The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 4, 1909 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1909
Page 7
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_ _ _ _ • ^^u^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^^^^te THE B. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^•••^^•^•n ^^^^^^^^•^^^•^^^^•^^^^••^^^^W^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^IP^^'^^'^"™^^^^^"^^™*™ CAMFOBNIAN- • V NOTICE OF SALE OP FRANCHISE TO ERECT POUE8 AND STRING W4RE8 FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC MEAT AND POWER AND FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC CURRENT FOR HEAT, LIGHT AND POWER, AND OTHER USEFUL PURPOSES, FOR TELEPHONE WIRES CONNECT£D THEREWITH, AND ALL NEC- E99ARY POLES, AND ALL AP- PURTANCES AND APPLIANCES THEREFOR, AND TO MAINTAIN AND OPERATE THE SAME, ALONG, UPON, ACROSS, OVER OR UNDER EACH AND ALL THE PUBLIC STREETS, ALLEYS, AVENUES, HIGHWAYS, PUBLIC PARKS AND PUBLIC PLACES, AND FOR LIGHTING THE SAME, IN THAT PORTION OF THE COUNTY OF KEftN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, HEREINAFTER PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED. To Whom it May Concern; Whereas, the ML Whiti Company, a corporation, o dav of peceml>er. 1908, ma enter! UsjumltcaUon in wr oard of SuDervlsors oi the ... .;em. State of California, for a franchise running to said cprooratlon. its successors and assigns, for a oerfod of fifty years, to erect. Doles and strlnff wires lor transmitting electric heat, and power, and ror transmitting electric current for,heat, light and no\ver. and other useful our poses, and! .for telephone wires connected therewith, and all necessary Doles, and all JIP- Durtenances. and appliances therefor. and for such electric wires, and telephone wire 8 * and to maintain and or> •erate the same, along, across, upon, over or under each ana all of the public, streets, alleys, av.enues 4 V • _ ^ _ — _ a. r«.. with . at m suretlj rd of . bond. it Power the 14th and pre- E to the ounty of yt One Thousand east two good, and su o he approved "bv sal nervfsprB. condtuoped.. , ,__.. der BhaU well and truhr observe., .__ fill and perform eacb and every term ami condition of said franchise, and that In~ case o\ any breach of condition of such bond, the whole amount oi the penal sum therein named shall be taken and deemed to be flmndaied dam- flees, and whan be recoverable from tne .principal and j sureties upon said If said bond be not so filed, the of said franchise will be set . fljipflpv mouev Paul therefor will be forfeited. , at snlrl franchise so to be sold bv said Board of Siiperyieors shall contain. In addition to the usual and es- ntlar words and clauses granting _..Id Trancnlse Jn nccqr*nnce ,and in compliance with said Act ot the Lea:- Fsmture in substance the nrovlsions, conditions and limitations ^mentioned ne said aimlicntlon of said Mt, »it tn A v vTr* n , r Cpmnnnv now on file with tne Cleric of said Bonrn, which .aminoation Is herebv referred to or further particulars and Is a nart ereor. „ Bv Border of the Board of Su«ervls- orsof said County of Dated December 14t eal) I. ounjtv. Clerk of Kern DOQ LICENttt NOTICE. I Notice is tier nwownlnK a « lirniia of at Ucense. _ re now: ready cej>f the City f Producers « year «I.lvefy at the the basement qnk bull yji^ and on after The Tffilh day of a ry. 1 will proceed to imtxninu ,-« ogs found runnluR/m Ihe streets that are not wearing tne license tag ro? the year »v . M , Dated January TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE the witt cio onnl [crylsors or said.County of tate of California. NOTICE OP ASSESSMENT. , Kern-t) place of County. Cal Notice is of pany. aKersftelti. Oil Co Inees. Praia. erebv eiyen that director Da) ern •l^bW* 1-1 uftiic oarks. at portion tate of , to-w ginn is. A< i?h «. ns U ,° r . tne_ dirGCtors. Jield on the 3rd day of December, 1908. an assessment of one-quarter of a cent Der share was levied uoon the capital stock of the .qpr DO ration, oayable 1 medt&telv to the up.aersliJm.ed sec: c ti oun escr laces y pf Kern, bed as fol- ifi B, 'wenty-four the wenty-five North JVest cprner Raiiffe \vest South. ,..-,--.. --v-. ^ast. and thence runnm louth to the South West corner of sal 'ownship Twenty-five 'wenty-four East and .ing East tb the South ownsnip Twenty-n wenty-si 'ortn to t 'ownsnii enty-s .,. eat to . the. Mount and for Iwr alleys, avenues, ou licnlaces; aqd. wtoerea outh, Rane:e thence run. « ^ast corner of enty-nve South. Ranee ast and thence running sorth J2ast corner of said wenty-five South. Ranee East. an.d. thence —r m —^^^—^— m —l^m n ^_ • ^~ ^f^ ' ' ^^f • • ^^^^^V ry. or said corporatlj nfflce. Bakerafleld, ifornla. Any stock upon ent shall remain e 6th day of .nauent.ana a lie .auction. e before, w L e 26th. day at Un with costa of ftive es of the sale. ^ By order of the. 11-5 T. A. at e she rn uounty. thl on sed for unless p ^sold on January. of Directors. . Secretary. Notice Is hereby given that taxes on att perto&Al property, one-half of the taxes on *U real erty, will be du« and payable on second Monday In October, and be delinquent on ths last Monday U November next ttxerafter, at 6 o'clooi p. m., and unices paid prior ther«U fifteen per cent will be added to th» amount thereof, and that if said on* half be not paid before the last MOD day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m. an additions! five per cent will b' added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half ot the taxes on all real property will t* payable on and after tho first MOB day in January next, and will be d* linquent on the last Monday in AprU next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m. and that unless paid prior tfemti five per cent will b» added to tht amount thereof. 2. That all taxM may be paid at the U&?Q th fine installment, at her* In provided, is doe and payable. 8. That taxes may ha paid in tht office of the Tax Collector in thi county courthouse between the houn of 9 a. tn. and IS m.» and 1 p. m. on* 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. B. DAY, Tax Collector, * 10-1. Kern County, California. L SHERIFF'S SALE. LtOAU ^^^^^^y^y^_^^^^^^^^^^_ •^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^v BAKER8FIELD SANDSTONE BRICK COMPANY Stockholders Annual Meeting. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Bakersfield Sandstone Brick Company will be held* at the office of the corporation In the Producers Savings Bank Building, No. 1706 Nineteenth street, Bakerefleld, California, at 3 o'clock p. m., on Monday, January llth p 1909, for the election of directors, and for the transaction of such other business as may be properly brought before It. FRANK S. RICE, Secretary. Date of first publication, Saturday, December 26, 1908. 12-26 NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF OF STOCKHOLDER'S ANNUAL MEETING. , t***niat u a* jut ineeUnR of tne stockholders of the First .Nation; Dank ot bakerhheld will »e ueiu . ar their bankim* .ouse in the City of Bakersfleid. :«].. »t ,* o ciock u. uj.. ou .Tuesday, anuary 12th. 1909. for the election of lirectors and tne transaction .of such E ther business _as may uroperl^ come efc LEGAL. sewer Dice. .... saw. lamp-notes hereinabot* w? jpre it. December a* way jjropeny con LiAMg.TEVlS.Pres. th. 1908. 12- 11 Notice la hereby Blven that the nual meetine of the stockholuers o Producers Sayincs Bank will be t the office of sajd corporation In in the Call/or- of Jan- clock p. f^ ucers. Savings Bank !Jty of JBakersnelU. nia. on Tuesday, the uary. 1909. at the hou State ot 12th dav ir of So- in.. ors transac may properly co '* A*/'Tt- T * f\\ 1*11- •4\rV«4 W* *J \J V^AV^lk M for the purpose of electtne direct for the enBUlnK year. nnd f for the tion of aucn other business as W. the. meet- SHERIFF'S SALE. and ,'wiIiamson^Manufac JPlaintift. VB. Oldei ra ful m ornia. in, A vVilHamspn Man Plaintiff,. and Older i ^^*-V ^* _ * • » f f •• ^jf ^u' • * t of hetrinnintr. ail o » Base and Meridian, such public streets, ibiL 8UMMON8 — - r -w •!! I i^ ^ ^ » - •— »- »— -"- ^^ »^ V c narks, and pub^ Board of it is pronosed by said UDervisprs to offer for truest erms oned: and and sell and crant to the h der said franchise on the conditions hereinafter ment Now. therefore, notice Is hereby srlv en. that the said County of Kern hereby offers to «ell nnd crant a franchise for nftv vears to erect polos ami string wires for transmitUnir electric heat and power, and for transmitting electric current for heat, litrht anc 1 power. nnd t other useful purposes, anr for telephone wires connectet therewith, and all necessary poles, and all appurtenances and appliances therefor, and for such electric wires and telephone "A-ires. and to maintain and operate the, same along, over, across, upon or under each and all ot the nubile streets, alleys, avenues, highways, mib- lic parks and public places in said portion of snid Countv of Kern, and for Raid public streets, alleys, ave- ways, nubile mirks, and nub- person, firm, or cor- 11 .pay to the said rt of the County iifoniia, _ M aintiff vs. Stiver uoerior _. A tate of nt med In e office of In the Suoerlor C of,Kern. State of n J * Qi. Hodgens, Bow Oil Company, Action /brought in m «ie ourt of the County of Ke forma, and. ms Compl County, of ,Kern. Tn t Clerk of said Superior e People pt the State .- ... nia send Greeting to Silver Bow Oil Company. Defendant. You are hereby reauired to appear In an action brought against you by the above-named nlamtiff. in the Su ierior Court of the County of Kern. Itate of California, and to answer the lomDlaint filed therein, within .ten fornla. and to a: r ,..__., (led therein, w. ..-, [ays (exclusive of the.dav of service) after service on voii of this Summons, if seryed within .said County: (TBcrved Nicholas Jacobs, Plaintiff, vs. Kara-Alax Consolidated Minme Comoa- .De fend ant. ina *i -Vy, •J^-* •*- **x«i***\ * By virtue of an execution Issued out the Superior.Court.of the Countv of ornia. wherein ^L J f~ — A ' w ^ ~ ^"^ ^ ^ ^L ^ ~~~ 4 ~™~ " ^fe*^L tT~ t ft ^^^- ^^^ ^_ ^ f * • J ^ ^t*f * ^"* •» ^P^B Nicholas Jacobs. PMntiflf. and Karma- A.1 ax Consoliuated Mining Co.. Defend- t nt. unon a ludKment rendered the th dnv of November. A, p. 1908. for the sum of it>8G.65. i lawful monev of the united States., bonifies costs and n s hin ry as elsewhere. witM,** •,»»»».* »%"»i *. . , m And vou are hereby notified that if i interest, I have this day levied upon all the rieht. title, claim nnd Interest of said defendant, of in and to t fpllowjnsr descrlben real estate, to-wit the Kjirmn-Ajjix mine, together with the mill, machinery anil appliances located thereon, .situntetl about four miles south of the town of Mofave and more tmrtlculariv. nescrihed a 5.0. Book b of in]njng records n Countv, State of California. The said property being in Kern County. State of California. u, tail to so appear and answer, the \ Public nonce is you, a o s Plaintiff will tae udsrment .or any pus. .. ., ., . , . , lie Di<aces. to the Deration .that w_. ...... „ _„_ __._ Countv of Kern the hiuhest cash nrlce therefor, and aeree to nay and oav to said Countv two per cent of the cross annual receipts of the nerson. partner- t) or corporation to whom the fran- cse is awarded arisine from its use. oerauon or nossesslon. after the first 1ve years succeedine the date of such ranchise. and annual! v thereafter dur- nc the life thereof. Said franchise will be granted to the person, firm or corporation who shall make the hiern- est cash bid therefor, and win acree to nav and pav to the said' Cpuntv of Kern, two (2) per cent of the eroas annual recelots of the nerson. nart- hership or corporation to whom the franchise is awarded arislne: from its operation or possession, after the first five venrs Huc^eedins the date of Kiich franchise, and annually thereafter durincr the lira thereof: and in the ovent said pnvment Is not made, snid franchise Khun lie forfeit^ 1 . Notice is also noroby trlvon that Kf-aled bids in writing there- tor will be rocf'ivf'l un to 10 o'clock a. tn. on tho third dav of FH>niarv. IMOfi. ;it tlio ofHn» ot' I ho Countv ClorU of snid Conntv ot Korn. at the Countv Court Honso in ni'UtM's* field. Kern Countv. psiluornUi. and that ou said dav at the hour of ton o'clock n. m, tin-vent, said Board of Sum-rvts- ors will meet in regular rnfotintr at ho roirular nioeiitur phicp of sau oard in said Court HOUSO to onen ant ead said hldu, and, offer for saioant sell and nv.'.ini sfiM Irnnchise, nnd the bids received will be opened and read at that time: thai all bids inust be for the pavmont. of ,a stated Hum i in irold coin of the I niterl States- that said franchise,' will be struck off. *•* • » » " •^ ^"«^ »»•—•. —F m • ^— -^ .»-,— --» -. — -m _- — »• »» money or damagea demnnded in ^ the ComDlalut as arising upon Contract, or e Court for any other lu the ComnTftint, and and the seat win apply to t relief tfemande Witness my Id Superior t ern. State of November. Gal k a ot °J oi P will, . te ounty fornia, this 2nd day v eiven that I th day pt Jan- 0 p clock a. m. front of the Court House door of the Coimtv of Kern, sell at public auction, for lawful money of the United States, all th«» rlcTit, uring Co.. nPlaintiff. vs. Oldershaw ros,, a copartnership composed of C. Idershaw and F. H. Oluerphaw, De- eudants. .By virtue of au execution Issued out 3f the Superior Court of the .County Ol Los Angeles State .of Calif* wherein Matteson & will" factuTing Co.. Plaiutifr. ...... ^,« v . w Bros., a coDartndrshjp composed C. 11 OlderBhaw and F. H. Older- snaw. DefendantB. unon a Judgment ; red the 6th dav of Novemh*tf. A, 08. for the sum of $1743.7 t r money of the Unltea .Stater! sides costs and interest. I have this day levied upon all the right, title claim and Interest of said defendants, of. In and to the following described real .estate to-wit: , , . All the right, title and Interest of said defendants or either of them In and to Lot one (11 of Block nine (9) in the .Chester tract, the same being n addition to the City of Bakersfield. untv, of Kern. State of California. Also nil the right, title ana interest oi said defendants or either,of them in and to that certain leasehold of the store now occuni"d by C. D. Older shaw & Co. at No. 1t»)0 lOthatiX'et. in the Haberfehle buildinn- in the Citv of Bakersfleld. Kern Countv. Califor- nla» Public notice is hereby eiven that. I will, on Friday, the 8th day of January. A. D, IflnO. at 2 p clock p. m. of sum day. in front ofthe Court House door of the County oi Kern, sell at public auction, for lawful money of the United States, all the ritht. title, claim and interest of said defendant R. of. in «nd to the above described propertv. or so much thereof as mav be necea- sarv to raise sumcient monev to satisfy said lungment. with interest and costs, etc.. to the hiehest and best hid- NOTICE OF STREET WORK. . Notice is herebv given that the Board of Trustees of the City of Bnfc- ersfleul. on the 28th dnv of iVpcember. (08. paHsed ana adopted n Resolution. . 0. 145. of Its intention to order the ioHowin« street work done, to-wit; , To construct a six-inch sewer alone the following streets and alleys, wir- ticularlv ns follows, to-wit: Conimencltm at a point twentv feet west of the west line ot Chester Avenue. In the center of the nllev hetwecm Fourteenth anu Kiiteentu Streets: runniUK thence west alone the center line of said alley and across all Inter* sectinu; ntreetH (o fl nolnt t wmt.v-f'eet east of the east line of G street. Also. Commencing nt 11 Molnt twentv feet west of the west line of Chester Avenue In the center of the allev lietween Thlrleentn and Fourteenth Streets, •mintne thence west a!onu r the center Ine of said allev nnd across all in- ?ctinK streets to u point .twenty east, of the east line of O street. Also. ..mencuiff at ,o point twentv feet of the west line, of Ches er Avenue Jn the center of the allev. between California Avenue ami Thirteenth Street, runninir thence west MIOHK the center line of said alley and. across all ntersectlDp streets to a npml.twenty eet east ofthe east line of O street. Also. wes BC"V"F .ulJU l*Y «l« -P-^---— J m v -m w- ^*** '- -~ one half toot qt the street surface ado*nir Pipes or the same diameter.a shall be majle ana constructed of d J3ftll-Rlazed sewer shall be covered hu U* uaWyi material, an standard .iron • said a i ter and aba brick laid .ft outfli *< i f erred to'sha fiul D es hereinabov^ r* . -- 'our teet fn dlsme be constructed of hjirl cement mortar and with cement xno * I washed Inside with a thick wintijA.i« pure cement- The thicXnoHh walls an form sha of i eight inchHS nnd i a turncated epno, Thf. and a level w cewer pipe. tbf, tq^O boffotns shall be formed of inside bat torn i c6n«tructed. pf. concrete ana ntmlt l •• ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^F"- ' ^^- ^- — J I _.e concre e snail t& e inside bottom «nt foundation shall l to and shall bo r . u st uualltv vltrlfiej { ^ • "-* ~ - •• " H* * aced In thn teen in " I r I tVvj^3li of teenth Street, running thence aput ten feet west of the center If oFt: six Inches thick. The ton ot the cov» shall be on a level with the s'jeet fur fnce; the too shall be covered wun a solid cast Iron cover with note or erii* to remove the.same. The "Y« for house nonnrcaj herelnabove referred! t to be constructed. constructed or fli__ „- , . salt-elaZBci sewer nine materials. AD thero shall be sixtvahrep in ntnat he said six-inch sewer, a number pf said "Ys" «i in said eight inch sewer. a •ndlcated in said .Plans, profiles sa* specifications "bereinaDove referred And it Is hereby resolved and clared. that. In the opinion of the * ;( board or city trustees, of said city, t said contemplated work and 1 ment herefnabove referred to scribed..Is of more thanjocal.or parv nubile benefit, ana it is the: further resovled and ^declared tn costs and expenses of said cont ed work and imprpyement IB to shall be , chargeable .upon, .a which said dislrjct the P« Citv Trustees of said cltv aoj declare to.oe tne district benefl: 13 r feet west of the center line along Street to a point 132 feet south of Th the south line ommencinc at irteenth Street. ,25 feet street. o^ west of tne west, Jin,, in tne center or the flHe.v runnlnsc t.wo«n Fourteenth and FH*eentn street. runnm3 thence east alone the center line of-said alley to,a ooint west of the center line or street. Also. , , - nt , m Commencinsr at n nplnt M ?85.25 feet west ofthe west line of "F street ana In the center of Fourteenth street: center street to a center line , said ^ work and moroveme which dlBtrict is to be costs and expenses thereot aid district Is to be.Hnown_a DTetricl sn ed o ewer o Ue the lots and Numer ^w ^ ^ ^f ^r^ ^r ^^^ ^^ ^^ "^ ^- -** ^ _ b ims. or parcels of 1 the exterior bpund F m • _ _^. ^fc» ^^^B. id lands. Dorttons, >t lands Jvlnc wit dunes of said Sii v< OB! 1 ho: ^P ^^^B ^f ^H ^p ^^^ ^Bpl '^i V ^f ^ ^" ^f ^"^P ^^ ^^V ^ 1 ^F ^ ^^ tf ^ r ^^ runnlne thenc* east nlone i line of said Fourteenth point len I'eet w*^t of the of "F" street. Also, Commencine nt, wnst ot the west 1 the center of iho teenih and Fifteenth streets; runnlne thenrt* west alontr the center line of said allev to u lutlnt ten leet west of the center line of "F street. Also. Commenc.lue at a woiui twentv feet west of the west line of "O" street n allev between L-iui- ii point twentv foot ine oi "U" street In allev between Four- the of th r D ated Dec. 1.6th. ino. v T. A. BnUer. Deputy. Sheriff. 111-1.6 0. 9Q. „„ „. . wrufi . ILLER.. Clerk Whitaker. Attorney for PI I f -"— ^r ^ • p •" ' i ^^ ^ ••• ^ J * ~ * ^- 9 * ^ ^ - * - ^ f -^^tie. claim and Interest of said de* of Kern, fendant, of. in and to the above de-1 Ethel scribed nrooertv. or so much thereof as may be neceaBarv to raise sufncl money to satisfy said iutimnent, vs. Peter SUMMONS. la the Suoertor^CQu of_Kern. State of 1 * of the County M. HpdKens Oil Company. l n ff. vs. Silver Action b'rouK&t in,the Superior Court of the County ql Kern. State of California, and the ComDlalnt nfed in, said ounty of Kern, in the office of the lerk of said Suoefior Court The People of the State of Calif nia send ereeHnir to Sliver Bow Company, Ijefendant. You are nerebv reauired to appear In an action broucht aealnst vou by the above-named plaintiff, in the, Su nerlor Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, and to answer the Complaint filed therein, within ten davB (exclusive of the a (mv of service» after service on vou of this Summons if served within said Countv: If s»v elsewhere, within thirtv dnvs. , And vou are herebv notified that If vou fall to «o annesr nnrt answer. UIP Plaintiff will take imlirrnent for nm monev or d.-uiutees demnmied in the complaint as arislnir upon contract or will apnlv to the Court for any other relief demanded In the complaint. Witness rnvjiaml nnd the seal < snid Sunerior Court ot the Countv < Kern. State /»f-C»Uforniu, this 2Si ?Sin?f ° Ct " A ' f ALI-BR. Clerk, Geo, E. Whitaker.Atty for Plttf. 11- interest and costs, etc.. to the est and best bidder. Bated Dec - --- KK*|" r v 12-16 Bv T. A. Baker/Deputy SHERIFF'S SALE. SUMMONS. In the Superior court or the County „ , f , ^tate of CaUfornia. Ethel Rouauette. Plaintlli Rouauette. -Defendant. Aot*on broueht in the Superior S oMft or the County of K-jrn. State pf alifornla. and tjie Complaint flled fa said County, of Kern, in the office of Clefk of said Superior Court ten street between torui.i Avf-nue and Thlneenlh street, runninir thence west alone the center Hue ol r-ald allev to a itoiV.L west nf tlu» center line ut F CvVmmenolnc at a nolnt- twentv feet south of ih* 1 south line <»t tilieenth Ktvi'cT and ten feet west of tho renter line of "F" street ruunintc thence south ten feet vest of the renter line ot said "F" street to 11 point I south of the center Hue. of \VC:'IlUe To construct an elffht-lnch .sewer t_f ^**f^ %- ^- • W^f » "^^ ^^ ™~ »•" *-" ^» J. ~ — ^— - — _ , ,. istrlct Number Three.. and w said lots, and lands, portions pi or parcels of lands is. and floan the fqtB and landB. portions of lots, «'ireels of lands to be aHsessetl to the costs and expenses of ffld tempiaeu-worK and improvement In es or nt 1 tho snid contemnlnted construct I said district severs in *>uia_Sewer trlct Nfi bounartea of innd f irree ami the ext said dlHtrict IB to be d«8crinnd as follows, to-wit; Commenclne at the intersection the center line ot Chester avenue an California Avenue nr ' runninir ioitk to the Intersection of the of Chester avenue and ili»»nrv west alone the cettt line of Fifteenth street to R . , ,'Hin,25 feet west of the woPt ;l\D "K" street: tb^nce.pouth parallel et ton i»ojnt ftl.iu Jcftt uth line of Cal fon«n im "F" stre of the sou north of Culllornia tlu'iico west to thp center line o ander avenue, and ni.7n feot no ihf south line of CaHfoniln. .nv tlu'iKH' south ^351.76 feet alon" t centor lino of Oleander avenue; thenw? oust parallel with CnjUprnia ftvenits line of "FT Btreot. (he north to ,. v < JineH of Ca street;, the eraection of the ornia avenue an east to the olace f nnn*. vs. Karma- Tnine Company. E. L, u ecrman. Ajax Consolidate Defendant. By virtue pf an execution Issued out the Superior Court of the Countv or ern. State of California. w»"*-*n K. *t. \Netman. Pmjntlff. and Karma-Alax Consolitiated Mintne, Co.. pefennant. upon n •fudfrment rendorea the 5th '':tv ot November. A. p. U*os. for the sum of tlfiI4.M~>. lawful monev of the United Suites, besides costs and interest. I h:ive this dav levied upon all the rl:rht. tj) , claim anil interest of s-iid ot". in and to the following .... _ real eMato. to-wlt; The Karma-AiiiN tulno. tocv tnor witil tho mil), njarhlnerv and appliances located thftn.'on. sit via tod nbnut four south oi the town of Moiave and particularly described :tt. J>aue 5", Book 8, mining records of Kern Conntv. State of CnHtornia. The said lu/lntr In Kern Count v. State The People of the State of Califor- 3 la send ereetluc to Peter Rouquette. efendant. . You are hereby reauired to appear in an action brought against vou fcv the above-named olalntiff. In the Su- erior Court of the County of Kern, tate of California, and to answer the jomplaint filed therein, within ten 8 V « (exclusive of the dav of service) ummons. if served ( ' i ._ _. le "soutlV line" p Thirteenth street, rumunu thence south ten feet west ot the center line of said point twenty fee*, south California ave- j-jjiji* ^ j ten feet "V" str of the of after service on vou of this Summons If served within, .., _ elsewhere, within thirtv (lavs. And vou are hereby notified that If vou, fail to HO annear and answer, the uUiintiff will take ludvrmont for anv nionov or damac^s demanded in the Comnlaint as angina unoi) Contract, or will annlv to tne Court for «nv oth eet to a P center line nue. Also. , 4 . t . t f , Comniencine at a point twenty feet south of the center line of Ca Ilornla Avenue ami ten feet west of tho center fine ot "H >( street, runniniz thence west twentv feet south of the center line of said Camornia avenue to t on of the center Hne.cjf Q ntersecti aner avenue, west side main sewer of the Citv file y Clerk Qf Raid ed at the Citv of X the office of y of Bnkersfl« Bakerfinelo. t .. . t , , ,^, v or further , particulars of said wrL reference is hereby made roKolutlon on file fn Cit>' er of Raid C Dtit 4th (lay an uarv lA. HI u Oi t: e 1C 1UJ ,T ANGRY- Superintendent of 'Streets. CHv ol ters nd nel d. 1-V e- connectinu with t _ tl of the main and outfall e of To construct lamp-holes In th wer hcrelnabove described, . the sa id ld reli/'f demanded In the Coiupmlnt mv lianr • . f • ^ r w ~ • • L ^f ^^ ofJCaHfornla. D Public noficc Is horebv el von will, on Sutunjuv. the Oth da , A. I). 09 , Januar of P«'d of a t 11 o'clock a. m. . frot of the Court Kern. mon- 6otd and awarded, to Ine person, nrjn or corporation who, shall make the hichest cash bid therefor: m-ovided only, tnnt at the time of the ouenlnc of said bids, anv resnonsible person. firm or corporation present or represented mav iiid for said franchise •» sum not less than ten per cent above the hiehest sealed bid therefor, and Baft md so ma*le may be raised not less than ten per cent bv any other responsible bidder, and said biddine may. so continue until finally said Tranchise d NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. . the IX I » ** *-* V/ *-»-»•• *•»* ••" •^T-"--' - -' . i^" 1 " — ^^ ^ - ~"~"» half be struck oft, sold and awarde Y ,«aft J*P£ p «L£ f SjirjerviBors to th lehest bidder therefor In cold coin o Grand Prize Oil Company. Principal t^ace of business. Bakersfield. Kern Countv. California. A . A A Notice Is hereby eiven that at. a meetfne of the directors.Jield on 21st day of November. 1908. au a8L Y _. ment of one cenj per.snaj-e. was levied S3 dersiened 1 secretary; pfl said corpora at rooms 203-2 B ment of one cent per Bnai_. upon the capital stock of the coroora tion. payable immediately to the un- d,ersiened Becretarv.pfsaja coroora- 1 tion. Bt l 203-204 Producers Jav Idlne. Bakersfield. Kern ^ ' ^ ^ V ^ ™ »^^ • 1L ^ ^ ^ " ^ -^ ^r ^-^ ^ ^ ^ ™ ^ -^ ^V^ House door of the Countv of B pell at public iiucuon. for jawtul i ev or the United States, all the r , title, claim and interest of said de fondant, of. In and to the above described .propertv. or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise sufficient monev to satisfy said iudcmenf. with interest ana coats, etc.. to the hleheet and best iJatea 12-16 d costs, etc.. to the lader, ecernr Bv'TVArfia&er. Deoutv. nited States, ach sealed bid must be with cash or a certified Countv. orna, accomnan- ... m ,.. cneck nave to the Treasurer of such Countv. for the full amount of said bid. and no sealed hid wIlT be considered unless Bald cash or check Is enclosed therewith ana accompanies the same, the successful bidder must deposit at least ten per cent of the amount of his bio with the Conntv.Clerk of said Countv Anv .stock uoon which this ai ment shaft remain unoalU on Tue the lUh day of Januarv. 1909. w pu as ASSESSMENT NOTICE. ArmintapirComDany. a cqrnoratioa. )cation of DDacmaroiace of business. Uwranerd. California. JL •- *-*• *P** '* * w % ^-— 1 \ '• -" ** 1 i lauent and ndyerllsed for saUs at ic auction, and unless Davroent la e before, will be sold on Saturday. 5th dav of Februarv. 3901). at the her the e d _ t v eiven: Tha of th irectors •e'enHrfranchise will" be struck off m. And If he sb.all fail to make deposit . Imniediatelv. then bid win not de red suc , , in that case, his ceiv.ed. and will he be for to O>M«. • *-»«v. ••. "~- "v,---.- ,--*"•, ,«•- f -""jVf*it be re- void. then and there, lie acaln offered fctr sale to the bid; der who shall mnkn the hiehest. cash hid therefor, subject to the .same conditions us to deposit as above tinned. S»ld pmcfduro will I until suid fnjnchNf is, s r:icU and awarded ro ;i rnddor who shall mnUe tho nocos^itrv iloimsk ol,nt h-as ten iH»r cent of tin- amount ol his id<! 5th dav of February. 1909. at t our of 2 o'clock p. m. to nav the Inquent assessment, tperether w of advertising and expenses F. E. BORTEN, Secy, pro tein. m v.. ww*Mfu-v sri» c orooratlon. _ e 7th day. of. December. .itfojL in at in- on )' i 41 - -i i 1 rim! tl)f> rfe;il r said Stmerlbr Court ot the Countv ot Kern. State ot Caiiforn'.-i. this IClli dnv of Julv. A. n. H'f'fi. on!) • f. [,. MtU.KR. C^rk. By Bedel Smith. Deputy Clerk. Howen Irwlu and J. \V. P. Laird, nt- tornevs for plaintiff. 11-18 NOTICE TO ~CO N TRACTORS^ Sealed hiils wiM be received by C. Ritzninn at his residence, 812 H street, Kern, from December 21, 1908, to January 1. TI'iil*, for the erection of a one story concrete and brick building according to plans and spec* iflcatlons. The owner reserves the right to reject any and all bide. 130 C. RITZMAN. S€fW — ianiP : hQles"to""he"Jocated'and constructed at the following points, to-wit : i One, twentv feet west of the west If— of Chester avenue in the center of the allev. rnnnlntr between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. One. 1:!2 tent south ot the south line of Fifteenth street and on ttie center lin" ot "1" street. . e . ... r !h.-. f-ont'" 1 lino of UU' BAKERS FIELD Marble Works BARNUM & BARNUM d K till n 31! uccessorg t Stone) utronlze Home Indus K) \Ve live here; W PLEAS EAN \Ve cnn furnish anythl E ot ' BOU On". Him rf Of s;U'l lin l\vt ••( :*llt UtV It' Oil" i*. (.C Hue of \ ;\'2 tcet so Mill MVci't t casl of ;inO tho < v runniiiu; 1 *'"ntn st. t'cci \vfst o!' .•ivcJiuc ni sireil In M;.irbl«? or nnu»uttf. drunlto Moe i 1673 h m oi i • * • • Four- v \* ?> 1 -of ter lim Out of of t*-n m\ imnt't'ut.i si r ffl suutli D! ii!<- -nnih HP 1 *-' 1 ! ;-IK| on Mi*' stn-ot. t west o llio renter . lino ecu- I te SUMMONS. In the Superior C of_Kern. State of of the Countv nia, _ , vs. Frank the Superior Court ern, State of Ca I- nlnint nied in sa d costs sale Rooms ,203-204, Producers Savlnea bnnli bRfldinE. Bnkersneld. Kern Coui 11-6 »« •-'•«*• -- 'mm V ~ --'*-£'--*• - - ~ - tv. California. NOTICE ^TQ .CREDITORS. -lAlE WI~ ^-« |l*-*ITifTf «* Vt _•* ED. TO ADMINISTRATdR. t L> «, capital stock" of fiai able on or hetoro H*ih. 1209. to A. B. at 1047 I street, ny stock unon w all remni _ 'hruarv, 1 advertised ror aaio an as- B sin em of six antT"6ne"-fourth cents per §hate was levied upon the corporation, ttav- uesdav. Januarv Imore. secj ? n( fl». w or sa ctf® b°e n 3. ^ alifornla. assessment 9th day of mient and PRE - _,._ ... „, _.3ifc auction. and unless payment Is made, before will be sold on Tuesday, tho 2nd day of no zmi March. lUOfl. to tmv the dellnnuent afj seKsment, touother with costs o£ ad vc-rtlRlntr and exoensos of sale. Bessie M Aker. Aker. Defendant. Action Drought! of tr.t? Countv of ivern, ^. fornla. and tho Comnlnint Countv of Kern, in the Office of the Clerk of said Sunerior C ourt the Peonle of the State of nia send Greeting to Frn fendant. . , , A You are hereby teaulrofl to In an action brou the aboye-namod erior Court, of t _.,Califor rank Aker. Do r- ren U" street ami »:?2 t'oet south th lino of Fourteenth' streei. twentv fcUreet foot oast oa th ot tho te n/'t lin lin (M'lit^r llev runnlne" between Thirteenth BOUI OlH . , of "0" street and said nllev runnin and Fourteenth streets. One. twentv feet west, of the Hne of Cheater Ave.nuo in the of the allev runnlne between na avenue and ThlrteenOi street. One. 132 feet south of the souW line of Thirteenth street and on the center line of 'T street. lin f oi "ti" "street and the center Hid allev rupninir between o sa fornia avenue 2S^.25 nn/r Thi ne line o* and Thirteenth street, , ... feet west of the west i street In the center of tbe runninir between Fourteenth /nt fu-niiist vou bv lalntiff. in Countv Su ern. •tate of California, and to answer the ?omi>lulnt. filed therein, wjthln t ift< II. HUM therein, of the nav of Bervlt-ot T service on vou of this Summons. ai -ho oif. per therofor. h Said \vitli ns nereln iirovitloil. bidder shall donosit. ih'e "Clerk of said fount v. within .. _ . tv-four Iiours ot" du* JK'e/'urnnr-f ot his hid. tho remntninir.niuetv wr rout ot the amount rhen-ot, ;tnd in rase ho o< it i?hull fall to no su. then tht** now'ft therotofon* i. .t'h; vljl Jm forrolt.- fd. and the award ot suid r ranch if*? will ho void, nnd sind iranrliLsP. \v\\\ then and there bv-wild Board of S«»;?»visors. 1-Mfsieain otf-rod for sajo lojjjo blddni and H 1 In the of Kern, tn Un of tafo of niatier OL UK County 'tale of L. i j te iM-e vfiiar ^ Hammes, ,. .- c IK herebv ulvou bv tho under ndinlnisti-Htor of the cstnio of |>. IhunnH's. det-piir-t'd. U> tl of, nnd all Wi'sous h;i Miiainst the said doceased. to oxhiblt , , . im ,, r .... with the uorr-Hiirv vouchers t'°f'V }•• iV' n four niontiis after tin? first nub-« ^'-»"««* - ut ' on of this notice to the.KaM ad arv Armintu CM ! (tr-ation nt olUco. 1017 FrfftiH), ('alnorula. jirnnanv " I St. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. BnkersfieM f'"cT the with iicat ir manner as said bidder of ,In with therefor. In the id under the sftme rest: irelniieforo provided ,nnd fails to deno.sil w CtMinfv tho, romal iut; rilnetv per cent,of his bid. with twentv-four hours nttor Its acfientunce. the award to hi pi will be set aside, theretofore made he , forfeited., and, ceedines for the Bate will be had until the vertlfteil lor Bale. Nonce is rurther, he Citv ol nak^ Krn. State ot CaH ficcenu fl franch the tlep • I •*-. V ise DOBlt will t) ro- of sal and tn* bv „ him further . , Bald, franchise same shall be re- L'iven that work ininlstnitor nt lii^. oiUce, iii^ the house, in t rountv of the parne tranHiiction In said f Dated court I' 1 ' )rn|a, belnir tho place for the of business of said estate Countv Kern hi'H'ij directors "i the a atlon, held rm Uie r>er, 1?*OS. ;m mid Oil . nlace of (.oration qt J fornla. Notice, i J at. a mwtlnu of tin ,f served within paid Countv: If Kerv ed elsewhere, within thirtv days. And vou are tierehv notified that if vun fall to so nnnear and answer, the I'hiinrlff will take Iinlirnien* for anv moni'v or Oainaues demanded In the rornulalnt MK ariKinu unoy contract, or win :nuilv u> the Court tor imy other relief demanded in the Coiiiulaint. \\'l>ness tiiv hnnd and the seal SHM Sunerinr Cmirr nf the Countv Kern. Stiito of <:u!ii»rnia. .this J ( '.,-,V! h( ' Itt " 1 " i',''f,\\niJ.KF; C:<-Tt-' M. H. AniHd. Aitv. f.-.r I'lri'f. One, ii8fj.25 leet weHt of the westllne of "F A street In the center ot /^our- . ^m ^L^ fl^ ^b ^^K ^^ J^k ^k f went of l.h* weflt the center.of tho rteeith and feet line of " street In allev runninir between Fou Fifteenth streets. , feet u 0 t i THERE'S A FIT AND BET On*. Jlne of allt, - . nue and t cntv feet west of tie « :r Htreet In tho center of thi; v runnint; between (^ftlito'iila ave- " Thirteenth stree One. twentv feet south of .he south j buying mid tho &£t °c?r ft^ar"^ 1 ori» V! S., !ei l ! s,rvi,, i,, its us,. 0 r f mV5,.V^"U,^ l lSn1 '!SliW«!r.-mvo«l a fr,-sh of of of th tlreil dollars ner Ktujre was levied upon the ern Countv Estate . of ctool f lint wor aJt,h wltl rri"not"inore"ffian four numthH froni th' Krantlnir of such iMTiohIae 1 and! Jf jip. 10 commenced wi rancnlHe so trrant-, . . , orfeited, and.shall be comnletod . whhin suul time o* shall be dec!; 1 e t sal , n not more than thr*>e voars f or and ii' npt so completod nald tluu. said f ranch W so Bhall bo 1'orfeiK^l: typvidcul that for Kood cnuue nhown. Hald Board nia\j>v resolution extend tho time, fo com- fhcreoT not exceeding 1'nblic administrator o and Administrator of t L. HaramoH. Deceased, . . . . . Thos. Scott. Attorney for Admlnifitra- tor. ^ I^AV "NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROVING WILL* In the Snnorlor Court of tne rounty of Kern, State of California. Depart- UK jfn tfie matter of tho estate of James (Jomlwln. deo.oased. *»*.-., Notlo.e; IR hereby civpn. that Mon- ' ^ ^ ri ^ ^ Mt M _ m- _ *. J^ ^m ^ M & UK'eiintr oi me .. -. named corner- fith dav of IXn-enj- of one bun was . tne caiiital stuck of the.corporation, payable Immediately to the secrftarv of said corporation. Charhm A. Lee. at his olnce at me office of the Countv Retfordor of Kern, Countv. Any Btock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on th day of Januarv. 1909. will be quent (iiid udvertisod for sale at puh- lie auction, and unless payment la made before, will b« sold on the ttpth dav of January. 1909. to nav the dejin- auent uKReHKinont. tojiothor with the coita of advertislnsr nnd expenBes of E^cretarv. of tho BaUersfield JPuof airn. Oil Co,. Baker.-ineld. Cnl. 12-v NOTICE. sons In that DOG LICENSE NOTICE. rehy iJv- n i.hat all iiid ke*-|dng do^s wlfli- of ihe Town of Kern, for tho year 1000 aro e Is ownin i' 1 limit llcent-e t g cB ;aa Bth Up- eoi L hereby e! der for success ;jui- fornia, Tavb' been appointed as the Mm" and olace for nrovinir the will of " - " ,-ln. i]i<;eafied. now rt. and for.beaHnc A. D. Whittomoro Hni'» nnd nlaco or yr said -lames Gowin, . on fll« IJ said Cou n. a that the franchise r si aiwloatifin of the to him of Letters tos- MILI^BR* CMertc. , attorney for A. ». IMS. Iv hil tho ountv or or bills To nil whom It may concer Notice is herobv elyen Ulat Board o Suwrvliiors of «ip Kern w 11 not audit anv h st nt* county contracted bv coun- d townHiiJo officers orbv norsontf holdlne offlee bv anootntment or «ai{ Board of SuuorviaorH. unloBB a renijl sitlon in wflUnE? la first oresented to and if ran tod by the Board. of the Board, _ A H. A. JA ,^__atnnaD o Attest; 1. L, Hi now ready for ilullvery at the office of the Marshal. ;i»0 on ;md after tho 1st day of Janunry, iduO, I will proceed to 'impound all dogs found running on the streets that are not wearing tho license tag for the year 1909. 130 C. P. BADGER, Marshal. - of \\f--i r. On«(( r f-'o-n ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oakland Oil and Asphaltum Co. location of lu'lnclrml nlace of busl- nfSH. Oakland. California. is hereby iriven that bv iMven tnat at a alar zneotini; of the Hoard of Directors held im the :Kt!h nav of December. "&os, an nssessment ot one and one- all cents ner share WUH levied unon scribed oijultal KIOCK of the tion, uavnble Irnniedlatelv in One, IrJ feet S(»ulh o of Fifteenth rttreet amj of the center line ot "K One r.iu teet SD'i'h ot fh'.'-sotilh line of FiJ'teentb street and tel le(-t west r<-nii-r line of "T" street. 4l.^:i 1'iM-i sourh ('1 the north I'dUT'eehth street an:} ten Jeef MM- center line of T" street i:;j feet .south of tne south 'e.'M'h Street JjUd.tC !1 fei't \.\-J, 1'eet south of the' Rojith Tiiineenth sneer ami ton t«et nf the renter line o) "F ' street. One. at ihe interKot'tion of the c-6U- (er Hue of "(i" street: arid n line twentv ' I with en no . -- ^ U' tMM *m\ H' 75 /ent.north e south line of California av^nu/ construct jwiin-uojca lu tUo aa} „ CO ed at tiuT followi'nc DofnVsi to-wit: ten feet west of the center To the harness we sell that rr your dollars do double duty in harness donlfa Wo have ivod a fresh sttn'k of Juavy ool 1 nr« warranted not the horse. « On i pk'te or 1 lino of in variety, dog collars stvlc. IH finish. Om line PIONEER HARNES SHOP MATTSON BROS., ProjJ. r 1821 Chester Avenue. (er Hue of "(i" street: aiidri Un feet south of Rtid parallel -\ center line of California, nver iipH-WwWft.^/ 1 of the south line of CuilfoTptu T^ ™ ^ 3t T ^^ h . * ^ • sewers nereinabove described. -* sau man-holes locatod and construct j f of« ne. ten jeei wesi, in me center line H' 1 »tr«et and twentv feet south of v .., center lino of California avenue. One, ten feet west of the center line of "F Htreet and twenty feet south of the center \fnp ot Caiifornia i% avenue. One. 37.75 feet north of tho south Hue of California avenue and cm the center Hne of QlennOer avfenuo at the point, where nalq Hewer connects the went Hide main of thi out-fall sewer ol said City ffie with the main, and Ity of Bakorn hitl! tho y order oava Stutes irold coin to tho Heere- t.arv of said eumwwv. at its office at MO(J IiroaiUv;*v sireot. In the < Hv of Oakland. California. Anv stock unon which this a-s.sesKmeiit Khali remain (i on the 2nd dav of will bo dellnauem and or Hale ;U uuhllo uiietion. , .. ^... payment ia made before, will be Bold on trie hth dav of March. 19U9. to i»av There shull constructed "Yft" for fl• * •.»l*\l«A tebrnurv 8t fna the dflfnauonr aB toic na ethe .. - - , house conneftlous In Hail iteworH, in the nlaoea an deftjgniitod In the tilans. rofifoK and Kneel float, ions ,mlooted o he »th dav fif Novembor. 19()8. bv sal ipard of Tnif.t.ees. for the THE PIONEEE MERCANTILE 00. WISHES ITS MANY PATRONS i A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR AND MANY OP TOEM. t B( .. of Hald ntes on .. .. _____ construction Haid nlans and nro- Citv fljefin the Rewors. , e In the office ot te nnd -^^ ^ ^ »„- ^.^ v^vvr -• — T- - —l ^ - - Jf ^ - j j» Tl- I— - r - t — — » T with the eoBttt of, udverttsine and ex- uses of sale. J. BC atru . o he and plans. pronieB a hereby referred to t aad s a irnrf of UiiB re*o1uuon rk, sai n« art* ipudo entlonB GUI foluu&Ufai ^H ^^^W ^^" ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^™ Phone Main 88. Pioneer Mercantile Co

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