The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina on December 8, 1973 · 2
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The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina · 2

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1973
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I I ‘4‘kUAaiivowvieiUmsmw WEATHER NEWS EVENTS 2A— THE CHARLOTTE NEWS—Sat Dec 8 1973 Here's A Summary of Today's Top News Storks HEATH Charlotte Police officials say proposed regulation requiring two years of college for recruits wouldn't hamper recruiting efforts Page 1D Planning Commission report says county must check its tendency to grow toward south southeast Page 1B ' LIZ International FORD NATO exprts predict new surge in Soviet arms spending that could signifi cantly upgrade Moscow's arsenals between 1974 1976 Fugitive financier Robert L Vesco won his latest international court battle against extradition to United States to face federal wire fraud charges Bahamian Magistrate Emmanuel Osadebay ruled that Vesco could not 'Loa returned under terms of 1931 Bahamian-US extradition agreement because charges against him had no equivalent in Bahamian law British Irish leaders continued their negotiations toward linking British-controlled Northern sector Irish Republic in Council of Ireland British Prime Minister Edward Heath one of participants had hoped to have deal completed by Friday night but there was no word of any settliement One of toughest issues was demand by Nor t h ern Ireland Protestants that Catholic-dominated Republic abandon its claim to sovereignty over north — move I hat would require change in Republic's constitution South Vietnamese military command sent 400 infantrymen to reinforce troops that recaptured district town of Kien Due in central highlands Field officers said pockets of North Vietnamese were still holding out in town called the situation "very dangerous" Kien Due 90 miles northeast of Saigon on strategic Highway 14 fell to North Vietnamese tank assault Tuesday National Outspoken conservatives of Presbyterian Church form new denomination at meeting in Birmingham Ala Page 5C Truckers' blockade appears over as government makes concessions Page 1A Most of North Carolina will got rain today There also are gale warnings along the coast And there's a chance of light snow in the mountains Highs will range from the 30s in the mountains to the 30s along the coast A pilot indicated some litZlit snow flurries at 2000 feet soultilvest of Charlotte early this morning So there may oven he occasional light snOW over the foothills and sections of the Piedmont Cale 1varnings are in effect along the coast from Cape Hatteras southward Small craft advisories are up north of Cape Hatteras Some beach orosion as well as some shot low flooding is likely espe cially at high tides The tides will be somewhat above nor mat due to the storm and also heeauso they are above normal at this time of year Cloudiness increased quickly across North Carolina Friday in response to this low-pressure developmont Temperatures wore slow to etimh and hwelled off in the 40s in the mountains and much of the Piedmont They rango upward to the 50s and around 60 over the northoast and the coast The range WOM from 45 at Greenshoro and Hickory to 62 at Wilmington Forecasts NORRTII CAROLINA: Cale warnings in effect along the coast Cope Hatteras southward Hain spreading over mof of the stale today eontoni LIII exi opt chat e - Page 2 50 FOREGASTI of occasional light snow in the mountains and possibly mixed with some 114ht snow at times over the foothills and northern riednsont Highs today ranging from the :3o flintint ains to 40s inland and 50s along the coast Lows tonight mostlY 3"8 ranging to low and mid 40s over the east portion Rain ending over north portion to otherwise mostly cloudy rather windy and continued cold Highs generally in the 40s except low 50s near the coast sorm CAROLINA: 00(Th sionol rain today Ind trvni011 pohty berjoning ns snow A ircou northkeq this mlottr Carolinas People Nixon-requested emergency energy 1-!gis1ation wins House committee approval Page 1A Ford rejects idea that Watergate has made Nixon political liability to Republicans Page 3A New Vice President Gerald Ford rejects idea that Watergate has made Nixon political liability to Republicans Page 3A Small Business Administration has certified firms owned by former Nixon aide as eligible for government contracts earmarked for "socially and economically disadvantaged" Mission Control keeps close eye on one of two remaining gyroscopes whose failure could cause shortening of Skylab 3 mission Friends are predicting that actress Elizabeth Taylor recuperating from abdominal sur ger y will marry one-time used car salesman Henry Wynberg Southeastern North Carolina esiveially hard hit by fuel shortage fishing boat operators may have to stay in port Union drivers for Carolina Trailways may strike at midnight Sunday if contract agreement not reached Page 1A Charlotte minister counsels in apartment complex bar Page 113 Lifestyles Are yuu cool cold or comfortable in your 68-degree office? Paige 8A Refinished furniture fills model redevelopment home Page 7A Sports Confident Carolina Cougars come from behind come here tonight Page 1C Not many people know Garry Swain's name few know how to spell it but he's Charlotte Checkers' leading goal scorer Page 1C NC State coasts by Vermont as reserves take over Page 1C Davidson UNCC have tough road games tonight Page 2C Clutch free throws key South over West in prep basketball Page 2C Cleveland Cincinnati renew their hot rivalry tomorrow Page 3C 0(11 Figures Show Low Temperatures Expected i111 Until Sunday Morning 40 Isolated Precipitation Not Indicated— Conlon Local Forecast Ing Highs today low 40s northwest 50s elsewhere lows tonight in 30s Tomorrow partly cloudy highs in the 50s S C BEACHES: Cale warnhig in effect along the coast Windy with rain through tonight Highs today in the low to mid 5os Lows tonight in the low to midt 40s Mostly cloudy and breezy tomorrow highs in the low 5os Probability of rain 70 per cent today 00 per cent tonight Ind 20 per cent Sunday N C MOUNTAINS: Cloudy through tomorrow A chance of occasional light snow today and tonighl Highs today and toinoirow in the :os Lows to 01M Va 01601000011!411 :414gtX a Look For Rain Cold Light Snow Data from NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE NOAA US Dept of Commerce Fibt210 f- 10 Big Foot 't71": ag4354 AP Wirephoto Albertson Keizer's store manager James Kane came to work yesterday without his hip boots When the drain in the store's parking lot in Salem Ore became clogged Kane kept his feet dry with two waste paper baskets The store doesn't sell boots—yet Today Tomorrow ecelte compiled by Beverly Moore: 8 pm — Carolina Cougars versus Memphis Tarns at the Charlotte Coliseum 8 pm — Musical: "Brigadoon" presented by East Mecklenburg High School Music and Drama departments tickets $150 school auditorium 6800 Monroe Rd 8:15 pm — Play: "Once Upon a Mattress" Pease Auditorium Central Piedmont Community College 2:15 and 4 pm — Film: "The Golden Fish" about a boy a bird a cat and a golden fish recommended for young audiences Mint Museum 3 to 6:30 pm — Art Exhibit: works by Salvador Da li and Peter Max E H Little Fine Arts Center Queens College a pm — Film: "Tokyo Story" directed by Yasujiro Ozu Dana Auditorium Mint Museum tickets $$150 at the door 8:15 pm — Play: "Happy Birthday Wanda June" Rowe Theater University of North Carolina at Charlotte tickets: students $1 others $2 IF YOU HAVE an event of general interest to be listed send a card to Beverly Moore The Charlotte Scene P O Box MO Charlotte N C 28201 Please be sure that It reaches us three days before the date it is to appear The Calendar Notebook Association Meets The Mecklenburg Co unt y Association I o r Retarded Children will meet at 7:30 pm Monday at the Center for Human Development 3500 Ellington St Guest speaker will be Dr Ca r It on Watkins newly appointed physiean director of the Center for Human Development The public is Invited 1 P:-:‘? 10 1U1 ---° 7- 20 30 v kl N-07 hi m771 Rain Showers Snow 0 Flurries 1 I v MO I Ell 11 r7:::1 rxxx 0 I P: night upper 20s Precipitation probability 40 pit' evnt today and tonight 20 por cent tumor row to11101 EXTENDED NC FORECAST (-name n1 rain AA011(itIV 1-air day and Wrfw (Sann(lay hiolis In tho SOs i ihd 40s dlond 11e inland RAO of nip 1nri Anti in tile MN On 14 tOgiOn L ()OA rtW11V 111 tilt :Ins no Monday and dronnInd 1111(1 tho 313 over eas1 portion of the slate Facts And Figures StirrJ1 todlv 511 o rn switr fornorrow 1 10 a m Mnonrile 5 01 pm Moon‘rt 6 4 A n RELATIVE HUMIDITY 96 ner cent at WIND N l ph SEA LEVEL pprsstmg 3011 PRECIPITATION SUMMARY? tn 11i At 8 A nl: 0 11111 Or tre4Oh Nnrrrool frr rt h t y not a(1 its V If I 1 141 I r Women's Plea The Women's Plea for Human Rights for Soviet Jewry Organization will meet at 10 an Monday at the YWCA on E Trade St Speaker for the meeting will be Dr Mary Burke There will he a special musical p1e3entation by the children of the North Carolina Hebrew Academy Mayor and Mrs John Belk are to attend The public is invited Maybe TIDES AT CHARLESTON TOMORROW High 6!51 am 7:12 Pm Low 1230 am 1:17 Pm LOCAL LAKE LEVELS Full Pond Water Elevation Level Dcwn Norman 7000 94 1 59 Mountain Island 6475 952 48 Wylie 5694 962 38 Full pond elevation is In feet above sea level Water level Cadre is based on 100 reoresentind toll pond Readings arc made doily ODDS ON RAIN For Charlotte And vicinily 60 Der cent tonight and 20 per cant tomorrow The Thermometer TEMPERATURE SUMMARY Highest yesterday 50 Lowest this morning 89 Average veletriay 41 Normal yesterday 44 xres for month 34 net ir lents fOr veer 327 Highest on record this date 15 in Lowest On record this date 10 in 1882 THE EXTREMES Yesterday's Noll SS at Fort Lauder dale His Yesterday's tow 4 at SIVOnt VOL By The Hour 'Table of tomooroturas for the 24 hours andlil al noon tryi6V 1 mrp AR 'I 6m 4 2 P M 48 2 am :I 3 PM 48 3 A Pi A 4 P-111 At 4 8 M 4 5 pm A4 5 am :I 6 pm AI 6 am I 2 p 61 47 i iiM :I 111 p m 42 8 o m 1 9 o m 41 9 AM 10 0 m 4110 Ibm I 11 11 it 11 ti t1 1 Modipplif 40 Noon 3 SOUTH AH1 Jack vie ntr AleniD1)3 N hnld Mt Albany kw In N Yoek IbiII pikhrah Pfkime W w Ali imult bii L WEATHER ELSEWHERE 41 17 S :i4 :14 31 i4 A B ritortrix PlidOrt t ok D S I in Seoltip MIDWEST limmrk IkulA1(1 C h CIO 77 44 56 Il 39 AO 71 7S SI so nt 51 a 54 42 2 101-Iel 31 21 AA 9 C hew i'it 2e A! !VI (inAll 13 20 A( W ( lAvriti II '24 14 2() 01 S Moms 25 21 4111 1Ir t it) 17 11 0 141111 'IA 21 le IA 1 14 21 !e1 71 t1e i VI ' c 4 te :' IP 21 CA CI (511( Iv 4) 31 in ! 1T1e 5! 'i 47 17 21 7e 2e 711 25 71 te 17 IA n 'IA 70 Thieves Not Fue lin' Around Drucilla W Illatthews of 2005 St Mark St found out last night just how far some people will go to get heating oil when she noticed her heater started going out She told police she went out to check her oil tank and found both the fuel line and the fuel missing She said she had about 815 worth of oil in the tank at the time And officials at the Rocleway Inns of America motel at 4040 S 1-85 got some idea of just how bad the meat situation is Harace L Moore an employe at the motel told police someone went in the motel freezer and carried off 15409 worth of hams turkeys steaks and shrimp Police said they have 11 suspects in that theft which occurred sometime between 10 pm Thursday and 6 am Friday Vesper Service The Johnson C Smith University Choir will present a ChriStmas vesper service Sunday Dec 16 at 5 pm in the University Church on the campus and will perform traditional and contemporary music The choir's program will be preceded by Christmas organ music at 4:30 pm performed by university organist Edythe R Grady The programs are open to the public The choir has been invited to appear ill concert in January at the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine in New York City on Martin Luther King Day Martin Plans Talks Rep James G Martin will be in Charlotte Monday to talk about the energy crisis and help orient new members of 40 39 40 40 :i9 19 19 16 16 House Committee Approves Sweeping Energy Measures '100AP rid of pollutants" Jackson said In the House Chairman Staggers said he hoped the emergency energy bill would reach the floor on Wednesday The Senate already has passed legislation containing many of the provisions of the House bill However committee members indicated that after ex Gas Cutback Order Legal? agrOWAICA01 subject to any overall reductions in gas made available to North Carolina The unprecedented action of the commission has raised questions about the agency's authority to levy restrictions and penalties The order provides for penalties ranging up to 500 per cent of the normal rate for any consumers who use more than 90 per cent of last year's consumption Lake said it was his understanding the commission action was taken to prevent wholesale closing of plants due ID the shortage of natural gas Ile added "I would say that if the situation is as serious as we are led to believe" by Transco "then I think some conservation steps of this nature are appropriate at this time" In its order the commission said it bas "general rulemaking authority to promulgate rules and regulations for operation of public utilities in North Carolina including the promulgation of necessary rules for allocating natural gas " John McCaskill Is Now Board Chairman At BBB John McCaskill vice president for personnel for Belk in Charlotte has assumed duties as chairman of the hoard of the Piedmont Better Business Bureau The organization has no president McCaskill succeeds Thomas Ari 40 Burton of Piedmont Floor Coy ering Co Merwin E Foard of A? Southern Bell Telephone Co is lit first vice president and Cu Hie :16 M Tar leton of WBT fiecond 36 vive president Peter Gern S attorney is Keret:Iry and John Q Bur31 nate of North Carolina National Bank treamirer A 51 feu Law executive vice prei nis Went said the staff has been Cel tripled growing from three to 02 eight persons with three more employes to be added l'he office which serves 27 North and South Carolina counties is III the Coy National Bonk huildin1 1 Seep leo! the Council of Governments COG 1 Martin will speak to both newly-elected and incumbent members of COG a regional planning body at 10 am at the Rodeway Inn on 1-85 At 12:30 pm he is to addressed members of the Charlotte Textile Club on the energy crisis as it is likely to affect the textile industry The club will meet at the Park Road YWCA 3 Robberies Reported Robbers struck three times during the last 24 hours getting away with an undisclosed amount of money in each incident Allen Leroy Pritchard a salesman for Bost Bread ts-0 d pollee he was robbed as he fin pected House passage of the bill a lengthy Senate-House conference would be required to reconcile the differing versions BEFORE approving the bill the Commerce Committee adopted an amendment that would temporarily exempt the petroleum industry from antitrust laws in order to work out common plans for allocating scarce fuels The bill would require car makers to meet the 1975 emission standards and suspend any further exhaust clean-up until 1977 Wills First To Wed At New MGM Hotel LAS VEGAS Nev — Veteran Western movie actor Chill Wills has become the first person to be married at the new MGM Grand Hotel Willis 73 was married yesterday to Novadeen Googe 45 of Baxley Ga It was her first marriage and Wills' second His first wife died about three years ago Benny Binton a Las Vegas casino owner served as best man and Anna B Moore of Lubbock Tex was matron of honor Trailways drivers wilt also affect more than 400 other company employes nt s I of whom would remain idle during the strike The city would not he wit11 out bus service in the event (Jr a strike Greyhound offers more than 40 routes in and out of Charlotte a spokesman said A Continental Trailways spokesman refused to say how many bus routes his company handles ill Charlotte Carolina Transit Lines could not be reached for coinment Berkley Newhill president and business agent of Local l 4 3 7 of the Amalgamated Transit Union said yesterday that the 350 unionized drivers were striking for cost of living clauses and other fringe benefits "but basically it's ages" NEWIt111 SAID drivers now earn $1770 for each 100 miles driven and are king $1n $20 and $21 on a graduated basis in n threeyear contract lle said company's final Offer was $1340 $111J15 and $1030 $1020 Creech said the "coinpaiiy has made Many Coliceyons the union's proposals and has 214 Unions Formed WSIIINGTON — In thv 19(o 214 municipol employp n:u41111ohs wpre hind( 1 connhard with 1:4 in 1:!wi 0 ished making a delivery to Nunny's Ch icken at 3701 Statesville Rd shortly after 11 am yesterday He said a man pulled a gun on him and took his money from his wallet A lone guman held up the CIT Financial Services at 3710 Independence Blvd at 2:20 pm yesterday and escaped with all the money from the cash drawer police said Officers said he came in pulled a gun and made the employes he down on the floor before fleeing And two men held up MC's Hot Dog Stand at 903 N Breyard St at 8:30 pm yesterday escaping with a bag full of money and a bottle of Boone's Farm App!e Wine police said CALL QUEST Christian Rehabilitation Center will be contacting you to make arrangements about picking the tree up Q Is there going to be a National Weather Service broad casting station in the Charlotte area? If so when? — GP A The forecast is dismal The broadcasting stations are primarly for coastal and marine areas says a spokesman for the National Weather Service and it's unlikely one will be opened in the Charlotte area The closest station is at Wilmington NC Q Can Quest tell me what the early signs of leukemia are My girl friend told me a nose that bleeds frequently throughout the day is an early symptom I've had that problem recently Please advise me — AT A Self-diagnosis isn't recommended If you have any ques tions or fears about your health see a doctor as soon as possible Says the Mecklenburg Unit of the American Cancer Society A doctor would be the one qualified to advise you The bill also would allow power plants to violate clean air standards by burning high sulfur oil and coal if cleaner burning fuels were not available —Congressional and government attorneys said ally state that attempted to defy an order from Washington to lower its speed limits would find itself On shaky legal ground One Capitol Hill lawyer said "There's just no question about the authority of the federal government to reduce speed limits to conserve fuel" —Budget Director Roy Ash said the energy crisis will have a minimal impact on the administration's fiscal 1975 budget Ash said it would reduce federal revenues by an estimated $2 billion to $3 billion —Reports circulated t h a I Nixon planned to take a train to a weekend stay at Camp David Md Amtrak employes said they had been told to spruce up themselves and their equipment for the President One informant said the White House has been canvassing options that would permit Nixon to get away from Wash ington and still set a conservation example for the nation during the fuel shortage Drivers To Strike Bus Service Cut The Charlotte News Pub Iliked clod? geon9 Sume Inv ett Ann i NMI P 0 itoo 360 thotiotte N C 9A)01 Tloplleolo SooIthbonrri 34in r) Cirmolloti 4d 7W 14 '4 Cquinton 34 ii2 SUBSCPIPTION PATES Singl copy 0tply 10t hy Co Ant a 60 a whoop 1 granted substantial improvements in wages benefits and working conditions" Creech said "the tmion flitting committee had promised our negotiating team they would recommend our final package to the (union) membership" Creech said the union membership apparently refused to accept their Own negotiating team's recommendation Creech said negotiations have erased and there are no plans for ftwiter meetings but Carolina Trailways management would meet again if ihe I ederal mediator requested further disetwNion PATES BY MAIL la Potful Lunn I 2 & 3 6t4”4 a hol51113 Sli Mnthe St') VI I 'VIM i9 6G Relies IP Pittitil end 4 7 I Kitobehd lieen Med LAtctpliant or pnytible td eidleilbf N C 14”1414 wid Y 44146 tog Srntld (10111 patt(qp pod at Chti lotiL N C All (imbue deplete title" deOribuiep Ale independent 1(1°1itote 1 the losqiht Publeihing Ca Callottoon of ooptnell 001qt ihan pvbiltited Wit it M potbellied 1217M01 I Aa'- )-' i :'' : :1477-t6:--"410 -- ií"''I'' i-k ' "'"'' : 1"f'"- 4" '' A '-- - rm-1"77Jrr i 6:l ? t:1' 4 tl Man eloalawilit ''z !3 : r:::ira 1 4 tia 44511473I !r '' 7 - '''' j -41 ---T'-'- - rt (01 --:--::-9: - ' ' 'I'---NN-Hi't4:- 9 -c--:9- "8744ip''' )- i9 i le Jel'' E l' '7fll't' 1 ril ‘ it ---- 4 A kt' 44 I ‘-400°11!-- '''': -d4u :''''tN - ---- N ' ' 46' o10 4 ' -"''' A0-1t'' k 1:'50 1 -48 '( -'4 ''' '''''' 1 fri '- 4111 A V f r 4 i'4 Y - -! $ 7 t R P -: Y ' 'AA 4 4' z el-' ' ii t Or "I :- V ' ) I $:: ' ” ' ' : :' '''' 4A''::: ' 1?:: 1 A I : t:i:! igkii ' Irtyt i4-:::::i :::::::: : t:::::' ::: 65- " i:':::11 :: : :: :: :: :'::::":: :' : fit'JI' t1 N 4 ::'::: ::''ll ' :: :3 :: AP :--' ):--'4::'5 '-:1 tk::3 Ti :!-:':' I i 'iA::::'':!Ti:::'::::!::i'i::' -' : 'I :6 i :-1:i'W '1 r:' i '- :: 'i'io 4 : r ::: :::: :s : '!: '5: :1-i'1 :::::'! - : : -- :-gs3(t :: ::: -: t- c : -:: N!:- :::4 :::::? '' ' vq:4:11'' ' -' i:3140 0 t? :Q :4: i::::ite N: :: le:'''':1:''' 0 4':e A:i '4 A lh 11'':14ii- ': 4 J f :i ":: 4 f-: :i : ::: : !:t:' :t14:::k-N el: : 41o '':':14:1021:14 '-'9'0':''':g -(''': ::: ':: P: ::?::: :: :::e ' 41 :4 4': '' :'::: : 1 : - ::5' i4 :: :4e '''' : : !: ' :L: 4A4::i-::-4-4:::-A0 r:::''T' i ':: i :' '" ::f :: ':::::: 7 ''-: f:uit It:jrii:'''':!- '':'' Ti Lr 0:fr i2 id NL ' :4 '::: ':?' ' - : ::' A 'i' !- ' -:i:':z: o :::::::: ::?: 1 r- - -----!zf 11 '::': - ti4: ' yi$0':1: 1 :::::::::::4F: ' : 9: :::: i 44:tvizrut::atitigesa- A' !"! ?"-: ' "::?:: i:i:AZ i N‘ s I kit 1 30 0A 0 111 17'4 114 -6 Ar Its Data from NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE rtIO 1 NOAA US Dept of Commerce 0 yt14210 V I 8 Gi & b C-)11-'10 ) ir "rot 20 4 vos AvAide 30 torili6N 50 IIIHPllIlltqlliirThlM2 - 0 15 lirt141‘ 41111a1A) lifrf Rain 1 Showers EH 1 ‘ 14 i41 rd1114 Snow r::'1 ' If° RE GAST 40(11 1111 5 0 Flurries EMI Figures Show Low Temperatures Expected 0 IP it illi 4 Until Sunday Morning tr s sr Isolated Precipitation Not Indicated— Consult Local Forecast ''a'D 1—"111 r't Siril t ' 7':if:: 4:- : ir ' i:1 01 4- I 0 00 1 ' ' ! i 14 N '' gtet '10' '''' 4it ''xt4 of ' : 5 'i ":7 k ti IA: :l - ? i c ' '" ''''' '':':'' ki' ' t‘'i4'' r --:4 :- !:r- 1 '-N s :' i r - -:) 5::' "R ''" f" la i ' ' oussmegovtdo04kitql :Okske2L FqrrlfAtt I ItE ClulAtott6 Sam! V - TWWW WWW w 'Fr r I rT1 1

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