Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 28, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1898
Page 19
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HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, aoMflretclMB work. Stylish andI well, ftt tSjrckrtbeg made. Cleaning »nd repair tajfnetUr done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET Kroeger & Strain. UNDKHTAKB.RS tBUJPHONB - Office, «*• 8 train. M. SETH M.VELSEY [xmna Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and Writes Fire. Tornado and Plato Glass Insurance. W.J. Barnett, *«*»««* tear,*™. Undertaker, Embalraer and Funeral Director 417 Market, street. Call. attended day or nUfht The ftmeit outfit in the U. B. Col. 0. L.. v»oii vtU remain with me. When rou Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN —GO TO— F H. Wipperman •w: Fourth Street Opp. Court Hou«e Entrance DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Qver City National Bank Corner of Fourth and BrowS w»» •Central Betojhone No O»oe W. residence MS E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, S16 Market Street New Alumintte Bubber Plates. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. «iveu»»2ai:. '209 6th street D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Opstalrs over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. 'Private fflonej to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. «4>S Fourth Street. OITY NRWS. Tribe of Red MJC will institute a tribe at Galveston tonight. The wives of Drs, Kane and La Hose, of Lucerne, are ill of lagrippe. Several good horses were purchased at Lucerne this week at prices ranging from 150 to 160. Bert Vaughan, of Royal Center, •has returned from an extended visit with relatives in Missouri. Mrs. Am Jones, of Crawfordsville, is visiting her mother, Mr». C. S. Peckham, of east High street, John Eokles, whose arm was amputated recentlv, was discharged yesterday from St. Joseph's hospital. C. F. Wendllng, of Tlpton township, has recovered from a iong and, severe attack of muscular rheumatism. Mr. S. E Howe and danghter.Mlss May Howe.are visiting at Greenfield,, Arkansas, where Mr. Howe owns a large saw mill. Lafayette Journal: MUs Tlllie Weathers and Miss Hattie Stroble left yesterday afternoon for a shorl; visit to friends In Logansport. A young man named Bell, of Lucerne, who had been suffering from a rectal obstruction, was operated upon successfully Wednesday by Dr. Kane, of that place. There is a well grounded rumor to the effect that an elevator will be erected at Lucerne during the coming summer, but jus'i who the projectors are, the Pharos is unable to state at this time. Wesley Lee Walls, the printer, who is In bad health, writes that he arrived at the Printers' Home, Colorado Springs, Col, on the 13th, and that he stood the trip fairly well, Kokomo Dispatch: Mrs. D. C. Bennett went to Lojjansport yesterday to attend the wwJdlng of her cousin, Hiss Myrtle Staffer, to a Mr. Thomas, ot that place Mrs. Joe Chlesa and daughter Agnei are vlslt- icg at Logaosport. Montlcello Heralcl: Mr. F. H. Wipperman, of Logansport, an active workers in the Cbdiitiao Endeavor movement and formerly district secretary, Is expected mo be present at the Christian Endeavor convention Here next Wedneadaj. A BOGUS COUNT. Failed to Get His History (he Pharos. Printed in it didn't, man; you Was Told Tnat Space Was Too Valuable to be Wttsted on Such Rol^ Wednesday afternoon, when the city editor ot the Pharos was the busiest, a well dressed young man entered the office, and with a great Hourlsh, presented a card which bore the following Inscription: "Stanley, Count de Louzo, Duke de Cheverette-Culigny., Baron Chateau-Renaud, Marquis Vaillancourt- 'Eperoay Villefrar.cr.Le. Viscount Pierre-Armand St. Stephen of Castle Dunbar, Chevalier de Launay, Major of tne Imperial Lancers, ex-Secretary to His Majesty King Ferdinand of Bulgaria. Touring the coannent in advance of James A,. Heroe'.s 'The Hearthstone.'" "What's your other name? Don't you know you sau'n get. anything on that in this country?" were questions put to his jab lots In quick succession. "That is the real thing," replied the fellow. "Well, you'll have to show me something besides this," declared the Pharos man. "All right," and with this His Impudence drew a book trom his inside pocket and spread out a. lot of newspaper clippings descriptive ot "Count de Loazio" and his romantic career; how he of noble blood and possessed of vast estates in Bulgaria bitd been banished from bis native lauds, for having killed, in a duel, a klnfiman of the king. This he thought would simply paralyze the editor, but "I admire your nerve, old have enough of it for any kind of use in this or any other country—take the money," declared the scribe. "It's not money 1 want," broke forth His Couotlets, "butthe privilege of writing a few lines for your paper." 1 About yourself?" "Yes." "All right; but make it short." The presumptious sitranger then seated himself at a desk and a half hour later handed over six pages of losely written manuscript, setting forth his history: how be met James A. Herne, the celebrated playwright, and having declared his intention of touring the continent for pleasure, consented to represeiat "The Hearthstone" at the Inslgnl Scant salary of $150 "per" week. The last page contained the announcement ot his, willingness to marry aa American girl with a few million. "You don't expect me to handle that batch of rot, do you?" inquired the editor with muoh emphasis on the "rot." •'I don't see why; otuer papers use it." "Well, here's one that will not, and you can wager yonr life on it, Mr. Count; our space is too valuable." "Well, do what you can for me, and here's a couple of extras. Good day." The "extras" were tiro complimentary tickets, and upon isxamlnlng one of them the following was seen to stand out in bold relief: "H. Stanley wis, representative in advance," It struck the editor that that was the fellow's name, and a suspicion from the start that he was a fraud was confirmed yesterday when Harry Hardy, an old friend, came to the city in advance ot "Shore Acres." lardy was boiling ovcir with indignation at the misrepresentations ot the bogus Count. "Mr. Herne never daw the duffer," declared Mr. Hardy, "and what's more he has no interest in 'Toe learthstone.'" Van Officers Elated. Walton Post No. 1CI3, K O. T. M., nstalled the folljwlng officers last Thursday night: Past Commander—Alfred Lynch. Commander —J. F. Erny Lieutenant Commaader—J. A iklver. Record Keeper—Wm. Lucas. Finance Keeper—J. L.-Neff. Chaplain—Robert Hearrell. Physician—Dr. J. L. Neff. Sergeant—M. Mullen. Master of Arms—K. Rhine. First Master of Guard—C. Linder- mith. Second Master of Guard—Wesley Noel. Sentinel—Chas. M. Small. Picket—Walter Biahop. A New Woman's Idea. Manager Dickson, of the Grand pera house, Anderson, has issued an order that no tickets be sold to women of the demimonde. A modern woman cards the Anderson News with the suggestion that the men who perhaps helped bring about the fall of these women iJso be barred if the opera house is to be purified. Smoke the^CotujatiU cigar t ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Special sale at The Fair Saturday at 2 p. m. Wanted—A nurse girl at 1006 Broadway. Mrs. Henry Kramer, of Royal Center, is critically ill. Home made pies at Bauer's restaurant, cor. Pearl and Mkt. Protracted mestings are in progress at the M. E. church at Clymers. Mrs. Harry Foglesong, of Chicago, is in the city, the guest ot friends. Auguat Freese, of Fort Wayne, a traveling-salesman, was in tbe city last night. Mrs. William Murpby, ot Brlog- tmrst street, is confined to her home by illness. Miss Mary 7/ilklnson entertained Wednesday evening lit her home on North street. Mrs. James Maloney, of Melbourne avenue, is recovering- from a two weeks' illness. Otto Shafer has returned to bis home at Minneapolis, after a visit with relatives here. C. C. Polk, professional piano tunsr, ia in tne city, with headquar ters at Hank's jewelry store. Twelve accessions have taken place at the Eoyal Center M. E. church during the revival meetings. Peru Journal: Miss Ducy Dalzell,, of Logansport, is visiting Mrs. Emma Metzker on w est Eighth street. The revival meetings of the Evangelical church have been closed. There were nineteen accessions to the church. Otto Moore, of Bates street, wasi bitten oa the ear by a large rat a few nights tigo, while sleeping, and the tbe member is very much swollen aa a result. Miss Artie DeFord and Mr. W. J, Baker, of (Jlymers, were married last Wednesday at the residence of Esquire Si;, Glair, that magistrate of Solating. Dr. D. E. Dalzell, the dentist, ia preparing to change tbe location'ot his office. He will move Into apartments on the second floor of the Pythian castle. Tbe revival meetings attbeWheat,- land street M. E. church are very interesting and well attended. A jubilee meeting will be held this evening;at 7:30. Ac entertainment, including HghB refreshments, at the Broadway Presbyterian church this evening at 7:30. Admission tor adults, 15 cents; for children, 10 cents. Afte-r being closed for two weeks, tbe May school near Onward, was opened last Monday morning:. There is now only one-case of scarlet fever In tbe neighborhood. Peru Chronicle: The local branch of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company is invited tn Logansport next week to meet Superintendent A\ers, of the home office, Converse Journal: Mr. and Mrs*. Orren McCracken, of Loganspori, were in town yesterday looking up a location for a steam laundry and think they will locate here. Bootie township will have a seven months' school term this year, which is the longest term that township has ever had. The Royal Center term will be shorter than usual this year. Mrs. Charles Ellemen, of Young America, whose death occurred a few days ago, was the daughter of Daniel Zlnn, of Young America. Deceased leases a husband and two young children. The funeral of the late Nicholas Klnney was held at 9 o'clock this morning from St. Bridget's church, Rev. B. Kroeger officiating. Interment was made in Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. Mrs. Llllie Stough, of 1829 Spear street, assisted by Miss Blanche Stretch, entertained a number of friends In a very pleasant manner Wednesday evening. Refreshments were served. The recent quilting- bee at Mrs. Nelson Scott's, of Bethlehem township, by the Ladies' Aid society was not very well attended on account of thebsid *eather. They will me;et again oa Thursday next at the home ot John Brinley. ot that township. The Logansport Patriarchs Militant who were at Lafayetle yesterday, say that the meeting was one of the most largely attended the regiment ever bad, and the visitors are profuse in their praise of the manner ia which they were entertained by the Lafayette Odd Fallows. Misis Pauline Elserlo, of Dhl street, wis given a very agreeable surprise Wednesday evening by a number of young friends, it being her sixteenth birthday anniversary. The evening was spent in a very pleasant manner, and refreshments were served. Miss Pauline was the recipient of many presents. Reports from the counties in west central Indiana show that the wheat was never in better condition at this season of the year and the prospects are for a phenomenally large crop. In spite of the autumnal drought and late planting, the acreage is nearlj up to the standard and the farmers are hopeful. ABOI Who Ought to Succeed in This World. Thinks He Bas Relatives in Logans port and Will Come to This City. The Kokomo Dispatch prints the fol.owing, which Is of interest here "A boy, 15 years old, wearing glasses and of stout build, stepped oft of the Cloverleaf train last night and after looking about, approached Officer Secrist and explained some thing about himself. The boy sale that his name was Wm. Wells, and that he was a son of Samuel Wells who left here fourteen years ago Wells was the proprietor ot a head ing factory at the junction, which was destroyed by fire at the time the Panhandle depot burned. Wells Is now in Chicago in failing health and unable to support nls family His wife and daughter have recently died. The boy added that he was compelled to go out in the world and do for himself. He came to this city from Marlon, have been lucky,' he continued, 'and so far have been able to support my self. I have worked, at whatever . was able to get to do. Most of the time I have been working about the hotels as shine and call boy. thought my father would have some friends here, so I came to see what I might do here.' Young Wells was taken to the home ot A. W. Moore it being ascertained that Mr. Moore and the boy's father had oace been intimate friends. Young Wells ex pects co go to LogansporC later where he thinks be has relatives," THE* DO SAT That S. B. Nl«knm'g Quarters are (fcarfed by Armed Men. From the following it appears that somebody has imposed upon Brother Barnhart of the Rochester Sentinel: : A man wbo has been in Logansport recently and has made observations there, says that the house in which Nickum.the new light inventor.lives, is guarded day and night by armed men. This Is done, he states, to protect the inventor from violence at the hands ot tools of the Standard Oil company, which organizition fears that their business will be ruined by the invention." Mental Culture CInb. The Mental Culture club was entertained last evening by Mrs. Scrlb- ner, of the Eastend. The study of Edgar A.llen Poe was set for this meeting. Mrs. Hervey recited "The Raven;" Mrs. Beaulieu read a biography of the poet, and Mrs. Truman recited "Annabel Lee." A paper oa "Hebrews" was read by Mrs. Hilton. The session was both enjoyable and profitable. The cluo is made up as follows: Emma A. Gordon, Jessie A. Hervie, Olive S. Luce, Aletta Scribner, L1z»ie A. Proutman. Sadie M. Green, Ella W. Misner, Flora B. Glpe, Alice E. Hensley, SalUe L. Skinner, Lizsfce S. Howard, Addah M. Westerman, Katie Craig, AdaM. Truman, Emma A. Oassidy, Mattie E. Riddle, Isaoelle Blassingham, Mary A. Buchaian, Ida B. Beaulieu, Mary Shortoii, Flora T. Neff, Julia E. Hilton, Sophronia Kembolt, Sybil Tucker. Antler Points. The Elks are making great prepa- attons for a ladies' social session, to -)e held on the night of February ]5th. George B. Barren, Wm. Reed and the members of the band will be provided with antlers at the next session of the lodge. G-. Davidson, N. G. Dakln and J. 0. Rtchter, Laporte Elks, were in the city last evening and attended the meeting. The local lodge will confer the degrees upon a member of the "Boy Wanted" company on the afternoon of February 15th, as a matter of courtesy to Anderson lodge. Several members of the company, which will uppear at Dolaa's opera house that flight, are members of the Elks. The M. E. Conference. The Kev. L. A. Beeks has issned a circular letter to the pastors of the North Indiana M, E. conference, requesting them to notify all their parishioners tnat It will be necessary ror them to advise him of their intention to be present at the conference session at Hartford City In March. The attendance, It is now known, will be so large that only members of the conference can be properly cared for unless reservations are made in advance. Hood's Startling Finishes of Numerous Notable Games. CO!fVESTIOXlLJ.SX RUSMSG RIOT. Cu:re all liver flls, bi,Ziou»- ceiis, headache, soar stom- •di, indigestion, coDStipa- ttan. They «t «MltT, Trltli- •ol; paLu or grtp*. Sold bT »U rfnigicirtt. A* o»iy rills tt MX* with U<w4'« Pills League Kales Compelling Clubs to Explain the Peculiarities of Their Style of Play—Intricacies Wliicli Slay Injure thw Popularity of th« Game. One of the first things I learned in regard to match play at duplicate whist was tiiis—the game isn't over until the last card is played. It is not necessary that the score should bo very close. I Jbavu coins into the homestretch with only a single frame of four deals to play, a bunch of tricks behind, and still, by dint of good luck, have contrived to pull the match out of chc fire. Every match player has had an experience of the same sort The result oj many an important contest of 34, or even of 48, deals would have boenj changed if there bad been a few wore! deals M> play. One of the most rcwarkabla instances of the Garrison finish on record in league games occurred OD Saturday, 1 Jan. 15, in the match between the Baltimore nod Part club teams for the league challenge trophy. Up to the forty-third deal Baltimore was three tricks aheadj, with sis deals to play. On deal 43 Park gained four tricks, and on deal 44 flvq, which, with another gain of one on deal 47, gave Park the match and cup by a margin of seven. This was a case of bunching hits with a vengeance. It was nop sheer luck, either, since the Baltimoreacp apparently went to pieces. Tho record of the £lay shows that they played very badly on deals 43 and 44. ; In the match just previous to this the Baltimoreans had had an easy thing in th» team of the Boston Duplicate Whist club. At the end of the thirty-sixth deal Baltimore was barely a single trick ahead. O» deals 37 to 40, however, it gained seven. This .reverse took the ginger out of ths Bostonians, and on the last hitoh of eight deals they parted with eight more trioks, losing the match by 16. I mention these circumstances merely as an introduction to a little story. It is pretty well understood by all expert whisters that the Baltimore game is as full of conventionalities as an egg is full of moat. Still, the Bostonians were not sure they know all the ins and outs of their adversaries' system, and eo before the gamo they determined to ask che Baltimore captain, as they had a right to do under the league rules, to explain the peculiarities of his game. Captain Whelan, however, took the initiative and lirst requested Captain Baker of the Boston team to unbosom himself. Captain Baker delegated this privilege to Frank Smith, iiud for 35 or 20 minutes Smith xinbosomed himself of all the Boston game he knew and perhaps more too. "And now," said Buker, "will Mr. Whelun toll about the system of his team?" "Oh," returned Whelan, "we uluy a pretty simple and straightforward long suit game, and I hardly know what to say about it, but if you will put uny questions you may think of we will answer them." There was a pause in the proceedings. I can imagine the twinkle in Frank Smith's eye as ho &;;*Hfto himself: "What a lino thing it is tobavo a lawyer on one's team!" Cfiptain Whelan is a lawyer, and a shrewd one, too, as well as one of the shrewdest whisters in the country. But he is also a fair minded sportsman, and I need scarcely add that when the Bostoniansquestioned him he frankly and explicitly answered all their queries and volunteered some information besides. And what was the pretty simple and straightforward long suit game that he described? Let us see. Iraprimis—the rotary discard. In secundis—tho discard of a 2, 3, 4 or 5 to signify willingness to ruff; anything higher, no desire to be forced. Et cetera—queen, 9 and 8 as calling cards. Also the three trump echo with certain modifications, which I have forgotten. Also a few other wrinkles that I do not remember. For the rest, the long sxiit game, except so far as affected by tenace suits, supporting cards, trump strength, and so forth. Ye shades o£ Hoylo and Mathews and Clay and tbou impending shade of Cavendish, where arc we at! Is this a pretty simple and straightforward game? I'm not kicking. Oh, no! So long as there's no law againgt it, let them play any old thing they like. I don't know that the Bostonians were much better. It ie not an individual matter, this. It is a maiiter that concerns every lover of whist. Shall this intricate conventionalism go on indefinitely? Milton Work says "the Baltimore system is in the maia conventional and! in all points sound." Milton Work ought to know, if it were not that his ideas of soundness at whist have varied during the past five years, through an arc of 180 degrees. For my own part, I don't believe that any system which is in the main conventional can be in all points sound. To get conventionality one is very apt to sacrifice soundness, and that is just what the up to date conventionalist: is doing, as sure as two and two make four, and not 19. There's another thing. Isn't it absurd to see two teams, engaged in a competitive sport, sit down for an hour before a championship match and explain to each other ibe theory and practice of their respective games? Imagine two football teams doing ;be same thing! There is something wrong somewhere. Either the two teams ought to be allowed to go in and make whatever plays Chey like, regardless of the other fel- ows' feelings, or else the plays they may us<i ought to Delimited and to a degree de- 'Bd by legislation. It is the latter course that tboy have pursued in football. They were compelled to. Teams resorted to tac- ;ics that bade fair to ruin the sport, and they legislated to stop such abuses. I shrink from the thought that similar restrictive measures must bo adopted for the preservation of "the gentlemen's game," jut events seem to tend that way. A year ago I stood for the utmost liberty in whist practice and opposed any proposition to iefine what should be legitimate system. The developments and experience of the present season, however, with this rotary discard and Street attachment and trump shewing business, have simply disgusted mf;against conventionalism. How it is all coming oat I have DO dea, and exactly what remedies to apply I cannot venture just yet to suggest, trat this I know—that when a system shows symptoms of rotary discard and calling cards and minor complications, it must be sick enough to demand treatinent and drastic treatment too. Just for a starter we might give the patient a purgative and BO get him ready for a surgical operation. B. C. Howiu, New Furniture Stare. Or. Market, 5th and Erie Sta. Look at this Bargain. 3 This eniire 3 piece Bed Room Suit Finished Oak, Well Made, worth twenty dollars, our price is 421 O QO only fPl^.W-f The Dresser alone is worth all we ask for the entire Suive A Car Load^ 11 ^*""""" —of the Celebrated— Estey Bed Room Suites Will arrive in a few d»ys which we will place on sale at special reduced prices for a limited time only. If you will have to purchase a Bed Room Suite this spring you should tatce advantage of this sale. 25 diffewat styles to select from. The Logansport oupho»u Commercial High School. If T»U wish te eeourB a position to vt>rk for Experience Only. OOJPT Attend tk« JbOKttnaport Commercial Hljrh ttck**l If you wish to secure a position that will pay you from tl to t* per week. Don't attend *fce Logansport Commercial High School- It you wish to attend a School where you can have plenty of fun. do ae you please, and have a"HotTltne"ta g»nenU,Jt>.'n't attend the Logilnsport ComnMfrclal High Mch*«l But, If you ipish to attend an I | n f n Hflle School where you will receive V V lu UO.lt. the best instruction and the best preparation. for the repponstblll.ies of life: wnere you will receive a thorough mental and moral discipline and trainine that will develop yo;.r intellect, arouse your ambl ion and equip you so that you may live worthily, that you may lead i» life of usefulness and that your life may b« oro-wned with the laurels of succecs, »!»• esteem of your fellow men and tho approbation of your own conscience, then, Attend The Logansport Commercial Sigh School. M.W. MURPHY J. W. HOOKK Over Ml, 321 and 32S Foarth Street. REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied. by Harry Tucker where you are iBTited to call, and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and coatings that cannot be fceat W H .11. Merchant Tailor. Pearl St-Next to Dr. Bell's Offie.. The Detective Wins •-;"£• \" TM, tlw detect**. tb« ctacy of how b» OUL It one of th« mart tauMmg * told. Y<ra««ifMulttiat!ta oetann*. A Conflict of Evidence It wa* wifcteu fc OttolenffW, tfa0*otb«r«f •-- Artfet in CrfaM,* <r the •trongvft'. wHtaM d

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