Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 20, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1916
Page 5
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I Sicfc- H Room \\ Supplies Cottons, Bandages Plasters, Adhesives Gauzes, Antiseptics Ointments* Peroxide jf ;. An emerift-ih'y utitl'it Is a v£'i;y i-ccf^^ evt'iy ]u*un\ fravciiinr hay or tnnik. -•nrli thini*'-- v,'iii ?»*• n-jjuiivd, -tn,-k on nnnd nt nii trrrrr?. t*> lino of sji-kr^'^n ^upflitx. nnd -Mil \vitJi ;in nntlit i'^r hoiut.'. li<»>.j>itai. \ f _£a,i for !l is hard to !<•!! 1 tin- mo>t Fin fit %ou 2 fk<h»>j> or , ' Prescription Druggist * »t * T, J. VVYLIE RocJk FirW« j mva. Mr*. from A!- T J. SVvJi- 1 S!i ; ! K/vrl I.^r)C-*>4Ir,i\- sir- ^TldTTTU Ih<? tfny in .Iniif't ;rR Stl^inf-*^. ' 'hn«. T'ij.p^tt sinil .T. .V. Krnl«>l ?''"•- rned yojitcriiay 'rom n businos. 1 ? trsj' i".'hJfrt|tri. !'.•" wtrihtr Ornnd fhi > tu rsrniiy J«-ft w hnmo in Thursday fxcnins in IMxrm. ROCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE R00E FALLS, ILLINOIS. FRIDaY, OCTOBER 20, 1016. Ar» By Sup. McNeil Whtr* Th«y Ccn Register. rlfctUia, 191s. y t -u u^i t ml tit*" t< s*««!i'*ttj|i;) !»«*<>k«i f->r .fi<- |n»i vktrtton ',lii«tH<'t n! the rit> li.itt If you arc a iesr.U '"otrr in t.iat in.'trii : J, ;»r.4 jtnir r.aro«» i(« not «»n thai Htt. Rivt 5««»r n-utu-. Htiwt »nrt honiw i.umi>j>r . Th( , W om«n> Belief Corp« held n t.» ItoM Smith. at the owl ofru.-. Uvj meetln K yeisterday a«er«(K.n in the HM. wvwhi «>ie«ti.^ aiatrict the b t .<.ks , Wtwdman hall. Plans wer« made for ftr« at I In* poat offlte. If you *rt- n !*>- ' -• . feK}7fr-tftTttt r -^t-rtrff?Pttt' tn TtlP BtRtP <-'>nv««ni>t>n nt ''Jiicago. nn.vti a report c f !hf< Thrre nnd ,t a vrrj Attem1anr«>. »»«-««ft«fui- W. R. C.MEETING Herd Thur«d»y Aft«fn«en* At Weedman Hall. MINOR GAMES BILLED \i»U<r 811 thftt (Ustrin nnd your In rn't on tit* regt»ter, irtvr> your name to Will Rndel. Umersck or John aiurmy with . your stfeet house numt*er. In the third election district ttf-tlie Tialster thplr annua! which U to be Shop, known a» the Atkenn If ymt are a )cit«i VMter In that dUtrict ttnd yt?ur nume l« not on the register, I. you will Und a book .ind pencil then 1 ,, f place your name, street «nd hous<>, thereon. '^~~ TERS held the Ush and 13th of December. U'ork wa« al*o prepared for the In- vpcction which is to be held «t s'fu- ture date. Mm. fVye filled the president'* chair, a,i th»» president. Mm. uie-, jt^ A^_JMni_iiur«i,^^lii_J^likm«JX-AU*itA» ing the reception for the National nnd Department officers. _ WoW Mr*. Heme. A vtry enjoyable Jk»lnt meetlnjf of KinsR* tMushtrni WJ»R held Thurxiiay lit tho home of Mr*. Tb«*u. Frank in __ _ _. ^ mwmw-wrwkT^i . H» M. S. MEETING •*«-»**»* i x« Peatponed Until Saturday Aft.rneen At The Church Pat-lora. The \V. H, M. Hoelery WBB to go to .Mr*. P. A. Whitney** home In Morrison toU«y, but on am»unt of the roJn Huturday afternwm the «cicl*!y will hold nn important btutin«*3 meeting In the church parlors. .AH members will bt- prcaent as the work is im/" th* »3<*t>d I»*>c<! Circle o_f Ifxirno and M!«K Lydla Frank ent'ertained the 'Ootdcn Rule Circle mf Montnutrt-ncy. The day wan *JJ«»M In piecing qtil!t« v BBd making Karmrum to b<',i>«»nt to ars orpJuin homie. At noon an dinner wa* *ervvd in -cnfeti-rla .««tyle. the bxi»ine»» mretlnK many .important matters w«»rt* up ptona were made f«r the i;om!nn county convention. • • QUIET WEDDING Teok Plate Thuradty — . . _ ..... which cwne n* a great *urprl«u> to the many menda in that Mr*. Kdith kangdon and Harry klbwt, both of thi« city. weddinn toi-vk place In Morrison afternoon. Telbbt hat* • llve<J here » gxKwt Of nte Hfe juwt M a,valued em- >y» of th» Central Hox Biwril Co. Laocdon l«wa «nly lived hen« a timr. liiiT h«i« Thnnte many frtenrtu g*.t8 thto fltyl AU tfceir friends them «reat »«cce«a. LADE^JMEET Miaaienary Society Of Christian Church Met Wednesday. Tho MiBMionnry SoPh-ty of the* J'hrietian church held an interesting meeting Wednesday afternoon at tin* home of Mrs. Martin linker on Ea*t Fifth street. The wjsalar program was (d\vn anil Mn*. John Knox of Hterllng, district secretary, gave a aptondhl talk. TAINED The Big Teams Play Rather Easy Proposittcras On Gridirons Tomorrow, TOMORROW'S FOOTBALL. EAST. Harv«r«J Ktr-n flt Ciirnell \f, 1'ucknetl at Ithaca. Prlnecton \f>. Ixifalelte Princeton. imttmouth v«. Oeorjretown at Hrtnover. Army %-s. Trinity «t Wwt Point. Navy vi». West Virginia at An- Tnion at Nrw Hamilton .Columbia, vs. York. i'ttrncslp InittHntp VR." Allegheny at Plttalwrjth. vs. Maine at I^wlnton. vs. Urainus at Car- Tttftit vs». Roaton at Mcnlfortt. lVtin.«ylvania v». Penn Slate at Philadelphia. Vermont vs. Connecticut Aggies and Westminster at ~Ps:. %•«. Washington, William* \f. nrown at \VlllHm«- town. Syracuse vn, PHtJtburgh"at Syracuse. • . WEST. Nebraska v». Oregon Aggieg at Portland. , Chicago »•». Northwestern at, Chicago. v«. t?outh Dakota at Illlnot* VB. Ohio State at Urbana. Wl»con*ln v», Haskoll Indiana at Mndinon. Iowa \s. Purilue at Iowa City. Alii-hlgnn- Ann Arbur. Trxttw vn. OklrthoinR nt Dnllnn. Washington vs. Ora^e at ft. 1,011 is. Colorado vs. Denver at Roulder. Kiuis.'ls ARprUi* vs. Knntuifl Normal™. »t Mjiihnttan. ob»»rltn \».*uhlo ut Oberlln. Gazette Gets Re plies a r> uf ,- rieht j n romp* from ntnny cnscs. n s A. -i, iv-Heatcr. ',r"; -un. thine r»--f It '1f.«-»n'* xr<iriT i* »-nui' h, s |>owf-r * of rotatoe*. a urn .ill ad- in the (•tamlfjed column* of The Oftz*-tte will f»n<l it for you cheaper than ymt nfffrd to ftiaml at the «t»<1 c*T! np yfttsr neliflrtior*. If >r>« have any of th*s<> thingi ' for sah» jiiot offrT th«»m throtifh Thf CHkfetfe nn«t *tay at htwae to answer iho tc!»»phnt»i>!« and r*- reive i-ailfrs. The aa?ett«> *>np- o«l of rpnchlng the iiuhllc that hits ever bwn invented. ONE CENf A WORD WANTID—MALI IV ANTED- MAN TO l!t T SK S'OH.V, hy hushcJ, rt.iv - t<r tnonth, WA?fTKT>— L*firni harbor trad*— Ble pftt- Raw to 1«?Srn, R*s*»jJt* «b- talnwl hT«. BIp*"! J>y^t< N m of Bar- 1+r CtJtti**^ In thf> U. f*— 4f ltm»!*^ schools «rn! shops, Writ* fnr cata- l*>j{. Trl-Clty mrb^r Colleg-p, 201 t«th ttrwt. MoHn*. I». PStf MAX OVKH 30 TKARP \V.\NTTKh _ old Mi l>ixon. l-'refpor!, t'lintt.n, Rr.i-kfortl I^aSalI<>,-l'eru, Sprtrm Vnllp^', Moiinc, Dax-^nporf, Very pteriMrtt ^ptabtlRhfrd line, penTiancnt. BlB money. Ulen Brn*.j JRorheat^r, N. Y. C BRiriSHCOMMONS Refu**s To CrittclwrsTht Gov«rnm«r»t In Inland. Txmdon. Oct 20.—The House of t*<munan*. by 4«3 to 106, df»fe«t*Hl a motion ff John Redmond, lrt«h NtvUon- *Il*t leader, criUrnlnjif the present RO%-- trntnpnt of Ireland. The motion reads; - "Th*t th« system of government at present maintained Jn Ireland in Inconsistent with the principles where- for the alllex are fighting In Kuropp, and if, tn- tran bwinHntMy r«onon(iT- bl" for the unhappy event? and pr»sent *tate of feeling in thai country." .Mr. KttimoiicTft oprwnents d«c)nrcd the whole tjuestion could HMJ *ummnr- Ized in the»e words: "U*hen tlrent Rritnln l« fl»htlnff for her axiitenc* •s n nation, shnlt lrelnr«l_for anx fn.\tsf stand wide?" This ttoeitlon It generally believe to fore<^9t the ex- of r<iinj'ul)«lt,n tt. the trlrh. — aim, FOH hou**wt<rk. Apply to Mrs. %V. T. Oalt, 704 1V>m Third St. 93-35 WANTED — orm., FOU housework. No washlnK. __ to Bus Wpst Third St. 98- \VANTKD~7COMrf3TBNT GIRL FOR gpnprsil !iou««»work. Apply to Mrs, F. R, Dell, 802 West Third St Bell 2T6-J. ; 92-03 WAITED—Olltt, FOK LIGHT HOl?SK work In family of two. Apply 1611 Swond Ave. Bell phone 848. 92-93* STERLING ^OARD OF TRADE N TO —car of chuiov Maryland vs.-tnt«»r tipples. Telephone ordcrB to John t!etty, Autnftn & ^fartieon. 34if Indeprndence Follows Systematic Saving Tito 'result of snvimr ih I v\ill fin<l your most faithful servant is vmir n!"n' tin todfty—the nuiri who :U\\av? mnrkft fo <zn i»p ju-t on- tt«* U-Pir, There is only ow tiino to .save nnd that is before it i* spent. X<> niatt»;r-liow i«. if von sju'iid it j.-< fn-^t a^ you onru it, yoti t*nn not We invite you to open on Account nt THIS HANK with $1 or mor»». J MISCELLANEOUS PUBLIC SALE «n r d Qnlnlftvan / Member Hoard of Trait*. Chicago, 111,, Oct. 20. High Low CloM Open Whtat Dw. i,"0 May 169% July KING'S DAUGHTERS Mr*. Ktnit*' M*i«nrJjr*«t»pdjiy At Home. JtelJ an all f '. da.y mwiinK Thureday at the hom<» of Mr*. Knox near Mineral Spring*. The **• *p*nt in for Mrs. If, Knux. At noon a dinner wax nerved. SAOE TEA DAEKEHS HAIR TO ANY SHADE i Don't atay army I Here's a simple K-t recipe that anybody can apply pf . with a hair bru«h. , j The u»* of Sa#e and Sulphur fur re- jtaatiHt faded, srray hair to it* natural rolor date* hack to Krandmother'H time. ' Stee u««Kt 4t lo ke*j» her, hair 't dark. -KkMwy and attractive. When- rp*W!r tosr hair took on "that dull, *i «r streaked . appearance, this ^WA« appUM with wonderful But brewlnir at JM»ro.e IH muiwy und pound ""8««e hy 60 crnt b Sulhpru at ttU» uf C«m- Party Of Friends Thi« Afternoon At Mrs. Ward Lincoln, *lr». .Wars! Lincoln entertained thin afirinoon it party of friend* In honor of Alrst. K. O. Palmer and Mm. Scoti. •who are visitinjr her* from ^utdwich. LUTHERAN Service* A* The G.ermnn Lutheran .Church 8und»y. fJerman Knftlloh Sunday School. 9:30, Morning wrvlce, 10:30. After the nwrninK aervlcea the aunrterly bu«I- nms meeting will be held. «Jeriman 2:00 o'clock at Bast Gene*e«v service,. 7:30. IN ACTION TODAY. (By ITnltfd Pres«,> iifk,,-iL_X_Xlirt, 20.— Yule is tlic only one of the big- enntcrn teams which will not bo In action tomorrow no it «lll «tu*<> Hn weekly gam«j this afternoon In the Yal» Oowl v. ith Vlr- Kinla Poly us u* opponent. Harvard ha«t the 'Maanachusettn Ajrglw» on it» card f«>r tomort><w's tua*lr, Princeton will Hne up airainat Mfayett« at Princeton; Cornell will tackle Bucknell at Ithaca: and Dartmouth .will do bat- ll« with Georgetown at Hanover. The Navy and Army eloveng will be In action, the former aftalnat West at Annapolis and the cadets THnlty-trt W«t -Point. - — Perhnpn the mo*t -imiHirtani conflict will be Blaged In the far west, where Ntbraaka university nnd the Oreiton AgKtfs are due for an Ihtersn-tionul clash at Portland, Ore, These two teams have been nujvrenie injthelr aec_- tlons for "*«me time nntFffie rcsuTt of their contest will be CntereaUnir, especially _to mi4tlJo on4 far— western 1.69«4 1.39V4 1.39& .85 .49% .53% 24. 14.17 13,S»7 13.25 .85 »h •sr.% .fid 'A The undersigned will *ell At public auction, on TUESDAY, THE THIRTY- FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER, A. D. 1916, at two o'clock In the afternoon nt the premises, his residence nt No. 812 West Eighth Street, northeast corner of Avenue C and Eighth St., in the City of HterllnRr. Ten-room house, with modern improvement*, jrootl repair and R uood barn. Terms of Bale; One-half the pure-hour,•price ca«r»ittidthntMUance on time to milt purchnaer, ^ F. R. BELL. 92-102 MKN—OUR ILLU0TRATED CATA- Jogrue explains how wa teach the barber trftile nulckry — mailed- free. Moler Barber College, Chicago, 111. WANTED WANTKD—TO RENT 2 OR 3 MOD- «'rn room", furnlitu-d, by small fnjn- ITy™ A~rttTre~*s ~ T TT r ~enTM'~'tIRTsette7~ «vti- T\rn ' n\i»n ro * i SALfc. — TWO IIAHU CU;tt»| WAMTKD— SECOND-HAND mobile., will pay th« AI»o *ell all kln*» ot AUTO* prlcm, MU _ ,—-ill! SOLD FEATHKR BEtUs — HIGHEST a\i v Tu-r* vni \v-»v ftHVA I price* pnld. for old feather* and cant oAljO— 1 \> »J lv»|j>.^«^-Vlll.>iAi * \ ... *. ». . *. «» ho**. \Vm.,Oncken. Interstate' ofr clothing. Addn«s* 8. Frank. den* Del., {Sterling. Bend postal, Will cult? 09-9J* mal phone 2«Y. ?4*t>8 -J^UAkWLSALE. 38.0'J 24.90 24. »2 IS.fia 14.77 14.27 14.10 13.3" CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. Chicago, 111., Oct. 20. open EC higher Left over ..... . . . ......... . .3,048 a.SSCJ 10,30 Service* At U«u*l Hour*— Rev. E. C. Haley In Charge. llt»v. E. C, Haley will have oharjre of both services. Sunday School; S:4§: MornlnR sen-ice l!:flO; ChrUtian Ka- deavor, 0:SO; Kvenlaf sen-Ice, J:30. CHRISTIAN Choir Pr*e«!ie» Tonloftt At The Church tSnnday »-£v*rybo<iy Invited. f>t46. Morning service. 10:46; subject. "Compuwrton for ' " the . , Kventuj; und Reaping."' rhriatia'n "Rndeaynr. .subject, "Mowing TO ATTENCMPMNERHIL. The. following t»«df»i«r— from out~'oT town attended the .funeral of Mrs, Anna Freeman; Mr. «nd Mr«, Auinis- Immel, Henry Hii«eman of Wal- of ._. H«K)ppol«. and W. II. Ijiweman of Iowa. _ : rtsc«ntly Jeft the coaching Job at the Oregon tn v i<ool to twite- up the name duties at Lincoln, and this will add to Ibe rivalry betwet-n "the Achooltt. The big nlnt' will be well represented on the day's schedule^ f\-t<ry whool with the 'exception of Indiana being billed for a combat Chicago should have muty Mill UK ngalnot Xorlhwerft- ern t while Minnesota should hav« no trouble with South Dakota. Wisconsin will meet the Haskell IndlitnH at Madison, and IOAVM, will elanh with Pur- duo at Iowa City, Illinois and Ohio Suite will battle in a conference game at Urbanu. •Mtxed Light ......... Rough ... Cattle, steady. Sheep, steady. __ Hoiifa ...................... 14,000 X?attlc ..... . ..... , ..... .. .. 3QOO Sheep ..................... 12,000 Hogs i%»<* &c: to lOc higher than opening; top. $10.40. EatlmateU ..... ,...;.. , , . ., 17,000 0 CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Chicago, 111^ Oct. SO. 1-8 ; I, the undersigned, will sell at public sale on my farm, S miles west of Colela, 9 mil™ southeast of Chadwlck and 7 miles southwest of Mlllcvlffeville. THURSDAY, OCT. 28, 1916, the follow.- K property; 6 Head of Hornet!—Bay mare. 11 years old, weight. 1.400; black gelding, coming ,4 yearu old, weight 1.500; pray gelding, coming 3 yean* old; bay mare, coming: 2 years old; bay mare, coming: 2 years old; bay mare coming & years old. IB n jrood ftlngle driver. 75 Head of Cattle—10 good milch cows; ID two-year-olii heifera; 1C coming 2-year-old ateern; 10 yedr-. ling «teer»; 25 lant apring calve«. 10 of which are veal eiUv&s. 30 Head of Shoots. Free lunch at noon. «ale immediately after. • Terms: 12 months time will be given on approved note*, bearing 6 per cent. Interi-st from date if paid when due, otherwise 7 per cent. No property removed until settled for. J. C. and Ward Crotn, Aucta., H» C. Knox, Clerk, MART FLYNN, Prop. ____________ Oct. 18, 19. 20, 21, 28. FOR SALE-^OUTHOOSK. IN GOOD condition. Cheap If, taken nt once. 80? Avenue C*. Bell phone 89^-3. 94-95 FOR SALK—16 GQOO SHOATS. Cheap if taken soon. Farmer'* phone. Wm. Connelly, Rock Falls, Rl, 93-95* FOR BALK—CHEAP. PIANO AT 61 i West Third St. . *4-9fi FOR, •^ALK—HAltD COAL HTOVB. Good a8 new. Cheap if taken at once; Hell phono 828-3. 1303 Fourth Ave. 32-94 LEGAL NOTICE. CNY n ( y, Vx«. . I red, J1.643-4iai.«73-4; .No. 4 red,,*l»65; No, 2 hard wirtter*. 11.78 1-8®1.72 3-4: Net S hurd winter, '«1.454fl.&2. Cora— No. 2 yellow. 071-2^1,00; No, 3 yellow, 98;^ No. 4 yeltow, asl-S^D?; No, f. yellow. 961-2; No. 8 white, 97 l-2C»s».S; No. 3 whlje, 97; JiTo. 2 mixed, No. 3 mixed, 97; Sample 'grade. 9ti«93. ^-No 2 2 mixed, 47 1-3; No. 2 white, 491-2^49 3-4; No. 3 white, 48 1-2; No. 4 white, 4*1-4S>40 1-4: CHANGE NOT WANTED (ITnited "Pretfs Staff Correspondent.) Church, th* Tenafly, N. J.. tennis • today doclamt to the United .18. -----Rye— No; 3, $1.30; No. 3, $L26«fl.29; No, 4, $L£5€rL29. CHANCERY NOTICE. Slate of. Illinois, Whitenldt> County City of In "the City Court, to the November term, A. D. 191B. John I>, Hartmun, Pauline-nay; Km- -nfUfrrTurnefriygmes-A; Turner HBd-Har- ;riet Hartman vs. Robert Thomp8on and Ethel Thompson. „ f To the above named Robert Thompson and KtlH-l Thompnon, you are hereby notified that the above named corn- have flled in my office their hancery against you and each FOR »AJ,B— A FEW CHOICK PURE bred Cheater White Boar*, also two fall boars. Beat of blood lines. Register free in C. W. R. Fossler & Wt 5 bb. P<?rC. A. Webb, Polo. III. Phone 805- WlS. , 02-»7« FOR SALE—BIO TYPE POLAND Boar*. Wo offer for Kale, at prlcea. In good breeding condition, also offer our herd lx>ar. Come and se« them. Phone 21210, Dlxon. |L R.»Ko. '1, Interarban »to»8 at farm, IUU Den Farm Co., DLxeo. 111. , ' 82-98* FOR 8AUS—HAIIO COAL, STOVE. !J02 Fourttsenth Ave, A. B. Krelder. , * 91-33* WANTKD—WASHINOS AT HOME. I6«3 TUird Ave. R9-»4« FOR RENT -OFFICE SUITE, JOHN Ilarpham Block. Bell phone ?f6-l. 93-118* FOR RENT— 4100D DAIRY FARW, T mlleM north of Sterling. Cash, rent. Irinuire Sterling; Rt-ality Co. Bell phono 179 W. " 81-91 FOR RKNT— MODERN HOUSE. Block from cnr line. Apply A. Uurkliu'.dvr, 120S E«lst Third St. FOR RENT—MODERN EIGHT-ROOM houMt>, GUI Knsit Second St. $20.00, Harry 1-aldlg, COS Third Ave. B«U phono 3C1-4. fOtf ' FOR"BAr,K-3ROUND OAK HEATINO xtove. In good condition. HuS Ea«t Fourth St. 91-93' FOH 8AU-:— HIX PURE BREID CHB8- ter White boara with plenty quality J. D FOR SALE-BEST BEMEPY FOR rheuniatlsm. Send one dollar for recipe. Address, Box 428, Rock Falls, 111. 78-96* -MY HOUSJS IN Falls, 300 East Third Bt. Will T»» empU' latter part of w**k. I*; 'I* ..i Kmntona at Qaxette .or phone evenlniw Bell S46-1. _ -..^m ^"n 8 -' FURNISHED ROOM;^X>BllB5NT —« i Modern conveniences. Bell phon« , 269-W.. *- , FOR RENT-i-iaODREN FIAT, __Tblnl.SL Inquire A. I.. bill in of you, that 'the summons hnx been issued thereon and delivered to the Sheriff of «Ud County, commandinK him to trummon you and each of your to be and appear at the said City Court oh the firm day of the' next November term thereof, to-be holden fn the city Court rooma in the.fclty of Sterling tn aaid County und State on the third Monday of November, 1 HI 0. wm>ri- you may appear, demur, plead or answer to said BUI of Complaint us you- mas, see nt, and tbat aald eul{ IB »m\ pend- =i No.. 3 _.No. 4 yellow corn ... ...... ..67c White <wta ...,,..,., ---- ,,.., ..... 4lc oats Clerk of £atd Court. Henry C. Ward. Attorney, for Corn- plalnantu. Oct. 20, 2t,_Nm-.JL]JL CHANCfRY NOTICE. State of Illinois,* * ~pg: fiONKY FOH SAtE—YOUR IJS.8T chance purs- .extracted or in comb. Will deliver. Call morning no*n and evenings. L. House, Bell phone 927R1. 73-91 LOST LOST^-FlA^TEnN STAR 1'IX. US' Went Fourth. St. Finder please lenvr «t (Jattette offiqe. • „ _ .' 8$-M LOST—CORAL PIN TUESDAY ~K\'^ cnln;-. Itelween Ti<t<M»»>i Ht »ml N'inMi Ave. Return U» Qaac-tle olTice. "COB, AUCTIONEER, ROCK Have had esperlencn in ah of milefi." Hold uule« uuywhere and everywhere. Guaitiniuc ul»»*oluti Can irofer you t» FOR RENT~MARCH FIRST, farms on sharet*. One of 200 the other 100 acre*. In each C«s* tenajitM _are_to furnish work homa unfl farm "machinery, aKSn^BSTBur- anciully able and willing to buy for the larger farm a h&K-• Intmrt 2 head of puro-brtHl-Hol»t*tft-C and .10 head of puro bred Bowa, and for the smaller farm ti> buy a half Ihti-reHi in 10 cows anfl Jive itowii. Fojr. further information apply at Woodlawn Farm. Both phones. ' 90-»5 FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE FOR HAU3 — GOOD 6-ROOM "MOP- orn hout*e, on Locuitt «t., including garage, fS.SOO.^JH. J, Folker«._ . H FOH HAI.K—AT SACtttFICB, MOD—• em ten-r«Mim IIOUHO with hard wood, floor*, hath, s»a and electric Hgtita. • \ fitti- • hunn 1 on 8ev<'UtIi-Avo M Hter-— link, HI.. 15a*y termu. Inquire. Nalluiiul Bank, liock Full«, 11). APPLES ABE HEK3S TtlK CAR' LOAr? OP 18 Fine nutv on the (?. it. & Q. trucks. condition. Call at the ear. or j»gfi-iy. .Will Hhnre. Btneraon .... [J .^, -. ... ..--^., - by the addition s «f oUMW in«r»!dl»nt», which can lw> d»»*" led upon to r**U*r*> uaVura.1 color beauty to the hair. ! x__ jW: frell.hnoiraTTai "„•; nay» It diirkenii ihf =mwniy " •II been applied. *»o ,natuhiUy DRILL. TONIGHT. .Th« «o>-»' MiltUiry Club Mill meet this «ven}o|? In the armory at 7:15 ~ of^BPtsxtat itrtlt ihat hv,aaxii>ttS-^Q-Mftft-the.annual You simply tlampen a ^ draw sponge or «olt this through your hnlr« takiitg onn Ktrend *t * time, liy moniln« the hair di«app«an<. and after un- iciitlam or two, it .lnyk tw\ a»D uHy Wyeth'« Sage «*td Sulphur Com- Mr. und Mrs. Harry, Oibb«, tif Uepeva. arrlyett hem 'totey \o wltfe Mr. and Mrs. I* wWnwu alnu tu attend the weddlu« «.f Wnkoman. which will mko pluic mv\ is a it^Usbtful toilet for tin*** wJio dwilre A more youthful «t>fMiar*nc«. It i* not intended fur the cure, mitigation or prevention of dU> in thti near future. Word wa* w*^lv«* from Mi** LlnwiHil that nii« arrived »t H. Ha»k., «*f*Iy aM ttot she enjoyed the .trip. MaBijt. Hftliana, af UowMn. t*., RAINCOATS and IMBRELLAS Duck Brand— Ladies*, Misses* and Children's Ladies' BUifk and WhHo Mixture, rubber liiiwl, line Duality, for $4,50. *. Indies' Plttiii Tan ju»«l (Jivy with c*i)K>t», tit $3.50. , l^dfe' Blat'k.iiud Wliitf (lu-ck, trimmwl in' Muck ire, bi|? vahii» at" $4.00, (\mt, iu tail v suij.Htts vt'lvyt triiituu'd, Full Hne of Clnldn'ii's Uain -(\«tt>{, 'with t-ujH' and Jbood/ju^t tin; tliiife for n-lmol, ^riwd ;il $1.50. Fine quality Twlih-d J>uitct»u l : ti»bn*II{»?4 for $1.25. tV-> and i«,-u. for $1.50. fal offer only good; a f eir days more Our' s)>e<*ial offer "of the I)i^i»juT for 1"J tM»})ii«s. -om. •vtfpy of -tfar- W-hitnr * ; a?himi Bnok i»i»t"onr'"Ktunna'uT Putlwii, i*i} foi v rHV, will hi- \\ithdra\\u in a }V\v d;»\.-. Jt* you \vr-h tu htkt* jcdvaiifam- oT iiii> 'biy'uuVr. MUT .G>:CO., 8k Fails drawing of pairs for the national ien- H tournament changed. This player, who perhapa Buffered ^ ~ ~^ ~ in of the htnwtelf . entirely watisfietl. expecting time to draw a wt of opponents wno wHFbe an «H«yTor~BHH to gjfeep AH some of the wther upper ten 'bjiye ^ drawn. Kver> f year, after tha nntionul cham- ploiwhipH ur« tlMJided thare la iut aj0« ation to change thu ntpthod uf arrung Sng the, Jiracketic, Wllilam«, having drawn «, net of easy opitonentn, wat Abie t<> gu into the lawt raatcheA AI Foresit IflUa f.iiirly frt&h, Oil the othei hand, Ohurcii w«is. forced to mt«J KumaK«t». Mt-lHiuKltlii,i unrt Murray on xucctmihinpr tr tlu« latter-fiuully, us muclt from lion it* fi-uni lack of Hkill. I*roln*bly the 'present «y«tem ol thg the playern. in which, |h< »ire drawn "out of-a hat," ia tlu <t Unit oun be devised. Uut onlj wlio witn^MMHl the Urawing Ihif know how nw»r WHHttttw camw n being in tlit- tifcuud "64," which w«"4l<t Have It-ft "Peck" tJriffln entirely alum In tiit,- f\n>\ li«lf. Hiiil would huve nieani ihstt the"pt i «««<'nt nutUuiul chaiupior lltiiVV iiinl (O (Jt'fl'iU XUCll-tiiaitf ilJ >lrl«(>og^ni»>, Church, Murray ami B«-hr before lit* wen 'got «, in piny Ji'luihttiti and reach Uu m «!l unlikely that ther» - b«»t«n a iliffcrrnt i-huni|'i<'i'. \\'Uliui)« had, bt't;» Bent f j.uiiM" «ala.\y * «.if ptayei> mi t tu»l d»«f*'.itv«l l>y \Vil,,, the 1'liiul tlraw It i*-iu wili}' if _. Hy« ....... , ....... .. ....... .,..,,»64- Bsurley .......... , ............... 80c list of satisfied cuatomers, fcieo nu . Live itftck. (Plppen Bra*. 4 In CiJty Court. November lerm, A. D, 1910." J. CKOM AND BON. AUCTION SALOBSMF-N WAHTKD >, Y& Ajtarlah-T,-0aitr. Bullock make jtt..-i»pefUtUy of auction Ho«a fund A««riah T. O*lt und Joseph O. Bullock an KxtH'UUu-M and Trui InTFIasrwm and Teitament oT Maj»on, deceased.* Mautw Bro»«, A. Bros^, Arthur T. Qalt, Ida Cook Oalt. Cart C. IJullock, Alic* F. Bullock, Ber tha Bullock FolBom, William R. Fol Dairy butter .,,,,.,»,,.,.> ,,,S4e 40c Dairy butter ,.....,..., »*«**»*" V . .,- * * » * 4 * * W—-W Head lettuce, per head », each' ,,..'.','.**.. *' *,'. '.', '. 1 lOt |^Af0|0y New ix)t»tooa. pit. ..,,.. I.«if lettuce, buncli .... B*cts, bunch ......... Orecn pepper*, dozen ,,. lOc N'ew e-afcbag*. |b. .,,..., 6c **ft««BftV****»*l Onmpea, Oallf., do*en {Demons, doieo »...,......, Tomasoaa, Ib potaiue.srii U)s. 8c who ilam TJ'i !>»' it jiiil is tiii-M'fitiv 4-ttt tiled lit an fl.«»u«- ai il»«> t'lj,uuiuuii>)!HJ, To hi'tirati'jy j»n 4 Wi*akt r pluy»>»' ^f fcij.1- tit i^iiluuiiyt'- liU i.»!U-i Would «'trt»lni> i<» tin- wtjker num. **' **lL'_Hisii^il*l > - t i 11 *'-? - t-VlT 1 i«-iit'm\'i-l>~"5«'l«'i ti-iJ i.i ttl •*-.\wuUtr-i< wf the l*u>t Will ami t»i<« wf Lt'VinUS , whiu.«id«"itita s ty »"o Court . will ui»j.fur before the t'ouu- >>( White«ti<f« <\*uut>y, al tin 'ii**-' in MniTihtin, M' thv !><•- ^ ™'~- T •*.^«.*i'*. «*»*.^ »i, «.<„*«, * iiMiii 9 as Mather (if Hying), the widow, holit and dfcvitKfc-M «if Thoniaa Jttather (if Iu be dead), l?ri Manly, John (Ntlhoun KlrhulaK H, JUdgely, J. Calhoun. N, H RidKUly, N. H, Kidgeley, Orl Alanley, a*Tru«itet)« *>f the _8UU« Wank of Illi. tiuin, ttfitl -#& ilvslisiu'eg, uf HIP I't'e Dinftur* and Ctuuimny ,uf the Bank wf Illinoia, A. K Hyde. Nell He, John I'. Imvr!?, F.mnH a Hyde. Until WiUeritorg. FrunH Wittenberg, the unknown owner or owtieru of. tot southerly Imlf <if Uit 3, Hiwck 3S. West of Itixiaiiway in the (JJty of Hu-rliiig County of Whttevidi! «»a jstHte uf JllU- can refer you to many eatlallea CUB toniora. We guarantee ahaolutft »a t * dates. or phone ua tot ence unnecoiuiary, ,., „„, HhiJUty for ambition mat), be ed road manager. Avo, Room. S. GEORGE G. FBUIN. LTVJ3 STOCK auctioneer, Dlxo.n, III. Have sold pure FOR SALE—FABM LiiroS ^sr^p*Mf»<^i*w%^»j»»*-•nigm-jiii_iiiff «> urtiTfynilr_rtiRnjniiin_iTi_ir. . tteaaon. Satisfied cuatonu-rfl my reference. All calls promptly attend ed. Phone or write for dauw. EDWABP R, MK8T. AUCTIONEER 111. Balew made anywhere FAKM, ond S3 monthly^ no interact or taxa*; highly nnHJuoovSTif^iaofjTo^f Wt mttrltets. Write for pbotogf»Bh«H(Uj4 fuil information, Munger A-lfa, N, Y. Life Uldg., K&nnfM City. Mo. 77-102* ha» been my .tfacher / Speak both EtUfliBh and Ofernuui Both phones. Call, write or wire ui my cxp*UBfl. .To the above nanuxi Defendants: Affitlavits having hec-H «le<» In tht- above entitled im.ust» «a by law rwjuir- i^, at the ufflii- of Use t-u»rk of said Court fue the ptirito,so t»f j>roeuri»K-jur- IsdicUon by puuliinttion, uutice is hw«- by given to Thomas Muther, Uf living), thv uiUtnuwn wlduw. iH'lr's nnd ijpvi«i-ei! uf Thvmatt Aluther uf he lie dwiij), I'rj Manly. Joint Calhuuu: Nicholu^ H , J, t?alii«>un, K. H. Hidtrely, N. ' nf , know n owiit-r or uwui<Vii ot % th . half «,f Jju Tiffin*. HkH-k-Thir«y- nsht West of t!r>Muttfu\, in tin- Cn\ •t Kuiiut.;. County t»f ' illinutH ilwi the ut-xt, at which time nil *|»*»r- D. M. FAHB>JJSy, AUCTIONEER Uixun, III,' With yearH of expcrifiic* i iu he auction bUBim'BS will guuran- te4J n«tisfaction. For ref»i«>ncw st,n pe<51>lo for whom 11 have held auies IMxon Home phone, resideiuv. 152; office, 80. """"" ""• fc *"" 11 ' "" 1 " 11 "- '.II "I JJ UN f»l III imillll_ l» * ••.l..y|.^ l .i.lll, I I !.ll <w« Prophetjsiuwn, *1U.' .Will ory _.. anywhere. -Conduct HW to nu »;<!«•> i yearly. References—Bank of Pro- phetttuwn. Citizens bank, KarnierV National bank. Farmer'^ .phunc, btitl' •' J and office, • . oitttv with M. pounes,' W1I*L THAW2 MY 18P-ACH8 couiUy ftur;n for ft, fartti of 300 , or 24tt ucir^s- Mukt be a food farm and may put dlffei-eixco in cash, Write "X. V. Z." cure Uagette. 87-Ijg* D, W. AHUOTT, ArCTIO.NKi:n.. l'«)I.O . III. fcJtocte j»nd fanu Hales u siiiiH-talty, All cull* i'rDjiupUy utt^ulif) ' MAkf ' ttuil. ' U ^ lal >- '^ >!<( HHir ,•!(•"! .<( lit- i-i I tin- ^''tih ilu.v <>J .Vov p. I :>!«>. (|'n1 !!>,»( Ill* Mdt ):• : ing, ai Hhifh nmo am! |>!,ji"< .<}<>iuat iiiur ty iT-ir TTT.Tr i. n.- .Amht.v. llj. l-'arm mid in t- .>tm-k. " to my i*Iao«i uvnith ago. o\vn«r by pay ing fur ing arid fur wit. L. ('. KinK. W, K. DUNMORE PP PHYSICIAN AfeJB SURGEftri-. - 0«ice 1 E«»t Third Street, _-ial-l «i, l-itr.Ml.liV, HVK f^'i'tH'K \M« n ai ohiatJ 1 aui'Ui'iu-fi H,n • >.-'«i iti'iif s-^lf." th<iti anv' ,,- ,.".;• 'tf'i i ih Sifrliua .imi UocK. 1'i'n- -n.ii- in- iK«'i.s -.'My i.-n-: Si-t ( .f Div EL W. Wahl SPECIALIZING IN . Electricity .in tff«ti9«nt «f

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