Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 6, 1968 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1968
Page 5
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frp'fc,,... . ... /*»** Again CrMttlot Rockefeller By TOMMY YATES Associated Pf ess Writer LOTLE ROCK (Af>) ~ S6tt, Gay "Matt" Jones of Conway said Monday that Gov* Wlnthfop fteekefcltef hadn't done "his howewdrk" and that was the only reason there could be tef holding two special sessions of the legislature, Jones, who has had numerous verbal clashes with the gover* nor during and since the last regular session of the legisla* lure, made his remarks Mon* day Just before the Senate eon- yened. j Rockefeller has said he will hold a second special session probably in May, , "He (Rockefeller) ran for governor in 1964 and 1966 and he said in 1964 that he would run in 1966," Jones said. "He had two years to do his homework in ... and he hasn't done it." Jones said he didn't kfiow hw long the session would last, but he said 78 bills tf tm be too many," He said M had been f« about seven speelal sessi that it bills should be ered the maximum to be ed* . • :. :\...: .'. U.S. Marines Recapture Key Building ByJoHNLEMGEL Associated Press Writer HUE, Vietnam (AP)~ American Marines recaptured the Thua Thien province headquarters building today and with a dash of Iwo Jima spirit tore down a Viet Cong flag and ran up the Stars and Stripes* At least two Marines were killed and 23 wounded in the day's fighting, raising their casualties for a week in Hue to 37 dead and 283 wounded, The flag was raised by Gunnery Sgt, Frank Thomas, 34, of Camden, N.J., helped by Pfe, Alan McDonald, 10, of Jacksonville, Fla t , and Pfc. Waiter Kac ^ . ffWti fcyJffiit Jjf «J^p|%O V Alf ttrtt f • bsmbtt M t {I i t i 1 1>p\ wall firif Ntgre 1*4- iifdfdf !ft It yttti. North liiff US. »'lh il fw» U.S. military effaehtt irt Guflftffiflld Mrreritf Union Is Pitktting Oirun Mary 6f fully laftdi OR maan. Mttt than $4 Milliort in ebiinfuftlr mdflty ititid by $«f*f S«fric« ajj«nf» fit N««r Y6fk City, B F 0 f f 6 f ,16 bait ipttoi of ftueleaf wcapaAi jub- MM«J f» U.N, ditaffn- amt flf tdnfirtncc by U.S. end So»l«» EflHhquok* rttlti fa\tirno, Sicily, killing huAdftdi. lifaet Ufllitd Arab Republic agree en pfi»on«f-of- Ntdrly J.«0 VKf C$fl$ and Noflh Vi«inom«j« dead tt- parfcd; hijh<»f for any »«k in »er. vine, r in t| »uu ric. waiier i "So, now the state has to go merek of Port Heading, N.J. to the expense of two sessions," Their buddies cheered lustily the battered windows of Jones said. "This is not prac tical, it doesn't make good sense." "No one on his staff knows anything about state government," Jones said. "If they did we wouldn't have to have a special session." Jones said Rockefeller had five years to study what he was going to do. "No one in the state would build an eight-story building and not know what he would put in it," he said. "I don't think we're getting anything but a reformation of Gov. Nelson Rockefeller in New York," Jones said. Nelson Rockefeller Is the brother of the Arkansas governor. "They both say the same thing," Jones said. "Everything he (Winthrop Rockefeller) knows about state government is handed to him by Nelson." Jones said he didn't know what was going to happen during this special session. However, he said if it is determined that the bills: have merit and are for the good of the state, "then I'll support them." But he said if "they are meant to help Winthrop Rockefeller or two-story, 50-yard-lon& yellow it.' B( uw •jrVvs ; jii n teM* $ '. v ** i i'V . * JUnes* s*ld f he s hadn't received copies of the bills to be included in the call and asked, "How can I make any sensible statements about a bill if I haven't from the battered the building. The battalion commander had told his men the South Vietnamese flag should be run up. But that was disregarded in the exuberance of storming over the walls and through the building. One Marine was shot and killed on the stairway inside the building. Another was killed at a window; and two others were wounded. Two squads went into the the Republicans then I'm against plaster building. They cleaned out the rooms one by one. The building taken, the Marines moved on, fighting for houses along the palm-ringed plaza wall. They dragged out five guerrilla bodies and captured a sixth Communist soldier alive. The Marines did their work under slight sniper fire from the buildings ahead. Another Marine company moved through the province jail behind the headquarters, where the communists had freed more than 2,000 prisoners. The Marine gains for the day were slight In terms of area- two more city blocks. The Marines now hold 18 blocks, roughly «49 per cent of their objective on' the'south 1 side .'of this citylof *ta Assassination Plot Still tinier Probe SAN ANGELO, Tex, (AP) The investigation of an alleged assassination plot against Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller apparently is continuing, despite the Arkansas governor's announcement that the case was closed "well before the first of the year." Police Chief Melvin James announced here Monday that a He detector test showed that one of his prisoners was telling the truth when he said he had information about the purported splot. In Uttle Rock, Maj. William Struebing, head of the State Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division, said that his investigation was continuing and might be "for a long time to come." Jamiis said the lie detector test was administered by Chief Examiner H. A. Albert of the Polygraph Section of the Texas Department of Public Safety. He said he received the results from Austin Tuesday, and that they were being sent to the State Police in Arkansas. The prisoner who took the test, Zakar Garoogian, who is being held here in connection with several state and federal burglary charges, reportedly gave authorities details of the >plqt jlggt, December, bijt the de- more than 40,000 people. Saffron is used to flavor rice and curry. lie. not been made pub-* Before they clamped a lid of secrecy on the case, Arkansas authorities intimated that gam- Farm Bureau Helps Farmers Save Money Part of Farm Bureau's job is to make it so farmers have more money in their pockets. One way is to help them save money. Farmers, through Farm Bureau, have created many opportunities for saving. ADD UP YOUR OWN SAVINGS Feed Tax Exemption (3% of year's feed bill) FB Insurance Dividends State Gasoline Tax Refund (5Vi cents per gallon) Seed Tax Exemption (3% of seed bill) Federal Gasoline Tax Refund (4 cent 5 per gal Ion) . Miscellaneous (Enter value of: Soil testing program; feed, seed, fertilizer inspection; plant and animal pest and disease control; services of county FP; etc.) TOTAl iiVJngs like this m§ke up one of the reasons more than §0,000 Arkansas farm families have joined Farm Bureau. All things considered, it doesn't gpst-it pays tp belong tp Farm Bureau. JOIN HOW! Hempstead County Farm Bureau bling interests might be involved, and that the plot appeared to have been hatched because of the Rockefeller administration's crackdown on gambling. Last week, Rockefeller told newsmen the case had been Closed. He said the Arkansas State Police 'had told him Garoogian was "irresponsible," and that there was no reason to be alarmed about his statements. But when Struebing was informed of James 1 announcement Monday, he said in a statement released through Bill Conley, the governor's press aide, that, "There are no important new developments in the alleged assassination plot ... The investigation is continuing. The case will not be" closed until every possible lead has been checked out, and this could keep the case open for a long time to com*?." Conley said he didn't know whether the case actually had been closed at the time of Rockefeller's announcement, or whether it had been continuing all along. He said he didn't plan to ask Struebing for further comment,and Struebing has refused to release any information except through Conley. Famed British Publisher Piesjt$4yj^ w 'LONDON (AP) --rLord" Kemsley, the retired Britishne"wspa- per magnate, died Monday night in Monte Carlo at the age of 84, his family announced today. The cause of death was not given. Kemsley sold his newspaper empire, which included the Sunday Times, to Lord Thomson in 1959. At the time he was chairman of Kemsley Newspapers and editor-in-chief of the Sunday Times, while his oldest son, Geoffrey Lionel Berry, was deputy chairman. Kemsley also was chairman of the Reuters News Agency from 1951 to 1959. Born James Corner Berry in Waless the son of a jus. tlce of the peace. King George VI raised him to the peerage In 1945, making him Viscount Kemsley. His first wife died in 1928. 1 ' They had four sons and a daughter, of whom one son died and another was killed In action in World War H. He married again in 1931 and his widow survives him. Grip Hew York in of a Garbage Strike NEW YORK (AP)- The Hospital Employes Union has been Instructed to defy a city move to have its members remove accumulated garbage at 71 New York hospitals as city sanitation men press their four-day-old strike in defiance of the courts. Mayor John V. Lindsay Monday ordered Hospital Department drivers to man the idle sanitation trucks today and remove the trash and garbage from municipal and voluntary hospitals under "full police protection." Union officials said their members would be instructed to defy the order. "We are not going to be used as strikebreakers," said Nick Cifuni, division director of the AFL-CIO American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employes. "We will instruct our members not to cross picket lines." The Uniformed Sanitatlon- mens' Association, a Teamsters Union affiliate, was due In State Supreme Court today to show cause why it should not be found in contempt for falling to obey a no-strike order issued Friday. State law prohibits strikes by public employes and the city sought to have the union fined U P fo $10,000 a day and lose Its dues CQlieptiOn-ipBtviedge under j that statute: • ...... -:•••,>". < 5 The law also provides jail terms for leaders of striking unions but the city did not ask prison penalties. Lindsay issued his order to the drivers after Health Department officials declared a limited, emergency affecting the hospitals where accumulations "are particularly hazardous because of the infectious nature of the waste." As the waste of a great city piled up at the rate of 10,000 tons a day, the mayor was asked If he had any plans to seek National Guard aid In the strike. Lindsay said that his staff had been in close contact with Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller's staff over the "Increasingly serious" health problem but added there were "no present plans" to call the guard. State Supreme Court Justice Saul S, Streit Issued a temporary injunction against the strike Monday after declaring: "It is an illegal strike to the del- riment of the public- eight mil- UQm BEACH, Calif, (AP)~- f he dernoristratdfs plefcetlfif the Queen Mary etalni \M once pfOffd monaffth of the Atlarttlfi Is still a ship-Of a barge, It's not 6. building, or Just a "thing" they contend, the 100 pickets who demon* strafed Monday are member $ of the APL-CIO Maritime trades Department, tn the group were t\ I •""•" '"""""• sailors, mates, pilots, stewards f \L I and other seagoing union members* Even though the Queen Mary was bought for $3,4 million by the city of Long Beach to be* conn a convention center, museum hotel and cafe complex, the pickets argue she Is still a ship-or a barge* Barges do not move under their own power but like ships they are worked by seafaring men, the unions say, Long Beach, on the contrary, has classified the ship as a building and staffed It with civil service workers, After the museum ,and the restaurants open, the workers will be members of landlubber unions, the maritime department says. The maritime unions demand that the few workers now aboard be members of their T'S'Z^* '•" , "I'tJam of 16 scale removers, other.? if f3i< TT ?h' d «>« onl y « nt °n men now eml others, If friends, let others ex- ployed f n tne conversion of the lion men, women and children." Union lawyer Paul O'Dwyer said he would appeal the back- to-Work order commentings "This kind of mlschievousness and interference by the court has never settled a strike." The Negro Community By Ester Hicks Phone PR7-4678 or 4474 eel you.-Colton said it. PERSONAL MENTION Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flenory were called to the bedside of their daughter, Mrs. MamieD.Ootsey, who is a patient at the Homer G. Phillips Hospital, 2601 Whittier Street, St. Louis, Missouri. COMING AND GOING Mrs. Lurlyn Bowles Pero, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bowles of McNab, has returned to her home in Los Angeles, California, after spending a week with her mother, Mrs. Parthenla Bowles, who has been a patient at St. Michael Hospital, Texarkana. Mrs. Pero returned to Los Angeles via D. C. Airline Service from Dallas, Texas. BRIGHT-EYED and bushy- tailed, this squirrel doesn't heed sign as he eats lunch .lit a New York City Park. Court Rulings Frees Pair ST. LOUIS (AP)- Two Mis sourians indicted for possessloi of unregistered sawed-off shot guns were freed Monday in if.si District Court at St. Louis be', cause of a ruling last week bj the Supreme Court. The high court ruled invalid .-._„ —_ _- — federal law requiring person* former Cunard liner, walked off posse s s in g machine guns their jobs as the pickets began sawed-off shotguns and certair where the other weapons to register them with the secretary of the ury. 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