Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 5, 1968 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1968
Page 9
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|6: 30(Cdlof) 6: 30 HOVtE "Cape Feat" Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchuft 8:30(Cotot) PEYTON PUCE 9:00(Cololt) THE BlG VALLEY |lO:06(C6l0r) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT |lO:30(Cotot) JOEV BISHOP SHOW llhOOM SINE OFF TUESDAY : , IJSgUARt. 6, 6sfc5 AM •:- TESt PATTERN 7-00 (COLOR) BOZO'S BIO TOP SHOW 8-00 (COLOR) OPENING OF'WINTER OLYMPICS .0:00 (COLOR) COLORFUL WORLD (COLOR) HOW'S YOUR MOTHER-IH-LAW Ll-00 BEWITCHED Ll-30 (COLOR) TREASURE ISLE L2: : 00 N THE FUGITIVE i:»<» (COLOR) NEWLYWED GAME 1;30 (COLOR) THE BABY GAME j!j 55 (COLOR) THE CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2 : «00 (COLOR) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2530 (COLOR) DARK SHADOWS 3:00 (COLOR) DATING GAME 3:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "The Atonic Man" Gene Nelson, Faith Domergue 5ioo (COLCR) ABC NEWS 5:30 (COLOR) 5:30 REPCRT 6:00 RIFLEMAN 6:30 (COLCR) WINTER OLYMPICS 7:30 (COLCR) IT TAKES A THIEF 3:30 (COLOR) N.-Y. P. D. 9:00 (COLCR) THE INVADERS 10:00 (COLOR) 10 0' CLOCK REPORT 10:30 (COLOR) JOEY BISHOP SHOW ' •> SINE OFF , KAR Schedule NIK (MRM; total to Mkit 6 t 20 AM MORNIHG DEVOTIONAL fis25 fEXAPKAMA COLLEGE - C t 45 FARM DIGEST - C tObAY, SHOW - C TODAY JN fEXARKANA * C fOOYA SHOW - C fODAY IN SHREVEPORf - C TODAY SHOW - C SNAP JUDGMENT - C N*C HEWS - C CONCENTRATION - C PERSONALITY - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES * C JEOPARDY - C EYE GUESS - C N TV PARTYLINE - C PM LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OF OUR LIVES * C THE DOCTORS - c ANOTHER WORLD * c YOU DON'T SAY » C THE MATCH GAME - C NfiC NEWS - C LAPPALOf CLUft - C HAVE GUN KILL TRAVEL - Bi,W MARSHAL DILLON HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY - C NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND BERN ST1ERMAN - C AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C PM 1 DREAM OF JEANNIE - C JERRY LEWIS SHOW - C TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES "MCHALEtfi NAVY JOINS THE AIR FORCE" ~ C • JOE FLYNN, BOB HASTINGS NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND VERN ST1ERMAN - C AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 10:30 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C 12:00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL HAPPINESS IS King and Queen HOLLYWOOD Range of the ECC ROLL 7s 2$ 7i30 ,8*25 8»30 9s 00 9s 25 9»30 10 tod 10i30 11 1 (TO li«30 12!0f) 12t30 1$ Of) 2s 30 3 l 00 3:25 3i30 4»30 5 soft 5t30 6jOO 6s 30 7iOO * 8s 00 10s 00 6y DICK KLEINER NEA H«u^.a (ho secret of her ton* life Ramon, It was a happy set. Even the dog got in his licks. Ann.) L IT T L E R O C K 5»00 5s 30 6tOO 6:15 6t20 6s 25 6t30 7:30 8:00 8«30 9:00 10:00 10:10 10:15 MONDAY. FEB. g. Porry Mason "Hesitant Hostess" MoHale'S Navy "Fugitive Ensign" CBS Evening News CBS (C) ARKLA Newa-Oeorge Moore (C) Safeway Weather-Bill Mitchell Sports Camera-Jim Landers (C) Late News Roundup (C) Gunamoke CBS (C) The Lucy Show CBS (C) The Andy Griffith Show CBS Family Affair CBS (C) Carol Burnett Show CBS (C) News - George Moore (C) AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell ' Sports Eye- Jim Landers (C) Monday, February 5, 1968 6': 30 The Monkees NBC (C) 7:00 Rowan and Martin Laugh-In 8:00 Danny Thomas Show NBC (C) 9:00 I Spy NBC (C) 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports Show 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign Off Tuesday, February 6, 1968 6J45 RFD with Bob Buice (C) 6;55 Morning Devotions (C) 7;00 The Today Show NBC (C) 7;25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 7?30 The Today Show NBC (C) 8;00 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 8;30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:66 Snap Judgement NBC (C) 9:25 Nancy Dickerson with the News 9:30 Concentration NBC (C) 10:00 Personality NBC (C) 10:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC (C) 11:00 Jeopardy NBC (C) 11:30 Eye Guess NBC (C) 11:55 Edwin Newman with the News NBC 12:00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Let's Make a Deal NBC (C) 1:00 Days of Our Lives NBC (C) 1;3Q The Doctors NBC (C) 2;OQ Another World NBC (C) 2:30 You Pon't Say NBC (C) 3;00 The Mike Pouglas Show (C) 4; 30 I Love Lucy 5jOO F Troop 5?30 Huntiey Brinkley Report NEC (C) 6jOO News and Weather Report (C) 6330 I Preatn of Jeannie NBC (C) 7fOO The Jerry Lewis Show NBC (C) 8:00 Tuesday Night at the Movies 10:00 News and Weather (C). 10:15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports ?'ow (C) 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 1?:OQ Sign Off 6:30 7:00 -0:00 2: no PM THE MONKEES - C ROWAN AND MARTIN'S LAUGH-r.IN THE DANfiV THOMAS HOUR - C I SPY - C NEWSCOPE - PAVE MCCLELLAND VB8W STiERMAN - C AL GORDCK ON SPORTS - C THE TONIGHT SHOW - C FVENXNG DEVOTIONAL TUESDAY. FEB. 6 6:28 sign On 6:3 p _ EC pnom ic a ?(i(on. ''' t hJu Thur.) - Sunrise Semester (Fri.)' 7:00 Arkansas A.M. with Local & State News (C) 7:05 CBS Morning News 7«30 Arkansas A.M. (C) 8:00 Captain Kangaroo CBS 9:00 Candid Camera CBS (C) 9:30 The Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy of Mayberry CBS 10:30 The Dick Van Dyke Show 11:00 Love of Life CBS (C) 11:25 CBS Mid-Day News 11:30 Search for Tomorrow CBS (C) 11»U5 The Guiding Light CBS (C) 12:00 Eye on Arkansas (C) 12:30 As the World Turns CBS (C) 1:00 Love is a Many Splendored Thing 1:30 Art Linkletter"s House Party ' 2:00 To Tell the Truth CBS (C) 2:25 CBS Afternoon News 2:30 The Edge of Night 3JOO The Secret Storm 3:30 Password (C) 14.:00 Perry Mason "Prodigal Parent" 5:00 McHale'a Navy Reunion ror PT-73 5:30 CBS Evening News CBS (C) 6:00 ARKLA News-George Moore (C) 6:15 Safeway Weather-Bill Mitchell 6:20 Sports Camera-Jim Landers (C) 6:25 Late News Roundup (C) 6:30 Daktari CBS (C) 7:30 The Red Skelton Hour CBS (C) 8;30 Good Morning, World CBS (C) 9:00 Who, What, Where, When, Why "An Essay on Chairs" 9:30 Ronnie South-A Quarterback (C) 10;00 News - George Moore (C) 10:10 AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell (C) 10:15 Sports Eye-Jim Landers (C) 10;30 Channel 11 Academy Theatre "Andy Hardy Comes Home"-Mickey Rooney, Patricia Breslin, Pay Holden 12;05 Late News Roundup 12{10 Sign Off KSLA-TVQI2 MONDAY FEBRUARY 5 6; 30 Gunsmoke 7530 The Lycy Show 8:00 Andy Griffith 8? 30 The Monday Night Movie "Chief Crazy Horse,« Mature, Susan Bail IQjOO News/Dodson 10:25 Weather/Griffin 10.-30 Carol Burnett Show U; 30 Sea Hunt I?;00 Weather/Vespers TUESDAY FEBRUARY 6 fa; 25 Economics 6:?5 Across The Fence 6:55 Your Pastor 7:05 CBS News/Benti 7:30 Bob 4 His Buddies 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Candid Camera 9;30 Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy Of Mayberry 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love Of Life 11:25 CBS News/Benti II;30 Search For Tomorrow 11:^5 Gvjiding Light HOLLYWOOD - (NEA> It's nice to see happy people Finally, they were ready lo at work. Nobody knows for shoot. The assistant director sure whether a cheerful com- banged on Howie's door and pany means the movie will he came out, unplugging hi* he any good or not, but it is ears, and set to work, pleasaht to visit a contented Brian Keith and Doris Day set. and a huge sheepdog—the one They're shooting "With Six who used to be on Please You Get Egg Roll" at CBS t)pn't Eat the Daisies —were Studio Center. This Is the old doing a scene. The dog was Republic Studlo k but it's been supposed to jump up and lick used for television production Brian's face. In case you won- for years. Now that CBS is In der how that's done, the the feature film business, trainer smeared some baby they're making this first CBS tood on Brian's cheek and the theatrical release here, in the dog behaved like It said in the same studio where that great script, star, Vera Hruba used to roam. Now we have Doris Day, which is a mighty Improvement. And Brian Keith and a fine cast of supporting characters—Pat Carroll (In her first movie) and Alice Ghostley and beautiful Barbara Uershey, the refugee from The Monroes. Howie Morris is directing, and that accounts for much of the atmosphere of good will, because Howie has more good will than a puppy with his first boy. Pat Carroll is no slouch in the good-will department, either. They worked together years ago on the old Show of Shows, when Pat played Howie's wife, and they're still ready to drop a badinage at a moment's notice. Like when they were lighting the set and Howie said he thought he'd catch 40 winks in his trailer. So he pulled put a set of ear plugs—the ; set is noisy when the technicians are busy—and plugged them in. This was a challenge to Pat. ..'• She just happened to have a duck call in her pockctbook, (For some reason, she promised the person who gave It to her that she would always carry it, and she Is a girl who keeps her word.) She also had a pair of finger cymbals —why, I hesitated to ask—and set to work with the duck call •V*? ROY ROGERS AND DALEKVA.VS, who will turn up on the tube shortly, nre almost like any other pair of American Rrnndparrnl*. Rxeept they probably work harder. This Year: Hawaii DEAR STEVIE: I think a money belt Is the safest way to carry travel funds. My friend thinks her way, pinning a small purse at the waist of her girdle. Is best. In any case, one's handbag Is not the place for through times of tragedy u large sums of money when L" 0 facf lnn ! ! f>c >! fl «*e Hoy NRW YORK-iNF,A>~Thi» only thing that sen them apart from all other decent American grandparents who are concerned about family and whose f nit h gets them men- cartoon «f jifflM The Fa NBC-TV hi? is, Anffttrtterf „., „.. „ .. . We trt be « fttiecf»«sftti director — pf«Hftte«r Rfinef, hosting Iff* Si an animated versftm of self hop fnt« eornfe si whtfp "! erw wieH those people I hnvf Cart has « pf«y.«n w«>\ "Something HP wrotp it a,i if test "t hcann writing it in frfftjr'ff, 196? cwd It spilled over fO; '.'.'• June I wfts waiting for some* »' bojy to make up hU mltttf abmit o film project It was «' doldrum period ami t hrtdrft wratcn anything sine* 1 The Dick Van f)ykc Show So f though 1 would S«H* if I coultt still type 1 didn't know If ft play or n letter to my father would come out of the typewriter It turned out to b« a piny. 1 started with an empty room nnd two people walked In. a man and a woman, So I married them. They carried in n table and started talking. It turned out thnt 1 hnd given my wlfi» an 1,01? to write it play In 1067, t forgot, hut the built-in clock in my hend traveling, When ready-made money belts proved too bulky to suit me, I made my own out of unbleached muslin with a stout zipper and fastener. It's roomy enough for bills, travelers' checks and a record of my passport n u mber. etc.— M RS. L. WALLER Rogers and Dale Evans. They are stars, presently in New York rehearsing nn np- pea' ranee on the Fob. "14 Kraft Music Hall called Cowboys and City Slickers, resort hotel owners (The Apple Valley Inn), the subjects of n museum near the resort and horse breeders, But mostly DEAR STEVIE: 1 have a they are a happy husband anil couple of questions about wife whose large brood of travel In Georgia. Arc the children (all married but ows), beaches enjoyable In mid-April? What arc they? Is Sea Island. ,. . ,, „ , ifnn ,i n ,.- nnt * Ga., only for the wealthy?i- M RS. R. F. WOODBURY, New S, m l dc lhcm 8™ndpurcnts Hartford, N.Y, (Utlca Observer-Dispatch). Enjoyable, yes, but cool for swimming. April air temperature, 57 to 77 degrees. Georgia's Sea Islands are n chain oi lush, subtropical islands stretching from Savannah to Brunswick—all with good beaches. Jekyll Island, the most famous 12 times. According to Roy, "Wo got caught up on projects and had n lot of time on our hands," so they decided to come to New York for the show. and the origin of the "oniy-for-the-wealthy" rumor, was once Ug," '"'" '^•Hf'C^'n Srt the winter home for 60 millionaires. Georgia owns the Island ume snys ' Ml ' naci {1 lot of now and it's a fabulous year-round vacation center for one and all. One can find reasonably priced motel rooms, public Curl Reiner '/ started with (in empty room , , ,' time." After this, there are sev- beach facilities and a fine campground, as well as luxurious rL a J ) ?/?" c ?;i;"fl^L f f lr J accommodations. Eor Mrs. Edith McKay, Santa Ana, Calif, (The Register) id Rev, B, R. Earner, Jackson, Mich. (Jackson Citizen Patriot): Check with Olympic Airways about the Holy Land They will send you folders. as well as an engagement at Harrnh's in Reno. "Then I'm going fishing." Roy say*. "We're In nrt argument with our agent now," Dale adds and Koy takes up the story. "Thtey wanted «« for thrt»2 chivs In Edmonton, and the Boston and how the cast was entertained by a bunch of women at a brunch, when all the actors were hung over and the ladies presented a program of bird calls anj recita- iions. a " t Lto<i.J | Mjr ^yjpW s i Howie's car plugs were equal ,... v . ... ,,„„.„„.„„ ,.„„ .„,. to the task, however, and he;, DEAR READERS: I've a hunch Hawaii is "the" place to "f* u r |«hl Ilil t would HP dozed off briefly. / travel this year. Side-tracked European travelers could learn P| "J !" ri «'["/ ""[ [L w "["JJJJJ taSW^^'ff- ^J^SSSX3^£S£$£l XS m ««.««•*» -'«»««"-' ^ was In "Mfster Roberts" in Not only that, Hawaii, a year-round vacation state, has no low or ''off" season and next month would be ideal before spring and summer crowds arrive. Oahu, where Honolulu is located, is the best- known of the several islands comprising Hawaii. But the so-called Neighbor Islands— Kauai, Maui, Molokai and the big island of Hawaii are becoming more popular as Oahu with its Waikiki Beach becomes commercialized. So far the Neighbor Islands have retained the charm and peaceful atmosphere of an unspoiled island paradise. yjj j •*" -bei-\ci One way to enjoy them is to reserve a rental car at Honolulu Airport, destination of most flights from the mainland, drive around Oahu, drop the car at the airport and hop a commuter plane to one of the other islands. Repeat this on each island, A week's tour, for example, might include four islands and four cars, but the charge would be the same as the lower weekly rate for one car. This way one can linger about and really gel the feel of the lei. When it comes to hibiscus behind the ear, waterfalls, vol- canos and little crescents of beach, one vants to he alone! Meanwhile, G!enn Connelly, the beautiful gal who designs the clothes, was telling about how a rattlesnake found its way into her house and how she wasn't scared because she knew what to do— she called the fire department. Meanwhile, Alice Ghostley was reading the book Elizabeth Fraser had written— unpublished, as yet— about her experiences shooting "The Way West." Liz, who used to be a regular on the old Bilko and McKeever and the Colonel shows, has quit acting and is now a press agent. And she loves it. Meanwhile, Doris Day was relaxing, with her belt off. She says the only thing she* dis besides, It's the week I want for fishing." They don't talk show business much, preferring, if Roy Is doing the talking, to dincium his thoroughbreds, or the children, if Dale is lalkirig. They don't work separately. "I'm an introvert and Dale's an extrovert," he says. "We're a great balance," she says. "I'm always telling him he is better than he thinks." "I'm glad you think so," he smiles, "although now lhal 1 hear some of the hippies sing, I'm not so bad. But she always makes me reach for notes I don't have In my voice." "That's nonsense," Dale smiles. "He can reach any note, just so lon<4 as he doesn t know what it is, He can't read music:, so I won't tell him what the notes are. Wo have oho lesnr.vJ to accept each other," FASHION FIRST was the appear a nee of Yugoslav creations at u London style show. Here, model wears it sheepskin jacket and hat with leather miniskirt, DEAE STEVIE: Each fall I gather llower seeds from my likes about making movies Is garden, add store-bought seeds to them, and in the spring having to be dressed up all when we travel, I toss my seeds from the car window onto the time. She likes to quote the banks of roads that need perking up. What do you think the remark of a 103-year-old of that for an America beautification project?—MAUDE J. woman who, when asked for I think It's great! Think of the headlines—"Flower Travelers of America Stage Seed-In." "After 20 years, v/e better. " Roy says. « <;* «* If Carl Reiner seems like u We F*t Up New Bookkfct'fiiug Sys t a in.-?: BLOCK BOOKKEEPING SERVICE H&R BLOCK LOCATION i' QPflN TONIQNT DON'T BATTLE WITH YOUR INCOME TAX The 81OCK Army i« well- trained lo do battle for you! After a private diuunion with you, we'll generally iqve more than on /our tax to pay our lo« charge. fight it! Let BIOCK! IMHKlTON HOU.VHD AJOHK1S, who has switched <m-r from acting, xoonis in un Pat Carroll on Ihe sel of CHS Filiju 1 "VVJlh S|* Vo« t'.ul Kgg ItoU." Morris and Mis* Carroll one? teamed as husband anij wife on the old Sid Caesar TV scries. !?;00 News/Oven 12:30 As The World Turns 1:00 Love Is A M&ny Splendpredl Thing 1:30 Hovise Party 2:00 To Tell The Truth 2s25 CBS News/Edwards 2:30 Edge Of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 GilUgan's Island 4:00 Rawhide 5:00 HcHale's Naj/y 5:30 CBS N«2ws/Cronki te 6:00 6:25 6:30 7:30 3 -.30 9:00 9; 30 1C: 00 10j25 10:30 11:00 12:0") News/Oven Weathfer/Boiton Daktari Bed Skelton Good Morning World Channel 12 Reports: "Thfe Gtnt-ie- Women" CBS News Special 80TH ffQIIAL AND 5TATI Weather/Griff in He \ She The Lieutenant Am*r,t4'i, ' - •• 1" V •" vfth Qyei ?QjQjQ Qffjces 107 §9tith Urn f trtt t _ Behind G,x luug itore Phont Offici- Hours; , 9.-AM _ 9: pM c^,, 4 ^ Mn Aooomtment Neceswv v;

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