Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1916
Page 4
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MO* F0m STERLING, ILLWQIS,THURSDAY. OCT. 19,1918. SOURING IN STOMACH CAUSES INDIGESTION GAS DIAPEPSIN" ENDS ALL * STOMACH DISTRESS IN FIVE MINUTES Wonder tfhat upsrt your stomach— portion of the fowl <1!<1 itif dam- ywr? WelL rtpn't botbflr. If your stomach 1« In a revolt;. If sour, SSinsy and up««t, and what you just at* ha* fermented into stubborn lumps; head dizr.y and aches; belch gas«» and acids and eructate undigested food; breath foul, tongue coated—Just take a IHU» r*np*>'« iJtapepsln and in five minute* yon wonder .what became of the IftdlfffBtlonLRnd :diet'r?R& _ Millions of men and women today know that ft l« needles* to have a bad stomach. A flttls Dlap«>psln occanloh- Jklljr keeps thin dollrat« organ regulated wid'tlrey eat their favorite foods without f*»ar. If your utomnch dopBrft take car** of your liberal limit without rebellion; if your food in a damage Inniead of a help, remember the quickest, mirest, most han&]«ftft relief In rape's Dlnpep- Jda which costs only fifty cent* for a large ease at druir atoms. It'ii truly wonderful—it dlgrntM food and nets things straight RO gently and wwilly that it 1* really astonl«hin«r. Please, for your sake, don't go on and on wHh a weak, disordered stomach; it'ii so un-. Decennary. the native rtrodnct. This wntildn't b« exlrar/rdinary at, «!l, for Enfant! did the very mm* thfnff In rtl.ttfon to ctft- ;---n from Rgyf.t, which timlT T/ord t't-orner'i notorious hie"h-r>re«sMre/ development of the cotton Industry in l-fi>'f't—in jrrotvlnjf the product and in- threatened the American cotton ex- f.f-rfft t<> Koclnnd. ')'!>•> resources of A«Jn have :>;* >r-t been untouched, nnd <;<u> kno\<5 it ns «e!l as nnyi>no. OOLLIVANV MALLEI <• STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD 'SIXTY-SECOND YEAR/ Published D«lly—E*«*iJt Sunday. D. w. Editor* and Publisher*. Office, 111 West Third Street. Entered *t Pottoffic*, Sterling, (Ilinoii, .«e Second Class Matter. TERMS OF •y Mall, Outtlde of SUrling end Rock Fall*, Anywhere in the United 8t*tee or Canada. One year In advance f 2,BO " 8lx month* in «dyanc«* 1.25 *•> L«as than six months, per month.. .25 -•y~C«frt«F-Tii~8»rirnfl~oT r Ro«tr Flirt; or by Mail at the Sterllno or ;"{ '• . Rock Fall* PoetoffIce. s One year 1 In advance $5.00 ,. Six months in advancn 2.50 t<iThr«e monthn in advance 1,25 month In mtvanr*>>, 45 the week, payable to the carrier ,10 ~ ln format ion from all ovfr the country is to the effect that all reeords for Rfuingp accounts In banks have been broken this vpjir. T->en the i«avlniir« In the p««t office savings banks hare mounted to unheard o£ proportion*. All of which Indicates that the nation Is putting away Its bit for n rainy day. This i«t a decidedly Rood sipn. Nothing so much hreei1« Independence a» thej knowle/lRe that there Is n ne«t eRR In tho bank, A little money is one's beat frien'l— nn<l it doesn't lose Its lnt«re*t When things po wronff, though that isn't naylng It won't slip awayJf things stay wrong too long. There wfi.i ft time when savings ao- rotmtH did not ?<r-pm to be popular in tlu» country. Wlvenever anybody got a little money "ahead" they tried to make two dollars for every one they vo«womi>d an* wer* en«y rtmrkn for all sorts of crooked deals, speciitftjlons nnd ,get-rkh-<iulck schemes. Word from arotui'l the 1 rountry is that the get-rlch-aulck whemera ar* having a sorry time of it, despite the horde of surplus cash ready for Urn pickings. In spite of their nefarious effort*, money Is "tight." We think It should stay "tight." The money Is at work through the. auspices of the tmnks and Is an Incentive for constant effort along the same, lines by the millions of pass book owners, 'OUR BOOK PUBLISHERS.' Jiint to show us how" contrary to Amerlcwn standards In spelling they t fin \tf find nHII tin linnlne*s, American book publisher* nro .constantly "Eng- llshlfylng" theJr literature. Newspapers and perlodlcftlfl arti constantly dropping . more' silent letters; nearly sot) now are "thru" with "through" aud similar long, nnd awkwardly spelt words. But our book publishers, -not content with Insisting that the silent "u" bo InsertPd in such words as "la- bour" — probably to make it more laborious— are going to unreasonable lengths In stultifying our written lan- Mas Earned You Clothing Headquarters —• Because of the largerjindI better assortment of High Grade Clothing we have provided for you. Because 1 nothing but the most dependable merchandise is shown you. Because here you are given more for your money than is obtainable elsewhere. Because we offer you styles that are correct, fresh from the foremost fashion centers. "^ Now is a g;ood time for you to test the truth of this statement, now made from " THE STEEL TRUST IN JAPAN. || * When B. H. O<iry returned from his trip to the Orient ho distributed sundry descanting tho "bwtter Several of thejn huVe adopted ^wtf HJW«-e»f-*KK4»-wwd«--a* Runge. ^h* •Vagon" and '•Jewt'lrj'." nrH'lllng them "waggon" and Jewellery." rewpcctivcly. The Influence of ouV^book publishers, however, seems pitifully smiUl In "correcting" Americaun in their manner of spelling words «tuU > k.«?»t way*-— In the fujsh-nt and Men's and ens MORE SCENERY "COMING OFF." They have produced a play in New Vorit that lackn.tbc untml ",<icenlo ih- I',' United States, and also mentlonort the |,, "fTeitt future" In store for Nippon. It 7»OW develops thut Mr. Onry had an fn^ rely different rcamm for going to the ?<hrlent thnn merely inkinjf a pleitsture "glpur. It seenm that In the near future "le Bteei Trust Is t a expand a little ttnore; and no one noc-d bo surpHncd if In salient feature of,,such expansion is J'fthe constnietlon of xteel mlllH In Jdjnvu ;*nd China. % Coolie labor l» tho cheapest In the iWOrld; and thn^narket. for «tee.l In Asia is tremendoun.'' liiBtead of Mhlp'ping there from the United 8mten. the •would nrnk* it cheaper In Asia tve-frrlKht~T»tnr.~~ Jn* raet,~~frTif that Homo of the trust's Hteel H r \would be shippM. from _Asla -to tho States, and in spite of freight and duty might be cheaper than ve«tlturc". of which the boaat. In fact, whcro proiw agents the tic.cnery to be the trtago in HO dark that little In to be Been, while the .light* from above the plnyera— not the foot- Hghtn — sheds, Its yellow rays -on them and their actlonB exoluslvely, not being Btrong (Miough ttr show tip ~ much of the mlBsing scenery. And thus a new. stage, custom is about to -set in. The effect In U> .tench tho public to pjiy more attention to the skill of the ncU>ra and uctrcHHos and Irias to Httigo technlc MB rppre«entPd by carpenter* and painters. Tho worship of ncenery undoubtedly went too far in this cotin- i» no objection to giving FOR BRUISES Ten's Bumps, Strains and Minor |tnrt,« Qnlnkly by Sloan's Liniment. It is the very nature of children'to irt themselves—to come' crying to therewith little fingers bruised, with -bumped, with .Hprnlned ankles are 'imlnful hur(n. too. But ~ g can'f~Burvlv«> the use of thin liniment; A Mingle play a proper background ; but If THOSE "GRIPPING" PUA Yd. Whenevor tho 'fellowa who write de- script ions to theatrical productions— "legit Imatft" and screen—want to be particularly ..interesting they call it it "ftripplng" play. Meaning, of course, that it's going to grip and alinko you I fabrics priced from $15.OQ ? to $30.00, everyone pure woo)-*-Excellent values '.'.'' ' •"'.-;•..'. ' ' l( V ' ..^. 7.O0 and $18f)0 •_ ,- • •/ • . • .i. .,"5- *,!' Ov^e^tSty^ you tlon't wiitcii out. They. used to bo "tttrong" and "powerful;" but somehow those terms tire not, considered vigorous enough. Wo luiv« also noticed that when the press agent of * nice, Hoft "happjk" play winnes to make an Insidious wr odious comparison with announces that H Is not », "sordid" tk ifc itttte fellow's bravely kept back ,r» give way to smiles. HlH hurt is Wlleved, *• • itr every~hom« whererlthere"" are 'chili-: sTbgttlo of Blcmn's Liniment la a feeewiity, muHcIes, rhoumatlHtri, lum- stlff neck, backtuihc', ohllblttins, can be effectively relieved with Liniment Cleaner than mussy or pu»t»r», Xdnjment can be obtaincd,,at priuliictiuii.—Proving thatr-tho oomon< clature of the ntage at least equals that of our sporting writers In force and Ingenuity. AN UNSOLVED MYSTERY. One of (the mysterlea of-«.eMt»'.^jl8tri" button frequently comes to our utten- Kor Instance: Why la it that into two when an JnnlgnMlcant <!«tP >reaks out on q tugboat "in the harbor of New tttiowt *IO worth of damage, .the fact 1s telegraphed all ov er the' United H tales? If the same kind distinct models, the f : i . loose swagger coat and I ' T *<_! ^r yd. "?i x l»'i? ' ' ...... the close, form-tracing overcoat with and without belt. The colors are rich browns, blues, town tho fact would never bo known outside of the neighborhood. Prppa- A fit w what a mttn wlsht* for del', f.f»>t our lint* i« < "inpu-t« Uut »tyl« l« u iM'Mi-tfK.try pint o »<.»», »»nd ualit thu 10O*t Jlllliullalll (>!' all. Jrfcbner's Shoe Mart bly there is more "payohology" about a llr« ort board ship, however insignificant. THE LAST OF COAL, A rolU'ge pr«fe«»or-»ftid-JFecently that in 300 years alt our coal deposit* will have been a thing <if the past. »ueh information doesn't shock us any moi*. No one shivers and says, -"JVnat are we Koiiufo,to do- about itV" It is probable that long before tht»t lime con' tritl iH)wer stationH will be established which will wonderfully wiwurva our conl supply and Instead <>f UH mutter- tog about its cost, we will be buying miles away, if necessary. * THE WOMBN'lmOULO VOTE. Tlio'iui'go Intfrest tak«»n by the women who have registered ought to lead all those who fuilfd to register Tuesday iu bn anfyaud luua their namo ' ^^ effects. Priced as low as $12.50 and" upwards . .vi >-t.t-UI ru Him (\n\ f . day, Octobfr 31., The women voVw tf they dealro u» ret»iu the franchise, Their r'ight to vote tuia not yfet" -, -they are never suri? the la-w that <• now glvBs them a pttrtiHl privilege of voting may not be reiwuled by an unfavorable legislature. Turn' out and v'ut«s wiui vute for who you i»l«fwjp; Use your hallol your o.wn way, juat u« most men »lo. "' GOING TO CARTER. innoMJtluu to to $30;00, and extra values at » $17.00 and $18.00 Men's Furnishings , .NecKwear,. (jl^ve^ UqderweaF and tile minor du M«»tHtHe Devlne of iiixon In tho U«m- nitic ranks liert'^bouta uitU most of these ar« gulng tu vote for Krnpst Oar- tt»r, tho Progressive junnlnee. tailti of dress luivo reeeived their full .share of -attention in •the selection of.our Fall Hues. Good quality was our first consideration iu buying. Correct style and consistent pricing are features of S. & 0, furnishings. OUE WINDOWS lUf.wfr, i'tirpvatvi m»J t,'urtcr iit t>»* .fl<x u-ii ' _ Ki> iti.iiu-r'siha Ha* lifi ^^an>^.•^ our tiiul HII-H- wiU (H'» i«t,i .ii''^ ivusw 4u lair-*- tli«ughtj5 in meii'si »ud young imm'is fushiuns tMuJ fowiain tlio «*a*«>»^ iw«i4 ext4i^iv«-«tyl«»« Z\ pegpTiilo* oul' wiudpw^ -kwpa you '|u touch with fashion's latest edicts, ; ' '' ' About Boys" Clothing Only tho most dependable liiios of .hoys' Hotlum «ro cur- rit'U iu \\iin sToTi^ STyTo lirts bt»i'in»qimHy as-^rt»«t a when sch'ftiiif? hoy.s' wear. Tho Pinch Buck suit and coat are tiio most favored'fashions in - bo\V : «rlot-h«t*. Complete 1 lines lit' hoy.s'. shoes, hats, caps, shirts, wai-sts, hosiery- and uudenvear. mmm WBLIJ liint;'- i. r o<'s i'nrllu'y towanl iitaking a I'nan 'helievo iii liini- r-cH' titan liio Avt'ariiig of- -good A nia'n's; :.<•,•>•{.! mat**- of -hi s aix> Ifiui,

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