Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1916
Page 2
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TWO. STESUBG, ILLINOIS.: .Young Ml?n's Special Pinch Back Overcoat . »-t if, s * TS^tiT'*'*** 11 ^^^^ »;.. .'f%, > :.i*tj;. k :i : - • •_ r f*^r-^-tf^?1^r^ l |<f i t'f-j4f J-- ;'H- •*~4"«"H$?«W^\\ ¥"W»J*^&.%^W\.V. ^> "TfiisF is a" "regulaF $16.50 coat 'which' we will run only during- Overcoat Week .for.-.$15; _.. _ We have an extra large assortment of fine overcoats which we wish you to see. You can afford to wear one of these fine coats —Prices £_l tf& $12.50 .,„ $25.00 . J. Bell & Sons Co. fto-'* V y^-t 'SHei-'t 1. ^4 » L 44 *fr" *^-"'N "IrLv,' RISON DAILY GAZETTE MOltfclBON, ILLINOIS, THtTKSDAY, OCT. 10, 1916. ORGANIZE : at Ftnlon to Mak« Plan* f A*«»ci«tion. nhfnit forty farmery nt- MORRISON BRIEFS FAREWELL PARTY helrf nt the Fenton If <»n Tuesday evening which 3«ld .for the purpone of creating ""* among the farmers of that .. In. the* organising of a cow r association. W. H. Hamp of Ity -Who ha* been backing the It ahd-JProf. Clark of the Uni- TlJHt)Oll» were present and ad*"~ meeting. Mr. Clark polnt- Uject of such nn anno* plained that llllnoin had In this respect an there luch organization In IB Wlnconnln had fifty. He the tact that in the din- thp cow tenting impacln- «nn*nlced the amount utter fat per cow was rauUn*. The York Fair Hav- tlon, which haw been organ: four ycwrit ha* Inn-eased nt of milk l.ioo iu«, per cow fat G2 lbn. per cow « M!KR Mfty Hchuler Hpciit Wpdiicsilny j Frijndt 8urpri»e Miss Frances Potjjsr with friend*, in BteriinR. ! • Tu»»d«y Evsnlnfl. Mrn, Willfnm Trye went to Mnywnod j H,, V eral «.f the K irl frlomls of Minn I'tuttT tomb-mi-hr e«i1a.V frieiid« for «ome time, HurpriH.- a« the home of Miss Ku« Jen Mrt*. Mcify HOHH and tlauKhter, Mrn. jkinn on Jacknon ntreet Tuendity even- 1'hilllp Mtone. vlnlted fnendH In Hter- IHK: The Ririn »|M>nt a^dellKhtfui nv* linn Wednesday, l^nlrtK roiiHting welnlesPf nnd ti>;i»tltiK II fi III fiilii In ft • I Winning Against Obstacles « Any Srqall Business Can Apply the Profit- ~~Winntng MethodiTof HacKefTTfe Sutton ^~~ Robert Wntt nnd daughter, LtueflB.-went To Oalt Wednesday wh«r« tticy visited Mr*. Wntt'« mother, Mr«. Catherine Jurkena. Mrs. A. O. IxiHhiT left for her home in Mtu'un, Ua.. VVednewday after a flve Week*' vlalt at the R. H. I^inher borne in thin city and with reliuiven in Hol- «teln and Mnrshrxlltown. In. J. A. Anguish, Frank 'Hlegcl. "Harry Donichy and Albert Owell« attended Uoh an ajiWKiUitkm l« practically "" farmers «f thin vicinity it t to appoint a committee talk over the proposition Tor two weeks iuul arouHO Prof. Clark will be hero time and another meet- Id-fwd-Mw-. *,**«>olatlon-<>r~ lofHperw elected. The com- pointed UH follow*: A. ,$, Burns, K, J, Forth, . Bon Montague, Harry van by Jam«f Wll»on •by'Another Car. [tther ".automobile, acaldcnt which il (seriously for both happened Tuesday »e Mprrlnon-Sterllns: road "Jtartaat of the city. _. -wa*-returning-to- Mor- 8 o'clock when a big. car Lbjro. Hp turned hi* ,tne Hide of the road BoiiUnued .-to come on .•truck hla car in the r it over in the ditch. Mr. i out of Ihetmaphlne, with no injuries ex. j$D*id.Dacic. which, although I'will not be serious, The .of the Wil«on roadster wa* it no, other damage WAV done Mr«. B. C. Parker of FulUft.t In upend- K a few dnvB nt tljo honje of. her pur- ten I*. .N£T. and Mr*. F. S. Owell«. Ml**) Wlnnefred Hhannon went Chicago on uuttlneem Wednesday. Attorney A. M. Blodftett, nt Fulton, wan In Mori ItHiii on buHlnews Wednvn- marnhmallowK over n bonfire. Game* and music being enjoyed litter in the Jenk!n« home. Minn* Potter wan the recipient of n beautiful lavallfvre- given her by tbe Klr3» as a piiriJiifj femefn- brnnc'e. During her May in thin city «h<« IUIH made many friends who are very *orry to !«i*e her- frOtn -their cir« cle. MI.HH I'otter will leave for her new home at Warren, 111., on Friday, - ENJOYABLEJPARTY- day, Ml«* MaiK'irot Hitehle left Wedne*- day for a visit uf #«veral week* with relatives at Maywood and Chicago. Mr. and Mr*. Charl*H Htralow returned TucBday^fpum n vi«lt with rela- - <Mr. and Mr*. L. 0. Wood* and Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Ramt*y EnUrtairml. I Mr. and Mrn. L. o. WorulH and Mr. (o ;mid MrK.« Ij. H.- ItumKey entertuined a law number c>f frloniln at the Morri* »on t'Iiil» nn. TiiMday ewnlnK. The iHMirn were delightfully wpent with cardH and dancing, the niunic being furnitihed by the HO«|KO*-Concert or- chcHtrn. KefreKhnjents were served during the evening. Among the out- of-town Kt"'HiH were Mr. and Mrs. \V. F. Flock, Mlnm-M Alice and .JonHc Onul- mpp and illnn Marion McKanzle. all Dr. It. Itobintum and daughter, Laura, of Albany, vintted Wednenday at the homo of their daughter nnd Bister, Mrs. P. H. Simpson. Mrs. Willis KHUon. of Tampico, nnd diniKhler, Mrs. Uuth Crowe,' of Ma«on t'ity, In.. an<l Mra. R u. Huhiwlti, of l'rophot«town. w«re jtuwita Tuemlay at the home of Mr, anaMrx. M. M. Stowe of Union Clrove, O. W, AVnymin, a representative «f the Republiotin National Conventtoa •was in MorriNon Wciinemluy. . J, N. NiKhtner went to PralrJevillu Tuesday afternoon, where Jie. meetMUM •Inter, Mrs. T. il. Mouck, leaving that Think of starting a clothing Inistncss on small capital in a town of only .<,(K ! M population when there w6re already four cdnipctitors. But that's just what Krnc« J. Sutton did ^tt Madison, South Dakota, ten >-car> ago. Today that business i<: one of the biggest things in Madisun, and is still growing. arc city N'lK wer in Chicago, for- <i vlait wlth-Mr. M!BH Pearl Nlghr- PROBATE COURT RECORDS Ouardlan of William M. Dodd. (Juard' llruil report and rtmt-lpt llfud. Qo T0 Fulton tUnd Funwal. Wtwirak, Mr,, and Mr«. -. and . ajia wr,v Jacob Mrs. Loula Oos- Mm. Jno. Ooatenryk Hies went to Fulton to- ''the funeral Kervices of r r ;Loute Oo8tenyrk, who died , ,tn<thiU 0 »ty Monday even, •crom pneumonia,. fie was ith» and 21 I* death. The funeral Bot wldered and approved and cost»-remitted. Kutate of Albert K, Beechcr. deceived.., feiitloij for public eale of personal property filed, considered and ul- lowed and eale. ordered. Kwtute pf Jiune« W, JJurbert, »in~>«.«ed. Final report flj " Oct. 30th, 1916, • Bstuto nf Simon Grubb, Final report tiled. Hearing «t-i Kutatc of ("woi'iic~^V. Putter, decease* e4. Will ttdmltted tu probate, flled and recorded, •Kstate of Havilah I J em»e, deceuNed 1 Vouchers for dlntributlve «hrae pfeitent* ed and discharge ordered. Chicago: WILL MOVE HE^E Hwtry R«ltk« Will Build Ntw Bun fl «. low Ea«t of Court' Heui*. Ifenry Itviake, of .Mflledffevlllf was in Morrison on bimlneHH Wednenday. Mr; Hehike in the ownt-r of nlnnJjdM Ju«t eiiHt of the county buildhiK and Hinted yesterday tlwit he intended building n new butiKalow on one of the"lota tlilu full, which he hiniKcIf will occupy. Ho expect*, to completo.thc erection of hi« n«w homu by Marclk #r«t uinl in plun-v nln«r on moving hens ut that time, ^ Sfecming Impossibility Yes—but it's true; and what* s more it's due'to nothing but hard, business common ccnec.!. NaJucki legacies or politics. Sutton says it all comes down tc tu o things: Know your business, and «her. you've proved that an> element of equipment or method rtuihs monry t put it into your business. Don't say: "It costs'too much" or-"n»y busiitewirtoo smalir — , Total, Total, Total—That's the Answer I'm going to get the totals," said Sutton. "I'm doing to know «'« ,/;» how my business stands. I'm going to see what I sold yesterday, \\ hat I bouubt, 'what I've got on my shelves, what my clerks arc doing, who my best customers where I £et my quirk turnovers— every bit of knowledge that means prtfit. " Finding an Inexpensive Method "To get those (K'un-s will bankrupt you, " sau! timiil counselor*. Perhaps it would—by pen-and-ink fifjurine and human-brain addition; but —Siittrnr"i:6i~his"tofals MTtlrTTBuTroughs I-'tEurine Machine. \N ith time for other work besides keeping the firm's books, one little uirl uses the Burroutrhs in Hettiim the figure f^-t-i from .salc"4 .\lip, tl.nt show daily sales in different lines, ttmuners and merchandise in stock. Mr. Sutton say;.: "We consider the ^!i^L l l£ll s LJMac_hjnc_one_of our_bcst_ investments.". There's a Burroughs model to fit any kind or M/C of business. Write to the' nearest ot tde 170 ofliccs maintained by (tic Hurrou». l .i Addmu Machine -Company in the United States and Canada and requesti a fire demonstration. Your telephone* book or your hanker will supply the address. HOPKINS MEWS gOOKK'EEPING ^tACHlNF,S S'AVE VALUABLE TIHE S for Kutate .of John F. Meyer. Inventory filed and . approved. ,1 nt^Pralaement hill filed n.±TtTe Ap. . . bW*rGa41enUne. entertained * home on Weat Wa F» v '»to sal« of nl? * S' Iu ' neH Middloton. deceaaefl. i ill admitted to probaje, filed ttnd r«xj- rded, • JSatate of Ooor«e W, Wle«*. »|«acc«. credit of .and lbm'A«g«J| an,1. affair va^fri hon- of the hostesa, l . Irvine notlrew to Forest Wood- REUNION IN CHICAGO. Mr. and Mr». Tobe Nice and* Mr. iuni Mr«. Oobfliiour, or C'onjo, and Mr. and ati-8. "Will "Mllchell,"~iif "SfeHlnir.' ap#nt Sunday in Chicago, where they attended a family reunion at the "home tof Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge "Mitchell/ Mr. and Mr». UeorRe Holland, of Chlca«p, were also in uttendanco at the nnuiloli. PLANNING FOR SOCIAL. ' The McEirath teacher ttnd ptipUiLare p'fjK'UclnK and" getUiiK ready ior'Uielr- lf«Howe'en"Moclnl which will bo held at at the Hchool houHt> on the nljrht <>f Thursday, Oat 2& f • fe. HOPKINS BRIEFS. ' Mr«. B«rl McDearman ond two sonu, Warren and Jjiwrenee, »pent Monday at the hom* of M"r. and Mrs, John Uriilnx in Lyndon township.- Wlllard Humphrey, of MorrlttOn, |« ""*" ' wtttrmrlnfectlon' on TtnrrttMT ToTfte Oue.Who ' I hnv« »n JmiM •age for you. It como In * habll'ln 8 d.ay« nad t Won4«rtui.'aftfj», «xp«n»lv* w«l»od to. S4w, I. Wofl(>t, B. home nappy. I«, to- Write Station t?^"* j*5j l ' oirt ** attl * nw *' '" family of wlnp .laileu. The .ship, however, nailed (Church «t Taylorvllle; D, A. Mc« W »V rt *Vrr° v *u • , « , without nlm. \Valllj« returned to his CJregor, renii;ne<l at DeKalb; F. A. .fl, Air. Petra has had n flne, new nH»dt-rn olit regiment--one which imlls from' Ki<lle>% of Vermont, • accepta call to cj»lc*en house erected on his lAf Jn-the Scottish -heWanda" and wcar»;Oglwby; \v; E. Andareck. of Orion. '&* *imvern. v.^ IMH?. on bin arrival !>•> w;»s nrrestcd alKned to accept combined P4w»toratrt Mitchell, tff Morrioun, | for de»erUo», 'Ijfi* American emlMwuyfof HrattfortTaiTri White Grove - church^ apaln c.une to /ix reyue with olUclr! i ex In IVorlu atmoclatlon: J. C. Klll»» | who ja JII, in reportt'd to be aloWly futl-' finger of bin left hand. He has had it The Infant ilaiMjhter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry I'rici'.iM on the" nick list, puffer- Ing with cholora Infantum. Sheju re. portefl to be getllni nicely. . Hnrry*Hon«Fatijtl, of ifalveru, (a - we«k« at her otrt-hnnrc to nmke his grocery run through this! Mr. and.Mre. Bd. Kraft and family were BUnday eveftlng ylaltom "at the of Mr. ond Wr»* home ™ "i» ••»*• "R"* t t •' nled Ti. W, Ho», of Hound CJrovft wa« on thuVIck llHt-tho iMtHt week and uni in Jtound Qrove, Mr. antt M tHfned at tnelr upon, Mlw* Mr. and Mr». W; wrtainod at their noon, Mr. And Krank Jockmon rMonday "affcr- . pf Algons, REFUSES TO QUIT (By United -Pro**,) London, K»K.. Oct. 19',-—There's i IffhUfen year old American In 11 quit fl$ht4nf. He |» No Voitjiy, V, jilliH^Tnown In tho army i Ntiitn:in Mnc Ori'Kor Hitico—is' with « unit in r,'i»r!hern-Frnnce, ready to hist Vit|ifr ojli«.jal» or Germans. GIRL IS MARRIED r«H'oii(tidt>r«Hl TijH Atlanta nnd will remain there. Hchwltler* en. > Suniiay after• of OrletjiiH. I capadea in i The ^JiHtlBlt \*»*avon<ce f tho Aji'u-r- j '>"V irit " l >' wti, ican iftnbftasy and bin imrenta tried I"' 011 * Mich., twfc$ to-make'the ynttofr i»ii«'t»wrnrr! au - lis '' c " ui '^ -quit And return home but In* e\a«*?.l .•_ J «k «• . t ». j'»>•' "'•'«' iiroiiKht her mu,cli niarrii-d yesterday in Doto Thomas R McCarthy, _but_miw reformiHl. _T3Uj*! >nse. -ceftUlwtto revealed '.«» &fr, ' i, V ,\ ». -. - msible for a coffee ,»|!!rt<9...r,i4;hlini,^_ self of the headaches. biliousness, heart flutter K-i-a* and other Ills that often come from coffee drink- ii^, is to quit coffee * and use the delicious o'd drink"- BUUT MSIM (MWW Gait, epeijt of thflr »|» in CJyfle. Wk» When f'nnie H«m'« olbclal lirft in- t; ;j ltn «"r Wtwirns. but Agnea K, RUH- duced the War Olllce lo releawo \Vulll» ''fj 11 -.. Jlt ' r <*»cai>ad»»»< dragged the Rev. frpn> |ll» i-esiment. he took blx dts- ! "• i "rUvsqtic iftjirdner, of fhlcago, in- charRa and proinlaeci to nail for Ne\\ r l " u »l«eaMantnwja ,,through effort w he and -H boy'*.| for M (n A But he missed his ship and . on a chip'bound diiwt Orleams. lie- wat: ia«ialU"l CQHO, Ma«f OrtWWltt cliy. H brother. let a few" reported b»i OiWtoro- Rtatvorn- aHtt' on 1 Uie nick .* pav wfth WOO _ <1 l'i l « up a large wo nirdaall. | - »*«*. up & large ye lengths with a . He" ulso s».wed . for. his mother. turrtay afternoon tttscffrf /ar ufifft*. Co/ds, Mlas Har* Thorue. who spent a few ayy the i*aat wwk with friends in Me. returned to the Willwrd HUwpJarey ome in Morrison Saturday afternoon. 'UH» |ry Kraft »P«nt Saturday in terllnB and took «uph*r at the home f hfr aunt, Mr. and Mr<». I4ndsl»y. . Mr. «nd'Mr». J& W. Mitchpll enter* tallied at their hotne Baturday and Sunday, her motUor, Mr.' and Mr«. C. N.' Uarnoa, of liook FajlH. Mr. and Mr». Willlain ~Kad«sl aiVd "Oiyed" Ifadel ind Vwo daughter*, of Hock l-'alltf, were also entertained at tbo Milehell borne Wut- 4«retttii<l why Hew- -- *yrup, will it in uwd in help Ju»r. r — MINtSTEHAL CHANGf 87 --- Duijtiuiii. Ot-i, la-r-DrT K. V. ifi-anil" «<ditur. of the JUiuols HapUwt, Hnnouuctw tjie fuJlpwiiiK ctoftnges of IJaptim min> isti-rs- KUjtj jj. Jonen. roMigniHl - at to accept* call 'to Washln- ton. Ind,; /). I* ~Sir Rpiiulli of Indiana,, ac. of Itrown l r nlver STOP NOSTRILS AND HEAD rs~CrBinjr"A| . If your nostrils are clogged and freely because of a cold oFcalarrfc frtnm at any drug store. Apply a. HtU* thin fragrani, antiseptic cre*m* Into -. your nostrils and- -let it pen«tr»tf ?| through every air paiaiage of and J»ea1gg . the MWpllen stajiit i^Uef. _ ,_ Ahi how 7 «obd" i?.^99l«. 'r Wur triift are. open, your -head i« cleftr, no more hawking 1 , snufttjng,- blowiny; no mor« hondacbe, drynes« or for bre*th. Balm ta |Zj^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^WPWwWPPpi^^^^^^|^|B^P|^WPBPIHWiBHWBIB| The Automatic Sealing Burial Vault * H ^ * I rf ' Jn_ V .SNJW . r "* *"l r * \ * •<-* "W'f I * t -1 • ^^ MM|M|HM1B|HHM ||^^^-'a ] «!:jC^X>, , U r . <• ^ -, 1 ^f\ ^<* ^ • ' Cf Uftcift \ The war rouRh, ou ore. .n any othjr couxU rwui'dv, taken {fold of un obstinate uituii'uitttc relief, will make but you never, tried it be. ,-, # truly (l<'|>i'iuinlilc eolith- • ' ' ' ' _»») ^ STUM W-8K- «^. ^|^-JB— m te;r@*s a Reason At Oracers Jnd., .-,1111111 a f«w days reeantly 41 th» home of bis* brother. Mr. und Mra. William Or«u>r, In Clyde townaltlp, -Mr. nnd Mr*. liayuiottd__JluBUJlLCeii you mrrfct i fore. It i* remedy that ~alu»uid' IH- 'kVjit" handy ... . bowe, to urns at the flr«t aign of tt ! i during the nixht or day time. < f druHKi»t can gupuly you with '< iu«c*« of Pim'x ( 'M <'4>ntrt worth 1. i tUi»iiit« a pint botUu and till the ; i* with ~plain granulated - sugar • •yrup. The total coat in about 54 ci-tits and you hav« a full pint of the wo»t eflmlve ifemed.v vw ever u^«J« The <|uiek. litatiiitf ri'lb'f vmi m>t (nfj^ thl» ^«cclK'ut toiiKii evrui> will ruaUy . you. It |Tjuiii|)Uy la-ills thu | MH'inbruui'H that Um> the throat than Stone «r 8tt«|. * M.iilj 1 ol li inli'Ci c ilUj" 1 ! \ ti'il'H t t l HH'I^ti »ii t w.iti-r ntu iii-vci; f» und dau^btvr. Dorothy, were vfttfrtuin- vtt-tvr i|m«*y-"iiun(lft* at-the "home-of A l.'lrge number of" the funnerw Utfou^Hout (t)ln vicinity Ituw litn-n tlit;- KHiK their uul»too$ tiic jHiMt week- lu - in»r»nctw they, rvpurt » l( S ht yield Sir. <tml Mrs, "t^iulh Mai tin. « l ***l («*m- ilv t<n\vrtumed »t th'efi- home ttu> p*utt wwk her moiher, Mr*. Fred WtHi«i«u>. .._.„ . ymx <t»m\i Mm& juUn-J lor broucuitit>. crout*. 1 .n't. an, HH««, wi'h ji mineral gtaz* that makea It as Klass. Tfi«' Automatic teat- cannot fail, tr undt-r «tiy (.•t'li-jjiu.''*** Thy only vault that' |n-ifcifly foiuvt-f. ' ' ii(!.I«'' «,ii )( .u f •» _i,.,\ \vhttj._ ciiiahe i'iiU". .wfiji-li c tilt. ;.i" In- m"uU>" tight 'utujl ' ,6 flli Pimot U » iUK^iv voiictiitjated «suu»- |x>utid of Norway pinv i,it nut. mnii.iin-.l " ! j{uai 4 acwl «ud i» fumoiiit jtln* w"oil«l !'MU-U;TAKi:U »vi»r fof H« ' uu tin 1 l'!**ahcd al.i.ut, ate .tin- .ui with tii, in.' Aut'naailo Healing 'Burial- ih'iii.iii.' M-al witu modt»i which i.fjU"tum uf this vauU and »ur- > 'avoid disannul tit !i'?'-nt » s cwi of IHut's' 1 Mi'tli fi,il| ftwa't »i3'eut, •nrthidf fl*' {'« of »l«toluti» witi*fu<!i,.n " f"f m A FOR AL.L UNOERTAKgRS by r *»4it J r W, HOOGES. Lyndon, III. ..... -5.r ........ •..•• ATtHg sjg^gNT. ni.e*waBKS- '

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