Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 12, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUCrATUOK DAILY NEWS WIDNEflDAY, JULY l2KLq American Troops Smash Within Two Miles Of St. Lo ' France, July 12—(UP)—Tn the .center of the Allied line, Anu'rican- •troop.H and iirmori'd rorces luivy \rcMiinn.'d their Mui'ch on St. L/o in .the face of stiff onemy resistance. .Our shock troops already hnvu won now positions only two miles nortlipast of the big roml junction. -i Above St. T-rf}, the Amorlcnii.x ai-o 'hammering -uway at i\ garrison of some 250 to 300 Germans who tiro 'trapped u mile anil a hull' behind our front line. In the town of !,.:i •Menuffe. These Nazis are well dug 'in. They're split into throi; pock- | Mint it did yesterday. ets and are waging a fierce Imttlc. from stone houses, includinf; 1 a chateau, which they have converted Into miniature fortresses. Am-" isricnu forces brought up a sound truck yostunlay, and an oMIcer broadcast an offer to let the Nuy.i.i. surrender. But so many guns were booming both from German and American positions, that Ills voice' was lost in the din. On the far western sector, below Irfi Htiye Dn Pulls the Germans appear tn be withdrawing under cover of heavy machine-gun ttsiil mortar tire. An American column is following them hack step by'step and already has advanced to the outskirts of Angovilln Stir Ay which is only tu'o and a hall' miles above Lessiuy—our next objective. Although the lighting still is bit- 'Union City Wan 'Dies Suddenly Joseph O'Meara died suddenly at the l;omc of his nephew, Robert Irving of ill Sprint: street, Union City. Ho was born'in Collinsvlllu, Conn,, ami resided 'in Naugtituck for 50 years on Highland nvonue. He is survived by. a sister, Mrs. Eilward Fredericks of Union City, ;ulil .M ship-daughter, Mrs, Teddy LuForLe or Hollywood, Cal. Funeral arrangements' ore incomplete. U'f on somi.' sectors of the long Avcragi; population of tile Amnr- I'ront. nowhere is tho pitch of I icnn family h-;us been decreasing |ul raging with the sumo fury I the rale of two-lonUis'of u person Leach dcciule since 1S90. Lincoln © Ho re OPEN THURS. from 12 Noon to 9 p. m. ANNOUNCEMENT!! . . . Tu Siipi-riritiMidiMits I'lirolm.sing Agent? and Kmploycs of Factories engaged: in the I'rriilurtii.n nf War Materials: . . . Tin- Lincoln Slorn is dedicated to .serve you with your fiu-lory minis of inarhiiirry. tools and siipplie; of finest available quality In order to speed the- war effcirl. A great many items an- now riirricd in our stoi'li*. dLiters are available on |irii>rlty ratlngN. I'riorily ratings urr rcguircd on lni|)i)rtaiit items. Fur further information phone .'f-, r jl>HO or H-IOI1—Mr. Andrews. . . rowEK roots LATHES • DRILL PRESSES • ELECTRIC MOTORS • BAND AND JIG SAWS AND SUPPLIES COMPLETE WITH ELECTRIC MOTOR AND STAND .-•.., ONLY SLIGHTLY USED! 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'.•'"' ' Cash on hand -April 1, 3SM-I .... .......:....;-...$ 2,119.92 Receipts—• • Tax Collector .......... 70,802:31 Borough Clerk : . . 2.823.80 Public - Welfare ...-.,. ... -1,300.07 Schools .-....:. ,.j. ..-.-',. 4,724.00 Borough Court .,:...'... 3<M.(M Old Age Assistance Tax- 80.00 Notes Payable .,'; ...-'.>.. 160,000.0 Blast Jap Foxhole On Saipan Disbursements—Borough Orders . Borough Court . $2-12,187.1 $168,089.0 1.800.2 GOOD JOBS t>EHANt> ' ••• :• $l(i9,88!).fl Cash on hand, July- 1, 1944 a Nnugiltuck 'Nrtilohul bank, •117.12. • • . Building Inspector's* Of f ice Changes (Continued from Page 1) ceives a salary of J32,'i.OO from the borough and retains- all fees ccivcd on building'pcrmils. Burgess .J, Rudolph Anderson stated that the sl-lual ion should be looked Into in view of the antiquity of • the building ordinance while Burgesses Leo Cullen and CreslowKlimnscwskl declared that while Mr. BenUey was receiving a great deal of money now for his job, what- would be the situation here when the' war is over, in regard to building. ; Warden Brophy. .felt that the postwar building,- outlook for Wie borough was excella-ml'.- The matter was not discussed at too great length and ended wiUi the appointment of the borough head to look into l.he matter. Other matters handled by the board last night .included the decision to give'another:.$30b to" John . Wilkus, holder.of the garbage col-' lection contract here. Mr, Wilkus Mopping up on Saipan, a Yank demolition squad blown up a Japu~ foxholi;. If any of tin; enemy snipers wen; lucky enough to escape :tho ItliiHt, a trio of Yank* stand by to nmke sure they dnnt g«t away. Our troops continue to ferret out .enemy units lurking In tin: island's caves mid ninuiitiiln strongholds. 0. S. Marine Corps photo. (Intcr- :. . . ' national) GET ALL SET-FOR REAL VALUE GOOD LOOKS IN OUR FAMOUS $45 SUITS FOR MEN. They're specialized clothes in every sense of the word—we have gone to Rochester for that, good tailoring for which Rochester—the cradle of American hand tailoring is justly fameil—' • our fabrics are good enough to deserve.this fine tailoring—and these $45 clothes will deserve your confidence to the end. Cherry St. Ext. Residents Protest '. (Continued tro'm Page 1) last' year received • $5,000 Tor this I ?ptic-tank difficulties both on size nd poor installations, and many f' the men stated that ihe situa- on was remedied only when lead- T pipes were broken, and black, thy and possibly contaminated ater was drained away from the louse. Residents also stated that in loir belief there were many viola- ons of borough ordinances, not ly in. the plumbing in the houses but in the electrical instillations :m v.'ell. Warden Brophy indicated that : Firc Marshal Michael F. Shea would look into the matter of. .the 'fire' hazard question. Several residents indicated .their belief that septic tank, outlets in several of the houses lead directly waste matter, directly or indirectly into the brook, and it is expected that, this information will be turned, over- to police authorities here .for immediate action to ascertain if any violations exist. Reds May Soon Regain Baltic States Counrous Service LOvixe ELECTRIC co • 8 Church Sircei work, but a. $700 raise was included in the new budget for the 'collector, ; Last night .the board 'decided to add another $300 and make the salary 'an even $0,000. The Borough Fathers .felt 'that thuro was nothing else they could •do in the matter, as the need for the collection of refuse as "a sanl-' tary 'measure is. of -prime importance to the community. The board also decided- to reimburse Harry Schwartz of .Melbourne court for 14 pounds • of chickens, killed recently by dogs. The total cost was $3.92. John Malgari of Gorman street presented a claim for a tax re-fund of $31-1.38 an assessment allegedly paid by himself and also by a resident to whom he had sold the house. The matter was referred I the assessors for- interpretation. The Wood Sanitation companj that Is installing sewers in th Glenridge Development presentee a surety boiKl .Cor $500 and it was accepted subject to. the approval or the borough, attorney. The Naugatuck Water company was given permission to install 1,000 feet of eight jhch water main.-. on Lewis street and eight inch mains in. the Glonridge development subject to the, approval of the borough engineer, The Connecticut Light and Power Co. also presented maps showing gas mains and services in the Glenridge development. These plans also must have the approval of the borough 'engineer, Burgess Kllmasewski inquired about feasibility of -a swimming pool on the west side of. the borough, but indications are that the matter is too involved for a borough- sponsoj-ed pool of any kind. Closing Of Dump May Have Averted CContinuud from J-ago 1) The warden stated that there is no.intention on -the part of the borough to permanently use the 15. M. I. Co. dump,, and furthermore that the company wants the situation 'l.ermlnatcd just 03 soon as possible, also, Wai'don Brophy stated that .there will be no tin cans or refuse of this type dumped in Union City and that whew 'lihe area is dropped by the borough all refuse will bo covered over wi-th 'dirt. The warden declared "that the factories now have their dumping problems well In hand, and these will no longer concern the borough. The borough head stated that l.!ie closing of tlia Cherry strce-t dump was a safety measure for Ihe nencflt of the entire community, .an ounce of prevention -that-possibly -was-worth all the"! cure in the world once a. tragedy | occurred, Burgess Creslow Klimasewski of the Third ward .was greatly concerned about the dumping situation In Unioni City and the reaction df Ms constituents .there, buy was assured .'by the warden i.liat Ihn situation • woul«l be eli.m- Inatcd just as soon as possible, and that every- effort was being made for the borough a suitable dumping ground, • or indirectly to the brook in the area, a violation that in the past caused the arrest of Mr. Karbow.icz on' the complaint allegedly of the Naugal.uck Chemical Co., a firm that uses.water from the-brook in manufacturing processes. Pulling few' punches,' the complainants declared that Mr.' Kar- bowicx, in . their belief, made several, further violations even after 'he.had been-arrested Jor this same offense. staled that he felt that if resident's had been bilked on the housus, they felt that that was their hard luck, but stated that he borough- should -have been' vigilant and prevented the situa- tio nfron-. progressing as far as it did.., It was indicated that Mr. Kar- bowic/. had ilnisKcd his building in tho-'Chcrry street extension area, consequently there was nothing that the borough could do to remedy any conditions there that were not according to borough ordinances: Burgess "Anderson stated that ill his belief- no further building permits should have been granted Mr. JCrirbowicK when trouble developed in the-- first two houses that he- erected in Cherry .street extension. | One of these two houses was that of Afrs. Maher. Reports indicated 'that the septic tanks installed in the area, were placed in front and at the back of -some of the other houses, that the drain off facilities were inadquatc, also that four or live houses have four inch drains, deemed much too small. Burgess DC Carlo stated that borough olflcials should investigate he situation but one resident declared that Mr. Karbowicz was hrough building in the section, I and allegedly laughed at the swimming pools" in the cellars of ' -•' .'louses that he built and sold. Burgess Cullen stated that he ully sympathized with residents f the area, and that the borough vould do what it could immediate- y to alleviate conditions there, but backed up Warden Brophy on his suggestion of having the borough engineer draw up plant for a sanitary sewer which must be run almost .all the way to Miser's lot. Burgess DeCarlo declared that dim. building inspector should really inspect all new houses, not merely, drive up i.ii' his car and look al. them,..from the ; '.le and then drive off. Cherry ' Street' extension rcsi- denls were unanimous in slating 'that "they never had .seen ,a bor- (Continued from Page 3) Baltic sen, 100-odd miles beyond. Such a push would trap a score of Nay.i divisions in Latvia and Estonia. At the southern end of the battle front — Russian columns drove through, the tripet marshes for an imminent attack on Pinsk in po-. land. Meanwhile, mobile artillery | cascaded a 1 huge weight of explo sives on the base from positions only eight miles away. New Genuine GUT STRUNG Sl'ALDING TENNIS RACKETS XOW ITS' .STOCK TENNIS BALLS Local Man To Attend Dem. Nat. Convention Serving as .ilternate for Joseph DiPaoln. of Mcviden. wlio is a stole delegate- to tilie National Democratic convention), Matthew. Scully of Union City, will leave for Chicago Monday morning to- altend the convention. Mr. Scully attended. n. banquet for delegates and alternates in Hartford last'nighl. Rent that spare News Want Ad. room wilh a Templeton's TEMPEETON'S COK-N'KR WATERBCRY DIAL 4080 (No Toll Charge) DANCERS! FRIDAY, SATURDAY ui SUNDAYS •-•; We Present • FRANK CAPALHO And HlN KAI.IMA I$r.A-VDEM Hawaiian Orchntn White Eaf|i| Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut^ licslaurunt AKIJOC Buy More | Wnr Bonds The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday Evenings Only After 9 P. M. In Naugatuck's 100th Year Your Savings Bank Passes Another- Milestone! And Reports Total Resources Of Over $10,000^000 A TRIBUTE To The THRIFT and SAVINGS °f Naugatuck People NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed NflUGflTUCK N« «R> HLDO Tt ^ Legal Notices MILES: TO;: BDRLIN Here is l.he 'distance to Berlin' from the advance Allied batl.le lines oni the various fronts today: Rus-, sia, . 435. miles. Italy, 040 —" France, 630 miles. ,ough .inspector, building, plumber or^'nwy other type in their neighborhood. Burgc'-ss DeCarlo stal.ed .thai he •had heard of. builders bragging about getting awny with things in construction work iliore, .and War- d'en Brophy pointed out Mat i! was the duty of the bui'g.-?ss to re- po'rl, these- violations. \ • I.t .wai;,. finally decided to. have Borough Engineer 1 Charles.D. Curtis; draw- up pla'iis for il.he. sanitary sewer 'and submit them lo th.-y next meeting of the borough board. .kr>sidenls of Cherry '.--l.reet extension also aslced for some help in\. the -elimination of a surface- water problem on tJi e street, caused by piles of dirt, in one; par--' spot. The parting shol. of District'of Naugatuck, ss. Probate Court,'July llth, A. D; 194-1. Estate of Catherine Daly, late of Naugatuck, in said District, ' deceased . • ' Upon the application of Teresa B. Daly, praying that letters of administration may be granted on said estate,^ as per application on flic, more fully appears, it is ORDERED—That said application be heard and determined at the Probate Olilce in Naugatuck, i nsaid District; on tHe 17th day of July A. D. 19-14, at 2 o'clock in" trie afternoon and that notice be given of the pendency of said application, and the time and place of hearing thereon, by "publishing the same once in some newspaper having a circulation in said District, and by posting a copy theerof on the public sign-post in the town of Naugatuck, in said District, and by send, postage prepaid, a like no- 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this, plant has continuously served our nation with quality I footwear and other fine rubber products,] both in peace and in war. " UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant the residents as they left the meet- tice to each of the known heirs re- ing was'what was the use" of pay- siding outside this District and to ing full taxes inNaugntuck jf they Margaret Daly at ISO Meadow cannot get some help from the street,, Naugatuck, Conn., as attor- 'boroug-h im times of stress. ney for John Daly of the U. S. • TJie board took down references Army, at least four day_s before made- by. the 'Cherry street exten- said day assigned, sipn. residenlis in regard lo Mr.• . STEPHEN J. SWEENET, ICa'i'bowicz's alleged draining of Judge. • NEW BICYCLES • BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES • GARDEN FERTILIZER ^ • LAWN FERTILIZER • HY-TBOUS LIQUID FERTILIZER '? • SPRAY MATERIALS • KLEEN-FLO Clean* your Oil Tank • Condi lions \* ollr Car Mofor • CHIMNEY SWEEP Cleans Furnace Fliicn ' •; OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS • CEMENT PAINT Tn.nspui.eht Filler, and 4 Colon v. The Naugatuck Fuel C»l 87 Church St Phcme52J|

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