Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1916
Page 6
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SIX. STERLING JLLINOJS. THURSDAY. OCT. 19, 1916. The Store fur Men' s • In selecting on- A-.;-. K • -c took especial pains'to obtain only the best in Men's Fur- rilShings and we? ;uc we!! prepared to supply -your needs, -.PORTiSfUTS'. Hats for young and middle-aged rrlen and t h e i r fathers. A fine showing of CLASSY WINTER CAPS t* (i "'« t LADIET MEET Aid Soe>(>tx Will Hold Meeting Friday j BRINTON PRESIDED i "jRecent Ri?ai Of Oov. Dunne In| troduccd Latter For Speech At Dixon. ••..*• P-;n.,.> ,,,..•)!!•:• i-»m- rif t< r-rr- ODDFELLOWS In Their Wander in and "C"them. f\d M*eting Latt Club R Thf T O " 'F. 10tJ(?p held an inlr f' •unst nwlng- Ins! 'f-nlnjf in ihHi t ; V''.7;iT)t ; 'iV":7iTiT iTK : rrp'iliti' totitlnr; <•'. •r: to itripi'»vr* thrlr ('us> rtx'tr'is. THIMBtECLUB Ehtsrtetn Stirling O. E. S. Thrmhle Club Friday Afternoon. 4 .' 'i. K fc. Tolmol* <t'it' fif thin win "fit'Ttuin the .**terli(isr Tblin- T! tn~thr so ns to mnkf It a . known a ;Srn* v P. hr-n .ind ImrTni'i'i- h:ul r;u:k« >-1 any parly. Korrnrr Onvf-rnf.r Kern r« ;ii!',-(! in Ute ii r. w-:ii«ii of K rn -<if thr> «"**.•«. .,<i •rntitsn, .id <tf . [Vli||j ,.^ attf-trjou to iffornw :•!-. tho rharitj'.nir. institntiona, Itlll chflllcHRr -idm!niftr.i!i<>n history cf ., tj y in il!f« . Defense Of Diinne. of- ROYAL NEIGHBORS Hold Meeting Fridiiy Evening In The Woodman H»M. Hi.yn! Nrl^hhorn will hold n ' I-Ylday i«vinlnK nt \V'(t<>flrnnn hall. All t>« initiation* ther of YEOMANJDANCE Tonight In Wnodrrmn H«ll — Public Wnodman Invittd. Vin-tiinti -i til ifH'i r;»nt!idatcH fur state IT from Oi'ivdnmr in Horn ami Mr. riyno. ant) the last ilie men actually rr<«t>on/»liii«' tor most of thn npjir»;irlatlons imiirr ili.> Utinno- jmnlnistrntion to turn crltirs nf tlh.Ro \liprnpriat !(>».« pvrn if tJir-v Tlwy nmdo with tho ^Sovf>rn'>r If tin- apcr wcmimr-ndatlon of and tt;:|<r>,| thnt th i«< thi«. \Vuiii]ifinu hail to which tho t'uhlic is The Celebrated. WILSON ' BftOS.' \SHIRTS Priced From $1.00 to $5.00 MEN'S TURNISHINGS" A romplftc lino of X/'t'k wen r. (>liars, <»lin-cH. Hosiery, Sweat oix .MackimitWs, Coop<T Uiuh'nveur, Ru<'iu<> Work Shirts, Overalls, Jackets, Trunks and BIRTH Special, 100 dozeii Husking Gloves, f per dozen, 90c THOMPSON'S Shoe and Gents' Furnishing Store jtAvenue: _ p a ll s -A Birl \VB.H bom t., Mr Miv. l^n Mouffhant Moiulay »t their h.iino lu-ar ABIH-W. -\nNKU.— Mr. and Mm .1. H. 1>nrnp|l of thin r|ty rmrclvod lh«* .•tnlisnincr»- rncnt WnlnrMilny of the hlrth of a baby KlH l-urn l<> Mr. and Afrs. J. A. nfiriK'li,,»<f Dixwn. WO^WEEK ft-V ACAT1OH; ----- Mi', ami Mr«, Knrl HtlemlliiK r«- tiirnul .. the itrrns of i'.vi>i>n<litun- v. hie h they vyill ppihu-t- or aboliKii. '"Will thf-y rr-ducp th*> S i hoot :tpprciprl.'»tl<>r.s.;:' aHin-.l AJr. I'lyni?. "Oood rnnds ' Tho tiationTil «iuir«l? Will they i'*'i"t out OIHI it'-m «.f «>x- PCMidllnre wlik-h they ln.«t "indt-r tholr .;«'iicnil and unfounded cljaiKt'H of TURN TOHUGHES Feminine Orator* Riddl« "Kept Us Out Of War" l«tue. nUonjra, III., oc f. IK.-^Vomi n oi lilt. VytinK for th<- lirxi tiui.' f.n- n t. MI-*) lx»( MiniiiK Uioroughly tt» their n|i|MiriUiiltn-M and (ire r«ji'Wly Oownstutc for \V«>«lnMdny fn>m a two vlxil In i-\il(on, Mexico, and St. Mo., <vnd iHH'attu-. III. MOTOR FROM CHICAGO. Illrmn Wil«->. HnroUl . nnrt LoonitrO Whitman retnnu'il homn lust evening- from t'hk-iiKo, Th4»y nu»<iu»'.l out in I.fciiaul Wlihman'tt car, Inforrnddon ns'icbnl nationiil hoadqunrtrrn ycstoniity. Coupled with newn that fnrtioiml linen-hud ii«»f»n (ipstro>«'il anioHK Cook county Hepublk-an orKnnl<t(ttlf<n» and Rftpubllcan 1 - Ivatlorn Indicated! ••ontHtlonx'in tho stuto nro much niurol MOTOR TO AMBOY. JiflUav- TIT— Km-hrHor- itmHttvil iHon and Moronro Wco.lyatt aroomi'ttnlng thi'm to Amboy whcro th«»y si>cnt tlin day. ROCK FALLS BRIEFS Mrs. Lucinii (Jifllu Irlnh »f tho Worn- IH'H t«mrd t»f tho Uf)>iil.IU-iiti Xutlunnl wromittp*\ was at t'oiiway huiiiling nttcr a tun ufckn trip lllttu'ix, ."The IVcmccratM litivc IK-,«JI ••miihiis- i»irtK: tho Hlra tluit 'it It wcrcn'l for President Wilson this country would now -b«» inixi-U v\> In ;«.'. \vur k " Mrn. Irl.Hh ..._- «rnly man In America who, coulil the ctmntry out of war: Tluy have Yi-ornan Wotdrnan hull. »laiu'«» tonight. FALLS DAILY GAZETTE r - - _xiHTrTnnii i ii.__ u,qi i_-- i.. _ —. ,LI...-I- i -- * ^* BOOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, GOT. 18, 1016. . Mrn. Milrtrfd iJirrott in rived homo lns«t >vpn!n»r trip-Ill Chicago. a ft'" day« l>UHine«s« - . Ki')»tunt* Hc-licf «nd Aid mooftOHWU ' in K. <'tli<-<>. rmd- 1 rttl Ham)ol|.l». to |Cn«» and Tro- HAWAII QUINTET l I.'f 'Vl ll Number Of The Lyceum Court* October 24th. ; the KUitar t<> bt> a wun- -W ti,a r of the «teel muilmd «£ K( lt) al th of the much to the al- JuHt n'ci-iv fluur «Md;i __ time «-nl> at T.'.S'i iH-r" mu-lc. "KWry sacl- Kuurunnuil. i-YanOla leliuna Croc.-ry. Itoth, phonvn.* Hath, tho littU" d.unrht«r of Mr. and Mrx. lx»e CViward, is rtnuirU'd to he- ver>- nick. • J. A. Ktidel and t'hax. IMpport wont to Chicago this morning tov ft few days visit. „ , ... W. T. IVrkinn went to t'hlon/jo this sjirauIinK thin propaKuntia Verly and wo h«vo htiil to convince many womiw this IH just cnmpalim frivol 'nn<l isn't true. » "We hav« b**>n 'tolling womei) has promised alt! In obtalninfe A national nmondmont for woman's suffrage and thnt niuto tu \vo- manhood of thlH nntlon than anything «'!«<>. l'r«»,si(U«nt Wilson hu« ..xcfuacd J»HI'|I aid and liothlng cnn ho I>.\|HH KM! from him, \Vrt ulfki xay tlmt a ntan iuul Coats, Suits, Dresses and Millinery Items ol Interest to Every Lady. Read Them! We are pleased to. announce the arrival of Another shipment <>A aterfet>t^4'ttr kttiit^ amfchildreTT;—MuCeieQTiTinly; " Crisp days suggest newFall co^ts ancf suil?: ' We have Uieni The garments \v{» feature typify the rare art of combining* smart and fashionable beauty with genuine quality at reasonable prices. /^Message ot Economy from Our Suit Department Right in the midst of these crisp Autum days, when a new Fall suit is most desirable we are cutting to a minimum our beautiful suits, placing 1 them for quick selling into two Jots at only $14.05 and $18.95. These suits represent regular values from 120.00 to $32.00. _._._ ._ __ : • We have a small but very, desirable line of •suits .left. ' • A Message of Economy from our Millinery Dept Astounding but nevertheless a fact. Our beautiful silk velvet ready-to-wear hats in two lots, at only $TM to $3,95T Nothing more need be said. These hats will sell themselves.- One lot of silk velvet sailors at $1.00. Our dresses cannot be duplicated anywhere for the prices we ara^skini^ Have some sergesjirnew. expect more. Have a very complete line of silks. Let us serve you if nTteTestedlrT^Cir^ess~— We are Expecting to Move Soon Preparatory to this event we will greatly reduce our stock. HERE IS ANOTHER ITEM OF INTEREST We have a few left over coats and suits which we are €1 flft gpmg to. offer now at only •* • «W We are 'sorting over our entire stock and will have bargains for _youJbyJ3atumay_which-we~^ Best to call at Abbott's when shopping Saturday and' look our ' lines over. ' ' Remember we are honest advertisers. It will pav you to watch for our announcements from time to time. We feel that the honesty and most serious consideration, policy should merit your highest and mose serious consideration. _ 4 _11_^1 - LET US PROVE IT. ^tAfillottCo^ Academy Block BotK Phones • Sterling* 11). ionwrvatisni will lw a wjl'«'r it ml tho Whlto Hi»tiM<» tiinn a-nijtii and inv- f " sJiatL. tti|i. ready bri'.llun .irwmUatlon, and Mrw. July IH s»id to |^on^e.s8 ll tnuBt bcuutl- tTho Ilrst numlver ««r tlu^ l.v<-<>um , ,'*. 1H s . ' ' bur*» wtjl b^ K«-kuk.i(« Hiivvniinn. fl " Uv . IU '' sukl ' will bo given at th«» M»th- , """"~~ - - ..y.nm.f.oo. aj. WENNIE ROAST , h «*l*tf«1^0 «*MU |/lf^. r ira, HU * »• Ji*«i pletod it ItMlOO mil«> to<ir thnm^h; Room Nino Went To Coe's Creek For coa»t region. On thi*. tour Picnic Tuetday* - ^^.M»ry. Awy ta v«-y «lcK bronchltin at he&a home on fc.a»t tin street, . , . MisB Viana Kt« k lni»r, of 4lurri»oH, IB tending a few «laya »^t Uie homo or Mr. and Me*. H. 1* Wuffcr. Afr«. ATtit "ElwooiriHi'TrvvD cWinrrn. «f Iowa, are lu-ro vi»ltln« at Ihc home of .Mr. ami Mrs. Amtm Air. tm4 THE INJUNCTION * -y It" Condemned By Sfrti^eraiAF Labor Meeting, Qulncy, • 111., Oct.. 19.- lo . . tlu> Stato J-Ydfrntion of I.ahur convention lUtteiu'd to a vigorous attack on pmt '" n ' lu ' H<>v<>f ' t!l " n j* ' tiiid railroad mri: of lht% W(1 ' li < l> "." >'r. I'Vi-y Kal.d, '-It is the faot | rwml-onilnW«.- \Vo must with the.! that our lf;,%»! «-it»»rtrt hr»vi> Ix-cn wmall j policy and turn the K<-d«*rntU/n of Labor- to ht- <)iu> of tht» nntf unitvalliir^. \\"« luivn t-iirt-- ; I'loycrn." thlx on tht< orn- -I' th« -federation. • llo Htiid thi> tlnn- and HUn for U it? in our nttitndi* toward i CANDIDATE WAS INJURED. v,nx not far illMl-int vvhcti all renter?!,] 'tin fiu in liiluijvrjt. ;inil •"farnij'rs. _wjj>il_lalii. < aTair V* x w of tho miittor, w'ill IH> mem* l'cr.« of tlit- FtMlvratinn c>f n.iirt. "If there in oiu» thlntr lluil'we ore Wil- eourt ti>" t . Ie vk%-i ar it hru« In inme part th» iin»»resHir>n th--t (Mir attitudt' hn« Hhvay.t Unvenporl. la.. fH't. !!». ''''? nlwayj* Jjie : liain. 'nH*i>tih|lus_of l>>ivenport, fnTTi'irCefoTFthe'irdldH.tft for the Supreme Court of iown, en' I W:IH struck ny tin uiitornobile un<r" his r.- -««h» hii« nnd .rimbUl'Ut w«pe broken. tlm. injunction, as applied to labor dl«. Joh y of Cincinnati, cdl tur- ; of the .Moldera J«urnu4, and an official fri ,(he Moldcrs' union, nknalled th« rourts, jttilgeB, und luwK'of precedent. John Walker, pretiident of the fed Min: teacher of m 1 roiun' nt ilm .Merrill Hchixil. took jhcr clai-s. l««t <«v«*niiiff nftt>r school to , CCO'H CiVfl: \.-ht-iv they all onjoywl i a nii-rry tune. Tnv jnifils of tlu« elatw I conk itli UK wtnndt'H, buna, {>!< kles and S«»ihi-r S'-««J things to PM. The boys 1 UuiH a lurgc 1't'ii flrc ty roaat u-fniilt-s over w'.m-h I MP"d to make'snurn ,fun. r . .if fine Ih * *- -flT" f m ~" -••••-•"- 1 411 oid 'reliable' WUITK _ii th« 4 r<* »•• vi\fay HIP jilrnlc. BURIALJODAY . -Funeral Servica« Over Tucm'lny In Walnut at tho homo of Wr, and Mr«. .l«kt» Hluifcr. Tt-b HVilllnniH and l-nnt Ut'ndorKon nuaowl-1«» Anilwty >0»tt»rduy. SUFFRAGJlTOMEN Are Holding Their Annual Convention At Springfield. (Uy United l'rc*H.) • Hiirii)KA«)d, IU,. Oct. 10. -Tho lllino«M »'3<tuil) ttttffl'UtfB AHIStJC^Uull. Up Tho funeral .HWCVHVB . ovoj: ti}o remains of airK. Anna Kreeman wero held this nrternoon nt the hom« ot 3:iic 9'i'l'H'k und HI tho Methodist church - ' "~ tlie test of years. 4ruggiHl, or prhf- every cjpiiggtBt, In r3 t --iMjtftr-;ttp- -a- rt»medy under tlic Hue InbeK We, rbowefor, ijut ono up gun r- rtti»t«3ed to be the best JJDS- «iiblo from the bjd reliable"! formula. You i-mr trust fhla" Whifo flni- «»om- [j flvc Knn» and nnt' Kmndwon. of the do >U-«. W. li. Ktilxpy and Gmttt »*uig mid Uev. Lutt oftifiated. Intwmew wna made in the llock "eim'tcry. I Tho First Dance Of Thit 8««ton Given La*t Evening; ! Tho first club dunce of this ueaao'n . annual convention hur« toduy wltn a tirograut^ut eiwieohwi ami dl from which it la hop«d >f»l tho germ of an 'Idea, . whereby the ••wom«n i»f IllinolH will secure full mif- r prac«ic»lly all of tl»« lojiit't- of th Pianos Talking Machines msny »i»i>ttHera on. Ui« itro*rw« deal with Uii» all important uwrtion. The la»l« through 8«turday ;;lien hm eveninw at n>itu-e.v. n»car mid as you «au DO oilier. J. WYUE r If'^lon Reck Fall* RAYMOND'S Pectoral Piaster ov«faajr«*rft. fur Croup, Tight Coughs llwiuftMMvred by , 28! BfeMlyej. ffw York &ty brilllftiit Hoclftl f^nctjunB will murk tfio ronV*ntlon. ^i>p~wi'^H* e ^*' 1F night when Governor and Miu Duimt- wfil r^ceivu the women howtu at th« cxwuMvo mansion. It was aovernor Dunno who signed the suffrage htn H«W in offect In UUnoia. ht-r snclnl fwtur* wHl be the. annual banquet at $V, Ntchoian ltot«t tomorrow night. SpBakern.for the auet will be Cupt. Frank B. Wew . . _. John It, Qoidcn, Mrs. Ornco \yilbur Trout. Stimtor o. K Ik-rry and Dun- \ri Mcponahl. The »uffm»» leaders look with pride to tho rworel macht by tho a«w)clatlon during »h« past year. Tlwy decljtr* the or«ani»tttlon Is built upon a flrm basin and IN Ittinjs rwHigniztnl throughout the jBUte. .... . . Thur*day, Oct. 19. Morning. ,6:30 a, in.—Invocation, llcv. Frank W- "A»U'ftt'U.' f AiUll CiiM (ft Suffer From Piles no nmtli'i 1 how long- or "how bud—(to ID your druggist today and get a DO cent box of Pyramid Pile Treatment. tt-WJU- often cures. fix>t'° in i A trial aend us ' eouium Uelow, 'if you Free Trial Coupon 630 Pyramid Bldg., M'arahnll, Xlleh. Kindly send mo u Free &utt>i>le of Pyramid Pile Tr««tm»nt, in n| u i t , wrapper. • Name ' Street The Most Remarkable Musical Instrument Woild I Muyor Cliarlt-M.T. ituuniiinn: . jr«t-tlnit«, J. U. McCrw'ry, pr«aldent fonunorclal assoeiatton and mi County Kiiu'il Huft'i'iijje us\\ Kesponai'; lieports of Com- und i>IY»c<-r«; Xoiulnuliona. Afternoon. i. in.~iU l i*ort t'f ultlct>rs; > * * . Cornell Wood Board Evening- ' • :UU, 8 tO JO u'd'Hl-k. tt'lwll-fttl tu tioit'tjati"*, ultViiuiU's untl visiiora bj Governor and Mi-.s, piann) ttt Uu he fnir remtmp;~sai$mry~~u%in put on, low in price, Telephone for -Wood-Board; Lumber and Johnst;on Lumber *.. ,eommwnity WoTKer Will Probe Condis »t"K«nkake«. Ill , o.-j Hi Mi w- ttCMiui well kn«\vn a-, .t lecturer wrul H> \v<>iK(t. liH.s i«-i-i> fti'Ci^ied by UK- lu- r.jil women'; ehib, headed l«> Mto. VJti- li-i l*,ilno-if Hri'Wd li»'nmU« .t .i.iiiftary .s)U'T< j ;•! K.iiik'ikj- f>u Oi-l ' U-SO Tlte- i'n\'v v is < "i«Kideivl liiiu-h, .-it- I ,i . i| , 1 1 ^ u Jt In . . J< » \ i* tj» ' l i " hf her stav to- » mass Wh.ifU.aiU' tttii Itll Ultf City., . . ... . . ... ...... . suut) The wonderful Pathe Pathephone iises a Royrvd, Smooth ~ Genuine SAPHIRE BALL, which cannot injure the surface of a Pathe • It C* fb " *~ "~* ' *"~~ ~" ~ r ~ f "• —™——- -»-——— , * / JL/ISC. _• t , J IT NEVER HAS TO BE CHANGED thus eliminating* the annoyance of having to use a new needle for- every record played, .; ^ Largest Large discs make possible Ionff sound waves. The lo sound waves, the truer the music, The-PATH£ , ..,_„., . •makes the lamest disc record which insures music of superiority. The, PATHE FATHEPHOISK i&inade in all the different woods, various sizes, and sells for from $15.00 to 3225JO, T ; It wiH play.any. reebrd,. Pathe Pis<? Records are all' double-' and sell fipm 75e up. - 1 / , . w ..Let,.us demonstrate its wondenfiij. reprodueijiuns—then you will ; sistupon a'-PATHE.PATHEPIIONli -' .'..: ,;...!' ::• :.:,:. Selettioi FUN KB AL

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