The Pasadena Post from Pasadena, California on June 23, 1931 · 11
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The Pasadena Post from Pasadena, California · 11

Pasadena, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1931
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PAGE ELEVEN TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1931 PASADENA POST France Considering Counter Debt Plan L. A. MARKETSCITRUS PRODUCE (Continued from Pass One. Section Two) L. A. Stock Market Quotations Supplied by Leo G. MacLaoghlin 54 S. Los Robles (Quotations at 12 Noon) BANKS Bales High Bid California Bank 73 Citizens National Bank.. . , 7014 Farmers Sc Mer Natl 310 30 Seaboard National 441 44 Vi 100 Secnrity First National.. 73 INDUSTRIALS 100 Byron Jackson Pump ... 100 Claude Neon Del Douglas Aircraft Emsco Derrick Co com. Globe Or Sc M 6 com.... 20 Goodyear T Sc R pf 7314 Goodyear Tex Hal Roach 8 pf Home Service pf Jantzen Knitting Mills.. Monolith Port Cmnt com. Moreland Motors com . Moreland Motors pf Pac Clay Products ...... Taylor Milling Weber Showcase pf Western Air Express ... PUBLIC UTILITIES 1 L A Gas Sc Eleo pf 107!a 108 Pac Gas Sc Elec com... Pac Gas Sc Elec 1st Pf. Pac Light com San Joaquin 7 pr pf..... Ban Joaquin 6 pr pf..... 800 So Cal Edison com 44 So Cal Edison ong pf.... So Cal Edison 7 pf So Cal Edison 6 pf...... So Cal Edison 6 pf... So Cal Gas 6 pf So Cal Gas A So Count Gas 6 pf Pac Public Service A .... Pac Public 8ervtce New.. Pac Public Service pf.... MISCELLANEOUS STOCKS Broadway Dept St pf.... Central Investment ..... Foster-Klelser com Golden States Milk Pdts. Intl Re-Insurance L A Blltmore pf L A Investment Co ..... Lincoln Mortgage com .. Lincoln Mortgage pf .... 20 Mtg Guarantee Co 15 Pac American Fire 100 Pac Finance com 10 Pac Mutual Life Pac National Co Pickwick com . to Seaboard Securities 45 28 4 54 119 104 43 52 29 27 26 26 26 102 21 8 16 70 68 3 A 14 25 60 A 5 A 1 152 26 10 57 1.00 A 45 46 A Asked. I Livestock Market j LOS ANGELES, June 23. (AP) (United 8tates Department of Agriculture) hogs: Receipts, 50; steady: locals, 6.35 7.85; grain feds quoted 8.50. Cattle. Receipts, 300: holdovers, 421; fairly active; fully steady; fed Colorado and Wyoming eteers. 7.15t8.10; medium to good cows, 4.00(5 4.65; common down to 3.00; cutter grades, 1.503OO; heavy fed steers late Monday, 7.15 7.30. Calves: Receipts, 100; holdovers, 145; steady; choice vealers up to 9 00. Sheep: Receipts. 2200; active; around 25c lower; top, 7.85 on deck California lambs; bulk best offerings. 7.50 7.75; lightly sorted throw-outs. 5 546.00; California feeding lambs, 4.00. MAIL THIS CONTEST EDITOR, Arden Gold Seal Farms, 1656 Corson Street, Pasadena Telephone TErrace 8145 Please enter in the Arden pal contest with the understanding that contestants photograph may be used for advertising and publicity purposes. Name Address HE s ecurity-First National Rank FOUR BRANCHES Each of Which is a Complete Local Unit, Affording Every Banking Facility, PASADENA BRANCH Colorado Blvd. at Marengo Ave. JOSEPH CAUNT, VlcePres. and Mgr. I COLORADO & BROADWAY BRANCH W. R. SCOVILLE, Vlce Pres. and Mgr. OAK KNOLL BRANCH Colorado Blvd. at Lake Ave. R. M. THURIN, Manager ALTADENA BRANCH North Lake Ave. at Mariposa SL A. R. DOERSCHLAG, Manager j TODAYS CITRUS MARKET , LOS ANGELES, June 23. ( Early reports from eastern and middle western auction centers today gave the following price range per box: ORANGES Graded Above New York Boston . . . Phlladelphi; Pittsburgh Detroit . . , nia oranges and lemons were unchanged to lower at eastern and middle western fiutt auction centers today. Carlot sales prices per box were reported to the California Fruit Growers Exchange on its own brands and to the Associated Press on all others as follows: BOSTON: Oranges and lemons unchanged. Carlot sales: 11 oranges, 4 Pal for Arden Milk Boy To Be Found in Pasadena Poultry Market j Hens, Leghorns, under 3 lbs... ...$ .11 do, 3 to 4 lbs 14 do, 4 lbs. and up ... ...., ..14 do, colored, 4 lbs. and up.,,....... .24 Broilers, 1 to 1 lbs. eacn 16 do, over 1 to 2 lbs 16 Fryers, Leghorns, 2 to 3 lbs. 16 do, colored, 2 to 3 lbs .22 Roasters, soft bone, 3 lbs. and up 23 Stags 15 Old roosters ' 10 Ducklings, Pekin, 3 lbs 16 do, other than Pekin, 3 lbs., up,. .12 Old ducks 12 Geese 12 Young toms, 13 lbs. and up 30 do, dressed, 12 lbs. and up 36 Hen turkeys, 8 lbs. and up 26 do. dressed. 8 lbs. and up 33 Old tom turkeys 23 do. dressed .28 Small hen turkeys, under 8 lbs 15 Small tom turkeys, under 13 lbs 15 Squahs 30 Capons, less than 8 lbs 30 do, 8 lbs. and up 35 No. 1 white rabbits. 3 to 4 lbs 13 No. 2 white rabbits, 3 to 4 lbs 11 No. 1 mixed color rabbits, 3 to 4 lbs.. .11 No. 2 mixed color rabbits, 3 to 4 lbs... .09 No. 1 old rabbits 08 No. 2 old rabbits 06 Chicago Livestock CHICAGO, June 23. Hogs, 38.000: fairly active. 15 172 5c higher; 160 to 220 pounds. 7.40 7 55; 2830 to 320 pounds, 6 657.40; packing sows, 5.256.10; pigs, 7.00 7.50. Cattle. 21.000; calves, 2500; few yeanlings and light steers about steady, but general run fed steers and yearlings drawing bids around 25c or more lower; slauhgter cattle and vealers, steers, 600 to 900 pounds, 7.75(0 00; 1300 to 1500 pounds, 6 75 8.40; heifers. 7 00 8. 50; cows, 4 00 6 00; bulls, 4 00 4.50; vealers. 8.00 9 25; stoeker and feeder cattle. steers, 6 007.50. Sheep, 10,000; native lambs, 7.75 8.25 to packers: early top, 8 50; rangers unsold; yearlings, 3 505 50; some held higher: fat ewes, 1.00; lambs, 90 pounds down, 7.50 8.65; ewes, 90 to 150 pounds, 1.00 2.50. Bank Clearings Today . . . Last year $ 653,518.04 1.105,167.07 COUPON Phone. TAKE a LEAF from the BOOK of BIG BUSINESS IAAEALTHY MEN, important corporations, are usually heavy users of the facilities of the Banks with which they keep their accounts. They employ the varied facilities of the Trust Department, and look to the Bank for service in collections, remittances, investments and for business and credit information. Many men and women of more moderate means might save themselves a great deal of detail work by leaving appropriate matters to the various departments of a bank. Talk with an officer of this Bank regarding the helps the Bank may provide in your business affairs. FOUR PASADENA BRANCHES Securit Y-Fm stXatiostaxj Bank of Los Atcgfles LEMONS Graded Above Choice 3.75-4.65 4.60-4.70 6.05-6.60 lower. Carlot sales: 10 oranges. 5 lemons PITTSBURGH: Oranges and lemons higher. Carlot sales: 8 oranges, 4 lemons NEW YORK: Oranges steady to lower lemons lower. Carlot sales: 36 oranges, 20 lemons. DETDOIT: Oranges unchanged; lemons easier. Carlot sales: 9 oranges, 7 lemons, Hundreds of children entered in the Pasadena Post Arden Contest have signified their desire to pal with the Arden Milk boy. Theyre all winners. Dr. P. M. Walker, chairman of the Board of City Directors, Mrs.R, F. Turner, Mrs. Frank Van Gilluwe, Mrs. C. L. Whitehead, Mrs. H. A Mansfield, and Mrs. C. A. Rowley, prominent Pasadena club end social welfare workers were to have a hard time making their decision as to which is the finest picture for pal the little Arden milk boy, R. O. Bourne, divisional manager of the Arden Gold Seal Farms, Inc., said yesterday as he looked over the photographs taken by the Maryland Studio. Contest Rules 1. Any girl or boy in Pasadena not more than six years old nor less than six months old is eligible, provided his parents are not employees of the Pasadena Post or the Arden Gold Seals Farms, Inc. 2. Contestants will be judged by photographs to be taken by the Maryland Photo Studio. Sittings will be made without financial obligation and will be made on receipt of coupons. Five Prizes 2. There are five prizes. The first prize is a three-day trip to Catalina for winner and mother or escort with accommodations with the St. Catherine Hotel. The Maryland Photo Studio will also give a fine hand colored portrait to winner. The second prize is a week-end trip to Lake Arrowhead Lodge. Traisportation will be the easiest and most comfortable way of reaching a destination by Motor Transit Company. The third prize is an album containing twelve 8x10 pictures of winner taken at different ages. Pictures to be taken by Maryland Photo Studio. Fourth Prize The fourth prize is a 125-mile Mountain-Movie-Mission trip with lunch in Universal City with the Movie stars. This trip is with Tanner Motor Tours, the only company featuring a trip with entrance to a movie studio. The little Arden milk boy will deliver a quart of rich Arden Certified Milk for 30 days to the winner of the ffth prize. 4. The right will be reserved to publish as many pictures in the Pasadena Post as space will permit and to use any and all pictures for publicity or advertising purposes. 5. To enter the contest, fill out the accompanying coupon or a similar coupon that can be obtained from any Arden milkman, or from the Arden Gold Seal Farms, Inc. at 1656 Corson street and Contest Editor will arrange with Maryland Photo Studio for a sitting. All con test ants will be photographed. Dow-Jones Averages 30 Industrials 143 89; off 1 93. 20 Ralls 80.70; off 1.06. 20 Utilities 68 90; off 0.94. Total sales 2.600.000 shares. BUTTER AND EGGS LOS ANGELES. June 23. AP Produce Exchange receipts: Butter, 187.100 pounds; cheese, 26.500 pounds. Butter in bulk: 25. Errs: Candled fresh firsts, 20: candled fresh mediums, 18; candled fresh smalls, 14. (Tj I 2 Los Angeles Curb j Quotation! Supplied by Leo G. MacLaughlin, 64 8. Los Robles DOLLAR STOCKS High Low Bid Ark Nat Gas A 3H Atlantic Refining Aviation Corp Del Bank dltalia A Caterpillar Tractor. Chapman Ice Cream .. 400 Cities Service .... 12 12 Claude Neon N Y Consol Steel com Consol Steel pf ... Conti Oil Del Cord Corp Crystallite Products Detroit Aircraft ... . . . District Bond , Elec Products Wash . General Aviation .... , Fox Theaters A.. General Motors Gladding MacBean. .. Grigsby Grunow 300 Mexican 6eaboard 15 Montgomery Ward., .. 100 Pac Associates .... 10 Pac Indemnity .... Radio ............. Radio Keith So Cal Gas 8s Trans Air Transport .. 400 Universal Con .... 5 CENT STOCKS Bale; A Asked. Investments Trusts I f Furnished by G. Braahears A Co First Trust Building Bid ABC Trust Shares Senes E.... 7 All-America Inv Corp 7 Amer Composite Trust Shares.. 6 American Fndrs com 3 Asked 7 7 6 3 Associated National Shares .... 8 Associated Stand Oil Shares.... 5 Basic Industry Shares 5 Chain tSohe Shareowners 13 Colateral Trustee Shares 7 Commonwealth Insur Shares .. 4 Corporate Trust Shares 5 Cumulative Trust Shares 6 Diversified Trustee Shares A.. 14 8 5 6 14 7 4 5 6 do Series B 11 Fundamental Trust 8hares A.. 6 do 8eries B 6 Incorporated Investors 30 Independence Trust Shares ..3,95 Internatl Insurance Shares. Internal) Securs Corp A... do Class B do 6s pf 77 do 6s pf Investment Trust Associates... Leaders of Industry A do Series do Series C Massachusets Intv Trust ...... National Trust Shares 10 Nationwide Securities 6 North American Trust 8hares. North Si 6outh Am Corp B ... Public Service Trust Shares... Public Utility Holding Corp.... . Representative Trust Shares. .13,30 14.00 Second Intntl Sec Corp A...... ll. do Class B Sj do 6s 1st pf Selected American Shares Selected Income Shares , 6 Standard Amer Trust Shares.. Standard Oil Trust Shares.... Super Corp of America A 5 do Series B 5 do Series C do Series D Trustee Food Shares A 10 Trustee Std Inv Shares C....3 65 390 do Series D 3.55 3.00 Trustee Std Oil Shares A 4 do Series B Trusteed Amer Bank Shares... 6 Two-Year Short Terra A 18 do Senes B 30 United Founders com 5 do !-70th com .05 U 8 St British Int Co A ...... 7 do Class B do 13 pf 37 U 8 Elec Lt Pwr Shares A.. 28 do 8eries B e U 8 Electric Power Corp 53 Universal Trust Shares 8 7 33 5 7 20 4 6 .09 30 7 4 5 Chicago Grain Fornlfthed by l yellow. 59 ; No. 1 white. 59 4 . Oats No. 2 white. 27(47128: No 3 white, 27. Rye No sales. Lard 8.20. Ribs 9.50. Bellies 9 50. TENUIS COUPON FIFTH ANNUAL PASADENA CITY VETERANS TENNIS TOURNAMENT June 29-July 4, inclusive Auspices of Pasadena Department of Recreation NAME PHONE ADRESS Check event you (Give name Open Singles Doubles Playing Time Preference A. M 2 P. M 4 P. M 5 P. M Entrance foe 50 cents for each person in each event. Entries close Friday, June 26, at 6 P, M. Mall to Pasadena Department of Recreation, 305 Ease Walnut Street, TErrttce 5111, Station 148. Federal Judge Harry A. Hollzer of Los Angeles yesterday denied an application for a receiver in equity for the Pacific Building and Loan Association of Culver City after the superior court of that city had approved and confirmed the action last week of Building and Loan Commissioner Carnahan in taking over the association. Coincident with yesterdays court action, it was pointed out by Commissioner Carnahan that the Pacific of Culver City was a small independent association which has no connection or affiiiation of any nature with Pacific States Savings and Loan Company of San Francisco and other leading California cities. The public is not to confuse these two associations because of similarity of name, said Commissioner Carnahan. Pacific States Savings, the nations largest Building and Loan Association, is in excellent condition. It has no branch or affiliated organization in Culver City. Auto, Cheese Start Of L. C. Sternberger (Continued from Page One, Section Two) days business netted Sternberger $2. Business wasnt much better during the following six months. One day a friend told him he ought to sell something different. Together the pair invented a new hamburger sandwich, which included a slice of cheese, a food never before tried in such a sandwich. It was very tasty. However, the restaurateur was afraid to feature it, owing to the additional cost involved by use of cheese. When two old customers ordered sandwiches the next day, he tried the new idea on them. It took. The next day an automobile with six passengers halted at the door. The driver asked: "Is this where hamburgers with cheese are served? Sternberger didnt know what to say for a moment. He finally said Yes. The sandwiches went so well the party repeated their order. That started persons to the top of the hill for hamburger sandwiches with cheese. They have been coming ever since. Sternbergers business prospered. From time to time he added features to his menu which attracted more customers. At first the restaurant was known as the Boulevard Stop. Because there wasnt a stop sign near the hilltop, the name was changed to its present form. The first days receipts of $2, compared with the current daily Intake of aproximately deed. Beside the four restaurants, Sternberger has a Janitors supply house In Los Angeles which sells patent articles, and a large commissary in Glendale that sells foodstuffs wholesale to his own chain as well as others. He was born in New York City on February 21, 1907, attended grammar school in Eagle Rock, and high school in Pasadena. His business career dates from the age of 12, when he owned a roadside cider stand. At the age of 15 he owned and operated a grocery store in Los Angeles. Later he had three or four apple stands and a laundry route. After leaving high school, he went to Atlantic City and sold advertising space for the Atlantic City Times. One year later he returned to Pasadena and swapped the auto for the soft drink stand. He has invested more than $30,000 in his business, all from profits. He is single and lives at home with his mother, for whom he recently had built a $25,000 estate in the Annan-dale district. His father, who passed on several years ago, was a successful man in his prime. Sternberger also is interested in a finance company. He is sole owner of the restaurants. And he doesn't Just sit down and wait for the rofits to roll in, but takes part in the management of his enterprises. So much so, that you might, meet him most any time dispensing food at 1500 West Colorado street, Pasadena. Boy Found Waiting For Clothes to Dry (Continued from Page One, Section Twoi Motorcycle Officer Ray Broadstone discovered Glen pulling a bathing suit out of a tree near the pool. Glen had spent the night, he said, at a friends home, neglecting to inform his parents. Glen was loaded on Broadstone's motorcycle and headed for home. wish to enter. of partner) (Continued from Pag. One) by surprise and that the government is finding some embarrassment in agreeing upon the form of its answer. It seems clear that France does not wish to be rushed into dealing with the Hoover proposal. While there is no indication that the nation wants to reject the American plan, it is apparent that time is desired, that the government may reflect upon it and fully understand its effect on the future economic, financial and political situation of Europe. SEEK SPEEDY APPROVAL WASHINGTON, June 23. (JP) American officials sought today to speed ratification of the moratorium proposal to maintain with undiminished force what they caw as already materializing economic improvement. From no less a person than Secretary Stimson had come the warning that there must be no bargaining; that the plan must be acted upon quickly to pull the world out of its business morass. Opposes Cancellation And to critics who held that postponement for one year of all war debt and reparations payments would only delay the crisis, the administration reiterated its unqualified opposition to cancellation of the obligations. Modification of existing agreements has been urged, but the consensus is against any change. Hoping to stimulate France to acceptance, Secretary Stimson expressed his opposition to the suggestion in that country that an international conference be held. Others here said they believed the generally favorable world-wide reaction would lead France to approve the suggestion. Four Nations Approve Already President Hoover's offer to suspend for one year payments on all inter-governmental debts has the informal approval of four of the countries most directly Involved in World War obligations Great Brittain, Italy, Austria and Germany. Meanwhile, France, holding the conclusive answer to the scheme, had available for comparison with her own data the America figures as to the difference between the monpy involved in two possible plans. The first calls for suspension of conditional and unconditional payments alike, the second allows only for a' moratorium of the conditional. Loss Would be Felt As one of the biggest sufferers in the war, France became among the largest beneficiaries through reconstruction payments, which are classed as unconditional. The loss of these, it was reported, would be felt keenly. President Hoover, however, in his announcement of the plan included all payments on inter-governmental debts owing the Important creditor powers" pnrt fa id Uht equivocally yesterday that he meant both conditional and unconditional obligations. Other Suggestions Loom There was some speculation today as to whether the president contemplated other suggestions intended to improve business. Senator Watson of Indiana, the republican leader, and Senator Harrison of Mississippi, ranking democrat on the finance committee, had left their homes for the capital. Conferences with the president were indicated. Both Senators, however, already had en dorsed the moratorium proposal. Making Canvas President Hoover is making a complete canvas of all members of the senate and house to ascertain their attitude toward his proposed war debt holiday. It was said at the White House today that Mr. Hoover had talked to all members of the house and senate in Washington and had com suited with many of them by telephone. Those he could not reach by those methods he has telegraphed or cabled. The White House did not indicate how complete was the poll, but it was said that over 50 per cent of the two memberships had replied, MOSCOW CRITICIZES MOSCOW, June 23. () Presi-1 dent Hoover's war debt proposal was attacked in the press here today as insincere and induced by fear for the position of capitalism and the fate of American investments in Germany. Had the president really meant to help the prosperity of the world, says the official organ, Izvestia, "in- I stead of postponing debts and reparations for a year he would have proposed to abolish the war debts altogether. 'The rapid development of the revolutionary movement in Germany compelled America to take up the question of strengthening the German Bourgeoisie. America has Invested six and a I half billions in Germany, and lt is obvious she would not be pleased to lose it. This is the reason for Hoover's proposal. Hoover Hears Plan On Silver Problem I WASHINGTON, June 23 (A Senator Smoot, accompanied by four men connected with the silver industry, laid before President Hoover I today a plan for dealing with the silver problem. After the conference Smoot declined to disclose his plan. Film Actress Wins Decree of Divorce I LOS ANGELES, June 23. (CNSi Pauline Starke, Chestnut-haired film actress, today recited a long I list of mental cruelties on the part of her husband, Jack White, screen producer, and won an uncontested suit for divorce before Superior Judge Dailey S. Stafford. L. A. Grain, Hay ALFALFA HAY U. 8. No, I extra leafy lft Mb 16 50 U. S. No. 1 13 00-rj 1ft 00 V S. No. 2 leafy, 12 Md 13 5ft U, 8 No 2 alfalfa Ilftni2ftn Out ha.v innm20no Barley hay 17 00 't 18 00 and five daughters. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. YOUNGEST LEADER Steve Salisian, Pasadena Junior College senior class president, has the distinction of being the youngest leader at the Los Angeles Y Camp, which is now In session at Little Green Valley in the San Bernardino mountains. GAMES REPRESENTATIVE Pasadena will be represented at the Olympic Games next year by Dr. Patrick Walker, chairman of the Board of City Directors, and a committee appointed by him. Dr. Walker received his appointment as chairman of the Pasadena Olympic Games today in a letter frbm the national games headquarters at Detroit. BUDGET UP Unofficial consideration of the budget will be given by city directors at a session called for 10:30 o'clock Thursday. COMMISSIONERS NAMED Due to the inability of Monsignor STATIONS . . , ALPHABETICAI.LV (All in kilocycles Ihl.FR 1300 J KLCA 1430 KGFJ 1200 J KFI.W 780 KIIJ I ; KFAC 130CKMCS 110 , KFI 04(1 KMPC 1111 ( j KFOX ....... 1'430 K51TS 670 J 1 KEVO 1(810 KNX 10.10 ( KFWB 050 KTM 780 1 We recommend tonight: 5:80 p. M. KECA Earle Spicer, orchestra. (C). 6 F. M. KFI -Ben Rolfes orchestra. (NBC). KHJ Ben Bernies orchestra. (CBS). 6.16 P M. KHJTJa Guizar, orchestra. (CBS). 6:30 P. M. KHJ Savixro Tone pkttirea (CBS). 7 P. M. KFI Orchestra. Richard Davit. KHJ Glendale Symphony orchestra. (LISTED ALPHABETICALLY) (From programs submitted by stations) (CBS), (NBC), (C) are network features. S P. M. KECA Mildred Loughlln and pianist. KELW Variety trio. KFOX Carl Parrs orchestra. KFWB Jerry Joyce, Bud Overbeck. KNX Big Brother Kens club. 6:15 P. M. KHJ Sharnova trio, soloist. KMTR Two Pranks, piano duo. 5:80 P. M. KECA Orchestra, Earle 8plcer. KFI Eddie and Don. KFOX Roily Wray. KGFJ Twilight Reveries. KMCS Supper club, David Hartford. 6:45 P. M. KFI Marketeers. P. M. KELW Charlie Joselyns orchestra. KFI Ben RoUes orchestra. KFOX Old-time Minstrel show. KFWB Price Dunlavy, organist. KGFJ Dance orchestra. KHJ Ben Bernies orchestra (CBS). stra. organist. 6:15 P. M. KHJ Tita Guizar (CBS). KNX Tom and Wash. 6:30 P. M. KFOX Percy Prunes and Daisy Mae. KFWB Uncle Jerry. KHJ Savlno Tone Pictures (CBS). KMTR Supper club. KNX Petite Concert ensemble. 6:45 P. M. KFOX Three Vagabonds. KFWB Cecil and Sally. 7 P. M. KFI Musical Driftwood. KFOX School Days. KFWB Nip and Tuck, piano duo. KGFJ Orchestra, family hour. KHJ Inter-City Radio Contest. KMTR Water District talk. KNX Frank Watanabe and Archie. 7:15 P. M. KFOX Bill and Coo. KHJ Arthur Pryor's band (CB8). KMTR Dream Girl program. KNX Duke and Luke, harmony duo. 7:30 P. M. KELW Dave and Clyde. KFOX Town Hall Revelers. KFWB Symphonettes. KHJ Morton Downey, orchestra (C). KMTR Wedding of the Air. KNX Victor Herbert program. 7:45 P. M. KFOX Rnythm Makers orchestra. KHJ Dr. David Barrows, "Bonus (C). KNX Hotel dance orchestra. 8 P. M. KECA Dance band, male quartet. KFI Orchestra, Carollers (NBC). TOMORROWS Harold Roberts Golden Stale band will y a program of "Olympic numbers at le Los Angeles Breakfast club Wednesday lornlnr. This weeks prorram will be roadcast to the NBC coast network 6:30 A. M. IGFJ Morning Moods orchestra. 6:45 A. M. t EC A Dr. P. M. Seix-.s. exercises. INX Bill Sharpies' gang. 7 A. M 'FOX Dick Dixon, Ted Bliss. .HJ Ken Niles and organist. 7:45 A. M. FI Van and Don (NPCi. 8 A. M FI liappy Time program (NBC). ;PWB Los Angeles Breakfast club, vlij Hallelujah hour. 8 30 A. M. tECA Louis Rueb, exercises. O A. M. IECA Roy Leffingwell. C FI Bess Kilmer. CGFJ Vikings. CHJ Jack and Grace. IMTR Mildied Kitchen 9:15 A. M. 'CFT Eddie Demeree, ballads, FOX Smoky's trio XHJ Ferdinandos orchestra (CBS). 0 30 A. M. KECA Jack Baldwin, pii.nht. KFI Arthur Lang, baritone. KFOX Roily Wray. Harry Morton KGFJ Ensemble. KHJ Betty Crocker (KFRC), KMCS Stunrt Hamblin KMTR McIntyre's Hawaiian. 9:45 A. M. TFT -Polly Grant Hall, pianist XPWB Price Dunluvy, organ!. KHJ Helen Stone, cellist 10 A. M. KELW Dave and Clyda. KFOX Hawaiian tilo. KGFJ Oregon Revelers. KHJ Safety conference. CNX Eddie Alhrirht 10:15 A. M. FLW Laura KM Mary Hale Martin. GU Soloist and irganKt. 10:30 A. M. HFI Magazine of the Air NBO). :FOX Vera Graham, organist. IMTR Rhyl hmettes. '!NX Kate Brew Vaughn. 10-15 A. M, KHJC!alrs VanNorstrand. organ KMCS Harry Ge'e and Hhppt Guys. 11 A. It. KLW Paul' HawaHunr-KFOX Town H.ill Revelers. KFWB -Jen y Jovce, Oscar Heather KHJ Bess Kilmer. 11 30 A. M. KFCA O: gnn recital. KFAC Veladn club soloists. KFT-Rov Rlnewn'.d, ballads. TrnFJR!lhouefte v HI Three Poptors ms. 'NX Jack Ce-tr. ent-tnlnerj 11:45 A. M. "FI Winnie FurVer. ballads. "fox Cheerio Fnv mit flvpnnate Silhouettes (CVl TR-Cttv Halt hropHcast. NOON FCA-Fdna Wnl'a-' Hooper (NBC, "'T - fterirulm nl talk, maikets. KFOX-Atr Raiders kwh - Pr1'" Dunrivy. orgsni't "rFlT. Gale d Cook, KfF Cewrf KMPC Happy cn-np'n r i5 p. m, Vlme hour (NBC) Trtfidio Store lit ISlY Eugene D. Melcher, assistant city manager .continued to show Improvement today at the Pasadena Hospital, where he is confined with a fractured skull sustained in an automobile accident last Wednesday night. An expression of sympathy was voted Melcher by city directors today on a motion of Director Francis J. Walker. The park department was ordered to keep Melchers hospital room supplied with flowers. McCarthy and Prof. Graham A. Laign to serve, James T. Jenkins, former city director, and W. W. Colton, adjutant of Pasadena Post, No. 13. American Legion, were appointed on the economic conference commission today by Dr. Patrick Walker, board chairman. The entire commission, composed of Jenkins, Colton, Alexander Davidson, chairman; Mrs. Willard J. Stone, D. F. Cameron, Rev. Robert Freeman and Director Carl Wopschall, will meet tomorrow night at the city hall at 7:30 o'clock. 7:15 P. M. KHJ Arthur Pryorg band. (CBS) 7:80 P M. KECA Doric quartet, orchestra. (NBCX KHVB Symphonettes. KHJ Morton Downey, orchestra. (C) 8 P. M. KFI Carollers. orchestra (NBC), KGER Advertising clubs frolle. 8:Sft P. M. KHJ Willson's orchestra (KFRC), 9 P. M. KFI Concert orchestra. KFW'B Winelands orchestra. KHJ Cadmans orchestra (KGB), 0.20 P. M. KGER Paiges orchestra, ensemble. 0:30 P. M. KFCA Vocal ensemble, male quartet KNX "Little Trouper' playlet. 10 P. M. KOA Lucille Bethel Chorus (NBC). 10:30 P. M. KFI Orchestra, Arthur Lang. KFOX. KHJ Black and Blue. KFWB Gleason and Armstrong. KGER Advertising Clubs frolic. KGFJ Rus$ Colombos orchestra. KMTR Studio orchestra. KNX Arizona Wranglers. KTM Highway Highlights. 8:15 P. M. KFI Memory Lane (NBC), KFOX Bill Estes orchestra. KFWB Ascot Speedway. 8:30 P. M. KFOX "Falcon, mystery play. KFWB Plantation club. Art Pabst, KGFJ Salon orchestra. KHJ Willson's orchestra (KFRC). KMTR Night baseball (Wrlgley field). KNX Lion Tamers circus. 8:45 P. M. KFI "D-17 Emperor. KMPC Bob, Bunny and Junior. 9 r. m. KECA Three Co-eds. KFI Orchestra, Charles Shepherd. KFWB Ssm WineJand's orchestra. KHJ Cadmsn Symphony (Prom KGB). KMPC Organ recital, KTM Orsanettes. 9:13 P. M. KECA Hall and Myers, piano dutx KNX Neapolitans orchestra. 0:30 P. M. KECA Vocal Ensemble, Soloist. KFOX Vera Graham, organist. KFWB Olympic auditorium bouts. KGFJ Jack Dunn's orchestra. KMPC Merrymakers. KNX Georgia Flfields players. KTM Ranch Boys. 10 P. M. KFOX Mann Brothers' orchestra, KFWB Gus Arnheims orchestra. KHJ News, Bill Hogans orchestra KMPC Beverly Hill Billies. KNX Sam Coslow's orchestra. KTM Organ recital. 10:15 P. M. KFI Gayle Wood. 10:30 P. M. KFT Orchestra and Arthur Lang. KGFJ Chester Markert, organist KMTR Harold Curtis, organist. 10:45 P. M. KECA Louis Rueb, exercises. H P. M. KFI Ed Hoagland's orchestra. KFOX Rhythm Makers. KFWB Gus Arnheim's orchestra. KGFJ Russ Colombo's orchestra. KHJ Bill Hogan's orchestra. KMTR Billy Van's revue. KNX Jack Carter, entertainers. 11:30 P. M. KFI Lofner-Harrls orchestra (NBC). KFOX Freddie Carter's orchestra. midnight KFOX Dick Dixon, organist. KHJ Organ concert. KMTR Louise Ho watt. RADIO PROGRAM KELW Clyde Lindsey, pianist KMCS City Hull broadcast, KMTR Hi Noon Varieties. 12:30 P. At, KFOX Trio. Acr orchestra. KNX Doria Bji. 1 P M KECA Hotel dance orchestra (NBO). KMfS 1 Texas Outlaws. Jack Carter, entertainer. KTM Edmund I.ytton, reader. 1:15 P. M. KMTR Andy and Lumberjack. KFCA-Alexander Reiiiy, organist. KM Arlnn irlo (NhC). and Tucil Piano duo, KMI C Bob, Bunny and Junior. KECA Matinee. (NlJCL KJ' I-S:esta melodies, orchestra. KGFJ Russ Colombos orchestra Hppy"O0Lurk3r hour (KFRO). KVCS- Santa Monica band concert. KNX Fddie Albright, fiction. KTM Karena Shields. :15 P. M. KFOX Music Appreciation. KM1R Frank C are, ballad. 2:3(1 p. M. KFOX Three Vnu abends. Kf.FR-Lonr Beach band. KNX Fire Department band, P. M. KFCA Science talk. fNHC). KFI Helen Guest, ballads. KHJ Feminine Fancies. (KFRC7) KMPC U S C. lecture, 8 15 P. M. EEFAWlnn,e Edfilc Hal1 Myers. KH Dr. John T. Miller, talk. 8:30 p. M. KPT-Phll Cook. NBC). TeeOarde n. fiction. KMCS lirtnio Hoys. KNX Mrs. Emily Bhutt, "Travel. 8:45 P. M. KPT- Lou Gordon. B. Ferlaszo. KFOX Foster !turkr and organist. 4 P, M. ?rFArRobby golf chat. (NM KM Heron KevoV Air Castle. vMooFrf,d MrNl,hb' rtfen LI. KMPC-tJ, B feature. KNX Travelog. 4 15 P. M. KECA John Moss, Bass. 4.30 P. M. KFt Medical Association speaker, KFWB Nip and Tuck piano duo. KHJ--Symphonic interlude. KMTR Htudlo orchestra. 4.45 p. M. KFCA Mary LaMar, soprano, KFI Eddie and Don. KHJ Mnrglt Hegdus, quartet. 6 I. M. KFCA B Fer1ax70. violinist. KFLW VarMty pnv. KM -Orchestra. Old Counsellor, (Ok KFOX Carl Farr'a orcheati. KcWH-Jerry Joyce, Bud Overbeck. KnjOrgn KNX Hi Brother Kens club. 0:15 P. M. KECA Freeman High, tenor. KMIW Tdo Frank, piano duo, 5 3( P. M. KCA -J'trk Baldwin, pianist KFI Rneirrs, orchestra, (NBC). K FOX Holly Wrav KOI' J Tv ilii ht Hevetles, KHJ -Charles Undiej, reader. KMCS-Suppcr club, David Hartford, KM 'OK lS S. II VICK Wrslinghou.vp, Vidor, t. Colin .Klo Tfc 32X1

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