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Editorials Comment Book Reviews Letters to the Editor Vance Leaves Muskie A Tough Act To Follow American-Soviet relations to a cold-war footing In three years Vance fought and won what must have seemed to him to be an endless series of battles over linkage Soviet troops in Cuba social change in Latin America political transition in Southern Africa the interpretation of human rights concerns Cambodia China the Ogaden and the terms of nuclear arms control to name but a few in order to maintain that minimal degree of great power trust needed to preserve the essential conditions for peaceful coexistence cooperation and competition It would be wrong however to canonize Vance He seemed at times too much the gentleman for the job Faced with an irresolute and only partially supportive president and an implacable and unscrupulous foe in Brze-zinski Vance always seemed to be fighting a reasoned rearguard action but never seemed able to impose his design on American foreign policy VANCE WON MOST of his battles but he seemed to lose the war The existence of these battles caused the Soviets to worry about the steadfastness of the American commitment to detente and our allies to worry about the stability of foreign policy leadership The publicity over these battles (coupled with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan) eroded public support for continued detente Despite his best efforts when Vance left office relations with both our adversaries and allies were substantially worse than when he arrived This then is part of Muskie's challenge: To establish one American foreign policy 0 To restore confidence among our allies in the soundness and singularity of American foreign policy leadership 0To rekindle American commitment to detente while maintaining its deterrence to be both firm and friendly enough to make future Afghanistan undesirable 0To build upon legacy of trust in the Third World 0 To assist in the development of an energy policy that would make the United States less beholden to and hostage of the political volatility of the Persian Gulf region 0 To continue the Middle East peace process to completion 0To define and articulate a policy that makes clear vital interests and policy direction and to adhere to that course President Carter is doubly fortunate to have had the services of men as distinguished and capable as both Vance and Muskie Sadly the president squandered the valuable resource that Vance was and the valuable contribution he had to make and in the process nearly destroyed the credibility of his administration He has been miraculously saved by the willingness of Muskie to serve in these difficult times President Carter would be well advised to give Muskie the latitude and authority he needs to perform his job properly For should he too feel compelled to leave it is absolutely certain that Carter will not get a third chance 11 1980 By Curtis Gans all rights reserved By Curtis Gans Special to The Bee THE MOST SENSIBLE thing President Carter has done in the last year is appoint Sen Edmund Muskie as secretary of state The least sensible thing he did in the last year Is allow the conduct of American foreign policy to reach such an impasse that former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance felt compelled to resign our allies could question the soundness of American leadership and the appointment of Muskie as deus ex machina would be needed to salvage the Carter administration from total collapse The Muskie appointment was a brilliant master stroke: It calmed fears both here and abroad that the volatile combination of National Security Adviser Zbigniew well-known anti-Sovietism and emotional immaturity and President inexperience and desire to be reelected would produce dangerous election year foreign adventurism 0 It brought to the State Department a man of stature stability and ability with a reputation for political caution reasoned judgment and careful articulation whose presence alone can restore confidence in American leadership and by inference and association President Carter's good sense It also brought to the department a man whose sense of position personal ego age and ferocious temper will brook no interference with nor internecine warfare over his undisputed direction of American foreign policy But whether the Muskie appointment serves as a brief remission in the terminal decay of the Carter administration or restores at least the foreign policy portion of that administration to health depends largely on whether Muskie as chief statesman can rebuilt a sense of confidence in the coherence consistency continuity and cogency of America's purposes abroad TO DO THIS it would seem at least to this observer that he would be wise to build upon the legacy left him by his predecessor Cyrus Vance was not a man for all seasons He had been after all a leading proponent of the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) in the Johnson administration and a loyal executor of its policy of military intervention in Vietnam He seemed however to be a man for this season to have learned the proper lessons from his previous experience without carrying those lessons to improper extremes From his ABM struggle he learned that there was no safe way for any superpower to attain military superiority and consequently no security in military hardware alone From Vietnam he learned of the limitations on American power of the folly of indiscriminately incorporating the entire Third World into a global superpower struggle and of the danger of open- ended commitments of American power HE BRINGS TO the Carter administration a firm belief in deterrence detente and arms control in vigorous support for America's allies in NATO Japan Korea and the Western Hemisphere in evolutionary and democratic change in the Cyrus Vance Third World and in rational restraint on the use of American power consonant with the limits of that power and a reasoned assessment of American vital interests He left the administration with a record of accomplishment a ratified Panama Canal Treaty a signed SALT II agreement a continuing Middle East peace process a relatively tranquil Zimbabwe-Rhodesia under black majority rule a stronger NATO progress toward more humane conditions in a number of nations the list is long and hardly begun But two most important contributions are not so easily quantified: He reversed two decades of decay in rela tions with the Third World and established the foundation for future mutual trust He conveyed a sense of American concern for the problem of Third World nations that did not seem to spring solely from competitive needs For the first time since President Kennedy launched the Peace Corps and the Alliance for Progress the citizens and leaders of all but a strategically placed handful of nations had reason to think they were not simply pawns in a great power struggle and that the United States would not automatically support whoever was in power no matter how repressive so long as he was anti-Communist He preserved the possibility of detente against those in the White House and on Capitol Hill who would return w-c-- i Shes Tough Loving -She's Our Mom Jarvis Doesn't Pull Punches To our Mexican relatives we were the rich norteamericano side of the family When someone asked Sebastiana whether she had room for one more a bright cousin who ran out of schools to attend in South Mexico the answer was an automatic yes When we vacationed in Mexico we usually brought back an extra passenger or two They competed for space with the friends my father brought home buddies whose wives kicked them out or who had lost their jobs Their "overnight" stays on the couch or if space was limited on the living room floor sometimes stretched to weeks Whether they were drinking or sober Sebastiana would always treat them with the greatest respect Only after they left would she sort them out for us telling us emphatically which of their qualities were to be emulated which were to be scorned After 10 years in Los Angeles we moved a lot city to city state to state Inevitably our father would go first to start a new job And our mother would do the rest packing cleaning selling the house calming our anxieties and convincing us that the only reason we were moving was because an even better life awaited us elsewhere (This article was written by the children of Scbastiana Mendoza-Erickscn of Citrus Heights) Hispanic Link News Service WE RE WRITING this as a committee It's about Sebastiana a Mexican mother whose parents communicated in Zapotec who herself speaks Spanish and whose children do best in English Her world since coming to the United States 23 years ago has been as chaotic as a strange language a foreign culture telephones doorbells and five children could make it She arrived as the bride of an early-day American hippie In one quick Jeep trip she swapped a barefoot existence on the beaches of a South Mexico village for the broken sidewalks of East Los Angeles The same transition later killed our uncle her only brother when he was still in his 20s They found his body on one of those broken sidewalks a block from where we lived But Sebastiana survived and thrived OUR FATHER OFTEN confessed that when he met and married her he had visions of spending the rest of his life on the village beach writing and fishing More probably fishing and writing But the birth of Hector a few visits from Mexico's immigration authorities and no money coming in convinced him to head north Barely 20 Sebastiana arrived in her first pair of shoes and a dress that hid the toes She came with no schooling at all and no acquaintance with the conveniences we consider necessities plumbing running water electricity Now she tells jokes on herself how the second day she was here she scoured her Lincoln Heights neighborhood for lena kindling to put in the gas stove And how let the radio play and the telephone ring forever because she was afraid to touch them As we came along Danny Elena Elsa and finally Carlos we added to her responsibilities by falling off walls catching measles bringing failure notices home from school and demanding excessive amounts of food and love OUR FATHER traveled a lot He seemed to time his trips so that crises would always occur when he was away So our mother would have to rise way above her Afoot 9-inch height and resolve them alone In Interview Howard Jams created quite a stir in an outspoken interview with a reporter for the Mustang Daily the student newspaper at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo Here is the controversial interview) By Andrew Jowers Mustang Daily Staff Writer Howard Jarvis the blustery and brusque symbol of tax reform continues to trample where others fear to tiptoe He was co-author of Proposition 13 passed in June 1978 which slashed property taxes Now he campaigns for his latest initiative Proposition 9 which would cut the average Californian's state income tax by 54 percent Some have called this an ill-considered and blind swing of the ax at the state coffers Jarvis calls it a swing for freedom financial and political This interview took place at the Los Angeles office of the Tax Reduction Movement DAILY: What guarantees can you give me that be able to finish my education if Proposition 9 passes? I afford private education JARVIS: Who do you want to pay it? Have you got someone in mind that you would like to pay for your education? You know if you pay it somebody else like me has got to You want me to pay for your tuition I going to do it DAILY: Do you think free education has served California well? JARVIS: What we have in this school system is everything but education that we don't have All the schools are in the business of manufacturing permanent welfare recipients It's the biggest drag the biggest boondoggle the biggest corruption of public money in California DAILY: Why do you say that? JARVIS: Because the records prove it Sixty-three percent of the high schools (students) are functionally illiterate In order for you to go to college they have to rdduce the books to the eighth-grade level because you can't read them I believe in education but if you pay all your tuition I as a taxpayer still pay more than you do I bought the building and the ground that put the college there for you paying $2000 so you can get in there for $1200 not going to pay anymore DAILY: heard that part of Proposition appeal is that it helps the little guy without much money How does tuition help a poor family who can't afford to send its children to college? JARVIS: I was (from) a poor family I worked my way through four years of college I worked an afternoon shift at the Utah Copper Co 365 days a year for four years I rode an inter-urban train for 18 miles to college and I paid all my own way and I got straight-A grades Now I don't expect guys your age to have that many guts because you have a hell of a lot in the schools these days but I expect you to do something to pay your way because I think paid all I want to pay for kids going to college I think you should get a free ride DAILY: Estimates are that if tuition is charged 100000 students will be knocked out of the CSUC system JARVIS: I wish there would be and especially a lot from foreign countries We could cut 100000 foreign students legal and illegal aliens going to school here mooching on us and get them the hell out of here All you say doesn't make any impression on me because you're inferring that if you go to Cal Poly get an education I don't believe it because they don't give you one They give you a bunch of garbage DAILY: What about for example minority students who plan to go to college who can't afford tuition and who already are working to help their families? JARVIS: Good for them They have to work too I think that as long as school system is not producing Jucation that when I pay $50000 WHEN U'E REACHED wherever we were going she would make certain that her promise became reality If tortillas or tamales weren't in supply make them by hand One spring morning as she marched us through a chilly new city to expose us to its wonders we followed her right-flank command into a vacant lot littered with broken bottles old newspapers and garbage straight to a big pile of trash Her short arms flew over her head miraf Que bonitaT Look look How pretty! She bent over the pile and pushed a tin can aside exposing a small yellow flower A year ago as is our habit he found a new job in Washington 3000 miles from Sacramento where we had finally re-established some roots in college working or in case finishing high school This time we refused to budge So he offered us a deal get the house and I get your mother" But with her usual wisdom Sebastiana came up with a better solution To rtake certain that none of us miss fay little yellow flowers she commutes And on this Mother's Day ours year in taxes I get any education for it I get a scam The school system is not an education institution anymore a political Mafia for money The only difference between the school system today and the Mafia is that the schools steal more money than the Mafia I like it I wish we had some education like to pay for education but I like to blow my money on zero zilch DAILY: How much does it help your campaign having the support of people like Carol Hallett (R-Atascadero and Republican leader in the state Assembly) and (LL Gov) Mike Curb? JARVIS: It helps because quite respectable people We have some bright people both Democrats and Republicans and why Proposition 9 is going to pass in California about 3-1 DAILY: Why does their public-figure support help you but having Gov Brown against you does not worry you? JARVIS: Brown count for anything a dead duck politically because hooked up with (Tom) Hayden and (Jane) Fonda and the public thinks garbage I give a damn what Brown does no He said he's going to vote against it well I'm going to vote for it so I'm going to cancel out his vote Of course he may vote absentee because he hasn't been in the state much in the last 200 days DAILY: While campaigning for Proposition 13 you made much of the support of (Nobel Prize-winning conservative economist) Milton Friedman I read in the newspaper that come out against Proposition 9 JARVIS: He has not You can read in the damn newspaper anything you want It's a funny thing all the people that were against (Proposition) 13 when Friedman was for it they said he was a shitass And now that he 4n See JARS Forum Page.

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