Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 13, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUOK: DAILY NEWS Red Army Punch Big Holes In Nazi Line On 500 Mile Front Kusala, July 13—(UP)—Five Red! nrniit\M nrn sinnshlnK .W(;nt\viiixl to-: ward Germany and the .Baltic NIWI in tho Krentust co-drdlniUetl .Rus- slnn offensive of tho war. They fire punching bivr hnlos in^ JCn/i dnfrn«es iilonf; the unliro 000- jnile front. At tho northern one! of the front,; the new Russian drive aimed nti I>dtvla directly from >he east Is; dotiii'vlni; xooil results. The Cer- 1 mnns nro reported 1'lcclnR In disordered rout. To the.south, one Soviet column I has driven to within 3C miles of the disputed 1930 border of Kast Prussia, Other Kusslan t'orcns advanced to within 2G miles of the strongholds of Grodno in Poland : -•> i Mi"«vpils (Ovlnsk) In Latvia. Still farther south. Marshal Rokos- uovsky's men nro stonninj,' the T'n'pet marsh sti'on|:hold of .Pinsi. The continued .Red army A'ain confront tho Gorman hl^rli con 1 mand with the necessity of sacri Jlcinj,' hURo 'chunks of territory In order- to (•oncentrale dwindling strength for the defense of cas A Year Ago July 13, 1943 ( >Unit«<l I'rnaiO Allios cnptiit-c a',number'of cities in Sicilian cnmpnlj.;n, Including Au- Kusin iinrl Rnpusii'; .morb'-than -3,000 shi|)M of till types arc 1 Cnfi'UKed in LI-/.I invasion. German combat correspondents t\ncl military cammenUUot's Admit lions of .several Sicilian cllios; suy. Allies have landed 10 divisions, British RAF sends 100 Lnncas- tijrs to .bomb Turin in .its heaviest; •Lomliinji'of the 1 \vr.r. t In the' South Pacific, 'Allied troops closing in on .TapaixoKu] air base lit Muniin, New Georgia: isluiul. • -| .Russinn.M slow down Gcrmani tlrivo in the 'Kursk-Orel sector. AclminU Ceoi-fjes Robert, Vichy • hlKh commissioner in Mnrif nique,; 'is Henrl-Etiennc Hop-: penot. BEACON FALLS v Corros|)on(lcnt'H I'liono 'I!i24 Nazi'Engine Used By - < ^ f- V * * >\ *, ;„-., — rtv i\ „ Japs Local Resident SUMMER PIES mode with fresh fruit and the light nnd flaky pit- crusts of Flciko, mal<t' pics a summc'rcinn: menu. "must". And they're so ensily mndc with —jtiat ndd wntcr, roll ttnd bnkc. Prussia and the polish plains. A Stockholm dispatch quotes n Berlin newspaper us asserting th.'it "noNt week n-c may be -forced Lo .meet -Paissmn assaults .on .territory- which no lonjror allows us the use of space to ward oil' an-enemy offensive." "This military doublc- tnlk appears an'obvious lUtompt to prepare-the Gorman public for possible -flffhtinK on Nazi 'soil. .Reliable diplomatic reports rench- inf,- Madrid by way of : Vichy ' say Adolf -Hitler has convened an emoi'jroncy supreme war council. The Xaxi -leaders are said to have decided to withdraw troops from Norway and the Balkans to-bolster Germany's shrinking strategic reserves.' This move would "be made in anticipation of decisive battles i:i the-'west, south and east. In Women's Corps " Stella-Wlsn'e'wskl, Cook Lnne, Icfl yesterday for Fort Oglel.horpe., Ga., where sha will rRceivc -bas-lc trnln- inp in the" Women's" Army Corps. Miss Wisnowski. .who enlisted ;;'. short -time IL),'O mid awaked her. call lo duty u'ntil yesterday, "was formerly a'teachur n 1 ! Center Grammar .school. Immediately prior 10 her enlistmon.t, sli.e waa a 'teacher : in, a grammar school fn West- j>ort, Conn. •' •• • Tlie local Wac is a fc'ivt'dualo of Center school, and' Nuug.'ituclc .hifjh school. Sho -aLtendod New Havon State Teachers' college. At Mrs. Louis Esposi'to of .Felspar avenue is vacationing at lake cr. in Litchneld • wi:h moth- SJ3COXD KXPLOSION* .Everett, Mass., July 33—(UP)—A second explosion within' 2'1-hours las roclced the Monsanto Chemical company plant. The blast' was icard 10 miles, but 'officials described it as n "routine operational utburst." Nobody was hurt and snly slight damage was reported. Authorities blamed tho mingling f plant fumes with the atrr.os- hcre for the explosion. Sailor Promoted ' • • Word has .been received thai. Nicholas Mennillo, U. S. N., who is aboard tlie U. S. S. Quincy, ha» been promo-Led to Seaman, first class. The local sailor took ixu't in the D-Day activities las! monfih. >'O BOMBS -.LAST N,IGIIT THURSDAY, JULYl& D.S. Heavy Bombers Drop Over 9,000 Tons On Munich Sector (By' United PrewO' American heavy bombers In great strength have attacked Mumioh, In southern Germany, for the third successive day. .The Flying Fortresses and. Liberators also'' struck' in the Saar- buiickcn .sector, An official announcement from X'hi* picture i wuK,,i)in(lbiWlfciVj,^)c:.&ncrjcah^in.vaviaii/>'fo'racii J :tooli:-^iwcr l.vliiK"iii!iir !i junky locomotive oil tliii island. Tlie'iiame plate on the reveals -tliat'It was tbullt In- Bcr|iii,--Coa,st Guard pliuto. (Intcr- London, > July 32—(UP)—Soirlh- orn England -was t'rc.'j .of' robol bombs last niRlu for t.lic first time since the Germ-nns bejrn.r. thoir offensive four weeks nft'o. -As iihe fly- i-ntr bomb assault fall off. another 10,000 womon and clilldror. were removed from London. 45,000 Trapped Japs Class I railroads hnd 13/1-I-I neiv relphl ears on order Juno 1, as. ornpni'fc.1 with 33,537 Iho same a'.e one year n~o. : JAI* ADMJJiAL New York, July 33—(UP)—Radio Berlin repoi'ts the death,of another top-ranking Japanese Navy loader. .The enemy radio quotes Tokyo as sayinR Vice Admiral HnscRnwa "died a hero's death on active service." About -13-1,000,000 acres of forest h'.rds in the U.'iited States arc privately owned. MEATS - FISH - GROCERIES- FRUITS VEGETABLES Mid-Summer Food Sale! * PONT FORGET . . . KEEP BUYtNG MORE WAR BONDS if I • • • MEAT DEPARTMENT SPECIALS • • • 1 Fresh Dressed Fresh Grade 'A" Fresh Long Island GRADE A BACON 5sr LEAN ** PORK BUTTS ib J FOWL UCKS LEAN 'FRESH SHOULDERS ib FRESH FORK LIVER ib SAVE ON THESE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FICEESTONE PEACHES JUMUO ARIZONA CANTELOUPES NATIVE ,WIII.TE iCABCAGE FANCV SANTA KOSA EATING PLUMS "WASHINGTON CUCUMBERS UING CHERRIES South Paci/lc, July 13— (U P)— An estimated '15.000 Japs encircled on tho northeastern coast of New Guinea arc making a desperate bid for freedom. ' . The enemy forces—trapped 'in the island's jungles—havo attacked outlying American positions .be- j low Aitnpe. The assaults, are on a lai-frc scale—and arc expected to {.'row in intensity. The engagement, -may .develop into one of the fiercest • battles of the Pacific.war. ; •The Nipponese action is inter pretcd by .military observers, as motivated by n of death from starvation—and from steady allied air blows. " . The Japs were cut off from reinforcements and supplies by our ; • landings ;u. Ailjipc and 'Hollandia. They now arc caught in a trap be-,, twcen Australians. pushing up from the southeast, and Americans on the northwest. . '•• . The enemy is believed to have directed its .Ilrst attacks- against' American positions 21'miles southeast cf Aitape on.a strategic, river. In view of tho si?.e of the Japanese force, the forward Yank elements may fall back slowly .until- they reach the main .defense'positions—• and reinforcements arc brought up for general counter-thrusts. As for the western -Pacific the-' atcr, a few scattered Japs,are : hold- ng.out hopelessly in cliffs and caves on S.nipan (Sayo-Pahn) is- and.- Japan -has not yet .admitted the fall of the bastion. Another enemy broadcast says American planes attacked- Guam' •for the eighth .consecutive Sunday. Tokyo asserts several waves of planes hit .the- former' United States possession — and claims eight of our aircraft were downed. . . •. .; .In the central Pacific—the War. department says a relentless nutcracker blockade laid down by our ships and planes has converted the four remaining Jap-held Marshall islands into virtual prisons. The ntolls were by-passed and outflanked when American troops cnpturcd Kwajalcin. Since then, they have boon pounded into, a rubble by United States bombers, -and isolated from food and munitions .by a sea blockade. Joseph O'Meara 0n Saturday The funeral of Josoph O'Moara who was found dead ' -Wednesday morning at '.he home of .his neph- : e.w, . Rob e r.t Irving, 111- Spring •street,, wilh whom .he resided, will' be held Saturday n!, 9:)y a. m. •from the FH.zgora.ld funeral home,' 320 North Main. street, • to St. Mary's church at .10. whore a higJi Mais of rarjuicm will be celebrated. Burial will bo in St. James' .cemetery. - .Mr. -,0'Meara's dcaLh .was due lo .natural causes. .Dr,-wil'iiam E.:Hill. medical, examiner,'. s.iid. .-•He wn.s n native of Colllnsvills and 1 had' IJved- on -Highland A!VC., Nnug.-i.tuck, for no years, He leave."; a sister, .-Sirs. Edwarx! Frudei-iulLS of .Nruigatuck ; a stepdaughter, Mrs. Temnce LaFortc London^ '-received shortly after 8 a '.'m'i^'Eaatern-vWar .time. «ay« the he'avy .b'o-m be i* •vhlt : .«t'. communications ":and".other' targ-cts in -.both: areas. ,.....•:'!'./.•• -'•'••' -••'••. •••' ' | I,It' today's 'Munich- assault 1 was: on- the';'same' scixlc" us those -Tiie.s- lny,-',H ..would .bring to well over 5,000 itona -• -the -.'amount of ' explo-j iyo?-' dropped-,-on the- city. : Tha grcalest .number- oCr.plain«S' : ever to it 1 a .single'.'target -attacked- the ;Naxl birtlipiace- city yuale'rduy. .' .'TJie 'Germans, in llicir'announce- .mcnt of the atlacky said bad weatli- er- sevecelyvhandicapped-itlie-Nazi. ait-defenses.'.-.ThLs 'indicates • Uhut .the."FJyiiig- -Forts and -JJberutors •a'n.d^their'. fighter ; csi:oi'!jj had .fairly, clear., sail ing. 1 ' "••>•• '' jl-d'S'l. 1 ; -nigiht --Brltfl-inls --biggest •bombers' .battered ,the-flying-bom)) .stations • >ln' : .norl'tiern .Pi-ance for the-i third:.-time -within 24 -hours. They'-also-.hit 'the-'railway centers ofi-.Tours and'iCulmont'.o i ri'.-the supply route -.from southern France to-Normandy/••'•• ••'••'• '• . Jt-A-F mosquttos,ranged.intp industrial - western .Germany • again, and. mines'..were laid in enemy waters. -There 1 were -bomber losses'.': ". -. •- • :•' • • •••:•;• •• Thls;mc.rning',thC'Nazis renewed th el i^.robptrbomb 1 .assault on'iLon- don and southern EngJand. iLast night, -however,.' ro b-o : t - blitzed] southern"Eng-land/; was 'free- of the 'lying--bombs—the first -nigilH they haven't crashed and exploded since t.hc offensive began " a. 'month ago. ~oni itself, had its third .quiet lig-llt. The slackening off .of the night- itLucks has led to speculation .that he Gcrmjins -will concentrate on ho .daylighl. .h.o u r,s — the .hours vhen- the streets are pricked with .'orking people ,.who may .T-ot find . ea-sy to lake .shelter. Aviation May Get Rights In Spain ' 1 Washlng:ton, United States coniTnercial aviation has obtained a new important.foot-' hpld .in .Europe. . • . . Rclinbli; sources '«ay the State department has made .an i agreement with the Spanliih government which . v will permit' the. landing of American commercial aircraft in Spain. •' '•'; -'.-• -,'.'"• •'' • Thin .action-»ppenrR<'to -have been taken in nnticipation..of the international air competition which will follow-the'war.'-' ' .,, ' • '•' Informed quarter*-rcypal that -i .echnical mission .has been sent'to •Ax made .nj» to will fly the ... :fo Spain. Thin, C-A-B. which on application*, ponxibility that, time certificate one American nir Now Many Wear FALSETQ With Mor«i FA3TEETI,r. a $»*&. (non-ncld) powd«r,.hoid. I.u7 pore firmly. To PM mil''' more .comfort, Jm *" K ',on ' gummy; Koocy, ; plu ,ty t '—' Chock* "plate ' of Hollywood, -Calif,, neph- - .i'"ricnds may call at .the .funeral- homo tonight .from -7 to :9 p.-. m.i -and Friday from .3 .-to-0 p.,m. Funerals William • A. Fulmer The '.funeral .of William A. Ful- mct; Cl. of ..101. Meaclow:str.-':et. who .died Tuesday at -l.ho W;itei s bury; hospital" a long illness, will; ;-l>e hel.d ; >Frfday .it 2:30 p. • m. at ; . Wniiamspoi't,' Pa., and 'burial • willi "be in VVildwoixl ccmeltry -th.-jro'. CACTJQUS .VERMONT Northampton, Mass. (U P) — In preparing her rccenl. ,be3t s.cller, "Lowers -Homp." Mi-s. Mmo. Curtiss of Smllfli College received ser-] vic-jmen's letters from f.imilies in' every state except Vermont. When' .she .asked a Vermonter .friend' about the exception,..she was told, "It's just ^thiit .they're, cautious.' They'like your idea.'all right, but first they want -lo know wha! Map- pens to .the rejects." ' • .- JUST ARRIVED! "Another ihipment of those hard-to.g«t SNEAKERS for .,. . ^MtN! BOYS & GIRLS! SIZES 6>/ zr to-ir— SIZES 2V» to 6 — SIZES 11 | $2- s ° *2'*° '.One-fourth of Jill- persons dentally killed arc farmers. 'we have a .good tuipply of sizes now — but,we4o not know how long they'| will Inst. THE MILLER & PECK JOEAD July 13—<UP)~The. Gcr- report the dcallv of former- Premier Edouard HerriO'l. No'.-det.ails are given.' Previously,i Herrioi , had been reported dead' many times, and at the lost report.' lie ""L s.i.inLir;um neixr,)-yon. He-,\vas 72.years .old. . . t HOT WEATHER SPECIALS IN O.UR GROCERY DEPT. Fine Food Items At Money Saving Prices CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP 3 ™ 25C PURE REFINED LARD , bpri ,ul5C DOMINO aRANULATED SUGAR 5 133C SEALECT EVAPORATED MILK 3 Cta31 \ 1s 2?C FRISBIE'S APPLE PIE L '^ 25C CLAPP'S STRAINED BABY FOODS cl r»r 9C Olapp't Ohepptd JUNIOR FOODS G 'r llC DEL MONTE FRUIT COCKTAIL tf^lOC SMITH'S DRIED SPLIT PEAS r £ 15C JUNKET RENNET POWDER 3 pkRS 25C GRANDMA'S MOLASSES Ql £r 34C Chtf Boyantot SPAGHETTI SAUCE 8 ;°^ IOC Household Needs 30-MLLK Ib pke. ; TEAM ljrf» BORAX A'iC CLEANS GBIMV. ' Ph K . : HANDS Up BQRAXO J.11/ BLUE ' L *- P k *- SUPERSUDS 23C MIRACLE OF W-Cal. Jug. ' THE WASHDAY 4 AA STAR WATER *»V; .Cleans Clogged Reg, l!)c can Drains Quickly 1 C/» PLUMITE JLul/. CLEANS WINDOWS 6-oz. btl. INSTANTLY 1 Q/» WINDEX J.OC. WILBERT'S Pt..btl.' .NO-RUB OHJ^ FLOOR WAX ««*' CLEANS A Tkg. • MILLION .THINGS 4 A^, ; QAKITE JiUC ; Population of -.l.ho Un-ited Slates for ]OCO 'is estimated somewhere in the range of 1<IO million to -ICO mil-, lion persons. Bags 19 Jap Planes K^'-lnnlyc nt . . . PIERPONT'S . Anii;rl<'iiii.,G l -in ' O'MJi/UlA -.— .IOSJSVH,. i>f .11 Spring slrcal, 'in .this city Jui ,12, .10-1-1. Funeral S.-iUirday ,a 0:3!j o'clock .from FitKjiarafd fu n.eiyi.1 .ilipme, lo 1 SL. .Mary's churcl .Burial in St, James' .ccmciery. Buckmiller Funeral Home •Lt. Alexander .Vrnciii, of .E:i»t: -Cliicupo, Iixl., .is credited with .sliootinp down .19 Jiijiunc'sc ])l:mc's In Pacific nelioii. : In : .a rrcniit air -luitllu .over Saipan ilsl.-ind. now in U. .S.' .hands, Vracin doxvncil six Jap planes .in one day,- lining Jess than .3UO-,bul-' lets. 22 PARK PLACE TeJephone 4334 ! SNAOK'and $ ' •CENT13K ST'.' ' : -f±+*; HQSIfRTf M AN U F ACTU Rfilt H A$S»ENT US ONE f NTIRE CASE Of RAYON Theylre our : favored stpc'ki.ngs \\jith some : slight flaw in them that makes ;this famous hosiery mill '-call r them- irregulars. We've 1 o o ik e d through quite a .few of--them -and found -.very .little -that ,\vill iimpair their 'appearance or wear- •ing qualities. .Our 45 RnuRe rajon two-way stretch rayon 4op : and cotton sole .'. JIOSIERY DE;PT. -MAIN FLOOR Our 51 gauge rayon quality has .with,cotton sole, toe .^iid-heel ........, pr. -• Our 51 gauge rayon quality has « and sole . .V.V.; ". or. ' • • .r -HESHIRE \ .

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