Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 20, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1916
Page 2
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TWO. STERLWGJILLINOIS,FRIDAY,-OCTOBER 20, 1916. wmfngtoff People ' Endorse Vap-O-'Rub Itey find This "Outside" Treatment Setter than Internal Medicine. tttty fcift i «*WJI«ottbl«*.-W«t.bftl«8 IfK In fllln«i» the druggist* y wera skeptical. So arrange- were m«J* In each town for to present eompiimtn- jar* to * selected number of ew*tom«TS, <in condition that l»*-n--*-*herouflh. trial and re- result*. Here Is what Bloom- people t*y; ISO* W. Olive/ ts: 1 find VJfk's Vap-O-Kul) Snlve tpniod|' lor rrnui*. cold nnd ehlsl noiihlf I have r-ver tifled. , tchen my Httlp girl, two years begin* trt »4tow symptoms or fftenim I rub Vnn-QrRub freely on chert ant! throat, and the hoarse- is soon cleared away. I had a thlR summer whn wn« so hoarse *earfpljrt«lfc above a wills- >tfm fried BOttip Vap-O-Hub. and minutes nhe said her throat fplt «r. I IJ&VP also gotten relief from bendnchi? by Its use." • * Jr Jtart, GOG W. JefferB While on a trlti Kant Hits sum,1 extracted ft severe cold from i foathttig, .which settled Its my mtd thftfht. I happened to have trunk. and that night F '' • -- -- ' --' -'- It; vigbf- xiL- -»*"-. — '-'• tfons." On awakening the following nJMorninB 1 found that |he cold had pn- tirfely • diRappparfd, and there WAS no evhtent *Mtever. f have 'MAFtftJAdE r»!rs)n ,in<J Mi Van JSlatrn. >«f s 8f*>H,i Bf>s f>f REDECORATE PARSONAGE^ l>f'cr>rntr>r,'! nn" oTrpm'frf'd It prfftcni in r^dTfrfitinjt nnrl rinirifinf? the ftt- " tf'rior <>f thf» 'M. E. p.irsonrtjfft Sn pro- for thr arrival <if the new tc>r ,-ind his farnHy. »ised It previously for catarrh ntad colds in tk? head, and the relief IK JnBtant nnd positive." Airs. C. R. Buhl, 10? E, Jtulfjerry St., writrs: "I used Vnp»Q-Ral» on ffiy ?«b"y all last winter and prevented him from having colds; he has not bad Any cold at nil. As soon a» he #hows symptoms of tsJiinft «M, f just Tub a little Vsp- O-flub over Jite chest, and that brnaks it up. 1 prefer Vap-O-JRut* to any internal medlcftK'B for these troubles." yick'8 VapO-Rub cotneB In ealvft form, and for croup or cold troubles you jujrt rub It over the thfoat and chest and covor •with a Warm flannel cloth, leafing the cowrlng Io6se around the nec'k, fts the bwdy heivt re- lt?af«o» th« InKTpdlentg in the fertn of vapors. Thesp vapom Are JnhaJed kit night lon« with, each hreatfi, carrying the medication through tine air sagos to tho . lungs, loownlng the phlegm nnd opocing the heed. Three . 25c, 50c or Xl.OO, At alt drogglsta. DAILY GAZETTE JM0B&ISON, ILLINOIS, FKIDAY, OOTOBEB 20, 1010, ORGANIZE Kd ,Ionf<!. Joe Bush. B. F. fitoover. W. F. Ktimmro'Vj IXs 1* , k fl in ^trl Cow-T«»tinp Wednesday. A large number <»f farmer* attended nesting held In th*» Morrl*on Ar..on -Wednesday evening for the • of ttI*cti»M»tt»g th« possibility or ..._Jnir a cow-tenting imwoclntion In vicinity, t'rof. riark of the Ualry enl of the Univ«rnity of Illinois Btatncit-thw-«w»th«l -awl-twit-. tlon of i«urh rtn awnorlatlon utvd out lt'« value and udvantatcww « farmers. It wan decided to or tlu» name, of «he Morrl twad«jur»rt«rn in Motrlmtn t nnj KMI*-™! election of of- rt>e iK'ld i» Morrlmm a noclwl jne-etlng will bo home t»f »>ft«« «>f tht« members * month. The following offit-ors of director* were t-lcoted: deftt-~l». K, Hoover. — .W. H. Hump. B. Hamilton. rer— Joo Buiti. of. Director"- A. K. Hamlitori IX.>S I W!l.t. C'.ON.VINCE . and Ulcem of th« dlitteiUnet, Auto»Intoirtca Jaundice, Appendicitis and ailments rosult from Stom- Thounands of Stomach ow« their complete recovery •-Wonderful Remedy. Unlike for JStomach ailment*. |lt*l1la»-i > harmacy Co, and S4.s*-Sart&^ ^ism^^^f-. HAD E, Pinkh&m's Vegeta ipound Helped Her. Y.-"I hava had life until I took LydiaE.Pinkham'a Vegetable Com pound for nerves for female troU bias and it straight nil Jtha time, M we Hve on a f arm »nd I have f our glrU, Jdo lotlier work witb their hoIp, ao it it real well. I took 'ear old my oWe»t girl ae lota of good. I keep it in dme and recororoond , We«t ,-jb|ek«M5ho, hl-edaches, dragging »en* ' ".point to feroalo derange- i may be overcomo by J/ydja (i'« Vegetable Compound jou» remedy, tha medScinal ifti df wJUeh »re derived from roota and, horbs, h&a for forty he a pj<wt valuable tonic JJ-Hnmp, Fottrii'en memborit with a total of 230 cows were Hignnd at the meeting and the dtrw-torn expected *o %'lnlt several more farmers within tho ncsxl few day* and procure mor» members. Twon- . -fitx memborit with a. total uf £00 rows are wanted for tho atiaoda'tion., A cow-tteKter, 'recommended by tho University of Illinoin will b* fngaged and will glv« a day «-ach month to each member, Uniting oach cow for th« amount of milk and butter fat- He will {Urn) give advice to tho. farmrrit a* to thp feeding, and breeding of'the COWH and will fcelp thum in the budldlng up of their htrrin. 11.50 oach .yeiir will bo paid for each cow in tho annotation. TRIAL CALENDAR Docket Called and Ca«e* Ar* 8«t For Next Week. dockut WUH called *i\*edneiiday nftnrnoon in thi> Circuit court nnd the on«t«H,Hct for the trial calendar. Court then adjourned until next Monday when it will oonvono under Judg« L R«maey nnd the jury for. th« fourth, and flfth will report. The ca«t*» wero wt As follovva: . . ' Monday, Oct. 23, 11 a, m,, Woiber vs. RIdgf, ' Tuesday, Oct. 24, 11 a. m., Woodburn vs. lUmsoll. . Wednoaday, Oct. 25, McBrido vs. Wulltngford. Tbur8day'.~Qct. SSTl»aven« vs. Vogel. Friday. Oct. 27. Calmer vu. Klrwin. Monday, Oct. 20, Kajcavich v«. Tehan. Wedncaday. Nov. 1, Miner vs. JllinoJg Northern Utilitiea Co. Mr. And Mrs. T.Auia Wytrjnn wr-ni <o CiiiCfiK<,i Thursday for a f<?w d.ivs' vis- It with friends. Mr.*!. Adam 8tPin«T and Mr*. Jscbb Null w*>nt to Hock Fftll* Thursday wfu-t'O thfy spont thp drty with Ait, and Mr*'. T. II. Hi«Ullp«on r*turned fr<"»n • a visit of *evv>rnl wlftin»lfltive« nt S(<>u.v City, loWa. Mrs. Clifford McClure wen*. to'Hoek Falls Thursday where *hr* will visit for H r>w dnva at thp home of her mother. Mm, jflilrley ..Card. W, R. -Adam*. -«f 0t, lj<iuls. was in Morrison on buslnena Wednwttlay. Mrs. F. C. Scott rt'tiirnwl Wednesday evening from a vl»lt with relatives at Cedar Uapids. la. Mrs, Charles Wlnehenner went to Sterling Thursday where *he spent the day with friends. Mm. M, W. Gram went to Sterling Thursday where she vUdted her husband, who underwent nn operation on his non* at the Sterling hospital Wednesday. Mr, und Mm. M. II. Dpter went to Sterling Thurintfiy whfif Ihey attended, thp funcrnl ••tfrvict'* of Mrs, William Miller. Mr. nnd Mm. A. V. Viner returned Wcdnenday evening from Kannan City, where they have been visiting friendd for the pout f^w day*. Henry Iffath went to sterling on bu»lne«» Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Itowland, of Al» bany vinlted Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Rowland'*! brother. Dr. I', H. Simpson and. aliw attended "September Morn" at th** Auditorium. Charica Dick arrived Thursday frott Muacatine, la., and will visit for nottie RAW COATS of every description for Men, Youths and Children, Every Coat fully guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction. Children's Coats $3.00, $3 JO and $4.00 For Men, $4, $5 and up to See our East window C LYNDON N1WS MRS. aoUlD ENTERTAINED Mlitlonarx ioel%ty Of C«n9r*B«ti«n«f Church Quttt*. On FWd«y «n*rnoon Mrn. Marttw Gould, entertained the Mlantonnry Soc- lAl V t\f ftkdk t * ,1ft ••>•.. im,m * 1 a_^. _ t ..-4.... • the OoanrcKatlonal nhurch. a, C. MoniiT . prenldvd at tfi« jcand an interesting ienHon on the life of Uin American Indian followed thfi devotional numbvra. • Mr*. M, \\. Sheilar and Mm Malph Hook •" •Home-whero" and the time afterward w«u» Bpcnt at needlmvork until the hoi- nerved a dainty t«a. On Wednesday afternoon the ladle* ' met at Mr«. homo when A ulcnio dinner PARTY Friends of Paul Potter Surpris* Him . . at Kennedy Home. Potter gave a farewell eurprlao in bin honor at the H. W. Kennedy home on South Bane Htr«ot Wednesday evening. The"Tj6Tjr» 'were'pleaaaritly spent with gamen and refreshment* were nerved. Tho boy» jfave their friend a« » part ing gift a fine gold Wfttch chain. The young man will be greatly missed 'by - CHANCERY COURT ORDERS Holmquist vs. Holirjqulst. Hearing and-decree. .' , . Curran VH. Nichols. .Decree quieting title in.complaints, <• Donahue v«." Marry. Decree quitting itle° in complainants, . Young vs. Young. Hearing'jind de» CM Hubbard VH, Hubbaril. Hearing -aTuT decr?«, Thorn i>w>n • v»,—Kls»en«, j of complainant bill wild. Warner VB..Warner. Defendant ruled ,o answer bill" by Thurwlay next, Casey VB. Doulau, Decree uuieting motion coutu uf the uould'a waa nerved at noon and tho ttfternorin wan j«iH)<«'d in dqlnjr work wWeh_th^ ladles are prcpiirlngr for a baxaar which they tixpe«t to give early in December. SCHOOC ENTERTAINMENT' Primary Room Of Lyndon School, Will Entertain. . ** The Jfimary "Itoora of tho Lyndon school will Kivo a *hort enteruunmenu hold a parcel post «nd-*erve u lunch at tho school hou»e 1-Vlday afternoon, October 20th,- The teacher ajid puplln extend u hearty Jnvltatlon to- overy person in tho diatrict to, aUelui tho entertainment which U free. The entertainment bi*gln8 at H:36 p. in. Any article »ont to tlio-tttfrcel poat will be gratefully accepted. The par- col* wntbe «oTdi«rruMeinlin*; — — The proceeds are .to bo used {or pri-, mary playground apparatus, iieu-naws. pwingM, etc. --.._W. A. LOUOH 8ELU8. W, A. Xiougb, who haa had a hardware »tor« in l»yndon for the past four years, lm« sold his business to Mr. Donnelley of Port Byron, who has moved into the Mr*. Jennie Jucox houtfo in Kast Lymlon. Mr, Lough will go to California where, he will spend the winter with his daughter. ~ ENTERTAINED READING CIRCLE, The liidfea of the L.yndon Reodlnff Circle were entertnlaed oh .Tuesday evening at the- home of, Mrs, Q, C. MorriH. At the cjoae of the mt-etlng tho liOHtcwH «orved refreahmentn. Th« next meeting will be; held nt the SOME GOOD TALKS (<'<mtlmif<l From One) are« with It n 18 pl before* y«»t the Demurrnt* "ml matter. When thiiiffd will be lltUt the hlRh*»*t ItlPttlB him and will pho \\w nint* 4 a (tdmlnlsiration. l'.«<- ,-Hiber' thought In maklntf up your mind to volt* in title election." 8ei1»tor Billy Maton. T:\-rnltfd - StftfM Henntur "Hilly" Mnron was n^vt Introduceit nntl r*»- a hearty ovation. "Hilly" Mali eandidntf for oonitrwwman- lli 1 has nlwjiys been a favor\ ho wad in this cily twenty years ago and tit tort ite with tlip mas<*e«i. . -He president and a l>jmocmtlo tra^ipn. and h» compartni the ndmln- itttnuion with thnt of the 'SUPceedlnK ones of the Krpubllcanp, showing Vjon- clunively In fnvor of his party, "l^o •aid "ax. the •fr«n' > nt lime thf L)emo« Cfftt« h.ive| broken every promise made junt ft» they have always done. Ttoej did not. know how to run a government and never would. Talk about tho Democrat* making proral*e» to run the government' more economically than tho Republican*, why they, havo been unfthh? to get money to,run the gov- eritment and have to "resort to a war- war tax*to mltw fimtlK." il« allied ... to-lttB .friend. er-ttTdohnson; of Sterling, who'WON in tho crowd, the •peaJter aijtinR him to turn about face •o an to boar what wan being-HAW. | Th*. time for the departure of the train having arrived the apeaker* waved a faww^ll, HJ« elephant bollowed, and the upecial left for Morrisen where another ova-lion ..'Awaited them. 4s the train wait I««V|IIR another bomb was flrvd ' whlelt dropped hundreds of udvcrtising dodgers,- which eagerly j5lidt<xL up A large number of campaign buttona were nU«o thrown broadcast. . .. Another feature* of Uto comintf of the »i>ecial wan the stirring martin I music by a half doxen veterans of the civil war >who nav* been with tho party since It started. - .-They w«r« dre«ied, grh't*n , in soldier wnlformB and fUwUr, miulo added ;«e«t . to the occasion. There if nothing more Inspiring than munlc of a dfo and, drrnn .corps, and it great ' •Tht Aficrnuth. With t»i* train 1 - thefe wa« « number of ardent •8pe&kerH < tur the wul two or three of off at ev«ry atop to give more extended talks to the amtembled peo pie,city .tun... HorriBoa-jof the or Rimmed or Rimless, the Eye Glasses have the very latest finger piece mounting, on and off with one hand. The Frames or Mountings are,of extra quality Gold Filled Guaranteed. Each Eye is examined separately by an Expert and the Lenses ground to order. This is your opportunity to secure a pair of high grade Glasses at a very low cost. Formerly manager of Soigol Cooper & Co.'a optical department in Ollicngo, . First Avenue and East-Third St., Sterling, 111. Over ObermiUer's Store '-•- NOT A PARTICLE OF DANDRUFF OR A FALLING HAIR Nov. l*t. with Mr*. Chns. MeTlmoyl In Nelson. Mr«. fl. G, Stewart *pent n rnuplo of thin wft-k with" friends in Hler- l«»t GOOD SCHOOL PROGRAM. N'otwithntiuuiiiiK tho rain of Thursday night, Oct. 12. the WAS comfortably flllctl, nntl th<program urraiised by tho puplln SAVE YOUR HAIR! DOUBLE BEAUTY IN JUST A FEW MOMENTS. ITS Attorney AV. N,.«Hju»kelt of^tht* thj& fint «peaker, ml He talked from nn mito. Most of Uio people who gathered to hear the talks of the »|>e&ki?u* onaho train mayedio hear the after talkH. -Mr, Harrlnort blamed Wtlnpn 'for the nii*erabl« failure of iho €"nlted State* In handling the Mexican problem. Why \w sent 25-ocnt "Danderine" m«k«». / hair thick,] gtoMX' wavy and j beautiful. . | Within ten minute after an application of Damlerine you -can not find n trace of dandruff "or falling hair and your »ea]p will not iteh. but what will pieaae you,in/mt will bo after a few uae, when you wo new hair. Hue and downy at llrnt—yen—but roully hair—growing nil tm»r tho. scalp. Danderlne 'is to tho hair what fresh ««howfiri» -yf much delighted the audience with a ready. "Columbus." Tho cnfatarht. lunch nerved netted over ,|5.0(>. Ml*x Mubel Kay. tho teacher. wlHhes to thank the pupiU and uutrunn for Hu-ir ! NELSON BRIEFS. Mlsa J^ah Williams, of Dixun, Ithr Ku.eHt of. her sister. Mr«. H, • W.l , 1'hiUips, the fore part of tho week. Mr. and Mr*. Carl Jan»«en nnd two children apt-tit Sunday with Mrs. Jnns- sen's mother. Mr«. Nellie HrKH and family. Mr. titul Mr«. Paul Smith have- YOU'RE BILIOUS! CLEAN LIVER AND' BOWELS TONIGHT DbN'T STAY H^DACHY, SICK, OR HAVE BAD BREATH AND ~' SOUR STOMACH Wake up feeling final Beit laxative For men, women and children. cd to . where ho will work In tin V«g«uttiun: It KOOS right to tho robtx, aiul *tren#Uien» theni. HilniuliitiaK Its duciner properties causo the ,hair to wrrow long, strong and bcvuitlful. A little Dandorine immtdiu'.ely dou- poor !K>$JI down to tho Mexican I b] eM the beauty of your hair. No clif- ed. Mineral Spring-Park A»» Cause referred to tho Maser-in-Chancery -to take and rpport iriMifd and fln<ttngn. . • - • • ^ jUovviH, vu. Knox. Master's report 7 of final fHtnributlon flled KM approved, . -JfanBtfifr^vK; Otton, :vMa»'ter»'report f final :dIMrllmilo& meC~a«Ti r approv- L«w Order*.. . Warner vs. Warner, pemur to do- laration heard and unstained, Cause 4'ttiMifcwed 4a tlie-chancery docket of hit* court, Plaintiff granted leave to — - irted bill by' Monday ne4t* Lumber.Co, VH. Robinson, pendant ruled jto pay docket fee within IJve days or suffer dismissal of ftp, peal. -- -'- -- - - -•: Martin v«.-¥H>ru, Judgment taken in >pon court by agreement against do- endftnt," M. It. Dorn. = Mhafer va. Wwtfern tlnton Telegraph >. Stipulation waiving Jury and for rial by court filed. Agnew Farmers' Elevator Co. v». Northwestern «, K. Co, v Mo- Of Mm, \V, K PINNIER GUESTS. . Mr, »uui Aim. Theodore lilagtr euter- tainod tho , following - rwlnti ve» and frtonda at dinner at th«lr homo Sunday: Mr. and JMrtt. H««kett Bell and Mr», Alary ficr}l. of EJillmtale; Bamuel Blai»-~»mi-TMrH. Ernmn, \Vo"dru«r-ot la-Jo; Man. Harah Norrlw, of Canton, He was ah interesting talker and gave much food for thought. % Col. Andrew Lester. Attorney Haskell then Introduced <"*ol; Andrew' looter, of Chicago, who tt>ok'up five mimitcH of tiroo. liurlmg forth argument aft^r argiunent In favor of tiift Ilepublloan party an against the Democmta.' In aixtaklng of the war he, «»idx "let-%»« elect -capable oHU-ers to HO|\-(> tU0 mighty quetttion after the war in over, for thf> reaction will be' Wjtyrtg it you »ww fadtnl, brittle and very tho Pem/'urntH talk afcout protection. The C4eve}and and Wjjwojv tariff regu- "" T)Uion» werft never l»d : faUiir««, Mackenurv • a£ appiausp 4 ? ttCl4enur> ' * ie/ged by Win. Tliurnday. BHIHF8, i*turocd to Clinton, la.-, A. I*. Holt sfwnt the imat week in Chicago. we when*tJi* l>enj- were in power, and do not let them fool you again,", M*d«l MeCewnick. \Vhea Mr. %akell introduce Medili scrafj(?y t just moiften a cloth with Danderiue .*and /carefully 8raw it through your. 4iair, taking one tunal attand at a tlmis Tho effect in titnuz- lng~your .hair will be, light, fluffy and Bhot- factory. Mr, and SJrw. M. C. Slit /.el, Airw, (J. <J. Btew.trt, l-iirlf and Mabvl wem,eJltitrlaIiieil_at dinner -&u«da.v - by wavy, -and hu%'o an. appearanco •t)^ BI> ** nt abundance; nn incompurable and luxuriance. luutrc, Get A ITi.ccnt bottle, of Knowl|oi>'» Danderlne from n»y druK *tor« or toilet and pruv<' that your hair applause whicn ho gratefully wine and Bwinglng hie iy h. cwtiein of Vance fthairraiui of tui-« Nat, Ufmot'ntlio comuxHtiH', Mr, MoCur mick ciinairtered it nn honor to bo with Ouvprnur Hughe* during -c. bu»itte*» trip to Chicago Th»r«d*y. Mini Com I'*tter«on, wlu> ban h visiting her slater, Mr*.* Molllo K. Mo.- Mlileu, At Rock ban returned .to her J*onu» hero. Mr«. K. W. Palmer ^ and «Mre. C. Marey, of metored to H, ., Tuesday of home fri«nd«. SwHuel Biagf «n<t Bmroa Woodruff, of iSrte, wer«' end grueatit at tho homo of Mr. .and T^odora Wasp. • Mr. amfl -Mr* Artier '» VegoUblo Compound. Northern doal &. gupply, Co.. v«. family motored to Lyndon where they were gue#t« Sunday »t the home of Mrs. Kil«ab*th t;j)tv*rton. MiR»V<1'Wo H«n)UU>n.wA| a Morrison visitor Hnturday. ftlr*. Anna Hayd«o, of JJorritson, . an yver Sunday guest H* tho homfe o( Mr*. Theara. K- Hamilton. Mrs. Roy Miller, of Ablngdon, han been the gue«t of her friend, Slias Ruth Uavena- ^ . W. H. IShephard and hi* sUrter. Mrs. K. V, Wake*!**, left Tuwday night for Spring <*oulw. Alberta, <^ny to viisU their brother, »lei-y Hhi'plwriJ. and family. ajr. ami MIK. A. ,K. llajtrtllton nnd baby and Mr*. Elisabeth Morris »no- tored 'in Krecimrt whefo tb»'y vwo vvr<ek riMi giu-.-itu in the homo of Mr. ai»f| Mr*. KUv.v» «h«.H. . , MtSi J. I'- Waller lia* twim w?y ill during thn~ ~|uul wwk" .* Misses Hl*4>» Wulllngfoftl and Kv*- ly.u HUby and Miwura. Fred and Il»l tour in Maine a ^hort tUne> ago, and spoke very foellhgly of Use affection he Jbore the oandldflie. and felt mire, t,hat it WDM through the talk* of Governor that itaine rolled up tto large ity for Uw Republican ticket The iaflues Maine had are tho Issues of the entire country," ho en id. He spoke of *U»« lifet of pledge wWtsh hud broken by tb» party ui pow^r, and pretty and nof t as any—that it hit* been neglected or injured' by.careU'BB treat-_ mcnt—'that's all-—you,«ureiy "can have beautiful lialr and Jot« of it if you will ju»t try a little v<ry Air. Mct'wrmlck is running mato for w|Ui Senator Hilly Muwin. lefr for liixim for Mm being" taken by Editor Hlmw or tin- The The NELSON NEWS SOCIAL CIRQUE MET. HOcJal o»e of HOW TO KEEP THE MNO LOOKING HEW Mm M'...Jf. ig»t- Wr«. Uumptou. la awt tso-wctl vUiu hus hw fr|t»nd, tu her. }wiliS5.a,fc tue uomo of lvjw» rt?- -\ ' Clean |t the Right Way ( . A piano is a life-tone possession, Un« lc|a proper care is used, unsightly checks and cracks eopocr or later spptar on the She fini*he4 surface. .When that happens, only a Complete rcfuiishing wiH restore its beauty. The way to preserve the fine finjsh o{ yoar piano is to use Jobey PolisSi. This }>revenu checking by keeping Uie vanM^h flattie and new. Then your piano will deterior^ie'in lodks. Tohcy Polish is the famous 014 secret ibqsp formwta of The Tobcy Furniture Company (Chicago and NcW'Vark), and Uit'U |»r many years on their , finest pieces. Thi$ of itself is full assurance of its safely and efficiency- \ou,can't afford <o run any risk. ' . Tobey Polish gives immediate i wo*k~iur rubWis^r—no film—no vfiu'er. It beautifies \>y ....... iwg and restoring the original airfare, whether varnish or enamel,- ~ UH, nuwl tlelightful incetlugn tit tin; home of- AlW. CJeorge liatimom Wod« needay , aftemoan, Ucl, 18. Sixtetn memt*eri» worn pr«»ent Mint' eeveo visitors. The lime wa* pittwed wyciaiiy, , Myrou Hartshorn v«ry graciously fa- vurtnl the rlrclt- with u r^aditig, "I u*u fJoliu; to Cry Kti Mor«>," by Whitcumb Itilay. The JH**< meeiiug will b« held JBfcPTTMl People Notice It. Drive Them Ofl with Dr. OiiyoTttWcta ,_ -. Air. and Mrs. Huy WilllatnH, of iiock . - John Small a ml ter Margaret, motored here from Chryis- tal Lake, Friday and visited Mr*. Tina Nellh and other relatlve». They were accompanied home by Mr«, CU«o. Onkon nnd daughter. Winnifcrd, for a vlatt. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence ijtitjcel enter- taim>d the latter'M mother, Mrs. JHX, Doniigh, of KoclU'lle, .from Saturday morning until Monday. Mr. nnd Mrs J. B. Htitzel were nl«o guowtH thero at Wumlay dinner. Mra. JUwrenca Coppctc-Ul nnd baby Mr, and .Mr«. j Hn «scn nnd .. duughterH. Marion and Evelyn, were sueHt« of Mr. ami Mra; Claudu Hweits: t .| of bwjuth Dixoti Sunday, That Chief H«4l«/ Helped Chicago S«l«onmen, Chiea«o. III., uct; So'.=~SmtP'8 Attorney Hoyiu* yctiteniay dragged forth chief of i'ollco H«uley'» own rwords to show Jiim-pluyitanntw Uie liunds oT an "inviuibltr ring of vleo ruler«." Tho rm>rd» were -reiid into'tho hearing «»C tit* pnwerutbrV demand for a warnuii l«»r the ciiU-f bctgro Chief Ju»tji^ Ol- 3 IWORK WHILE YOUJLEEPJ the liver and bowt-l poison wftieh i« keeping your dlsusy. your tnugue coaled. brt>at)t offensive, and" stomach «our. Bou't xtay bilious, wlok, Iu<adachy, t:<iiiiitlpat<»d ai)d' full of cold. Why don't you get a bus of CuticiiretH from UH« drug store and -eat one or two tonight arid' enjoy tho nlt:ent, poiit!('«t liver and clemming you ever experi«'ne,»*d. will wat? Cam-nrt'tH »ti Krtp.' Jit And lint*. or *U'Ufii Ilkn _^__^ . the—fourth" •lay in the State's Attorney'* drive ugaijist the City Hall fenjojMhe.jsUua- tlon Ijad taken on new" form with the tollowlng daveJopmenli?; . With the evidence practically <-e«m- plete pf what the prouecutor'H men call tb$ collusion of the chief oi nolh ; e with tiie "Invjslblo rul^re" in the r^mtorutloii of rev-okwl »iUi>«» lic<jn««a, t|jpj' 'un- nounccd they will gjmqhalr *A*» very Baloon kt«»|)tfiK license rostor- utiiitr benr i ho indor«i<jnent • of M invi«l o ruIiTii,* uiul *l»ow Chief llv'iilt-v'H I-lea ft/r r»-« torn lion on pivtt>nw*< nf per*' «»onal ij>vt**lig(iUon, uistiiloil Uuu thvy «ev«»r saw and never i;nt»tt* tin* ilM«t' of, police. ' at NIAT Boffojo, N. Y, wi" lumber Vju».uicss at tlus t-l >•'.', ftu,ti<i Ha- i' H nothing off but_ ,~^_^,. ,.,. ; : t - -^ f , Ravi's nftlilag on hot the^fii.o ".'hush in' . A pimply face will BOI embarrass you mucll longer if JUT ;;ct Ji p;«;k;tg'.; of "br, Kdwrjrds' ^.'In-j 'i J.-kii. The- &kin <aken the taWets a lew HJfshts. Clransc the MI..oJ.'.Uie huwcis am! the Hvt^-ViUt l)t\ Ildwanis' t>hvtr T.ThJet3, the «,u<-ces»t*ul ^uhstitQte, for Calomel-*- !ii.'Vi?r rny sic'*ns:-,i or'nain u ftcr STATE LAgOR MEN Qulney, III., <H*t. 20-^-sThe convtHKittii M iht- t»tat«* Ked«<rutli>|| .01' JUibi)r a«t- tletl ilm\ t) (n work, yestc-i'duy it»«t Hi1nj«ttd n uutnbff 4..f rf'.-'wIutiDHH, .Vliti'i ,1'UiJiis v\hir)i was lti«> i lie ur«KI 1>V the n-ttrin^ I'l^hiili'iit, John H, VValkor, in * iurji ti'*'uuli>r It. V.' Kh.ormun HUH lt|t»lftlr<! ;JK a "fldSdJer n/Hl ;t t»>Wtii'<t>" Mr. Walker, in wJiut WH*J prolutliiy hib J.»M s(vtvli t'fftuv U.o c<in\cntU)ii, iiH- KllltK, pi II it illitl fitlolIU'l, Ttl(i.V UCt BO gently that. you hardly rwillsw* you have ttjy n i:ut hurtle, MotluMM i;huuld giv« t-rostx, «icjc,- lillioiis oliildrcn a wliole t 'ujH-jjir thoy net tlmroit)» r iily.aiirt runninn down liuftic tlik-ves, reporiw to the ainiuul ulaio 'convonttou of lIlinoiH AnUjllonw Tliiuf AwatH-iiitinii, hero Thuruday, will , Dr. ICilwanls, \v.«,'ii.c»t«miel lively, hy. slu-i s.'ff »,".-(ca,f3 < f _ Ol|vc TahUi' iia .that ! -ea,* and" j.uit n:< el'uc- p'i-1 irril.i i^irih'f in Us,- day air. Waiter u . r - ws "^ fuiiv«ntU'a to |i|iu<- '"' l ' <E -""-' i -i!t',»ii. tlutt tij«*.p>nirinif UUWU'",: blii. A bill will IK.-, In " i*nc (ah,'* Olive Tablets is .. __.. a b^c! hh^th. « <Uill, "fi lit' Hvcr, Mi, Wnikcr . <.iinxtiiutum -Knititiiti) jttl jii^ioi-n uf Illt Try it tin anysfyin im. S:v hn\y st of yo is now bwnrs throtyjhtmt ;i <!).,!< the h !•"» a finer c<S i'i Uic ivunuy. L'r. IxIwanK'- «,, T;iHas are a '« l.»'»v T-rrrr till' vviiii'h t \iilv .,„ -,n ,>,. niU- . aid iiu" uii ' PA- 7l:*" t\<-iitu>n w«-nt (i:\ ( i- f)\;inn m ' 111" l«iU« 5U, or ft<vt'i'J»d» any time— l>armlr*», Three testl isrove 10 points of superiority (<>ir .BIACK SHELLS All you need to mafce tests w:e your own gun, pocket knifo, an old magazi i| glass of water, a quarter dollar a descriptive SheUt" you can tm& flft With ihi» hook and yuu cm. $'. lion ttiiit 1'hc 11*. » It- ti,r i:«t*s. Ttii*' Jt5'» ar>i very (&• i!,;ii'.'A'.ii,.; avif.r, 'n ,1 i'<it.;iYe—tafc<r only Hard \\ are Co.

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