The Pasadena Post from Pasadena, California on September 23, 1930 · 17
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The Pasadena Post from Pasadena, California · 17

Pasadena, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1930
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T .TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 23. 1930 PASADENA POST PAGE SEVENTEEN STJLQE and S CREEP NEUJS of PJtSAPEttA FOX WEST COAST THEATRES Significantly . . upreniply . . . lead thn world In week-ufter-wcek . month-after-montb superlative talking picture exhibition; 'ROMANCE' NOW FEATURED AT FOX FLORENCE New York In the picturesque era it 1865 forms the background of Romance, Greta Garbos second all-talking production, which opens at the Fox Florence theater today for a three-day run. While the scenes of Miss Garbos - Initial dialogue picture Anna Christie were also laid in New York of an earlier day, the present picture offers a dire contrast in presenting the atmosphere of the aristocratic, rather than that of the dingy saloons and the river front. A similar change is seen in the type of characters in Romance, who are represented as being the citys bluebloods, and who form an admiring circle around the exotic foreign opera singer, portrayed by Miss Garbo. Lewis Stone and Gavin Gordon have the leading supporting roles, and the cast also includes Elliott Nugent and Henry Armetta. Romance will be recalled as the outstanding hit on the New York stage in 1913, where it played to capacity audiences. Following the tour of the United States the play was presented in- London, where it ran for three years. It was adapted from the book of the same name by Edward Sheldon. Tonight the Florence also will show an all-talking comedy and Fox Movietone News. The Sea Bat, co-starring Charles Bickford and Racquel Torres, starts on Friday. ROMANCE OPENS RUN AT FOX FLORENCE THEATER a t?"' t ij1 ... it 's ft st nMmm issfe WALTER HUSTON IN 'BAD MAN' AT NEW TOWER "The Bad Man is now being ishown at the Tower theater. The story deals with a group at an Arizona ranch. A young man and his crippled uncle are about to lose their ranch to the local money-lender because bandits have driven away their i cattle. As visitors they have a girl - and her husband, a wealthy Wall ! street speculator. It turns out that the hero, James Rennie, was in love with the girl, Dorothy Revier, before she married her husband, suave, cold and a heavy drinker. Meanwhile he has discovered traces of oil on the ranch and decides to buy it. It is Just about this time that The Bad Man appears on the scene. He had come to rob the ranch, but upon discovering how blatters stood makes up his mind to straighten things up and make Everyone happy in his own direct way. What he does and his method of administering his idea of Justice piakes for an entertaining evenll?g Walter Huston walks off with the acting honors in the role of th bandit. The picture was directed by Clarence Badger and was adapted from the stage play by Porter Emerson Browne. FREE FACIAL IS OFFERED LADIES Ss and the Charmeen Beauty Laboratories of Hollywood will give all women patrons a free facial and expert advice regarding the care of the skin free. Managing DirectorStan-lev N. Chambers requests that all women patrons attend the matinee bs early as possible to take advantage of this treat. The Fox Colorado will open its doors at 1 oclock and remain open until 5. The regular show, Rex Beachs "The Spoilers and Fanchon and Marco's Doll Follies Idea, starts at 2 and finishes at 4. . Wins Second Divorce From 'Faith Healer' KANSA CITY, Sept. 23.OT Mrs. Jessie B. Walker was granted her second divorce from the Rev. Carl C. Walker, "faith healer evangelist, by Judge Ralph S. Latshaw in cir-cuit court here yesterday. She was awarded $8300 In gross and $75 weekly alimony and her maiden name, Jessie B. Woolrldge, again was restored. The counle w-as married first on April 27, 1912, at Riverside, Cal., Bhe testified and divorced here August SO, 1926. on charges Identical with those offered today. They were remarried in New York in 1927 and spent their second honeymoon in the Holy Land. Mrs. Walker told the court the evangelist had cursed and abused her and brought persons of improper character into their home. Han Seeks $50,000 As Reputation Balm LOS ANC.LLES, Sept. 23. (CNS Declaring a letter circulated by his rival in the magazine subscription business had reflected on his personal honesty. Mark A. Steele today brought suit in superior court for $30,000 damages against R. ft. Ilels-tand. Steele quoted lletstands letter as stating in part: It is not too much to say that wherever Steele goes, territory is burned bluett. He i.s ns bad as a scourge of locusts going through Kansas." Big Footed Burglar Sought In Glendale GLENDALE. Sept. 23. OV) Wanted a thief with big feet! Glendale police today are seeking 14 pairs of socks, mostly black. M;;a 14. and liberally rinrnrd. Rev. Jmnrs Whitcomb B rougher, Jr of the First Baptist church reported tlio theft. The pastor's wife hung them on the clothesline and when she went out early in the morning to select a pair for the pastor to wear nt Sunday meeting the clothesline was bare. GRETA GARBO Greta Garbo, who stars in Romance, .which opened a three-day engagement at the Florence theater today. Productions -Projections & Reflections a o On Sunday we talked to the man who knows more about Hollywood and motion picture studios than any man in or out of the motion picture business. As we are not anxious to start a discussion we will not mention the name. But we learned a lot from him, much more than could be learned by reading Queer People, the novel that gives such intimate views of booze hounds, their haunts in Hollywood and morals. THE SPOILERS' OPENS THURSDAY AT FOX COLORADO From what he said we should gather that it wont be long now until the wasteful extravagance which has featured the motion picture production game will be at an end, that the need for economy is approaching rapidly, that sound business principles will be worked out and unnecessary waste and ruinously high salaries eliminated. Which means, of course, that brains will come into the industry real brains that know values rather than friends and females. What Is bringing this change, of course, Is evident. It is the depression, the counter attractions in the way of night baseball, horse racing and football and the miniature golf courses. The latter, however, are not feared as they were originally. Picture people profess to see baby golf declining. Maybe it is and maybe it isnt. Certain it is the number of these courses are increasing. Hollywood lacks stories for pictures. And writers rather than directors are now on the top of the heap. Thats a new situation, at least. The lord of all he surveyed, the director, is now just an ordinary individual who follows copy. lie cant alter or change the script. If the manuscript calls for dialog its up to him to put the dialog in as written. Before, if the director didnt like the story he changed it to suit his own views. Ho could do that in silent pictures and he was czar, author, king everything. Now hes what the title indicates, director. Gilbert Emery, who plays the part of Townley with Norma Shearer In Let Us Be Gay, which is playing at the Fox Colorado theater as a new Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer feature, is noted as a playwright as well as an actor. While Emery was appearing in the Shearer cast, his most recent stage hit, The Hero, was playing at a Hollywood theater. Robert Z. Leonard directed the picturization of the Rachel Crothers play with Rod La Rocque appearing opposite the star. Included in supporting roles are Marie Dressier, Hedda Hopper, Raymond Hackett, Sally Eilers and Tyrrell Davis. The stage production is Fanchon and Marcos Seeing Paris Idea directed by Larry Ceballos. Five hundred extras, the largest number ever taken on a location of this sort since the advent of sound pictures, were used by Paramount at Its big camp and set at Point Hueneme, California, for The Spoilers, Rex Beachs famous story of love and adventure which comes to the Fox Colorado starting Thursday evening. This is the first time on the screen as a talking picture and Is entirely new. The set, a mile long and a quarter-mile wide, duplicated in every detail the boom town of Nome, Alaska, as It was 30 years ago at the time of Rex Beach's story. The cast Includes Gary Cooper, Kay Johnson, Betty Compson, William Boyd, Harry Green, Slim Summerville and James Kirkwood. Fanchon and Marco will present their Doll Follies Idea. Ernst Lubltschs great comedy success, Monter Carlo, will be the coming attraction following The Spoilers. This picture was a popular Broadway production, and features Jack Buchanan and Jeanette MacDonald. Starting Friday matinee and continuing during the run of The Spoilers," excepting Sunday, there will be free facials given by Charmeen Beauty Products representatives, from 1:30 to 5 oclock. Gifts will also be given each afternoon. RIALTO OFFERS BLUSHING BRIDES' With a story of extraordinary interest and a clever supporting cast, Joan Crawford is seen in Our Blushing Brides," now showing at the Rialto theater, South Pasadena. There are three plots in one in this narrative of three girls, who In their desire to exchange their humdrum existence as department store employes for some of the luxuries of life, choose the easiest way with varied results. Assisting Miss Crawford are Anita Page and Dorothy Sebastian as the girls and Robert Montgomery, Raymond Hackett and John Miljan as the male triumvirate. A Paramount specialty, Wonderlust, and the Fox Movietone News completes the program. CURRENT THEATRICAL OFFERINQS COLORADO Norma Shearer In "let Vs Be Gay with Marie Dressier. Also Fanchon & Marco's Seeing Paris Idea. PASADENA Jack Oakie In "Lets Go Native with Kay Francis and James Hall. FLORENCE Greta Garbo In mance. 'Bo- TOWER Walter Huston In Tu Dtid Man with Dorothy Rivier and O. P. Heggie. WASHINGTON Lawrence The Rogue Song. Tibbett in FAIR OAKS Moran and Mack in Anybodys War. PARK Journeys End." WARNERS EGYPTIAN Conrad Nagel in Numbered Men. SOUTH PASADENA RIALTO Joan Crawford In Blushing Brides." Our MORRIS ANKRUM NEW ASSOCIATE AT PLAYHOUSE The addition of Morris Ankrum to the staff of the Pasadena Community Playhouse as associate director to Gilmor Brown, producing director, was announced today. Ankrum comes from a long career both on the professional stage and in little theater direction to add to the prestige of the Pasadena Play house known as the foremost com munlty theater of America. From undergraduate days at the University of California where he rapidly developed theatrical ability under the tutelage of Sam Hume and Irving Pichel, young Ankrum showed talent as a director founding the University of California Little the- Among his professional acting experience Ankrum includes a year with George Arliss in The Green Goddess the juvenile lead in Sweet Hell of Old Drury, the doctor in Eva Le Gallienes production of Hannelli, Roger in Winthrop Ames production of In the Next Room, labor spy in Gods of Lightning, Guthrie McClintocks Buck-a roo and Scar Edwards in the western production of "Broadway. Ankrum comes directly from a summer spent in acting and directing at the Carmel Playhouse, having formerly directed a summer season at the theater of the Golden, Bough at Carmel, and at the Tacoma Little theater. U86 Obsolete Guns Destroyed By Army BENICIA, Sept. 23. (IP) In order to prevent them from falling into unauthorized hands, 1, 186 obsolete rifles were burned and the metal scrapped at the army arsenal here recently. The weapons originally cost $30,000. Literary brains dictate pictures these days and thus comes a great change. Former merchants catering to the cheapest sort of trade now posing as picture magnates must bow to this new master-brain. So the motion picture industry faces a complete revolution. No one will hesitate to admit after the run of low, vile and viciously obscene pictures which have flooded the country, that brains and judgment must come into the industry to rescue it. And so we see better days ahead, better pictures. But stories are lacking good stories. The story writer is the man who is today on the top of the ladder. Through all the ages the smart have paid for brains. The smart are still in the saddle but brains is the motive power to bring the industry out of its predicament. When pictures are good they draw crowds. When pictures are poor the damage to the theater is terrific. Fatal Train Crashes On Decline in State SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23. (.-T) Train accidents and the resultant loss of life are on the decrease in California, the safety division of the state railroad commission has reported. A report on steam and electric railroad accidents, with the excep tion of those occuring at grade crossings, disclosed 48 were killed and 362 hurt during the first six months of this year compared with G7 fatalities and 4C7 injured during tho same period of 1929. Only two passengers were killed in the six months period this year compared with four during the same period in 1929. The safety division also found the majority of the accidents resulted from man failure and not mechanical breakdown. Former Constable Faces Bribe Trial LOS ANGELES. Sept. 23. (CNSI Trial of Harry Amend, former Inglewood deputy constable. Indicted on two counts for allegedly aeceptlng ball of traffic offenders and falling to post complaints, has been postponed until October 22, by Superior Judge B. Rey Schauer. Attorneys for both sides agreed to the continuance, Amend's legal troubles began last January when an investigation by the district attorney's office resulted in accusations of bribery and embezzlement of public funds and permitting prisoners to escape. Legality of Yucatan Divorces Sustained L03 ANGELES, Bcpt. 23, (CNS) Divorces obtained in Yucatan,' Mexico, arc valid unless attacked by either tire husband or wife involved, Superior Judge Marshall F. McComb ruled in denying Mrs. Bertha Weltzman an annulment of her marriage February 23, 1925, to Arnold A. Weltzman. In asking this ceremony be annulled, instead of suing for divorce, tho woman declared Weiizman had obtained a divorce in Yucntan prior to her marriage to him. On the grounds that Yucatan divorces are asscrtcdly illegal, she pleaded her marriage should be annullrd since it followed that, In law, Weltzman hnd a wife living, ttndivorced. ragriTtMrgrre'xa rm'xrvtsrsMMEisisxkiEynmfscsszjTftmma VISIT OUR SCHOOL Come In and see whnt we have to offer before deciding whnt school to attend. You will tike our equipment, systems and results. Graduates and present students are constantly recommending us to their friends. If not convenient to call now, dial VA 4078 for catalogue, A Oub. Corner Union and Raymond ENTER NOW! Many Cash Prizes In Open Golf Tournament At Tho World's finest Miniature Golf Course THE MAGIC CARPET On Walnut street between Marengo and Garfield Warners EGYPTIAN Theatre Direction Paramount Theatres. Inc. E. COLORADO AT LAMANDA PARK Any Seat 39o Any Time Children Under 13 lOo CONRAD NAGEL in NUMBERED MEN An AI St. John ail talking comedy, Sportllght and Latest Sound News. WESTERN ELECTRIC SOUND SYSTEM BUSTER KEATON IS COMING TO FOX PASADENA Lets Go Native. the mad and merry melange, of fun and frivolity and music, which is now breaking attendance records at the new Fox Pasadena theater, presents what is believed to be the most imposing aggregation of Hollywood's younger comedy and music celebrities since Paramount on Facade. Jeanette MacDonald and James Hall play the romantic leads and sing two songs. Jack Oakie and Skeets Gallagher provide much of the fun as wayward taxi driver and a tropical island king. Kay Francis, William Austin and Eugene Pallette assist in the general merriment. An added attraction on the program Is "The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case," a three reel comedy containing more than the usual quota of laughs. Buster Keatons latest comedy, Doughboys, will be the feature of the program arranged by the Pasadena theater management for the week commencing Friday. Keaton proved that he could be as funny in the talking screen as he was in the silent picture with his first talking venture, Free and Easy. With his latest picture, he sets himself in the top notch position as screen comic, A special attraction will be Bottom of the World," the authentic talking picture record of Kohl-Larsen expedition to the South Pole. This picture is said to contain many unbelievable scenes of nature in the frozen regions. SAD FISH WILL BE EXPLAINED Folks who learned the inside story of the Early Bird and the Who Cares About That Worm when they saw and heard Moran and Mack in the blackface comedians first picture, "Why Bring That Up? will now learn the inside story of the Sad Fish. For the intimate facts about these dolorous vertebrates will be generously dispensed by the tired-voiced comics in one of their amusing arguments during a sequence of Anybodys War, their newest release which comes to the Fair Oaks today, tomorrow and Thursday. Starting Friday and Saturday the Fair Oaks will present Rin-Tin-Tin in his new all talking serial "The Lone Defender." On this same program Friday and Saturday Rin-Tin-Tin will also be heard and seen in his last big feature Rough Waters. Olympic Club Will Build New Structure SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23. (A5) The Olympic club expects to start construction of its 26-story downtown clubhouse early in November. The completed structure will cost about $5,000,000. DR. SHANKLIN 383 E- Colorado St. 25 Years Experience WE OPERATE UNDER H GO-TO-YOUR-COMMUNITY- $ CL PLAYSOUSE-WEEK & ;r:vn I Odohfp (.0 Durlnf Which TOUt COMMUNITY FLAYHOTSE, "Tht forcfflMt Community Thrair of America" will keep open homo Nw itth Annual Play Seaton Offrra Havin' "Dancing Bays," October 2-11, Dunsanys If," October 16-23. Tonr Me Rich Girl, "Richelieu," etc. IPissri TEscaErc N Pair OaVe Avt, el w MtiHtuion M v 1a. TONIGHT On of (ho SrMone Brit Phowt Journey End. Comint VVrdtind.ur ind Thurtdir The Hart Player5. SYSTEM Constant Modfratf Fees TTT'IP Our Prices are Posted at Every Operating Chair, NO OVERCHARGE; No Misunderstanding. Good Rubber Plate, $10 Usually sold for $10.00 BestPinkFacedPlate, $15 Genuine $30 Hard Vulcanite Maxm Quality Plate, $25 Positively a $30 Product Grnnlne Trubyte and Bents ply Soldo Gold Pin Teeth used. Complete Laboratory in Connection, Alt Plate's Perfect Pitting, C'TLtT'Tl' Careful examinations art A XVPal-i mads without charge. 20 Kt. Gold C Towns........ $3 22 Kt, Extra Heavy $7 Bridge Work (per tooth) $3 Highest Quality $7 Porrelnln I dlings $2 and $'! Teeth Cleaned A I and $2 Alloy Fillings $1.30 and $2 Plates Repaired. $1 and $2 X-Ray Pictures $ Extracting ft 1 PEXTOSEXO." that Marvel An-aesthetic, for Painless Extracting and Operating; No Extra Charge MODERN SANITARY BRIDGE WORK Artistic, Durable and Clean Natural Gum Plates Half, and less, for Porcelain, Por-rol-plnstlo, llecollto and Other plant tr proem plates. Beautiful, Individually carved, facial restorations. XT? A V ths real condition LVZ1 A ot your tooth. Tills Is a hlgh-elans, personnMy conducted dental practice; no( a dental parlor. Member California I Tog. Bent. Assn. All Work Guaranteed Hours, O to 8: 30. Phono CO. 21)05 (.lowed Saturday afternoons DR. SHANKLIN 333V E. Colorado St, Opposite Hotel Maryland Leave the Dishes Forget the Housework, Get in on Pasadena's Greatest Riot of Joy Today! JACK OAKIE IN Lets Go Native" EXTRA LAUGHS The Laurel & Hardy Murder Case" 3 REELS of HILARITY! YOULL HOWL! with Jeanette MacDonald James Hall Skeets Gallagher l' fcitsa FRIDAY THE FUN CONTINUES Buster Keaton Dough- Boys SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTION BOTTOM OP THE WORLD" Everybodys ravin about thla giant double prorraml Biff Start on the State Riff Stars on the Screen! NORMA Most faaclnntlnff -In LET US BEGAY with screen's funniest MARIE EtESSLER On the Slaxe the Master, LARRY CFBAI.LOS, Rroflurrs for FANCHON Si MAKCO. "SliF.lNG PARIS IDEA the Revue Hit ot the Season. THURSDAY NEW! GREATER! Jjmm In Production ' Cast . . Comedy REX EEACHS Immortal Adventure A Brand New Star Cast! GARY COOPER Kay Johnson Betty Compson Harry Green Wm. Boyd James Kirkwood On the Star FANCnOV A MARCOS DOLL FOLLIES" IDEA With Mai Bradfleld and Band! -T?lFveninr (7 and 9) - L 'A at. Sun. Matinees 5'e lat. Wednesday 1:15 p. ....20 Continuous Sunday, p, sn Children loo All Times LEVA'S STONE Romance A love story , , haunting as a beautiful melody . , a story that will linger in your memory . , forever! S HKN M.LCIHK S'iMIM Tonight and Wednesday Dont Miss This Extra Fine Production LAWRENCE TIHRETT IN THE ROGUE SCHG Doors Open Daily 1:45 Western Electric System O dm 5 z) MiR04K 5 ATT OM.IV S3. PAfApi i,a PA R Tuesday Wednesday lhur-dav hritemhfr Jptin Crawford linherl MnnUnmerv OUR BLUSHING BRIDES" The Komanee of Three (ilila Today, Wed. nd Thurs, Thu seasons rnmrdy riot with the sea-son best pair of rnmrdlan Moran and Mack in ANYBODYS WAR Also Horoscope for all people horn in September Frt. and Sat., World Premier of Kin Tin Tin' Urst All Talking Serial, "The Lone Defender. Also Kin Tin Tin last big feature Rough Waters. Coming soon "Top Speed, "Manslaughter, "Anybody's Woman," iOMiim mataicxararmaMmrmmsarztmsrt READ THE POST. CLASSIFIED ADS 1

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