Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1916
Page 7
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STERUNG.JLUNOIS.THUMDiLOCT. 19. MS. PAOS n Mi- s'X'ortd since r ,.... -,, fr,".»r! ?')>" k'r;k% .'ir-v, .*••,. !:•-!« ).><.•' >b'- .1... H In!'..;-: M:t-. h \\ ill - "i 'A 'th .• 7<s ,i rh -jr-' <• * l K;-''k; ,">S" ,,\ i.i-K. T*.< ii;:'. tN-- ..r,!v I-!;' }i*T!» to f.-;-.<•• r f r h*» R'f'!!! «-ci ii»-;itly «"\t;ry hwivy »d n c-hrvnfp-tntrr ttre -' brr <-hrtms'>on. hut when promoter* j«it!r,t.?«'t( on the- ros>lf?)tU!y of fs match : b«,-twx-'-n WiMiird and Dillon th<\v shy. < ' tini-.n Is '*•> *mnil he- *\ou!d have lit- S ti<» opportunity of fmdlnp a vulnerable! *i"<»t in th* hutrc cKahipIcm.. Tho match i would be laiigfhfttile from thrtt stand* « M'?d'«»me miglity bit? men no (<ne t.-iin say In- wouldn't have nt FALL FESTHJ/ILI K»S - CQillt SHOW OCT. CUHTOH mWA ''•''wwflm '^''Vm (WELCOME in. !?if< «, <:,, nrr !-<if. h l?i<Tt> !"» one «h" t--in M:um lie hits a i h i'if--Kir'- XY^Lir-l ,I.u k 1 >il;i.r. :u 5'i-ar 1 —GlintonVFall^estival and Corn Show ON OCTOBER 26th, 27th and 28th ' is 01intori's first party to her neighbors. -- Miss Katharine Stihson will make two .flights daily and one illuminated night flight. The Japanese DAY-LIGHT FIREWORKS are shown in this commiunity for the first time, Automobile races, public wedding and auto parade on Saturday. ^Festival balLevery evening at Coliseum. Big street carnival Saturday night. Water sports, bicycle races, Japanese battle royal "and push ball contests, Everything will be free as Clinton wishes to_jje a real hostrto it's -neighbors as guestsr- - — A. L. MARKS 9,600 and 3,000 Peo. KHminatiHtr I>itU»n. or (>MVfH«rtl. Fred Fulton hnn the and tie's be»-n flghlins «'«'ll. Hut thnt , ' c!<>*-sri't prove he's in Wlllnrd'5 rlflSft ( His record Isn't long PH.nigh, Effofli ' been maile In liring Fult'.tn ftlld i Willard together and at out- time It i. llk*-!y the match vould !»e mule, but i! it'll through. , In pplte of the fact that Fufton hfli only n nil Kb t clnlm to a Aatch It Is probable- h> will R*< flrsl tall. Hut nt the pump time there Id no reason to Wltlard. fat a* Must into nrtico STERLING BOARD OF TBAfiE Maxwell and Qulnlevftn Member Hoard of Trade. Chl<.<i?o, 111-, Oct. IP High Low CloM !.«-.»H l.fiH-n 1.-41S vr.r, !.««•* 1 3!"» • hi 'a 1.69 l.SS 7 * 1.40'i 24 15 24.20 14 C2 14.00 13,00 13.00 ;;<< Oft 24, 60 14.20 13.1*1 T3.1S5 CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, J1X, _Ut t, _lfl,— U open steady, L«'fi (H-er >».-431 ;. iu.7f.4i lo,:: r. Misted .... Jti.25*HU.S'J , , $9,25'{I lit,^(.1 Hough y u.7>» Catth-, steady to lue lower. Sheep, HtroriR, H.ig* .,, 2U.OOO WANTED tOST MKX— Jnjeriiw C'xpTflTris How" "wif'Tenrir ll>e : harbor trade qiifekly mailed free, Moler Barber ColIeKc, Chicago, 111, r- -V N T H!»—T*»--H KXT - 2 i! i- ro«>fiM. furnished. !> ilv. Atliirt ;-:•' "1»" care f:un- !,OST. --. A LAt.'NDEliED U11K88. , I'iiif.r ji|«-:i»i' rfiuiii t" Mr,«. H^nry ,f-'iin-h. PI!:: l-'nurth Av«', • SJ FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS OU HAlj; If. IUH»1> riif';i|t if iak« n «!ton. \Vni. CtinnpHy, Itoi-k jl-'.-Uls, III. ^^ : „____. jj'';:i .LOST COKAL .TIN TI/KSIJAY BV* XVANTRD—SKCOND-HAICD AUTO | """'*• !>--t««"i. IXM-UM! St. and N'lnth mobile, will pay the highest prlc* j Al(<o fell nil klndfl of repairs. Mlk« | the $15 Tailor. Both phone*. 36tl ; . 93-14 I-HUt ( itu.'<l »• ii l,K llAItt) Cf»AL .*~T'»' n«-w. Clu-iip if tnUon :it "t • nv!Cfr-3. I'S'J'A Fourth AM Ken HAM; A n.\v «'iii>n % r: ITIU: - tit-tat- f.ill bo ir«» !' I'.tt-r fn t- in C. W. It jvr C. A. Wvbb, I'ol. WIZ. \Vh»U; Uuius. >f' " III. LHii.j Wvbb, , t- M»«- , ^ LEGAL N OTICm ,iri<•«•-« piW for old feathi-rs nnd east ] ~^"~ Tc't^n wnrire ,.ff H..,h«n B . Ad,lrr«8 Frank ti«j. ! ' ..vwS^S-o.TrT of the 1M. S«-!-lm(-'. fi«'hd po.stal, Will .'.ilK ^"^« of Am-ri.-i for the " _^ ^ O '"j!i !l)i-trift of Illinois. WfHtt-rn Division. ' w ,^7siiii^i? I1Nti8 AT ^Sf-'..;,!«. ""nssv." l f, 'i^ssSF' &i 4 '"' • to Foil HALF,- IUC, TYI'i: I'UI.ANI' China liitarpi. We offi-r for x.'ilt 1 . Jit i «iil. nl»o offer our hi rd boar. ' I'unje and .•«•<> tjitsn. 1'lmt'i- i'l^'lo. . Dlxon, H. It. No. J. Interurban *top» j at farm. Hill Den Farm Co,, Dix»>n, III. !<f-!'3 g ,-. <H\rt Hlt-ttlillMr 't FORWENT - i bankrupt ,^^,,,^^«^, 1 ,^~^^ ^~~ , y,, tl ure-h'-ri'-bv notified that an in* OH HK.NT• orrici: srrrr,. ^j^iN^ujum,,,^. j H ,tnu,n in tmnkiuptoy w«u II u p'liam lUork. 1 it'll plH'tH 11 77»>-l. jfjj t . t i n^silnst >ou on September 28. I9W t « '.'3-118* i,, ,),,. Di-ti"ii t Coun of the !'nlte4 ~~—r:—— ~~~ —3T7, Ktut"K of Ain«>ih-a for the Northern- IU;NT-MODI:UN SLX.KOOM:,„„„„., ,, f — -- - --t^hVfcK—H A+Hi—tn > A h- 2'.'2 l-'ourti^lith Avc. A. H. KrHdv-'r. .... ....... .- - •.« l*l?SIIItl »l Illlll"!.. ,,.1^1,1... huufe nnd fjnrage on-LociiHt St.. 118 wt ,j,. M petition WUH ttled by Hummlt II I 1'olkt'lH. !|ltr Htovl . \VorkH. HteilliiK WUolvwilc Oro-,' J 7T> HI- VT _»MYT>1 > 11 U1 IT I-'A KM 7 !"«ry Ciimpany nnd John Manlmrn, v, w^isr 1 :? ^AiJrviK^fint 1 . j» V P '» * ffls^sr 1 Ht.rlinK Hen.ity <'o. ^IWI.'t" t,j. p a^«nkn,|,t und^ plfonc 17!*\V. tliilt I'ltiinol for found > HI-'NT —MoHKHN lit U'SlS.»wMhlti «.nd .ll«tiiet nnd it huvlnj,' f-M.1, f.r line At.t.K A 'onUr-d b.v tin- ««ui i thnt notice b*. 11 I Mil CM I ll IH*. •»I*1 1 "/ **' ' ^ iti...i.. «•- ^—-..i. • loUlvt. 120J> Hnbt Third yi ( I ill* FOI5 SALK -Kol'ND OAK Hi:ATINH FourthSt/'"' t '" < ' ' ' :•»-'!'3' p,''V|j l~:l.'.^"Moi^HN KIUHT-IIOOM i t'hat »ai'<l petition itan been filed and irj * 1|fc ***" t ., . _. ^ .. ,.^ . _.......ii ,. .. f ,.., ,t ,.* ..%<.*««! r«.rwl IM »<*•« ^ inlor«'«t» % d, art- hrreby noUfle4" ' Sheep 1 T.uou lloKs clOKO So hiKher; tdp prlee no, 30. Kmlmntcd ,.,. 19;OoO CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. OhirnRd, 111.. Cot. 19. Wheat — Xo. " red. *1.673-4<tfl.t»9; No. 3 rod, I1.574H.66 3-4; No. 4 red. $1.6<)*rl.60; No. « hnnl winter. $1.7» 3-4** 1.74: No. 3 him! "'Inter'. $I.«Bl-2 fit 1, 69 1 No. 4 l«urd wlntrr. «.4j4tl.6&; Ni». 3 rod. Irtish, $1.67; Hamplo «nuU», ml. $1.02 1-2. Corn— No. 2 yellow; t>e'jt961-U; No. 3 yellow, 8S 1-2SI»5 3-4; No. 6 yollnw, s*41-2; No. 2 whit*. liG; No- 3 white, 9.T1.2; No. 4 white, 9S; ; TJo. fi white, »*: No. 3 t»r, l-Z^SMJ; No. .1 mixwl, 06*t35 l-l'- No, 4 rrjixf'd,, S»6; No, f. mixed. 93; No. a mi.\<rd, 9J'; tSainplo . Oat«— No. 2 mlx«>a, »7 149 7 1-*: . . mixed. 47 1-4CT4H3-4; No. 3 white, 48 4HJi-3'*4 -*<»,- 3 wbiuv choice 49; Ko. 4 white. 47S-4(&4^; Sta., 485-8^40 1-4. Ptirley— Carti.' 75 ??• i . No. 2. 11-29; No. 4, |1.31. STEBL1NQ CITIf MABKETS SALK--SIX 1'UUH HRKD C11KS- tcr White boarx with plenty <mality J. D, Meket'l, Harmon. 85-i)(}» , „ FOH KALIC—1JKST KKMKDY FOH ' .tlullax—for.. Hast St $U(> 00. no\v «n«* undeti-rtninet In Harry U- u HI:NT -Fall'. a»'i r^l'itniii »^>t ^• fc »'»-iT, •!•->•- j.-..-.-..^^ — . rr »j* C05 Third Ave Hell ji'inirt and Hint tlu- h,une lm« be*n WJtj initf Ifor hfiirlioi at the place of holding MUflt — — ji-ourt in the City of Fret-port, Illinois, I MY HOt'SB IN HOCK j.,n tin- OH) dav of November, 1916, ato^ ust Thltd St. Will bi-jiunc ..'.-luck A. ,Ni.. and the *uld elpe. AddreKs.'Box 42S, Itoqk I-'ullH. ill. j i-iinrrVons ut (Juzelte or phone eventtiRHi hereby nottlli»<i to appear in «ald court? . l'?-?^* 1 Uiili lil'J-L '.in-USjat xald |iluf»'-nl IIJIH- o'elock A. M.. th<tljj T ,,,,,,» FOH HALK--YOI-R LAST IK cnunro pure cxtr.'u-ti-d -or in comb i Will deliver. Cull mornltiKH, noon rind HV'cninK*. ^- House, Bell phone 927K1. 73-SS ROOM FOU IlKNT — Mod»rn convt'nlfnces. U«-ll plume sea- \v. • FOll HKNT— MO.DIIEN FLAT. WKST Thin! Ht. luqulro i.v. L. ll«cknmn> « Foil 15KXT MARCH FIU.ST. TWO The undoi-hirii.'il \\ill f*. 11 /si p'tt.ilc" f.itm-4-on hK-in.-*. (me of 200 arrei*. Auction, on TUESDAY, THE THIRTY-• tli«- otlur l^L aeres. In ea< h t-a«e FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER. A. D, 1916 ' ton-tutu an to-fuiru«h work horwn at two «iV!n«'K in »IU»-!M««"M ut tin- inuehiuvry. «nd •H, his rf'«nb'nrr- nt No. 312 W«i T annully abb* and •williiiK to buy for StriM'-t. norlhf.iNl r-orm-r of the l»r»jor farm a half Interest in f pure bri-il llolisteln rows Avi-niH- c ;iinT-TTnrnni .^t. in mi- « t-v-^—s—m-t- , . of Sti-rliitf.' Tciiioom hou«e. with > and 10 head of pure bred sow«. and mndorn barn. TVi inn <>f Hab-- -One-half! the purt'lmw pHfe' tnl th« tial:inc<' on time to suit pur«-hw •*!•!•. F. R. BELL. PUBLIC SALE. I, the inuler«rftned. will ^ell at public wile on my farm, 3 mib-H we?>t of Co- i?u»mf nt. Chitilwii-K- for itu- intt n"«J in l n fttt-titi-r- Hift«nntt4lo« apply lawn Farm. Both phones. farm to buy n. lml< and live wo\vx For \Vm>d- UO-96 FOR SAWl—REAL ESTATE Foil SAJ.K -AT HACU1F1CK, -MOD- crn leu-mom house with hard wood and elerirlo and !h"r«- to tffi< mihl* and to do Mich other aet» in the lni'rt a,« Mid court n.uiy dlreet und i» law required. ' , the Hoiiuralile Kenesaw Lntuli!", .Ind»:e uf nai.l Court, day of October, ly}6. Thomas C. -My- Kenneth D.-iJurrwIK Oct. 19. LEGAL NOTICE, lUnolM. ] • ' :tiTllnK' L \ »H. County. J_ . In City Court. November term, A.- State of liUnoiM. } • City of Kt«'rllnK' L f »f. \\'hltcr>itlu County. J_ . liiirtb<»lonie,\v vs." Bartholomew. Divorce. - . AfiiduMt having been filed in my lice that the above named Albe Bartholomew l» u non-rcjiiOent of Btnte of Illinois, that ho resides 172i» Kast.Third .St.. South Bcthloh 1'ennKy-lvrtnlu. notleo iw hereby to the said defendant, Albert oionu'W ilia! the haa fll* in my offii-i' her bill of cotnpla you: that MumnsonH has be The Farmer's and Workingman's Friend Store Th« war in Europe ha§ not made us change our price. We under•ell and save you money. We are not "under cover" or hiding behind war oxcuseBi Biich as «eeme to be the genera! cuttorn. pic Saw Some Spirited Racing At Amboy. il'jj'H and Ladies' Oi ISlM kli- AH-t'f.<« .ill .•...;••: 1 L: 95C Mi-n'n H«"av\ All Wo«d >-».\. pi i 15c , j. A m-ui.V4i_Viiriuu!ily_ . . __ T , ';2,r>ini tu a'l(H) attended the i>erb> races ,1'. Aml>oy vi-sttTilaj. The lat-t-s in , everv pnrtleiilar are pron<mneed to be (Correcwfl (Mosea JJillon New No. 3 yellow torn New. No. 4 yellow corn • White oats Nor 3 ~mnced ontn-r; Wheat, No. 3 .4Se and 7 mile** wwthw^st of THURSDAY, OCT. 26, 1916, th<- foll.^v- ins property; 8 lieud of Hoi-nen—Buy mnre. 11 year» old, weluht. l.h'n; bhick geldinK, eomliiK 4 years old. wt•i^ht 1.5MO; iirny Keldlnp, enniiriK 3 year* A tine homt- on Si-veiuh Ave., ;ling, III., Kaay tcrmss. Inquire 1 National Bunk, Hook Falls, III. • OL'-O-I ret rimbk' to Wartey mare, -coming 2 yearn old; buy mare coming 8 yearn old, in a •%•>•»[ .-mirb W—ll.-ul of C-ilHu J'i tM.o,i .APPLES ABE HEBE i.^t.^1 bcr term of Haiti r<»urt to be held tin 1 Court .Hftune in the City of St« Iiiif4, County of Whitneide and St of iliinoi.s on the third.. Monday Novi-mbcr. A. I). Ji'lt). when mid wht? THi: fAH on ih LOAO,OP 'c. n. * i?. Cal! ,-iT tin rill K-j-ou »»ee' ill Vo\i «re her<'J>y not I lied that „ still jjehdins^l.u «aid court. om> lUit-kle 60c 75c ll-1 I'M Heavy Fleece Kined I'nlou H:iil>.. .... Men's. Itluo tiveralls With bilm Slen'e'Sweater Ctiatf w "''KA/» In rite Collars /. iJvv 1 One lot of childrt r n"H KtuchhiK Cajia, a little soiled, 75c On " lOc r» lot of Mfn's A'eMK, *J-K/» »eh iil tu :f7. iii ,—_. <6QC SPECIAL FOR THIS WEEK U5 M_i-ii'n Suits-, iVKiitar tit) to fi;> values, join Heii'M Heavy Chin-' <J»O pfjf| fllllKl., I ''. t'l ( Oil IH , . . tPOaOU' - tin- that hav-(> ln-cn ' In thif* i-art of the Hinte. Kvery mill-" ! ute of the time in ' which ih«- races 1 w*«it' on, tJie InlVrewt In the events was ;nt th« hinhest teiiHltA. with n.Jt » break .to mar the pleasure of the il'iy. ; Thi\ tiiiu« made W.IM the fautt-Ht that ; htm iK-i-urietf nn the Aijibov. 'tnu-k, the •fntiith r«it-e iii-'inn the 1 moHt, spirited, land elicited tlsw greatest entlu'fiaflm of the tiny. The »lx entries were, even' Iv mniehed. Hubicon »»ee«ind, li'ivintf a Sshjiilo tho best of this live running Llv* Block. tPippert Bro«. * Co«.) 18.00®J0.0 Hheep , ; LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. (BterJIng Dept, Btor*) ^ Dairy—Avtail, , MiUJi, p«'i- up t'rum ........ ( UK" lot flf Ml'll'.H lt|U« Work ShiriM, all Hln'jt VH WorK " 60c A b'K line of olt;i-r <I?/I Kl^ 10U pair l,,-»<U'-ii' Clotli T"p Shoes lir patent leather iiinl. >;un The rarea for the day Ritt as £oi* litileh COWH: !«• Uvo»> ear-old hi-iffi.-, 1-G romlnj? 2-yenr-old HU'*-r«; 10 yt-ar- Hnti «teiir»; «& lust «prliiK «'ulve«, i* 1 »>f whicU are voiil ejilvt-JS. 3u Jleud of Shuatn. l-Vee lunch at nuon, wile im- mudlateiy aftoti Terms: 12 moiahf time will IM» MJven on zipproved notew, bearing 6 per rents. Interest frtim d,4t»- If paid when due, gtherwiso 7 per e»-nt No property removed yatH »«-ttU-«l for J. C, WtKTWiuxl Ciwm. Auct^.H. C, Knox. Cierk, MART FLYNN, Prop. Oet. 18. U», "'- ~™*~~* p;ionv i'^,"i-i;'. 'Will Short', SALESMEN WANTED Clerk of Httid Court,! Philip H, Ward. Solicitor for Co plaimuit, Hept. 2S. Oct. S. It, SALESMAN — TWO NKAT. WKLI. drexserf ningle men to travel with niiinafier tit tioutlu'rn CIMM. I0.\prri- t'liee unn*'t*esHary. SplttX'ltil opportunity for ambition 1111-1,1 In- npiMiittu ed rwid maiiaKei\ Apply 31'J I-'irnt AW. Hootfl H, i'3* . . crewnery Duller r.. AUOTIONKEBS W. K, DUNNOBE Ey« and H«Jtfa Chlroprkotlo GLASSES CORRPCTLY nk 9 £. Third uji.n 'in whi ( 'h they ,,4.,.,,. ....^^. ;utr JH <\Vinan*>; Tom .Murphy 111 : Jnegutn lit t Carroll >: Oin per pair, up froiu,. per i air i:tcU.>>. Vitl Ham. Head A. U Col* AUCTMTSBITR7 Have bud ^Sperienee in _ali . per head -. I Second ROCK, Dittunc* 5-8 Mil*. 1 JIattie Burton U6 ( Carroll i; ljueil > I), llti i<Jimiv<jrtij ; j$U\ f--ode_ll«l (Ko "ji.'yi; .Moriosi.i __ Hoy. ___ tl f»iinilf. CLASSIFIED RAM Jtinda of ttolen. Hold sales anywhen «^—UnU~everYWhpre. Jl uaTimn»P7ntisntmr Batisfaetlon. Can refer you tti a lout lint of mitisllfld. cuntiimem. See m< for dates, lioth p' *S monthly MO Jntertft or ly productive Inurt; cloKt- in 3 nmt lit-ta. Write for photo^raphM and' BAST THIRQ ST. OPEN KVENING8 FIGHT EXPLAINED" ! |:i ^'"- A ""- ••""•-••.mu n..- »»,„••,<•.- * Jr-Vjf** * J-rfW* JLJ-rT*.* AHJ-rrfrlLrf !,,( {J, ( f,,.,,, (- J ,-| . ,f' ( 11) d - ,M < \'I't /I'll) , . ~ " 1 it' 'I ill" pi oil oil l',S |l.)V<> I'.-lll It .III ( V- ISui-iii'-x Ains. Argentine, <n!, I.) S../ -j-,, (|,.,s,. *\iu wi-h't.. ,n- ,1 .11.4111. |ptp" ill i»l!(|ii i-,(||i' in<r In iMti-h tin Ijlihui aiil ,111 ainlli ui e uaitliij,' at l'i( l"lui,l dtuii of tfi» » tub in laiMK Hi' ,lni,\i'i- to |li>' nioiKtie, I I'uii oiilv ->.»v Ju$t Received Full line of BASKETBALL and GYMNASIUM SHOES GrebnerVShoe Mart Third Race, Diat*nc« 1*4 Mile. Tiirnawiiv uu ti'onherfl): Kilty Me*_ Mitoi. U^«»H.v, Tuby Bell, Pii*p l.)ara«?U. Tim.-, <;i l"« Fourth Race, Uiilance 3-4 Mile. Huitunn 117 (KhtllliiKt: Kowier IH (Ciilltn l-ril, .\ln--r ||\)|| 11-I I Met'aim i; |i) l!i.ili!n«. Litib- Kink. C( l!u.\ Time I i«. I - 1 ' Fifth R.icc, Diotaoce One Mile. 11/HI i.i'H « n. Ii» tHall). .Mi"> IV- H.iii 111 iShillti'i. i^-'v Hum IH il'tuliH -t I i int'i- IH-.ruianl. Kit" Kfoai t Time. J* t ; Sixth Race, County Hor»c». \\iiii.uii S|'tH'ii'. Ambo-v, l>m- \\i-i- WANTED—BKNCH AND muWera and men to It-arn molding trade; also J»borer«. CSood pricp». tJtewty WiWlf. iTatt Malleable Iron W»rtu, Joliat, III. CltOM _.__ Cofptu wr ,.,....—„, lmn .- a »peelulty of nueUoiv" tnu«'» Coniltiel many Mle« every year niu'. ran refer you to many satlBtl*d~cus- tumorn. \Vw mwrantep KJiHtiUiU- wn- Wrlle " of " phone UM fo> f u I lltiformatron. Munjjer A-r/2, N, If , Life Hide.. Kanmv,p City. M6. 77-1,08* . WnTrTKADi~MY 160.ACUK LKK rouniy farm for ft farm of Suit acres j and may put difference'in cu»<li. Write ••X. ^ ii." cjMr»Oa«ette. * OIXONi ILL.. offict wjiiiilUnt, and : :di»B«Mi of _w0m«B Juid ''(!•'*<>!;»,, i^i >! f i't<-.M-ii' l.av •Nl'U-i 1 p.(~-i-«l u. ''i j i^'.-siil nil! »ii ' : . i I'M Aim n: s«-y. .MTT^H'X WAXTKU—MAN TO Ht-HK by *bM«hel, d^y - >>r month, Jnr,n« Tyue, Pmwer'H |d^one. SJJ-tfS* VANTKI^^J^aro biwrber trada—Bit I«iy. Easy "lo learn, K«|«U» «b- taiued l^re. Ui^es system of Bar lm.r C.tllrt^AjA til tlil> U & '" Iri3 "fan * ncliools and ahopa. Write |»r c log. Trl-City «*rt»«r <^^ll«8e« /Q13C)iU}K U. KWMK UVK .STUCK r, Uixim. III." Haw *.fild'purt in fcevwal Ktutcrt th«- ife*li!<lb'<i eusfoam-iK my -, All «'«U'< promptiv attend t'd. l j hone-oi- writ* 1 for d. ( uWAUD It. AlKHT. Al'CTI«KXHKH t'h.idwiek, 111. Ksih'ii made anywhere Farm ,uuit E»tork h.ilvi« my ha.H be* ii mv tt-adu-r National Bank llc-v on nil ItimU I. itu'lo'.i! ,iis.I .«l"iit il UM i ins l.. i , Ii .»)»• ti!.,i..i 'l\ )i!|l i.l Mi 1 t,U ,i (.1 ,1, i (.III., Is Your Stomach W&H If'slfiW Wcf eT ol W1LLARO READY TO FIGHT AFTER PLAYING COWBOY 16th Htrwt, Moline. 111. TRY HOSTETTER'S Stomach Bitters y§E THE GLASSIfiED 11 i' \Ni-w \<»iU. 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