Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1916
Page 2
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MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, OCT. 21, .1916.'.. FORMER 'CITIZEN I FOR MISS ANSPACH News of DcsHi and Biiriit of Citizen Received Here, Muss Lfon.i Green Eniertsined at a Mi*f<?lianeou« Shower. u - _»™»-- -3w™- -iy—T**>^~..*.,P»—B».»>» .-• t& ,- T - iL»,*»^fc«.^...< --_ ............ •,'. - ^'. ,1 ~..., ., t < ;,. JI .J i RHEUMATIC PAIN Rub Pain Right-Gilt With Small Trial Bottle "of Old "St. Jacob's Oil," /vkJ- Pity, th<" «sr f> vfil !IIT<', of thlf rity ,.n Th:ir«- f s ~ vr-nr«. 'Mr. Knlnt for <* «;»r«'ft, l-'rif1?;> .<"•< •inll.i' «i>*»tit <l.'iiniy ) f fr< . with Tho hours .- ._ ____ rtnro !•"•/<> with his brotlu-r.«. Is;ui«' nrnt Kim'' r -* Th" fi'Howine rll(>|ilntr WHS r f-ikr-n li«m th« Salt. lAihe Tnbnm-: "Mr Kahtt «»«« )'<">rri In Uanm a trttlt, Hermany. l»«>»fmh*>r 16, IMS, and <-amr> tn Atm-i !<•:>' in HSfi, where tx» lived ill Jlotrlfton. W. nntH 1*so, Movine tn Ilk*. C'tlrt.," He enjr.iK«l In theRfo- r«ry «nd nwnt hu»ine*« until 190*. whf«n ti»- ir'tirr-d. Twf> yeur* later hf moved t» PnH l^ntsc City. \vher». he inft<l*> m-'tsv friends. _; ".Mr. Knbn wtt« ft member of the Ionic lo.lfc-c. No 3r., A. K. & A. M,. at IX«U<Ullle, ;«Hi1 :tn w tiv.- member «.f Rmlinnt chapter No. 12. of Salt J,nk«" riiy. ^ / "Children nurvlUnic Mr. Knhn nre Mm C'urrlp Mayer, Mr. • Holomon Kahn, A T.'D. H«*r nnd Ml** Mathllde Knbn, till of S«U I/nk«» City. . Jl'rml lursvel wna crowded the fnnernl *<»rv|r< ronduotcil by Rabbi Wllllnm nice. H»m1«>r -of flora I tribute* to th«* esteem tn whlt'h Mr-, Knbn hell! by many friends*. The usimt rt'remonle« for fh<» <1«»n<t were m»l*nmlje«l, n beautiful., musical pro- grrifw proving a feature. '-'An n«tO!Tiobll'» i-ortegp wended its thf* Jewish wmetery, htindri'dn nt ttn» grave* H» tf)f« liii'ly THE CIRCLE MET W*»*minitcr Circle Entertained Mitt Helen St*in*r. rjrc!» held their by WestrninstPr m«:-«'(inK on nt t!te homp of Miss Helen Steiner on Portland nveniie. Aftfr the regular l«>ssf'ti had been (studied the remainder of thn evening w.iir ftoclelly spent with ncf>dlewt>rU and n delicious lunch xvns served by the hostews: Not. one ca»e In fifty tinl (r««Aim«*nt. Stop drugging! soothinsr, penelratinj? "St. .Tneobs riptn into your *ore, #*(iff. Rub Oil" .lacoh* Oil" Is a hnrmless rheumntism liniment, which never disappoints and cnn not burn ttse skfh. Limber .tip! Quit complaining! trial bottle of old. honest "St. 1 Oil" at any drug store, and In Just ''a moment. yoifJf be free from rheumatic pain, soreness" ftml stiffness, J)on't Buffer! Relief awnltt you. "St. Jacob!! Oil" 1* Just as good for sciatica, neuralpia, lumbago, backache, sprains. TO HOLB PARADE njjtmtnti Have Been Made For j Woman's Citi«mirtiip Purad*. — TTJioToITiiwTnK "Ti?pr~tj«'Pit htuulcd In' (or t'MbH'-fttltin by tho t-oinnilttpc in i*bar»n» of th«' {irmnsempnts for the woman'* citizenship imrndo: " ttt&tte for tb«< woman'" cHUrnnhlp pa: rads mid mass matins of October 30th, ."The rarado will mart at 7:80 p. rn. and tlt» ma*» moetlnK will con- «^t 8 p. ra. t at which time Minn McDowell, of tho University of Royal Neighbor* Enidv Social Evening After Buttoett &««iion. The Hoyal (.Kelghbor* l«»ld their reeulnr meftlnjf i?n Thursday evening In, the Woodman hall. After the regu- Inr biishipsu-TRnnrtnn—hftd •— turr-n - tron— eluded the even the; wan «pent In A PQ- wny and the followhiR' abort pro- grnm was gendered: t'lano duet— Mrs. Ed gouthnrd nnd MlBB Helen Puddlfoot. Ketltatlon— Mls« Helen ntt'liard*. Piano K0lo--Mis« Viola Oreen. Recitation — Minn Helen Osborn.e. STOP IN MORRISON KanMt City Party Porced to Stop Her* on Account of W«ath»r, Mr. and Mint. Harry Enrhftrt nnd f wioPHEt§TowN mm] t---;-^---"-!-:.- 3 "^::";-:"-:-^ HELD FAMILY Chicago Settlement, a woman of na- will deliver the addres*. (rloEattonK from nearby town* are rffA nnd all women-voter* of . -T- -,- p OUnl y (J^, to take part In the parade. nrnn* meeting H free to every 'tfody. Uolh men and women nr« wel- parade and mass atrietly «o«-partisan. f?l»' candidate of any parly will t>e s »dnttened or ex«lted. This particular will be a time for exaltinR hiuh prlvUt>R» of, cltleenshlp "Womeif In Illinois an well as in 'Eleven Other utntea ore now glvtn tins y vote, »* "Jt.te time to rejoice." JLUTHiJTcHQIR b* OfgftrtiMd at Meeting of t.*«flu* Saturday, caguO'WUI hold its regu- fluturdoy evenlnx, Oft. O'clock. - The Swedish ,_„ choir will ho organ lied for nter'n work and plana made for 1»6 league-wilt take to Proph- ssT'onr IlK>" twenty-eighth. The M»*f program- will alao l>e reif- durwtr the evening t -Mrs. Knute .lohnvon. . lug—Ml«« JSdlth Bwantorit , . WrWtehr. "", 1'titeraon. Vivian Johnson, sj were motoring from Kantian City to Chicago, found H nece»a*ry to make an unexpected mop In Morrison Thursday c&Miinir on account of the rain and bad fBw*,- Wrii. Ear hart And daughter left Friday morning for Chicago by rail, Mr, Karhart and uon will follow with the car an soon as thf* weather again makes traveling in a car possible. Will/Enjoy Social Evening After Meet C«leate Temple No. 77, Pythian H Inters, will hold- their regular meeting on Monday evening. Following the buaineSB Biwslon tno evenlnff'will be spent socially nnd refroahrnenia wit) be sensed. A full attendance itt <le- Hired. IS eNJOYINQ VACATION. Harry Hoaflriand, the ticket agent at the Northweatern Btatlojrj In tills city, is enjoying a two week's' vacat Ion .from his duties In that capacity. His place in hointr fllled during hjs absence by If", O. UeorRe, of Chicago, ENTERTAINED FRIENDS. ^lr. and Sim. 1?. "W. W*>»f it party of friends at n 6:30 dinner at their home on North street, Thursday evening. Following tho dinner bridge ' Member* of lh« Family Had a Good time. Tht* Cleavelaml fiimlUe**, living in ProphHstown ami vicinity met in fl family reunion this week when there were twenty of th«\clan to get together and mirmt « plriuinnt day. A chicken pie dinner hud been provided by Mr*. Oertnid* 1 Cleavelnnd, nt whose bom* the company nswrnbleO for whnt proved a most enjoyable time. Thono present nt this meeting were: Cnpt»irr IXiv-M Clwvflaml. Mr. and Mr*. Jny tMenvelttnd, Mr. and Mr*. William "Henry Adams. Mrs. Harriet Cleavelnnd, Mr«,- Mary CtenvHandf Mrs. " ^Slm Cleaveland. Mr. and Mm. Earl Cleaveland, Mr. and Mm. Chnrlew Cleaveiatut, Mr. and Mr**, 11. L. Cleaveland and Mr. and Mr». Hert Mcflrady. There were also prraent Mm. A, K, Barber, of La« Fayetto, Liu and Mr*. Katherlne Welch, of Chicago. Captain David wa» the oldest of the bunch, being 81, §nd a* nimble a* same very many y«ir» his Juhlop. ' 795 H Jt'^^t^'H 0 . »-•*-.-. 795 Mrtt?*l&5-4 f.o. b.To>i>t!n Its You 0«gM to Own This C^ar D9r.rr.sirn will enrich your lite am! the Fine--it'n a beautifully finished, luxurious car. lives f f every member cf your ^ri'y. " ^o^ fejms cantilever springs and 4-irich tires. 'f tti freedom tx.d voider range cf rct.lvit;; jnadc possible by such a c,%- nrj \vorLli rnany times its price. , • ,» The JT:<:.c is by far the Jo\vcr.> n<: v,'*ut'i*so I/;; %* i.noi f.rc cr.-;l comfortable a err ever uokl. •B:r:—-.'-« v.-hcclbasc'i3 112 ir.chcs. Model 85-6, 33-40 horsepower six cylinder motor, 116-inch wheelbase—$925. Conic in today—we can't get them as foot as we sell them— : so order ydurs right away. Both Phones Ask for Demonstration COE BROS. Sterling, Illiriois. Can make immediate deliveries TJjoWillya-OvisrJand Company, 'folc«Io, Ohio "M»aoInU.S.A. GREETEDTHECANDIDATES """"""* *;~^ •Almer^Xri»iaptffrTuTnid-durto~Sw —^fr^^-Mrn. F. P-Tinrnwautn--!---- Lowden Train. Prophet stown w«« favored with a MARRIAGE LICENSES. was issued Tbur*- <4ay afternoon to: John Mtas Helen Elizabeth Ck-bhanlt, 0f BtcrMnK- Henry IS. Talbot and furnished evening. the entertainment for' the MORRISON BRIEFS Mr. and Mri», L. A. Wyman returned Friday evonlns: from a few days' vlult in Chtatifp Mrs. OeorKO Btop from th« Jxiwden train Thursday and Judge Ulsley, one of the members of the party. WIIH dropped off In town tin- a nhori «pe««ch while the train went ~ where William Mtinon nd- piipulace, for a nhort time, talkinK politics, after "whU-h the train return "to Pi\»phet»town for a whort lime holding an Informnl rpception. There wen« Home 300 at the Mtatiun to .greet tlv* travelerH who are out In the lim-reHl/of the party Ilugh^N. Al Tain- pleo they reported 600 nnd at. Erl« MO. 1 t>ast~i«is-weekR — , ... .... ._ ! girl to bo near the doctor. „ She la I homo'In Huron Lakn, Minn., recently. ! much improved', and' all their friends j Mlsn Klea Hj.encer begun'work at I hop« she will have no relapnc. i the I'ree Press ofllce Monday. -Ati«T-4k»i>ry—a»4«t-«4Ml—MHv-44,—HH-rr^ 1 ^*- 1 -'' A - M^ftdenlmH-und; Mrn. fV telvetl a'letter from tlmlr daughter, | Hand spent Tuesday with .Mrs, Henry A!r«. II. B. Shannon, mailed at Jack- i Hrown In Sterling, ftohville. F!a« Mtatlng that »he and her 1 Will Uuulrupp has lieun hnultng>milk family had arrived at that place on i for Jake 'Walters thin week. ~ — Frank Miner of Detroit visited his brother, C. I* Miner/over Kundny. Ham Kcot.t i« hauling hunger "fur u At Propbolntown the train advertised an stopping here. was not Pajkor, of SunduHky. . Ohio, arrlveft Thursday- for n visit itt Hall and Charles Mac-kiln tho Jofllah humt'H. TtiurHduy «venlnir from ne*« vlHlt In Chicago. Hhannon returned »hort bual- Lanjrdoh. of Koc.k urofUM'd a llcenno on that after- SsYoor Stomach Well It's Uie Secret ot Good Health HOSTETOR'S -Hugh -Qram__went_iQ ^Sterling Friday, where «he vi«It«d her hunl>and, who Is recovering from an operation in the Slermg hloupital. Mr. Gram i« getting along fine and expwita to-be Hufflclentiy recovered to enable him to return to his home In this city Saturday. Mm. GIVEN AJKECEPTION ; Mr. and Mr». Harold Hill Entertained On Their Return. Mr. and Mra. lluroia Hill are home from their trip and on Wednpndjty ev-; erilnK wern givmt a reception when Home twenty of thflr relatives and friends were present to slvo them a welcome. „ — : A nljr o'clock »upper wan nervwi which wa» followed by tho pfaylnff of flve hundred dufln«r the evening, Those present wcro tho bride and sroora -to*Hide the }»arf'nta_and the^ daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Th«*t»dore Taber, Mr. and' Mro. V. A, fllohryver, C- C, Kempstrr. Warr«»-Mlnoh, William Kro»t, bfcatdti the MlKaeti Mattlc Warner. Fern Un- and tir»ce Warner, • William irickn went to Hllla- . date Friday, called there by the serious lllneaa of her slater, Mm. Edward Vromun. MbM Edith Ferguson, of Kansan City. Mo:, who baa b*en 'visiting for a short time at the -home of Mr. and Mra. George' Upton, went, to Stwllnir Friday for a vi«U with friendH In that city, . Sliulor Stomach Bitters —Mlna May Shulor »p(mt Friday friends in Sterling 1 . , Mr» f WUUam I'earftan wwit, to Chi- cago-Frldtty-for-« -fisw-daya-vislt-^wl. w hM- apn, George Re*d. ., . jiliBB Marjory Paddock of Clinton wan d Ruewt^of >tl»K Anna Ktoatar-In ihlw city Friday. V. Car4 la upending a few days A FAREWELL RECEPTION. Mra. M- C, Carr ana her daughter, Minn Kmmn, were givi>n n reception tnia week, th« occasion being a fajewell for the two, who wore about to ieavo Prophetnlbwn for the winter, for IJel- hav«n, North Carolina, where they will join Mr, Carr. \vho IB tfhipluyed Ja that state In the vicinity of Holhavoh. PROPHIT9TOWN BRIEFS. Mr»«, Irwln St*ven».wa« a puKHeiJBCr to her old home near Hloomington, thin their way to Tampa, Fla.. and *»xpt«t"t «H! to rear! ttiH destination. ln« Thumday evening 1 . Sho withstood tit trip welt (aid was in good Mpirits. Mr. and Mrs. John Krohltnit ha'v rented the house on Slnln ntrret. whlc vacated by ,Mr. nnd Mrs, tJeorg Porter, and; will move Into It this week The family will occupy th«> lower part and contemplate u»tng tho upjwr par for rooraent. '••' Mr. nnd Mr»f. Kirk Thompson hn for dinner gucAU Sunday, Mr. arid Mra Adam Young, Mr-und Mrx, I avid Outh He and son, Kirk. , Mr. and Mre. Clarence Kirklanu. baby of St. Paul, Minn., spent th<? week end with Mr, and airs, J. T. Kirkluml Mum Isabel Webuter' I* r*portfcd t be quit* ill and,' is under tho out* of a (doctor with Mra. May Dickintmn u« nurse. Max Allller, who was operator In the Burltnirton depot hi>rp is now ntat|on «1 at OHlwburir. His mother baa gone *o California to spend the winter with friend*. Th«< houso vacated Ity them Hvlll be occupied by Mr*. W. H. Pargo and family, wbpvWlll inuve Into it frtun thi> fsnn near tho vlllnue. __^_ir».^u^j-*.._••>* -.-. • ?—^ Ing by the .way of Savanna for his home at Montlcello, Minn., after a' visi to his jiareiitH, Mr. Tim- will remain a short timo oi\ a vlwlt. • Mrs. Frank Ballard and two children in-Chtc«gu on bualnwa. Mr. and Mi*. Hugh Boy.d of Marcelline, Mo,, are vJalttng relaUvoK In thin olty.. ( , , " NEW UNIVERSITY COURSE. <By'United Prwo) MinnoapollB. Minnesota. -jQol-Sl^rA rour»e in human nature will be opened at the university of Minne.mli Novenv Imr 1. Motive* which <*ami« people to do things. cloBe-upH on characters, and i««tln«t« are to »» atudlad. No secret will be aafe frim the perfected pupil* of this counw. It l» «*ld, J»rof, Rupert the Htate 'unlv«n»ittir'i»1it' be tn visiting in Uiko Geneva. They will be a way over Hunday. -. • • . ^ Halver HtUvereon, of Molln<v wa» a busineww vlaltw In town this week, Mr, .Halyeraoii waa a, former citizen of Pro- .bakery butii- ae«fl. Miaa Katharine Helnes bade- her mother good-bye Thursday morning after «ho ha4 boon in the town for several weeks her' gueat. Mian Helnes' mother llvca in KtrkHvlll*. Missouri. Mr. and Mm, Frtfnch. of Ban _Dego t Cal... wore panacngera for home Thurw- day morning where th»y live. Tht-y piorman, Albert Miller, who han re- cenrty returned from ?2xc*lalor Springn Wo,, •accempanlfd him to Savanna for a nhort viBlt with relatives.' Mrs. Mary Souie is quite ill from the effects of a bad cold, and 1« -under the care of a doctor. Miss Hill Is in charge -^ nurse. Jkfi-8. Bella Ferguson, of Sterling, in in Erie thin week visiting friends. Dur» Ing her stay here «he in tnoppJns with Mrs, Venht (Hblcr. - , • Mr ? and lifri?, Roy Arnold, of «ter- Hne were arrivala Wednesday ovcnliiR for a few days*"visit will* their MlHyAnna Meighnn, Mr. and Mrs. Ueorge Potter to leave, the laUer jtat t of the we-eh \,y aut« for ValparalHo, Ind., to vlelt their d»ughiefi Airs*, M»bel ,. SargcaiiL and and children will accompany them home. . "Mr."«n«~Mr«f, Alien Pratt wilf. go to Chicago the lant of the week to visit their won and wjfa, Mr, nwl Mrt<. "ion Pratt. mm NEWS had uceh. InX Propbetatown several LOOUT CHILD'S see ERNEST CARTER lor |*ro|rf »ilv» Representative in the , • 35th Integrity and Hone»ty Ii«ip to make a itroo,| und. tc(Ji»l*jiurc by dieting Carter at the ' Election, November 7th CROSS, FEVERISH WHEN CONSTIPATED OR BILIOUS GIVE "CAUFOHNIA SYRUP™ OF FIQ8»" f * ixMik at thw tongue, mother) If coated, it i«( a nure sltju that your little OUO'K Htomarh, liver and bowoli* need a lliurouHh cltaiiHliiK at onco. When p<ieviHh,' qro«», "llntteaa, jialR, dttt'su't t*ieep, dut-Birt eat or uot ntuu- rally, "or Is foverisb, atomacH sour, tJiNMith liiul; has Htoinuah-achc, «oro throat, diarrhoea, full of «x»ld, give a, tca8|»2i)i!fuj of "California, Syrup of i-'"liTn," auii ut u <«w liours all "the"foul, rouxUi'oited vv;iMt«>, uudlgcuttHl food an/1 sour bUe gi'utly muvva out of ft« littlo iiuwi-ls-without -griping, and you hav*j *i w*'ll. pjnj ful t'hil<l again. 'Tnu «< 7 i ; i,lit*tTrrHX~«Ivk I'hlltln'n to tiiko this h'Mtnlt'^H ( 'fruit IuxuttV4*;" thi«y |' ii*. delicious Ui-sfe, and if ulw»>« liiliJst'a IItT'lll fi.'i-\ tiplwulfif. _' '^"'^ >"Hi' •IriitfKlHt tor a r,i)-ci'iil l»ot- Tl^T^'TTnoriTlil Vij' with reijtUve* and had" & good outing. The/ will inako a fovt «topn On the way oftek. lluv. and Mrs. K F. FiLch, Mr. and Mm. K, J. CuiitUnghan*. W._K, Smith, Tiir- auu Mra. yred»lieynoldB, ~W(r. and •Mr«T William Eldwl, and daughter; Ml»» Neva, Mrs. Frod Keiber and Anton Jloimguiat were jill Clfnton vlutt- om to the Odd FlUow'a pn "^ this week. > They ail rppon a time, " ^ r ?* J"-l» Thfiinna. of ThPtnuH, .__ __ came tt» town a f@w daya vlnce JM»T wan taken nick uhortly• after arrival, wan jirt'Uy bad fur a Umf but at lust accounts wa« Improving, MUa Imogenu Hturievant la a truest in the homo o/ Mian Mildred Forkey at the present time. Her home la in MadUup, Wla., where *tlu> Is «tt »*i:h<Hit Mr- and Mr*. John Kluek ai,»d fam- «»f »Ji«nif<l ftbirtMayJ»«iy.fiP.ldl Flucl« in Sierffnt, $Rtu1«lay nfght, Avon arid IS, K. Veatal «pent Wed- and "" ^" NEWS of~i-'i^'i T ' ' and for xrx plainly on r Floy Uollman .returned from her trip to Chicago Bund»y-evening. Everette Otzel upetut Sunday with his brothers. George anff Jesae, near Ttleh fltjCHHt .ttCBOftL' - - - - - T r-. W »-. - Jtr. and Mrs. Frank Brown a^nd Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown opent Huuday at the Charie* Dieterle ' — - •"- ' ,thelr Mr. and Mra,, Jack Johnson of etatown spent Sunday with daughter, Mrs. Halph Hrown." Wret. Aaron i^iiicfc und JVtabeile, of Kelson, epent Haturday night ana Hunday at the John Flurk home. • Mr, and Mrs.' Will UolJman upont Sunday afternoon nt-ar Nelson -B-I the p. O. Harden home. , Mies Ida Habercr of Morrison lic-lp- 'ed Mrs. Bert Scott with the wedding preparations this week.. Mr«, J, .H, Hvhtitt und iittl«» duugh- twr, Ht'lwi^ rt-turned home tsMmday from fails., where they have bt*u »lay- ! \Vi>t«ol will entertain on Wednewiay i pvpniiis at a ";"00 party. T. «'. Kauffinan left Tuesday morn- lug .for. Washinglon, III., whore h*> «•*• peef« io.Attend the Northern Illinois Synod fcf ttie Uilh«'rnn chtirch. J. T. OreeniwiUt Is Bpunding tin Rock H. R. Hand home. Mr*. Alice BirehflHd, of Jumaebi. Iowa, Is visiting at the H. H. Partridge home thl* week. Mr, and Mrs. R. K. \V«taI «n<J Mr. and Mru. I'ervy H|K-ren left W^lnen- day hy auto for their new home in Maine. • .. * now house, on MB farm near ISaxtliume wcc-k. in Iowa nnd Bouth Dakota look • ^chool house. , * ' - Ratnany and nlstt-r lieth.'-of Fnlin, Hpcnt Wedncttday at th« f MILLEDGEVILLE 6IEWS 1 v.. - '.»» j THE WOMAN'S CLUB, . .Woman'a at the Charlen Geldmttcher home Wednew!ay afternoon. -The c*ommlttee In charge «peclal mention for the roya entertainment nnd tho delicious (titled• -ton. -Xh«.t-wuJ4~i«!rv<«<l. The npxt_ mjt>t»iln«r of the flub wll be held at the homo of Mr*. S. 11 (.'nrl Anderson, night opeiator at tho «leiM>t, l»u« left to talio a position «t Inland. 111. ICtfti'l an.l Liu-lie Klvkler eame from DeKalb I'Vfdnv to nlicnd tjie f"nfnU nf their gramimother. Airs."'Bmanuvl Harbor, „ ilisa lima f!untt>r"retuVned thin week from the Kreojiort honpltnl, where she underwent nn operation »om«.« ago. Bam Uv< ng>>od iipent urvcrol dny»« thlp week In South Dakota looking after hi* term 1nt««mtti» v • • ^ Jamt'« Fredrick and family aiul ?Jr. and Mrs. Andy .Coyle motor-Hi to 'the Mt. C'arroSl mve Sunday. Mm Klancho Buntley returned from Valley. *Mirm,. S-i "CiTfa, nnd Anna MdnaT evening' between train* In Polo, Dart Fogol and daughter, Ivlmmcl and fnmlly ftntl 8am H0rrt«| ToTi tt"JT(t~ Mr tho N, Ij. Miller home Sunday, Mr. and Alr«. deo, Olmwtaad, ENTERTAINED SUNDAY. Mr. and Mrs, Charles Dlehl, «f 'Lanark. Mr, und Mrs. c', A. Mendenlini and son, IHnmW. Mr. and Mrs, 1-Ytiiik Wetxell, of (.'oleiti. Dr. J. C. Kauitmun Chris, l)lt-hl \vei>* <.<n Mr«. Anna IX-twlie t\iy\ Mr. and tertalned at th^ home Bunday. GUESTS IN LYNDON. ASr, and Mrs, Fred JUlvengood an»3 Tom, Mrs. Catherine Deets, Mrs. Harriaon und daughters. Phrp- na and Ka-tlu-rryn, and Mr, and Mrs Sol Ovorhnlfer. of Iowa, inottirotl to Lyndon and w<-re I'litertuhu'd ut tlu- t lurry Upets' h(nni r . —: Thw Irfultea' Aid of the .Brethren 'hureli were entertained at a Parcel* f*ost Hale and Jti'^ohi.lunch. JYIday >lng, .Tho sale »M"gun nt S:3f». A very tltm* wa« had and they reat- Mim of M. E. PASTOR AGAIN. U«v, ,O, N. Wrlsc'-ti-lm* teen returned to, the MUleilgfivllIn pustAtato nuch to fJT« gmiilii'ftlon of liin and other frleiidB, " — 01 RTH DAY *>ART¥ ,Mr. J. J3, Miller wan " on. Monday evening n honor of his 5«th birthday by t lumber of fi-leiulv at a birthday dln» jer. HOUSE BURNED DOWN: outplotely <lf» troy cd by lire* jjimdny afternoon, Thi« family was away from ho' house und befun- n»l|fhbor« Hg was -,\. ma«» of Hanu-s. wu« saved. Xotlw MILLEDGEVMLLe BRIEFS, " tallied ; on Sunday, tjeorge HMOHJL miU vjft-, Knrl Htuuni niul Clarvnw a ana family. !eyi>rH nnrt Alln'it (julc.kbiiritfr unday >in 1^1 ton and Clinton..' Mt'UHrs. Clnyton liullewcll and Toin- nin Weatherwax ami ijtuher nil Marjorie .Morlenxen :^y with Dixou friend*. Mij(. Joliuti {^iiltii'/ti anil tiiiutly. \Uio have been iyending Home time "41 Uu» PLEASED WITH NEW MINISTER. Itev. <h«>r«ts who 4ma bi'*« uppolni- erf piiutor^of tho Hq^» M. K. church, wait lu % rn Buniiay and in-cupU-d hist |»ul- pit. His wife c*um* with him and »» a.-t thi'ir hou.'.t hdkl K'.'j'ilH... «rris'i' will voinnuMit'o huusckt-ypln^ in Ituv. £icur^u ia a yet? Hpt-uk^r and HIOH^ who lu-unl niis Xuitduy w't't'v tuvumbly l un.ii hui.'c for n pieatuiut ami yt-ar fur in>tlt pasior uiul they ' ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. hi- fi>llo\vl»K guviiiH frmn oui of Th«u» Mi_._ ...... a .\ituur. r aii-l Mt's Uolmt. . i,f Hi Ciutiivf I'l'llplit !>tlHVH, _ feur«"yuu g«t tlu> genuine, \i i! ia ina-1-: by' "' WON QUOIT PITCHING PRIZE. Public Opinion indorses this family remedy by making its sale larger than that of any other medicine in the world. The experience of generaUdhs has proved its grout value in the treatment of .indigestion, biliousness, headache -and constipution. "li Bdtrlner. - . / Mr.1. N. W, Palmer woa a to Itockford Tuesday evening to visit her iuut»nt« for a week. — \Vilr-l*atnrrFr"spent—tmr fnr*> parr-of thi> week In ('hleago tranuacting bunl- JH'HH. _;Mt»jie«_ Pearl und, Jliiby StuuJerlajH) returned Hunday ovenlng from Chicago where they spent tho past week. The- 'M. K. LaillPH' Aid nen'ed a chicken dinner at the church itarlora Saturday, Miss Irix Rvans returned Tuesday noon from her visit nt Storm l^ike. la. . Mrs, Dora Ent'h'r, Airs. Herbert Klnl. Mrs. a«»orK«' Scorn, Mrs, ber .in.otor.pd to Sterling and epcnt the day. AJ B. Ihiterbaufrh left Monday attend tho KornwH' National at IndlanapoliK, Ind, __ _^_^. Prank ClHuwmuri nn*! family si>oi)t Sunday at Xernlc ftodorli-k hunu- near W«>l- Wodncstlay to Cynix l-'arnhey and Mm. T. P. Ruth. • Sterling, wore enti-rtalntd at the M, Fnrnhsy home Sunday. John \Veatherwax and family, Warile and family, -UrtiBHt "Diehl family, Mr, and Mr*. l>avld Boyer w«r Sunday gvit-a^i at the George " *"* L Hey home. ^ ' Uuth %rntnicyer had a» dinner guest Saturday evening Mliwoit Irn. L* H. .K. Puterbaugh In building a'ne «outh of the ,el««yator office, a 'modern building and an* i provetnent .to tho town. . Thrro will bo no pr*aohlnj? at the Lutheran church for, two day». a« tlio pantor IM attending uynod tuicl taklnir a wc*«ki< viu-'fttl STACKED UP THEN DIED. plying bio parent* with a large stock < and meats, Chftrlpw railed bin mother into tho basc>rnent»C their hom<v told her he "wan tired/:* living..and .fired twu bulluta into brain,. He died a J!*w momenta Cough—lt'8 Fine E«*lfr. Ht«d<v tke Work Tlic finest oougU »ynip:tliat .,, can buy,— cortlnn only about ooc-flftb , ^ ^ - ,— mudt as rettdy-made preparatio «wi y be made up at home, taken hold and. conquers Ths t MIHi't 1 , of .MurthoiiK.-la.. ypt'Mt rvady fpfrttge? . the fore ixirt of tho weok at the Km! 64 cousins, throat and chert colda . really make you *mthu8la»t!c about Auy druwrlat caa •upply TOU —' Pour this Into a pint pottlu and bottle With plain Kranulat^d. thofoui TOo tot ------- --- . -----The OleunorH olasH of tho Methodist pleasant Church were eritenulned at the 'J. 1{. jShlrk_homp I^londay evening. >lr». H. 8, Ollnor. of Heaver Dum, Win., is visiting 1 , her daughter, Mre.'N. tt- Clmigh Mrs, Kmmu McCann.' of Polo, the fore part-of tho wrok-a^ tho Henry Wolbor homo. . • ^-L. Miss Hut)} iJente.moyer is leamtng tho Mutual -switchboard. Rev. (J. \y \Vnlech. IU«S'. Snyder aitd R«»v. 8lmw attended a meeting of tho Worn to Mr. nrd Mrs, John Fogql Saturday, October 14th, a nma pountl daughter. ' I>tck Yoeum-htti! p'irchaited th« farm on which h« liven, paying $2CU) pet 51l8« Alice Sehneff " " ' ___ „ ________ , . ts and jflvcB you ft pte sting Icctly, .it's'truly ftBtonlahlnK how .«nctr»tln« tnrotjfih of the thro«J; and l - -if n, land «radu»)ly. but. annovinu throat tickle an couffU will, disappear entirely. .. fwttcj- lor uronchttts, «pMmq4iti , whooplnc cough or bnmdital a«thBa*v B * upeplal and pliiu .„, and ia known the world over prompt bealin« effect/on tho Av ^ disAnnointment lor fi f % National i&M&^r ^pCTP |m mjbfi* •(& aking Real Progress thesetruilbksiutid prevent them from hj<-o:uitiu's«Mit»u«_il!*_bj> "prompfly "Clearing : wapres""8ncTpoi ; «ii!si'*u't T c T f ""ITiFTTilit^f i\t )• the atonaactL ..hH^inLn.'. iha^jL.^iui-rt^ bowels, MUd and harw^s, A i^rovcn tumily u-mt-dy, u.nequailrd Digestive Troubles your earnmgs, without in£r easing your savings is not making progress. Our Depositors Weekly Savings Club *u>HT adjust itself to your earning power. 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