Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1916
Page 8
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PACJZ EIGHT, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMeNfS. AMUSEMENTS. LOOM Bouse of Features GRAND IGOK 'The Eye of God" Featuring Tyrone Powers and Lois Weber •"Wtif-n -ind.. f rt-.«du«::1 Weber, ..^a^i^.-cj .^f "vy )>*.»«,... ^ ;t . fi Sty f'hitflifn ' in niii-h Tvroru- f'f>Wf>r« t"»>k the l fi a<!inK INU t ADDED ATTRACTION Burton Holm*' Tr«v#l Pietuf#«*~T»K* * trip with u» - U*M*( Prices TOMORROW Duitin Farnum in David Garrick EXTRA! Pirnmount, Bray Cartoon SATURDAY ' Look Ralph Herz in "The Purple Lady" Look VAtJDETTE LAST TIME TONIGHT If Sf> Ad.TITIS jMul Aiiant. v . coriifiy jus. |.'Kline iunl uripltKi! l<'nji OK- t'luj- A'tv? :tiv-t oUifr pi-f.'it H<fs. A )«•• M H rpn i-cT (! H'F.'in J..O. _J'Kft tfe!.1.. [1 j"'f><' Her) ijfe K'.iin MnKtir.ine, , nti'I cxtrn/'? X,"ijuiloi'in nnd Srtlly in ' monkey i-<>tTi«'Vtf«-:*. ••??h<v*fl 7" nn^t ft, I'sunl put •«••(*. |j TOMORROW, n<nv vaudeville: flifec- i groat arts, SI-P Arthur nnd Qrat-e I Terry, western novelty. Aiso don't •"nilKf' "The Yellow Menace," It's great. THURSDAY, .OCT. lfPf916. j MONDAY, WP June Caprice In Oittricc' of the Mountains." DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Cvtry/Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. l"*0r private leasonn call H. H. KELLEY, B*ll phone COMING! COMING! NEWS IN BE1EF RUN OVER BY AUTO. |v Qonrge, the tpn-yoar-ttld *"n »f ,Mr, Mm. OiH)r)f«> Hnrms. of Ixtruot Bt, W»* imlnfttlly Injured %Vt»«1nt»«. about 12 n'ctix'k by !>fl>iK run ovrr III* whPPlN of a natul and grovel truck, belonging to Mr, Uarrott. driver had hi« unml trut k ;uul hm) r»llpr behind and wan Kolng fit n Ue pac<« nfrtV' thp Ontrnl »<rJn>nl IMS. Thn hoy ran fiut In Ui«' Atrt»pt Attempted to Jump on thp trjick. is very high and thprp l» n<> «i»od Ce to cutch on by boyn. In nom«' tner he fpll nnd thp him! whwl of it* auto truck ran over hln foot. Thi> the foot nlno brforp ho fould |t out. Jnnilor Urown of th*> »<• illdlngn heard thi> boy rrytrit; and rvin- _PUI 'to his anHlBtAnce found thp boy Hurt. A doctor wax called nnd the taken to hi* horn<>> It wn* futind ftt While the foot wan painfully hurt, were no bane* broken. iWIU. WINTER IN THE WEST. iJMrv *nd Mrs. 1'etpr Pratiti and^fnm- i* making arrniiKomfiHw to loavp ..Ing about the middle of ^November California whc>r« they will npftut thp iter. They will make the mmthprn t of the statp, thrlr obji»cilvf> point, 40»«h they will vlHlt other pnrt* of . mate. Their plain IK to npcnd, tnoxt the time at Long noach. which IK -n to San Petro, often called thf bar- Of l*o* Angplen. ,Mr. Krnnt* 1st Jdent and manager of the Krantz .ufacturlnu company and IIP In ink* the trip for rent and riM-rentlon. LY WEATHER REPORT. he Chloaffo weather bureau- today J^the foll«>win« forefttntr Kain nnd Ji colder tonight, pouidhiy rcuirnijiif. now; Friday cloudy «nd coldisr; brisk and strong northwesterly. Great Fur and Sale One Day Next Week <Sf i£ Grown Nursery HOLLAND BTJLBS -~«une-l*t»_thl» jr«ifc± they are liere now, -lire A ko. 1 utotk. ip* hyacinths L —claffodlls -—crocus .hardy lilies niles German iris flill in large quantltlea and many — letlea. Watch for Special Announcement in This i*aper. On a certain day next week we will have with us a representative from one of the largest fur.houses in America with a magnificent line of Furs. He will also be in a position to give estimates on the cost of , making over or repairing .'any piece of fur you may have that needs attention. : It will pay you well to wait tor this great v event Our Ready-to-Wear Department Has The Largestjand Most Complete Display of Wearing Appareljfor Women and Misses That We '""" r....; ' C [H^ The tofe assortments and the unusual supremacy of the wearing apparel we are show- In ? } }? season is attracting greater attention and larger crowds than ever before Do illL w^tSwearla™cirh? IIOrrOW ^ Saturday and ins P ect our S 1 ^* scheming of styl- SPECIAL SHIPMENT OF AT* TRACTIVE NEW COATS Have Just Been Unpacked Kncli day we receive compliments on nur showing of ('oats and the large number of handsome (-.'oats Hint have already been sold is ttood evidence that our styles •-•ft'ird- vnlm^ an- nppTeViatcd. Ail exceptional nftnvtffrVe coat display has been arranged for .Friday and Saturday; here you will (tutllwauttftil (tints nf VY'lourHV Broadcloths, Bolivia*, Silk VMo'hrs, Wool Plushes, Silk Plushes and all other desirable fabrics. An almost endless variety of -handsome new Chats, including 1 many full flare models-and at prices ranging from 810.00 to $85.00. PRETTY NEW WINTER COATS FOR THE CHILDREN^ __ Fjir grrja_froin. 2 to 14 yearn of age wo are slmwiiig'n big line of the prettiest Winter C'oats yon ever saw. The styles ore all new und so attractive. The reasonable prices will surprise you. Prices range from $4.5(T to $12.00 NEW PALL SKIRTS An exclusive showing of new Skirts made in the newest Fall models and in • At This Store Who Ever Dreamed There Could Be 1865 1916 largn ir»w my own atock of nil kind*, ck. including hardy ineao Ijarbcrrj 1 , sulutolo for can furniah in ititlea at very low prices. and fruit trees -stabs -— • climbing roses rose* ----••^-'-•••'" — : ^ perenniel plants r" . KstlmatBH for lawn work nnd tenting furnifihPd free. All or- and roqueattt for cijtimutcx tven prompt attention. Can Wp by nurcel (tost anywhere in " motion, • AH Grades Soft TRY VULCAN COKE, "the perfect fuel" Two cars freshsjPORTLAND CEMENT on tracks today " "". J ~ ? ",.: Right Play&_to buy Lumber nuti Fuel _- ;- -QUALITY- ^ - SATISFACTION Just the Kind and Weight to Put on These Cool FallDayg. •" ' ' ' * ' • f' Every garment in our Suit Week's Display is a ,J rie _w model ofihjs season's approved style, di- i-eet from the leading tailors — fashion creators of quality apparej. You will be delighted to see how becoming these new models are. Thfe fall styles are characterized by large cpl- lars,^ide cuffs, shirrings, plaits and belts. t .M»tty/<>f.'.tlie'nmro.Hi'e.ssy modt'Is arc cnnbolliMhed with trim»»P^ of Hkuiik, bouvpr and j 1 mlson yea! fur on col!ai% and licni. , . ..'•'• ' '.- . fliis Fall and Winter... Prices range frora^$5.00 to $12.00 BLANKETS AND COM- PORTABLES jpxtcnt Thf?i nmtorials nm the wliojo gainut of I'abncdoni—siiiart "clloflis~^tri|)efj "Bedford ror< 1^ hTimlsoyic"velvets and mohair niixturt'.H in fine variety. ' •m . . »• . ,. • -. . . . _ The wanted colors cover a wide imfc ami are strikftnr/v r> I f <•,»•« ! «... t> ,!.. *. ;—: 1—, ; ; _ , n t' 4 .,-,- 'own, navy blue, plum, taupe, rubber gray, and wine colored Burinindis. „ ATTENDS THE SYNOD. . _ IJev, B.r i ,'ofc ihe^pftrli' trat on Tuesday morning for Indianapoii to attend'Olivo-'Branch Synod, whlc 'onvenea thin- week. Its -territory ex tcmdtf tuitith of • Ohio river,' comprlnin Louisville and other ifnporiant cUJei In returning. Dr. HeitlH will preacl next Sunday in Chicago. g|ov4-a unfl ranecH. at Wooda. -Otto Matzinger 19th Av»., kNDSCAPE' QARPENER * NURSERYMAN on t.pent Tueaday In Kri „. i>r(oe» on jtlj hatsu Dillon liat-tfhop. I^awrenc* bldff.* - - Uuturall lloll went to-Chicago Wotl- ncmlay for a short viHlt, gcagiaJLrpdUfftlon in at Hackett'a AllJllnery.* Kd, 8lKJiie«y, of |Chlcttgo, »pt»nt Wwl- horp on tiu«ineii«. rrohiiTtion in mtiHnory fop Uaya at Haefcett-'a Millinery.* —Win.--ii.-Haffna -iiftR—irone—to~ conButt One customer said today That "Allheal Coal" apociiilln(N in regard ,-to hl« health, Wa4tr., t»vo-st«?p ahd aJi th«> modern dance, st*rw, Mr»;.:-JU...J'\ Werle, 505 West Third. Hell 41f-\V.* MiKR«*ff Martha IM\\IH and IMen Bakf-r n(t<«in1pd the dah'cfe In JJIxon |n»t to - JJNiury W.orllo w«'» a' Clinton, («•„ Tu«*;}!iy; '' ,' Sl»ecl»l ivduntloim on all trimmed u nil --"-- tt . , Wfi OH . niestI y invit-tvyoii to come in mid .see this display of $wtK wliile-the opportunity for selecting materials and sizes is the best. ^W, $30.00 and MI-M. o. U. Dillon returned home Tuea- day fr<»m a luiHlm-n.-i trjp in Chicago, Ohio, toiiay fbr^a week's visit with her daiiKtUef. Mfst. Florence Brown. Afix. H. If. Nil! is KjK-iidln^ a few •Jays ir».-<'hirugo on Inwtf MJ»a .Hannah Mass, who lm» heen upending tho pant two wottka la t'hi- caKi», JM i-xjipctod homo Hnturday. Don't " ' HrH'K dnnuing -H««ilal-rtHiH'« at Woodman hall tiajrtiigtit,*— -— ---- -, John Hut'kloy. Huht. I'uMlmiiui Joe Klllion Hpwst Wudtioaday in Am* boy. Horm< <'iii>Uln»r~8alt<, Hut,, Aiikncv & 'lymprn. St. John't) <'. I. ('.» " Mr. und &iri». Bird Hrnwn, of - >tatowit. wjH-nt Tuemlay here with friends. fledum! prices on all hats. Hw» 01 before y«i» buy. Dillon liat 'KhoM. MI-H. H«'rt Aldiloh uml M«II. Hunin 1 if Omaha, Nebr., who havn bo«'ii vi in the e>\»t. arrived 'here Tuea t for a Hlu>rt \tnH with Mr. und \fri Frt>d Kttrgu. f i'h».y i,.ft Iny morning for ihclr honu*. pecal PurcKase of Suits Specially Priced at Chester's store is noted and quality of their Blankets slocks, and this sen.son shows wonderful assortments -of -newest merchandise.--Cotton Blankets, . priced from . . . .$1.00 to $2.50 Woolnao Blankets, A ,?S9 ed , f ^? in ; • ^ 2 - 50 to ^. All Wool Blankets, priced from r . . . ;$5.00 to $10. Comfortables, priced from ; $2.95 to $4.25 ~— Cheaters Week-End—Bargains FRIDAY^ND SATURDAY ONLY 0-4 Bleached Pepperell Sheeting, present — value .Tx- Scoria T Friduv and Saturday only, at .,....,.,,,...-....' 27c 0-4 Unbleached Pe])perell Shetjtin^, j>res- ent value ,T$e; Special Friday'iuu'i Saturday only, at , ,. ...._._._. .^250 42 inch Bleached Tubing, 'i^irpjienT vTiTuo i'Oc; Special Friday atid Saturday only, —at — 45 inch Bleached Tubing, present value -22c: Special Friday aiid Saturday only, •at .._...,..;,,.,, ..,.18c .36'inch Lohsdyle Cambric, present value .!&•: SpociaI.Friday arul Saturday only, • ' ^ presented as a result of {special purchases made in New York by our representative. It is a superior assortment to anything we have had the pleasure of ever offering- before and the values are extraordinary, Lot One, includes Suits worth up to $22.00, at choice ......,..,.. ( yards i$) a custoiiier. 3(5 inHi LonViale Bleached Muslin, present :r vjllue J ~^-J-ipecitil Friday and -8 .<»nly,- at li_Jtiiii) i i-1 (j ya rtls-tn-flT rwoTincludes Suits JUJ inch Hill's Rleaehed Muslin, present, value 1l,'W(^ -^P^vJ^L ?l'r.ll!' l 3' n ' I( J Hfttui 1 -, ,'<1(tty only, at -v-.-r-^^y-T-. r; ' ~ • 9c Limit 10 vards to u .customer. .One. Jot Toile l)u Nord DreHH UinglmniH, present value i5c; Special Friday and Saturday only, at .,.,,., ',, ,J,i<; One lot Fleece- lined Vents, slightly soilbd, present value 35o; Sj»ecial Friday uiul Saturday only, at ,,,., „ . '. ', ,10o One Jot Fleece Lined Drawers, slightly soiled, present value 35c; Special* Friday and Saturday 'only, at ' lie '«4x7tt (Jray Oottan BlanketTpresent value. " ^fh " •inl Friday and JSaturTtay only, is good for any one — no matter howparticular4h'ey are, Send me another Philip H. Ward ATTORNEY AT LAW 411-414 OR. F. W, . fYactic* T^imitwl to EYE, EAR, N086 «nd THROAT BRAIN 8URQERY Kour»: » to 1? a, m.; y Ui 4:»0 p. Fifth Fioor ^ft^r§nftft SMg, 8t«rlin fl , Hir'" " Both Ph»nM r A TON *& 'S^lSt 'JS^''^ '*^ <i ^V<a«fe'•*» '»ft» s '*5k "JJfe *>**. «3Bk"<P>. >^SkVt\. ..'-u '«cv _i& \u^ •>«.••.»• .» , asy^j^^g^g^^p^^^^^ fort-unon HK-, i>uuui>.ii mjntc ' nt Caroline Harabloek, Mr. and Mi'h Liiiji* Kla>ru,tK«r "f \Vi-ar.fniaj for-.». f t u -, • -. , J ^f 1 '' *1»V"* Wv.U)f\M|,«> H<-H' With ... -,,„,,' Snampootng and , • Cri«-nds.' " ' -> l '""M» lush ^ Scalp Tr**tm«nt. , 8 Hct^-ul n-tlut-imn in Hniltr<-r\ t.-t tm "" I 11 ' 1 (<••* >>'>-- -- i« MJUHHJJ .t .1... t«-r- i>"nt r. f ,-,-t i , ii'j ,t,i a,^ , \ t ^*, ., ,j ''"' '"'' 808 Fir*t Av*. - B«ll Phcn*371-3 I dux-nut H.M k, tt ^ .Mittu,,^ - ... t ,,, iu „, i,., n Ml! ,. li!s , ,„„..„» .,-, , lt lt .i. .. l( u,..,,„.',,, i., ' w '" u'lt^^.i^^^/'i/'rL^;M^^nu:: 11 ;:;^, 1 ,::;:;:,;:..'r,/ 1 ;,,;; '"fV"^ 1 ^ u..; fiujn inj, v.tcatsi-ji ti'lj, The h t- lici u in t^o a.f|'(lu-u.-.t f'ii ' 1 IW> i itl'ivHlt: .( W»'H JMriH'd ••) in w i n<.-. hf it*** iii'f-is havin« , I-M.II nf «njitjtiH'iit Hi N' ( .\v,

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