Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 12, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1944
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 12,1944 Page; Seven It's Not Too T&^JKmt YOTIT Sumt^r-Cottage . . . Tel 222M Employment as. PF.KSONNK1 KOOM in . T</.\ linTI-TI, IO.V PLAN OFVICI2 Employment .MAUIII.VE 'KKS DAV SHIFT STABIL.I'/ATrON" PI.-AN AI'PLY i|i 01 .ASTON' MR-I. CO THOMASTON. CONN. llflp VVunti'd—Mn|«> ,,r Kmimle J-JplJSEiYLAN, MAID, ' DISHWASHER. APPLY 1 PERSONNEL OFFICE, .ROOM 311 KI,TUN HOTEL CT.VCrLlZATJON' PLAN Announcements Lout And Found . For Sale Fur '.S»li> \Viinlril — r'rniult- WOMAN—' 11 lk> i'l'' ;l " l "»r Milt ', u few hours 11 week. p-'iy. Apply .N'tuitfatuck v,,wy. Tc-l. -—.^i. Cioi Daily TO 1 A. K1XCS KTTt'UK.V U'liiilcil—,H luiur.s . ys » w.-..|«. wa).;c:i $28.00 a ivrt'k. fiiy I.unch, P N'o. Muin TEACHERS STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Making J'\iot\venr Diii-iii!,' Summer Months KOIl •SA1.IC—Ilurry! Hurry! VH- fant 0 room cm; family hottuo, (ill impi-ovcnifltits, 2 car (rarugv, nlci.' lot, reasonable, price. Looateci at , r i2 I-Iotchlciss street. Piit.iv f.abi'iola, realtor, 172'Hitrh struct. Phono 3-lTSt or 581W. LOST—Monday n'f ternooil, .In , Mlil>. ' phy's store,,,-wallet^,containing; sum of money-tri bills.- Revyard. ' Mrs. Frank Riielui 1 •• '102 l: Miiple street, or-call 32DG; ' ' 'i ; KJCV-CASJ2'. In zl|i|>t>r folder,' lout Monday night- :bct\yeen. Fuller and Hill sti-eets.• ^Marker GEM17 on tUR. 'Tinder' -please call 2748.' : BUNCH, of keys, nil . uiitomolitlu .keys.. Near Mew..Dam : Sunday Reward. Telephone 3484. • Automotive 14 ; AII|;OH For . 1»4() ..Chrysler — Wliidwor •,-fe'ood condition, -.privatej Telephone. Wtby. 3-4633> ''- 1U . Autoy VVuntuii:. . ONK-FAMH.Y. (I room hoii(*»«, 2- c:ir «:nrafro, S-1900.00. Two-family house, Highland nvonuo; two- ftvmily -house. Hoadlny street; one-family house. Spring stree-l. John Ttoaly, IIS Churrh street Tel. C031. N.KW :ilso v.ioiint; D-ROOM buiiRiilow with tlii-iH 1 ciuni'tor.M acre l;nid ; new '10-ROO.M 2-fiimily house on West -ii(lc. A Shepley, Telephone 2^33. MONUMENTS SpuclHl:price* on -All ^Memorial* »V. RICHARDS 2CO ,80. Muln 8t Automotive , AutOH Foi\$ulo BODGE — PLVMOUTH AUTHORIZED Sulca Service Parts, AccoBHorlea Mn'lcolin W. Starr Corp. •ISS ,Watei-lo'wn Avo. Dial 5-3.146 l'X).lt SA1.I-:—Two family house. 11 rooms, 2 car j,'arnjfe and barn. All IniprovenuMil.s. 1-oi S-t x IBS. At n sacrifice. Tel. 3-5-IG3, Bridgeport. Hill) Stndflmker Sieduii, radio, lu-ut- nr, KOOI| tires, good condition. Price JSOO. Call or wrile Stanley ICIelb, Hunter's Hill,-Naugatuck. TWO-J-'ainlly houni>, jUI Improvements, extra large lot. Apply .17 Highland avenue, Tel. 3C2S. Wanted To Buy r IVIO or U room IIOII.HI- with modern improvements. Fairly new. Box JV-O. care of News. USED OAKS at new ceiling prices or IOHH. PAOKM1D-WATER3URY, IKC. •ISO Wat«rtown Ave. Dial 4-G109 v Ceiling ( JPrice. ; ;1 ' ANY WDEL FREE , ._ . 492 1ST. 1ML-MN 'ST.' C N AUG. 2211 Merchandise 28- Household' 'Articles FOR-' SALE! ! : .. , .'.' .'•'ABC. SWasher -. .- .._ . .'''E-'isy/ 1 .Washer Hamilton; Ecii'cori 'ViifAiurn .Cleaner liloctric Iron • • Francis Co... . . ; 4^9 NORTH .MAIN' 1 STRF.ET- Telephone 3000 : '''.! 1 '"' X 0 '"' 1T l fias ' '.: yrcm.ents /and wc'.will covur your flon'r. 'with- linolfium within two. days:4' B'osl;i.);i?; : .Ki.irri,i : l;i.irc' Co. 188 Sn. Main St. Wtby." Tel. .1-0137 S!> Wiillt<;il To Buy Contractors T-APKR HANGING and W. F. Cota, 17 Cedar Tel, JM55. Street. BANK siif<; iteposit JioxL-M wanted. 1 Highest '.cpalr. prices paid. Wire collect, write-or phone w;hat you offer. X']3! Murphey, Republic .C08-I,-' 81!) Ave,, .Webster' Groves in, Mo.' Merchandise APPROXIMATELY. 3 TO 4 ACRES'OF STANDING RYR for sale — in Prospect For furthor <.lr;Uiils TEL. 3-808G—0 A. M.-O P. M. WEEKDAYS Merchandise Services TYPEWRITERS MACHINES Rose &. Morton. 7-1 Center St. W.-ilcrbuj-y d-0120 Musical IJABY—Car seats, JMay pens, Imlhl- netts, cribs, high chairs, K.intwct maltrcsnOK, toys. THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. Walcrbury IJATJS -MOD.EL llnluirl. irrnoi.-ry sl.ore. ncalc and coffoc-m:ichinn. Twihft now. Reasonable'. Tel. 5SG1. 330 Cliff St. ' • CALL 2K.IO—If- you liavc anything to sell. SinKCi- .sowing machines, bicycles;., old furniture, rags or •junU.'toi£-h.t.pricos -paid'. ONE STOKE Kr.friKKrulrtr, slio<;r iinl scales. T. .T. Moni.-Lmh.iult, 032 Norl.h Mni-n. street, Union City, Tel. 2083. CItlllS — C:irri;in'''S, 1'lay FCIIN, Tjirjje selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. BftACON KIDDIE CENTRE. 73 GRAND ST. Wlby. JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP We buy, sell, exchange, and repair all kinds or. instruments. Low' ost prices in the cil.y. .330-382 So. . Main St., W.-iU>y, Conn. Animals sr, Poultry' Anil BARRED ROCK CHICKENS • More Than Half Grown First Come First Served l:»3 Elm Street Phone 5151 liKOILKUS FOIl SALIC. Inquire •Maple Dairy, Union City. Tel. 3*mf*?Knionrtl S EXCELLENT Itli-UI'lIOl-STKRV —Allen's Upliolslorinjj Studio, 1 Grand Street, Waterbiiry. •J-OC^.I. * 39 Wanted To Rcrnl.-r Ke.rvltmi- .ELECTRICAL Jtepnfrlnjt Servlc* Appliances a specialty. Ray Decker, -102 ?f. Main St. Tel. -1000. ATTENTION KloctnrfujE Owner* —Repair*, genuine part* , and service. By bonded Elftotrolux Man. I.. .Nlnso.n, 3 T».re» Av«. Telephone <822. ... ..'• GIIABOSKI'S ..Radio Kc|»ifr Shop. Radio's expertly repaired, mod-, eralc prices. 'Phone CC17. . Why Puzzle Over Problems? Use News Want Ads. 1» T And ' KIEVMAVS • ':'•• Naujj3.tuck's Great Dry Cleaning Firm, offers its' first'.c!ars'-.dry cleaning not only in-family, gar- monls, b»I,.blankets, rugs and .other specialties in I.his-ficld. '*• KISSVMAK'S' 70 Church Street • . •' BUZ SAWVER By ROY CRAXE WAR BONDS 1-uml Fur Suit' Jiilldlnjf lot, 120 by ion frft on ShlrU-y street, l\vo milt-H from N(uiK.'iUi('lc off New Haven road. Prii:,; $L!JO. Call VViitcrbiiry -1-1551. RATES ARE SMALL; RESULTS ARE LARGE CluNNlfled Ad TtutcM Word a Lines 1 Day Prepaid Charge . .. 3 Days Prepaid Charge C Days Prepaid Clia.rge For Rent Experience Unnecessary ItonniM To I 4 i't ON NICW JIAVKN Itoiid. ii cozy t'urnishecl apartment I'cr rouple or two adults. Apply 7-IC So. Main .Mtroet. Tel. 2638. "' APPLY AT United States Employment Service 12.? Bunlj St. ' WiilorLury, Comi. Stabilization Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Xau''\'il.uolc Footwear Plnnt KOOM IIOII.HV. flvi> fimilshed, Bi-istol Tt'n-tce. Couple without children. Tel. 2721 Naug. TWO Klo. KonniN, ono double, Apply al 17 Cedar one H\H- St. Legal Notices 1 10 IS .27 .03 .90 l.OS 16 to 20 •I I .30 .S-l 1.20 1.32 ; 2.1 to 25 5 I .00 i.on 1.50 I 1.80 2.-IO SO tONO, POPS TEtl 'EM TO SAVE MV- BREAKFAST FRIDAY AND. DON'T WORRY. I CIVE tM A PAT ON TME SHOULDER— THESE BOYS OF MINE AND WATCH 'EM VANISH INTO THi NIONT. NO WONDER I'M AN OtP WORRY, HE SAYS. DON'T WORRY. HE'S TO lAND WITHIN ?O MILES OF A JAP ) AND HE TILLS T TO WORRY ETTA' KKTT PADL ROBINSON 2G to 30 3.26 3. 80 2.16 2,88 31 to 35 7 I .63 ,84 1.47 2.10 3.3C 3U to 40 8 .-I .9(3 I 2.40 2.8S 3.S4 41 to -15 ..81 1.08 1.S9 3.2-1 4.32 4C to 50 10 .90 1.20 2.10 3.00 3.CO 4.80 5.1 to 55 11 .99 • 1.32 2.31 . 3;30- | 3.86 .5.28 50 to 00 12 1.08 3. GO 4.32 If pair) within one wcelt after Insertion,'advertisement will be considered 'as prepaid. NAUGATUCK CONN. I li'lp Waiiti-il—fi'milile (.'A.SFIII'Jl; WA.\T.i-:D KVItlNTNGS T'RrtSON.VRL OFFICE ROOM 111 Ki/ro.v in/rKf. KTABIMJCATrON' PLAN NItrMT Cf.KKK WMM <„• KKMALK 11 P. M, TO 7 A. M. APPLY PER- OFP'TCK. ROOM 111. HOTI-;/, I'M/rox STABMJZATTO.V PLAN IIKIJ' \\ ANTKU— HIGH SCHOOL G'.RLK AND BOYS .DURING VACATroiV: ALSO PART TIME MAN AMD WOMAN. GOOD i ^ PAY. V !',: P. Y P L E A S A N T itJ WORK. KXPKP.TRNCK NOT NRCGSSAP.Y. APPLY PETER IXC. NEW HAVEN KD. District of Naugatuck, ss. Probate Court, July llth, 194-1. Kstate of P.iulmond J. Geary, late of Nn.UCT.tuck, in said District, ck- coaned. The Administratrix having exhibited her (Lrlministi'ation account with said estate to this Court for fillownncc, It Is ORDERED—tlmt the 18th day of July A. D. 1SM4, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon at tho Probate otllco In .Vaugntuck, be and the same is assigned for a hearing on the al- low.'ince of wild Administration Account with said Estate, and this Court directs thn Administratrix to rite nil persons interested therein to appear fit said time and placo by publishing this order in some newspaper published in Neu- Haven County and having n circulation In snld District, and posting a copy on tho public sign post in the town of Naugattick, where the deceased last dwelt, and by sending, postage prepaid, n like notice to each of the known heirs residing outside this' .District at leust five days before said day assigned. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, Judge. New Lamp Extends Life Of Vaccines Announcements T.o.Ht And Found HAVING L.O.ST my K** nitlon hook "A" issued me by tho local rationing board, I hereby file application for n. new one. EARL, DOUTY. PRIVATE BUCK Chicago (UP)—A newly developed ultra-violet lump which kills or inactivates, bacteria and viruses in less than one socoml may revolutionize the production of vaccines, according to the Journal of th<> American Medical Assn. Reporting, on experiments conducted by five Chicago scientists, tho Journal said th;.' new method kills or intactivate.i bacteria and viruses in a fraction of a second by exposing continuously flowing films, less than 1 millimeter in d«pth, lo the rays 'of Ihe lamp. With this method there is u minimum loss of .anllgenicHy, -or! ability to produce antibodies when the vaccine is Introduced into the body, the Journal said, and explained uhcre Is undue destruction of antlgenic properties in the usual mc-lhod of Inactlvation with hout or chemicals. j Expurirnents -indicated that vaccines prepared with Iho new method retain their strength for longer periods, the Journal said, and !r radiated rabies vaccines showed no iosn of potency after having- been stored for six months at icebox temperature. Phenollzed vaccines deteriorate repadily whoa stored at these temperatures, the magazine declared. The vaccines wore tested on animals by Dr. Sidney O. Levinson, Albert, John L. Neal, Howard .7. and Franz Prevents Rust On LC Engines Dppenheiiner, working at Michael Reese Hospital and thc''Divlsion- of, Laboratories, Illinois Department of Health. j Wahlnjrton (UP) —The -use,of a "thing film" rust provcntat'ivc on landing craft has played "an -important part in saving- tho lives of American troop assaulting enemy shores in all parts of -the world. / The Navy's bureau of ships .ind bureau of aeronautics, in conjunction with industry, worked to- jfL-ther to develop this vital substance which keeps landing craft in top condition and ready fo use in action whenever they ar needed. The new compoupnd prevent rust and deterioration from dam aginfj the engines and vital, movin; parts of landing craft which mij corrode "during construction, lon| ocean voyages and from local cli matic conditions in the widely spread fighting fronts. The com pound displaces watci; from meta surfaces, and, if used judiciously does not have to bo removed from the treated surfaces ot engines and moving .parts before the craft are placed into service. • But the; compound has c<Lhei uses, too. It Is remarkably effective in .reconditioning machinery which has been submerged in nt>a water It was used with great effective- .nss in recondiUt-Mimg th submarine Squaliis w. dch was later rccom'm'issjoiied .tho SailAsh, In EXPECT ME TO ENJOY jr STUCK DOWN IN HERE.," WITH THAT MOB WE CANT EVEN GET OUT ON D6CK' LETTHEVOUMG FOLKS ENJOY THE MOON J .WANT A SAND\MICH. 2 SECRET AGENT X9 . By ROBERT STOBlt FIRST, HOCAM ALMOST TXlKES os SINGLE-HANDED...THEN i PUT euassY our OF THIS wqsto WITH A BUM SHOT,.,NOW \ou UNAWARE THAT HIS AtPEADV CN THE WAV... STOP WO.^YINo, AHD KISS ME, S4NDPAPE12 I'LL BFT /HY 6HO? STAMP TVAT'S EULE-JAW* N6«T.'. COINS IN A BAKNKY GOOGLE AND SNUFFV SMITH —:— By BtLLV DK. BECK - !ar;je quantities were .used .-. tn ' oil th* sign langvag*? How's •v*rything back in th» StatM, " " ' ^ Fined $1, Day In Jail For Each Of 300-Gas Coupons Seattle (UP)—A McNeil Island .federal prisoner finds himself paying- one dollar a day even for jail accommodation. Convicted on five counts for possessing 302 "C-2" gas coupons, 30- year-old -former Chicago Negro, Cornelius Madison, was fined .$300 .and sentenced to 300 days in the penitentiary, "The .stamps arc very expensive —not only their cost at-$45 a thousand gallons, but the sentence of one day and one-dollar you will liove to pay and : aervo • for each coupon," suid U. S. Judge Charles H. Lcary as he passed- sentence. PRISONERS TOO .WIU.I7yG Joliet, III. <UP)~Warden Joseph land at tsam when they will ^be vi' Ragen of Stateville Pennitentiary has ruled that guards, :not prisoners, must chase handballs -knocked over the 321foot prison-walla by uiiothor instance, of the .cof|ipound . .. rehabilitate the warships dliabied after the Japanese attack' on':li'cu.i;l Harbor. Another important application of the compound is for i ',usb in placing vessels in inactive service —especially when it is desirable to have them quickly rpadyj -for sea again.. The "think fll'm 1 ' ^compound preserves ship 'machinery and other metal equipment and keeps the vessel In radiness for reuse, The .new method .eliminates, also, the necessity >W.. ihe ,-tlme- consumlng process .of. "''removing .thick coatings of ordinary grcaso . which the 'Navy formerly used on vessels in a reserve or decommissioned status. EATING HOURS KESTRICTED . Chicago (UP)—A curfew on'-cat- Irig 'Is now In effect a't W.oyaos-. boro, Va., the Public, Administration Clearing House 'reports" A new, law closes all restaurants. ..caCesr- lunch rooms, lunch counters and all public eating- places from 11:30. p. m. to 5 a. .m. Action .was taken, as a measure to got young people; off the streets earlier. ••'' •'• ' "| inmates during Ithe recreation per- ,-iods ; on handball courts. -The pris- .oners had offered .to retrieve ; the .balls. • .-',.- ,-• .. I RECKON VAISSE'F ft LEETLE DOME5TICKLE TQOUSLES DON'T VE OftST TATER-TRftpH OlO VG WEftQ By WILLIAM UITT and CLARENCE • GRAif •PEACE, PILGRIM/ •WHO 15" MASTER, YOU OR PLEASE DO NOT' ME AGAIN-.' OUR BARGAIN,MAUL,WILL YOU KEEP IT? YOU REMEMBER 1 REMEMBER IT.' IWILIl OBEY YOURORDEP5S, MASTER PILGRIM/ ARE YA SONNA WALK HIM INTENTION ALLY?' SHUX.'fJOIWHV SHOULD AH WASTE 'POUR BALLS.-ON THET KNOTHAID.... WHEN AH KIN COMPLICM -• RESULT BEANlKT 'lM \VIF > •THE FIRST BALL!; EPRE,t?ID YOU-HEAR 1 "'''

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