Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 23, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1974
Page 9
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A New Deal for the 3rd World? NEW YORK-Even after it had opened, the special session of the United Nations assembly was still being referred to as "the energy session" in some quarters. The initial confusion on this point was understandable, but Legal Notice NOTICE OK MKKT1NO OK TIIK COUNCIL OK TIIK TOWN OK DKOHAM. IOWA. ON TIIK MAT- TKR OK TIIK PHOPOSKD IS- SUANCK OK NOT TO KXCK.Kt) $22.000.00 PRINCIPAL AMOl'NT OK KIRK KQl'IPMKNT BONOS AND HKARING ON ISSUANCK OK SAID BONOS Public notice is hereby Riven that the Council of the Town of Ocdhnm. Iowa, will hold n public hearing on the 13th day of May. 1974. at 7 O'clock. P.M. in the Town Hail in Dcdham. Iowa, at which sairi meeting the Council proposes to take action for the issuance of not to exceed $22.000.00 of fire equipment bonds bearing interest at the rate of not to exceed T"r per annum, said bonds to be issued for the purpose of providing funds lo pay the cost of the acquisition of fire equipment for said Town, ims nonce is given oy orncr 01 me council of the Town of Dcdham. Iowa, as provided bv Chqnlors n :mri 408A Code of Iowa. 1973 At anytime before the dale of said meeting, petitions asking that the question of issuing such bonds be submitted to the legal voters of said municipality may be filed with the Clerk of said municipality pursuant to the provisions of Section 408A 2. Code of Iowa. 1973 At anytime prior to the date fixed for said hearing, petitions ma> be filed obiecling lo the issuance of said bonds as provided for b\ Section 23 13. Code of Iowa 1973 Dated at Dcdham. Iowa, this \5tli dav of April. 1974 Henry J Heman. Jr Clerk of Dedhani. Iowa April 23. 1974 Calendar of Sale Dates Claimed and Auction Sales All types of auctions will be run in this Auction Calendar FREE if we have the advertising copy of your ad in our office. EVERY SATURDAY AT 1 P.M. Farmers Livestock Auction. Special Dairy Sale — the 3rd Thursday of each month. EVERY THURSDAY— 7:30 P.M. Carroll Livestock Sales. SUNDAY. APRIL 28— PUBLIC AUCTION 1 P.M. Furniture & household items. Harold & Elizabeth Rice. Owners in Dedham. Iowa. Wieland & Irlbeck. Auctioneers. PUBLIC AUCTION: Sunday May 5. 1:30 P.M. House & Lot Located at 1228 North Court Street, Mary A. Nagl Estate Owner. Harold Wieland & Gary Rupiper Auctioneers. CAST MEMBERS Janice Casey and Jean Schoenjahn of Carroll are members of the cast for "Mame," the musical comedy to be presented during Iowa State University's spring festival, Veishea. The more than 200 students in the cast will present the musical in five performances May 1-4. it must now be firmly disposed of. What happened back in January was that France proposed a UN energy conference as a counterblast to President Nixon's call for talks in Washington about the oil crisis. The French move dismayed the Arabs, who foresaw that such a conference would give other third-world countries a platform from which to upbraid the oil producers for striking a deadly blow at their struggling economies. Twelve days after the French letter had reached the UN Secretary-General, he received another, from President Boumedienne of Algeria, who proposed that France's idea of an energy conference should be broadened into a debate about all raw materials. It was the Algerian move that produced this session. The Algerians and other enthusiasts have, however, found it difficult to get a united third worl lined up behind their demand for a sweeping "new deal" in trade in primary products between rich and poor countries. They are encouraging the formation of OPEC type cartels by the producers of bauxite and iron ore; and the Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries itself recently announced that it is asking its members to contribute to a fund from which loans may be made to developing countries that have been hard hit by rocketing oil prices. But this fund is still only a hazy concept, and the cartel approach has little to offer to poor countries that do not happen to possess valuable minerals. France's repetition in New York of its call for a conference limited to the energy problem may yet provide a cue for the chorus of reproaches that the Arabs fear. The presence of China's Teng Hsiao-ping — who. after his years in eclipse, has regained Peking's loftiest heights by rejoining the politburo — suggests that China will try to impose its leadership on the whole third-world during a debate that will give it ample opportunities to thump both Russia and the West. And another development that will hardly make the Algerians' task any easier was the UN Secretariat document issued on April 5 which showed that the primary producers' terms of trade have improved, on average, by 45 per cent since 1970, and have thus fully regained their 1950 position. This session is, in fact, being held just at the time when the worst of the problems that are cited to justify it has ceased to exist. •GOP (Continued From Page 1) Republican administration do merit our efforts to reeelect those public officials who were instrumental in giving the citizens of our country and our state the following: "Repeal of unfair tax on livestock: tax reduction and aid to elderly and low income citizens; providing sufficient supply of home heating fuel, diesel fuel to farmers and gasoline, to motorists at a minimum of inconvenience and seeing us through a crisis period while many other states suffered drastically; provided tuition grants to private colleges throughout the state to lessen their financial burdens; gave aid to private schools as far as the constitution would allow; and provided us again with sound fiscal responsibility by creating a surplus in the state treasury — in contrast to the deficit which the previous Democratic administration had created." The Carroll caucus also said it favored returning a third of the present surplus to citizens by means of tax reductions, and demanding the Democratic party return the $50,000 donation from the Milk Producers Cooperative. In Wheatland township. Republicans voted to retain the .55 mile an hour speed limit; oppose the'legalization of marijuana-and support the present penalties for possession and distribution of all "illicit" drugs; and to abolish the. young voters division at the Republican state convention until the purpose of this group can be more clearly defined. Glidden I and II precincts voted to favor continued resistance to legalizing 65-foot trucks- in Iowa;, recommend the encq,urag.ement of research' arid development of the use of Iowa coal for energy; and-recommend that liquor sales be set up on a local municipal program and removed from the state store operation. In Ewoldt and Washington precincts resolutions were passed to reduce taxes instead of spending the treasury surplus: retain state-owned liquor stores, abolish sales tax on food and prescription drugs, retain the railroad system, support the campaign reform bill; and to find some method to insure services will be kept after area boards take over county boards of education. Warren township passed resolutions supporting the Amtrak system through Carroll County, recommending the increase of educational facilities for Iowa medical and dental training Scrambler Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Queen Victoria's consort 7 Military fortification 13 Wanderer 14 Dress 15 Cunning 16 Repairer 17 Egyptian god 18 Hostelry 20 Bewildered 21 Juvenal's forte 24 Legendary king of Britain 27 Rocky crag 28 African worm 31 Idolizes 34 Taciturn 36 Disclose 37 Snuffle 38 Priority i prefixi 39 Be seated 41 Unless i Latin i 42 Repel 45 Peruvian Indian 48 Wager 49 Droop 52 Noisier 55 Cuddle up 57 Continued story 58 Particulari/e 59 Portions out 60 Slopes DOWN 1 Yemenite, for instance 2 Misplace 3 Baseball clubs 4 Australian ratite bird 5 Anatomical networks 6 River in Ontario 7 Scottish cap 8 Roule tab. i 9 Hea.Ung 10 Nests of pheasants i var. i 11 Algonquian Indian 12 Olympian goddess 19 Louse ovum 21 Withered 22 Antarctic sea 23 Ireland 24 Fish 25 Kuropean river 26 Strong affection 28 Son of Jacob i Bib.) 29 Individuals 30 Husband of CJudrun i myth, i 32 Relaxation 33 Trivial error 35 Facial crease i 40 Small cask 42 Television's lorerunner 43 Grants use of temporarily 44 Commercial form of iron 45 Feminine appellation 46 Christmas song 47 Crinkle 49 Masculine nickname 50 Dismounted 51 Jellylike materials 53 Take food 54 Noted novelist's initials 56 Depot lab i i NEWSPAPER EMI rnpnisr ASSN i Times Herald, Carroll, la. ^ Tuesday, April 23, 1974 7 and favoring a fourth state university in western Iowa. Delegates elected to the county convention include: Carroll II — Merle J. Schnell, Floyd M. Rombough, Dale Textor, Howard B. Wilson, H. L. Hudson, Verna Frank, Carroll Lane, Mildred Lane, James McGill, Fred Witt, Roger Trachsel, Miriam Reibold, Martha Neu, Ann Kudsk and James W. Wilson. Washington — Phyllis Opperman and Bill Opperman. Ewoldt — May Opperman and Russell Mohr. Warren — Claus Bunz, Richard Crandall, Sara Dappen, Dr. Robert Dappen, John Falck, Verna Karstens, Viola Karstens, Clyde Kenyon, LaVern Olsen, Audrey Olsen, Margaret Ohde, Ray Ohde, Martha Heinicke, Gene Martens and Ron Colling. Roselle I and II — Florentine and Leonard Rupiper. Eden — Maurice Eickman and Rosemary Greteman. Glidden I — William Ferguson, Alice Ferguson, Andrew Bosman, Paul Conner. Carolyn Conner, Frank West, Irene Bosman, Donald Hanson, Deah West, R. M. Fielder and Robert Van Horn. Glidden II — Robert Gregory, Mary A. Gregory. Marilyn Jacobson and Dean Jacobson. Wheatland — Doug Polking, David A. Nieland, Charles Hundling, Darlene Becker and Dorothy Henning; Arcadia — Lee Peters, Evelyn Hoick, lone Anderson, and Margaret Henning. Grant — Michael J. Hall and Ralph Conner. Carroll III — Darwin Bunger. Judy Bunger, Robert Woodhouse; John Whaley and Harvey Fleshner. Auburn Women Call in Kansas AUBURN — Mrs. Ray Karsten and daughter, Darla. were recent guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arlee Brunsvald at Olathe. Kan. Mr. and Mrs. John Kalgren and son, Eric, of Rochester, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. John Yepsen of Sioux City and Mrs. jyiarlin Kopperman of Lawton were guests Friday afternoon of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oestreich. The Kalgrens are enroute to Germany for a 3'2 year tour of duty. Among Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Erickson and family were Mr. and Mrs. Neal Stork and family of Anita. Mr. and Mrs. James Truelson and sons of Kalona were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Byrhl Gates. SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox CARNIVAL Dick Turner BOSTON CREAM (I) tq/4 tiy NfA li-i I V f-u "The worst part of the power crisis is that the DOLLAR doesn't have the energy it used to!" THE BORN LOSER "Trying to find himself, is he? I'll who is!" bet he's the only one by Art Sansom OH-UJRL, THREE-1 BUGS BUNNY YER COM1N ALONG/ TM CURLYCUES ARE GOOD, AN' TH' 6OP.DER IS NICE AN' EVEN / THERE'S JUST \ ONE U'L DETAIL \ THAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT/ / GUVNOR... TAKE A V LOOK/ , Jr SPELL/ SPECIALTIES PRISCILLA'S we o STOKE- WMAT IP THEY TRIED TO.. LAMD DO VOLJ MDRRY ABOUT L\TTLE GREEM ME-M PROM OUTER SPACE? UP TME OLD PULP M\LL SHORT RIBS by Frank Hill —Junior Editors' Quiz TME WITCH IS DOING HER CLEANING/ ITS A COBWEB STACK/ UATS -WE BIGGEST AV STAC* IV£ EVER 9EEN. THATS NOT A HAVSTACK/ SEAGULLS TVUO RX.ITIC/MJS ...THOSe UJHO CAW'T BE EOUS.HT., . THOSE KJHG STAY BOUGHT PROF 1/UISCXJIA& 1 WISDUMB Bob Thaves THAT'5 THE ONLY THING- I KILLED ON MY LAST HUNTING TRIP Where do seagulls lay their eggs? # * # QUESTION: ANSWER: Gulls; large.water birds found near oceans, bays and inland water ways, belong to the Laridae family of birds and are closely related to the terns. They live in flocks and nest on the ground, on cliffs, sandy beaches, flats or bars, salt marshes or infrequently on a tree stump. The nests are composed of sea weeds, splinters, sticks, weed stems and the like, and are lined with mosses, grasses and sometimes a few feathers. The nests are sometimes very bulky. The female gull lays one to four grayish brown spotted eggs. The young are covered with down and rather dark in color. The color lightens as they mature. Seagulls are stocky birds about the size of a pigeon. They have strong hooked bills and their tails are square. They soar gracefully through the air and are good swimmers. Being great scavengers, they devour any kind of food or garbage that floats. They clean up the harbors and coastal waters. 4-23 (Debbie fiarr of Baltimore, Md., wms a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) ALLEY OOP Dave Graue AW, I . \ WHAT'S WOULDN T ] THAT YOU rX> THAT//BROUGKT ALONS WITH YOU? SOMETHING TO EAT? PERHAPSA STEW? ...I'M GONNA MAKE SOMETHIM' T'KEEP CRITTERS AWAY R?OM YOU TONIGHT/ NOPE/THIS \6 MORE IMPORTANT THAN FO7D-

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