Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 6, 1968 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1968
Page 7
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Television Schedule rftfltfl By Offllt lil Ratio " AP 6s30 (COLOR) VrtNtfift OLYMPICS 7l5d (dOtOR) IT TAKES A THIEF 3i 30 (dClCft) tf, 'I. »>. 6. 9i 06 (COLCR) THE INVADERS lO'.OO (COLCft) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT 10t30 (COLOR) JOEY BISHOP SHCW IS!00 M SINE OFF WEDKESDAY. FEBRUABI...7j._ 6U5 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00 (COLCft) BOZO'S BIO TOP SHOW 3s 30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Afeh Of Triumph" Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer 10s30 (COLOR) HOW'S YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW Us 00 BEWITCHED ll!30 (COLOR) TREASURE ISLE 12!00 V THE FUGITIVE liOO (COLOR) NEWLYWED OAME Is30 (COLOR) THE BABY OAME l!55 (COLOR) THE CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2:00 (COLOR) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2s 30 (COLCR) DARK SHADOWS 3:00 (COLOR) DATING OAME •3:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Brain From Plant Arous" John Agar, Joyce Meadows 5:00 (COLOR) ABC NEWS 5:30 (COLOR) 5:30 REPORT 6:00 RIFLEMAN 6:30 (COLOR) THE AVENGERS 7:30 (COLOR) SECOND HUNDRED YEARS •8:00 (COLOR) WINTER OLYMPICS '9:00 (COLCR) VENICE 10:00 (COLCR) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT •10:30 THE BIG MOVIE "Death Of A Salesman" Frederick March, Howard Smith 12tiOO&t) i,i-j;:,u- SINE OFF U^a AM MORNING bgVOflONAL TEXARKANA COLLB<38 - C FAfcM DIGEST - C fODAY, SH6W - C tOOAV IN texARRANA - C fODVA SHOW - C fODAY IN SHREVEPORT - C fODAY SHOW * C SNAP JUDGMENT - C NBC NEWS - C CONCENfRAffON - C PERSONALITY - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C JEOPARDY - C EYE GOERS - c TV PARTYL1ME - C LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C THE DOCTORS *• C ANOTHER WORLD - C YOU DON'T SAY - C THE MATCH GAME - C mC NEWS - C LAPFALOr dLUft - C HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL - BfcW MARSHAL DILLON HUNTLEY-nRINKLEY - C NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND BERN ST1ERMAN - C 6:20 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 6s30 PM THE VIRGINIAN - C 8s00 FRED ASTAJRE - C 9s00 RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - C 10(00 NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLANl VERN STIERMAN - C 10s15 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 10s30 THE TONIGHT SHOW — C 12s00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL YORK <AI>) 6s20 6»25 6i45 ?i25 7*30 8i25 8i30 9fOO 9s25 9SJO lOlfiO 10t30 lltOO U«30 12*00 I2t3n ItOO 1« jrt 2iOO 2:30 3sOO 3t25 3i30 4:30 5iOf) 5t30 6sOO AM N PM k ft way last season's television hit suddenly ttiffts tola (C) (C) KAR Tuesday, February 6, 1968 6:30 I Dream of Jeannie NBC (C) 7:00 The Jerry Lewis Show NBC (C) : 8:00 Tuesday Night at the Movies 10:00 News and Weather (C). 10:15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports S'.>ow (C) 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign Off Wednesday, February 7, 1968 6:45 RFD with Bob Buice (C) 6:55 Morning Devotions (C) 7:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 7:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 7:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 8:30 The Today Show'NBC (C) 9;00 Snap Judgement NBC (C) 9:25 Nancy Dickerson with the News 9:30 Concentration NBC (C) 10:00 Personality NBC (C) 10:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC (C) 11:00 Jeopardy NBC (C) 11;30 Eye Guess NBC (C) 11:55 Edwin Newman with the News 12:00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Let's Make A Deal NBC (C) 1;00 Days of Our Lives NBC (C) 1:30 The Doctors NBC (C) 2:00 Another World NBC (C) 2:30 You Don't Say NBC (C) 3500 Mike Douglas Show 4:30 I Love LUCY 5,;00 F Troop 5:30 Huntiey Brinkley Report NBC 6;QO News and Weather Report (C) 6;30 The Virginian NBC (C) g;QQ -The Fred Astaire Shpw NBC 9; 00 Rv»n for Your Life NBC (G) IQsQO News and Weather (C) 10;15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports Shpw 10?3Q The Tonight Show NBQ (C) 12;QO Sign Off TUESDAY. FEB. 6 14.: 00 Perry Mason "Prodigal Parent" 5:00 McHale'a Navy Reunion ror PT-73 5:30 CBS Evening Newa CBS'(C) 6:00 ARKLA Newa-Oeorge Moore (C) 6:15 Safeway Weather-Bill Mitchell 6:20 Sports Camera-Jin Landers (C) 6:25 Late Newa Roundup (G) 6:30 Daktari CBS (C) :30 The Red Skelton Hour CBS (C) :30 Good Morning, World CBS (C) 9:00 Who, What, Where, When, Why "An Eaaay on Chairs" •'9:30 Ronnie South-A Quarterback 10:00 News - George Moore (C) 10:10 AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell 10:15 Sports Eye-Jim Landers (C) 10:30 Channel 11 Academy Theatre "Andy Hardy Comes Home"-Mickey Rooney, Patricia Breslin, Pay Holden 12:05 Late News Roundup 12:10 Sign Off ' WEDNESDAY. FEB. 7 A 6:28 .sign/On '" : ; " 6:30 Economics (Mon. thru Thur.) - Sunrise Semester (Fri.) 7:00 Arkansas A.M. with Local & State News (C) 7:05 CBS Morning News 7:30 Arkansas A.M. (C) 8:00 Captain Kangaroo CBS 9:00 Candid Camera CBS (C) 9:30 The Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy of Mayberry CBS 10:30 The Dick Van Dyke Show 11:00 Love of Life CBS (C) 111 25 CBS Mid-Day News 11:30 Search for Tomorrow CBS (C) lllfrS The Guiding Light CBS (C) 12:00 Eye on Arkansas (C) 12:30 As the World Turns CBS (C) It00 Love is a Many Splendored Thing It30 Art Linkletter'a House Party ' 2:00 To Tell the Truth CBS (C) 2:25 CBS Afternoon News 2:30 The Edge of Night 3:00 The Secret Storm ' 3:30 Password (C) (4.tOO Perry Mason "Moonlighter" 5»00 McHale'a Navy "Returr.ofGuiaeppe 5;30 CBS Evening Newa (C) 6:00 ARKLA News-George Moore (C) 6:15 Safeway Weath«r-Bill Mitchell 6t20 Sports Camera-Jim Landers (C) 6t25 Late News Roundup (C) 6t30 Destination North Pole CBS (C) 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies CBS (C) 8:00 Green Acres CBS (C) 8:30 He & She CBS (C) 9;00 Jonathan Winters Shew CBS (C) 10:00 Newa - George Moore (C) 10{10 AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell (C) 10{15 Sports Eye-Jim Landars (C) 10»30 Info 168 10:35 Channel 11 Academy Theatre "Code Two"-Ralph Meeker, Keenan Wynn, Elaine Stewart 12:10 Late News Roundup 12:15 sign Off KSLA-TVQI2 6s 30 7j30 8; 30 9; 00 9; 30 10? 00 10s 25 10; 30 11 5 00 12; 00 Red Skelton Good homing World Channel 12 Report ss Gentle Women" CBS News Special News/Erwin Weather/Qriffin He & She The Lieutenant Weather/Vespers WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 7 "The the "distinctive style that made the show seem so fresh and novel suddenly seemr is phony as a three dollar toupie after constant e*t»siife tef plf» haps a year, maybe longer, Some wear and tear Is iftgvU table, It Is impossible fdr the fans who tune in weekly abbtit 30 times a year to Ignore the devices used, or to fall to see plot bones as clearly as If shown In an X«r ay, Perhaps NBC's "I Spy" which started out three seasons ba'ck with a crisp, funny and new approach to the secret agent business, has been trapped by its own Jauntlness, tn Monday night's episode, Robert Gulp and Bill Cosby were their usual fun*lovlng selves even though hunting t killer, constantly ducking bullets and under arrest for murder. Somehow, the old charnVis lacking. After getting accustomed to their frolicsome dialogue over the seasons, It has suddenly become less amusing and more artificial. Maybe the actors tre getting a bit weary of their roles, too. -v What started two seasons ago as a campy put-on called "Bitman/' today has become a self- consciously cute bore. The pretentious use of the cliche, once so droll, begins to be an Irritant once a point of surfeit Is reached. The result Is that "Batman" has dropped In the ratings and Its producer announced recently that it will be among the missing on ABC next season. "Dragnet" is still another program more notable for Its distinctive style than for the content of Its stories. And, after a time, that style can make the viewer downright restless. " ll "Felony Squad" another Monday night series, Is now In Its second season, and does not have much of a style of Its own. But star Howard Duff's portrait of a police officer Is almost Its signature. He plays the cop as a man with a trigger temper coK« stantly on the verge of going off. In the most recent episode, 1 ,^ was* busy tracking tWwh'% mkn, holding a girl for ran«>m."'fte, seemed more angry 'with the' girl's father than he was at the heavy, and thus the story seemed a bit out of balance.*NBC will start broadcasting the British-made "Saint" series on Saturday, Feb. 17 Instead of a week later, as originally planned. The action series, starring Roger Moore, will replace "Maya." Fewer lows the Better, Adviser Soys WASHINGTON (AP) - The chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee and the President's consumer-affairs adviser say legislation to protect consumers Isn't always called for and may do more harm than good* But both speakers— Sen, Warren G, Magnuson, D-Wash,, and Betty Furness — agreed legislative solutions to market-place problems may at times be unavoidable. "It may strike you as a bit revolutionary," Miss Furness told the American Advertising Council during a panel discus. sjon f but the administration's position Is; "The less legisla. tlon the better," Magnuson said many businessmen "recognize that the complexity of the market place maKes u Imperative that gov. eminent Intervene where neces. sary on behalf of the individual consumer," Pn the government side, he sild, "there is a growing appre« elation of the dangers O f what j will call 'legislative overkU}'- the burdening of Industry with the heavy hand of bureaucracy without demonstrated need or justification," Magnuson and Miss Furness commented in texts released In, advance of their appetrgjjce to* (Jay before the advertising group's 10th ajuwi} Conference OR Governmental Relations, 7:00 * 8?00 ios oo 10 as to! !o J DBIAW OF JEAlslNJE - C giBIV «WS SHOW T C TUf§PA¥ HiGHT A? THE MOVIES •IVHAUM? «AVY JOJNS THE AJg FP8£E M T C • jof ffem*J« BPB HASTINGS WHKPN:' * Y§8» s&mm ' - c £$25 6 $55 7:05 7 ? 30 8; 00 9; 00 9;30 JO? 00 10:30 Aerpss Tha CBS News /Pent i Bpb 4 His £sptain Candid Camera &n,dy Of Wyjyberry SHsfc Van pylse J-oye pf Life & CLTDE Th§ fnfawaui palf that f«de reughsftetf ever. Ihi 8du!hwe§t and deffed peiiet in th§ taffy '35s fs exerting a pasthomous intluenee three tfecatfe§ later. At left, Bonnie Parker, tap, and Clyde Barrow, bet* torn, pose with ear, guns and efgar at time when they were being sought on murder and bank»robbery charges, Police found the pictures In an abandoned hideout, Warren Beatty and Faye Ounaway, below, characterized the gun*toting lovers in movie version of their lives, inspiring a new took in the fashion field here and abroad, Stanley Kramer Talks About Tracy NEW YORK—(NEA)—Even if "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" were just an ordinary film, it would be an important one since it marks the conclusion of one of Hollywood's most illustrious careers, that of Spencer Tracy. But the film happens to be good, a contemporary fairy tale about a perfect young la^dy who meets a perfect young man and brings him home to her perfect parents. Eventually, audiences meet his parents and they too are perfect, even though flawed by poverty. And the point of the tale is heightened by all the perfection, since a problem does exist. The perfect young man is a Negro. SMnlPv Kramer who oro- Stanley Kramei, wno pio duced and directed the film for Columbia release, says working on it was not the sad occasion it might seem. "Actually, Tracy was*generally in better health during this picture than he was in the other three we worked on," Kramer said, during a New York stopover en route to Rome where he will make his next film, "The Secret of Santa Vittoria." "Tracy had retired at least 25 times durjng his career, and he always said every picture he made would be his last one. Although, to be honest, I did feel this film was different. I felt he probably wouldn't make another. Three days before the film was finished he said to me, 'If I die you enough to release the film." " The final scene in the film, which is all Tracy's and which would be moving even without the knowledge that he is dead, was * actually the last scene filmed. Kramer knew Tracy well and speaks of him with affection. "He lived the life of a roustabout in his early and middle years and his organs went to pieces. Then his red hair turned white almost overnight and he became a benign elder statesman who sat on on the floor. 'What the hell are you doing down there?' he said. 'Get up, will you, get up?' "You know, one minute of listening to Tracy talk about acting was worth 50 other actors orating on the subject. He could do things you wouldn't even see with the naked eye, but you'd see them on film. In later years his patience quota dropped. He press v his Through them he kept up on all the Hollywood gossip, and he could always tell you who had been where the night before." Katharine Hepburn had never worked with Kramer before. Kramer, a pleasant-1 ing New Yorker with „ hair, has a reputation as a man's director. This bothered Hepburn. Tracy heard her say so one day and said, "Come off it. He'll show you a thing or two." and Spencer would come by he would be head off." During the making of "Guess Who's Coming to Din--: ner," which also stars Sidney Poitier and introduces Hepburn's niece, Katharine'- on, Mrs. Kramer (ac- : Karen Steele) was ex-"' their third child. •/: decided to name the ' baby Spencer if it was a boy r ; or Katharine if a girl. When" Karen had a girl, Spencer was • furious. He sent flowers to the ; hospital with a card saying' 'From the loser.' Katharine Hepburn sent flowers with fa : ' card saying 'I wonder how : ' : patient affection. "She loved to sit on the floor on a low cushion when we rehearsed a scene. One lime Tracy was many times she'll have to say paying no attention to her, -But I spell it with an A? 1 " ; then he suddenly noticed her ,*„,.„, fnterpfite ST.ANl.KV KRA.MPR and. Spencer Tracy, one of Holly, wood's most talented duos, talk things over on the set of •Tnipss Who's Coming to ninner." Tracy died shortly after completing (he film- Us?5 U:30 Search Fpy 1:00 1 5 30 g 1 00 3:99 3;30 4:9© 5:00 5 1 10 N§W§ /Oven As The VQV§ J§ A Thing H9\ise TP TeU Thf CBS News/Edwards Qf 6 5 oo 6;30 * CBS News Special:"Pestinacion North Pole" 7;30 Beverly Hillbillies 8;00 Green Acjres Pgrry Mason Family 8; 30 9:30 10:00 10:30 jQnathjin Winters Show SM Hunt We§ther/Vespers CHANGING WAYS IT THE TUCN OF THE CENTURY, .THOUGHT "NOURISH" THEIgSKlH POOPS PIRECTUY TO IT, &EET JUCf, BUTTERMILK, \£NQH BINDS, CUCUWe*R PftJWQQ ANP GRQMNPAUAONDQ ANP HONEY NVlXTyfi WE8E U6EP AS. FACIAL CALVES IN HOPE THAT W-L THIS WOU(.p GIVE A HEAUHY SKIN GtQW WE THE SWN'S •^ •*•» . GOOD S WH BEGIN? V^OH fe / P8PPER DO WHICH SHPUi-P INCLUPE POgnOHS OF GgEEN ANP YEi-UDW YEGElft^PS, FRE5H FgUIT, AND Q&8 8ESULT IN HEALTHY SMiTOKE,. , THE , §Pf T D8WKS. FRIED AWP FATTY FOODS IS QNLX TOO EVtOEN T. THP HA<5 tQST IT'S P»3TECnvE OILS 1C F(^Y, ITCHY, AhP F E-EiS "TIGHT. DOCTORS FILM OF Git. THIS A quoyyuAQ LOOK, A 1 ^ PROVIDES A swieu? *£AWST FUTV?£ DB*«AESS.

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