Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1916
Page 3
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STEALING. !Limm§ A THUfl§PAY. OCT. 19. It!6. whirh kindly piv- Start Tomorrow" j^HDBIl:| f ;! ; |;;H' ; ;;f;i : l.! and Keep It Up ; v ' ;iir .' — 1 l : ALL DAY MEETING Every Morning \ ,'tJf.t In ihf ! '3 : ' ; * cf dr'-i'r-lrvj a of H water before l -:•»••* fS St. Of the PrC^byJfrian MsssionSry Society Was Held. "-.-(y W-''-! nii: cf !h« M'l'ni.'t'i'^ «.nif'f% nf (he I'!'!'!«t>Vtf !) I 1C Ttifify T:i«Ti(' ftf tit. rnir stay .••civ-•.!)>)«• I.ft u-- (i'v'i- «HI, ""weii. find It'.'k •••,••11. wluit n pl.ui.-n-- condition t.» n't.'itn, an-l y--t?~'li<.w v<-rv easy It is if ">nr will only tnfi-ipl tin- morning In^Mf I'-tH, dull nml 'he-ivy \vhrn they' iu-ise, spirt- tin-? head neb I"'?". *.niiTy from ;• cfld, foul tongue, riastj !nt>.itb, iu i«l st^nvn-b. (•An. fiistf-Ul. IT'i'l si" 4 fresh n«i n <!ni«y . by opening the Klnli-es «f the *v:-t 4 <iu each rhnrnint;. uml fltisltln- 4 ; out the Whole--of the Inti-rnal. polfmous fiag- ttant matter. Kvfryn'n'e, uhriher ulliiiK. sit-k <>r well,, should, ertt b nmniins. bufure " breakfnM., drink n Kl-i--" 4 of fe.-'if hut ., witter with a teimpiMinful <>i" lime-stone phosphate in it t" wa^h from,. tin- ntomach, liver mid bowels the prevlini 4 - 4 clay'* Indlncs-tiilib' .wusif, sour l>i!<and pols-ruiou 4 * lt-\in.«; tlnm Henrmii-K, nwpeteniiiK and . purifying tin- entile allrnentnry cunul beion- 1-1111111-? mon- food into the Momm b. The' a<-Hun c,f hot water nnd limestone |-hos|-h-ite on "" an einpiy stomarh i« wonderfully in- vljforatln«. It Vlenm- mn air the. j-our - fpnne.ntutiutiK. .. .KiifM'f*.. was to ami acidity itnd «iv«'M 'one a "upb-mlid appoii'te for hie.-ikfnBt. While you are ' your lin-nkfiiMl (lie wnter and ' phosphate IM iinitely e\tra< n lurKo vulumne of wiitrr from blood ami Kt-ttliitf r«-.-iily f«-i ••thorough tbiHl-iiift of all tho ii organ*. , The 44 million 4 * i-f pcopl 444 who_ bothered witb i-onntlpation. bllion ntx'lly. Btomneh triiubl>-: cithf-rn wh have '««llo«• sKiiiH. iiioTiifdiNordefff sickly complexion!- are timed to KOI n miartor pound. i»f HmrBtono phosphah- from the (U UK More. . This will ei-xt -very little, lint l* HiinVient to make anyone. 11 pronounced crunk on- tho -subject of ln.slde-bathimj bvturo vfamt. r " ' iffv •'.•'• >|i'-nt in '•'•will)''. At ri"<>n. itii'in.'-r 'em-' *-rrvr-<| .--ml r-hfit! ••< ami tbeii ?',u." ; */;H'til« ' njujfi! . int; i>rn. ...... In t!>c iitti'tii'Xrn (!ii» fi •,:r:itn wa«; rf-iulfic.) , S.'dn Jiy -Mr.--, .tciiii St:iL:.'r. H<':i'lln;j I'V MIK. rrf-.«iti>n «Jrind«»n. Tlin '<> papffn wen- tiit-n I • -.-id on th« siil'jcrt, ''The Morn-inns " ><y Mr*. Kzra ,Mi>th» l we. ,\lr.«. t'nf'«tfr Irwlii nml Mrs. \V. H Kirk ivml tin- jt:if**>r pn-par**d hv Mt-r*: Hftsf -v -Httnvt-Sy. - liy MOONLIGHT DANCE , Wyne-Deaver Dry Goods Company V\ Special Suit Sale Friday j Saturday We all havelterer quoted before so early in the sea^rt. ^ All popular shades, in season's best styles. Giveh Last lan- was the :i im- SOCIALAFPAIRS THE ERIE WOMAN'S CLUB in the Woodman Hall Tuesday Evening. Tiff nmnnllijtit «lnni it»K I'artv in \VoiHlinati hall TiU'sdiiy cvr «u.« a(- IflHlcd liy *'li;hty-t!v«> riniplcH. THp hnll is-as liwiiitifully dt-rrirritcd in <-ol- i>r»'d <T«»| i t* p.i|»cr and .lapan«'5»i» trrnst turiHMlii'il the IJKlit. Mimlr ful iiislit-d liy Cui'hi-ari'R i,ir«'h«'.«itra. ami •ill prfsftit n-port a dHlKhlful timf. Tin' daiKf" \\-i# uivi-ii liy Uie Messrs, and Cjlllimm ;iful thc.r iiri- c to Kivc 'atiotlier (hini'f November 3. Hi'Vonil yoiini; ponplf from Dixon K&NSINGTON CLUB Held an Interesting Meeting at the Homd of Mrs* Manhino* the "Celebrated Hawaiin Dftjr On Tuesday At Their Club Meeting. Huwnlhin U-iy'ut the Rrle Woman'--! Club Tuemlny WUH iiltetMled by a large number of the meml>ern and nil were well pleiiKcil with the delightful program Klven by the Hterllm,' people, A nborl bUMlnesM Hennlon WUH held during tthicli the pro|H'Mltion that the Wrle Womnn'K club nhotiid ntnilato with TuT- IllInolH Kqunl Htiffraiio A«noel«tlon, wau voted upon favoinibly. Tin; program opened with thn itlnKlnif of Hawaiian ao'iiKH by the following yottnu.- l«dlen from HterlliiK: MIKMPI* tlnico Wheeler. 'Luclle Knufmitn, Je«Hlo.C3itulrupp and Huth Delp. '. -Mr«. U K. Wynn'H talk on the Uaw- «4lan iMlandH wiut very IntereBting and -frriw thoroiiKhly enjoyed by nil." She - gftvo n vivid dwAjjiJlon of.the iHlandH, llielr inlmbltnnt»,a»duntrle», schoclB, flhurctte 44 , public ffljUdlngs, tho beautiful flower* growliiK In profusion there, /all of which came under her pemmal obnerVittl-in, wlvlbj tm a vlalt thprc-a- flgw montlm ago. ' After nnotfipr liaw;«ilfan «onB: by tlvo youiiR ladieit, who WPre obliged to re- •ptiiid to hearty encorca. C'apt. Wheeler gftve numerouit vlewi* of tho liwhindH, With buildlngv, inlmbluint 44 , mountains, trees', flowera. etc., by means of the pyrOHCope, which nicely illutitratcil the polnta made by Mr*. Wynn and were much enjoyed. AfCur* th«» pmirrnni n Thi* IveiiHln«iitn chili held a pl mi-eting: Tuesdny nfteni'Knj at home <if At r*. .Hex MnnninK on Se averyie. An uiuiHiinlhj larue attend- ani-e of nicinlicrH W;IH "ffrpsi'iiI-% and the lime' wa.i wpent doelally. Nlrn, Kred Uiebner w»»» pre.Hent a« a »4>ie*it, Tim next tneetinK will be held Tln-Kday. ..I H;t, 31. ill the borne of Mr*. T. I., ,\lt Col- mlek, at 1211 .lohnson avenue. THE AIOSOCIETY Of the Congregational Church Held An _ _____ All-Day Meeting. _ The Ladle*' Aid society of the, Con- urcgaUoiial, church held an all day meeting Wedtu-Mday at the ehurc'h. It was a pl<'ii«ant pifr'ty who partook of the (iel.iclouK picnic dinner nerved at noon". In the afternoon inure ladiea joitu'd the crowd and the time wax spent In making pretty and uxeful ar- ticlcM for thi-lr annual bazaar, which will be Kiven Dec. 8th and Uth. "Forfst. Mills" TTmlfrwear for mid (Miildrcn i^ noted I of "thn ?nft used in if> innuiifaotin-c, ])erf«>ft fitting rjmiJitH 1 .*. and durability, even jiftcr SCN \-orc tests. No xv is the time to supply your Winter jHM-ds Jind wo arc well proparctt to show y.iu nny wight rnatoria! von may wish. Sopnnitc* (Jnnnents for latlits. .35c to $1.50 /Snit? , , * „ ......... ,. , ,50c to! $4.00 ir* Separate Onnnenis.SBc-to $1.00 : Knion Suits ...... ..... ....... 50c to $1.50 \Vliy buy tiio cornuion kind when you can got "Fbfosl Mills" at lowest possible prices? Main Floor. 41ST ANNIVERSARY W«» Celebrated by Mr. and Mrs, Henry Mr. and Mr«. Henry YOUHR, of Kound ('Jrove, celebrated their forty-Ur«t wedding anniversary .Sunday by entertain- K their children and othet* relatlvew at a MimptutiH dinner. Mr, and MrA. IJerl ThompMon.- of ,1'enton. Mrn. Vlr«, tclnld Hobbnrt. Mr«. Etta UameH and Mr«. Lena Potter, of Erie, were among the guests. CROCHET CLUB Of Rebekahs Held a Meeting on Wed— : - nmday Afternoon. — Suits Priced at $14.95, $17.95, $22.00, $25.00, $28.00 and up to $65.00 K«'vcr lu'foro haveM't* shown stu-h captlvatiug; styles nor siu'li materials. A woiidi'ri'nl assortment ^1A awaihkvonr inspection ; . -. .vA" to net; for street, afternoon and Sk Blouses evening wear •i^-el4 4 K^' 4 -^-H*-r-j'H-t4tiH--}ti}.tl- "" ~~ (Udll i o vOM M/'jc" 0." styles in Fall Skirts, famous " Ihifhess 5 ^ brands, in woolen and silk materials; ' . .-*all sixes ahtl eolorini^.s ,... of jreoi'irettt* and ci-ejie du'"i > liine-'L,n~\vIiite : 'und ,'eolors, plain and. elaborate, stvles,' New showin/j; for j' nnd Saturday to (j*O, RA" to WHY WALK? TAKE ELEVATOR TO AND FROM SECOND FLOOR Tan ,._Ildii;kuii_-.JCrochet_: jitub— nday afternoon in the Odd Kel- hall. Twenty-four ladieH were present and the afternoon wan ttpent in croclietlnK. At 4 o'clock dainty refroinh- mcntu were'nerved, The hiiMtcNHOH were Mr«, Frank Urldge and Mni. 1. Hoover. Japanese Baskets lni)Mir(i'tl JapanoHo OniHK l^iinki'lH in round anil oval .styled' and In live «ix»-H, They- make exoellenl Xmas Kiftn and «re about i half the price of Mweet Priced 25c to 65c -Leather Goods ^isaortment of" l,r Hewing UHKN. 'jVuvellnt; Cases, etc.. just received, $1.25 Purses 98c / Leather Hanfl BUKH and llacU- • Strap J'tirKew tin black- an<l null tihndfH. Some clever new.iftj'lca ut (he above price. - - • Great Showing of Handkerchiefs ful" in I lie way iineMady herwlf .\vhen whown our new. line, llaiulkcrrhlefs for (ill the family priced from 5c and gradually up to $1.50. . Toilet Goods, reduced prices always l-'iU'c J'owder ...... ."Or box of ".lava" l-'uce 1'owdi-r .««.v»« r.Oc llin-l'n Honey £ Almond Cream M>M . itrant .Cream »,..„. x~ Fntrto tta 1'oudre de JUK .«,»j f««i<- I'ebeco Tooth i'"n? Colgate's Ribbon i'ream. ....... M ..< 1'owdcr fur '. 19c I".':.".'" 15c 15c •jf.c .Meiincii'8 Talcum Powder ,...,.'.w.*^ 2"n- Colirnto's/Cold Cream for e , M 2,V A'antino'H Talcum i'owdcr ,'•• ......... 21c t,ic package Hoger & Uall«t Kaco powder, 4 25e .Shaving 1 Stick ....>. 21c r.Oi' jar Ktiliinan'a l-'ivcklti Crcum ..... ••"it- ]nr I'ond's Vuiilbh- 'ing Cream ......... 19c Facial Hi nip ........ i'.'c cfil-e Clittctira ?("<• ''I,ove MB" Kaco J'owder -«M<t^'.M..« fiOc I'ompelrtti Nlicbt Cream .».»«...»,.« 6oc 1'oTnpetan 1\rafijiugc Crea in «».».»«. M , < y,c. DaKKett A Ilams—. iML" J-!*iW_ti r <.«L5Le 444 L»_ tl.-iS "\MVO Mo" 1'crfumo ».. M t•*•-{. 1'aco 1'uvvdfr fur .»«!{<-••«, 7:,c Vantlno'a Toilet .Water for !,l±L64c Toilet ' AQ — |1.2." PlvpfB Water fyr . ......... 11.25 box "i'm-ra Face 1'ow-v dcr — Floramye, ?1.50 .Vaiitlnv'tt Jollet Water, "5c Pro-phu-luc-tlo or .Hub- Tier Set Tootli •--. liruRhi-H' for ....._. [,()c box of Melba Powder for ~, ... 39c Every day is Bargain Day in our Economy Basement, but we here quote a few of the many Special Values for Friday and Saturday ' i'lllow- Ciwes, -laxSti 14o CaM-8, 42.\3uSKi'uit of Loom. ;iOc O»se«, 4&3i3ti. pepperell. . ,16o White STWhite 7<" lileaaned Hospital Uany-e, atj Enamelware, first quality , J'arHliiil Uiv*8 l.t'iitnlnff iiii'itftTevl .Muslin, 36 inch .' IQc Colored Ity. for Great Sale o£ Dress Goods 2 Yards for 1 luncheon -was ••••••rvt'd and ttocial tinie «p*iil during wnlcii the quarter'of"girls geve neveral muiilcut nuinberH. Misue-- 4 Afnodti WoN't'ill, of ProphetHtown, tind Ooldle Besut', of'Krie, favored the com. pany with humoroun rendiiiBH nnd wore :NEWSJN BBIEF Krumbles Is a strengthen ing winter cereal because of the richness of the A FAKE BEGGER. Sterling business men will do well to, beware of utrangers wltli hunl luck utorlw in tho near future. .Savanna wa>< vlrtlted by ono Monday arid he got .a\vay atltii_nuiUi a mun of casli as remilt of His laborti in that city, nreleniletl llml h»-- UIIK rli'.if mid Sheets, Pillow Cases and Domestics DC. Colored Outings Flannel, lipeclul v ...,",.,.., ,80 -*l*«—Cotton—Towel and went into nearly - houim. in tl»o city with a book upo which wiuf w'riUt'n » hard Juek Mtory and tdKncd Hobort I4t}iointe. went along aJI rif'lit until ho in to a certain utoro whoso owner WHX wide awake, and noticed u bo'ttla of whlHkey in tho youn-y man'*? pocket while tlio lad >vu8 puttiiiK away u quarter the merchant had Kh'en him. Need- to Kay the merchant.ntdted for thu % colored border ........'..., ,21o 35e Turklsii 1'owela, plaids and Htrlpi-a, ........... .........260 35e Bleat-lied Turk^li Towels, colored liordera ,.,,.,,,,...210 75f single tjroy Cottgn Blankets, v? W? 5 r't The Olive and Its Oil. jj A-tk for free^booWet mu__m_^_, ^^^SH.?^^ &mi> .i'! 1 ^- iS;"_ ^pffc Mr »^ P 4 ^ j^fl eF i'**VW '•'" ^^ BWW^ 9 in imi amjfi >wt4-*Kr' 50C, 75c, $1.25 • Pharmacy Co. ot hid mone>, which n<) Tho fellow mndo a- hunty left tbo city to «eck other fields. iTB¥ET CARS COt.UIOE. rffllh--hin—ht't wccu « cHy-cnr-mittr' J-'or Friday nnd Saturday we will offer CO piect'U Woolen Drees Goods iu plain colors and fancier. The former prices were 50c and up to $2. Here is tho plan: If you want two yard!* that sniy for $1, buy oqe yard and wo will iJlvo you a yftTO^-Tiuiliiug Twu~ yardM, for thu price of one. you. cun buy uny umpunt you wi»h. Thitj will bo your gold«n opportunity to buy Dress Oooda wl a fructiuit o£ Iheli' real i^iuilJl starts 9 HII intururiuui took place afternoon in front of tho Oberniiiler Clothing »tyrc. The 13 o'clock intcrur ban stopped at this comer to tuke on »t paa»<eiiKer and the city cur was-be Mn<LJ4 » Bluirt dlBtance. For some reason the city car WAH not atopped. but crashed iiito tho JJlxon car. "The front end '»f tho mnallor ear was bud- ly amuHltt-d, and the damuwH will tttnount to a good Hizcd Hum. Tlt/> in* terurbiui wa» not Imrt tu any great extent. THE REVIVAL MEETINGS. -special tti-rvice for the mainher* of Sunday nehoul will be held thlw uv- at the KovJvu'l meeting pro;;rc>m ut the Trinity I'niied Mvan- al church. ThliM ^treet and Fifth ave. Hvv. A. J. t'hiunliefluin wMI preach. Tho.Htinday t>chool orchestra will ptnjr JOvef.v niPtiUwi 1 i>f the Huuday achool is Invited and Urged to be prenent, Kv- welcome, (iood ttutKinK tmd gospel piTHchiuK cvf-ry cveniny at 7.UU NEW CORN BEJNC BpUQHT. Tli« eli-vutoi'ji.biive started latylme new e»ni. t Today lhM--priC(i IHIH been put un nVvy corn, anil all tbut \ < illl j-rude number three y.ellov 4 ., t lie-buyers will take, A Kfeai many of the fur- Mrs have altvmly nturted bu.sklng their in Koine Kiiiiins buvc finlhlu'i) sniiill tlf!il-» ami lia\i- put In their cow.-. Ki-t tin' IV-* 1 *! lii.l'oi'-' I'ultl w'iiVbt'1 i-et-« In, It i- --'.iii ilit- ju-ld |i I'-iily K«»i"i. iint; fioin t^c'iity j.o lifty l»uslU'l« I" >- a< i 4 ". s f^, -C/uilo. v*ho for m.ins :• uiiipiiii I in 1 lui'lii Ui the iiillltilnu it tin- fi'loil i*f Thlnl .-•t|» 4 et -iiui I! i\<rm- h." ,!n i n f-iMt-il l» Viic.iti' llti 2»e f'illow Tubing, linen MU«lin; 31} lnchen ...... .......,,.9o (Main Fluor) Sale ' Friday and Haturduv we will offer choice lot'of lemiuuita of all kinds. Desirable U-iiKths of Cotton uri'l .Moolen mati-riiils at. a fnic- tion uf their real worth. QA/» t ine }ii |i-e , , «3»7V lOc llrown Muslin, extra rjualUvi 38 inch <>. <^b •-.•• > .-•»•.«•»... .8o~ , .,..,..,.:, ~t. •$3,50 Efectrjii 4 ; W- Mk. jx-fe. * «J '** Irons "Wicks" Kuuninteed Kloctric Irons, weighl iJ-pouiidH', IS feet of cord ami pluu; cool handle. • Iron Bland coinplote. ready to use, "Jjiuseinont Aprons on Sale $l.M ApronH of ,llne percale. clastic belt, ehort wk'uvca and well made, priced at , '. : Asiysv f«* v l""J'Wt' V and Haturduy we 0ft**r 6Sc value Aiirous of Kini(|ltuii tui& percale /llQ/» Going Away. or no, It will'pay you tu takfs ndvantaBo .«f one "of Uu'8( specials: |3,00 Wlack Leatherold Travel, injrimgs. i« and is d»-i nt* inch; our. prk-b .tpJUf U 1 ?(.pfi Tuji FJbje KwTt Caaas,,' lock nnd clasps, metal Save Money, on Soap 3 bara Qenulne jvury Soup, __ iJc glze, Fridwy u^jd Saturday w . 100 «liw Genuine-ivory Hoap, i-'ri S barif J^tmojc, *•»•»•» 12 i-akt'S FamuuB Faiin (Jllvo Hoa siiiii. Limit IU to *. ..,,,,.,,,«t Arnedx Mc.NelH, «>f I'rophctstown, who kimrkcil ,off of her Kave u Hue addie 4 -.!-!. .. ! intu by u y->u»i • - - - ' - I football a few days u^o. At t|?e tbii GLASS ON THE STREETS. J it \v;us Uioujjlu Uml her Ifeft arm',i 4 ! .Sinteiini.'tidt-iii "i Street)- Malt J'-.u,-, |*Prafoed.. but yeatwduy nn - N lluit l. VVUlcI Mirvice ban not been Muklnii cur*' tJruKvi) Kiai<K of liit-' ii*' nays m- tin-' »roKo, lime the i'ii> cm run into (lie luterur- tllUJ ~ ed by i be i'miiiucive 1'av- uniyHpy from it fnctor.v in \Vld- n lirrlve-l hcie ,ihu iiiorniiiK. It lie imlundfd at unce and will bt* fur <i.>f. 8, Clinton ban lontj ilcnired - -, — -. —v, ^ ..f.'^r*. ...tnl f\.(t^ llCalrt'tl to {iitertuln her neighbors, to get better aeijuttjntc'd with the people of this cpmnumlty. During 1 thene- three jluy«, <'llnton l>-'f;->!tiK t*> ''tni.vrn'.-i' her vltiit JgliU U "HHIllli holt." John Baker will «<» to T HU**inprnlnn, where »he will attend v,. ur !,,.-.,,, ,«. ..... ,,..-, . ,^ ,„«.».- Biiflov AMAi-iMpn •"• ««'• mprnitiK, wn»r«> nhe » II attend bun cur WediieMtity noon a iuntc mini- , 'Wr tJUUUY aMASMEp, ' liu-CbUBtiiin i-lmicb j-.ill\ viiik'll hfirts bet 4 of panes cf Kla«.s \-.fie hrukeil luul *l>-orKC (iiiodcll, of, West Coforna. met j i.vr,i a , a ,,,i i.,.,!- ,,VeV Hnmliv \lr~-? hltillcit !.n the «runnil. Il was not pick-- wilh "" "Wleiit to hb, horse atld J>ns*iy ,akt*i- Wi i b ' on hi* Mn.iliai i KM, iv eft up h> Hi" i-ar men i.iit b-rt in pilewjlhi-. niuwiiiiK aboui Jd. qV'l'H'fe. J" I ..j.-hV ria.ii.-, Mr. I'oiu hint, (In- K\U*«. vsan in .such • t; ' ;u B« 4 «'« the tv«ck« of ibim^<h-th \Vent-j " •" . , pit-re-, thtil iL«'j w-.ulil b.ive cut inbbt r ' l<r " "" i'' 1 '" 1 * 1 avi'llller the tlio--, lit tin- •uitt.inr-lnle*. .mil ifu hi-rloiinj-ed and l>ll on the thill-. Ill-.-«•}•• lh»-e.u-i h.ut-l-T-'oui.s b»->-i.inl n-iKiir. Tin t-j s{umti-'1 K tin-in 4 P'.iiiii \ ti i ii nil iT ft) i 1 |i""lTi ini'I-'l. ilir ni.i die i-i i'i'ii'i •>/ u.i> -.; lit Hnii-. Ah Km 1 - -, w in i.'l I i- • is! ("i i !.• s it A. i; 'Qt.MOCHATS HE^O A KAULV. •r.t \\ -, r». m »i -i. i IL' k • t,i i- iu i i .t sa iy in Hie Au'tM'-Miini l>'» i I HI > l • •! HI 1-1 .'I it till I i- ti.' I'iM'tt >1 111 Uii'in Vtiucli iiiii;lii in- iihi>il in v.intusi- at Mich iliin-a. !!«• hii>« I*- not tin- »/i-t-tnut- O-,is li,t»- ii.^ppe. and be wi^hti nil p n tie,-, mi 4 ) tm; 1-t'n' uh ti-«i- i-tm-i-. t» ucu-tJiat—11 t iK<*n up -ti HIM e, ' 01 CALLED TO CALIFORNIA- fit I <it \lt l\r\V Hi Hi I I (A ll'i ( I III .Mi till), \!l H l.ll' .1 f Ml * 1st \i • n 11 i in .'i i 1'ti 1 . i- tn,H t« be df>j,;rtt' W7t« 'j had OVeRHOUSgR HURT. ] i-;«,ii. MIII of~",T;' r 1 "!^!^! 4 !!!*!^-?; TfTTT from !• hraitolilitif, <nj \\liicji,bi< \»|t-) i iwuikiisH tuiftli I'f -.KM n u few HiHi> l Wi'dne&dtJJ" ami flnlhiin-il iiijiH'if.-', ill lhuu«h HI ihii'.i; of a i.ij_-«l -mtu-n' IJi tqDAV IN ILLINOIS HISTORY, ' »ii> 4 r>ii-i» jji, i? 1 -!!, iln iti>itMiitt i of' CottiW.iUfs .it Yuri-. 1 ".v.ii ^vjuh.iiii • int- ' t*d tb« Auii-rjcan t(i V4ilnlii\ "n. ,HH| Hi j th" pu-n-i 111 Illiiioi«. . the vety 'and everything will he free, if \> , plo Mill go to dint'-n'M lirst lutrty, abe fwllt endeavor to plve them a better next year. Uel-iw-'ia'Ciw for thu ibre« da>- 4 . 4 . ,, Oct. 26, Opening Day* , Auivul of hiunlH iiivl open in 1 ; Hf I»IK ; nun «-!<• n m •. HtK?it by, Mi.-s KathrtiM ; II .1 Ml. r.snd conl- .-( Im* >7u < .1 1 i- in _ . ' WjUi'i" iiporti-i uu tlio . dvrfiU Hiirht)-—4 p. m. 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