The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina on April 5, 1973 · 14
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The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina · 14

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1973
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14A—THE CHARLOTTE NEWS—Thurs April 5 1973 :'' '- ft - :ft :j - 2 - - - ' ' -'------ - ) g t T I 0 c 0 :: ‘: :::t:: Y4: :' : : 1 : iki 4: n 1 0 1 k:111k1" a 41 4 I 4 t !if WBTV—Chan 3 -- CV4 CT-IS 500 Bonanza ' e Jeannie A :00 News : v:30 News 7 7:00 CBS News — :30 The Walionss News' NBC News Tell the Arthur 8 :00 The Waltons Flip Wilson :30 Bobby Goldsboro Flip Wilson : :00 CBS Movies :30 CBS Movie Ironside Ironside 1O :00 CBS Movie :30 CBS Movie 11 :00 News :30 CBS Movie Dean Martin Dean Martin News J Carson WW1—Chan 42 CV-3 CT-8 7:30 French Chefs ) 8:00 Advocates 9:00 American Family s 10:00 Speak Freely 4:30 Sesame St 5:30 Electric Co 6:00 Sesame St 7:00 Misterogers I:oo CBS News :30 News Today Today 800 Capt Kangaroo :30 Capt Kangaroo Today Today Mike Douglas Mike Douglas Mike Douglas Baffle nt0 Mery Griffin ‘1:30 Mery Griffin ln:00 Joker's Wild I U :30 $10000 Pyramid 1100 Gambit I 1 :30 Love of Life Sale of H'wood 1 9 00 News 110:30 Search News Who What Jeopardy Match Three 1 :00 Betty Feezo e :30 World Turns 200 Guiding Light Days of :30 Edge of Night Doctors :00 Price Is Right Another World u :30 H'wood Talks Flintstones 4:00 Truth or Consul Gilligan :30 Bonanza Beverly COLOR (All schedules are furnished by Tonight's Television Highlights Best Bet f JACQUES COUSTEAU SPECIAL (Color) 8 pm Channel 18—Repeat: The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau repeats "The Smile of the Walrus" an excellent film in which the Calypso crew adopts a walrus in the Ekimos' annual hunt They teach the 15- pound baby how to (live and they dive themselves in the freezing Arctic waters 730 PM I I 3—THE WALTONS (Color) — Repeat on The Wa lions John-Boy (Richard Thomas) goes on his first turkey hunt but can he kill a living creature? It's a moot point until he has to face a wounded bear (played by that old TV star Gentle Ben) 36 — MOVIE — "Ruthless" (1948) with Zachary Scott and Louis Hayward A greedy guy steps on people on his way to success 8 PM 8—FLIP WILSON (Color) — Repeat: Johnny Cash's only variety show appearance of this season is repeated on the Flip Wilson Show Ile's joined by his wife June Carter in a duet "Lovin' Gift" written - for them by Kris Kristofferj son on the day their son was born Flip does Geral7 dine I8—JACQUES COUSTEAU SPECIAL (Color) Repeat: Tonight's Best Bet 9 PM I 1 3 — CBS IAMBS AY MOVIE (Color) Repeat: "Don't Make Waves" the CBS Thursday Night Ilitovie is a 1967 comedy with some good moments and some foolish ones too It has Tony Curtis Claudia Cardinale the late Sharon Tate atul Robert Webber and deals with the good life aiming California's beautiful people I 9-1RONSIDE ((olor) — Itypoot: tronside's erook14- theweck Iltichard Javekel) fNens a belt around the waist of it scientist (Jackie Cooper) Ahih will explode In live hours tronside (Hay mood Burr) and his group of derring-doers rush to the rescue This has some nice tension near the elal I-A- 1 la—KUNC 11 (Colo) Kung Iii usually invn live has a trite and dreary story this week Caine (David Carradine) a victim fil trumpedup charges put into a forced Mar gang at H mine Ile survives teaelle his 11110w hinmhs Ir survivr IIII m Thursday April 5 1973 WSOC-TV—Chan 9 CV-5 CT4 Dick Van Dyke Andy Griffith 111CC13-TV—Chan 18 CV-2 CT-13 Bewitched Love American ABC News News Truth Smith Sports Action Adventurer Jacques Cousteau Jacques Cousteau Kung Fu Kung Fu Streets of S F Streets of S F News Jack Paar 4:30 Sesame St s 5:30 Electric Co 6:00 News 6:30 Writing 7:00 Engineering Friday April 6 1973 Cartoons Zoo Revue Romper Room Cartoons'' Dinah Shore Fran Carlton Century Squares News For Women Password Split Second 4 My Children Make A Deal Lives Newlywed Game Dating Game Gen Hospital One Life H'billies Joey's Place Joey's Place TV stations and often are changed without notice CV-Cablevision of Charlotte CT-Cable Television Co) r p:eli-: :::7 ''"'''54111q I : : :: i -"" :0: ::: :-: - 1-::':' :: :: : : ze:::: : i ':' "1! 1::11i: :: : : 01c-ct0 : I : ''' :: qcii-f 1-v-iii ::1-:tt :::: : i002 :re 44 : 1 t i 1 oFir:!':'::Iii:04:: ::: ( :: IeLtto : 1 i:::!'et :::44:1':''' k ' — ::v- i:!? ' s ) 4:14!k ":' :P l'o-:::''' '' te ''' 0: -7---mk::: ' cia:F : :: : V': iNt440) : ::::' : !:H's:'''''!:: :1i: '''::::::: A" 041J4: i ' 0 i ':::' t ': ::: f 1:!'it-1':44e-: - :!: '4:7tt ' '': 4: c'io !1' :- s ' :i 1'i ':'''14:AI'::::'!:"::i 7 ': ''4:t7k r ''):::::: : ! '::::::irt:: :i :: :: :: K '' :1'44:tk ''''':1 ::': !' " i' t1: 'I ty:' ::::' - '' : )!::':':!i: -' : ' : i 41: :::'tt : ')' '4L::: - David Carradine stars 18 nel 18 ing spirit when a cave-in traps them all 9:30 PM 36 — MOVIE — The Mask of Dijon" (1946) with Erich von Stroheim and Jeanne Bates A jealous ex magician sets a trap for his wife's suspected lover 1000 PM I I 9—DEAN MARTIN (Color) — A bearded Peter Sellers shows up on the Dean Martin Show and is very funny as a fantastic guru and a French detective lie even tries his tonsils at a song with Dean and Phyllis McGuire Miss McGuire still looks and sounds pretty good I I 18-STREETS OF SAN WRAI—Ch 5 WFBC—Ch 4 Raleigh Greenville 500 PM Perry Mason Ponderosa 3:30 PM Andy Griffith Dragnet 6:00 PM News News 6:30 PM ABC News NBC News 7:00 PM Bonanza My Line 7:30 PM Bonanza R'wood Squares $00 PM Jacques Cousteau Flip Wilson 8:30 PM Jacques Cousteau Flip Wilson 9:00 PM Kung Fu Ironside 9:30 PM Kung Fu Ironside 10:00 PM San Francisco Dean Martin 1030 PM San Francisco Dean Martin 11:00 PM News News 11:30 PM Jack Peer J Carson WSPA—Cln 7 WIS—Cln 10 Spartanburg Columbia cv7 Cti 11 CV10 CT4 6:00 PM Wild Wild West Virninian 1:30 PM Wild Wild West Virginian 600 PM Nrws Virginian 6:30 PM CBS News NAC News 700 PM Boat Clock NewS 730 PM Country Time I ot's Deal 1:00 PM The Walton I- lin Wikon 130 PM The Ws lions Hip Wilon COO PM CBS Moyle trnesitie 930 PM CBS Movie Irtaisida 10i00 PM CBS Movie Darin Martin 1030 PM CBS Moyle ruin Martin WOO PA NewS News 11:30 PM Movie J La see r01) c Ig Sa --- '-- WCCB-TV—Chan 18 CV-11 CI12 Movie Movie Rifleman Big Valley s Big Valley Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Step Beyond Movie WUNGTV CV-13 —Chan 58 CT7 7:30 Adult Farmer 8:00 Advocates 9:00 American Fan 10:00 World Press 10:30 30 Minutes Faith Today Katt Kuhlman 700 Club 700 Club 700 Club 700 Club Jim & Tammy Jim & Tammy Popeye Beaver Movie Movie in Kung Fu tonight on FRANCISCO (Color) — It's on the waterfront for Streets of San Francisco Two mysterious cases of "cobra ven o m" attract a lot of attention Many people seem to want it badly and a man is shot during the ship rip-off There's also a waterfront priest (Richard Egan) who gets in the middle 11 :30 PM 3 — CBS LATE MOVIE (Color) — "Lizzie" (1957) with Eleanor Parker and Richard Boone A woman is suffering from a triple-split personality 18 — JACK PAAR (Color) — Guests are Africa experts Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville 36 — MOVIE (Color) — "Chad IIanna" (1940) with Henry Fonda and Dorothy Lamour A stableboy joins a circus in the 1830s WGIIP—Ch 8 High Point Flore CV-11 CIA 5:00 PM Jeannie Ponderosa 5:30 PM News Ponderosa 6:00 PM ABC News ABC News 6:30 PM Anything You News 7:00 PM Truth or Conseq CBS News 7:30 PM Price is Right Green Acres 8:00 PM Jacques Cousteau Hee Haw I:30 PM Jacques Cousteau Hee Haw 9:00 PM Pass it On CBS Movie 930 PM Pass it On CBS Moyle 10 00 PM San Francisco CBS Movie 10:30 P M San Francisco CBS Mcvla 11:00 PM News News 11:30 PM Jack Pear CBS Movie 1VBIW—Ch 13 Florence IVX11—Ch 12 1V104--Ch 13 WinstonSalein Asheville cvia CI4 5:00 PM Bonanza Most lo 5:30 PM Bonanza Nows COO PM My Lino ABC News 630 PM NBC News Andy Or Iffith 700 PM News Truth or Como 730 PM oti Truth loll Truth 800 PM nip WIllon JA win COUSINIU 1:30 PM Filo Won Jo quo °oleo() 900 PM It ontido K tIng 930 PM Irongldo Kuno Fu 1000 PM Doom MortIn Stroots of S F 1033 PM Dron Merlin 5trooft Of S P 1100 PM News Now 11:30 PM J Carton Jo k roor Elvis Ann-Margret By EMERY WISTER News Staff Writer Anyone nutsy enough to cast comments on Elvis Presley's "Aloha From Hawaii" show on NBC- WSOC ? rist4 1 TV last night q'att) runs into two schools of thought On i- one side are ''14 1 those who say i that 90 min- r i utes of the shaking quak-' ing and sing- ing one is en- tirely too VASTER much On the other are the many who shout heatedly that 90 minutes is not long enough But it surely seems to me that an hour and a half of Elvis topped with an hour of Ann-Margret is just too much of a good thing if indeed that's what it is Has someone up there at the networks passed a law that two musical shows must run back to back? Two Hours and half of this wore me out Elvis did a good job but by the time AM came around I was plumb tuckered If Elvis wore us Out he did no less for himself He pushed himself to the limit on the stage pausing only to let an assistant wipe the perspiration from his gleaming face He must have done this a dozen times during the evening Now and then Elvis broke the monotony of the stage setting by strolling along the beach or taking in the beauties of the Hawaiian countryside But most of the time he stayed in the huge arena Somebody out there must like him The show raised $75000 for the cancer fund ANN-MARGRET came on from the Las Vegas Hilton Easter Animals Should Be Stuffed CHICAGO gi — Giving baby rabbits chicks and ducks for Easter is frowned upon by the American Veterinary Medical Assn which urges parents not give living animals as toys to children A baby rabbit chick or duck is not likely to survive in the home atmosphere the association says A young child's enthusiasm often results in broken wings and legs If the animal dies or is injured it is a traumatic experience for the child Also many outdoor animals are carriers of diseases such as salmonellosis a severe gastrointestinal infection Immigration Museum NEW YORK — The American Museum of Immigration was opened recently in the base of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York harbor About 12 million immigrants enter ed the country through nearby Ellis Island between 1900 and 1914 HONEYWELL PENTAX SPOIMATIC II With revolutionary new Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR lens for the sharpest truest color pictures you can take! Through-the-lens metering for correct exposure every time ASA Range from 20 to 3200 Classic Pentax design—a "natural" to hold and use! Plus many other exclusive features that make the Pentax Spotmatic II capable of outperforming most other cameras Watch For Our Big Sale In Friday's Observer and News! HI-FI CAMERA CENTER Charlottetown Mall Rock Hill Mall HONEYWELL AI L L Aim PENTAX mit091tym IbuBeac SPOIMATIC II I" bridyL3u'hildirctilt s ii involvesTonyi urtis — asismosmosusiern :help — ‘-"11---- 1 who eeds t g74 II ssl AlidClairdlir arclina e I lie ' 1 '' 1111114I 0111111119111 ' i1444 I ' 0 ho doesn t -- r With revolutionary 4 ' fo f - :-4-T-Nbi Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR lens for the ' 'it 010 ' 144i7 ' :! sharpest truest color pictures - 4 1 4 - 4- li 41' d 471(- rs ' i you can take! 1 ttgoi 440 tr4 -::- Through-the-lens metering i for correct exposure every time ASA Range from 20 to 3200 ''''' 4 ' Classic Pentax design—a "natural" to hold and use! 1 ipottillk - ' — N Si- Plus many other exclusive features that make the Pentax Spotmatic II capable of HI-II W4111111I4 9PM vkj3Tv CENTER Charlottetown Mall Rock Hill Mall 1 CI 1ARLOTTE 045 n 4 0 1 lir st 7 ''' T r - EsEc NI pi e 0 ANpNEURAL t i ifoljTV? 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United -litc4ttni"1-41Filtr' where she had that painful accident a few months ago And my what a busy little performer she is She sings dances goes out into the theater to talk to the audience and keeps that great personality going all the time This is the sign of a great performer and she did everything well In her own way she was another Mitzi Gaynor It was her show and she did it Bob Hope and George Burns were on the show but no one would have missed them had they strolled away One thing about this girl She has a good sense of comedy and this talent was aided by some good writing last night But there are times when she doesn't talk loud enough to be heard and this is something that bugs directors when she is making movies "Come on AM speak up" Mike Nichols would say to her during the filming of "Carnal Knowledge" Couple of times last night I wanted to say the same thing TV TALK: No surprise the NBC network is dropping First VIMIENNMWMwmimmmo wcclotv 18 he's back! Purst weekdays at 4 r'LRCt IMPRIPANIMINEMEIMMMINIMINI0NEN OMMININS'EPINIONIMIIVOMWi'ileMIEEmpMPIEMIMINIIIIMIMMEnMinil VIIMINSMOSUIPMEMEEPEIMISIIIMMIWISHEMNIINI 2nd Et 3rd Mortgages LOANS IN 24 HOURS Borrow now even if you have a 2nd Mortgage Consolidate your debts to one low payment Loans made for any purpose CALL NOW 376-8438 N1TE 366-4713 GRAHAM INVESTMENT Co 219 N GRAHAM ST 0 2nd Et 3rd Mortgages LOANS IN 24 HOURS Borrow now even if you have a 2nd Mortgage Consolidate your debts to one low payment Loans made for any purpose CALL NOW 376-8438 N1TE 366-4713 GRAHAM INVESTMENT Co 219 N GRAHAM ST 02 aiMg1M61111mA Home improvements i that payoff W1161°11 I A ko9101 ibu bac bidyikyddingcult in17161vesTREurtisf whopeedgbeles AM Cala ardinale htdoesn't "DON'T MAKE WAVES" ALSO STARRING ROBERT WEBBER JOANNA BARNES THE CBS THURSDAY MGHT MOVIES '"Vkg!3TV CI 1ARLOTTE Virginia Mortgage Corporation EOUITY FINANCE DIVISION 4035 Albemarle Road Charlotte North Carolina 28205 Phone: 535-0704 Did Their Thing Tuesday and the NBC Reports news show next fall and of course it had already declared "Laugh-In" dead But who would have thought Dean Martin would get another season? Grumbling about the show ranged from viewers to Dino himself and even as early as last fall chances for another season were as black as midnight Meantime back at CBS another new show has been added to the September merchandise It's "Shaft" a 90- minute thriller based on the movie series of the same name and starring the same black detective Richard Roundtree The "Shaft" stories will be on every third Tuesday and alternate with Jimmy Stewart's "Hawkins" and "The Tuesday Night Movies" The "Shaft" series helps take CBS off the movie hook for if the network had an Achilles heel this past season it was its own movies Now under the sytem of 24-show We Buy All Grades of WASTE PAPER Chesapeake Paper Stock Co 700 W Trade St Phone 333-5488 N437 tt i If you think that room you're adding will pay for itself when you sell— think again Here's the basic guide to home improvements—storm windows patios pools remodeling and more—showing how each rates as an investment One of 44 articles and features in the 0 April READER'S DIGEST 045 di RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL LENDER All cluyng included exrmpt recorddt Mortore cancellation imurance available Longer ti!trus dnd Idtur amounts upon tequert NTIAL 'FRCIAL uded except imurance ur amounts t -ation 28205 N90 N 9 I) series it must come up only with eight movies Sure "Hawkins" and "Shaft" are films too but on specific and not general story lines TO ME the most exciting thing about NBC's new sked is the Sally Field's new thing " T h e Girl With Something Extra" Sally's always good for an entertaining show "The Flying Nun" and "Gidget" proved that NBC Follies could be fun too but most of the other new shows have the same old ho-hum sound Would you believe another Jack Webb thriller? Well let's wait and see g PUTT MONTHLY FAMILY BOOK SALE FRI SAT 10 Games $150 Value $375 25 Games $1115 Value $150 MAKE YOUR PURCHASES THIS WEEKEND AT 1615 W INDEPENDENCE BLVD 5000 ALBEMARLE ROAD 306 WOODLAWN ROAD School What can we do about it? The Education Committee of the National Conference of Christians and Jews has produced a 20 minute audio-visual presentation that illustrates the Charlotte Community Relations Committee's Report on School Unrest that was presented to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education in March 1972 Produced as a public service by the Knight Publishing Company and the Walter J Klein Company the presentation gives the causes of school unrest and the Human Relations Committee's conclusions and suggestions on how unrest can be controlled If you would like to schedule the presentation for your school church civic or club group or receive more information about the presentation please call Mrs Kitty Huffman Director of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews a United Way Agency at 332-4420 Published o! a public service by the Knight Pub 'idling Company pubkhers of The Charlotte News cud The Charlotte Observer RENT:AO:OWN !!1 j- I RCA COLOR 1 NEW 1973's Illti OttIVIRY 133310001 MON-FRI 10-9 SAT 9-6 SUN 12-5 STEREO RENT A-1 APPLIANCE & VACUUM 1528 EAST BOULEVARD ttr0 4 PUTT-PUTT° GOLF COURSES s c 14 2110 Atutturmary 116 II - PUTT SUN-APRIL 6-7-8 OR MORE OVV N 43 Unrest

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