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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1916
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tafct* tfiingt where they sir* putt <Sfcem th#y ought to be. I"*- w. STTFR r**dr luMio. JHnMirfr «flL ^Rk SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO, 93. DAILY AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING. ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1916. thtnjj* from where they s>e and put* theTn where they ought te t>». PRICE TWO CENTS. Great Crowd Heard Speakers Who Came To Sterling On Candidate's Special. UNABLE TO GET ODDS QUOITSD Tu!--n dot. Lowden Was Unable Speak As He Has Overtax- 1 ,td Voice On the Tour. Pre«i.« ) 20---A, B. Reese. . nnd Robert Onlbreath, former I>pmorratic national committeeman, -w-mild like to see Romf of that 2. to 1 »m) 8 to f> *tuff on Hughe*. They tried te pinco $30,000 nn Wll- I0|*»on In New York find Chicago at those They wild New York off P red n" than even monrsy •• nnd thnt nn 'rum Chlt'4*s'> have * coming to Sterling of the L«iw- »«r*>fel«l Thursday afternoon con- ng all Of the candidate* fr.r stntr» n on the Republican ticket with many other politician* of an party in thi* community. The coming *r«» heraJd^d Mare h«m) so that when . the train rolled tnln HterHnjr from the Wtst there wiirs nearly. one thoueand lti*n and wotmn nn thp pint form to the flutter* a cordial Juirt. an th^ train nrarejl the Btntlon a wan exploded from th« r*-Hr cnr, high Into the Air an InunentK? . fatter Th* arrival of the train wa* the «lg- itai for great cheers, Engine 395 pulled fh» fipeclal In from Agnew. the train consisting of ft buffet t'ar, cafe coach, ft compartment iileeper. two private couched and the flat car on which WAS erected the platform umlor a canopy,' tinder which the speaker* stood while " tlttlHg. Real Llvf Elephant. ' On the back end- of Urn car on a high platform wan a real live- elephant.. SOCIALIST TALK Mrs, -Kate Richards O'Hare Addressed a Big Crowd In the Mystic Hall. She Said There Could Be No Brotherhood Of Man So Long As War Exists. U) ..Mystic Workers hall Thursday evening. Mrs. Knte •Itictmrda O'llare, of St. l<oula, Rave a- very Interesting talk on Bodaliam. The lady Is a very fluent siteakt-r and discussed tho Biih- Jpct from many phaaen. Kh« was in- trodiiceil l<y Olenn Pmlthj who said Tephant proved & qrawlnR card. and anon the elephant would let out ft bellow that en mo in pat with the that unrooted tho Ui« day there had come ttr Stnr- ihif Congroinmsn MfK^nulo and many of th« leMer lights. The train wa« palled «Mt far enough so that the open _alr ear wa» J|u»t at the cast end of the station platform. ,. Colon*! Lewd*n. ferfry Allen, «rt«yndon, chairman of Whitefllde county Republican com- m'ittee, mounted the stand and in a V;-few word** introduced U L. Emerson, |*. iia«ntirt«.f«> fop ««rrnlnry nf stfttfi. Mr | EJmfraon made the announcement that since the special had started it had made 348 atop* and Colonel Lowden, |l, • who wan cxpcctwl to speak at every atop for a short lime, had' overtaxed 'hui voice and wo* not in condition to «ay, anything at all, In fact the Colonel could n<H talk above a whisper, much to his regret. In pleasant words Mr. I* JSmerson Introduced the colonel, who " .when he-appeared-could only wavo bin hands to the audience and smile, an ^. .cheer^'aftar'cheer rent the hir. The ;. Colonel gratefully acknowledged the ^jrreflttBf.. ,Tha gr*at,throng wa» very v much disappointed in not hearing a talk from Col. I*owden ' Hon. John rt ihe wf.titd nc nlile to tell what Hie-high com -fat living- Mrs. O'llare lit ohc frf the editor* of the Hip Haw, a Soclallat periodical published at St. Louis, and considered the official organ of the party, Inut been on n locturlng tour in the east, going an far as the '-oast, going from thin city to Uubuque, In., where sho tnll;» lon!«ht. Mystic Workers hall wan tilled, theie being hardly an empty neat. While 'Airs. O.'Uaro did not abuse any one, yet «he mado It apparent that all 'ought to Woi'K "and gain a living by the aweat of their brow. Her subject wan "The Brotherhood NO SPKCIAL <)FFEK8 POSSiBLli r>ff»r ThH ycrtr i! i« (mpo~"«ilbl^ SuMr rii'f r* ar<- ;i«t>frt to | )t v }f«.i? fl?nn hnlf tfie rn«t of tlfHvprlnp (!r<- ( rui<-r !<> !h"fn Tf»tit (*> Hi" }if>*t that csn h«- rtotf under exMtitiK c«>nrJflton«i The r>rire of print paper todav in Soo j-*>r <-<-nt hiflther than It wan lo«f venr. - Normal condition* will not f»<1»rn fur at lea«t n venr rifter the war !s over- »nd there )« rtn pri-ej'ci't fh'tt pefl((; will ("me in years ' *Mher m^r«-hnnt>» tni«^ the prlre of tf.'-lr t r co«l!» n* they nrc> (JiflrRf-d more l»v the who!e«nler. JiD'-anff The UnKctte conftnlfd.ited (he fwn pnpeis thr< manapement i^'f-'tririnK rjpjttierntfJy it* fc^-ft from No mnlter thon^h we nrr> «el!lnp The Hnlly for H>RR than half t)te ci>!«t of dellvety whl< h Is n f*«ct -thrre :ire thosp who think he• •tiiitie there is hut 'one paper In the city tlmt tho paper In out V> n>h them. , , i So lonji ns It In powlldj* to maintain the x.Tnie rnten as before no man can truthfully make such charges -Therefore th<- rntcs will j-«-tnnlri ji« tlifjt-ftrv tmtn_tjie Jrxt of the_>_ear, no matter what the IIIHS to The (Jazelfe i!y* thp-'flfKt of the yenr ve wl I l»e ft!«le to Ret R lute nn nett year's RttT^tly <>f paper' and on that contract will he based the fu- tur»> prl'-e of The <}fl*ettc, " Mmntlme the price Kv mall outside of Ht^HInK and Rock 1'nlln In f no n yenr in Wterllni and Hock I-Villft. either hr carrier «le- lUerv or nt the pimlnffica Of Tl«> OnMttfTyflrirr ttiff-prtrp tufftrnoh In ndvnnco per ycnr, <>r 1« cents a week hy carrier. That W,IH the inte "nt hoth pftp«T» ht'fore consolidation and there lifts he-en no This is lewt than half the. cost of delivery, and. under present conditions, there can he no special offers, nn premiums, no cut prices msidc. Ho the time to renew ta n<tw. , The HI tun* cost to the suhscrilier fur 2"> column* of read IdK matte, a day on the avcm K c is ONE AND TWCXTHIFtD CENTS d- Jivered In the twin t'ltlcs by apecini carrier. I*y mall LE88 THAN What else Is mnniif!ictiired' thit can tie botiRht no cheaply n« The Itailv Oasselie" Kverv home In the city and every dtome in the county " ouftht ,!•• hnve THE LOCAU COUNTV OAILV— Tho Itally THOUSANDS OUT Wilson Addressed 15,000 At Stock Yards Though More Could Not Get In, "Be Genuine" the Executive Urges New Citizens Who Heard His Address. AN INSANE PITTSBURGHER TRIED TO ATTACK WILSON LATE REPORTS [Carrying a Black Satchel He IU- Kohrrt .f. <'nrrr jcpondent r»f I'ml'Ml- IVe^.t.) * >n Hoiird l*re.*ldt-nt \VM«i>n'j« H|>cclnl Tiftln, 4'nnton. < '., «>cf. 2<> — Wlih ec- hi>e«« »>f the Brc.ite«t demonHtratlnn ever tendered him stlFl rlnglnjr In hl« enf». 1'reRident Wilson l!«>me to- He hlmcelf and f»ll »>f his lieu tfe hnppy over the result of tils Chicago visit. "The Rrentest e\-er," Secretary Tumulty srtftl with tmreMratnctl rnthua- An ovation from stntt tt> ftnich. The women In this part of the country are thoroughly arouaed to the of the -Mr." Emerson then Introduced Hon. JTphn Ogleaby, carididato for lieutenant rnw, wn of "Uncle DIck".Oglea- former fovemor of the state. The rtr^lifcofith^Wfmien's ability to t» th{« year for the flrst time arid vi»o4 thwn to be cartful how they r. He said the locusts ui «bout every seven e Demnmts had come to er lia-twiot'in twenty jvars. He the Democrats said "if you elect wo will do wonderful thing." They" »ald they would reduce taxes. I^ook your tax receipt* when you go home 'Republican administrations. They said £? U»oy would reduce th0 expense* of the 2jl!iyfe_J!'bji!!^»Mi.durlnjt_jlhe_four^ years lii'of their adtnmUtratlon, they have ex- [gipended over thirty-four million dollars than tho four years preceding. pic Into three divisions, yet all had a bearing on Socialism. . The first part wan- Bocliillmn. pure nnd simple; the next Woman's Huffrnge; and the third, Hocial Purity. 8hc said: 'We have no right to live unless we work. Now the man who works ID «. failure while the man of opulence Is tho non-worker. l,l?c Is a'triangle. One side religion, another aide politics, and the third economies, We have ideals in religion, in politic* and in economics, bat* they are dreams of the future. We have no sti«h thing as Hrciherhood uf Man for it does not ex»st. There cannot be .brotherhood of man when we have wartc. We cannot have it when there is land owner and a tenant. None when there 1* a factory owner and hla slave. In -the^shap. There were no re- liffiouH warn until the preacher come. There wcro no jails until the lawyci came into »xl»teno«. "There l» no free land for home- ttteadi. Sixty-four psr cent of the far- meni are rentecu, twenty-three, per cent of tho remainder have their farms heavily mortgaged, and the other twenty- three per cent are the real owners. We will »»on be like Ireland. U i« now impossible for a man to buy a farm and e.\i»ccl to pay for It by the" SPAN HAS SAGGED Timely Discovery May Be All That Prevented : alragedy_ On Avenue G Bridge. Two^strerman-Reported-Theif Timely Discovery and the Bridge Was Closed. The discovery "wa* made Thursday afternoon that the north end of tu,. second span, of the Avenue u hridse SENATOR L Y, SHERMAN campaign and they want the president returned to office." wn« the mcRnnge nent otit tn l>em<icrntl« headtiunrters, hoth eapt and we«t, Tlmre 1» no doubling now thnt tho prcrsldi'nt Ims embarked on a determined effort to brinn out na one of the big Issuea nf the campaign "a new na- tlrat forcibly m>t furth at and nmplliled In hl» Indlannpo- chrH. Yeslxyday thp Idea stood PUT STOBM LOSS AT ONE MILLION tHy l.'nited Prws.) MoWIe, AJa,. Oct. 20._The helnted reports <>n \VV*rlne«dfty's htirrtcane. today showed that one Child h.ld freen killet and n property loss of $1,000.000 suffer oil . Jit ...Andalusia. fU'Verni hou»e« wre destroyed nn< mnny people were hurl. One person was killed near and If you do not ' it look up ;->;* tho record*. Thl* in not a,, peraonai & „ (Continued vn Jfege TwoF BOYS' MILITARY CLUB Go To Fort Sheridan If Suf- ,f" floient Fundi Can Be Raised —By the Oitiaena. Karl A, WoLonnan, who in July laat organised the Boy* 1 Military Club of the Twin- Cities, la now engaged in fund* t° enable the chih to on "that farm.—Neither In it , _ for- a_funitary Jhand to ever expect to own the fnctjpry In which he works, The schools of Illinois arc a d.Jwsrttee 1 _fpr the tenants cannot allord to opemie them'as they ought Hrbe, and have,-the school houses and *»iulp- mcHt tiiey Mhould have. There can be no brotherhood as long an we have Rockefellers." Him irnve. a history of HttKKed wlx or elRlit InchcM nrid there !* H tMiHslhility of the entire MNIII go- iiiK Into the river. Tho discovery WUK miido by «i couple of tltdMrnten who were l»Hhing in ilmt locality and in iftiHHing under the structure they w»w i« wu« dbwn and likely to go further. They notified Mayor A. J. J'httt at onco and h« t«»ok IromedlHtfi notion with Hoad CommUeioner John I*ndl8 and . the bridge was cloned to travel. • Mayor Hatt and Commissioner _I^nd- in made it careful investigation of the ^ much Mtonishea lo firm It dangeroun condltloh. There l« grea wonder that the bridge* him. not fallen Thfe »P»ns Qf the «>rldge rest on con Crete piers. It was found that . th south end of the nrst spun, from th north side, took up mow? rodm on th *ler than- It ought to have done, wav Ing the north end of the* second pto nui« fotindtttlon on the* p er mine trouble, "it won not because* the miners wanted more money, but to have In force the lawn already on the (Continued on Pa*« Three) OIL Standard Oil Makes Amicable Settlement in Gretnawalt C*t«. Bdwnni A. and LiHie C. tireonawait. In fact moHt of the weight wan on in projection at ~th?~top of-thf--t»>r"ttt Htpad of being on Um main part of th plller. In Home manner UHJ " projeeiini 4uid broken. olt,-and_thcr!?.Ava»_of .emim nothing to maintain the great weTglW of Ib*-spun and H,nagged. The men upon examination found that there wai a crack In tho pier, at the other end o !lie_.njtMJectk>iii.iyK!_jhj>r^ Chicago. Today the president l« fiK'iiln greeting Ohio nnd ppnnoylvanta cniwdc. Ho will reach Shadow Ijiwn tomorrow nnd lat«» in tlm afternoon will celebrate farmer"' day at the summer u-,hlte holme, nnd will deliver a Jilrlc-lly BROKE PLATFORM Hughes Makes 'That Charge Against Wilson In Talk At Youngstown, 0. Promised, Protection For AmericanrWas Sparred —Said the-Nominee.— WILSON MEETS BRYAN Hy Kobcrt .1. Bender »rr>w«ponrtpnt «f_UiUlud J'rcsa.) Pittsburgh, I'a,, t>ct. 20.— Pulling Into Pittsburgh before starting the Inst lap of his trip home. President Wilson was given a great reception by the people" of TRtrKmoJry-etty; — tnrnr-crou-ds- mct tho train and his- route up town Hy Perry Arnold (SlHfT i.'orrenpotulent of I'nUed Press) Utiwi. N. Y,, Oct. 20.-~Very tired out hut ... entirely confident. Republican Nominee Hughe* Is «nroute to New York for a five day*', rent before entering the home atretoh of hl« cam- i. Ho slept late today and was of the few days' re«t that are was marked by demonstrations. William Jennings Brynn met the affiliate with the National t'adet JLeague, and also to obtain tn»nn|n>rta- ttlon for a-bout forty of ihq boys of the club to Fort Bherldfin on Saturday, November 4th. r¥tn>~ Ideft la to uniform's' r;i»nd eyuipment for mich of tho boys cannot afford to do no Uicmm>lvos, and "fifltfifiClldOB|re_lo take a «omi«iny |fitely uniformed ami cnuipped' to , . corpn of tit hern Wl«oon»ln and> Northnrn flll- Ui are tnvl(»d.U» p«rilclpate 4n » L twttalloti drill and maneuver itt Fort K Bherld*n, and nil who go wilr receive «. equipmont and thfl trip ta piu-cntn of liarry Ureenawait,.wno «lea May -4th, In Sterling, from lockjaw, an result from stepping on a ruisty nail while in tha employ of the Standard Oil Company ,at Hterifrig, have fffect- ed (a Mettlemcnt with the company for -the loan of their non under the Km- utoyera Uabllity act. The la,;w Mtatew tlmt if under four year* the "deceased IIUH contributed to tho support iif hU purentM, the company for whom he ha* been working, cornea under ifon cum- pennatloa act.. The settlement wa* two thousand dollars which him been paid. This - settlement wan brought liliout by Attorney P.-H. Wur<l-fur the family, it wui i»e~ rernemberttci that young man Waa with an o}l wagon and while at the\gar»ge of John O. Wetxel, stepped on un upturned nail, which WRM runty. Look jaw • set in and he died In the water. Mayor PltUt «ald he was Mtartled at the dlHclonureii made, and could not Imagine what might havi happened If the condition of the «jmn had not been dlncoyered now. Had the Hpan given away under heavily loader teams orautoH thero might have beei ii IOHH of life; ~ A conference wa» held by Bond Com- mioaioher LandiH, Mayor Platt and V N. Tttggett, Hiiperlntemlent of tin Whltesido t'ouiHy- highways and it w thought bent by Mr. Taggett to con- unit SapervlHlng Engineer Hhermun, of Rock Inland, concerning the bridge. Mr Bherman, who i» in charge of thiB district wn» pommunlcated with thlB morning and he though It bent to notify the state highway oommiHtdon <o have ila .engineer vl»lt the bridge and work under Jii« ordern. 'Tills may be done.If the «tate can «pur« UH engineer now. Thfe bridge, whllfi eonrtwtlng tlu 1 Cities of Sterling and nm-Tr-rfl1l«rlnr .township Jtffalr, «s its end re«t on soil belonging to tlu; township .of Sterling, and not &terlin*K city.-. -- oar«ntM »rje_ jvery . much jpleased over Uie'FetflemeiiTwhlch wan urolctible and tror"brniight before 'the ...w^^^.vu by liberal reui- ^, , ,„_ Lincoln Bch«ol cadeta last vpring rained over eighty dollarn for Vnlform* * nd equipment and -it la _, thought Mr. fttfi«nn»n will have no * p)Mii3uuy in gertlng tho amount re§ «u|red f«r the Twin City coi-pe. If the money IN r«l»ed in time. H „ special ffAeh will be engaged for the §-}4 - lt» ta J"urt Sheridan and approprlato banner* will be displayed on each side, If which will .be of ojnalderablo advertls- J ,4n|r v»lue to Hferllng- ami Uock Fall« letting tho world know on the map. to help the cuuxe alongr Mr. Mplj»ni»n by phone, and he will call and get their, contribution* RACKS ' of Heavy Trick They Wtre Until Today. 'On aC5i,-oyut« of ti»i> heuvy track the Amboy for ;i'tefday were {tontuoned until today. .: !> Th» heavy rain Wednesday nl«ht put f- th» <rat'k In *u«'h t-onditl«n that U not po#««lbi«-to- mill off the rare*. " of to wu- « from * dl»tttnc« w*«r« i M»i» the eveut» ( r««h«>»- thun i ' point th«m tlit« muituHviucnt \ |o cuntlnuo the r«c** until lotlay. Bt- the hearty rain lust night and tlu«y will undout>ti«<ily liuvt- t»> -i. Today will w'wo b«< -'A(& "ffowR-" AT- ij. (' !•')>» t Tllt'lf .iU to tilkp nlrtCi', a« »ni««, with - (uc« Second race, tuiu-. with nulc, :>t\ Fifth i mile. »»'\cn M.uu-r.s, »"!)<>, *'iis*»t «iaii,'td. by orhltmtlon while more "might have topn obtained .through the eourin yet have taken a long The attorney was much pleu«o<i in the manner' In which the Htandard ooll Company was willing 10 at-tilo without in|o the JURY IS CHOSEN Court Clerk Earl HAM Pulla Nimtt Wednesday. ' City Court Clerk Karl lie«» wa« in Morrison Wednesday and pulled (wm the jM)ll box .the n«mi« of the Jury for the November term of the Sterling-city court. r Tha December term commence* nuggv»t» thut-thg- ^ bo Dhored up and about ton feet of the 1 top part of the pier taken oft and a new top made with It* top so -Vide as to take in properly 1l»t> end of the _ __ __ . ___ _ _____ Mr. LundlM suggests tlttit now HPHII be thu» supp4>rtlntf .end—of- the -«pa.n strongly, However, Ju«t what will cided upon is yet problematical. The Bpan, whose (.-ntl Id .star downward, or the-|irst-on» on-"wrhtch wan placet! a concrete floor a few year* Afro and it is excwtwlingly heavy. weighing sit told u groat many tonx Traffic hua luiv-n diverted -from thin bridge to the one on Flrat avenue. Th«' chief of police has been not tiled by the mayor to «tt*e that overweight loudti, o«en going ovor the Avenue (j bri ft cut down in over 8ti»rlitmr-~liaiTy l^eidig, John Wagner, I.cwu JU<lt4cl, Silmguri ThacKu- l»erry. , Cuiomiir- ileorgu McJKiiiUc Ed W«i»her, Wm> ileiiUton iicniwn ilndchnicy- er. Montmorency — fcJdwanl (irentuiii, l-i<l- ward M. VVakt'innti. Tttinplco — <U'no t'tinic, Patrick Coo- twy, W. J. IJUVQ. v ' .i (Ji,-m>wt» -ti. K. PMiKh, <'has tllMII. Mt. Pli'UiMiitt— Henry Mitchell. H «' Lymt>m- i-'uninn ' J«»hn " fftnisririi, .. K. W. Union Ui'ive- A M. il;iliri" Alex Brij(titni;Hi. ,1 \V the other Mrurture, to roiitlnp witli the ordlniMifca regulating the weight of loads pausing over it. lu what ever manner the bridge l« icputred, ^|t IK going to t«kn etmsidc.r- ubie time to (I,, it duel it will ho very Inconvenient fur Mi«»m «tm |;ny«> \w»^ _IL REPUBLICAN RALLY No ditVerenco whether it mins or. not. there will be a monsior l^|>iihllet^n rally this evening In HtcrlinK ut the president nt the train and shook bandit with him for the tlrst time In many_ months. Hryan nwle with the president In his auto through tho narks. The meeting of the president and }iryan was entirely unexpected. Hryan was enrojite to Johnstown nnd «rrl\'ed 40 minutes late and mlfseri.'bts connections for tho east and waited t.o_sec the president. GREAT RECEPTION IN CHICAOO. •President Wilson talked »| over with 20.090 Chlcagoans yesterditj.- Perhaps half a million, unable to hear him cheered him. >ugh his visit WHS of a non- t -character, he was given one' Hughes will arrlvo In New York at 2 o'clock this afternoon. He plans to go at once-to the Astor hotel where ho will probably remain over night to confer with Ohiiirfnan *Viico3t ot^ thi*" l»n)gree« of the campaign. Saturday he will go tfl Montclalr, N, J,, to rest until Wednesday, AH tentatively arranged Hughes will make a scries of addresses In New York starting' from Brooklyn on Wednesday. From New York state he will swing westward Into Ohio and Indiana again, lie In ilftcrmlned to save his thunder from now on and make only big speeches. His wlndup will be mass meetings in the large cities. Ho far as possible, lie will avoid tho wear anil t«ar of hack platform addresses in wnall cities. Jumped On Running Board Of His Auto. He Was Finally Captured and Expressed Distrust Of " the President. Ry Flohert J. P.emler. _. (Rtaff roirespondenl of tfnlteil Press.) T Pittsburgh, Pa-. Oct. 20.— During President Wilson's rldo about Pittsburgh today n man c«rrylnor a black satchel jumped on the running board of the president's cnr. He was nnally overpAwwfd and hustled to a pollc* station hy'the police. At the station the man gav» the name of Richard Cullen, a Pittsburgh- er. aged 22. When <iue.stloned he sata • hn distrusted the president's handtlnsf of the l-Juropean affairs, but did not Insist thnt he Intended to attack lh« president. The president, Mrs. Wilson, Democratic Htnte Chairman Joseph-P. Out- f"y nnd twir wrnt~service men wero In th«« car. While the president's body titnnl Jjrleit_to cntrji the man thn pres- Idcnf 'retnaineii ealmT MrsT Wilson also shared his apimrent confidence that th« secret service men would take care of the would he assailant. The crowd seemed slow to grasp the situation. Found Long Blsd«d Knifs. , In the. satchel th«« i»ollce »ajf they ... found a long hlnded knife and several chisels. Tho clasp of the satchel unfastened. ~ During tlm scuffle between and the secret service men, a It beloriKod to Cullen or the detectives, the police, werw unable to say, By-. slanders saw the revolver fall, but dl«- upren an to who dropped I After exiunlng the prisoner the po- Jcc expressed the belief that ho Is In- mine and decided to hold him for Ml nvrsligatlon. His Conversation noon hitter and he 1 roundly de- !WHO 8PEAK8 "AT-THE-REPUBtl- • CAN RALLY AT THE ACADEMY TONIGHT. - ^ Are Being Made By the Ger- mans-AgainM-Village-Of Sailiy-Saiilisel. , l „ . the most enthusiastic ever accorded a President or a candidate for the-Presidency. The climax of the -demonstration came tit night. •when he spoke U> 16,000 persons- in the International Amphitheater at' tho Stock Yards. He was wildly eheemj for eight minutes. - The great building could have been filled live times over. • . Btreet cars crowded to uio Oulnp- s w>'i'e~staHrti~ hitlf-tt -mtle—away- I it- street and overflow multitudes the strategy of an army of police, mounted and afoot. To The President had spoken twice before in the day—«t a Press Club lunch- ' BROKE HIS PLEDGES, YoungKtowh, Ohio, Oct. SO.-^-President Wilson was elected on a platform which guaranteed protection to Americans throughout the world; that pledge he has violated >*nd Ignored, , < This was the burden of the speech flellvored here last night by Charles E. Hughes. • "The president of the United States," Mr. Hughes s»!d. "Is th.p trustee of I Placed in control .of i our agericiet of "internatJonat ihter- tounced th« tireslrtent and hw» pollclfin. In H*»rt Of City. The uttiick was made In the very :enrt of the <•!<>'. nt l-lfth and Smlth- Jetd i«lreetH. The crowd wan so den§p hat the cars were forced to JHOVB slowly. Before several spectators could ump forward and throw thomsclvea jn Cullen. h« wan up and oft like * shot. City detectives headed him oft. ifter running nearly a'block. He *"•« still holding his Hatchet which wide open. He submitted quietly to arrest. ^ M . " Ur. Barclay, family physician of O*R,. Jen, dedaml that he Is insane, NEW HIGH MARK - Wheat RwohM the Hlflhwt Mark Exo*pt On* Since ih* Civil War.. . - tPy United Press,) ' Chicago, III., Oct. 20.—Wheat" wmt~ , he is the guardiali of the rights -over the $1.70 murk today reaching th« ...... of the American citlRens. "He'has no authority to surrender them, no right" to impair "them Upon ' pt»ndH our 'security and our peace. The Violated, Pledge. _"The Democratic platform fourjyear» (Contintied on Pago Three) WILL REPLY TO BAKER ill Deliver a Special Address On the Secretary's Speech. Capture Of Town By French Removed German Defense Leading To Bapaume. By Henry Wood. (Klaff Corrcxpondent of »Unite<l Prei««,) With 1 Uw» French Armyfkdvniiclng On t'«tr«inn»>, Oct. 20. — Hince Wednesday" tilght the {it<nnuiiH luivb been making erriflc i p ounti>r Httackn a the ho Drench in i\ brief but violent lo H few hours before. The very fury of the German L IB By J. P. Yoder. tHinff Correspondent of -j-'nitvd- Pre»«.) On Board Col. Roosevclt'v Special Train. Ainarlllo. Tex., Oct. 80.— Col. Hoosevelt expectM to have. a few -words to say .to Secretary of War miter .next Monday at Albuquerque appropow of the War secretary's comparison of the Cai'- revolution with the . American sgo promined tlmt the constitutional lights of American cltistcns ohould pro- Icct them on our .burdfers arid go with them throughout, this world. ^Vhen it protnlHPd foil pmtpi-Hnn for Amcrii an liveis) and property abroad ,it stated an eBtabllshed American, principle. "Ono of America's greatest- jurists, epe'nkuig for the Supreme court of the United 8tates, said many yearn ago that another ,jirLv.ilego of tt cltleen .of • tContlnued on Page Three.) _ VILLA HOLDS C-ONTROL highest mark since (he. civil war with the exception of the letter corner In 1888. An hour after" t,«e opening at «nd M*iy at 11.70%: Oratn men predicted 12 wheat in a few week*. Canadalnn wheat Is reported «nowed under and nfuy riot get to market. The former estimates have been reduced. During «h« Leiter corner May whe«t reached II. §5 and during tho civil war it reached 12. Corn also went " up sharply, T»ece)rtv~ her advancing three points, Iteporta of snow In the corn belt region wer* roHponsible fur the rise, it >s declared. GRANT INCREASE . revolution. Koosevelt rgcelvgd [a tHe- t-opy . of Secretary Baker's -today w>d he Imint'cHntely dn. rlded to include some "wploy nomment" tin It in bib Mew Mexico address n««xt " ance they Httrijiita to the poult Ion Jly their victory ttf he French retnove4 ofje,of the »tn»n«- CH| Ocrmun po«itiunw defending tho w>uthca«tern, approach to . Bapaum«. yhitMj 'Qefman pri8oners"~had ~ retioat- >dly bousttnl was untakHble.- At the time In Increased the alliml n the Unman linc.H In u dcplii of more him II mil«'« (tnil extended tlu- inHKcxxIdtiH on the Peronni<-'B(»p'ftinie c»ad Hk'fmii' utul a half miles. { The (icnuiuiM licKan their counter tiack TtuHMlay night t<> recover tlmt mrt of the vliltign taken l»y tin- l-'rench luiidiiy. They swept forward thrw !*hey Mwwpt to be hack. w«> uc«« n> from their iimc- counter ;iMu — ti- TVtt Krench woundud resist » Thoso to di«cuH« only the Mexican, siiuution in both his 1'hoouix and Allnuiuiirfiuc speeches. Colonel ItooueveU spont all • today on tht;8tt two !«!k» i*i><! to 'be dojiveipcd Ht -which aro his next ob- ami Entire Western aad Southern , Parts Of Ohihuhua Now In His Hands. (By United J'ress.l . . HI l^uso, Tex.. Oct. "o'--Thn entire southern' parts of the dectlve«_jn his campaign for Hughes. AT T5«mver h»~plau¥ to 'dUrus* social Justice and at Chicago ho will take up the fctmomlo Issues which he bflievos uxf-'^now important »md jjupeclally. thuue ho b^lievos will »pp«*ar after tne war "iiii(l.«<lii>uHi huve repuUlicuu donium to •fix them up." RESCUEBKILLED Superintendent of Ra«ou« ' C«r Wa* - A*phyxi«t*d in Mint. - (By United Proaa) . W..VB., Oct. 20. --Hupt, the p 'H tO 'of. Music, (Jnitfd •Senator -I* V. ahemum-wlll b«« lierc uiul deliver on« of iit« fild time rou-i- ing'caamaign spwciuy*. lit- Is uiu- of the iiailoniil r^itown speakers, «iul utd ili«- U«'t',sihi}4 .-itutiuiih in the rt-ar. only tlui.stT niorj slightly " ,M>ught im "lh*> ivturn- . Millie it)iu*e iitttro severely . with .until their their iM, »<iti>nuiiKiy p of tlu« wounded wero A\~» !Uloti. _ . f'ln- U\un» o \\ III iiuii WIUl. TELt YOU THE FACTS. Si'd i!i'i y Hht'l iJlijii'th ti'tu «if thv MUMii i'ii in ttu- I'mU'il HM 1 * 1 ^ (jcnati- ill !«i«J- \\!(.lt }ll- |U liU'klilK ,ilt<lllt ll«" iu.Hi* ho. h;t* IT**!! a p;sit *«f .til th K iiinvciiu-iitti Jn ct.'>igi«"*» fvr >i';u» tut tin them Tli FAtKeNHAYf^, INJURea (By i-'tiit«-(< i'n-^.s,i Itoiuc. 1UI>, <»(t. 2ti. Flt'li! Tljii s«*nutor 1 yon MiiH.) nh.i.v », f mUK r .clitt f of '«h«-r <»f 'he u Kin. nil t.i!i», luif. lif«ju Motuiti- t.tik uf. Jliv.IIHI in list lev u,tul 4i»ivtu! £u .{•'•iimitttui <»i' (ii«' f \n- 4 leu or Ml'twn iiiiHttu'' ,i>l-jin Ti.Mi.-.Uva;n'». .uc»i«lnt^ t" will t«! oil*- ol tli«« great guuniof th«i ciunmijljiu toi Wjll «« titC t>llltClpJ«t of lht« (Uit tts 'ii Si.'ilinK Milituo iiiiii'l i ~*JH i-'rf' fcesittijt - tsnt J riini"iiitrt>' tU»"t!u»»- 'will in- in li<>ni »t iiu>. Ac«-i •ieniy "of Jslusi.-, ami th«» «ither half j huilf «'li Uif 8»l<ig" Tin* baud Will j start plnyfllg at T."fl n'cinck, and tltv Th«' < ItU-tTK .it tin lu t. i. Italian L. M, Jonch, of tiie mine n'*i'Ue car of I'i(twf>urg)i, WUM asphyxiated while try- Ing to !i«;u'h tlid entointHHi inlneru in the .laiiiiKon inino. Hop« the lu «tato of Chihuahua 'are now under cim- trol of Villa, according to <he adml«- sion of Mexican defacto o'rtlcuUs at Juiu;fj8,,-wa d«»taliajBr tuo raid- of Tues» "day ' against Ban" " Alidrcus tx>gan to~ reach the' border. • ; HHII Andr<;ua Is 25 mil PS west of (.'hihutthim on the Mexico North Western railroad.; Despite the protest of f" Chicago A Alton Oranta More Wig** Te Hi First Cl««« Meohanlo. (By United Press.) Bloominvlon, III., Oct.,20.— Negotla- whl>-li tiavf be>n In pro many months between the Chicago Alton and its shopmen, closed lost night Trrirn-agreement granting a Hat" ' of two an,d a half/centu per' hour to all first cloai mechanics with n maxin^um of 42 1-9 cento per hour. BREMEN IS LOST Curnii)Bl«Ui, trtxii'M have made MQ - effort to cluiHo the VIlllHtas and are Thou8and8<'bf ^'arranzlKtuw who.have been brought from the south are being held at Chihuahua to reinforce the CaminzlHta garrison then* as military authorities ox pee t another attack on that" city woon by- Oen. Villa, Villa has ordered every detauhment operating in Chihuahua to Inform the Mexican people that he it» personMlly with.that tmnd in order to cause confusion us to his actual whereabouts. miu> p AH uf the sis have (iitcd with gas. luKvii out early iuday wont Anu'rieans unit all A numtter of men were hijujped h*t not In I lie «( y*8U»rday" afternoon, They were clustered about the shaft wiul wt-ru with U Expected Over Resolution Fsvorabl* To th« J»w». , .,, , \»l,.,tl-<! i ;\ n > ir 15* t'i u,V; Tfir«n:,) HEAR- SEN. SHERMAN TOH1GHT. "ili>!, 1 ,ivfli-lu>* y 'if'lu'j tn,tif, w'HijUu* li t....o,lu IS «ii! ut «%l"C-"JI|Ul •\< «ir- if 'tin* who • Alarr} uf thv r«>wii)iU'>u.p«nntM ilu- In 1 - that it Chri%tt4ii ll.itlf.S HI ."M .1 ll.ltUSHHl Cllw siiif ttn-y w(iol<l Connaught With Duch«u *nd Princ«»i Pat R««oh Uondon. (Hy I'nlted 1*ross) London, Bug.. Oct. 20. The I»uk«« of tlonii'-iught. former Bmuyrn<>.r gfnentl «f Owners OT^TRi Q«rm«n tiubmsrin* Contidtr The VeMfil Lost,(Uy United Presn.) '>'•• AmHinrdam, Hulland, Oct. 20.-— Tho Ocean, <,'omi*n» ! r-ewu*r«. of th* Ger-. man commerce submarine, consider *h» -~ submarine Bremen loat, according to advices from Bremen. There In great grief among the families of the lire* men crow, moat of whom lived in Bn»« ThjLJ*turn_trlp of the* ubma- " rlne Deutsehlohd" to the "United Ktute*—T has been Indefinitely pontponed. It la > repoHfd, (8 A MONTH OVERDUE. - {Uy United Prcas.) Haltimore, Md'.,-0eu-)»8l—P«*U P. Milken adinltteMl today that tho Oar- • man submarine Bremen Is w month overdue; that ht< feared the venue I met with, an Accident and was lost with all of crew. retjs I'atl'icid, don. arriv«>4 Prin- JyOU - This is the tlrst time that anyone in a POM! I Ion to. know tho -Herman s|d« * of Ihe story of the Hrfmen has |«»r« milled his name, to be lined in con* unction with the belief that the ship • woa lost. Milken 1st American manugcr ' of the Ocean Company, owner* of lh» Bremen and the l)out«ohlanu, BROPHY CAUGHT 'The. duke'0 departure from Canada kept a »ecict t tlic nunui of the ves sel on .which he suited not- being rt<- vc«U>d, prohahly of the prtss- of tho U-63 In Ainvrlcvn wut*'r». Forecaster Announced There Would Be, ~ Kl, a Li»hl .Fall All Day.. (Uy I'niifd l'rfns.> H-H, Mtt, Ui-.t. a«. -Ht. its tlrst \Vti|!i'r to MIHW fell ttu-« JlHHillin; and thi' u < 't i !(.<•> f'Mcc,tj.ti'r »uint>Miu'.il it One of tho M«n Who Broke Jail W«» ' Apprehended Today. (By United Pre*s) LH . 5Jct^_lMi—Martin of the two /nen~wFur~l»roke here, was cuught todny when hb went *» Into a residence in, an JntoxicaieU con- ditii'it SENATOR DIES RUN ABANDONED Rain And Sn«w Put* A 0t«p To The Reliability Run At Peoria. (By .UnlttMt Prea».| ___ I»pnjrlov"in7.^ Oci", ~6u,— TTw? master (}|ivt>i"« <if Chicago A-'tto f'lu duiu-il UK ivtiubUity run today nf the biiow utui loin. They vn>i« on their '««>•• fr«ml l»rUw > <*viH»» to Clinton, i*-,, -w4*t"» i-huv SM' 1 '**' up. GI^NTWOTEARB Albert Js Olsert Died'In Ho»pit«l In • ' (Hy Cuti •<! Chicago Today : • .._ I'l-oii.i, III. <n-i. 'JO ..Ji-Ju» chi.iii«, (!i.\ 1'uHe.l i'M'.'sr. ) • i tit MuiilfU<n. who i" nt IA- l"'inh jii hlu ., 1}1. <»« t'< J<» ~Hl,,i»> SftiAt'ii I itval fi>r H Hill's al1fc(|.>o». IVtcr {',.»- .\lln-it ,1. < •1 > >< 1 H. "f \Vit(t(Nli«'U, itjt'il u« L'tlt t.if y^t- i.MJl'i, w.ft=» »*.t> nt 11,i' AK'I.-UUIU h"ipit *'} lii'Ciit-llfi MMVH i\so yearH in _._^ -- -~ |

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