Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 20, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1916
Page 3
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Knows. Must be Right to ittiure Health. jgTOBER 20,19!6> Sklth depends th« kMn<>> K in tho of Of the vat)»«nt « | thftt wnk>w thf- kidneys ftff< <{<>- ortt r*rfit!frly, OIP other n\'- IrHWt rrarlily Ii<> t»r>n»£ht hnck itp ftTlA rWfif-rt f>t hf>th . fiifl •T'S ftfi'1 his*.fellow rmployrfr. Bern At L»Sa!le. Th<» dcPeasMHl w.*»« horn ftt TIL. in Jxf.o, and wrip- !lir'rrft»r*< «**• uf .'i>;'" ill U)<* timf 'if !n<-- dfMVi. in i*74 In* wftn united in.mnrrSncA to RHwibftb f'rtmrnin. Tho that rity has sln<"f h*>cn thflr home. Mr. pfijrnrly in yurvlvfd t>y his--ivl- rh-w ntut MVP children, Mary and Ann of nixm-t. Mrs. B. V. Joy of St. Pan!, t't'i.irl"* A of Onfc FMrk, nnd \Vil!inm, who t*?\t}*># nt hrtmc. Dr. K, P. Murphy i? a nrph^w. JefdWy* srp n*g|prt<>fl nr ("in Rny way, nerloaii results nre follow. A<Yf»rdlnff to health Rrlftht'S Dla^a**, «-hlch iff in advanced form of kidney nearly tfn thmiMnd [lit on* yeaf In thr Htttte ef New KS. Therefore, It in pnrtlcu- try to pay more Attention health of th««» Important or- it herbal compound that has iHuinle nuccrfft as a kidney to I5r. Kilmer** Swamp-Hoot, it kidney, liver and bladder [mild und healing Influence of fcration, lu mont raw*, lit noon i aecordlnsf to aworn atatemrhts led testimony of those ^ho tho remedy. kidney* require «t«en» Swamp-Root nt once, from It IB nold by every Jit JbottlrB of two air.?*—50c. iWW, If you wish flrat to teat *fct j preparation Bend ten cents I Kilmer & Co.. UlnRhamton. N. I * Munple bottle. When writ- |«ur* and mention tho Sterling ifetette. ^ ;AD ACCIDENT Dun Down By Freight Early Last Night, S, Fogarty While Walk- Nome On Track Failed the Train,—— "«»» most frightful «c- occurred in a. long plari» laat night about 7 tnnx 8.• Fogarty. nn old y rcHiw-lni rfwlilcnt of Dlxon, nt death boncath thp whwU inol8 Contrnl frclfriu car nt 'e no rye wltneaaeii to Uie ,. but It la prenumed that the junnte mnn vva* run down while I.walking home from work, lie nptoyed at the Kcynofda Wire nnd by walking down ... ... jv«-U quite a (llfltttnce on ufcy home, 'Failed To Hoar Car. ^evening the nwitching crew, Yardmaater Charlea Uug- "Ineer Henry Davis, Fireman and Switchmen Harrj* ., ha«l Rllley, were Switch- i'freight cars about the yards. ' «a given la that they had -r*'.car down-,the track-.upon V.» Fogarty waa- walking arid iu»t have come v *o quietly up " that he did not hear it nnd " Jta presence until it , him down and cruuhod |?:out* ' The tragedy occurred " C. freight depot between " SOCIALIST TALK (Continued from Pag« One.) stntiite hooks. No minpr wnntr-rt to work underground longer than eight hours nt a time. They wanted to toe paid In ITnlted States coin, to bny when and where they wished. "The miner* struck. Mllltfa com-1 posed of g-ood youn« men failed to I make nny imprewlon on them. Hard! erfmlnahi from jails were then ReriT out and they soon were fmternalhting with the miners. The. miners had been thrown out of their h«m*«* erected by them, but on Isnd owned by Hoekefel- ler and they went on land owned by tho government and started a tent colony. Then the mln« owner had the mountain nldo r-afced with shot and shell, killing many of them." Mrs. O'Hare reached the scene of the disaster three days after this trouble, and told of the expectant mothers who were huddled in a cave built by the warm hearted Greeks, who, though themselves unmarried, had the highest rftipect for these, women. When the fire raked the hilt the people flocked to thin eave, and after the carnage wa* aver forty skulls were found. Her account of the slaughter wan very vivid. She cltejl a recent decision of the,supreme court showing that the conditions were not any better now than they were. Being three years In charge of the Florenra tshittenden hom« In Kansas City, Mrs. O'Hare has a clear Insight Into the social purity question, nnd she gave a splendid talk on these linen. 8hr says when called up before the bar of God on the last day, she would rather take her chances with the harlots and prostitutes than the men who «au«ed their-downfall* Mrs. O'Hare thinks all these, things can be changed by the Socialistic plan of operating the government. . For a half hour she answered questions asked by tho*«~ in the audlcnw, -explaining in detail points she made during: her talk. , \ ! SATURDAY & MONO AY Cash Basket Grocery 214 First Ave. Both Phones Sugar Fine dry pure earm, 13 pounds t £i| j for With a $1.00 order. Extra fancy solid Cooking Apples, per peck ..... 49c 2 quarts fancy Bipc Cranberries for .15c Hanford's fancy Creamery 'Buffer, per II). ..,. /.. .38o Codfish, absolutely boneless, 1 Ib. boxes ,.,. .22c Harshly's Breakfast Cocoa in 1 Ib. cans for 35o 10 bars Otal Queen Soap for .27c Sweet Potatoes lllbs. for 25c THOUSANDS OUT .. (Continual JProm _ One) _ con and to a nonpolltkja! gathering of women In the Auditorium. The Htock Yards npeech wan directed to newly found Mungtod Body. M .Way wa» the Ilrat to it- something was wrong and into the freight office and liv Agent Luther Backus that he "i«d- killed a man. Mr. to .the scene and found flirty beneath the ear. lie waa pen they reached hint -and phy- bjummoned later stated that nvast" have/ been hintantaneou* neck wail broken in aeveral great mum Inflicted in the left he forehead and the right arm lly brained and mangled. ly waa taken to the freight ,,. from there it waa later canto^ the undertaking catablluh- yo Of Reynolds Factory. :arty waa one of the oldest workmen at the Reynold's &'" He had been in the com- emoloy in the weaving ' nineteen yeara. He »te*dy, conscientious, hard man and enjoyed aJIke the to purity first known an tho New Citizens' Allegiance celebration. • In hit* three aiMrc«nrs the Prealdent carefully refrained 'from talking politic* aa Much, but in an abstract manner he approached tanuea vital In the Presidential campaign. With delicate akill he carried these meKiiages to bin hearers: "A deftmae of the eight-hour law and of the right to compel employers by UjsW to treat thejr cmployea humanely An implied defenao of hia Intervene in Mexico, which he Hummed up in the Htatemont that it la much more interenUng to help a.mun Jhnn to hit hlmi^ A retort to thoBo critics who have made free u«e of "too proud to flxht" in the form.of a declaration that adherence to the Golden Rule require* •trength and that no weuk man could live up to it. , -That the diplomatic difficulties of hU administration were in, part duo to the inability of foreign Btntciimen to comprehend the disinterestedness of the United State*. This waa taken by many aa an allusion to the negotiations with Germany following the sinking of Ltmitanla. A warning to reactionaries and partisan political progrenMlvea that if tney fall to recognize real aoclai progreaa and get Into the band wagon they -will be stopped on. What w.aa accepted as a jab at Rooaevelt waa the obnervatlon "That we need^lght, not heat." Boldly approaching the loaded "hyphen," he told the new cltlzena they muflt be "genuine, intimate member* of the community,' 1 , but that they would not be "required to give up old affections, for the races and land** of their origin." Silent On Suffrage. On «uffrage the President waa nllent. Four thousand women of all partlea and no parties. However, cheered hia tributes to womanhood und hta insertion that women would have a largo part In the social readjustment that Impends, SWEET CIDER Put up "by the Red Wing Company, those who make the famous Red Wing TfRipe~juicer H gal. -glass Jugs.... I^vrge full qi jai-s of plain Olives for ..... ... ,25c 2 loc pkgn. Kellogg's,Com Flakes for ..... ....25c pound ..... ...... .,24c -Lard, por Ife^ . . . , -.'3'lOc pkgs. Mince Meat for ______ ?r. ....... 25c Hoinz's Dill pickles, per dozen ............. 15o 2 1 oc <-aii8 Pork and Beans for ............... 25c Largo . I25c jar prepared Mustard for ...... ,15c 2 ISc cans Salmon for.25o 2- pkgs. P,resh Dates ; . . 15o Fresh Marshmallows in cans for ...... ..... 10c Fresh Salted Peanuts? per ID. ... ..... .. .......lOc FRESH TS AND VEOETABLES Head Lettuce, Endive, Celnr)*, Cucumbers, Ixjflf ^^jcei-F^g^lafrty- rots, Parsnips, Turnips, Fresh Peaches, Eating S & S Mar 310 First Avenue Sterling's Original Cut-Rale Market General Offices: U. S. Yards, Ciilcago WHOLESALE AND REtAIL "«"«»" Co.S & S Specials for Saturday, Oct. 21st (At.the n storeLOiiIy) ' Best Corn Fed Native Beef Roast, pound ........ 12y 2 c Young Pig Pork Shoulder Roast, pound 16c Tender Chuck Beef Steak, pound 15c Sirloin or Round Steak, per Strictly fresh Hamburg Steak, pound ,.12y 2 c Strictly fresh Liver, Ib 5c &• Fresh Pigs' Feet, Ib 6c Fresh Pork Neck Ribs, Ib... 7c * Fresh pure Pork Sausage, per _jpoiind *,•,,__. v~ Quality and weights fully guaranteed We buy Live Stock^oultry, Butter, Eggs and Hides for Cash The Market of Quality, Price and Service Pears, ttoriccmr Grapes, Tokay Grapes, Malaga Grapes, Apples. OYSTERS Just received a ship- Tmnit of large -fresh Oysters. "Leave your order for Sunday. Fancy large Hubbard Squash, each ...... .250 Fresh new English Wai? nuts, per Ib ........ 25c NOTICE! We pay 32c for fresh Kggs in trade. Orange Prairie brand, absolutely guaranteed, per 49 Ib. wck... -. BROKELATFORM (Continued From Pajje One.) the United States Iv to demand the care and protection of the federal gov- wnm«snt-over-h|»4lf»,-Jibert y J -ftn*-|»roi>'- »rty when on the high »<•«» or within the juriattlction of a lorolgn govern- BAKING foWDER you should always there are many other reasons . why-but try a can and »e« for Turned PromitM Down, "No«r we are told that the administration ban turned ita back on the American _|ull _firot«ctioji.- Phat fit wnat Jtt lending apologist flnda It* record in Mexico to m.eatkJlLJg,iL reversal without authority and in vio. latlon of the specino pledge upon which .it wa« elected, Inutead of following it« clear tine of duty it engaged in a personal, vindictive war, leaving the llvw* and property of our citlzena to be destroyed. "This deplorable courae lowered our intornatlonal preMtlge. When the ad- jnlnlBtraUon did *i>eak for - American ri«ht« ita words were not taken eerloua- ly, it had made its reputation. * Pr0teetion Not War, H A» ft result'we have destruction of American livea and property and interference with American commerce which could have been prevented. The executive ha,* many resources at hja command, and he can protect our known righta without war. '*Reoently'we have had illuminating utterances from two of the most important of the upokeamen of the admin- Intrtttioii'—two cabinet minlaters. ' "The necretary of the treasury flnd» fault with my answer ta the (mention put to me the other night, at jU>ui«vilk» about the Kinking of the Luslumiu. llv «aya that I did not say what I would have done after the. Kinking. Wouldn't Have B.tri Sunk. « "Vim may recall that I stated *pec4n» jtally the ppaition J would have taken In advance and the notice 1 wuuid. have given of the action I should take and I added that with this poajtiou unuquivo^ cally etat*d in advance, and backed by a convincing administration record, the ship would not have betn sunk. "Now risea the secretary of the treasury tu complain that tbta was not a atuteim-ul of what I would havf dune had i»f vprthelea* |lw sinking- M-C,\ But i was under the imprcsHtop wiu-ii I jjaiU what i Wi»uld have in u> what 1 would do imtf would know that- i.t*tated what lu f***!., 1 ,w*l«W hnvs" »ii.'7Jie in. ilw .Auscf.^ I'd v-vt-nt. The set'retiii'y's remark "There's a Reason" for BON TON BREAD and BAKED GOODS And that reason is that Bon Ton products satisfy. Be a user and be satisfied. JSpeeial orders delivered anywhere in Sterling and Book Falls . . >••»»*»»»••»•»»»•«»«»»•«»«»+••««•»»»»»•*•»»»»«»»»»»+ b^rthe Childreir Do Enjoy Even a a Kl<i»* of otir milk. wiKlit of it In the bottle a BinlU' to their fuecw. Mothera .enjoy giving their children plenty of It too. Tho fine hfmlth, the sturdy bodies our milk produces aro » joy to nny mother'? heart, Have you llule ones • In your home.? Ours WH the best drink you can give.. I hem. Why take a| CHANCE when. you can get it paiteurized? Sterling Dairy Co. 110 West Scc<md'St,,.Boj6k Falls. . Bell Phone 342E I Hity, i>nd bP''«MHQ th|tj would hftV^ been well kno.wn and we whould already hurt,a rcpuiation for flrm anil palclCH, I report that the LiiHluiniu. would not have boon sunk," (Continued From Pace One.) C4>uc««ption of the Huaut** wortlH. it upparently se«ri»* iniptix- ' tti lhty,,,H(lininl«(ti:iti(;;). (but I-JH. nit'un what hu «u)'«. That ia it« iltlltruliy. "Wuh 'H u 4iirt-atfn'wiiMji UIU-HMHK cueded ua chief pf the general Htaff by Oen, Von. Hlndenberg and three dayu Inter waa iienl to command the Auu« tr,o-Qerm«n^orcea In Trannylvanl«. COMMAND ATHENS STREETS, (By United Preas.) London. Bng.. Oct. • 20,-srEcenph artll* Icry nnd machine gunsnow command the apnroacheH of name of the principal »treet» ! ' in Athena, There him been ivo renowul of this rioting. , RECAPTURE TRENCHES. (By United I'rtwui.) Berlin, Qtr,, '-By Wlreleuu To Buy- vine, I* I., Oct. ZQ. —The largest 'purl of tho tronphoH t-autured by the British wout pf the roufl froth L'Ahhayo to Lubarque W«nitiead(iy, was rftcikjiHurPd by the Clernmns yesterday, it iti official' ly announced. ' , "Curing the |a,«tt' great atiaok it IK only now reporttui, the BritUli uxcd ihi'ii' .much heralded armored iHUim. I Three of the M«-oaU«<l tanka now. Ho befor« uur Jlnwn dentroypd by artillery flw, ^"There worn mutual artillery I!UP|» on both xUit'ii of-tho Homrno. "Houthweift of Hvl»(e)nilii» .<i(frin*in b;iti«rU»« Mtortncd impurtant Kuwaluit )u»iKhtn. taking i>Ob 7 H«;«nion uf tho uil- llne» and' retmlainv the mu-niy >n uificeriK aiul 8,050 men anil 11 uiafhlnt* Kunn are n»w In inw. hundM.» "Activity- on Hw Dobrudja front i« The SrrbJun attack In the •nia h»»r,d, which wu» urily ttiux't'tiMful. .has UtcM ; For Your-JPflfrty or Social Gatherings aMprtmtnt including butter . ftuti, brit. A bi opera filled grafrr'lfwidTtt . prf«m filled chink/ pini, liantf, ' , Cr»«m of dtlioiOM* maple »yrup, Q»M} rich «rfam *nd walnut m*«t», our «wn nuik«. You'll lik» It, ^«r pound 30c. if you want to t««t« roal canrfy, try »om* of our P»e«n Npugit 'ENNY 60008 FOR THE " CHIUOREN We o»rry only . th» ' purett candy and. h§y* an _ eipucinlly Hift Of "Ptnay Qopdft" for the children.. You e«n lot them •pend thtir mon*y horo ill that thty will got only «b* •olwttly pur* Windy, without any harmful ingredient*. The*» wot n«»ty dpy§ got your hot lunchw h«r«, .You will appreciate, tho candy nil tho moro if it cem«» from > FARGO'S • . 10 V¥4M»t Third $troot. The Quality Market If you want meat satisfaction buy your meats Here. Spring: Chickens, per Ib., 23c Fancy Native Boiling Beef, per Ib. 12y 2 c Lamb Stew, per Ib. 12 l / 2 c Extra good home made sausage. Try a pound. Choice cuts of Beefi Veal, Mutton, PorfcEte, Phelps Bros. . .. R»ar B»ien_4 Hutten'e grocery ator*. Both Phonta < T<rTlic Housewife: i Do you realize that denies' is the bent place in Sterling to buy fruits ami' vegetables ? * We have Quinces, Sweet Apples, Celery, C a b b a g e, Cauliflower, Head Lettuce, Wax Beans, 'Radishes, Cucumbers, Cranberries, Endive, Squash. Sweet Potatoes, 11 Ibs. for 25c Try us on your iiext_ order. " , V* GERDE'S MARKET First Avenue SERBS GAIN A UTTCE. ! " f uV^'uf!^?.' MI. K»K.. *)»'(, sw.~--in. •*!»«•'f««-«' bwn rli «i?i »f iU't tt'usf wLluatiua- the Hiiikans held !!'.»• i'«-;iu todruy. ^ KiucinvtiLury "i Ehcese^eu WiH Like ILoiigHorn , Pimento McCleance " Bdclc Camembert SOME SUGGESTIONS Fresh Hadish. Try our Plum Pudding and Dried Pooled Peaches. ' , Frosh' Bell and Bugle ("ranborrioH. 10 Ibs. Hweet Potatoes, 25o. - v - Maple.Hyrup and Pan ('ake.Jh'lour. Frenh Vegetables for Saturday. ,. N. Gaulrapp, Jr, You will always liud a full line of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at this' stove, Also a full line of Hoinis good's, "including their Cider and PielUing .•Vjiie- gar. I'ry a Cusabu Molou and you will always want ; » Seasona Eats Here are a few ittma that may appeal to yaui Bueklong's l)ill Picklos_ New Pancake Flour ^ew Honey '-- Uaplo Syrups Hwoot Potatoes Cmnberries ,.:_ •Bockford and S'torling Bread W-ard s Baltimore Oysiors Eshleraan Grocery i lOast -Third Street', WILL BAR THE RAFFLES. v VVIs. on. 20,™-A'on»tahle K. . \Vlnn, of tlu« town of Owhkosh, ad- 'uH thla t-iiy on the north, hu»~)ust hi« foot down (Irmly. Hnd_li^ saya !l ttt» IHI innri'~ nin*lt'H of pwuJ- try in iliut Uiwimliln- He htta lattucd a •warnhis tltut all IH.TWOIIM holding «u- ruftk-K will bt? urre»tt>tl und proa- .wutvd. .. • tf siul.huni HulvHfhtn r^jiti'iut- iln> >nu>r *-' sl t'wo- , riacim-iiLury it<pi>rtn St'1-biunn .two mile* i.u tlu-ir J, l '"j l ", l f h ^ XSr fu : /t l ' U 'i.*? i U 'u!t IV '!'''. ,* U - .r, UikuiK' tin 1 Th«' -lltii uuti as J lid futii' iniirfiUiv KIM is. Uni",' lli-ld ; U't'i'ji mid ny i*j'i>*oiu'r^ wori* Svrtiiun, ("luMHM.-«<£ utict f** arc* i-cn- ' U t tirhtvi malli of tlu- Ho'nuiti-, inil t.'u- I'.nltcit'd Itv ISvrltn .idvici-?- "'itn lin • (i>-M>i.iu Kji-jt.-h nu.t 'lMi«ls>.li war uj- mi|ti^~ j ti7t'"'7*i^trriT;-^~Trrrrrtti'-T^,TfT !1 ^'nH;.'*Ttn W"~l'~ (U U«'('j||,-i| (!<'• 'l-:ffl!^!\ t II, }!»• i>, ml !)•! •!••< ;'-ii'l'Ji»i-Ul» lit trtlllol fi) IH'l-, --*--- - 1. . rr Mb WMMI •ii u » TT i 'i « ^^^^ ^flBw^ra &S3&8R jL A^i «^- J WBM **"-" ^' --• - mm*w<^^ 9W tloea Qtct Unbeatable Exterminator of R<itti»,Mtce ortct Kuan World Over - Used by y.sT0oy«rrtm«nt --.-...- , 0NIICf> STAMP ARD-AVOIO SUBSTITUTES

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