Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 6, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1968
Page 2
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SOCIETY Wedding Anniversary m (WHO Sf ft MM % ftfsti 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.rtw have dinner at the Diamond Thursday, February 8 at 1 p,fft* Larry Patterson will be present* ed for the program by ffie U#s* lalloti Committee} Mrs. ftoy Ste* phenson, chairman, Miss Opal Daniel, Mrs, W. H. Byfd, Mrs, Autfey foster, and Mrs, lAttf Patterson. ^Calendar ol Events ft °f tffcSDAY, FEfeftUAKY 6 snLfhe Hempstead County Re* Women's Clob will meet , February 6 alt{30t}.m, I* the lounge of the Citizens Hat' I Bank. FEBRUARY 1 family Night Pot luck Sup* of the First Presbyterian uirch will lake place at 6:30 p,m, Wednesday, February 7. -jMfsv' William Beatichamp of TikiMofia will be the speaker and tel} us about the Special Educational Kindergarten of which she is the Director. The Garland P.T.A. Discussion Group will meet Wednesday, Peb, 7 at 9:30 a.m. in the home bt Mrs, Joyce Morgan. All interested parents are invited to attend. " "THURSDAY, FEBRUARY s ?.°The Hope B&PW Club will By "BILL" •;* :• • J By now everybody Is just con- Winced that this world of automaton Is here to stay. It took us a while to get used to those talking elevators, match-making ma- "%'hlnes that guarantee you a date Hhat pleases, computers, that add, ".subtract, divide, multiply and... '•ijough up a mistake In case anyone feeds It the wrong thing. *"- We are all for progress, but "there is one place where you can r ^tlll get the old fashioned service you want and we are most ffiappy to give It. A touch of tra- jditional California sunshine is on Uhe way. It has already invaded ] Haley's Style Shoppe. We are • showing our cruise wear lines and {you will simply soak up those t Beautiful new things. A shift from i California Girl looks like a shirt Hhat simply wouldn' t quit and went {on to make a skirt. . . with but- ftOn" cuffs, convertible collar, '. beautiful pastel and stripes pric- | ed at 25.00. A llghter-than-air Banlon skimmer in the gayest colors-you have seen designed by Dauphine oLL'AlpLON will take you anywhgTCTKtBffiam to go. Roll it up, put It in your Pan Am bag, ) take it out upon arrival and not a I wrinkle, $20.00. From Koret of ', California we also have Bermu- 5 das, slacks and tops,that are all J matchmates. Forget the winter weather and shop today at The Hope Men's Golf A&ocU* lion wilt meet at the Hope Country Club Thursday February 8. A chicken-spaghetti supper prepared by Jamie Russell will be served at 1 p.m., and a business meeting and games will follow at 8 p.m. The Newcomers Clubwlllm^t at 7:30 p.m, Thursday, February 8 in the horns of Mrs. Bill Jordan, 702 S» Hervey. Extension Home Economist Dolores Me- Bride will present Mrs. Tommy Crouch with a demonstration of her "Paper Art." SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 There will be a Valentine Dance for members of the Hope Country Club, Saturday, February 10 at 8:30 p.m. Host couples will be Mr. and Mrs. Chris Petre, Mr. and Mrs. John Graves, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kellam. • Photo by Shipley MB. AND MRS. FLOYD MANGUM Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mangum Evergreen shrubs was the theme of a discussion at the Rose Garden Club meeting Friday, ce i e brated their Golden Wedding February 2, In the home of Mrs. Anniversary Jan. 14 in their home J. S. Gibson. Mrs. Charles Stone at shover Springs with Open was the leader and offered a few House. Mrs. Lewis Goad, Mrs. opening comments. R. C. Sparks, Mrs. Gene Nor- Mrs. Cecil Bittle conducted VQ I\ I daughters; and Mrs. John a contest in identfying ever- E> Mangum, daughter - in - law green for landscaping. Winners were the hostesses. Serving were: first, Mrs. Herbert Dod- p unc h, cake, and mints from an son; second, Mrs. Gibson, the attractively decorated table with hostess; third, Mrs. Charles Rou- ve u ow r0 ses were Mrs. Jamos ton, a guest. Mrs. Harry Shi- Gilbert, Mrs. Dwight Decker, ver pointed out the reasons for Mrs. Bobby Bulllck, Miss Brenner own: choice of shrubbery. <j a Sparks/granddaughters. They Arrangements were brought serv ed 129 guests. Miss Barbara and discussed by Mrs. W. C. G oa ,j ( granddaughter, presided Bramlett and Mrs. Herbert Dod- oyer tne gu es t book. son. Club President Mrs. Ned Purtle announced that'the Rose Club would have charge of registration at the Southwest District Garden Club meeting to be in Hope February 27. Red and white salad and coffee were served to 10 members and 3 guests, Mrs. Sam Strong, Mrs. •Charles Routon, and Mrs. Fish' Bittlck of McCasklll; Mrs. Kathrene Cunningham of Prescott; and Mr. and Mrs. R. E, Longand Mrs. Annie Long of Washington. Males Enroll At Former All Girl College BRONXVILLE, N.Y. (AP) the a&m«&» leafed on * 3k aere ftttly estfiptis fas! north of New York City, has admitted ft handful of male students betors fort most of (tern dW not Hi* on «t»pAis as the sit starting new will do, Woman Denies Playing Part of CIA Spy WtLUAMSBURG, Vtu (AP) - Neighbors say sleftder, brtt* aette Alice Grownfleld doesn't fit the part of a Central Intelll- fence Agency operative, as the Soviet newspaper tevestla claims. And her husband says tf she did play spy, "she hasn't told me yet," Crownfleldf a physicist at the College of William and Mary, said the charge that his wife lured a Soviet scientist Into defecting Is simply a case of Rus* stan misunderstanding. He declined to say more except that "personal problems were Involved." The Soviet government newspaper said Mrs. Crownfield talked a Russian physicist Into going with her to the U.S. Embassy In Vienna where a CIA man duped him Into surrendering his Soviet passport. No date ; was given In this account. Uvestla said the scientist, Identified only under the code name of Pyotr M. SavrasOv, met Mrs. Crownfield at a scientific conference In Yugoslavia two years ago. The scientist was taken to Frankfurt, West Germany, said Izvestla, for Questioning about "secret scientific establishments," but two weeks later escaped to Bonn and begged the Soviet Embassy: "Save me." Mrs* Crownfield, who is In her early 30s, said Monday night she was not familiar with nature of the Izvestla Education am coiled Promising HELEN HELP US! by NUiirt Bott«l GARVEJ* (AP) - tfero» oetats heading education panela In th* Senate and Ho«s« hav* hailed President Johnson's *du* eatton message but a key Mons« Republican says he doesn't think Johnson give the problem top priority, Tfie Monday message proposed more financial aid for col' lege students but sharp cutbacks in other educational pro- WJTCHtKJO Dear Mm WMI do yen do wfrsn you flu in love with another guy's girt* especially when that guy isn't around to defend fitmsilf. and he 1 still tnfnk fftffff treat* My question Is, am t so and ffifntilly diatut&sd, fast because t(fi$fcttiriong»h8lredpf*? Coming. Goihgl David Hendrix, Memphis, was here for the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Marie Hendrix, and other relatives. Janice Hays, Marianna, was the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Herald Porterfleld and David. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Carroll and family, Garland, Tex., spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis. Mrs. Robert F. Tuc- Miss Debbie Mangum and Miss Sandra Goad, granddaughters, received and displayed the many lovely gifts. The out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mangum, Debbie and John Jr. of Russell- yille, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Goad, Raymond, Barbara, Sandra, Mrs. ttwtght Decker, and Kay ^ePJirson s. R; C. Spaffcs da, Mrs. Bobby Bullock and Wade of Denver City, Texas; Mrs. Dora Waters, and Mrs. Mildred Robertson of San Antonio, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. John Curtis of Camden; Mr. and Mrs. Clold ker, Shreveport, were here last Tnursday to see Mrs. P. H. Webb. Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Anthony, Jr., Alison and Lauren, El Dorado, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bowman, Little Rock, have returned home after a weekend visit with Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Foster. VALUE DAY DOWNTOWN HOPE the exact "A lot of people seem to think charges but that In her travels we're achieving the American with her husband In Yugoslavia Dream- six guys among 500 and Russia, she had met many girls-but It's not like that," Soviet scientists, claims Kent Peterson, one* ofslx Her fftther-ln-law, however, young men starting a semester shed more light on the episode, at Sarah Lawrence College. Frederick Crownfield Sr., a "We're here to study, not to professor of religion at Gulllord find wives or see how much sex we can get," said Peterson, a junior who transferred from Amherst College. "Oh, we'll probably date a bit, but we'll have to be careful not to get in- vqiyeoV' „ S3 'I I ibutwardlyl^most of theiglcls showed the same kind of cool Monday as the six men kpent their first full day on!^ampus. But there were a few-curious glances and some girls openly admitted an Interest. "I was prepared to give up males for the sort of education I frightened him. Alice Crown- wanted," said Ann Cutcher, 18, field then apparently suggested a pretty freshman from Tucson, that he seek help at the Amerl- Ariz. "Now we've got males as can Embassy. The Russian did. well. It's just heaven." What took place next the elder But the men were not admit- Crownfield says he doesn't ted to prove the value of coedu- know. He said his son and cation according to Mrs. Esther daughter-in-law don't know ei- Raushenbush, president of Sar- ther. They left Vienna for the ah Lawrence. "We are trying to find out if what we have to offer is a good educational experience for men," she said. The school's undergraduate A HH^^ WATCH FOR VALUES LIKE THESE program is aimed at students ^ ^B^B THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH, able to do Independent work. There are no majors, no required courses and no examinations although advisers give periodic evaluations of the College, gave the Greensboro, N.C., Dally News this account: His son and daughter-in-law met the Soviet physicist two years ago at an International physics meeting In Yugoslavia. They became reacqualnted-last summer at n physios conference In-Leningrad and the couple saw their friend later In Vienna during another physics gathering. While In Vienna, the Russian received orders to return to Moscow earlier than he had anticipated. The abrupt orders Chairman Carl D, Perkins, t>Ky,, of the House Education ajwj Labor Committee called VM message "most promising." 1 Me said he would support Its pro* posftls for hiking aid to Mead Start ftnd Follow Through programs for preschool children, But Rep, Albert H« Qule, R« Minn*, sccond-runklntt Rcpubll* can on the committee, said the message contained nothing new, "I don't think he set education as his first priority," Qule said of Johnson. Hearings on the President's educational proposals are expected to open within 10 days In the House and around March 1 in the Senate. Chairman Wayne Morse, D» Ore., of tho Senate education subcommittee said Johnson's message was "an historic document that rightly proposes continued progress In our national commitment to quality education for all Americans." Considerable concern was expressed by some senators over Johnson-proposed cut-backs In appropriations for elementary and secondary schools In low Income areas. Congress last year authorized $2.7 billion for aid to schools In this category under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. But tho President this year proposed an appropriation of $1.2 billion, or 44 per cent of the authorized amount. Johnson also proposed sharp cuts In appropriations for construction grants to colleges and universities, reducing these from $450 million to $75 million. The President's education message reflected a major shift to student aid and proposed a total of $574.8 million for this purpose, an Increase of $53 million over th<?,present fiscal year. Most student assistance would come through the Guaranteed Student Loan program. Over-all, the President called for a total outlay at all levels of $11.6 billion In the 19G9 fiscal year. Spending for education In the present fiscal year runs $10.8 billion. Pitt suf^wtob«lT«rprott€tbf Ml my baddy fits back from servfc** 1 don't know haw mtreh longer 1 can hold off tailing htr my fee!ln«! «r<* far from "brothirly." Should t consider myself and make a play for her, or consider my friendship with this guy and keep quiet? He'll be home nest month.V. UW.R,, A RAT.TYPE W/fCHBOG You'r* a normal, wholefwarted Artwrlean fan, heney, and I hop* your mottof finds 8 way tomaki ymir dflsimi! come trtw, I think ahe will, now that sh« knowaho* If she r«membsrs btck toft«f won hero-worshlplni d*y*. -H* Wh«rt ft watchdog turns traitor, he'll feel hangdog the rest of his lite. Drop out of the picture uti* till your buddy comes home. After that? Well, 1 rather Imagine the girt wilt make the final dc« ctsion. tf sho breaks up wlthhlm, you'll hav« a clear field, with fewer bad feelings, -H, Dear Helens I'm a big fan of a famous group, well, I guess 1 can tell you,It's the Monkcos. I'm not nutty or any. thing, and 1 don't go screaming around, but I have all ttwlr records and all tho articles written about them. My mother knows a lot of Hollywood people and she could get ma an introduction to thorn, us «h« works In the same studio, but sh« won't even try, I sort of mentioned It tonight, and she laughed like crazy, then told my father who kidded mo so much t got mad and ran Into my room. That's where I am now, crying. I just heard Mom and Dad discussing how l must be "over- emotinal," Helen, I'm a "B" student In my first year of high school. I'm not In love with the Monkaes, but I want to meet thorn while My problem Is my boyfriend's mother. Sh« tries to tm our lives. He tells me she worships the ground t w«tlk on. but sh« «t« ways se«m« to be pulling the rug out from under m*. I adore his Dad, he'd let «s do almost anything w* ask. He always says. "It's fln« with me, but you'd better ask your Mom," and her answer is "N01" You know wmathlflg? Stoseven bought my Christmas present for my boyfriend to give me. 1 don't say anything, but 1 sure simmer a lot. What should t do? TROUBLED BY A MOTHER Dear TBAMi Simmer down, Stop me If I'm wrong; but I pet th« picture here of tow buck-passing males who g«ddle"Mom" with the jobs they don't relish, then let her take tha blam«, Knock off that natural female jealousy, and maybe you'll get tho picture too, - H. This column Is dedicated to family living, so If you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel In care of The Hope Star. Copyright, 1068, King Features Syndicate. Inc. . vaiu« Days At mode o'day Wed. Feb. 7 Thru Sat. Feb. 10 VALUES TO 8.90 if COMPLETE SIZE SELECTION JRS. TO HALF SIZES United States. They heard from the Russian only once more. He wrote telling them that he had become disturbed by the severe questioning by American authorities and decided to return lo Moscow as ordered. Dresses COMPLETES Capri Sets & Shifts OR SKIRT ti JACKET SETS. ••"'-<•••"' - SPECIAL SELECTION-^1 Lingerie REG. $1.99 2FOR COMPLETE STOCK OF HALF SLIPS OR OUTING Hosiery C OMP LETE STOC K OF 99c RODeS HEGULAR 7.90 & 8.09 PJ.'s 02S PAIR A OR 70c PAIR coo mode o'day CORNER SECOND ' MAIN * HALF PRICE REMNANTS Tables Of Remnants On Sale Just 1/2 Price tony Other Odd Lots Over The Store Marked Down For Value Day! Frte Parking Downtown Wednesday Feb. 7th Saenger THEATRE Tonite-Wednesdjy GREAT HEART! Here »gain to bring you GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! OWNTOWN t Free Parking In Downtown Hope All Day Wed. AYS CASUAL Women's And Girls Shoes $ 2-*3- $ 4-»5 BOYS WELLINGTON Boots MEN'S DRESS Shoes 9*700 MEN58 INCH Lace Boots $000 Ruin AKifC • ?fei fix SROaPfURS fi«tft0V£»!C!» ROSEMAif ! Children's Shoes $000 $/|00 »NB *« "A Family !)>« SHOES .1 115

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