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Forum 6 The Sacramento Bee Sunday May 11 1980 Fraudulent Concept Will Sex Education Take The Fun Out Of Sex? forcement of courtship rites and the only way to discourage misbehavior is to dwell on its nastiest effects When chastity was implicit in our very manners people needed only a little encouragement to be chaste Now we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking up reasons and inventing motives for a virtue we once could take for granted Liberal-style sex education by omitting the moral dimension may inadvertently act to condone what it seeks to prevent Treating sexual intimacy in the spirit of the clinic it is likely to weaken not only the morality but the mystery of two sexes The very reticence it seeks to overcome has its own place in sexual relations and has helped keep people virtuous even when they explain why Don Giovanni may do more good than Kinsey At least the way I think most New Jerseyans feel about it By Joseph Sobran Los Angeles Times 1 LIVE IN New Jersey I know how to say that without sounding like I'm making either a confession or an appeal for pity But the fact of the matter is that I like New Jersey and have liked it ever since I moved there from Michigan four years ago Of course it has a state government but then Michigan had one too so I really say worse off that respect New Jersey is governed in part by a body that one wag has called a "dirty old Two years ago the lawmakers reduced the sexual age of consent to 13 apparently on ground that anyone old enough to pay adult fare at the movies should have the right to form a liaison with anyone else who may be lurking But the state irrepressibly is now moving to institute what it calls "sex A number of school districts in other states already offer (or impose) such courses but the idea going over too well with us Jerseyites Nor should it The whole idea of education" as we know it is fraudulent It is based on the assumption that good information leads to good behavior To call this notion a half-truth would be to flatter it Ever since Hugh Hefner brought mammography to the millions a quarter-century ago we have been deluged with and the like Has the increase in accessibility brought a decline in premarital pregnancies venereal disease and other sexual disorders? ON THE CONTRARY Any fair-minded person must admit that by every objective index we are doing a lot worse now than we were back when sex was surrounded by taboos and had to be learned about in the gutter That is not I hasten to add an argument for taboo and gutter It is simply a reminder of the obvious: that knowing the facts is of only limited value Information is just one part of education Real sex education has to be a form of moral education: if you want to get people to behave differently you have to present them with moral imperatives A good sex education the kind you should have gotten from your parents includes such injunctions as until People who reject that counsel are in an awkward position to argue against premarital pregnancy That's the trouble with sex education of the kind now being there For once the good and patient people of New Jersey refused to play the role of consenting adults and the law was hastily repealed Russell Baker A Nice Touch Ill 1990 King Features Syndicate Inc was a lie Jerry Brown after Proposition 13 passed said it was the best thing that ever happened to California after saying the previous six months it was the worst thing So either lying one place or the other And of course they lied about the state surplus They said it was $15 billion and I said it was $65 billion and it turned out to be $65 billion So this is a long series of monumental lies that your friends in Sacramento and in the school system told you most of it the school system The people in the school system are pretty clever liars most of them DAILY: People are also saying Proposition 9 is for the rich that regressive JARVIS' liars it's progressive If you have a $15001) income you get a 70 percent reduction in your taxes that amount to $2750 a month DAILY: But if you only earn $10000 to $12000 you only get about a $70 reduction per year (State Franchise Tax Board Figures) JARVIS: No I didn't say that That's not correct I just told you what it was If you have less than $15000 you pay very little income tax most of them none at all They pay nothing They have a free ride on the rest of us If you have a $30000 (income) you get in a higher bracket you will have a 63 percent reduction and be about $35 a month (Legislative analyst William Hamm estimates a reduction of 533 percent) And finally you get to $50000 income you only get a 49 percent reduction So the bulk of the money goes to the low income and when Brown says different he's a liar DAILY: How do cuts like these measure up against cuts in for example free health care? urged to adopt The people who want us to have it are the very sort of people rather not have administer it They want to do away with conventional wisdom but they also want to keep the benefits the conventional wisdom produced and modern enlightenment can't THE PROBLEM IS that you can never derive a conclusion in the imperative from premises in the indicative: as the philosophers say yield If you want to prevent the bad consequences of sex you have to do what liberal folk hate to do: utter stern negative commands Say shalt The irony is that liberals are making sex ugly despite their frequent talk of developing "positive" and "healthy" attitudes toward it Take away the support of morality grounded in self-respect and self-restraint with all the lovely rein JARVIS: Don't measure up at all because have more money after (Proposition) 9 than you ever had before The only danger to health care and schools is we have a stupid Legislature and stupid school people They would like to keep all the money at the top and they would like to take all of it They want to give the students anything They want to steal all the school money for the administrators of the school cartel I want to cut down their thievery because that's all it is (You're) from Cal Poly God if you want to see a lousy county it's San Luis Obispo That's the dumbest crookedest bunch of goddamned crap in that whole county I went there one time and I tried to find out what their bonded indebtedness was There wasn't a son of a bitch in the city of San Luis Obispo that knew The mayor didn't know the controller didn't know the assessor didn't know I finally found a little gray-haired old gal sitting way in the back you can't find anything from these assholes the front office She got the records They were in this shoebox so help me Christ And you know what I found out about that goddamned screwball outfit? They built a road to San Simeon about 40 years ago (The only direct road between San Luis Obispo and San Simeon is state Highway 1 completed in 1937) They have never paid anything except the interest on it the kind of a government got in San Luis Obispo DAILY: During the Proposition 13 campaign you were playing on people's fears JARVIS: Horseshit The only people who shit their pants were the politicians and I was playing on their fears But the people I playing on their fears at all That's a real some god- oafngs and Vol 5 The History Sating and Mongol Periods The set is titled Cambridge History of Iran and when complete will be accepted as the definitive historical work on the country A volume of interest to art lovers is Iranian Art by Guido Gian Bellone (Praeger 1969) It covers decorative arts from prehistoric pottery to 18th century Islamic miniatures and carpets and is illustrated by 50 photographs Persia by Roger Wood (Universal Books 1970) is another excellent book of photographs The subjects range from people and landscape to architecture The shots of oil fields and refineries grimly remind the reader of the causes of some of our problems The best guide to present-day Iran is Fodor's Iran (McKay 1979) A shorter guide is Iran Pocket Guide (International Learning Systems 1974) PRESIDENT CARTER is nice Ronald Reagan is nice too but in a different way You know President Carter is really nice nice family man nice smile nice to people nice church man but Ronald Reagan has such a nice sense of humor and nice grin and a nice way of presenting himself You just help thinking Reagan is so nice all round that it would be nice to be with him but of course it would be nice to be with Carter too only in a different way I was thinking about this yesterday morning while shaving It was nice to shave Not terrific mind you don't get me wrong but still nice I guess what got me thinking along these lines was the day It was a nice day Not one of the great days to be sure but not really rotten either It was the kind of day when it doesn't really rain but the sun really make much of a show either the kind of day when you feel stiff all over and 10 years older than you really are but not like you might have to go into the hospital right away In short a nice day Downstairs for breakfast the usual question arose: "How did you How about you? Did you sleep "Very ACTUALLY I HAD not had an astonishingly pleasant night There had been a medium-weight nightmare some time during the hour of the wolf but on the other hand it hadn't waked me with such terror that I had to get up and go into the parior and read myself back to sleep in the Autobiogra-pin of Benjamin Franklin Not a really awful night's sleep and not a wonderful one either Just nice To make conversation I said that breakfast was nice It was too There was frozen oange juice and ersatz cholesterol-free bacon followed by caffeine-free coffee It was pretty artificial but still a good deal tastier than no breakfast at all It was nice to have a breakfast when you considered that the alternative was hunger I could see I was going to have a nice day This proved to be the case The people on the subway were nice Nobody you would want to meet but nobody trying to kill anybody else either Just nice people The subway was nice too Filthy as usual but most of the lights were working It one of the dazzling subways such as come along every few months or so but it wasn't one of the really unspeakable subways either It was just a nice subway Things at the office were also nice which wasn't terribly interesting but on the other hand didn't leave you with heartburn or indigestion or an urge to ask the widow accounting to run away with you to Macao and start a new life "IT'S ERY NICE at the office I remarked to a nice vice president and he was so pleased that he invited me out for a nice lunch Ue had a nice talk they say about President Carter" he said "nobody can say he isn't nice" president is nice all right" I pointed out have you noticed how nice Ronald Reagan is but in a different way from President Carter9" "That's a nice concept" he said nice for the country having two nice men to guide our destiny" "I don't think niceness is too much for the American people to ask for" I said Walking back to the office we saw a nice madwoman Not a wonderful madwoman who thrusts hundred dollar bills into your pocket and disappears into the crowd and not a dreadful madwoman who accuses you of kidnapping her babies and slaughtering her cattle but just a nice madwoman who was walking through the streets screaming to herself about a volcano erupting in her kitchen sink IT WAS LIKE that all day Arriving home being asked was your and reply mg "Nice how was yours?" I received the reply nice" Then we had some martinis and got out the pistol and shot out the tube in the television set The woman downstairs came up to see if anyone was hurt "We just shot the television set" I explained she said "Not really great because you could have missed and hit the wall and not have to buy a new telly But not really terrible either since you didn't shoot each other Just nice" I made us all another martini and propounded the theory that the 1980s were going to be The Nice Decade and we all had a nice chat It was a nice evening I mean it wasn't V-J Day in Times Square but it London the 13th century either Just nice so nice like President Carter and Ronald Reagan only in a different way 1980 New York Times News Service Jarvis From Forum Page One makes a qualified statement they think he's great That's a hypocritical bunch of bastards The reason Milton Friedman said what he said is because he was afraid that if we passed (Proposition) 9 the Legislature would increase the taxes on corporations (Proposition) 9 don't decrease corporate taxes the corporations don't get a nickel And Friedman has always felt we should reduce taxes on corporations (Reading a letter to him he said was from rriedman) I believe it is better to let Proposition 4 (passed in November putting a ceiling on annual increases in state and local spending) work for a while before we move further to use the initiative process on specific taxes At the same time I will not raise a finger against Proposition 9 DAILY: How about waiting for other laws already passed by the Legislature to take effect first? (The state Legislature has repealed the business inventory tax and provided cost-of-living indexing so that Californians will not be pushed into higher brackets by pay increases two provisions Proposition 9 hopes to seal into the state Constitution) JARVIS: The Legislature never passed them until I filed Proposition 9 They passed them to try and defeat Proposition 9 and each one of them has a clause in it that can repeal it at any time So that is a big fat fraud They're thieves up there DAILY: Do you think Proposition 9 really will result in cuts in government spending or will taxes that can be raised (business and sales taxes) be increased9 JARVIS: No it won't cut it a nickel (Proposition) 13 didn't cut it any either because your school has got more money this year than it had last year And every city has more money and every county has more money and the state has more money And after (Proposition) 9 passes vour school district will still have more money than it has now DAILY: Because of oil decontrol9 JARVIS' Oil decontrol is one thing Of course if what Sen Cranston (D- Calif said on national TV is right oil decontrol would produce $5 billion this year for California taxes And if that's true instead of having a SO 5 billion surplus we'll have an $8 billion surplus I don't count on that: I say the oil will only produce S3 billion a year But the net loss to the state of California on Proposition 9 will be less than $1 billion DAILY' Why do your figures always vary so much with government figures JARVIS: Because the government puts out bullshit figures They have since time began They said that if (Proposition) 13 passed all the schools would close that's a lie They sent out a letter to 400-0U0 elderly citizens saving if (Proposition) 13 passed lose all state benefits that was a lie They said (Proposition) 13 was for the rich that Twentieth Century Iran edited by Hossein Amirsadeghi (Holmes and Meier 1977) is an uncritical study of contemporary Iran There are eight experts who contributed separate chapters on the government history economic development social conditions foreign policy and the oil industry Another title that is a paean to the deposed government is Iran Under the Pahlavi edited by George Lenczowski (Hoover Institution Press 1978) The final chapter on Reza Shah the father of the deposed shah is the most objective one in the book The Foreign Relations of Iran: a De eloping State a 7ote of Great Power Conflicts bv Shahram Chulin (University of California 1974) is a comprehensive work of wide scope showing much evidence of excellent research It covers Iran's relations with the United States and Russia and its role with regard to Egypt damned stupid dream after been smoking marijuana DAILY: I mean the fears of losing your house because of (high property) taxes JARVIS: I have to play on their fears they were going to lose their houses The only fears I played on were the because he thinks got to get out of the marinated political grease And he thinks going to get my Well by God right this guy is going to get their job going to go back to work shining shoes where they belong And that goes for a lot of professors too DAILY: W'hat about the Tax Simplicity Act? JARVIS: a fraud It says going to put all the tax on business and none on people When you raise taxes on business it raises all prices and that's all Business pay any taxes of any kind to nobody any time They won't tell you that at that stupid college of yours because they want you to know that If you go to the May Company and buy a pair of shoes do you think they pay the taxes on the shoes? No way What do you think Exxon does with the gas tax you pay Every week they send it to the government Do you drive a car? DAILY: A Datsun JARVIS: contributing to the unemployment in the United States right? General Motors just laid off a lot of people so you helped them Is that what they teach you at Cal Poly? Why the hell you go to school over there (Japan)? You're buying their goddamned products Tokyo ought to pay your tuition the Japs DAILY: Shouldn't I buy the best thing available to me? Why should I buy an American car? JARVIS: Because it's the best thing available to you You're a jackass to buy a Datsun Anybody that has any brains buy a foreign car lose your ass and deserve it you ought to know better You need some education maybe contribute to you DAILY: appreciate it After Proposition 13 passed the spirit caught on around the state Do you think this will happen with income tax? JARVIS: Yes because the people are gradually getting intelligent especially the ones that go to school A lot of the states have half the property tax we have (Texas) has no income tax and they have better education and less crime And every time gas goes up we build a goddamned big Rolls Royce out there a Mercedes-Benz and call it education And now (gas tax) going up fast because a lot of environmentalist nuts in this country prevent us from having oil and gas We've got enough oil and gas in the United States to last 200 years And the environmental paranoia schizophrenic shitheads influence a bunch of low-iQ congressmen: So now you re going to pay $2 a gallon to Saudia Arabia because these shitheads let us build in the United States Background Books Volumes Offer Insight Into Iran Troubles tion is Iran's Revolutionary Upheaval: An Interpretive Essay by Sepehr Zabih (Alchemy Books) One of the more balanced biographies of the shah is The Imperial Shah by Gerard de Villiers (Little 1976) Although titillating and gossipy at times it allows the reader to make the final judgment about the shah Woven throughout the book a translation from the French is a survey of 20th century political developments THE INFLUENCE of the CIA in 1953 in the overthrow of Prime Minister Mossadegh and the installation of the shah is told by Kermit Roosevelt in Countercoup: the Struggle for Iran (McGraw-Hill 1979) Roosevelt grandson of Theodore Roosevelt ran the CIA's Middle East operation at the time of the coup and while the book is not particularly well written it is an interesting first-person (From time to time Forum will publish this new feature Books' a sampling of material printed about subjects and situations in the news This is the first of the senes) By JohnT Halligan Librarian Sacramento City College READERS WHO wish to acquire a more m- depth knowledge of Iran might be interested in an overview of some of the literature of the country that has been published within the past 10 years Included in the selection which is not meant to be definitive are books on history culture art political science travel and biography The most recent title on Iran and the most timely is Khomeini the Shah the Ayatollah the Shi'ite Explosion (Holloway 1980) Published in March it is a paperback and gives a bnef treatment of events of the pasiw years Another 1980 publica Iraq and the smaller Persian Gulf states A SLIM VOLUME of only 180 pages Iran by Yahya Armajani (Prentice- Hall 1972) is a fine brief study of the history and culture of the country from early times to the shah A bibliography notes Persian Arabic and Western sources The Persians by Alexander Bausani (St Martin's 1972) was published originally in Italy in 1962 It examines major Persian dynasties from the first empires of the Medes the Achaeme-mds the Seleucids and the Par-thians to the beginnings of the reign of the shah in 1953 England's Cambridge University Press has begun a multi-volume history of Iran Three of the projected eight volumes have been completed: Vol 1 The Land rtf Iran Vol 4 The Period from the Ar Invasion to the.

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