Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1916
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READ It 'TODAY IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD STERLING DAILY GAZETTE YtAR--WO, 92. AND DAILY STANDARD ..- ,.„?,(-j - ••*?-i'... -" ""'V'- . "-.*•' /"•.:7^.,^i"^ l 5f' •**•>;••<-, • ••^*i^.-~*«*w^w^*-r'^^!*»^*#*r^ | STERLING, ILLINOIS. THURSDAY, OCT. 19, 1916, THEN READ IT TQMQRRcfW IN CITY PAPERS AUTOIST HURTL^^™^LUDENS SPOKE S* SToIciiNBiillAi GAIN PRICE TWO CENTS. Sp»«nkToc of Park. Hi" jmrk £liiv Car £!r^>c.hofi. into iho •""^EH-rT"'wfTr wf tftjrftjT*TTTttJ tf itj _: j> _.-_ _.. -,, , ;, „ „___ 4_L-i!_iiiil!i-.!r:^l._lli!i_li^ti_Lli-Ul Driven By JrETPiennmgloh r:' '.'=",»>• ="••"•. ^v f r ,,m ' ** l-the utywR out of bouk-vitriH. Of Michigan. The Auto Was Badly Wrecked and Driver Suffered Fracture Of Collar Bone. the ii \-j-r. th«» p):tht- )ifr. time t*« tiruw, a lot of other fancy sc-herncs, when -Hie fart IM, there is ff natural park, ,it our doors, witli every Inanity, river. «:<k<:. hilly, w nter, xptinK. every -rofn- .1. K. r> miinctrin, nf ChrtHotte. Mich 4 30 oVtork ;it the < IT of Third «ilr*"'»t and Fourth ;iveni.ii lousJy injured, lie w.i* placed fn Ar thnr Wh«T)»»r'» fiuto fttnndlnu near by t.'tg>IKV Olmstead and others, and taken to the $t<*r!lnK Public hospital, nnd ft. doctor summoned. It wns fotui<l that hi* foliar Itune wan fractured and H lont? deep cut over hi* eyes across his forehead. VVh» n tnken from his fttito he Venn Insensible, but hi- revived later In the evening «nt! unvr his name n WiiM rid- He wa.i Th«» street nnil it rliit lu for pa?*- senger*. but kept point: on at a »:ood fate of npeed. At the proper place of the intersection. Mr. JVnnltiKton made the proper turn, but It Is thought he could in have looked around to sw if a car w'n coming, for the rar was Hunt JMI hit •It stIIU'k~hl» car nqtmTeTy Tn th middle an he drove on tbe Irwi'-ks. Th car Watt stopped in about one hundrei *--*r«nd --••-• . From witneiws to tb». that .\lr. in a cloved runnliout. at a miHler«t«» rrt on Third mreet, ^olns east. Car wa.s clo«P behind him. not «top at the itr>nr-crn!>Ki This H Mineral SprinK". "n the street • nr line, c ,'t«y uf nei-cj-s, .-iiiil ii beautiful spot. I,owe|r* fjnve I^iW'-H r.'Uh to Pixon. and why tn.'ty not the *am' % be 'lone her»-? History repeats ils-etf. Sterling is KfowinK, .anil n«-ed« n unuid !••< re.-itjon &,'i»titttl of WOOI)<T ami water. Mnrtln l';irfc .-is- ii memoriitl of thHr father who lfv<i| to a ifomt Hd « Kr . in Ihlt city. Would be."t lie most Uroeeful' Ihinir the hoy,« i ;ui ilo to keep the ttahie Kt een forever. State's Attorney Addressed a •KT— Prophetstown. Mrs. Jeffrey Also Gave Strong Talk and Organized Club for Republican Women. I'epubllr.'in rneetijic BUILDING TOWN HALL Genesee Township Will Have a Pine Structure #hett It Is Completed. The township of Cenesre |, nN jj., IK>W town hfill Will be enclosed ill n sliorl tittl Linyliarn. i.f Sierllnc. ham the and it .lohn A woman's I'ropbi-tstown W;IN Mie m<-;inM i<f (.•('!- tirst; ,'tn audictn-*- lutictber of ,'itmsif "L'fi w<im«-n :tnd rn««!i with fully half th< tiiirnber w»m<<n. Tbe f«<-t fh*» th*Te w-eri' «'.i rn;iti> \votn* 1 n nsit'w (•« jiriniii- evlflr.m . that tliev Mfe inli-resfeil »«> tbi'-br»Me-t ,-tt;i' tt will inerejirt- • Trrrrn it is fituiiil tli,it it nifiuis liettcj- t.hhi)i« Cor (hem, The m< f.Hnt; W-iis upciH rl -by ("bair- rnan K. «;. M.itdis. who aft«-r a few aiini<iine'-ttli'iiti Intlodtli-ed State's /\(- tiii". l.iidens. of Hltrlintt. who spoke to tb" ptMiplc for fmrpe forty, five min- titen on the Import'tni is«ue«i of the day n1 in wfSHT hi- h:ul to i.ny broiitfli two'viinl i>i-iti<^< promittetitly tmf.ire hi Audience, .namely thr; turiff ntii! the irn portance of tb»- bidi«-« • tnkim,: advant aue of tlli> ballot they li;ol itlM-ady oli tained. Iowa Was In the Grip Of Heavy'.Storm Today, i By I'nited Press, i yiin-,.ln, Nehr., < >t t 13. -- -A heavy •;<. s-torm hHd nil of th,. middle i\ rv't it-, EHP tc«l«y. »»m Wyoming- to -t the «t<nm I* mplnc with no pron- t* t'f ft let HJ>. I'm i Urn My no rmrf • bureau predicted several Inches of «<n«« before nijrht. '/' SNOW IS PREDICTED. f'hirnpo, 111. Oct. 19 The ncnthor tmreaii tod;»y predicted rKvtjMMc- mow TWO BROKE JAIL No Truce Vet f>wndj»f Mfen Wfio £» Trieste and Foes Have Lost 40,000. Greek Troops Are Reported In Complete Control Of Situation In Athens. fulled rrexs.) . Or-f, t9 - - I>e*plte hi'-le ipent ..weaf her tbe Italians '-onthiue to push tliclr often««ive (oWHl'tl Tric<ft|(<- H is ettUrmifeVI the Aiistrinnw hnvo Ins? 4f».'i!>ri in killed. Wonnriei! nnd captured hinec -\ he- POST STORM~~WARNINGS, «Hy United Prcxn ) WiMthlngton, IX C., t»ct. IS. -. Thr- weather InirexU |*^ted storm It, and the driver w-«i« f««tened in tbr .- car. It rwqulffd conNld^rable effort on tb» part of th*- »trp«-t caf men nnd others who ran to th* rescue, to difM*ntanKl<> the auto from th* front of thp street "car. Thin »*• directly In fn>nl of ' ' *hopr- Aftw~thp~niRn taken from hl» <-ar tho auto wan carrit»d to on* ami the superintendent , of the «tr««t car wrvicw onlf*r«d it taken to tho of Mr. JtreHsl.-r, nnd another whefl .put on In the place of th«» one badly dnmujjed. The contents «f th«> auto wi»rt> placed In the Ur«»»(d<>r •hon for iwf*» k«M-plnR. Mr. 1'enntnRton lmn bcon In Sterling for a fi»w dayn, belnsr a travrlltiK man and middle mt«Hl. Ho will be forced to romain In th* hospital for-Mevernl da\» The autft. in badly wrecked. DAY1BOQFQF1815 Hiitorieal 8ooi«ty K««p» Adding to Its Collection. In looklnK over her llhrary"" MnJ. Kannlp JohnMton flnd* several volume* that she dwm* worthy «f place In our "•opa! munrum, An Arithmwtic by Jacob — 18?0, I-"rwtericktown. Md. Pound*, and p*nw. Men«uration. bw»k The money for building the hull npproprlate t i. |,y „ V oti« of the town at itft .InHt cle'ctloii. It was voted to approprlatt- twenty.clKhtv-hundrcd dol- lat-H with which to erect the xtructurc lt_l« thlrt.V-fftX-fi-ct Wldt'-Tty liriy-Hin feel Ions, JH made of brick. At one end thenf Will be n good nljtfd xtiiKt' with dressing room off i ( , one Hide of the nti»«o. It will have nrccHMttry ctir- tnins foY the production, uf plavk and the- Interior will be ntt«>d up in ii very nltrnctive manner in every particular It will be heated with a furnace ami "£**•" l * wl " b c of the hitpHi dPHlKfi. The town him lon« wanted n build- if? ..o.f.J.tM. uwti. tur lt_4wM«-very fimnv -leetliiftH nnd fnrmcrft' Institutoi ilurini; the <-our».» uf the ywir and hn« bud no w«H>d p!nc«> for them. This structure will hold nt lenm 325 people. There will be mnde a wood sized gallery In the renr of the nfiom with a wood sentinK capacity. The basement ii».iilso to be flttod and futniNhcd and the liuUea of the town rnny uxe |t for dinners while the upper floor will be for fnxtitutf* nnd meetings of that nature. Hupcr- vlHor Matt U'olber hn« the builditiK in char K e, «nd i« very much<l at trie ^proKre«M beiiiK made by the con- Tb*> bulldliiK was rtcKlfrned by -- IH locnt«Hl in the center of tbe village. The principal i|iii' and what it m«'ans «nd lb<> welfare of l war iHhall have .be end. Mr, I.ud<-iiH -tion «ViiH the tariff t'> the w;it;c- earner hi- niition fifter tin >'M declined ut at bv concretf er (ilMHH went oil lo >.how' what n pro live tariff nierin* to the waice earn and also )o the riumufaeturer »»• ,E, Give Address In Milledgeville On Sub TTTTieie WIIM Mtiyoiie'*pr«<«ie|lt Who fiiiTeil to «et the meaning of the lifKumenl he tniiHl have lieen an iiltr.-) fret- trader iind bound not to .«.-••- foF"bi'»»'"«''f->;uineni was conclusive and couvmcliiK< It was u filroiiK app'uii tu. the voter to stand by the Republican ticket. Mr. l.uden.t also gave KOod evidence that the present tariff wSV; sectional and made for tbe south and not for the whole ct>un- try. t«lh«*r~thinK» interesting to th.- voter. He conclud- by introducing Klienhcth Jef frey. of (.•hlcujco. who was very pronounced in her views on President Wil- Hoti.and hi«..forviitn and Mexican pol net piwsiblp around the lake She Attnntlc state*. The K"tl if WI ^*T"fll t*F \*f* wt ''frl ^ y lici W <*i^ t'i I f'^rw In Indiana and'is mnvinr northward', but the vlolenre will decrenae. Snow \\I\M reported u» { H r «oulh n* Krtii.Hrtst. \Vyi>minR rein.rte.1 cinly elRht deRre» v s abov*> «ero. SERBIANS TAKE TOWN. (Hy I'nited r*rcj»«.) Piiris. rtanc-e. Oct. H». (loops h:UP eapturr-il the \ illilK" of liiod, xouthrnst o| Momuttlr, ttom tin- HulKarlnns in n brillifint rnmbnt. It Is officially announced. an«l iritis Mowrey, :<t midniKht nff- still nt Iftrge'de«spit.r the fa»-{ fhM 10(1 fK»liopmen and dfptit- i?« STA .^mirinR the city for them, Hsuty King." Who is awnitlnc sentence for murder. «-fts"shot j\t and tv,'.uruicd nn<! driven buck to bii cell by N'icht Turnkey LlvinRood. Mow rev escapfd .from his «•<>(! In n mfintier unknown and while l.ivinc»«v f | vi'r!5 ernppilnfi with Bophy he reached tbroupb the bars «nd took the keyn fr-'rn the turnkey's pochet. Hrophy it'ot possession of a revolver nnd mnderhis fsefipe. Hrophy fpcnjied nirt^ yenrs nt;o but was captured and served n term for tmirdfir, H*» w»« hebl here for nn- "•uili imcl Mowrey for hlRbway rob- t-f-ry. SEARCH FOR STEAMER onrie MINERS WERE TRAPPED Many Lives Explosion Of Damp In West Virginia Mine. <Hy Cnltr-d Press 1 nt. \V. V«,. t>ct. U«.~ rnptoyed by the Jamixon Coal ( 'it, «t Hturrlckvillf. three mlli»8 from icrc. wore trapix-d by an fxplodlon of lump nt tm« o*« lock thin aftprnoon and nrf "t'lclfcvf^f to have IwrVi lout. An hour nftyr tho explosion Irmv clticer to Prr- ln*t rtitfht throuRh ntrtkiriR- pro- KfeSM t eiween \M Sfainohette nnd H1;i- chos in heavy nfEhtirtfr doufh of the Homme, it '«« officially lumounefd. North «>f the river'the Krrnch mnln- talne.^ nil nl the pcsltlonM liiken ye.«t- Ne«- twi!>ltion» «t S.illv, Sal!IU'«iel, "ii"tt New oslilon», at Snllly, yuilliespj, no',* entirely In Krem-h hands, were consolidated during th" nlRht. *'"" BATTLE CONTINUES. , times. .... becoming vcj-y Hiircantic at .Mr«: Jeffrey took him to t;t*k for hi.-i wiint of backbone and hit* vaclliitinK protfraw In dculInK with the forcly.n natlotiR, she being not wlllinK to Kivc rum credit for kWpltiK un out of war '•••' th<» -cournc pur«u«, l d, fur win- main- . •Kobln»on'n 10 of everything. of " Kngland. ^•^^ -"--•"*" « *»»-"*«jr» f ws> «*fl|$ietlHl, 4P«iO Wumerous coarae wootl ruts, showing ?S!*!"ff"JL.«* Charte* i l^rd William ^--™___*-•«•> "H» -wee^w a-w *^ MKSI *•• «Tl 1I1I|UT| ^«««*n P*Hi«W With hi« family, -say- 4 — «The Bitterness o* Death is Mow Porter** Ilhctorlcal Header, New ; York. 1836, the etandsJnl in Boston and tn« east for generations. All the e«rly -wuthors represented H»w Irvinp. Wlrt, Campbell and of count? .Of Sir Johru Moore. Not a drum WSB heard* •> . - Not a funeral note. What in this long, book with stiff covers and.niled columns, full of coffee jitalnsT This Is an account book kept py iHime blacksmith in an eastern villa«e In the long ago. f, ir chariteH are marked 1816. by * - , ' p-.-.'-i*™^..^ »--» r~ii»T 11 t«I i II " talnet). that then- WIIH not a nation on the face of the earth which wuuted war with the United States at this time uid MO- rihtt. was not willing . to admit that the course pursued had been of any effect save lo lose UH the respect *** **•« -fttf*t*If;u lijttiotrw; Mhe~ WHS~~Yer~y pronounced in her views and wrming other things wild that the nation was facing a most critical condition when the war come* to nn end and that it behooves UH as voters to look well to the record of the two parties also to the nominees of the parties at this time. She considered that the nues~ tions .facing the country were of the greatest moment since the dnys of Abraham Lincoln, and that it would .--- , -." - = ».,,^ lu ., c ,,. ^»'«"f "aj^nien of the highest clinr- Mr,. Perry 1ms given a great man v '{*«?terto solve them and »o|vi» them to years of his llfo In • the . matter of I""" best Interest of both the United ih» Miimini. i_-.u,...i I HtateM • and th'e eoninrlo ject "T«achep . ge -p. Perry gnve an addretw tent evening In the Progr*ssiVB Brethren church at aillledgevllle, at tt union meeting of teacher* and otflcer* of the four MuDiday Schoob* of the town. The church >va« well uilWl for a number who are not 'teacher* took advantage e of tho opporuinUy to hear'somethlng o ' of Value 'by one who in ablK to .tell ssued a statement contradicting the cport that one hundred men had been entombed. The mine h«4 bwn operating with a force less than normal since 1'itesday and the explosion occurred Just nt the end of the dinner hour before all of the workers were back In the 1 mine... . • T« lephone mesttagei* from Unrrlck- ville wild many were «-aught by the ex- and a number of lives lost. AMERICAN RIGHTS W*i The Keynote -OJ Huflhe*' Grand Rapids ltiis«ui, I let. (it,- The live in Vothynla continued yesterday with no sign of In- 'tcrruptldn. The •JerwunF nst'd RJIJI UnVi oiiantitleK of ammunition. Jmt the Avar oilb-e iijuionni ed (Jht:y we're repulsed. Nenr Klnliln the ItussUns repulsed »»». tnc'ks where the ftghtlnic WHS especuil- ly liPtce. ORtEK CABINET MET. (Hy I'nitcrt PTT.IH,) • Athens. Oioerf, (H-t. 11».—The cabinet met today and In re|x>rt< v d tu ' have drafted a protest ngtiinst the arrest of Oreek members »»f the Greek leiwrue by th«' I*rench iniirincs last' night, Ore.'k tio<pH wltnenxed . the arrests but old not interfere, GREEK TROOPS IN CONTROL. (By 1 nited Press.) Athpns. (i-reecc, Oct. 1!'. ~- <5rcek troops! <»re In complete control'of the situation today, anti-nlllcd nt(>bs are Tampa Coast Guard Denies It Is Looking l*af IJ.Boat Reported Sunk. (fly T-nlted Press.) WrixbinKton, 11. C,. Oct. l!».--Thp Turn pa coast miard Wn« ordered out of «*harle^tc?n to search for the dlrelict ^(earner Dunrt, The const irutml said that Is the only vessel for which f , search Is belli* mtid« arid denied !he tbnt a sunken submarine was .—<rrnttd— liefng dlupcftn'.d and for the time being tho possibility of a serious clash be.- tween civillnnn and l-Vench marines seemed to have been averted. Anti-allied leaders continue their at- j tempt to organise clemonMtrations nnd REPORT SUBMARINE SUNK. (By United Presa.) .'orfolfcjA'n., Oct. 19,—A German siiti- ni.irine...y|H>slbly the U-53, bus been -sunk oft >#tnntuekft» according to .tho J'rltlsh steamer North Pacific, which claims to have received n wireless,di«- tmtch fiom a Hrltlsh (ship to the effect. The North Pacific Is taking on bunker coat rmre. Although It.arrived.Mon, day it did not report receiving the •message until today. The mesage read' "Oermnn submarine nunk enut. of States West Of the Mississippi For Wilson* , Hughes Today Winds Up His Third Trip After Covering 25,300 Miles. By Robert J. Bender. (Stuff Correspondent of United Press.) Chicaoo, III.. Oct. 19,—President Wilton arrived at the New York Central station at T:05 this •Tier-^ ~ noon-. Enormous crowds met the train cherring loudly at the president and his party left the train Thousands lined the streets to see the president pass on his way to the Blackstone hotel, wHere he remained for a short time. After a short rest »t the hotel he left for the press "club to ; speak at a luncheon. •--... _ . (Hy United Press.) New York, JS*. Y,, Oct. ID.—HeturnltiR from a trip to Democrntlc headqiuirterii In ('hlcafco, Vance McCormlek, national Democratic et:alrnwn, today predicted n landslide of'western states Into tha Wilson c(»lumn. He declared that he has Kone carefully over the situation, I«M Hf f »««4-co ri d 11 imts wurprlslnKly ^TH4— ifyliiR. Here l« what Mcl'ormlek claimed: ' A big tJemocrallc .majority in Wis- consln. . Thut N'ebrriskii failed to respond to . Missouri and Indiana safely in * the Wilson column, although the Republican« in those ntateii nrc putting up a had fight. All over but the shouting In Ohio. North Dakota nnd Kamtiui safely Democratic wlthjw^rtalnty of re- elrctlnR every DtrriocVatlc congTeu«man, In those two states. Nunt ticket." Officers Of the-North Pacific m,,u ,nc™w^-ir™-cn-vn.r™. message c/imp from a British crulsrr-f Hughes Covers lying off thrt. coast. I — — iiione two nuiien. Troubled If there IH a single Hughes I Mtat"i A London cnblc aeveral dav« BKO announced thnt Lloyd's hart reduced insurance rntCB on shipping? and aroused speculation AH to whether the -U>53 had been mink. captured or returned to a f i port. —tarnitn—narrttiy.—Mtcltr," "ttcr—H>r= r ^*A|~**'^--w** 1 **--**-*'^—w >~»««a*«s-i«umccu_« vote for m» means a vote for the main- I '* understood Kinjr Constantino con- tenani-e^jjf Amertcan rlRhts," Charles f |?rr **d with the Urttish nnd Krench of- H Huifh(« told » Ilia- »,.,i ri-inn.ti.. ..... flclals and sent t«'i-nonnl imlienlM to . unrl I for nwirly a quarter of a century ,..^*.., v-« ...n HIT* in nit* - limner 01 jo ™~~- ........»..,» vi »«fiu HUT i;iuiefi teAcher trulninj? in the Kunday School, j - tat6 *' aml tlVe countrie.H- with whom In and neigh' the firm ,„- --:•- ..... —™ dwot, 40 cents. _««U8, . boring town*, in training teachem' for thlH-work: m* Taf)c "WJJH "well listened to. ,riev. Otis of ifhtt Itrnadwity .Meth- odi»t church, took him up in" a machine. At the clowe of the lecture «tepn were taken towartl organizing a Com 38 «pike«, made . . ptowl 12 cents, and po on for hor»p nh,te* and other t hi new ' » rtlc ' e hammered out' • — ••• •>•>••••'( | f i \.\i l\r\?33 ^iJ ™--i-« "•«"» 36. pork 2 cents a pound weoster aeemit to be the .name a« u nily record of several \Veb«i». rs «». '~'i Ott one shwt, Then, here is t»a»f- -.^inP 1 R«ader, isss, that many our Illinois srayheads knew hv T :"-• *..-..o»,l. .r,f,cllllAIII|^ H t f rlll- munlty'."Training claws. JIIHI twenty- live year» ago Mr. Perry gave a talk In Milledgeville and haw never been In the rnvtir.Jtincc. Ut» tnlK ».i> ih..,, ,.n . . —,,„„ ,..^ «,--uf i «.i •« n nii.ll >VIHi|Ti we Would be culled upun to deal when th« fighting Bhnlt be ovr-r. <'essor on t hit tariff issue nnd admonr Ishc-d the voters to see to it that our workmen were protected witlijiii traiff In regard to the- Mexican poTlcy th«' tpeaker was of the opinion that it was just no policy at. all that the only ,nan who could ^control the situation -was allowed, to be d.lsposed'of and ?h«t to- y»»U „ ,.„„ Tell me riot in"mou*rsrful number«, Life ID but an empty dream,? STATE AID ROAD ..M " USS?*™*** 1 .», :£- J»hn«on. who the «tiu«» -aid nmd the cjobicr nwd ric«i In - . ,. , „ -, w „,. ...^ ^^^rc.,, 4 ,^>H1| Ill'^ll ^ three miles Ion*, ha* «J«> taken the ^ *2JL * building of tho roada ;fc«» *Ut or eight teams «t work now-* gradinif the roads awotdmg to f> net by the nuite engineers, AH a« the wading 1» tinishetl wurk huullnK gravel U n them will start. .Johnson u working hard to havo .** much of the rqad completed before ._..._.•• ^. -.--^,j. .- Ir i^^— a |. r . tuny 11 *tn i fit *n TSTF his charts which huve bccomo «f» 'nrn- mlnent hi Sunday School work iillovflr the. world. Kunday .School workers present hist night remembered ihe circumstance and grooied the tiju-alier warmly. Another llxtener WHS-that'of u man \f)i" had heard Mr. P«-rry talk on tho name xubjcct seven years ago at Paw I»auv Whilfr M r. Pf rry is not we- ttV^lj-Hingneed in leaching f!ii,-scf nti-4 has iint for n few ypai-«; yc»i liiw" en- JH J'lxf —it M 1 grim t Hu --4(.,. v ,. r Mexico ff — r • i'• • TTTT f' *»i.i ii MI nv rrn 1 (j jl,Jl In the history of the country.- «*"«*ey."«a.Uf that tho proxldent ha«l sidestepped every IKS IIP and had done Jiothlrlg for tho rell«»f of the country She concluded her speech with nil- monl »''lnB the .vole, for the •Republican nominees nnd to Watch closely that nil voted to-demonsrate , , K. Hutrht« told a biK and friendly audience her« iaiii night. He. pledged hlmnelf to promote American enterprise abroad, and back it with all the tenouree* of the vXmerlcan government, if elected. JtenewinR hia assault* on thf» admtnintratton f«»r fatUitR to pro- ti>ct American interest* abroad, he wild: • ' Our American merchants und Amer- iejin tiu«ine«fi men are told to RO abroad and serve humanity. We, are told that they have the be»i flclals and sent {tei'sonnl appeals to him moat promliH-nt supporterMirgtng them not to stir: up the Athens^crowds to ncta of violence. The collpase of reportH that a U. 8. fleet wa* approaching Piraeus to intervene, disheartened the civilians and helped restore ordtr. * VOTE IS A SURPRISE Illinois Mliiera By . Vote Of in the world, WU8. Funeral Servio«« For Little John Krei- dw Held Wednenday. „• Th« -funeml <-T liltlo \iKhi year old John Krtilder. who diwi from itijurleti received when run over by un auto,' was held HI ' the Wast Bcience Hldtre al l rt b chance of getting more. On concludlnn H »> (1 a Weman'n He,,,.i,ii ...>..«....,«.„ „ xuiiuiiiK ne- publlcan club with tlu- followlnjr offi- and they owe it to humanity to «o l't»rt h ;»nd cm ploy that -^mins, carry! n« _.Ajn i e r j i^jjj^tej^ifiga ijitu-loruyjn-^fwrist, Now, who ar»- these ikviple'.' How do they do it? Well, they do not do it In a vacuum. It is not accomplished by theorising. It IH done by human beings. Uy clerks and ttaiesmen and' bookkeeiMcra and eiiKi-neers and deal- era and mcrcliMni-Koing'into different parts of the world,-carrying the Amer- iciin enterprise, and t hoy BO 1 FOR Suffragists Will Work For Her For M t__a_-_*. 111., 129,154 to 11,692 Docide To Try Parrington. (iby United Press.) Sprlngrteld, !ll.."Oct. !».—By an overwhelming' majority the membership of the United Mine Workers of Illinois has voted to call a special convention to try President Frank Fftrrington on charges that he accepted 11.000 from Frank Smith, of Dwight. Republican candidate for -governor, for aiding the ,, t j,,._, lh| . Iat 4;' r ' tl «».mT!M»Jgn for the .nomination.. ,V^J^ M Vi±S«5 ^-^^^t.^^^^J^yi£J--'aL- — —._._ —.--- MUM* . By Perry Arnold.- ' (Staff CorrcBpondent of United PrP»n.) Kay City, Mich., Oct. 19.—Working eastward ncniKu Michigan today, He- publtcnn .Nominee HiighfM wound up the last day of lii« third campaign trip. Tomorrow afternoon he reaches New York ngnln and will rent a couplo of days and then atari a new trip, the exact Itinary of which IH yet incom- , plete, HjxyiklnK daten havo been t«nV ! tntlvely decided upon for " BfooBTyh^ UoMton, Hartford, Torre Taute and Col- umbuH, O.. and Hcverul other mldweat- wrrcittoic " -~— '—" By the time Hughen rcachcR New tl York tomorrow he will have completed 25,300 miles of campaigning In threa trips nlnce August Gth. The mileage of the present trip which wan started on October 9, amounta to about 8,207 knd ho has Kone »t l«Mi*»t 300 convention of the Illlnolu }'>iunl Huf-1 Veit, .129 lfi'4 Vo tr&gfi' A»Kociation arrived here to lead — a renewed Unlit for full miffr.tgo In llllnolH. "- • • Two hundred Btrong, the .Chicago women marched . front their apccinl train as n vunguttrd of the. army of ~ ' which will invade the j'lttcca, where revoltit Ion' in rife, or nt I«i»t frt'fitiifhi. where there may be nothing but tho Hn^, their flair.' and lhf» |«>,wrr that it symbolizes, between them, and ruin «T death. Do you «up« IHIW they are going If we serve advance- notice on them that we,have chanKiHl our historic policy and that they Hball havw no prot««ctlonV •—-Why, the very fact that wo are thero to pftitect them insures that peacis i»n<S The Chic-ttKuans broughl with them a decisive plan of conquest, including particularly th« ejection of . Mrs, tirace Wilbur Trout aw tlieir president. Her election became more than ever certain when Mr*. Marrtaon^Mon- ro lirown of Peori'a withdrew frtmi the race and. threw IHT Htrehgth to Mrs. The vote W«M a complete «urprise to Harrington's friends who have been KHylnu the plan would be defeated The tellers announced that the convention would probably not be called for ju days, the setting of the date awaiting :l> ' ' Secretary McDonald •'". r< ' ttlr " ' " 1 . , at Quincy. convention security without report to nrms Au»t *.-••- -- f~~— T -f.-*-w» •« iTi>*|««^-^^-^i f «ir* Wl K r weather ,«et in that be can. When thin road In completed, and the four-j mllcjt made, to b» pitiij lift i.y the whip. Hit* township will be prett along In «# -• • idwj—Tiftwriinon -ttt .2":.,.. ocUiisk, proceeded with short Ki'rvlcen nt the home at 1:3» o'clock. Tin* «er- vicea condtu-tcd by Rev. A. <*. Uood, patitor of the church, hla ner- -ntiiii bring—very—irrrpret>.MiTir~nTiTr~ cotrr- jorilng to thn ivircuts. Interment WHS in tlu« cemetery adjoining tho church. Tho church quartette' sung nweetly several selections during tho ve'rvlcea. Four young men. frlenda of th« family, acted a« pall bearer*, they being Daniel Jilnllnger, CharteM I^Yey, Elmer PrcaldPnt a, Mr*, li. H.' Wait*, -. N,--i! TreJt8urP ir- !k J»-H, iLn. TO GREETSPECIAL l Hundt . , Gathered At - To See Candidates. •He-voral hilndrcd people "gathered at the -Nurth AVcwtci h de|>ot ii,in 'after- PLAN BIG RALLY Senator Sherman Will Speak At Ar mory Tomorrow, United States* Senator U Y, Wherman H?jl$ be t| % i», big ,. T WMly tomorrow "evening in ibis city Bterltnf Itepubiican riub. acting the Ji4'pubjlc«n duh of the c«un- ttt making every effort to.have the ' sjieakur* obtainable visit this >- and f»r*ol«J!y «tt»rHnK and the ether larger'nfllm of the county. The falls; tomorrow night will l>e «n old •fashioned c*mi«»ign affair aiul «nd tin will boom anrt 1M.W- t ;,. tani> fire and «nthusi««m <-r*-ated band will «|ve coneens from T to Roth women *wi«i nic« w HI Hi the *p##cli4>-si, litui it U oitt-halr of the uudn?n>.< of , Ifff «« all » the »tr«^t« during tin pwsaible g*t Jn*itj* u» »es The commit t^ to conic ' the talks. M*n*ger Of Curtit A*r«&l«n« Company. r 4 U'U« j fr.itn h5» frSt-jiii t'ur.K -, --The decc.twd wu« the wcv^nth boy in direct .line whose tinmo waa John. nnd WUH the JM?» of the family "and Brandpurcntti. Kj n » relatives from Indiana were pieaent. at tlie _ .7___;;_ "• •' -" y * * _*_"V_***.-_-.,*;-„„*•._'.* * "•* ".* ***** JVP*- Tin thf) force'of organised aoclwty.- which lle« back of your-rqurttt, lie* back of your activities of peaftRffll trade, IB tha sanction for every prot**dingof'« civilised character in this* community, IclM tha sanction of the- force of or- Riinlzeil society^ which, gives you th* opportunity of peace. Withdraw that and BIHV bow IOISR your pern* will "coti- tinue and your aciivillen' will be euc- ' KiK-ciHl train which was to anlvtojit a:60 .'o'clock It WUH evtweted that Col. , ^ publican c-andidato for Kovernor. would (l«llver a hhort talk, MRS. W, MILLER Last Sad Ritet For Well Known Worn> . an Held Today. The funeral of the Juto >irs U'llllum Miller WHS held I bin afternoon In tlu- Itoformed 'Mennonttc cbun h in Htcr- IUIB. The *».TVU'c» were in "< h:trKi> of llev. Mr. Heeler, of Vulitaraiao, ind. :u>ati,tcU by Key., Michael Inter, of Mt. i'le«wint. A short Hcrvice u.ix hHd it" the home tit one o'clock muth iff town a f ( w miles. Income On |2,50Q,000 U Given To Pr«». byt«ri«n«. fa,, Oct. J9.— The in- , ,, . . - c<»me of one-half of tbn cstatt* valued *t I6.000.ono left by chark 1 * K, Smith. wealthy oil mini and art patron u f tbix ONLY ONE DEATH And a Small Amount of Property Damage Caused by Hurricane. (Hy Unttnl Prws.) Mobile. AlH., Oct. 19.^ A Hiilull amount of shipping damage «ii«l some wreckage of property- and the death «f a negresH. constituted tho total damage in yesterday'* hurricane. Properly damuge amounted to alMtut $15,000 be" ' " nm-onri—Mobile.-thn 'Again, iho .suiTnigiMtH' convention lit to b« ttiwctacularly featured by u clash between its two pioneer com- mandfr», Mrs. Trout and Mrs. Catherine Waugh Mc<*ull«K-h, both Chl- Gftgojuis, To .one "of them vvlll cornn the leadership of the two factions In the association which will tight out their differences over the most, effective campaign to fore** unrestricted utiffragt' from the I>»t;i!<Uitiirtt and from the voters of RETURN TO WORK More Than 1,fX)0 Standard Oil Employes Resume Their Labors. —---.... "•-.-r.tBy--" " " further by auto. No other presidential candidate 4n history has covered so much 1 territory m appealing -to the.' voters.. Since August 6th Hughe* has made In the neighborhood of 60* speeches.' ' Today Hughes was scheduled to make speeches here and at , Saglnaw and Flint. From the last named plaoe he goes direct to Toledo, stopping there ;10 nihruteM, tlieii-tq~t?leTp:land for an-— other 16 minute stop nnd winds up the day and trip with a addresa to a mass meeting nt Ydungeiown. O. No speeches are scheduled In Toledo and t.'leveliuul during the brief Htopa. CROWDS GREET WILSON. By Kobert J. Bender. t wtan of United Prens.r r _ Oct. 19.—More than wnployeK of the Ktun- tlnrd Oil and many hundred* mure, em- i''"- vr( '—**J : —oiner planta,—ictuined—UT work today, in the oil plunta. «upt. Of^orge HennesHey. of -the Standard Oil plant was on hnn,d when the doors opened and gave the orders for the '»"" '«...r^urn... tP work, He had de, clared he would not start work unlenn - uftlcjwt number of men showed up i>perate the plant, • Han Mouth Bend. Ind,. Oct. 10.—Knormoun crowds of workmen and school children gave President Wilson an enthu«» iiiNtln reception .here today enroute to Chlcnpo. Here 8,000 people lined tho street* when his train nulled into the station. The school children screamed their delight^at seelngr 'the president while workmen stood^ on* the roofs and balwntes of neighboring buildings. The - • - Kain was mill train WH'H an hour* late. fftlll l7T' - ' t ---ti«s Itl daysi, ..ThouHambji. of men 'were. In refused tu .. storm center. c{ty, who died Thurttday. IM to be •t liicndsi anil A lurgt relatives gat bei prChOnt Interment was in Kivcihide <vructi't> BRENDUNHURT Sterling Man Gets Hand In Shredder And May Lose Fins«n> Word cum" to Sterling this m;>nt|n{t ronn Harrington. I If, *«,<» s I n« Jt>i<epfi <it*ndUn had 901 one of h()« h:md» ifi , corn ahredd'tr and, it is tcaiv.i hi- n»y lose .«evcn(l of the Jingeis ,\lr trvndlia is a Hon-m-iuw of .Mis Nette FltK-U («f lht« > lt\ hhe cAMsiMu tin : d»ii! \ wbi' h _!!>«• » - •'- ..,--» . T -«* 4>*><vt vii^a*^ , fft \ tt mn Hpplli«d to the creation and »up|tort of mission cburchc« tu the Tiiiu-cl Htates and Mexico after the- death of bin son. by' tha termti of tho will, admitted tu probate yi'Htetday, The founding oj 'the** churchasi l.i to be under the uupervktion of ih« Kc-neml assembly of the Presbyterian church tn the t'nited "(Hi, ia. to be uiaiiyaliud ,IB a'puidic exIubHUui ur M M|.t'.-|]iHv ti.,|jt rniint'iuu tu fu» rfaldeiu-e here,'' - . warned in advance, tioughl safety but the PurtuKU*tip bark I'ort of Para went a^hor^, the river steam- •*r, ('harlc« Mny. watt mink with tho three. iuas.tcil hchooner, \V. II. Haven- ami a number of launchcx. Dr. Drake Is Not Running For Orfice But Keeps On Road (My -Unlled Press.) fjprinifnetrt, nl.7"t>rt. IS.—^ThmtKh -not- making a race for u political office Mr. C, St. Olair lirnke, wecretury of the «tate board of health, is it very busy man these dayu, Uruke left yesterday • tp attend the annual convention of the* American Society for Vrfv.eiUiuy- of Infant J-'«t- ttltfy al'MilwiYuKee. "The coiiveniiTrri opened today, Dr. Drake will remain , ... . -------- ..... .o work ma they attempted no violence The u. »s. mediation board held a _-_--.-'aw made to nettle the difference between t ' The death i*t tttr wart c/»0»ed by electrocution from a dHtiRling wire. The diniHge in tblM city wa« "nmull couMderini; the f.ict tb«t tbe wind reacheil H velocity of 100 miles. I'art of the Mobile ,v ohm ttunk nhedK were wrecked. , . during the tlrsr day's ' ., of the Reupondfug to {lerslstant demands for a apeech.- t)i» -pre«ldeiit made hie «tcond't»hort. Utterance of-the "trip.- ' "I .have forgotten how to make campaign speeches. The record la madq up and all you have to do now IH to say what you think. If-1 made a apeech I would have to tell you what 1 think __— — — -r-; very deliKhtful 1 lo have mich cordial " ' e tfi tod ay as 1 am going along ttie road and it, muks?s me fe*t| good and I thank you for ll from- the bottom or,roy,heart."- -_ At ICIkhurt, (ioHhen and other points on, the .way. Ireuiendotiit crowds greet« i'd the president A^tnKeMalTvTlFe, Ind., ' several thouHund people turned ortt la u cold rain und gave him u gVeat re- Which Left Chioaoo Teday Wil) R»turn Thrcggh 8*«riing, (By ..UoitedJ'Pr-ewH. ) -------------- — ----- AFTER BANDITS Search Made in Four States NEW ,FLOOR MANAGER. J. Pink, of t'.uttoij, in, has acted thw poxiiuu) as* floor Hiwnusrcr tlH> ntatn llooi t'f the. J. K. (*bt«4ttcr (omits* Mtoic. Mr. Fink wu« mwn- in tin McAJIl.Htcr.Allen Co, dr> (l» store Kink , in Canton foi eight y»>ar». to tbi« wife lia\e , rif> and are livuuj nn Kh-vunth •,, — --- tr ., REMAINS BROUGHT HERE. i'luted , ... tVniriihi*, ukla.. uct. IS the four I <-er* uf tb«' PlIM X<UUHi.<l bttilk, tU fold ht.llo todll) Tbrt-t- i'»bl>ft>i entered, ttu t'haritien Conference tomorrow, From Alton he. will go b»ck to Milwaukee to bo at the dual bcssion of the convention there, on Oct. n. 26 ami 26, he will address the convention of the American Public Health Ashoctttllon ut Cincinnati. His subject at the latter city will be "ilealth Administration for Cities," L>r. prejce is recognised a» ime of tho best tnfoimwi public beulth experts in the country. • Socialist Charged- Qftorge Washington 1 Drank Toe Much. For Oklahoma Robbers.. " uted Prt>s.» .. uct. ta —Set who held tip tlu< offi- j% Ilhfrl (jiHirge •Washington by pub Prank Toe Tucunw. Wash.. <lc». .19, - \Vhether •Searoh forult i*» p«is^tble In this day crimtfially -*, , ^T... ^.-^., »v, -»»• >n t|| fCiftllllK ran ll .autoe'left Union park at 7:80 ths moniins.on a, 47? mile tnaater driven?• reliability' run, Tho flrat lap, 185 miles to Peoria will be made tonight and l-'rlday night will ,be spent at Clinton. Katurday the return to ChicuKu win be inudtt iiver the Lincoln highway. 5TRUCKA MINE "^ Liner Allumi* Sunk'in English . channel, Passengers Saved. (By I'nited Press.) New York. N. Y., Oct. 19,—The run• line steamer Allunja struck a mine 1 '- '• " ' fTumnel and f today in th wank. The R008EVELT"*wi8T BOUND. ..„> ._..: ________ .JO* J..IL, Yodflr- - ______ ,_.. IS tuff Corriwpontlent of If nlled Frews.) Pn Br,ard Col. 8oo»evelt*w Special Train. St. Loula, Mo., Oct. 19.'— With the Kentucky mountain diotrlct and lt« eventful day behind him, Col. HooMcvelt la speeding across -aniHiunced • - -..._._, -.<..**...».• %•((tfV'UltWVJU this afternoon there were im pas- 4icly, charghigiiiK that the father of his country indulged tin* fncly tn^etronti drink and did other thitiKs unbecom- tomobil* 1 four (ifti ^ They CU> J-i-r m wS-- ,..,i ,, K..JIU ' * «n if i ts.i\i« iroin tiit\ • nine .nut Hit*. in in , <>Jiu>-> i rut X. Y ' is- Utk<- tbe M'll YOUNG LADIES' SODAilTY. Yointu 1 He«rl i-liu s»--bf...| lint ^ *V. It j ! K'»l»iit\ <(f' th "in Id si nutting i-iuii»; T.vtiilS /!« ,!>'<! tb- ttl»V bftl> Ihtc evening and Hill be tai^ T---HW—nnnf!—nr" Trnr-nrt fTcTT iTt-oi K c n -Mi". iMfiuih itventie Thf tuti- - irr hit!.- J John t.'l.i*!.-ti A CORREC'TiON. K while » touiih H.U ia uti «U-|l»S tt fcHltlemun will koon be, decided •miMde. Tbe three forced [by the state Kuprcnie Court, which !H<- *h.i two cu»t(»merM of the limn bearing Mreumctits in the case of bank t*» lie t,t« t- downward on the,*'aul Haffer, Taciiina Hocialiot, con-" floor wbil,. tlu-> ntUHl tlu- vault «f |6*-I vlcted in a lower court ami sentencfil Thrrj th«->- i,vi-k,<J rhe. nix mvii ill l.trt »is 'mouth* iu inil, ljt< appealed, thfv^uU an.i cs.-rtned i Attorney P. I,. IViulH-ton. ropresei . Huffer. manuMincd that power to J1AR PAf ITirna ' fur Uie l "" >l t>f •* di»c<-usi- } | peison ends .**••****: i \I|^H-JiJQ. __.. _a.uh ti u . hfeiinu - •- ' ' cd. . . . -'"-•"-•i»r»*V>»B»«((»|%4™ A majority of the civw were »av- " ' --" «« »>|" • i« t urm w»%-'« \fftft 1*4 lon>'lll I •uitl Ki»0«a8 to the Moeneu of hln abort Kra/b» range, riding ilHys. While the ( olonel IH ostensibly out to luake votea for Hughe* he doean't intend to upend nil of b.l» time with politics. }V h 11 e i^i Phoenix, Arizona, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Saturday und Monday, he In Itwking forward to meeting norne of hi« old plains Pttls, If he keepu date* «Tih all whom a he know In his ranch dayu and who m have wired to be sure, arid vl«dt them ed to. Arepehoe Wirele«*ed for Help Off Cape L.ookout Tod*y. ' . . ., „ PortMimnuh, Va., t)ct. l».~The coast "Pit Y J'l'irii: run •t it> iilelii* A t ,V*'4 !• ptivlnt; »—i^m T.,- t>> 411 •«ut->mobit ( ) the HH-. SilHi \S I A**ocfation Adopts A rO«ntl»- 'iw#n'« Agreement. ittrld H! u«-l Jit *B> .-t "Kl-n- U.,»t t! -f \urtlf media ti 1 - WRECKED Would b(> his ''*. j- . "* i ' ' ' ' " ' Enginwr And Firemen ...J&ttsel Car« .S»«A_Thee., th» la - HAiid, < kcd Killed But tin-an.' cuUt-r I'aJmlicu wir»!«»i»rtS ,,.,„ •on that a had reached, the Clyde liner Art'pahoe off t-,ipc Lookout. It is «.sMim(;.t Unit it will take off tJu- pa*. * safely und other bouts arc houd- l-iie AjepnlK.e repoiud Jt»Hf .„,.„>«,„ m ,i Motm, tutvuiK l.. st Mt. I udder and >ent out an >4 <; t». Call. WON FIRST BLOCK Rdiph New "'!(< < itl t end wherrtt la expect-'" There are two men. who have wired "U»y will -meet him eUlmr In-PhoHnnru Albu(juer«iue. One is HeU» Bullock. W(H> used to sit behind the .Colonel at political meetlnics with a pair of Cult revolvers In his hand*Hu "kwp the au- dfence Attentive." The other Is Jim Davis, whose left car was bitten off i>y a gentleman In an argument. . admittedly «lad to get out west for it is four years wince he i>«K_eamp.aijrn«>d in this section. YeH- tw day Inside** 4b*» freitcht train wrcclc which delayed hlw train Iwo houru, "hi« enKHie broke down »lx time«, the Lift Urn.' ,it i|jviug.Hton, while a crowd wmted for him at the depot. TRIAL CONTINUED d to the J.-. IU'1 ItUoWIt -_-.._,,. of M^nmouth, Defeat* ed N. Y. gilliardut. (»y I'ultcil Prehs.i VuiK. N V l H-t 'i« fttfph it. .of Monm.outh.^lll . won th<'< K i-f his mutch wii'i i'l.uik I ..t Kch«M»«-i<t.t<iy. \.' V . foi 'when Mcl>.ifitcl' 1-1« pocket 1'illi.ud ch:iinpi..u. cait<lidjl> : i«'> MI'C U>1 uiiiht. , • tul. v Postponement Again *" Mfs»ouri" , <By 1'iiitnd . iw^ji / t>t 'Joseph, ^lt), Oct. lj) - A tuition was MKiiiii granted -today in ih« hlatf's voluntary counsel abkinx 'tinm to *turty UHIM.'MS.«- until titniciitow, Tim objected dcmnndliiK tliat jHe ' MJ tl'llt H V'C'liilt t 1'lf

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