl \\rnther rmr Msj fil«sc(ii)n! «ale «iTT i-nnfTnt!.* 1 sH •*?•»*' we'k C,ntl<iwny«« Millinery * Mrs. J. _M,_Orpf v n< > rettirnr"! to h/>r lirirnp in T'S"v''rTi>?irT TTt7« rRfiT7T17rK~Hl if t a visit here with her son. J. I. <5rpen William Tphnn went to Chl'-apo to-j day for an over Sunday vi.«it with hi« HOPKINS NEWS HOPKINS BRIEFS. Mi-< Mil.lTfii Nrtvrll. "f irtit the ji-c-! w«'<-(c nt the btii J f"r;ink Mnrtin'!!)" ''Mir s F!i-»-K-t'u.ui(l f7!"ti l» i! ;trif! Mr> !.n<l M «j»-nt th'- dav Hdrrri • >nkrn hn« rfrrntly fwl cemrnt Kt;nt building and h«rri othf>rwi«>f> if Mr* Margnret I'mul. of M<irrl*r>n, wTi<*i •spvTrt fl f"-» rfav« Uw past <B«»rk relative* in Chicago, arrived In - IVia^ -Sunday-aftfirnuon—Gfru, Holland, of Chicago. acc«mpanied ti«M home, returning "to the city oit tfte PV- . On nccount "f t»ad went hep our big dlSfmint sale wilt continuo nil next Millinery. Mn?. Dan Dailey went to Chfsago »o- day f»r a week's visit. Al Inland went to Aurora this morn- Ing for H. visit, Mrs. U. Rarteil nnd daughter nnd son, Kalph,'Amboy this m<trn- \Valter f'orldrtn Is assisting at the Tetmn grocery today. Mr. and Mrs. Kam Bmmons, of Rlm- fl^^ro^,,---M^nn., are here visiting nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Em- Mrs. J. r>. Moore, who underwent n serious openUior. a few weeks ago, was removed to her horn? yesterday. Rev. Simlsler motored here today from Maple Park t>u has to hnve. chargp of tho services at the M. E. church Sunday. . On account of had weather our big discount sale will eoritinuo nil nest week. Oftltownys Millinery.* Oeno Kale, Will Kurn« and Waiter Hmlth, of Dlxon. spent Friday evening here with frlt-nds. Have decidod to resume my dress ntaklng. Mrs. "W. ». Bristol, 300 Eighth avenue, tlook Ka1l!»,* BmTHS nottncement of the birth of a Imhy <?lrl born October 17th to Mr. rind Mr*. Bandrnrk, of A»hton. Thf lit- tie girl ha* been named Ruth Elizabeth.' Mr. and Mrs. Bandrock formerly lived hon», he being engaged In the jewelry business at the Daggett drug etore. HERE FBOM BELLE PLAINS. on ft, r appendicitis at Belle. f»| ain pi«, la., wat« brought here yesterday to the home of hl» uncle, T. E, T)'* yniinrjf man in petting along line and It will not be long untH he in hla usual good health, SUNDAriiftVICES METHODIST. Huntlny School, 0:45. Mornlnit 10:45. Kvenlno; ncrvleo, :30. Hev. Slmlster will have charge of CARE FOR FAMILIES * . " •* * '" JBritiah ? Commander Many adWinga A» Howea For Wivai Of Soldiers. n~ . By Hal O'Flaherty I9 V * fUnlted Press Staff Correspondent) IT Vwn'T 1 I< ^", j , > _ Oft , ccr8 « wives and l«ft In straightened clrcum- being cared for In a mag- manner by im» JSrliteh «ovorn- Prtvate hotels, botrtliw hou««, and public buildlnini tfre be- daHy for occupancy ,by of fghtThg meit Th. methld of secuFlng these place. causing owners some inconvenience InlSiiioae* the first complaJntB MW Jfoltowftd by cheerful acquiescence. A privM* hotel In B^» wlck »«""« \wtok5t» h«« been the home of .three United Pre*» correspondents, was P* * t«k*n over by <he government today " only four days' notice. Hence- it will b« the residence of the of nine English army officers. *„» .v*sees of the Brunswick 8c t uare Ihouw wer« actually fl^rgasted "" • - government agent* told tho,m to kte with all of their guesu, who requested that evening to find „„„ ^ioaes-^wlthln-two days.—There ,'Wiw consternation among the feminine • eueats, two of whom had been.-recent- far saddened by the deaths of relatives gy Herman Uullats. However, after the and the object If the To „» least fifteen people are JUondoh'n pavements March .,. n*w homw today, r*alte»ni they are helping the government - for those whose need i* great. i the owners or lessees bulldlnga r tW, allow* a- certain port lon^of the --»t, " Th« furniture and wr» «» taken over with the build* th* government becoming »ctlye of the hotel or rtildww*. The agents who inspect the prem <B ____ - j_— ,.J>r !•..-«* »n»iillii skilled in the work, for they Invariably take over those containing every convenience. Uix months ««o, London newspaper* for off lew*' wives. The pitiful in a way, as Voua.Mil f««r *tr>ck«n wom»n who had ..,-.. w»ve4 farewell to a husband going to ""' th<» fro"*- smiling bravely unty_thf w«y to eome strange hotel. Today nceforth the at the front will fjnaw that their famlllwi are in good WAS FINgP. . . la.. Oct. n.— Jiultfe Mar- J, Wade fined the Minneapolis and m. Uiuls Ilftilr«?»d $1,800 fur violation at the «l*te<m-hout; law. prohibitine r«ilroud« from allowing their employes more, tmtn aixtoen conaecu ijv'e .......... <508T flMOO TO CARRY CHILDREN ' Madison, Win., <ict. 21. — The ntute ia»t year paid tt» glvt* country wchool children frt-o njleo »i>' school. Vouchww -tolulinff thin ttiftount have blHSn (Wilt <>»»t by the U«i"*i'tnu % ui' of cdimitlon. ' __ STATE CONFERENCE Meeting On Charities and Correction Opened Today At Alton, m. (By United Press) Alton, lit, Oct. 21..— Several thousand visitors were hero e/arly^ today to, attend the opening, 'at ten o'clock thin morn- Ing,. of theo Twenty-first Annual Illinois Btato Conference on Charltlev and Correction. . _ The revised prograin. ^tui announced I^^th^^mui»lt[eirTn~liTiaFg» i; r IB one"oT the moat comprehensive ever arranged for euch a conference, |t afforda'splnn- dja edu^jrttftnftropportunltlea us well its opportunities to tiolve perplexing prob lems constantly work. fhf- Inte- Iffnry Tucker farm has recently been r«"-«hitigie»i anil otherwise repaired. MI«<» A!r*io Hlnrlfh^ h«s» gone to Mtinitnwac. Wi«., where she is a tf-nch- PT, of Uprman aiid RoiPnce In th* hMh school there. This i>» her seronrt year n teacher nt that school, Mr, and Mrs. Krnesf Kterh and family spent Sunday at the 'home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thflen Mrt Round (trove. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wiiiard Humphrey, of Mfirrlsoft, accompanied by Miss Clara Thorpe, of Algonn, Iowa, motored to Clinton Wednesday nntl attended the f. O. O." F,' lown state encampment. They repfirt a pleasant time. Mr. nnd Mrs. JBdgar Houseman have returned from a week's visit with relatives and friends In Chicago. _Mn«, Charles Mitchell, of Morrison, who Is critically 111 Is reported worse this week and Miss Nyberg, a trairteti nurse, from Clinton, has been secured to care for her. . Charles Hirdsall and sister. Mrs. M. C. Bump made a business trip to Morrison Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wessels and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Charles Halster and guest, Mrs. Fred Trappe, of Chicago, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hermarr Bal*ter ed to a bountiful chicken dinner at the nt the r ,'OCT.21,19.1.6. PAGE •** =a* WITH THE CAMPAIGN MANAGERS J DEMOCRATIC. FU- tlforfz;^ ''m-\ i \\ r < "ommH (<••*• ) nmnrlnit fiction th«t V i- r i f- -:*. N..t e\en H«--<1 a l-rinjrr*.«l\e iyi>f j*f mind , rf t\nh the myth that hf' more iron in j hit REPUBLICAN. IK i:r.,ir« i' Hilt fi.r th^ 1 Ifrf.nhtK nn tit rf *Mv lurf'ig f " mnn«j!rf"-.i fti-e ,,{ thf ni a'*-" 1 '! .n it's lit-1*; >n <i( ' 'm 1 -*-!-•«!<( - f .Mr. Hi'ghrs vt(or-,1 every Saw thnt •wueht to advance the jnitillr welfare Hi* crushing disapproval of th? Two «'enl fnro bin ,iml ihe . l fh*> ff-nt fnre bfil kilted a move- of inOnite promise His veto of giving pay for equal work saved money for employer* nt O f thousands of drudging HI* \-fto of a teacher*' pension bill back n decent reform, and his mo*- HIP wom^n. . _ to n bontlful .^_. home of "Mr.- «nd Mrs. Henry in Oenesee township Sunday, neatly the new house being built by Mayor Van Osdot on. his farm here. Mrs. Earl McDeartnon and Miss leonn Newell, spent Wednesday in Clinton, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Mitchell spent Wednesday In Morrison, being catted there by the serious Illness of his mother. John Houtfcnga submitted to a slight operation at. the Sterling Public Ho«- Mrn, Henry Thllen, of Round Grove nperit a few day« thin week at the home of her daughter. Mr. and Mrfc. Ivan In Emnr»'»n. Mrs. <3eorge Matthew has returned from a recent visit with relatives atu5 friends in Ames,' Iowa. ROUND GROVE NEWS J arising in charity Many prominent speakers, experts In their particular work, are on- the pro- grain and visitors at the sessions will he given the opportunity to securing the very latest word in charity Ideas. The convention closes with a mass meeting In a local theatre Sunday ttight. - -. - -' The following Is the program for today: IQ-OO a.m.—Meeting of the oommlt- tee on children. 10:00 o.rn,—Meeting of tho Illinois Association of County Home Superintendents. 1:00 p.m.-=~AulomobHe ride na guesta af thjv citizens of Alton, to visit tho new State Hospital,- Mohtlcullo Sum in VISIT AT COUNTY FARM. EdeaRowe, of Krle, paid a visit to the county infirmary Tuesday-of thit .week and took a look over the premises—houses, burns, yards, building*, ami live stock. It belngr his flrat visit he wits astonished to sen everything In such good condition, with the innmto so well contented .with their lot In thi« transient and uncertain life. He was accompanied by Mrs. Pratt, of Morrison, a relative of Jamen M. Pratt, one of the founders of the institution. THIMBLE CLUB MET. • Fourteen ladle* attended, the meeting of the local Thlrnble'club held tit the homo of Airs. Myron Humphrey H few miles easfof Morrison. Thursday, Oct. 12, the day being cold and rainy. Tho ladles were liberally and hospitably entertained, and spent the afternoon profitably. The next meeting will be with Mrs. M. Stewart, Oct. 26. urging the legislature, to refuse (•> ratify 'the In.'ome ta* nmendhient put him on record ns « protector of lli« rich, no matter at what cost. f\» nn amociate Ju«tic-e of the Rtt- l>reme court; he «nt in 1412 '-a»rH, dls- nenilng In 23 only. » He conr-ured In the Htnndard fill and Tobacco Trust leclnlbns, adding millions to th* wealth nf the Duk^n and the Rockefellers and nlso writing the word "reasonable" Into the law. Timo and again had Con- grvH* rcfusptl to funt!«h pr«>datory!ror- poratlottM with this loophole. . He concurred I IT the Danbufy IHnt- ti'rs* mi»e, a«ne«*lng the triple penalty against a lot of ngwl workers. He wrote the opinion In the Minnenota rate case*, robbing state railroad commission* of power, and giving railroads new and tremendous power* of exlor- tlon. He concurred Ih the \Veyfirhnti- «er land cane and the Utah land ca*e, two infnmoun rice l« Ion* . th* people and for the corporations. T«ft. tho grent reactionary, appointed Hughes to the Hupreme bench. Is anyone fool enough to believe that Taft •ira nni "know what he was getting? Behind him today in 111* candidacy IB every force of greed and rapacity, every Tory and ^Very reactionary. Is it sensible to belfe\'0 ttlat they are buying a pig in a poke? ri v, ho <( fhf >iv the- to • «r-**' r>?v K th<~ if all r liv v employes, n* it hnt th«x*e of The trainman by Ih*> ,Vfi,im«{> MIL But ha\ln«; to g<> further anil t- fix the hours of labor, to nbolNh th rnlleng* systein of ci>mi''n«ation nn> trt make It a xtf"al«<it time bnnis, nn to provide for what i« called compul *nr>- labor: that in for n law whirl will mnke H t\ ml«drm«inor for th • mployen of railway* conducting an In te'r*tjptt«» business to strike, or to rnii nt all in » body, or nt nny time with out giving sixty or ninety flays notice Some of the milwny heads pflint on t!;at I'rt frid^nt \Vilnnn has commit toi lifmself to the proposition thnt the fail way* must be allowed to Inrrense freight rntes sufficiently to compensate them for the Increased expense- In citrred a a a re«ult of the AdaMioTt fell no .that the miironds bfcw* little to lose on. that ctcor*. They contend thnt nf> ter the election in ovr-r. Mr. Wilson wil not b* no cultivate the tior vote and will -take sides with the railroad*. If he hft« been re-elected he will have nothing further to gain and if h« ha* been defeated he wll harp nothing further to lose; so the> are hopeful of his active cooperation In inducing t'ongress to give *tatutor> /o|*cr»to their views and ambitions. Before he enlored politic*. Mr. Wll won wa» a bitter foe of organised labor and condemned the unions In the severest unrt rtVbst unjnst terms and the railway managers contend that bin real views were doubt ICHS expreased then. when he had nothing to gnln Jn^a pa Htfral-way m>m members of the unions. They nrgup, therefore, that these mri views will bo in tbe Mcendeney a/t<-r the election nnd contend thnt tho Iron will then t«» hot for them to strike for what they have long want eel, MUST. HAVE JEWELS Brazilian Women Of Every ROUND GROVE BRIEFS: The: McElruth scbool won the silk nag at the late corn_cttrnlyaL held. Jn tho Ttound Oroye wchool hbuBe. whore eight were in competition for the prize Before Blurting for their home at Leon, Iowa, Mr. and'Mm. W. H. Hurl were, over Sunday guests of the 8. D, Coillnn household. They were accompanied by Mra, Mary Garrison of Lyndon, who has relatives In Hie Hawk- Rye Htate, near where the Walt fatn- rctthle, and whom she deuired to t. The Wait's made tho round trip of over 500 mllea by automobile. T. F, Dillon and Mre. Rufu» Aidrloh, iacquaintsnceirtrom Tamplco. callwl en H, M. Searcy arid the writer at the county farm on a recent Sunday. They made the trip by auto. " -Si To Buy Adofhment, l!y Margaret Mason. (Written for the Lnltcd Prr.«(j.) They say nil blue diamond* Com* from Ui-a^ll. lint ht«!lev«> me vou'll flml thnt A lot Jitaj there- still. Hio n.. Janclr, tlrsixll... Oct. 21.—On every hand inHlo do Janeiro you find clubs—The Jockey tlhib. the , Derby "lub, the Engineera'Club, the \rtglo- Americnn Club, the Naval Club. etc. un every hand In .Rip do Janeiro you also find diamonds'and in every fern* (nine ear aa wftll. Great blazing stones that take your breath *w*y and your cash too if ywi attempt to acquire any. . "Kind hearts are more than coronets'* would never be * popular motto here where earrings ore more to be desired than shoes. Positively it's a poor ear indeed whose lobe doesn't sa, with the weight-of a Hugo rutoyrem enild or ttapphtro m)rrounde4 by dhv rnoiuls. Even tho poorest natives an< negroHKOB, shambling along barefootei aJonsrln-thtmngaTnly "na kiddles but all seern to have a tendency toward a pasty pallor rather than the healthy brown or apple red ^Amer- »JM- offspring. Thin IB due no doubt to tne.fact that their misguided pa ent« drag them at all hours to tne ctnemas nnd serve «tron«r coffee and other heavy nntlvf dlnhea InOiHorlminatoly and promiscuously to tender tummies. Rio kiddies all show n nonchalant disregard for lingerie und unless, they bo of the "haute monde" indeed a single, garment suftlces beautifully, for their sartorial needs. This ha* the one drawback that it render* them very open l" tho argument of- a internal paddling. , DIES AT .AGE OF 105 Old John. Gannon Hud Long Resided In Chicago. Chlcnfo. til., Oct. 81. "Old John" ily r VlHit, iiry, "Dr. W.' HTTTBrollfra "Beverioy Farm", arid Industrial and, hlstorleul objects "of Int'nrciit about Alton. 3:00 p.m.—Aieetlng of the committee on Rural Sooliil Bervice. 8;00 p.m.—Meeting of the 1'lllnolM As. Boclatiotv of-County Home-Buperintert' ' 8 oo p.m.— Meeting of the Committee on Mental and Physical Efficiency. Dr. David Felmley, Hpcaker. CONTEST 1 (fly United Press) - Urbann, III., Oct. 21,^-Tvvin today are busy in the City ments 'of their homey constructing kites to ity In the unmiBl kite' flying to be held. In this city in . - jit, ilj^L jaauwty of $2S has been hung up by President Jumew of the University of Hlinolu. President Jamt'B hung up » l>rlza lust yt-ur and the content drew 56 youngsters with every kind and d«s« criptkni of Hying SPIRITED GIRL AWAY. VVls.. (Jet. 21.— Four im-i tho 1'omc o jgtkm Toi»l here, ov- •rpowereU the father anil-, mother, iruygod u daug|-t«r,' lii yi'««< old, from 'u»r.bedroom u)ul H.'irited he.' ro.vay in HU automuhlli', CUarteit^ntorlu and Frank IHmiont havo> been at'ri'Htftl and dcntilH'U as two uf the .'t^d' ^irl is Mil! in inning, Tha Oazette tor a!l the Phone Us Your Order -ami w^'H prove liy actual porformam'* huw. quickly wo will have* your material at itK do-stiimtion. T!u ; Johnson Lumber Co. •Mil Coal ...... .3 Mrs. Edgm- HuiiKoinitn and Mr, und Mrs. It. A. Beswick passed. a w«»ei{ In recently, Jack Mulnix is home again, after having been absent som« time upon personal business, and is hammering away as usual In his blacksmith and machinery shop, Mi»a Aim* Hinriolm has commenced tlie~secon.d year te»ch"ulK~aerhmn anff Science in the schools of Mftnitowoc, WIs,, and is getting along well with her work, • ^ Lust Monday, Clyde Collins loaded' a fine Hotatein animal In' th« new stock rock juat finished and toofe-U- •farm tifr-Mr. It; E."AHr85h In JonlaiT township, northeast of Sterling. It was one of the best yeurlings In the county farm herd, , . Quite a number of people from this vlelnUy motored to Mt, Carroll, lately to jee the cave, a natural curiosity near tu«-c0unty-se«fc—lt-1ayij-la-i"gle<ri8 tthort distance went. Mr*. Harriet Spencer, of Lyimw « paid her daughter, Amy Spencer a week', and. .received u cordial welcome from tho little one who lw» recently, come of age. working for Fred JUindheer for some' months, had the misfortune to fall down a a t it) r way bruising one of hl« krnuis very badly and i« now in the county hospital, live shoes whose boavy wooden sole_ leave the heel exposed and have a thick picco of leather ucro«« tho fron for a toe hold, have their ears ul flud(>rt up in gold hoops. When It cornea to rings no tlnger is spurned, slighted or overlooked. I some poor little feminine finger doct happen to be shy Its circling bund o jewels It looks almost indecently nyde The men also affect .twveraI rings anc nn elaborately Jewelled one on the Jlrs finger of the right hand in the finger mark of a lawyer, doctor or scholar. - -Bven affections- are "tested - hewrUy A jewelled gauge and the depth of a man's passion for his better half la shown by the number of jewels Urn wear*. Thia appealed to me strongly at flrgu. Think'how attrac* TIW to have yournwubaria ISHfeTFof pouring honeyed word* in your.e«ir lining earring* in*tea4 and prevaing a t|ar)v rather than a. ki»« on your brow To yive you a precious Jewel rather than to call jrou one certainly lias l(i fine potntis but unfortunately- there in another netting to this Jeweled adora • " tion. People of moderate means actually put themselves in a-porftrty stricken make an adequately Jeweled imprea- sion. They •|>inch and scrimp and nave and give their heart!a blood for a pl»eon blood ruby. 1 Just imagine going without 'all the comforts of home Ju» husband is about you.' I guess after all it's Setter to have H loving arm around your neck than diamond necklace, ' from "BoliStfng llaiu blue white diamond* In the world, gorgeous tuipphtren, rubies and emer- IHMV whowing of Bcmi-prccious atones. Tourmaline*, green and pink, aquama* rinen, anmUy»u», toptuiesY yellow* anc M UCH ORATORt W*« Uncorktd Today at th* Suffrage Mveting • (By United Press) Hpringili-ld. Ill, oi'}. 31 __ The big oratorical duiliufol of the sUitts iHWVi-ij- tjimpf tiie IlltnolM Kquul Kwffr»"s:» cun- yeivtion, whU'h opened 'its rf-iMilon* jt-S' ti'rduy.WMos siutvd i'»r t»fluy wlifn \vuye and iriouno, .wheichy Illiuuib vimiu'ii inuy Mc-ftiiv full tiuffragi*, \,vcn> <1|«eu<i- £a , sed. The nultiurwt of oratory «iim % ut tlw .. Trout opened Iho debtttw by, thf imi'Milon, "How • may tin-. «ul>. In? priwiiii'd''. "Th«" constitutionbt .t«iul "The Him'ndiiu>iit ^o- fl«iUH«>",~v\Mjrii!~tuk\n up l-'ormcr Stilts f>i'ii ( .it«r Hugh S M (K'Kf tin, "Th<- Full ro«e, turquoiae, opal« »nd agnte*. fact there are several uttrHotive little sliops devoted exclusively to the of theee native Uratlluin nomi-precious As for the general jewelry stores they are- even mpre plentiful than saloons in New York and vie in numbers here- with the' tobacco ttttop* and lottery place*. Even the birds of the air and the bugs of, the earth uro pressed l»to service as jewelry. Out of the many green and b'run*6 and (iridescent, ii-shetk'd Brazilian bet'tlea, unique rf pins, hat •' pint*, bruouheu, oca und bracelets-are mudo. Tiny onai- <«Mj-i'iH bpfUt'tt too fragile to use in this un; mounted'in groups of two und HUTU between dinks of crystal bound in jjuUi wr silver and une4 its (n'mluius. 4i>mti of the gorgtsnua, but- tcrily wSiigt* are also u«eU* in this manner. Horhanir the mo-st uuiitue and at- tt'Actlv^'of all thfHO. I'luicclt* is th* Uuy ruby and bronsse or arei-ii and gold hwul of a humnuu'g blid. it_'» ___ "" * ™ "" '"" a Id ttu* i»ufrtitj»«' bttiii|ti< t tn !'«' i*\t'Uii<^ al lilt' Bl Xli'lutliip jn'akrrt w HJ (»• IJxyfinnr ,| ,-l,-.'i).."., v, ill (»• U. U i" oi»ulpi***.vnt ' and fc,L»»J -thjj lupidatt are lhost> of v^lik-h **«»•- ili« liiais' nn/4 itaHgtiu-i> li'i" indeed |K>i>niur tii lti« arut no' at lvas<l Qannop, who was said to be the oldest settler on the north aide, died at his residence at 1163 Chatham court. He WB4 106 yearn old. No one can remember when John Gannon did not llvo in the old. "giiKhouse district," Ho went there seventy-live or eighty years ago, when it WUB a mile or »o from ('hlcago. He miw H build uj» with Uu*n ga^houm-H, then Goose Island Industrfai ptuntx. It became an Irish settlement, but the Italians came In and ilrovu the I rich out. Old John stayed, --however,- »»Hl - l»l»— *otj» and daughters and their, families around htm. It mUd he ha» lived In ,hls present house for fifty years. There are-live geneimtlomt of Gannons in Chicago, .or were before the' old man died. Gannon was born In Ireland nnd came to Chicago as a young man. All of the children wen? born In Chicago. They are John, J.uni's, Martin, Mr», Kkto Mctrowan, and Mrs, L.i«ie Keo- Restful for Reading A jkoor! hook — your easy chair and a £ctotl, steady H&ht to raid by. \ What more enjoyable wny to spbndi j* ••* 7 -*ri w.J*»-**~ - -w ,ft~r«7^ 44r-j~t"* *** * * >T»/ ' n Winter evertfKgT Here is an inexpensive, &oocl-lookinfc Electric Beer Lawp tKat ineets^ail, require. merits for en adequate, abundant, eonjfjettial li&ht for reading. This Adjustable Floor Lamp U one of a limited quantity m«d«egt>eci*li? fof ELECTRIC SHOP. Finish^ tKtmfch- cmt in either brain brass or vtrd antique. Shaded ajtuttble to »ny an&l*--«xt*nsion irod to adjust standard to «ny detired hatfcht. Complete with cord and plufc. A ^ _ A Sent «hippin& charges collect and 9 If *50 •tti*f*ction guaranteed upon re- TtS2 cetpt of ........ ** *•«"* , 'Dtjmrtnttnt 101 ELECTRIC SHOP 72 West Adam* Street CHICAGO It J WEEK'S SHORT COURSE Extension Service Of College Of Agriculture Carries Information To Public. Trbann, 111.. Oct. extension gervlce of the College, of Agriculture, ul the Unlvendty fit lllinol« rcpreneutH an organized effort on the part of the Col- ege to carry the'teachlngH of the col- . of the (also reliable Information gathered from other -available to the people of the state, the purpoHe of building uu tho rlfruitural and rural life of the com monwealth." «tate« 1'rbf. Nolan of that lo|wirtment. One Htiecexitful field of net-vice in the one-week ag- ((cultural short courne. For the • University KCH<IK into . the community from two to five instruct- ,>rK, and syntcmutlc dully lcctun>8 and demonstration work are given along ine* .of practical agriculture and farm management. The -communitlcH where courwen are to be given mu«t be, ready for «uch schools, the people mUHt want them, and mtiHt be witling to work with thb College, for the exten- ion of agricultural and rural oduca- ion. I. To obtain the co-operation of thb *niver»ity in a week's short courile, condltiona must be fulfilled: I. Tho people of the community must 'be deeply Interested in the short counse and munt be. -willing to -work to make It a nucceas. Tn*y muni guarnntine the flnan- ea of the iihbrt cournc, .and a regular .ttendance. juHtlfying the Hchool. 3. Sultftlilo roomn must be avall- bls' for c!nnB work, grnin nnd Htock- iidglng. domestic science ion«, and evening lecture*. 4, • Farmern and* buKinexH men of he town must co-operate, in the man- gement of the course. Commercial lub«, w«?men'« clubn, whoolrt-atid farm-' r«' organizations should pull together nd work in absolute haYtifony for the est renuttx. The short course nhould e dated^to avoid all other community meeting** in «o far its ptmsible. II. To conduct the neceMKury bu»- uess of a Hhoirt courm», there should a definite organisation under whose III.' Character of a Weed's f'ounie. The major work In most of the rummunltien of the state for tttte — - J - ypnr will include animal hugt <"ropn gnij Hoilp. with additional _____________ lectures along Hitch linen a»: Poultry, . dairying, horticulture, farm machinery, farm power, plant, Kilo construction. K«?ft«Tni concrete work • road building, farm 'management, and i«ch subjects HS may be selected by '1Bf)f local committees. One. or two of. th««* lectures may be Ih «H to tho two or three men making tip regular instructors in the short crew for the week. • ' ' IV, Three things are absolutely e»- sontlal to a j«iiccesjiful short course, 1. (iooti officers and good^commi tees, made up of the most progr«8*lvft and siiccfssful men of the community.. " Personal ' —•" ~ best be done by the local leader* ing through the country and t miking personally with each man, and * " era! use of the telephone in ad 3. Oood inntruction. The 1 appreciates Its responsibility «t point, and pledges its beat *ff securing firtit-claBH men an they are available. BABY CASES NUMBERED Wnf-hing'ton, D. C., OoL ing to figures made public at the HUtes public health servic* there 28.263 casea of infiintile paralysti tne United Statem between July. &C wept. 25 of this year. PROBABLY FATALLY Fort Dodge, la,, Got. 31i— gU8«n t a farmer. SB, Wft* futully injured on hi ' when his team bolt« drugging him several hundred FACE SERIOUS CHARGE. • ' h>g city. la., Oct. Con* ,3 nora, Frank MoMurray and' Jc»» Bv»ng ,'-"'*' were bound over to the grand jury' barged with attBattlt to commit:tn?Bfsr^ „ der folIowliiK a shooting affray at U»e 7'j jfflce of the Hart-Parr Company here, ~ a Don^t Whir ChildrcC )r scold older persons who wet the bed or are unable to control their water "'H during ttie"lilglirw~aayrfor it SToSl'lF isbit but * Dii«ai*. If you have any Kidney, Bladder or Urinary Weakneas, write today for u Free Package of our •isrmloM Remody. When permanent* U9plce« the course is held, an execut- |y relieved tell your friends about It. ve committee, with sub-committees is Send "No Money. - Address; • Co. Dept 88. Mllwsuk.t. Wt«. Can the daily newspaper prove its worth as a national advertising message bearer by the cold figrures of "past "performances'--?— Luok^abotit aiid rbetter^retjr ask the manufacturer of the standard food products Kote the fact that the only brand of diowirig gum having com- plote national diKtribution is a newspaper advertiBed brjind, and it wan-built-tip ___. -Hw*-hew-the names of tolmceo prodiifts are mmle^kiiown. Observe that tho two talking inaehiiios that lead th« world aro ue\VKj»apor advertised. # , , And in the immediate present we «eo great national udverttKtu's hitherto wedded to other mediums turning to newspapers hecauiit* they lind they -need them. ' Take the local stores that are doing the best and biggest business and a glance at the columns of The Daily Gazette for a week will show that they are the stores that are using the most advertising in this paper. .- . * 9 Stores can get along without advertising, of course, But the - stores that njake the .big money, the stores that have the big trade are the advertising Stores in every town, -;' . Some big advertising stores finally ffo under, but nine times out of ten it" was Their advertising thatlkept them jgojng^yearT ... really down and out.

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