Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1916
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take* from wher» ?h*y «r« ***d put* the^ri where they ought *o b». STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—WO. 95. AND BADLY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATL^DAY, OCT. 21, 1916. takes fr*rr« whtre f.Hey and put'% them th#y eughi to bt PRICE TWO CENTS. U* S. Senator Sherman Attacked the Ariamson 8-Hour Law In Speech* Audience That Filled Lower Part Of Academy of Music . Heard & 0. P. Doctrines. tjnlted Slates Senator I* Y. Ktu>r- Wan ppoke Friday evenfnu In tin- A<a- tlenty of Music to nr-»itl> a full house, The weather, «!»« rainy and th° cinwd much larger thnit wa« anticipated HNe-Stfrrling republican club man.... who were instrumental In necur- ine «ena(or for the evnt. nenator w»« at bin ncit, and fnade one of the heat rnmpalirn tnlks ed ill FMerllng. >te I* tnl), angular and re*emblr« Abe Lincoln -WWy much. The resemblance in very 1 ' marked, nnd bin voice IK wild to he liults Ilk* the martyred president. Owing to the rain th<« Httrltn* Mill- band gave a concert lasting from •to S'OO o'i'loek In the Academy, Sit being listened to hy « larke audience, During the motllng, after the con- ftft, there were Heated on Ui« *tii<e tfw» foflowlng member* ,4 the Sterling I'' Republican club besides Henator Hher- ; Wan and H. U Fordhaitij of LMxnn,: J, T, Williams, Wtate Commlttcemnn J. jp, Ovwholaer, Judge R. \V. K. Mitchell. Judge I, 1*. Weaver, Slat;'* Attorney J. Attornoy H. \Vr TlefcM nnu" MOTHER REACHES DRUNKEN YOUTH Mr, « feo. IX their d l» r. n ho John Mrs. has and Mrs t !<••?•• r ff.m \rj<-««.i Bnt( ti *> ht>c Itiimf in inft the John g 8!if xMiC-s that on th»» trnln in jwn yoitriK frnm hfr sin'S r<>rivi>r."«Uon. kf*y win. nn<1 was *irniKht. wh-tt I homo ju.ft «fr<t«5 the unr- rhlf !« ]<iit t no Ixirn hunt hoinf nnd n had tompiin.v it'- hfnrcj," I Irft ft wolt prnvl iwj ninthfr I n».t anil m.w iitlnk Tins" Ju*«t it t» n !':(!>!• frmn (! fnrni hi« mftl his p -r «nd r«ir h«> g«*iR th«<tn hrrnks hl« "M Chairman J. T. v^llllams «tilled the meeting to ord«»r, 'and In it few worn* ^IttrodU'ii'pd Marry .U. Fordham, In «he introduction Mr. Wllllanj* Halt! he wa<» about to introduce a man who, born * Democrat and formerly a member I'm th* Democratic Mate committee, later cut hlu lot with th* Progmmlvcs, jftttd waa a. member of tho mate Pro- tmd now made up his mind to -voto nnd [Work for Governor Cltarle* Hughes for J<Urry-i~ Fordham. Mr. FV>rdham told how h« hapi»oned b« In the varloun partlen, but dc- that the people would not think Ilk* a weather vane. Jlc *ald » . $'hl« father was a Republican and hln *linotner ft Democrat, and vomt> warm • arjrumcntB were lndtii«ed in by them. !;->R* MJowed hla mother and became » »dCTat. The older^o got and the h* ntudJed pollWlcn the poorer t» became, and when the camt? Into exUtonec* nc es- ' thin <?au*e an,d now that more. h» naturally wpnt over to ,- Republican imrty. When h» waa emocrat he found that Roger 8ul- van dkrta.ted tite entire state commit- and did 'not think much of him.. wif* and I «r* |fo,|nff to,v«t« for -' and siiid w ben from hl« rnothf r H beiirt. The tnothct's |flt«'r f-nd in parl, dcnr son Ti«i;iy y<»»* f»r*'~?!* veats -old, filid -9 ye«r« ngo thf-> fatrt you In my arms, n bright, 'beautiful baity boy and how ' I thniiUed <iod for yon and the comfort' Mmii with you. I don't know where you are. but will keep writing on, and If riiy letters reaeli you, you will find In., (hem nil, n mother's love, •if "you can't" romp to me, I would RO to you If I only knew where you were." He put I!H> letter hn< k. took another drink find threw the empty bottle out the window. Then I Hpoke across the <ii«!e, "Young nutn. how win you do that nf- ter reHdihjjr mich a letter from your mother? 1 ' , He may have heard, hut paid no attention to what I .wild. 1 Telt badly" ill! The tf*\ ofttie STf> hoifu-7 ihlnkitiK about the poor mother. COMPANY EXPANDS Sterling Foundry-Company !*eta the Contract For Fifty Foot Addition. ' FILBI BeRLescntatjve. _OOivers_ anc Lakes Commission ]^ vestigated Here. He Found That Three Factorie; Have Not Yet Complied With Recent Orders. rs hi The Hlei'llng laundry C<impajiy. of wh(,ch l-Yed W, HoneriH in the proprietor. him let the contract to John \V. Powers for the erection of tin extension on the ea«t of the pretwnt build- Ing of about fifty feet Bquare, and worK thin morning of laying the fix re|iiei>-TiiaUi'e from the nl l-uk'-i «'oinmfit^ion with quarter* In t'lifcstno. tettitivMl Ftldiiy after mtikini; an investigation of the Ttnidition of I lie river «( SteilJfiK to *ee If the ffli-torh«( bavi tompljilm; with the order H Tiy fife commi—unil H" few ~w» 7 r"k It wilt be n memhrred thai complaint WHS mitde to tb<- Hivers and I*:' munition thnt certain fi«etnrlen had UM>H jM>!|uUn« the ww-ti-r herr bv acldfl. duiO, niuS ntliof "tuf. to the dr- >nt of the fl-sh. TFie rommlwlfin mil U« InvifttlpHlor, «nd reported biirk that HIT* were »everal dolnit the thlnits eharne«l against them. Then or- d*-rs came to bnxr the snm" abated nnd n lfn»netT"Ilnie WMH stven to the off«-nd«-?n. The viKlt of the ,«nme repreipntntlve Thtirjtelnv :ihd l-'rhliiy W;IM for th*« pur- pone of fn'i'tils; if thi' orderfc bud tieen obeyed. HI- n-purfu that all but three of th" part!'*!* have compiled with the orders Klveti, nnd two of tln» tbree are the oni«j, (oinpl'ifnt iin-tinit whom fitnrt- ti\e mild )i'- »-otild notv leport to the iiuuunlasinji wluit ht> hiul—fuutul ajid hu Uioujjht iira.itit iTie,iMire« will lie Instituted itt oni-e to have It* mandates otx-yed. It U (he opinion uf maity now, Utat the c«»mml»«lnn will h«vi> n Kanitar> utirvev miidr- of I fie river here mid the city will be made 1 to take «lml- lur Ktep». The city of Jircatur wan forced to bv the mune covninlcnlnn last yenr. It l« xi«ld practically the wime mon river, «* do in {-Sterling. The city an«l it» fai'torleM were ortleretl to have the nuisance' abated by Jan, 1', 1817 adopted then. WIIJSON IS NOW IN THE ASYLUM I'lttsbtirch, I'n.. '.'ft. 21. . Hirhnrd f'Silifn mny ppf-nd tts*" romaln^r r>f his I iff Cnnn n/yium. Th* youthful Irish- Ant*'rJ/ : h'n who mnrT^ J)«Tfist»«iH efforts to rt'ach I'rfsidf'nt Wllaon while lh«>. chief ("Xfruttve wn?i on nn »uto tour of th^ flty ypsvierdfty. J*n« nn Inrnnte of MarfthnlfPit. the AtT^Khpny rcninty ln.«tlt,«Uon for Insane, today, H»t was ir.ntrnitfpd following an <»x«Tuln;tt»oTi hy police phj'Hirlnn* who declared him .1 mr-ntal rtpfertHf. I)r, Harclay. physdcJan to the Cnllrn family, derlntvd that only on Thursday he had trontefl Cullrn for an nrute mentnl disorder. , ONE BATTLE WITH MEXICANS American Patrol iPorce and iDrtinken Men Hpt Over Rio Grande 46 Minutes. (By United I'rem) WaKhliijiton, D. (.?., Oct. 21. ~- Army men today held that th<8 Mexlean at- nck on the Awcricuft detachment 'In he itlu Herid district of Texa* Thur«lay. wa« iwolated and unimportant , (Jen. KuiiNtfin'N prollmlnary advloe« Attrlbtittid It to "drunken who stumbled onto the American sroup. There WHH nothing in hln report to In- llente thnt any concerted enrnpalKn l« )lanned. Thnt there I* no CUIUHO for ilnnn in the belief of. turn y off]clf«l«, were' reported on ••llhor NO PROTTTLIKELV. <By United PreKH,) San Antonio. Tex., Oct. 2 1. —No of- Irtnl report will he iilitte to the Mexi- an government over the elRtth between American »<ddler« ttiid ,Thur u dny and 1 hay* «. : h«s and his wife are golnu to da Hft w*» troundls B Wllllmiui in a few well Wlm Jdtr6d««*«d 8en«tor Bhtr- n, cijHhf hft alwaya liked & man WOUM flfthl * good jdquar«s fight. 8horm*n wan imon a hi»arty an he stepped forward.- He ra«t«d no 4lme In R preliminary talk. it struck out at once on tho Adnm- blll and denounced .it In no un- iln term*. He namwl a number ~J-hour bill* which -he had vot«nl for Jil* term* In the senate of the Blat««»r 4>ui-.vot«M\-«gaJn«t- ilie bill when It went to » vote Ho Bald Uiero were . 1916. lch hav* heen pa«*ed and for which ie ''voted that were all right when the hrick waflK. Tho foundation walla of concrete were laid a few day« ago. The nes extenwlon will be one story.' exactly the wimc height and 'Width ax tfi«« old part of the foundry proper, ad* joining. The Htcrllng Foundry (*o. ban a very largo butdnemi In job work, in the making of caflUngit for other large factoriea and thftt (nide ha« been In* greasing right, along until It Is Imperative that additional room toe addodi The new room will b« used for more' foundry floor and for storage* purpowea. While the companjr may not rte«d now all of the room to be, added, yet the company In liguring on further extension, < Air, Honc-ns only purchased th* planfc a few yoarx ago and by.hla effortM It Increawd to mich an extent- It haa outgrown HH " "»iuarter«. When tho new building IH completed the company will havo a Htructurp two hundred nnd eighty feet' lung, facing Swcond street, and from fifty U> seventy feet In- Vridthr - Ktgnty fwt-cif ~tht> building IH two HtorioK high and about Jepl wide. ___ The re»t IH hfly feet by one hundred and "ninety t»t «et rid of Meweraite. arlil from ffic- torlfH, and everything, el«e. of nn In- xanltary hature. The n>-Btem In operated -b> eli'ctrlety. The ny«U - m IH and It JH workitiK there flrnt rate. was completed two <>r three weeka and lant week a convention vu»s \\elfl in tU|kt..ctty attended V»y a larwe number ttf ihnHy«»r« to InvenllRate the »y»tern. It wu« pntnouneed hy them to be all' rlKhi. nnd it IK thoiiKht It will re volutlonlKP the HPWIIRC rjUewUon for ,«ll cltien. . It J« day. that -the Hlvrri* to« La ken Cotn- mUalon may order SterHnt? to make way with it* polluted xtuff In thht rter. h*Ifht howr cft-UBo w«» itn object, for " «ris aw certain klnda of labor which i man ought to work at lontfer. Some them he enumerated a« being the alnicr, the m&n before ttfe furnace Uwt, and aome «uoh work which would Itadaager v|!f« to work longer. Tht'n w«re'ma<1e to both 'employer buid th* wmployp to work longer. Tho Iftbor 4&w In tht« state is another on» regarding- th« length of a "work.. The ^«m» wan true ^jf roan'8 work, the law tlxing 64 hours k'» \vurK. — Wrtmt'ii m -tnng:—Tho—company employs a large number of skilled mouldern, all receiving excellent wages. Y. M. a_A._NOTES Different Clattei Are Being Organised Thi« Week. Preparations aro in progri>a« thtH factoHoB are not allowed to work yer -eight ho«r« per day. for It mon- health and theit«» alt-mum be ob- A , , jiajd "thp A damson law Alna no «uch provision or luu» It ty object nave to Ihenxwp the wagea . certain .HnW» »f rall.wuy omployca, her* W0re ho-pemUUea- -attached. ami s way U dlff«i» from all other hdur lawB." H» read t|ip Adam- bill and Commented on It on he j>olnt»»» out the meaning rfof the bill a* »t«U<wi J" "f tHIe. .Long w«r» not urolUbitfd, but its nuU» ^a* for ^the fixing - «i -Ht-day's at the l*ie of eight hourspor <?6ntlr»ue<i From Pago One) EXPLAINS THE LAW Warden; Says Even not Be Destroyed. lodney C. Turner, diwirlct game and week for the year*** work at the, Y, M. C. A. The- gymnasium. ela«so« were or- sauijuul thlH pa HI, week, und in very onJhm«iajrtle ov«y tlw One <>f,th« ln»w|l»if alleys htiH been opened•/or ,tho wenKon. The other al- •|ey v>lll Iw opi'iii-d In a t»lu»rt Utne, <Ufp- to the ncm-arrival «f material. fn»m the factory jyhich l» being held ty> hy a' strike. tlrm of November to IUHI until the holidays, and u BiH-ond league will bo op- in January to hurt for a tottplo of montliH. In prevtoun years tho one ItMfctfut*— lnft«*d-tinrtnK-thf entlr« winter rioanon, but It h:ui been decided tiiat two loagucH will bto inors »ati«fa«;tor.v to the player*. Anyon« wishing to «*n» ter tli« HrHt league »ri» miuouted to hand In thelr^ iiaineti nt the Y nt once, The phynlclal director expects to or- ^atuxf a SundnT Hriionl— rAthletlr- J^HKUft for indoor bajw^ball anH basket ball in the cour*«' of a" tw w;i>ekH. • The educational work will bw rt«- 'tl — ttrtB — ,vt'ur. — inul tho — <Hff THE WOMEN VOTERS • "" - * - _»4_ Laroe Number of Women in County WHO Can No* C*»V iallot .' « — it do«w not eeem to bo generally understood that the wife of a man in thin country, who ha« not yet taken out nlH full nnUirallratlon papera, 'in barred the privl!t«g«»-oT voting. Ho~dlf- ferenco if the wife la native born and haa been voting before she wan mar« rlcd. The law »»tate* thut tho wifn of ouch a man has no niorm privilege.!* than if niip was foreign born. There ur-4» -a— great— malty -women in Hterllng and HurroundhiK countjy who were born and ralmnl In the united Btat»'«, who-hav« reached -the aga one and have IHMII \otlnK rlpht but married a man who han not ynt taken out hta bixt pnpern for naturalization, It Is ««utdly ween that fh« man r-an njit vole, but it- l» not generally known thut by I he marrying of thin man the woman IH illHfrtuichlHecr HM far as vothiK In coiicorniid, and 'she remains Huch until her husband in naturalized or he dlfH. 8he then a full 'fledged cltlzon automatlcuily, requiring no action on her part. An thpr« T will he a great many women of will vote for the t?r*«J tlmo Novpmhf»r_j,-JJnd tht'Tc aw many * not yet natural- he careful about hUHbandN arc ized, they ought (u cu«ting a itallot. -miint'tl , »ut!h aa English, 'saleimmntdilp and mechanical drawing arc being organized 'und all who wish to enter are urged ut enroll at onco. |Ue district are Htlll unfamiliui- with ~ lawn re«ttrdlng the takiiiK of rough an carp luiul buffalo, fr<»m He ««>•« tiu-re i« u law which mrttuh of aiiy kind uuclvrdlzv, bw t«k«» from the i-iv«r. and this mM»t \»> obeyed. To furthtT act JlH', pw»plo wgardln'g thin mut- . he ha* JM»nt out ih«»;fol|t»wing lel- ft |pjr"to a number of u>|»ufl<*K. «n*l others JHt«r«?titwl. »In order to let other* know '> ilonof lie 'u<Ks. that the fol- k'lter bp ptlbll(*hHl, it being si jpt»»y tit th<* oiit< »fti»' tu lii» ili'putifh. s^jjero mH y (j,t ptuplp in ouv )H"trict, lnip,r«?ttS«d with tlit> idea thut «eiiiitiK tjh-our tilth -prtiMirytw i« f«»r the puipo»t> •Of dtt»tro>lii« *vll the «:aip '"'d large and ttmajl. **^*hli8 Is 'not true biu-uum- the not allow- UH to iictiiiil uny af(ljjyBiijif any kmti ext^-pt K aj- sad to be .ruthU'Mily d»'«tio>»d «»The tll« Htirplus purpiwt; of i,- to «'t rut i-C atv Palti^'Madi~^reeTde of Northern Illinoi* LutheranHlynod. Rev. E. C. Httrrl$, pastor .of H». John's LuthiTHn church, of Sterling, has 1 hefin rc'relwtpd prcBtd«snt of th* Vni^ii«rti._iyhiojit_jiyiintt j<f the Kvan _jiyiintt churchT ufllw exetnit • i r— ' ryrtncnit. n i IT >*MiHiu«kiw< «ted twid nuve ' an u ruh- fi««h hllOUld tt«h "The from mv mi' thttilr all bi Tr'<"*ul'"i r f ™(T. u T- tti.i I h,'\i' •! V ) • .iIjuTiif i7TT~ that th, e of our bt-M.i MtreaniM that <hr JH « iilu'dy coiuiuion (tolling Impracticul the s frunt ciur ciepuMiii'-nt at' Wavhlitgton thlw week. . The meeting nturtod the foro purl of tho,w«t»k «tnd U wim attchdetl by H»>v. Mr. Harris and Joous Hn«»r. a dwlcgato to the synod from the Sti'rJin* t'tiurt-h. Tlierc Iw hrc<Hi honor attached to hoing ut i lie hoad of iliiH ^ynotl. und that Itcv, Harris hus gheii ex<-elh'iit satisfaction m I'videni'ed from tti'e fact of hl» ru- ^lection. , Mr'. Ji'tvr tt^urned home lust night from the convention meeting and reports u-\ery pl«anant titm-. They wort; fnUti+ittns'ii m privaiM honu-a und ht^ tipeaku very lilKhiy of tho f«««ijH**« of v thut city. lie »it.vs the city only two thotisiind people" Tint tht*y «II ulivw and theft' un; excclh-nt i'»i«i(U'iH-*,'H to In- tii-en there. The l,uth- t-ran ehutfl* t>f WnbhiiiKtou WUH i'd it few yi'.iib ajto at a. COHI of It i.s a ln-iiuihul titrtK'.ttu'i' at* I !.-i u cri'tlit tn u ilty ten limc-ni liuM i'i/-' 1 At the Mr ' itm-r waa elvvled to tin* Syn*jil ni«'H • vvhii h vvtll bo ht-M in I liituso I_H-M .\ car Thl> wili be u very important f«t'ht»jti!i t'i'l" lh«'|i> \v HI di represiijlltHl h >•« i-i \ o ,t! ?-> iijtil in the SuptV PotU H«* Made Sixth Avenue P«ii«ble Durina Hich Water. Kuperintondont Matt I-otin wlwhcH to 'inform ihn public, thut he and hix nic-it were up on Hixth avenue thlH fort>nooit 'itid m.adD H number of "pontoon JiridgeH." un the avt<nu«< on which I he ,)ub!lc m»y oroatt from one Hide to ih«' 4 »^er without Keitlng their fert~wi?t7 f}y the taking awtiy of the upper part >f the «trtH't by tl»« CondtM'lv** I'nvlng ' '"*omp«ny, "the raiiiH have ' fll^d the iji many placuH. ..making ,_lt _hn- for- pedestrian* M) CI'OMS, unit . , >U>M BO repaired tho avt'iuin no one iTiuy WaiK over Tlie U«H<{I walorw in per- fetst HBfety. It loukn to mjmy thut thi« have to be made permanent, or HI for the winter. If the paving company doe* not get near 4hP~| Ig Uend rllnlrlct, If wfa believed tt>- ny. Cot Gallon, commAidltfg that district, refmrted to Oen, Fen«t«n that the attack was made t by fdunken Mesl- , hit In tne fight no. far TjrmC No one wan n« la known. The lasted 45 minutes. About 3e .Mexicans were enwajtcd and the American troowi included a detachment of 23 men (a the Hixth cavalry and a Texas cavalry detachment. AN EARLIER ,R£PORT. Ban Antonio. Texas, Oct 21,—American, troo|)tt and Mexican* ctanhed near San Jo«e in the Big Hen<l country Thqmhiy afternoon, acoordlng to a report received by General FunnUm early last night fmm Colonel Jom-ph 'Jns- ton, commander of. theidi«l.rlct. The nght lasted for, |torty-Jiv« minute*. No lofwii wer# ^uffered by "the Amerlains, and Inforpiatlon |« lack- thd Resumed the Offensive In Dobrudja, Rainy Weather in the Somme and Snow in the Carpath- ians Stops Infantry. (By t'niti'd I'if>sH.) Merlin, «5<-r., Oct. 21, -fVtt. Mrfkei Z*>;i':< nfmies hnve forVcif tftf Hit.** Itoumnnlnn Hue In Dobrudja ,«f ,w-ve nl points In a srent bfjitlegWhlrh jnarks t he r "re«umpt Ion of t he Dohfud/n "<«W-n wive, U was officially announced thi afternoon. The enemy'* main positions on Tux.ele hT'lKtils HoTtti wr«t of Top Hninrr hnrr been taken nnd 8,000 HiiK«hin« nn«! htin- dredH of llotimftidanH nnd LM machine KIWH captured. GREAT BATTLE RAOE8. (Hy United I'rpHH.) I'etrogrnd, Ituimla, <>'-t, 21, A Ktent brittle i« raging'all nIonK tlif bobrtnljii front where den. Markenxen him titken the nfffUfdVe iigninM the U»»«o-H<>>v- In a counter offensive In Unidentified S!esm«r Entrahee Of Detroit Rive ( '*y fnised t'fp*>* > Trannylvanlar In an attAck In the region of Tobiudjii the O*rman-Hulgarlan forces yenterdruy occupied the villHse and continued thi'lr attflckw throtighont the day.' _The_ en- emy'n ntteinptH to further advance wn« repulned by rllh-N and jjrenndea. .South of Uorna Vatra the AtiHiro-OertiinrtN were' repelle<l and tho- <>i»«'iny- put to flight, the HnssliuiN captured » tna- c.hlne gun, a trench cannon and n nurn- jer of prisoners.' 1 Fighting all M|OIIK the eastern front has reunited vlct«»rlmn»ly for the HlnvM. Jtl_lhe_^tjyementH_norjb_o^f jh.e yll- of, Kl«eiln an. artillery T>attle'"TH" In the region of JaroxlavleN u detnrhmont pfltie)rated a Teuton trench at night, bayonet Unit those rt'KlHtcd'Tind Tfttrrntng onem. A h«ivy downpour of rain continues to hinder operation^ In the carpalhintis. TWO GREAT BATTLES. ; (Hy Unttetl I're««,) I^oiidnn, KIIK., Oct. 21.—Two im-ut hatlU'M nr«s raging In the Balkan*, while rainy weather on tli<» Homme and hcnVy »nowf» in the CarpnthlHtm have impeded Infuntry action In the two mnin theuter«. ' • Hmn.xhlng heavily'lit the KUMHO-HDU- nianlitn front, Kleld Marnha) von Mac- kcncon ban roMUinod nn ofTenNlve in Dobrudja and l« Htriving to rearh tlu> important Cnnntanga railway. Ah of- flnlat M internet) t from the KuaHlaii war n |'i>rted to have lf>st thf-lr^ Ifvf «» HT •hf» foundering of an unidentified MHUIKT, I bought ?o b" the ft. L Fil*r. of «'hicfi«n, off Par Point, at the Detroit river entrant* to Lake F.rif, One member of th<* Cfe* I* believed TO have bp*n resctiwl by th* I>. * «_'. Steamer \V>fltprn PfHtfa. Hhlpf-lnR on «!l of th* great Inkt-e is lr> xhf-ltr-r awaHinn th£ nhatfmf tit of th*' fstorrn. Approximately seventy- ii'. -e stf'nmpr* are held between Detroit and Port Huron. SCORES WILSON Roosevelt Says He Would Have Entered Mexico If He Had Been Wilson. Would Have Treated Any One As Enemy Who Interfered With Use Of Railroad. They Are Apparently Trying To Resume the Offensive On the Somme Front. French Officers Declare They Will Batter Enemy Lines ' All Winter. (Stuff Unit»d Colonei .Oftnton'* report «aJd that a baad of. about " ' fire on a . detach . .. it. composed of twenty*three men of the Sixth '""avalrp and Texas National Guard Cavalry squadron, engaged In patrol duty be tween Presidio and Ituldoxa, wnf <3ud,lnst«n of tht> Texas commanding tho troop*, ordered his men to return the ftro. pire Acro»« Rio Grande. A vigoroUM exchange of Bhotm con- timH'd. the Amerlc.anH and Mexicans tiring In aklnnlHh formatit»n--frorn i'uv- (Continued on Imge Six) STEWARDS MEET A meeting of thn atcwarda of tho local Meihodlxt churchps of the L'ixon lintrict was held this forenoon nt l>t;» Kalb. N. G. Van Sant of Fourth St. mid Harry Thomas of the First Methodist were present, representing their rettpectlyo churt'hem. Th« meotlng waa largely attended, and nearly every church In the district wan repreaented. The wilttry of Stipt. Hev. Phe'lpH WIIH on, tho various appi-opriation« «Hiter)|oii .from ftuchuroitt of a Roumanlan reverao and admllx of a village to thte OcrmUu tho Balgwrtan ,ncw of- , fensive, U is considered certain here was ordered .to bring about th« wKh» . drawal of the Roumanians from yjvuiila where tho Houmaintt cojitlnu» vlkprouwly <»ln the offc .•" wwpported. by the French' the Se»rb« have made further advanct'H In the V>at- 'tle Houthi.'nt«t o5 Monaatlr. the Frend war office announced today, though tht liulgiirlanH refuwe to concede defeat Jmtlodniil— the-Xerhiau- at I acktc ___ Th nllie« have advanced northward »n< have '-reached the town of Skirk Bataek. it waa officmlly announo- cd , for all branches of the church mode, Including the. .benevolent sums. The local delegates report -a good meeting, Tho nH'UU'.i UilUms being made in last year for .-t«« coming church ycjir. other buHlnewi coming up before REV. WM,_W. DEIHL Tlw many friends of Uev. \V. \\'. will ho glad to learn that he. liu» iiHMlwu'd to tlu- Napcrville church for lint coming y«vjr by the recent Hock River Conference of th« Metliodlxl church nt ,<'h|c«go/ Nuperville i» a college town "and the congregation IK up largely of colU'MO' 1 bttulentH. For «cv«ra( f 7| r parff~)tU'\ r , tJlpnl waw pn«- Uir of i he Fourtli-t*tf*!«!l Mi>tl»«dj>ii luircli, ln-i>iK pastor at the linn? of the erection of the prwent largo Htruciure, in iniikliig th<- ind ai'lcrwards in laying them. SPECIAL DIRECTORS' TRAIN f \ -j'l ( . U 'I HI" SV ill K» ' j I", i \ __ U_< < ,n~'itu " *(» ittiunt-iut tli it t\ Tuiwr, VVvti.i built! ol Th «,>\cr |i((|i'ti wav of S( (' ! '. n, 'I }.( i- tin Of Th* 8»ri« Will 60 Given At The Y, M. C. A,. W«dne«aay Night, TlMi first ol tho «\i'. Al. «.'. A, «tur cour»e« vHll he Kiven Wedn.isd.iy eve- tiing, UctulMT t'StJi, jii tin* y. "lag'', -A- The entertainment will bo r-iivutHhcHl by Mr«, I'Vncita .Sargunt . liti.skcll, u dramatl« ri'ttdw, v\lu» givea a -varied program. ' ' Hhe h»« appeared.In rccjtul In nearly every city of any Mze. fr<un Maine to Californiti and from Florida (o Cait- wdu. Her magiit*Uc' p*>r«oiiality, her rh, h lesonant v^oiee, lt»-r aljility to rc- M uiiid to e«ch phudt< of fi^'lhiK In the any e|miwtfr« «lni lnl«»rpicin und ^••ulvvioK >ntH<t with , ht- «PP)H-9pii<>n. Hbc u\M render.-, dialt'ci in H mumiiT that IN itl- ij n-uhnii i>f lli» rcalit). Witt be Delivered by. Prohibition Woman Next Friday, MIH" I'Um-Jii e Slowa Mvde, of Kric, < huirmait ol tin' IHinoiH SVotiH'ti'H l'i'i>' hiiiltioii I'Vdt'tuHon, \V;»N til Klt'|Jin« toduy vnrouti' to Chicago ainl nutdc arrungfiiivntji for two iiifctlimt* lieiv i.n Kllday, <M '.'T. ill llw V M C A. in be addrt'bM'd by M (M,H |,iit<b.i K Miner, of i'!, iiii|i;ili?if M).»;< Mlm-i' I- Hf-nv wmn»-- HOME. BIO TIME AT ELK8 TONIGHT, The mt'inbcrH of the Klk« nro plajuj IIK on_a_bU? (line tonight wffh a feed " fifu lowing. ADOPT A COMPROMISE Constitutional Convention Favored By Suffragiata To Gain Full Eights. I <«y United Pre Hprlnglletd, III.. Oct.. 31. oratorical baitlo, with. Aflei; a U' . pulling," tho itnd IlllnolH l->(tial HulTraRe today took tlm nilildle convention as, the'proiter way for llli- noiH women to «erur«i full Htiffiago.. Tlio tight c;une up when tho platform was being drafted. Mr«, Urncc W'ttbur Trout, backpd hy a considerable number of tlclegateH, urged tho Incorporation into th» platform of the/ amendment to the amending clauac, nx the proper way for the llllnoli* woineit to WM-urc full Hufifrage. MrH. Katlifrin«> Mj'Ciilhich and her followers ln«l»ite«l tlift full profH>r way, urru>ndmc > nt_wiu< the tjo», ntir*up within iiH inenibi I'Mhiii, adopted I'liimlliiitliintil convention n« ihn proper WM>* ami both turllinm e iheiiuM'ivcH MM iMttititied. Th« «latv of candldateH nominated «t>veral dayw ugo were' elected by dtunatlutt .Tlie . H>'- *• STILL COMING The claHsilh-d department in the cheapest pluco mid nulckesi way to learn, if people want to buy v^at ymi luno io Holi or have for Hiile^wliitt juu want to imy. New proof of the HellHIK power of cluM.Hiitii'il uilvcrtNinjf in The Jiu- jselte in iiffered l>\ the following HdV'l iHl'ltH'llt . HlH S.ti^K UAUftK HIXIC, Mift coul hmiti'i, jii'»w tic'tlly iifvv, at f("l Aveniif «V Hell phont-'ttfil-S. Tldb advcrliM-inent, w/i* cd -by Cluudi> Suwv«r ut tl dri'«-H Kivi'ii ThefV "tV< u» fmir Ft— plii-s. the ISlht ila>, »iiul Utnido of. "il h(tu» the "Uiv«^ W«*M »old, but pwjpU- Ut-<"p fuiulnii. oiu- letter i-uloe>.'fuj«l I'lophf'lftowu asking Hit" prlco, bllt I he" hlm't 1 \va» bold hi-fotv tlu" tetter w«t received. Mora! /toMUtr prtunpil> if >o«i ad- t Ats-o MiK.ll Xo U -It JUU V\i»(it to buy an) thin.; or t" »»c!l ot,4<iv tlutih: i'i i u nl H > ' \ j_»' "TTf.TiiiVi'l tT {.<!•• U >o« \\.Hit, , I)"'li, I M.i\ Jir»t UilH" will j:c*. jti (l ill ll \\lill cf aiiv . to -i ' Uiu !, fiom ,i Iliiil \vh,jt >' up if N iti-i p .U adt--. .in It \Miljlll i' -i yji-.V'J.' -- OU fi;l i)u> H nut MIII t"i mn C" L .| \(Mi ill -• ' 'n ...L'ii'.i r CLOTHING CAEHS Germany Inagurates System To Pi«vent Booitiog Pricei. " Hy Carl \V, Ackersnan. (Hlaff <^orre«pondMii of I'nlteil Preiw.) "-"Ur-fUii, OCT., ffct. 21.-----A new *»- icni bus been Inuguratfd in Hci;lip wheioby everyone HIIIHI buy uiider- i-lotliiiiK, nieii'n and worncn'H MIIIM and con in. ihroMKh hpeclnl inaKlrttalf t'rtl'iln The city experh-nced UM IliM froxtj night liiHt ij'Kbt and coiiht'i|in'iii • lv lhfft> *VHM a i unh (or 'lit* new clothing «'aiyis. ., The clow da v\e'rc MO KM'J' ihut ." > io glvc'itnt tuiinbi I •• !<« tlu* »H'\ii otlli I:, /illii iiliovv llii'lll In ;-t.ll:il III llH*> rtlld Wilt! llu-ll' tlllll', ' «111V objt'i t i<f the lli-M, i lothlilK H'K- illation It* to prevent ttpct U!>HOIM from tnocuriiui IUITJ"'' ipianlitieH of cluthiiig and lioblliig ib^/n tor higher pil'-ri VOLUNTEittS- MEET Nation*! Grand Council Convene* Chicago Today. ( 11) « I'Mltcd I'li'sH j *H-t Jl. lit'in-n 1'iUUifel. In BULLETIN. By J. P. Vedtr. Corr»«f»ood«ot of Prt»t>) On Board Col. Roo»«v«lt'« Sp*cial Train, Pr««eott, Arlt., Oct. 21^— Ex- Pretidtnt RooHvelt would have gone j nto~M«xtco - ttj» :*» ~th« h i It tf he had been president Imkepring, he told nn audience her* tttay. "I urn mKwt ^o«t I would h«v« done in Wilwn'i place in Mexico. The answer ie perfectly, elmple. I would have either mad* up my mind to hit or not to hit. But under no circumstances would I have hit soft. The rlflht rule is don't htt Bt-alt-4f-yow-wl«-h«4p-it. — If — you mutt hit a man don't hit him soft, knock him out. "PerehinB wat-sent after Villa, ^4 f ha w*» eent at «U 11 should- ha vo__ been with the understanding that tho Job was to be put throuoh up to the handle. When Carranza •aid: 'P«rshing could not use the railroad,' I would hav* replied: 'Gen. Pershlno will u»* the railroad and I will treat any man as an enemy who lnterf»r«." LIKES THE WIST. By J. l». Yoder. m Staff ('orr^ujKtndent of United Tr't'BK.) Phoenix. Arlie., Oct. 21.— It was hard for <'o|one! ftoonevelt to remember Avhut ho came out hore lor today. l!n mado a 2; 100 mile jump from Louisville. Ky., with only a few stops In be- twwn, to utter ht« moat bitter denunciation of President Wil«pn'« Mexican VH»lley and urge the election of Clmrlew Kvim* Hughes, but wherever be turned ho found old ncenen und acaualnUncoH I hat tetidftd to take hi^ mlno off ltl» jOb, „ ' ••'.-' ;.-•-. • ' • Tho Colonel Wtt« met by a big committee, fornpoflwl of the members of tlu« CJ. A. R., Spanish- American war veternnH and confederate . veterans, headed T»y ; 13« r iglirB. H*»ftrd, ftn old per- itunal friend, and* Jack Ureenwuy, a major' of the rouxht riders, wlio before that wu« Yale** famouB backstop who t-aught the curve* of Dutch Carter, brother-in-law of -Hughe*. There were the UHirnl bands and day- liBht "boiahK to grt'^t Ho«»Mev^lt. He ' Hy Wilflnm Phillip Simma (K f aff ( : <irre(«i>ondent of t'nlted Pnri«. Prance, «><•(. 21. — O»rm«n troojm arp apimirntly trying to regain the initiative, on tho Bomme. Repeated terrl!!^ counter attacks have been delivered bj^thP^Teutona, especially north of the river during the pant few days, preceded, by ft li<*avy «xf'enditur«< of ammunition. K»irh of lhn»e blows, according to r«- portH from French headquarters, has Jwn shattered rne after amothfT. The Krench continue *lowly but mirely jo win their objective on tho Hommc, namely, thp heights, railways and important highway Junction*, J Airmen Are Wank. * The .'Jprrrmnfi aw Buffering greatly from • tho Inferiority of their aerial biant-h of rtie^Servlep on tl)« Homme. As rapidly A." the iJerman airmen ap- penr ahmp the AnRlo-Prench front, they urn .attacked and driven back. The 'Jerman wmnu*nd«r* thus far lark Information about the movpmentu «<** ir:g on behind the allied front. On "wv- eral Inntam-ra in the tai«t few dnya thn Uermanji have up rend curtain HtjP ov«>r * ««-<•« nt- ttr*»tmd,-*fl*t HH? -»heH»-*avlfihly for lensthy perloiK either bflcauno of poor rainre dlrectlnu by their avta-tora, or because of th« IHTVOUWICIMI of their < otnmanderx, fearhiK an attack at Nome unexpected point. IJritiHh otllclala declared, today thpy have' learned the (iermann are tioir systematically trying In create thn im' among 1 neutrnln that l^V&nc* To Fight All Winter. On the contrary th»y «ald FVwace Is determined to continue battering tlrti ated artillery and other offenHlve m»" terialu all winter, despite rain, imow and nleet. maintaining tho Initiative,, demoralizing the enemy and preventing the traiiH|Kirt of tr«op» to othar fronw. The I'Vench plan to keep their own troops as comfortable a« pomiblft ftfla the fjermans a* uncomfortable «* pop* during the coming winter months. DESPERATE PIQHTINQ. (lt>* Untied Pre»t».) AthetiH, (Ireece, Oct. 21.- , , contlntieii noulheant of Monthe Herlm. nupported by tho French, attacking on th«i Wtool* front. The Serbian itdvunc* acnwa tb» CWWIB.* ha« menaced th« utrong BulfMian , poaitlona at Ken«li, barring tbo Wftjr to Monaatir. Tho 8«rb« *r« »OW «4viac- ing agnlnst Kemtll from both the noUUi and eaati "''•. .j .j:. 'y-'^/' «^ v , COMTROL8 OWfiK SftMtlOi^ """' (Wy United Pr«*»,> . ' , London, Kng., Get, 21.—Vic* Admiral t)u Kournoi. commaiMllng tho fleet -In Greek watern,. hi lunched' at tho Heard luime with Jack n r'iie'ii wuy u nd at 2 : 30 thl« aft- crnuotU-The Coluuel wa» to be the guest of honor at a dinner at tho Heard home tonight, when several friends of bin ranch days are expected in. Koosevelt was urged not to 8top until !u< reached I'hoenlx hut forced his campaign manugor to arrange a Htop . at lY«'Hcott, tin? home of "Hucky" O'Neill, died l?i th« Colont»l'n arnw half ay up Han -Juan, and the Colonel ordered hi* manager to wiro ahead that lie would make a whorl »pwh. All day yesterday und today ' the 'Col._._...-..-.- drunk In the western urenes. "By Ueorge!" he exclaimed one. time during lunch. -"I'd like to he younir ftqraln and complete wntrol of the situation henti and IHIH taken dnutio atepn to ,. further rlotlnur. Greek- polio* ,i> r guardiimtii perform their outlw under the eye of the French command" '• er. No police, officer can b«i &ittA9**&__, or truimfwretl without lifiUMHWlfonr— The vice admiral rwselved"these powers through un apjH«inttn*nt'from th« CJreelr minister of the^-interior—to—*»*chief Inspector. H* Is empowered to appoint injector* with similar powers in other Creek I'ltlCfl. • An AtheitH dlspuich to the Chronicle today xaid thin new arrangementoitta brought calm In the Greek capital though negotiation* between Greece the allUm are temporarily at a STEAMER AGROUND out here. If U wasn't for .Mrs. vi'lt and the children I'd build a t-iil) In wH'h a bath tub in it- and Jun( " J ^ wtay" Kc-i-«> bet 1 would." tIlwI. PLAN? FOR HUGHES. (Wy United New York, N. V.. Oct. 21.— T«uit«,live plans for Nominee Hugheit' Html -'•driver 1 were announced by National Chairman \Vtloox todny. Kor tlu^ next four program i« an yet incomplet hut It I« expectint that ft_ part of it will he oct.-upied by in New •1th clone witli a iiuiiaiMi. O hrtiiKH hi« ctiinpalKii to a meeting at to n by 1'renldent Hnmufl Oomperw of the American Federation of Uibor, recommending thut'labor vote fur Wilnu|i, Chillinmn Wllcox declared: "1 ssuppoHe Umt l« part %>f-the hnr- taiti-mHtin-vHtMr holding the Btoji "waTcli »i \Vilmm ut the time tho AdaniMon bill_w!ifa yeiHlliyfJti Wanhlngtqn." ARREOONDO CALLED Admiral Pond 8«nd« Qunbeat ^ Aid of the Steamer Stewart, " (Uy United Preati.) I). C., Wot, 2 J,-~ Admiral I'o nd IH procnrdlng at full «pe*d aboard Prairie to -the Cape Haitien, tho navy department announced today. Admiral. Pond alan ordered the Tug PonlUu'' Io ahl the Btewart, No word has reached the navy department a» to J hg_y«m«o|'>i exoopt tb« >>ara Information that U IM agroutuU SOMJ^IGTSETS » Nearly |40,000 W*g«r#tLOn Th» Pr»ti- d«nt»«l R*c», New York. N. Y,, Oct. 21.—Yesterday far tho heavlenj. betting day on election Been in tho Wall street diHtrlct, It wan nnd |40,lM)0'wan wu- by- the curb commissioner!!, with .i.aate..«uio» at. roonpy etui belua offerea Mexican Ambassador Will En ter Cabinet and Cabrera Becomes Ambassador! Mi'MCo Hint l*Mil- n-ai-|i- tin' I'liU'il S|.it« itt Si l"i <m v vxp« < l( vvill ix' tUy l"nited 1'rcnH.) . -Ml>X . OCI.'» il. - ICllHO nib.if-i-.i'lor d«»<ignai« v to \VuMitii«i<iii, will return to Mexico City o'lu'cuiiH. hi-ci'i'lar> of < Jobt'l luu'loil 111 !t<> C<iiii«nya c.ibuu'l, it wa» It'iuavd I'isii aiiihi'i'itive ««ur<'(«i today. He wil! >i> Mirci-eded III Washington by LiUs *abrt'fa. at present bead of tho M»x- c in h!(||iin ol iht- Mt'jiicao-AiueHcnn viumthilon and cue of thv bcol Infurm- il nit u in Mexico no AnuTlc-un uffniii«. (jen. I'.ilitt) tii,iifLi)ei> ih hnu ins at once •<•-»• ..fJlrtittic City Io rephicv Cabrera, lAmiifJ-'-l'itli'r TMK'dondo Will meet <!i>!| i'irr.mjt.i j. t,fttiti> HI Aut-ojUo anil fill to California with tiu>m lu-fou •tilllittu; to MI-MPH C'itV. _«.i-ii l-'i'aiii s*«<-n COXM uiru-ei). eu7l'y to- ty in take (<en (iuiiis.UoM' CKiiiin.ujn 11* M-ij ..),,>, Hughen when iho day ended, No, perceptible change was tnado in the i|iiotoii oddH and tllo lwtn rnado ranged from l«' id 7 at tho oixinlng to 10 to 8 at thti clone, with Intermediary iHMlinK at in to 7, liughetf continuing favorite, 'Khumm of Brooklyn hug tao,'>0» to He want* odd» of JO to Jiff on 7, but th» in to ». bc-«t price offered him waa OFFERS EVEN MONEY ON WHSQN* .Cinclmiuti, u., (let, ai,-~ l^pt* lichui, belling <iominlH*ioni?r. announced llittt he had **»,0tai to hot on Wilson at <«vi»n money. Hn placed ihreti bet« Thursday .»t fl.KUO Io 11,500, $l,i'»> lo L $1,0011, and |3..4»0 to'l-'.OUU. Hughea being tin.- lu- voi'ite in cath cuwc. H»»vy ESCUED Vc»«pl To Sende Bottom. FIRST- 'U V\ il VISIT IN 20 llc HJH id ,i fi ll, i- fU I lx l^ttt ui Y6AR8. iiMKfi of <!•< l.iniM*'.!, of n in Uu> i'iii in ,''ii ^ 11- c .un! HI AMU-HI HI U.IIH<- de,ih-r piobabh « it* I..M mi the ViiiiuHi t'h.tilf« Hro-. .f\ tit' *|,jlli;ti>M l> •' H'l'iXIfd to- Ill" Aillt'l li'.ui i inl'-ifAS tbift fift' 1 ) IH'on Htodv w.if'I !.»• «,is« Ht '» hit* uf. • ') I, i 1 p'llti >l ;i\-. i\ 11 on i I In- lit! i i' -, 1.1. «!,<» !,i» >m Sl««.uii' tiJi'l a Kyu- (*l4'veltniil. « »,. net. J!I,— The »t«'a_in<»r Marnluili Uuili-rw, ittdf<'n with lu«iln<r, foonderi'd in I«iKi> Wrle. neur the moutli ,>( ihv I M roil rlvt'r dui'Jng a- heavi'- 511 Ie Thtfn- incinbcrti of tins crow wvie M'ttcucd by tin' H«-itn>«r UillingM and ''ino^ht hi'n« The other tvudve aru bcllcvid to have hen racued by th«lji a«,vMU>cr H.irtMftl, wlik-li is bound for \«|itnbul,i. INJURED MAN GOES HOME. " "" tujiiK-d tin' ;it»t of the week by 1 ; inn- iirtu by 4. btriu-t car Wbcn trft. lull liuitiil V« !')' Kuiittlt .,i\rnur, hax bi'i*ii gttltiirig rli;tit uldiiK 'iful luM iitjjlii \\u?i- fiUlc to to'-Jit for hiw hoiiie. cii-iiiotte. Mi«h Hi» t'|.ii*turi'il jibs v\»-i« bi'UDiijr iilfi'lv uitd !br- Mo'inil -HI MH hi'uil is doin^ ;IM \\i-ll_ !\& (M^tllll Id- • M >' '• I -Ml I'i OhllllMnll • iii town Hi'. ,-(•!!& ili"ik. and travel" fiotu \<<\\>i (•• (••un in, cucii city.

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