Weekly Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on August 1, 1892 · 1
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Weekly Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 1

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1892
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"too A N ‘ - 1 '413k 4 et 1 I frotica ? (444 410 ttialti 14' I 1 1 1 -t 44 flit v " i r I q- A-dli 1 tv' '? 4 -tt htl) ow e v '11A lapq 41t lt r4 L'( iLI t $ fqL t:y 0 17 - - VOL kr CHARLOTTE N C MONDAY YLGUST 1 1892 PRICE FIVE CENTS HI' )Ir iiielor iiim11T4 the Alicglitions of I 11110YcitAtilifi Imaged titditit F iitt it VS by Li14111 II t Petlithr it l'atty -VI atet I liamtNit them :111 it itieoof iniestiwitlion Appointed - et Excite !mufti i the limpet --The Iteerght Member ili-e4e41 I'avtive rAIIINITiolt: July 2t1—111in As soon as the journal was approved Mr V lieelerDemi ii!rat of A lahania rese to a questii in of privilco! tli read front tilt eampair-n look of the Thirj paity written by 11 r Vitton Pawn rs Alli- ance of fliforifia which it wit stated that many mnkhyts had Wsgraced titcm‘ 1 tly4 alid thy Iluirw this St ishril ily hiIii iti attal of the floor 11 VIletler said this was a most wanton 7 iL ati:tuk upol liousc yollyytirtly and :Y that Iiistmy It mit a viler attack of aaie upon a representative loily than OM' 101 Ifvery member was tainted With the 4 charge Considerable exeitement pre vailial at time daring ' remarks which were not strictly confined to the question of privilege Mr Iturrows ifepubliean of Michi!fitn twice eillial Air Vtillet-ltr to order and upyr aid that thy ss of thy romie Dirt la! info'rruptia1 Lv t clicral ocht haringne of political part ies alter Mr Meier was called to order everal time- he said he would take his seAt (ApphillSc) NVittsoli in reply sal I the golitleAfar- Irian from Al:Mania tN11 Wheeler) was rft) the assailant old hail heen assailed him OVatii"ilL N i cloargeol the tootleniali from( Georgia with falsehood and hall said that he NV ziS attempting to 1feak top t ou he seliol Sth ( a( i(1) ith the sub-Tteasury Mr Cl000mbs Democrat el New York then called Mr NValson too erder Mr NVatson: "The gentleman from o: New York eanuet bullo(ove me I ir 11('W )11)' IIlit t t 1111111111h 011 this 1101l1'" (Suppressed excitement) Ile to:ono then attempted to proceed but was inn!: do terruptea sevcral times by niembers oood said: "I itanol by every line in this iu "aritL hook (holding the book high itbove his 17: head) every ‘'Qii in the book is literally true" all (oad' the limit) M r Tracey I clime rat of NPNV Yet k calied the genticihan too order oitel said I that he ( Watsto) had rdicctC1 Upoll tilt !numbes on the for of the House Air Tracey demanded that he r‘Vatsolo) take his seat which he did (Excitement on todav the floor) 'y diiJ l'he Speaker eidled the I Icalse to order I with- :tint the members :Hot thit 'other genetics that the hissine Intuit cease r Juts The stettopirapher's Dotes t whnt pts ot Watson stit regtrditig tt truth of the Pork ktatttilultii in his book were thee read et the desk mitt the objection:dole language Aim( in the work as follows: "Drunken menoh s have reeled about the aisles a diso(race too the republic do woken apeakerh have debate1 graVe iW-licS the floor and in the midst (of maudlin la) ratehtiegti have been heard to 0k Slit'akVF lie! am I at?'" reading of this stateinent cleated great iiiwittitatint on the Moir Mr Simpson Fanners' Ili:once of 4 Ratisa totovell that Mt aihmial to show why lie o-tooial by the allegations ii I ii hook 101 Mr Vatson then proceeded Hi: rcut i: II) PAP I1 ci III 71- II 1 I ECE s' — -- 14)sing 1 7 7 si 7 7 i'!h 7 7 ho' 7 7 -11191 7001 rb r 10163 i 4 11i 4 toi ET lin iht-ti t II rpvAkr HI II cripl(1 (lip I N1 11EUE ns yura II) nent lit( Pt rt I Fultvkie Aliti 1111Nititsi 1 Utqf IHA tkvoltfiti nil m Ini $1111k N S14 I 'z LINA I 10111ioq 11111ovr or cal it-TON Is C Qt IIE A SCENE IN TIIE ATSON'S CitAICGE t PDX MISMYEILS 110111 thy pit'a of the hinik !tak'il that it r itS Which thc priy C113111riOliA (Aery wcapiin oactice and du-fence" The p:tragraph 1tliiiç up to the ohjeetionahly paragraph read as ollow:-c "Thy Congrois was pledged to reform—they have not reformed pfutlgc1 to economize t hey have not ectinorniied: pleged t Irgishite—they have not legislated Ext tavagance has I Peen t order of the day A hsyntecistu was larieli:: so pronoutherst Lack of purpose 1k4:yer so dear Lack of common w r 1111SitiVSS mon! Ile then read the xvords heretofore quoted to which exception hail been : HI LuII II I MeNtillin I temocrat of Tennessee thought t hat the gentleman from (l( rgia had fl) right to go into a general discussion on the failure of Colorless to keep its pledges kVati-ion retorted with mitny taptingthat the gentleman from 1 unity-ste quasi leader of the llouse indicated what ex planation III wnited--- a clean-cut hairexplantv III 0aught(r) t h might not he aide to explain to the satisfactimt of Air AlOtillin hut he heliyved that when the (ild:tit:aim' Wits iiiitde 114)1154! Wialikl tit satislied Tlie final chapter of the book was a summing tip of the ithuses of the day Every line he said Nrig pOilit iii the ilidiCt meta awl he had t right to read the entire paragraph explaining the language ohjet ttid to The loilictinent should stand as tt hail been written There Nk :VS !(1t111114 lieV: hi it Thcro !wt VU heeler The question Wit plit to the of "toddy- Ile did not know its cunt telired paitiell hut tionbilit ttiat there was NViitson took Ids iiieitt and the mat- Minor in it Cold) sipped t old tur W oi147d it hint tlu tin to Judge C(M1 ml tlidt lie litiiiu Mr rmattim Detmeerat of hail covered ail Om points and hail Mdter Louisiana offered a resolution citing the colicluile his argument W language tee:lading druldtennoss imoted wit drunk NVitat he ti-catilt itii" have front Mr Vatson's hook mid :vitt:rated stimulated hint some hut it did Mit ititit! the and providin for the IT- toxicate hint ot tionitoitttie of livti mum- Vtlatson wtts rccid!ir1 tool that rtlitirt lit: referred to ilittitti Odd) lit Alabama tile chat vtire true or not and as the Ilitlitttr wliu WA3 ii111 er the privilt4ies el the blouse Lail lieen ill such condition addressed the chair en violated the Noyes-liocitwell ease At this point Reed Hein-Mini:an Niiiine stile in the investigation the committee ittl- ntitteil that the resolution w'its net in or- jot:rued until Ill o'clock :S1t:nil:1y morn-der at this time as the matter was finish- ing (21 and the resolution was incompatible The eonintitee refused to allow 'Mr with the action el the 'louse lii Watson to prove tit:It liquor wits sold in thought the llouse should proceed with the retaurant of the capitol tile easie before taking within l'01m thouelit that when a IL 11110ING Al 11031ESTEt I) menther printed anything' slanderous or ----- false :Mout the members it was t il taittly Terrible 11Ireati4 Held Over 11 bo It fittest ion Hove Itet Lulled to Viirk—sonie Svoreit Air Idiot ner said the charges it I rut ot Their Itii1ioi iloi Some Ileatee INCru a disgrace if not true tile author )vits disgraced lithe House should in 1u I i 1111Y ( )1' tia' tit itself in the chitrgus and rit""V "11" 1"vt'r11"1"I'd t" "'tit i" place htto ihe country tiit fsicts in the the loinei:tead mills—shout I it is sitid every man has received terrible cast The resititilion t as then tiloptish warnings or dire plinisionentif he does not unit work at tonic lit tutu t uti o 'rite House Fouteiletl thu leen- lam order the motion or AIr Bingham )1111' 1'311 full" "11111't1t' tied to their toitirs Try utoriong dir a week Ittipithlican itelins)lvittidt to lay on the Lade Mr Holman's mtion to recoil- ""'t rc1-11t "t"t1 1"111111g'' Itavr hum! on the front knobs 'I'heiy shier the vote liv which the House le-itt eided to reiediii front its distorement iiittie received letters through the tti the Senate amendment rtivardingthe " "fittaill 111t1t1t1 titirstY 1111"'" "t' putiislinitint for deserting the tanks of the NVorld's Fair appropriation l'illibus s tiring was resum on ed at ce trikers In addition to this committees the The maintained until' strikerr have approacheil man and 5 o'clock Sk hell Under recess was taken until is o'clok tile iiicitt sus Ilt"11111111Y twaritt'11111"t1-4 1!"111 111 1t'l shin to lie o I tilt:cnsideratio n pen siiii 't: lt"tvt'" bills tiriven six foremen out to the otist pay- 'mg department in the iliimeOtiail )itt him' the proceedings it message was pit: men earned about a day eacii leceived front the Senitto anti the cititir a la t11 1111" I Thu wcit told to leave oil kot untlu Mr 1))cktry 1)clitocrit“f M 1 charge in the boot( which ttei !)t tten Mr Ito:oiler ashed him it it vas he matte Ity the gentlemen rnli u tasth itskeil the eh3ir"vhele N1r llottnan) respecting the kilitto f tun I tit" that conettoled tuat he Controess II) Ito( p its pledge)) 31(Atthets intoxicated had been seen in a ntate of intomeation 1Li Vats)(slid that it vas not It tool every mend() r knew it the emultry vas flow the teheral coreltiet and Itnew it through the repreentrtive f 11ttnro it ilis ropltict the press IlecaueA he had 111011 the toot painhil condition 31r Vat-tort )tid charge this Democratic 11ire wanted to became the talk it the llothte and remake hini a scapegiLt IA 1 isset- ) 111111 were pas cd e it in the gt(lt) les 'flat t-peaker her ititerriipted the tir lie va- sorry It the ty'lltilli101 tltIreLn fri)111 11 gi11 tinti SAitl in had Itcpitcsentative I ti- f been accorded tbe !hoot ()t as a matter 11('')it ''"1)vYt't lit'wt'Intltel res of right Intl as a matter ot graee Rep' 11ii I AVatson IttArly retorted: "I do Butler of Iowa Solie11 1 (t()11 to (tar) not want enythint! from 1ii llotts() as tt hum (lever (A 1(antth't 1)avt:' ttf 1 an-matt( r grate " Applatise on the ST' Nvip and Bake) of Kansas all Le— IrIirr1it )Ado ) 1(01 appeal floin tie( (1 iti 31r Wataue any decision it may inalte to the lair iZrpreselitaties New Vrli sense b1 hi re sItiri abides in 31(1:aigf Nlarvland Turner uf tto (trite:v(1n of the met iv an people I son 11 eta: Oate ((f It Ittrra Sai1 they mei your courtesies and graces You vitt mit seen any rIItrt ririiti n the hear nut in illy own 1i4nt" floor The lions(' ':r 1rrv in complete rip- Itepresentative 1 hoes testltied that ire roar and histite tterr heard froin stl had ma )))ell Any 111111keil 111(wher reel sidea !theta hit rilr nor heat (1 drunken Speaker said that if the gentleman members tuldress the House Viten frimt tgorgia rlid mu luau:m(1 itt rIrI era hjit itittalt tilt) iN)yeitot'k ire IR) u1ri i'td1 upon the sergettilt atartm) sttid lie int(1 heard some tafl i about it :old to compel litto to do so 'Idle gentleman he knew that the gentleman relm red to wtts permitted to explain remat Its Ity vas his colleague Jailire voto if the tionse !tad he must resitect 31 ilitatner interrupted him 101114td the IirIrt 4r this hotly hint not t() mention any iittints as the Mr Vatson tit( 11 itroteeded to read etuniuttt) e had prokiltited this heretofore front hook but mat interrtipte(1 1u(hote Cold( beintr in the room asked 111 )13111tiii vim said 31r Vatiot) thecliatt to allow ItiA iittnie to go ri It) irriistriihrtr t)) the titte tittli tlety (the knew he was the person levolving the eliames ri II unitentic) bon 11 t(h all he vanted yes an Ito)- wide)) wet a 110)e3lit WI) ii lit the Itinit y to) Meet tillt eitiatte NV))1011 ititlitAttillitt tit It Ittelither---ti it IllitterIt1 Heti lie v!r ' tire twin re till) ilrrlIrft 01 I ire gravest (Ammeter ferrol t itiet (ranted Ilet momaittee to 31r Aratson stud tlitit tiodoultledly the tollt' tovestittate the matter lie had charge Iola some ineitillei) lacalise it notion Li) olteeal lUll Istitittitg tit eVtide Wtiti true 'I'hey had planted the trre I It referred to let his name stand unless IvIt iiiiIr ti lq eaiee urrivrri 1 ml Ny111)(1111) ei))111 (lo it WWI rirjt tiet lett Ltt "‘Oill'il Ile 'A' !I'll nut tl" graph fill)! Viitnittli Iti it pit)ISitti lie (Icily(' controUctitot ti :ill 'A'atson pakt that he kid NVititileill eitarres thii name (if J Ilrt rrhir iit the ielpiest This eioncliLleil the renutr'ss of Mr' 31r Bail( y in tl'e Vitits()It no far ito they telated to the ttontioiting 31r (Auto) said lot vat) charge of drlinktometto- on the tionr precot (luring ILO NeyenolZiteltwitll The Itpeaker tInott stattt)1 t'ticklitcstiun and li(rattll 31r Cobb Speaii 1)orind: the to -he vIkether the gentlenini filen oe()r- 4peeell he became ex hausteit before hi 1'4 allowed to reply to Mr colicluitcti and sotue cue sent hilu r tlrinic t 31 -!“ '''''' pain of beak! Nloi(ntly tlet with lint amen to re to CJLtt Ihi k they stavtd 1r wt( 1111:11 vt-ticn !‘tr I tunean 1)(tilloctitt of Ohio n I i m ite NN"is ttlitside the hc sultinitted that it was riot in ortillt ill tile 'pate WLS seven: y nt and he and the otil- ttln isece of it quorum for the Ihnitic to ers Ncre toll they Would lie murdered II transaet any lousiness and tile illeSSage they I -t I siv fi ' ft newel! wtts not received ilUs action the r nli I mot were gi‘ell try the officials ty) days I louse is hllo:iced to he unprecedented in which to return their positions Stliesequeuti)ri 11"wcveri Mr 1)uitgii would be forft'ittal returned hut asked unanimous colli)en tnt thitt the Ines- ey came (lay late and 1114 tin- s:14e he received mid this WaS granteo They Iore Adjournment the Speaker 'lie Rey '‘Irs Ainitiolc I kyii the appointed litessrs lloatner of I ) in 1 I t f licilitsvivania" UniNersal h"11:e (:()IttilliSSit)!1 lif Criii1- 1!i( llanall 1)C1111Wrattil l'a who calm' !wit' 4 a rcPrestaci Republican of Vtirmonti awl Sionpson tative of the Univeisal Ilion to Farmers' Alliance of Kansas tis the settle the Iliontesteiol strike returned to special committee to investigate the her tonne this inotIling aint the strike chargitis made hy Mr Watson that Ilion- will git "II otenlid I had appealed on the floor in an maker was futile intoxicttted Itas Gone It I) l)11 NVol INiViSllN NI:IIIA Al '1111 ':"1ttes Lindt11:1I'L 1131E- vim heat(' tIA stool Itere in A 'it'll beINVen 11111S and :Sir Mittion Ballo will recall Joist Now tic is Acting lite Cotitrit --Ills that Viten the latter was yresseil It in It ilitarges ()tight to Hot Solttattlialeft itits‘Nur the tillestion whether 111 It (Iliti NN(11litt sitr1a11 the 01 tile 'AsIIINlyr"Ni stwrial cidag convention he finally said thttt committee Appointed to investigate the oo the ottite convention he olleiit ellargeS Made hy Represent ati Vti Vatsoll hat lie helieveil in t of tioiorght ill his hoolt hnil reiterated I t one' wii people Willild yestel day Ml ilioor of the House con- bc tho :Lct ion it ttje Dclititratic tiiiii:l t UI cstivItt Hilt)) day stale c011Velition Ile WlLS at that tittle r Wats")) Nits itilit II" 1'4-is"- incident that tile Third p:trtv Nvould such:thin under which bii uoninottec 1tuiiIu the Ivo' king NVitS read :net Liter developments titale it 1 :ill' Ito:it:kr then called his attention that hi tdicit that tilt ohm to the paragraph ill his hook saying that NN111 ftIIt delenates to (Media instead -drunken menihers reek' about the (if to (illici):4i In I iiis (Apia tation tic ete atoll :tidied hull if he 'Iviks the was disappntol 'floe ( (inv)ntion sent author of this charge and if it vas itrili ipleoatvs to tile national Democratic lisheil under his sillier vision convention and so committed tVitness replitiol that he NV:IS tile alithot itSelt to the action of that body Mr 'I" it Butler lettl fully commitial himself in his Mr itkitner noos(): huiiii II lii (Non)i ! spiach tii zwide by hi mit:Hill rive the names of the inclothers ‘vtio of the State eon Ind that lioilv reeled iihout the aisles !lc leplieil that in ( iimintiting itself to tile nahonal Ierotic could liut did not wish to so lin- iiiin nit less compelled 1y the eitintlitt ti I le had ‘‘ iii1 ticsirti inention the names lilt oil Veit er and the Cillittary NVilS 1011We:to theilL Still he is aetillt1: no Worse Ile Vt'aS Vet' glVe tlii Lyleal IlialIV iliS associates nunibils names if the oiennittee insisted upon it iloni participated in tint State convett Mr 1:7'i1yer1o11 asked him how loony tom and rd'e loiNv even oppoSing the State Inn! reeled aliout the aisks un- tichtd der the iniltion e liquor IS there anything the People's party Witt sett that PersiilitilliY IIU doctrinti that has a tendency to per-had soli two nionlicrs do so Ile had vort men's moral natures ? II looks heard of others like it 1 lie occ:uilon oil whicb he hail seen the t‘vo Ittliithers he leferred to vas Th gi notice that the first nit'llt of the silt ei hill NV:LS tic national committee pro-the only time AI I Roatioir asked hint if the eliarge t" titurt" the war int" the Simi h iii:ditst the I lonse NV:is based lipion title It IMS itS on the tNNo the incident Ile replied that this was the tw otroiinas and Alithaiiii one Ill' had in -mint! Olen he Nvroote the thi ouch lkiiiortatie diviihnis in these ro fel reit 1o M r lloatner then called his lIt f e l i t i on t i l paragntiolt states to carry some Or all I ib theill ill hi isalk SaN'ill14 that til'Illikell Speak- IWO ehele anti Upon ers addressed the chair ete and itskot Repithlican v-tote North Carolina is him when this Inuit phoic Wh de at tvicohl the feeling of these WititesA replied that it ‘v:is dolling the Novcs-lIock‘vell contested election ease fithl'els !not N111) LH' IlOW tiallitelling anti that lu IliS opinion the speaker rtl- Vtite SWile for Veavei and some fyr ferreit t1) wits ill it sIatt"it int"xirati'llt Rid til it they should ii1 II ii was quit(' close to the pit:titan:In Ni-bii and hind vile! he was iteakine anit load inter Hiroo-loth their failure to vote the th no- rupted hint 'co ei al Lines to ask hint chtlie ticket as lias Leen their custom Mr Itiiiitiocr :Asked him it it vas they hall t2iVI tutU t) liii I ('A)ISI the poialsei tidied the chair "‘vlitit' lin I ld" that lu uiuubiiled tinli lii WAH lie IW) 'chili' !cart) ctiventions dolt iiitt hell! Thill'sday ViitSliSIld that it vas lb NVas flifitt lairohlet and - hot atter id' horns pier:titre lit the wordier His I itihtiut -ut nitich of 3 tigone Not mole than and valuta) condition Mr Valsott 'ill'' pi I ii 1alti‘ ipattsi t"'!" nt the 116"'" re- the Melo:Up k 11111Ild Werc h it ill pas-Cti o !:l1! es Ile NN'a-1 sorry for the coition:in li estittilished liet‘‘ecil thu I ii i and iIiLiiIitttV I )0- Proloiintion parties- 'flip leadership of Bessie Dwyer a nowspapei ics the joint patty is mit rennorkahlti for pondent' Ruin eseettives Whileot I ono it is " f I ive r th lLli i it NNIII 0:Nl t1 l ST' Rein !Lnd l'etkei of oll les- 'I he upiltiiil Ii tho lkillovracy in tint!' in stihstantiatiott if Ntr Watson dot root :iiptioi lioNV rtS lIcpticsentatives New Vih liefore this hicetine McEitii Ndaryliiitil Turner of Ili ir- (if A:ithitma di said they hail h")) ThiI hut seen any diiinken niettilicts on the iitays ii rot' lunlie UIiI roaii Gins oilt the that it Is it 11“st NNil ItepreSelitittiVe I littes lestited that ii it t 4tIlt ili the Nt here it ear bail not stain any '111110s1 totendiers reel ' ' !114)11t the till-It'll Iffir beard drunken lie ile veil It hi sect) he het a hi(ttilleI nicnibels ouldress the House lien idiot Akita the Noycs Rock well case he 'rho tteity of the thiston man who said lie hail liearit some hon: ithont it :trot that if ho ctrtr wait to New V! is in I e knew that the gentleman refel red to s3NN Stteet Ile Wo1111(ertitinly crack NVaS hiS uolluaglic Judge Coloti Illiatner interrupted him loot astotd "III' his is hint not to mention any names as the the story of it '(to-til iti tt hi etimilOtti e had prottibited this heretofore eirculatili4 it around that Cleveland it tL i liL pilly is wit iut 1 ihit tor ii111 Vic Slislioct tiltit 1 iS iatiaioi V tootav lican it 1lI i 1:t 1 he tho Ih:nievracy itlot hictihuros tot :ippoo niov :ts letintilablo Ii hifero this Thil ra:t it! ijL iIt ii1 1)i: 1 wit tIllit it 1 'II 1 it ullit'S Ittt ill LILL: ‘‘ lit to it hi viowoil it hi it to hi: lint t ihotill 'rho stet): ot I he thaston eine Nile tieit if hi cycr wet:it tii Now vu!is t1)11 W“11 S11111 IR wouhluorteinly orLiIL his liral itli his stivii tho stiity if a CLiraitits Vo:is et it' he is it lea Ci-volittiii it 41114 tjIi( llIliii Vail St iiTt mei this is t:1 le turn h) thit if ciitinty hip givos tleit liorson his fell weep -- Vi:i ily is al itii1 holt wit tutu t ill (anis :mil out 1l Hipp sii Thu it Ow two' ti t wki! IIIIIli tin iif WOQiflj4 not till tcpulIpt iniist worthy gctilltilittli hilt lie hi It 3WIiy If tiny DiAlitilitt t can ticcoud district t1118 yvar li eau S LAI TICITI: t tWUNTV t'4!‘ E I lobNi The teelittg I lite Count v 'I hat Alitp4 Vote t teat Sottitionk ht i tti CiPSCM11 laity ineetiti:: tieity undo' t the uniitiiit platform and !tontines's and elected delagates to the eanKruionill colivetition bury and to the t-ltate t t 2 ion at Ilaleigh It witt4 Thititi bundled were prei(tit it I nil icket tLottolt-- l'anom l'attott Spoke -pecial el I) Pcople'S party today plitocti to the Mild it fill county ticket tlreat entlite-Jai-nt anti Intanimity liretalled vv ! L l'Atton independent eanitilitt tr t pol t It about two hottr‘ vii made tip -war- linitit(° e and tii elicitini at time the ‘‘ Hat St npp!alA iit others cool ilenee ('rmii in 1)a itimon- roll Ticket Nominated l'A AV 1t4 1 )ere H'Iwykt t() (0Art olnly part vont tuition ILet todity 'Ali a larite crowd Ptusillti 1 J Leonard vie elect( 1)avis 011 wero III Ii hy Chairman 10iitaril !mil tit het E 1itit est‘o a fill' iircould of the "event I )11i4113 to which lit Wtu kil'It'gtt' Irian thig district hr told at t i uly respectithility ete 011 Ilitt1111 at I'Vti (() E iIui upel1 the ('MIVelitMli IA it It pltyet idt id tIN‘ 11- hhile- in litt t (witty alt hut tiiiiio ere reprecntell The olivt huini4 duly orgitnitial aai ready for laitAtitie4 it Wa:- IIU(JI lid !(lioblud that a vote he taken its to witelliot the tionvention sdiould nominate t fill! eionity tieltet ll ot yeas citriteil NVith disielitint advt A fter half an Itetir's recess nominated the 1 tire I ) Itepulillea Z It litliesey tor letiT-ter deeds Conrail tor treasine and A 1‘1 Itunter tilepuldiani coronet tainvention appeinted deletratcs the 'tat o coniqeiisitinal het -tvo them n" FOR TI IE CAMPAIGN ! 4k ----7- tr--7-- I ? -1'-'--:44":74 e-'§'- i---1::-4 s-!-'' 4t4 --:----:'Ai44-4zA: Ttar -tlk:-t : - -- ---- ‘::-: -:----zz 4- '----z ---- ---- ---1- --:---r---e:- -----V 1 ' --- :::—':—:--- ---:---- ‘ s ' Tilt! tit'W-IkSt 1440 Weckly in the Stith Eviiy larnwr t:titv it it send the tekyii hIhs of 5 or mine till Niivenilnir 15th tints in pint elnlis nt (ekly nue tlinti x‘:iiitc:1 h vity IIur1lI i 1 y Send liir twin lit"w ‘ ihlress ()PiSERVI:lt Chit' Intild N (' 1)Illajz4 Iii Caliail 11Iiiilialt Dentotril le ('”iiventi‘m !h(10 rr cwI) N ( ‘"?i riv I NVa olat A t 1 t htI 11111V t la :a !!“01 0 A t 4( 1(L 1:cv—Iohn I ty tal'111otri Ill! 4kIllanco II t' NVAS ly tii awl th)1101 ‘vpts Ow 10do ifii I 411I 1111:-ilt1 tioli 11-1 r I)1111 I' tiii y:o t 11 ::i 1(t1 1 ply Iiii A tri:ilt Ikon 11 -1Iday a I v alt! 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I oiketi Yell wherever you find litany nep-ias land is 110t N1111111 a littleit where there itte 11011e It Seeing that neither ttkvu nor education makes them better citizens Ve all hope that will improve limit blit really it seem so In all those small thing- that go to make farm lite coolfortahlr alei pleasant 4tCk as raising chic kens pigs etc etc communities having plenty if negroes ate behind— IaI:v behind" VVlire are you from?" I inquired -I'm a but originally from lovva" "What you say about the negro does not sound orthodox lo 311 loW:t 1111111" "Welt tic negro as viewed by a mall phillinthruple till n (4 Mind ill loWit is LII ( mite!) dilerent animal from the hco by a Texas farmer wit() tom:i t poultry and would like to raise chickens awl for the market" 4 i tt'ITON N1tttt4 tiolltitl it Iiiig ti:yer till xat riglill 011)1111 Rt11111011C It lits Iii rtt()f)tt bewtaated that Col '''''-' tV S l'earson long au able told promi" Ut kpublieun of Morganton has cast ill hi Ituncs titli the Democratic par- ty lh joiited the Cle‘cland and Carr Jilt of S1t:utut itt ht last meeting and the 'Ittrganton Herald says "staleti t Lv atol succinctly the reasons why IL 111 determined to cast his lot with um 1)Itiocrats Ile had' become satisfied ho said that the boateti protection ot - the Reptiblivan party afforded protection IL' I" the capitalists and was the fruit- of the trusts that are contollnt! almost every branch or indlo4try ilo that this protective systutu Vttt impeding the progress of the South and as tt) how it was affecting the lahoters at the North lie pointed to the iiuncetrd)!e condition of littairs ot Mr Pearson said moreover that he was atistied the Republicans M'011itt 1titt) the ftttOtt bit' if tiny galeftd control - of both blanches it Congrest anti elected the l'resddent tool he could not eonseit litamly contribute by his vote to bringing tile firm and blight of much tt law on hig neighbol 4 and friends Mr 1)v:fistful spolc in the highest terms iff Mr Cleve-hind and promised to 'no what tie coom to bel'U te hiS eli!Ctn At puerptr Ittesioo ld er ittackt d brigands hit 'tt ihUng the town amt four of them winte one w(ddicr was Ntally wounded 113 mad (Nlr It (IJI t-) 1:01 :t11:1 It t lit di:11 111:11 'I I (kit i ttx 11)t iii:11 ally yllIl I tel 'lit tun rt liti t t tit :t If) Wit 1111 01:1 lit 1 W:t gr itq Iti thi 411 III kr tilt ir - I 1)1 - t ' 7 7) 4 -- rk - - 164 --T1- 1frsi ‘ s-:':i l i -:--- '--:-!- ' ' ' I I - 'TOMEMORFOMMNntiMaggwVIbflEEIIIEW u :'N -

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