San Antonio Express from San Antonio, Texas on May 2, 1967 · Page 39
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San Antonio Express from San Antonio, Texas · Page 39

San Antonio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1967
Page 39
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jLoday s lelevisiou ★ COLOR r,.' "M KENS-TV KONO-TV WOAI-TV Q—CBS fS—ABC O—N BC SAVE 17c JUMBO COLOR REPRINTS 4 for 99c “Zn Prom your lomt tiio roll film Kodocolor nogativos AND ALL FOX DEALERS 7 8 9 :00 îlS :30 iOO :1S :30 :4S :00 ;1S :30 :45 (6:30) Collcgt (7:10) Buckaroo CBS Heyttir (7:55) Newi Copf. Kangaroo Sovtn^ Today'Ar KLRN-TY Q-~Ed. MIkt Douglat-dr (8:35) Scienea Candid Camera a Beverly Hillbillies Jack La LanncA* Snap Judgment 'Ar Concentration-Ar (8:55) Am. Literature (9:25) Science Andy of Mayberry Dick Van Dyke Supermarket Sweep ★ One in a Million Pat Boone^ HoUywood Squares-Ar (9:55) Am. Literature (10:25) Science Love of Life Ml 25) News^ S. for T rrowAr Guiding LightAr Noon News-A Our TownAr As The World Turnt’A’ Everybody's Talking Donna Reed JeopardyA: it Mid'doy NewsAr (10:55) Am. Literature Se Hobia Spanish The Fugitive Eye Guess-A it Let's Make A DealA' (12:01) Am. Literature (12:33) Science Password A* it House PartyA Newlywed Game A Dream Girl A (1:55) News Days of Oi’r LivesA The DoctorsA (12:55) Am. Literature (1:25) Spanish (1:40) Libraries T U E S D A Y EXPRESS KWfX-TV CD—UHF SAN ANTONrO EXPRESS - Tuesday, May 2, 1967 Page 7-D New Network Begins Life ; (o NEW YORK TIMES NEWSSERVICE j Godfrey Is scheduled to make aifor two hours Monday-Friday in^ NEW YORK — The United gygst appearance Tuesday Network, a company which * hopes one day to become the nation’s fourth television network, began limited operations Monday night with the premiere of its entry into the late evening variety show competition. The new program, the “Las Vegas Show,” will originate five ni^ts weekly from the 300-seat theater at the Hotel Hacienda in the Nevada gambling center. Bill Dana, the comedian night. Oliver E. Treyz, president of United Network, said in a telephone interview from Las Vegas that about 125 stations — including WGM in Chicago, KHJ in Los Angeles, WHOH in Boston and WTVJ in Miami — would telecast the new program. He said the show had been sold to an additional 32 television stations in Mexico, Central America and South America, where most cities. .OD mm HoiziyiJiT DAYS, NITÉS & SUNDAYS SERVICE IN YOUR HOME PE6-1711 ^20 W. MISTLETOE who is known for his portrayal program will be dubbed into FACE NEW DEATH— Roy Thinnes, left, and guest star Burgess Meredith face a deadly new kind of death from outer space aliens on 'The Invaders," Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on Ch. 12. of the character Jose Jimenez, is host of the program. Guc.sts on the opener, taped Sunday night, includeded Milton Berle, Allen and, Billy Daniels, Abbe Lane, Big Tiny Little and Sarah Vaughan. Gov. 1 aul Laxalt of Nevada and Democratic Sen. Howard W. Cannon also made appearances. Arthur Spanish. The îMrogram will be telecast TEKA MOLINO II 7231 SAN PEDRO To Toll Tho TruthA Edge Of Night Goneral Hospital it Dark Shadows Another WorldA #« You Don't SayA (1:55) Am. Literaturo (2:25) Science Highlights Tonight COME ON IN, for a responsible trade! 1221 BROADWAY and 2331 S.W.MIUTARY DR. Secret Storm ti Popeyo Tho SoiierA Yogi BeorA Doting Gome A *t Dateline: Hollywood Best of Hollywood “Tho Lady from Texas'' Match GomeA ti Early Show "Time Of Thoir"~Liv«'' Bud Abbott, Lou Costello (2:55) Am. Literature (3:25) Earth School Talk (3:40) Express Gospel Hour Primary Art Kindergarten Escolar Lulacs La Hora News at 5 A {Mono Freeman I Early Evening "I Report A CBS News A Peter Jennings AI Huntley- I BrinkleyA Friendly Giant Sing Hi Dovey-Goliath Light Time de la Muier Operación Ja Ja 6 7 8 :00 : 1 $ :30 :4S :00 :15 :30 :09 :1S :30 :4S Twilight Zone j News ExtraA Daktori ACoirbot A News.WeatherA World NewsA Girl from UNCLEA Whot's New News By TV SCOUT BEST BET — CBS News combines kitchens, playgrounds and laboratories to reduce the complexities of science to layman’s terms on The National Science Test. It.s purpo^ is to demonstrate how much we know about science without realizing it. Don Herbert, of Mr. Wizard fame, displays duplications of activities, by the housewife and the scientists, specifically in making basic deductions to solve basic problems. There is also an animated sequence and science fiction films running from the birds and the bees, to computers in space. Overall, this is a noteworthy combination of entertainment and education. i-l§ (Ch. 5) star portraying a newsman who wants to expose the presence of the aliens. He is prevented by, of all people, David Vincent. It seems the out-of-this- world people know a few old world tricks, like kidnapping. Their victims are David’s brother and his pregnant wife. Newi Rocambola Rad Skelton A Tha InvoderxAOccottonol WifeA 9 .00 :IJ .*30 ;45 Patticoot Junction A Natl. Scianca TaitA Payton { Folk Guitar i The Busy ^ Knitter At the MoviesA'Lo Hora i "Jeanne Mcxicana PlaceA : Eagles" | I Kim Novak I Vartigo It I La Hora del i Compodre Las Abuelas actress who beffriends our bumbling hero. Naturally, none of Gomer’s buddies will believe his star-struck story and the whole plot revolves around his desperate attempts to prove it while faced with one silly situation after another. (Repeat) The Fugitive A 1 Jeff Chondler ^CBS Reports ! Valerio El Derecho de Nacer 10 11 :00 Ch. 5 Report A 12 Star Final A :1$ Waather, Spts. A Weather, NewsA :30 Las Vcgos | Felony Squod A :4S Show A i :00 " ZOth'Ceiitrfh riS " "Hitler” :30 " Rich. Bosehort TV 4 NewsA it TonightA of a Anatomy Hit Big PietureA News Corridos da Espono ! 8:38-7:3« (Ch. 4) - The Girl _ From UNCLE continues its high camp fun and games with Bor- !ls Karloff in baggy tweeds and !shawl as Agnes Tewskury — _ ¡more popularly knoMu as Moth ;er Muffin. With 7-foot patsies jas her guards, she gleefully 'mixes her own embalming flu__ i ids to keep her ghastly house of jwax well stocked. Her crowning glory is to turn April Dancer |(Stefanie Powers) and Napo- íleon Solo (Robert Vaughn, on Joan from his own series) into !Lady MacBeth and Prince Ham|let. (Repeat) 7:30-8:30 (Ch. 5) - Opera star Patrice Munsel guests on The Red SkeltoB Hour and is best in her own element which is not tiading burlesque banter with Red. This bit is a skit on advice-to-the-lovelom in which she is a columnist and Clem Kadiddlehopper is tte wretched rmnancer. Her better moment is a production number with the Tom Hansen Dancers to “That’s Life.” The Silent Spot is about a cantankerous old man who has his own park bench and won’t let anyone else enjoy it. 8 (Ch. 4) — Tuesday Night Movie Is “Jeanne Eagles,” starring Kim Novak, Jeff Chandler, Agnes Moorehead, Virginia Grey, Charles Drake, Gene Lockhart. Life and loves of famed actress. Her rise, success and eventual physical, mental and professional decline caused by alcohol. (1957) 84S 44 ACROSS 46 Region 47 Arab cadph I Solicits 48 PresKisition iron 49 Prickly 5 Attentionshrub attracti'^g 53 Differently utteranct 57 Ci ty in 9 Gems 25 Down 14 Former 58 — Beach African 59 Miss Fit.? k ingdom 61 Eng. museum 15 R io --- founder 16 Femsnin« 62 Once upon name - 2 words 17 Whiskey: 63 Kind bird Colioq. 64 Arab VIP 18 Mr. Laurel 65 Proper 19 Famed functions Franciscan 66 Foot mission movement 20 Cease! 67 Refuse 44 Calendar 4# 44 Sign OH Sign Off (12:001 Tbeoter Yesterday's Puzzle Solved: «:3«-7:38 (Ch. 12) — The question (m CiMiibat is whether no- Igood GIs who steal army équip­ ement and sell it to the black market or get gas^ up in a ¡French bistro and slug it out !with MPs can be reliable soldiers. Vic Morrow', badly in 8:31-1 (Ch. 5) — Partisan Politics on Petticoat Junction makes for a little, but not much fun. The battle that sf^ts the men and women of Hooterviite Valley right down the middle is for county supervisor with Kate running against Sam Drucker, and the voters lining up solidly by sex. And oh, that campaign orator>’. MEXICAN FOOD 'A Name You Con Trust" ROOFING-XEMODEIING Ott Oil Company Re-Refiners Motor Oil With Experience 60c per gallon We Are Selling Any Amount To Anyone 222 New Laredo Hwy. (Hwy. 81 South) WA 2-1961 10 (Ch. 9) — Anatomy of a Hit —• Jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi talks with host Ralph Gleason about the aftermath of making his hit record, “Cast Your Fate to the Wind.” From a San Francisco nightclub, Gaur- aldi and his trio conclude the program with a rendition of Street.” NEED CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING? Wo Guaranfeo You tho Bost Unit, tho Most Beautiful Installation, and tho Best Price in San Antonio. How? By Specializing In Central Air for 21 Years. Why Take a Chance? Be Sure!! Cut Out This Adfl Call Now! First Come, First Served! THE ROY SNIPES CO., CA3-0296 10:30 (Ch. 5) - The Las Vegas Show guests are SheUa MacRae, Craig Stevens and Pat Henry. 11 (Ch. 12) — 20th Century Theater feature is “Hitler,” starring Richard Basehart, Maria Emo, Cardula Trantow. A; new light on history’s most in-| famous character. (1962) j ROSES ... ROSES ... ROSES ... At Thair Bosf—In Bud and Bloom! All In Largo Contolnani So# and Know What YWra Gattinfl a Larga stock ef quality nursery plants, trees and shrubs—lust the size yeu want, a Reel Dwarf Cannas—4 colors a Shade Trees lorge enough to sit under a All Fruit Stock moved to large containers— some with fruit on them—plant them safely onytime. All IN SOIL ... 10 ACRES TO SELECT FROM 1 V * p U T 1 N k 8 Ó V è » r N € t auauiuytiy Witte Museum (Question Box - which has Kimble Send your questions to Or. Burns, Di- hoIds his breath and SO will^^^S uDwcd mothcr and rector. Witte Museum. 3 « 0 l Broodwov,^ w jjH But doCS Son Antonio, Tckos, 71209 . Questions wHI iviewerS. right Up tO the CXplOS- (TlUCaiiy lU ini^l. BUI QOes ------- ... ----- «—i K he get any thanks? Of course not. The child’s reUgious zealot of a grandfather turns his \^Tath need of men to blow up an enemy bridge, takes on the “los- ? .if * ,ers,” including BiU Bixb^ an cppode uUed gum-chewmg smart alec, mot - i be oniwered In the order received. Pteose!; finulA ini>iw>att mention ••Question Box " In your inquiry. live lulme. By WILLIAM A. BURNS Us range cattlemen make an 22 Experienced person: I words 24 Annul ty 26 Ccpycat 21 Poetic contraction 2? Pretext 29 State: Abbr. 32 Kind 35 St.----Seaway 37 Eariy Norse mariner 33 — telepbont 39 Chinese: Comb, form 40 Royal — College 43 Cover a hatch 45 Cereal grass to agree DOWN 1 Songwriters' group 2 Push 3 Islam sacred text 4 Carefree: French; 2 words 5 -- poetica 6 -- the button: 2 words 7 And else- 5/2/67 38 Provincial VIPs 41 Wails around 42 Successively 10 Opposite in action 11 “--, a bone, a hanlc of hair'';2 woidS43 Unifof 12 Physically music disabled 13 N.Y. restaurateur 21 Theater |âllery 23 Discharge 25 See 29 Across 23 Spanish beach 29 Do needlework 30 Glandular disease where: Latin: 31 Gas .2 words 32 Verne 8 City on the character Irrawaddy 33 Air 9 Doing the 34 Joust town: 3 words 35 Computed 44 See 29 Across 48 Woman: Sf ang 49 Misrepresent 50 Censure 51 Permit entry: 2 words 52 Granular mineral substance 53 Well-known Persian 54 European- dictator 55 Greet 56 Narrow strip of wood ¿0 Jungfrau 7:30-8 (Ch. 12) — Except for, ^ .u , 1 , . ... (some blistering comments on ®*' ^ (Occasional mistake which kv the inera- friend (who happens tiaUng Patricia Harty who |ets b® » l»w officer) turns on ■■■■■at least willing jq J j Michael i^'lCallan’s “wife,” the action M.,^ Camellia.trivia. Callan has / ^ plan's of landing a new Job, and (a n d Brahms Baby jx)ints out thatjp^^ Company. When his great if ? ^ ®i|expectations go awry, he em- white dau 7 cat-.pj^yg Lewis Charles, a loose- Charge Filed In Slaying Murder chaises were brought Monday morning against Arturo Lozano, 22, (rf Rt. 12, Box 549A, in Justice of the Peace Johnny Benavides court. Lozano, named in the charge as slayer of Benito Perez, 45, of 1 1832 Edison Drive, was wounded by a knife Friday night in a fray at the A&M Lounge, 500 j Pleasanton Road. i Both Lozano and Perez were! taken to Green Hospital. j Perez died of gunshot wounds, j A .32 caliber pistol and a blood- i ied knife were found at the ( scene. i No hearing has been set on a bond for Lozano. EVERGREEN NURSERY 1707 FItosanton Rtf. Phon« WA Jf^sm Froflk Willis—Owner (Not Opon on Sundays) For uniform operation— totally enclosed 5-speed fan motor 9-9:38 (Ch. 5) - Deborah W alley supplies the better parts _ of tonight’s Gomer Pyle — tie s«n around USMC as a glamorous young Kimble, too. It all makes for a tough luck dramatic situation. Kim Darby and Harry Townes are featured. (Repeat) Lone Star !his “I quit” letter. (Repeat) Dr. Bnms State are known in Texas (mly as Holsteins. The HoUand Dutch would disagree with this, “"I saying that some Deutschersj 1 -^ rwy\r took their Friesian cattle and! UaylllllG 1 ▼ íBel Meade 7:J*.8:M (Ci. 12) - The Invaders welcomes Burgess Meredith, and we, too, as guest Jrarlj' olaieil 1 23 4 S 67 8 9 10 11 15 13 l4 \l 18 \7 . 18 15 26 ii » A 22 ill 24 h : 28 y f'-F 27¿8 ÿ/"/ : 29 JO 31 33 ^4 36 Wk Sk V'' y^.. -r.. Í9 40 4) 42 43 44 4Ì 46 47 , " .y/'M b;. ■Mi 48 W 4950 5152 53 55 56 57 58 i: y.i 59 to él % 6Ì ¿4 68 66 67 re-named them. But the horrible error I made was in calling them “Dutch belted cattle.” R.M.M, points out that they are two different breeds. The large dairy cattle with irregular i 66. black and white patches are Holsteins or Friesians or Hol- stein-Friesians. The medium­ sized dairy cattle which are 8-9:30 (Ch. 12) - Mike Douglas’ guests are Michele Lee, James Farentino, Judielh Crist and Sergio Mendes and Brasil 8-9 (Ch. 5) - Captalo Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans and Dan- cmg Bear act out the story of black with a broad white band “The Big Bell and the Little about the body are the Dutch Bell.” belted cattle. Thanks for the correction. I was loo lazy to look up the difference . . . R.M.M. also objects to the use of a photo he feels was taken some 20 years ago. I have gone through a number of awful photographs in my life and there is something about the organization of my features, skin color, halation from snowy hair, and internal cussedness that defeats camera, film, developer, paper, and «ilargement. In all my high school and college year b()oks, photo^aphs, and mementoes where I was a member of the glee club, the student council, the Yearbook Committee or the Debating Society, there is a plaintive oval white ghostly “thing” that is always me. Like Peter Sciilemiel’s image. I cast no Leica shadow! 1:38-2 (Ch. 5) - House Party guest is Dr. James A. Peterson of the University of Southern California. i Annual Bel Meacfe Homes ¡Association party and business meeting will be held at 7 p.m. WedrwSiay in the Starlight Room, Sheraton - S«n Antonio Motor Inn, according to Thomas R Spence, presi&nt. Maj. Gen. James L. Snyder, USA ret., treasurer, who is in charge of meeting arrangements, said the business n^t ing will be followed by a social hour and seated dinner. Dancing will follow. In addition to hearing reports from various chairmen within the organization, the group will elect new officers for the coming year and install them. ■ mm Friedrich gives you more control, more volume of cooled air . . . constantly, with no slow-down even on hottest days. And the motor conserves electricity to save you money. Fair Is Topic For Club Talks Frank ManupelU, executive vice - president of HemisFair, and Gerald Lyda, i»esident of Darragh & Lyda, Inc., contrae-i tors on the Tower of the Ameri-| cas, will share time as featured speakers at the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce Alamos Round-up Club breakfast raeet-| ing Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. atj Earl Abel’s Restaurant. ; Manupelli will give a pro-j gress report on HemisFair, and| Lyda will speak on “Me and' My Tower.” ! P ■ li m F riedrich. KEDÁ 1540 U TEJANITA ALEGRE En San Antonio San Antonio Radio AM STATIONS KTSA (5S0 kc) 24 houri; "Tou 55" music peisonolilies. n«ws, waather. »ports KMAC (630 kc) 6 q m.-mldniahf; CBS Not- work. Country western popular music; CBS news and sports; religious programs. KBAT (680 kc) 5 o.m.1 a.m.; ABC Net work; iiiult music; news, weother; network ond local sports. KONO (160 kc) 24 hours; current music, news, weother. Kire (930 kc) 24 hours; (iolden Sound. Ni'Vi, weather KBER (U3U kc) daylight hours; MBS Network; country Western music; MBS news; weather; local tooture». WOAI (1200 kc) 24 hours (oft (he oir from mtdnlght Sunday to 5:4S a.m. Monday). NBC Network; famllior music; news. weather; local-networtc eports; weekend Mor.iior; lotai feo'ures. KUKA (1250 kc) 4 d.m.-7 p.m.; Spanish longuoge; variety music; news, weather; local feoiures; some English after 5 p.m. KuBO Iljlu kc) 5 a.m.-6.45 p.m.; Span Ishlonguoge; variety music; novellas; news, weother, KCOR (1350 kc) 4 o.m. mldnlght; Spanish ' a n g u Q 8 e; variety mu»»':, current recordings tram Mexico, dramatic pro grams, sports flashes; special events; news, weather. KAFB (1480 kc) daylight hours; rhythr». and blues music; personollties; news, weather, tporli. KfOA (1540 kc) daylight hours; Spanish language; music, newt; 5 p m. teen show. FM STATIONS KSYM (90.3 me) 4 p.m.-» p.m., Monday through Friday; music. Interviews, live programs. KlfV (92.9 me) 6 a.m.-l a.m.; all stereo; contemporary musk, news, stock morkets, weo*h#r, sports. KiwFM (96.1 me) Noon-nldnlght; true stereo; concert musk news. KEEZ (97.3 me) 24 hours (ott the dr from midnlqht Sunday to 6 a.m. Mon day); stereo; music, news-ond weath er on the-hcur, stock overages hourly. KISS (99,5 me) 7 om.-midnight; musical comedy, classical, standard music, CBS news and sports. KBER (100.3 me) 3 p.m.-midnlght; Country-Western music; Mutual news. KITE (1044 me) 6 a.m.-mldnlght; contemporary and classical musk; news, weather. Championsliip Fight ! Go home and spend the night In Las Vegas with Julius La Rosa, Helen O’Connell, Della Reese orcßrr/&Fj^ vs* 7ioæje£s Tue.Mayie. 10.p.m. OA/ KWEX-TV4I TONIGHT on the new 10:30 United Network color The Las Vegas Show ON CHANNEL 5 KENSTy

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