Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1916
Page 6
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\ SIX. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, OCT. 18. 1916, AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS, House of Features • lik AWD TODAY CHARLES RAY in "THE DESERTER lift* fr«rn a » foot a-to— U < RfT.' "f't The. Rosco IN TOMORROW Powers and Lois Weber in TRA! OK the It-mline mnn tn "Whr-re Barton Holmes" Travel Pictures. FRIDAY , DtTSTIN FARNUM AUDETTE it and Thursday >UEK1 VAUDEVILLE BREAKS A IN A FEW HOURS t t w Hi b> > l umblf v ! n th It (lie tiff <[ M!< b S lilt i"« '- urr«',".i i - « •"',•!,IK to n th'it tin t i>ib- b* Kept t n b i no •f *f trt< d The Eye of God" rhiMrefi?" irij> with fthr "original loop the loop. acts in vaudeville, nger sml L?«ter, < >df tn- De comedy. with Vaudeville Grip of Kvll." ICach <-hap- plete In Itfwlf. 1-Vattirlnit Mis* Baundfir* ami ttoland Hoitnm- "Ixmc»ome l»uke" In on o_ reel . feature, "Fate'* "Etttt-Pllm Dreislon." Al- |PWS IN BRIEF J KT** ~. '_'. '.:'." - '..:.:.:-..:::.:—:— f NORMAL HONORS. R. Mlllpr. son of County 8u- Bnt of Schools Miller of I>*e i B 11 e n d.) n t? ""SrhTJo t~Ti T tnp~ Ht i)*»Knlh. nan je*n a -of tho dramatic club of the widen lit considered an honor. amputation an n r-ubUe npcak- yotmR main I* well l;hown In where h^ frf«iuf|ntly vialt«<l to the nun* ' ermillers' Tor—- Jnppunette Tlnnd- P-with silk- ini- -18 .*.'..... ....... OC fast Black and Tan lOc * Lined Shirts Drawers.. Wo and 25c 8* Fleece Lined Union $1.00 and 506 fose ! FLUEHR IS THANKFUL. : Sup' linteixb-lit Ktiifhr of th'- llllnol . N.-ithern I'tility Comatiy for flii< !t!i.-t. ".'IN* he N more* than pt»-a*«vl with | (lie wax the p:> Irons Heated tbe meter , r. .i.lfM yesterday by f:i\irm them the ! required'number of electric llcht woch- |f-tr tht-v-ftnvf^ in their bitfnef. He rmld .about Hire, tjmirt'Ttt of I hem Jiml count- jjilng ; ' e,| them and were i endy'- for tTie" Y«'mT-~j Thet c \ IT* when they rame to th»'Ir hornets. ; Tills wan t;rntifyliiK to him for It b» n ] *avin« of time for thin N the he«t i method to seenre them. Only two or i three of thv "patrons made 'any objection about Kl'vinK them and it i* thought they ilid not fully understand tbe situation, H"veral t bunked tbe HU- pr.rintrndrnt for the mlvanee notice in Tbe (iay.ette <onrernhiK thl« poift'c Htniiiishti •*. iinil otlif-r work of tifiture, fliljM" 1 ' loilay two vf>rj • p«-i-i?TK'n« of n«r work to Ky. Tin y \\<-r<- two police pntro ami (hcv nr« v lif-nutifttl pii-ci-H of work. tJ.tcli will .«'•:! t ii-~i(l«' ami two on tho driv<r'-< neat, rhrtfrtK fs Vrrj—•ptrrtrr'-Thr b'tif rlnt; I* of pure c<>h1 leiif, "e ge,T;oenw~ ou~TTic slileis ~TtX^-ttie- [ wagons with Ins.ltle eiiiluitiH to lower In en«e of rain. Thi' trlmmlrifr K of [reft! leather, and the rmdilon«« are of |lbe very Jiej«t. They alM» me c-b'etrb- lltfhted. The interior of the w'nRon JH of walnut finish, und they are very attractive i AT THE GRAND THUftSOAVf 1 POSTMASTERS MAY RECRUIT. Corp'tfnl Alex Johnson'^ ttif rffiuil- IIIK offh'i-r. ht-r*- a \vi,-«-k or two «uo. from tin 1 ifcnutins 'ortiff at ("llnl'Mi, has wrJUcii a k-tt« i r to Tlir StcrHnu ijawltr- in which tit 1 stntcs that all Kccoiitl, Uiini Una fourth-chisR pci^t- mnsti^r.H niiiy !>•' army rfrntitlnjr off.1- i-f-rn if th«'>- I'|IOI!«H-, Tlify will rcr»-|vf> LAST DAY OF SERVICE. xi Mat unlay will. !»»• 'tho lust Oay fur set vi«:f liy ji *iniiiiic *«iioli fM-rvico In th»> . Nnv^fnlMT v'f-ini of the City Court of Hl«'tlli;tf. The Scp<«'inl»'i- (••(»! • tiilwl last Frlilfiy. .ludttt» SheidoTi trrnilnatlnu (court that «fciy nfti-r itlvinit I IIP U.orl»lori» in llio t uo ravi'M ?<f't for Itni) ori-.-talori. A tiinn- her of new c!i.«*e» havn been tlbnl with the clerk of the • court, Karl HeNn. and from .now on more nn> expected. There is every c.videm'l' of there bt'iriK a full ilocki-t nl the opening of tin- Xov«'>mbor term. Ust* ("Hntitn of- 810 REPUBLICAN RALLY. *-"'- fl " "I'iei, f-r <•-.< b' r«.cn.iU whleb .„ . . . iw noeepted am! Mvorn in Hie arm>,. MIoomliiKton. III., oet. IX..--A niK.r-v-1 |1( , , )u> ,.,,,, lni ,., mi)st | K . Sl . r ,t t,, t{,,, ent of he ftepnb irnn r«,mpaH;n In een- ,-,(„,„„ , lfri , ,, Tlll . p.^irnnster must tml Illinois IH HHiedulfd to be the bar- s ,,, iwfv hlms ,., f ,, ml ,|'e m.,n l* sound. luM-ne In 1-unkH Krovo neM M-lday.i ( mjm , nj)( , , i( , (|v 30.000 iit'rmirfj*. Spee|n|. traiiiH iinve „,'*(','*".i.^iV" • , «j • 11 • • • * »f II'T(,t|lH»Il' f'hart»>N-<I lo carry tho»e from .din- points,' while thouHand.M ore et- d Isi automobiles. Twelve Meer« be dresserl arid rousted for .the f«-.'mt-—--KtwHH—f n-^H—ft-r-ti'iu'll'Ht—ttttrt n*Will b«> tlfcd to eook the food. Colonel Krank O. l,«»wden. t'omjri'BKman John A. SterlliiK und otheiM will dellvi-r lid- Mrs*. Marry thv dav Hlib MIM. F Hfill. Air. Mini Air*. Klmer llooxet- were j fii|-j'f--r KuewtH hist evening at (lie horrif 1 of Mr. ami Mr*. Will Homvr. | ,Mr». Itobert Hic/.Knid und baby nperit' the dnv Hid, h«-r piiri'titft, Mr. and Mrw. Asu KeoJt, of (Jail. ' Miss MarKarct Hiirbai.'h has aci:epl-( ed a poKithm in tin- odii'e of the Hoek ! FallH .Mte. f',,. J Electric Warmth for Frosty Mornings A^ LUMINOUS Elecfrk RtHlistor is just the lhit» ? \ _ to n'moyo t ho clij Jl in a hurry. Fine for bath- toom, heel room or living room. T\vo-&lower rutlintor 89 pictured, shipping charges cullott, $o. OBITUARY AJtirtu ycttr orJer to Dtfmrtmtnt 104 ELECTRIC SHOP— CHICAGO 72 West Adams Street taut Will William Miller di«-d M ••rni*>n at J:3!i o'clock after -•f eii;ln we.-kH of piirnlvwlx. nf-ral' will I... h.-l.l Thurs.lay i.ft-n.oon iiid.ty an ill Tin- ft- _.._.,..,_fu- . ^« . .. , DOG WAS HARD TO KILL. |, lt | „-,.], , rk at ,)„. „,„,„, am i „•, - ,,vi,,,.k The rhirf of po|j.e «hot a «trJUwe|,j , ll(I |t,.f ( , rnu .,| Mptiii'.iiite fluiirh. 'xrvet--tl tline-.i this morning in i -fj it , ,.itt-.v. Daniel lJe.t-;lnr,_ii£. DESERVED PUNISHMENT. Tltf-n- win* n lltilfl tnmhlo the 1 other <!t»y IxH'asiwp n prominent cltiKPti of pttniohmoni to Jay Hrnry, who IH n young man. for IndulKfnK in lnni;ii;igf> nddroftifcd to a Rirl. Thr-n» was talk of K'-t'lnp out ti .wn.r- rnnt ohii.rglnK tht» mnn wltJi ansault, hut nothlnii wan done about It, an the boy 'was' only fdumk up a llttln ami R<)t what wnc rominK to him. which WHH. tM'ttfr than having him brought b«- for«» n court und K''t it Hpntenee to a reform wohoul. * THE DENZAR LIGHTS. A ni'w Nynt»*m of «>lf<'tric lamps ban t« ; <»n tiiHtHlh-il in thf cornt'r room of ihf <!alt HoiiHf for the offlc** of tin torlliiK AHKorlatlon bf Cornmercp They are <rath*d tho 'Den star lump, ami TTrolit <il \V. I j Inc it \\-;«s il alley biu-U put a Hiiek uirs MORE NAR.ROW STORES. It lookn n.i though the narrow more rooms ar,> comlnff to stay and are wiling to b<: more and nu»re popular. l''b««-k'« feed "tore. Think- ib-id In ilia,KKid It into the of the and MtKlook over H. About fifteWv-min- lnter the dot; jumped up und run away with the «nt'k on it.« bark. i heavy Fleece Lined felon Suits.,2,00 to 7§c m ' li o a v y f or Draw- lM. fa«t colored Work Sl'to 50c heavy Duc ,,,.... $5.00 to $1.00 •Vaiul BbyK* Mackiw Coats, ,$10 to $5.00 mi ... .$7,50 to $25,00 ''a 0 yon-oil (H. $5 to $30 8~ttilid Overcoats to .,13.50 to $40.00 Vi-rtwl- llfjht'. They arc Homethintf of thc» very latent typ* 1 ? and ars jiaid t trivo '-very Rood m-rvlce and' tn bo ornamental ntt well. • OharU'H , Lendmiui lias Ju*i fiomplel*H.l the work of Inwiull a! inn. • J • DEAD FROM BULLET WOUND. Thi» .Servian, Joseph Snvlctt, who whot through the abdomen \vhll< t»artlcipatmK In a carousal In one ,o{ the boarding earn In th<» I'Aillon terminal yards last AVedncwday nlsht and taken to Mercy hotipittU in Clinton. died Hni.urday night' from tho bullet wound. The body -wax brought, to Ful- U>n tliai uiKhi uniL prepart-d -forJjurl and Sunday rnorniiiK it watt lakvii to tho 'rain p. Kouth of town. • VVALTER THOMAS BETTER. Walter Thoman, foreman of the distribution department of the local office of tho Illinois Northern 'Utility Company, WUK able to walk down town yesterday for the first time, after a, spell of sickness lantin« tdnce Aug. 14. He waw ablt- to walk • with a cane, and made the trip to.aee the new offi c e, of lh«" company, it will only b« a a RliorT time tiow liefore he will bo able to re- hid poniiioii. WINTER IN FLORIDA. \V. W, Oavjf and family who lo su sujaliL^tu ~Kl. winter, others of our e«n»iderliiK u^Uieht to »hat mn-»>n of Florida re«oVt«. like Mr«. N.- O. Van Sain. Ai. f. <JroTPT~ftt)H« t'urri iu I Mrn. Hendrleks, John Ward, 1 fJ John, 1-evl .Suavely. -J. J|. Illckford, Mrs. Annie Manahan. H. H. Htret>t, the party J« larK»» enousrh. 'a special' car may be engaged in tho Dixie Flyer. WILL' MOVE~ON~IOWA FARM. ICimer K.» H>er«, living "ea»t «f lM# i _HjLV_ ejgjit ndle»i, who ha^ tieon un thy K. W. Smith farm for the .past ti',^ I > earn, will move to Iowa in the uprlrs? ' unit locate on the. Aaron Hook farm of -=-M»-«i-j-,t>,- — M Fir-Byer^ will-tnuvo about >lan*h hi>t. The wentern lu-ar Kpirit' t-alio, in portion of the state. is lo- thfi hortl» v ti INFANTILE PARALYSIS. uj rine of thw fhUdrcn of t'briBt i''hrj»(p f of liahimman, ja reiwrted to All Indica- utol y that way. eKln. mfantjltt iia nf'tho nymptpm« room« \vm? tnken ipiickly after the Htnit'tnn? was Ktitrtrd. Mr. Baidi, \vh«i Is erecting a brh'k Htor^ on Ea«l 3rd strtft, In making two nine-foot rooms Tnift'tiiJirailiM;" flflTlini5"lti»IT~Tt!lS~Wti la being Bought by those who. want to rent bii«dnf«h room*. " TWO BOYS EXPELLED. Tho tumble? In the Hilton high has reciiltf'd (n tht» tunrd of education MiwtainhiB tho ' AUtH^rlntendent of whoolH and tho teacher« by taking action at a meeting- held Monday In thg utllc»» of Dr. \V. H. IMirkee, who Is - pren* idem of the hoard. It was voted that littiutetl CSrlMwold and Kiarl Temi»le,who had been HUKlwndinl for InRubordlna- tjnn, bo fxpt'lUxl fftMn «hL • OPERATED ON MONDAY. Helutlven hnvf rei'elvd word of the UlnexM of MIH. U'. i,. Ali'AVhorior.' of itflvidere. formerly »f thin I'lly . Ou. Monday ?*he unilerw'-nt an operation at thi* Hf. .losoph Hospital, but i.i rfjxJrtrd t(» be "doiiiK nireiy. Alaluaj.'i± bv tin- 1!" hid., .will ofll(-iat< Michael Deetei. of Morrison. Ill, Interment Will lie In lUvel.Mlde ei-lnefrry. l^ll/nbeth l-'inher wan b»rn In ^'oiK, 1'a.. March 1't, IM5. Shr wtiw united In marriage to Hev. William Miller on ,l;tn. 1^. 1 iiii!'. In l*;ine;iMter, I "a., wlnTc they re.«i<iei| until 1SH1. when they moved to Cans County, Missouri, ret--jdimr Jin that vielnlty until |t>t:t, when tiny ltl sterling until ISHO. they j tt . flirm , H)rth ,,,f thin city, move,, ,,„,„ ! where the) AIRDOMETORN DOWN. Tho nirdomo which wa» -1)11111 la at. summer in. tho hopi' that It would, be- t-ome u popular moving picture, houwo during the, Hummer month** did not pan out. After Winning It for a month or two the mamitfement found It wa« not a money makor,. and It was cloaed up. Workmen hnvo now torn -it down. DAILY WEATHER REPORT. The ChleaKo weather bureau for^-cast for today IM IIH follws: Urain tonight and Thursday: Mttmowhut warmer to r »ilght In went portion; colder Thursday; IncrtaHlng to north eanterly winds. TO DAY *IN ILLINOIS HISTORY, ~18, I7SO, tr>-«u ! ^e— Vintlnia • troops F practically evacuated llllnolH, loavinR rtidy a few ftmldierx at Kawkawkla. ^H, Bio vi K iiiiiT T«in;;n», hi Mre. Ilitrry Hill in ri-p'Tlcd vi-ry pick. Head Ci'illmViiva ml on pan:*? r>.* ,Mr^. l'*n % d (•"M'rlr'hf! ppe.nt Mnjiday und Tuesday i»i' < 'hi< ;nro on lm«ltlfi.«x. I>IIK'<> I'Vlda) nii;lit nt Tiunpioo. t.'oohinn'N orrln'strn.* Cecil Sttirti'vant went to ChlcuK» Mnndtty with a carload of ranks l»aiH-«i .u .lorih-ii 'I'owri Hull. \\Vrl.. Oct. t';it!i, Adml'.«lon, '.Oi 1 ,* Mllcsf, of l>Hon, ctitU'd' «'in frlrnilif hero .ov«'iiin«:. Mr. and Mm. John Hnrtrtn. of Tnm- vlvi 1 , Thi-y an- Hitxan, and Alary, all of whom n- «'a«li'r, I'M. .sin 1 \v;i?< Ihi fiunily Homy , Christ i- fri mothfr of Ithfe.. ehildr.-n. i'hrl«t Mill-r. of t!il.-« jflty. Will !•", Milter. «-dit..|- of the Times- ;-UepnbhiMU. of H,is niiu.s. III., iind I'an- Hie. \\lin pa'-tseij a\\ay. in Issn. M!".-, Milb'f . \v!i" J u-LritUu-jj—uiiUt—^1:11- al,\ <i« eitjlit «»iek- :ii,'!i. Snji'e that till!'' *-'l|e has b'-ett ill a seinl-t'ouseloirn r«uj- dltion. gradually urownm «eal;er. iiniil th'- ''iiii eairse Monday. , . • Tl-.'in Mrs. n'li/ab-iri Mllfer sti-rllm: bus !i>'Ver bad a more yiiH'ere I'hrlHtl'ill viotnan. Comin« from n rsu-e of Htnnly .pioneers -(jodfeniint: men and .women - she'wat* naturally of .-i devout nature. !n !«-7t; fhe'unlted with the IJeforrned • ., , ilfi lwl( .hlnK". Mammon, it to walk etrlill: Him. H| <-nt tlio day in Ch« .*. wpcnt tl»« (lay in f'hl- H. ' wn« A biiKlnesM wilier ' ' OUCH! LUMBAGO PAIN! BUB BACKACHE AWAY Instant Relief With a Small 7 Trial Bottle of Old "St. Jacob's Oil." KUInoy'd c'jHiMO liaekacho? No! Th#y no ncrvvif, .thereforo ittnnot .CUUBO LlHton! Your l)nt'ka<*1ic*l(t CJIIIB- d'liy lumbago, Hclnllivi or n strain, i ml the MtilcUcMt rclli-f IB aoothing, nnotrHtliiK 'Ht. Jiu-olm OH." Hub M right <m your pufiifuT luick, und in- a ml iam«»m*«H dimippcarK. Oon't stay crii»- piod! (jot a small trial ; bottlo of "Ht. Iu«)b«—till.'!—from your druggist, and imbtir-tut.i- -A^tttomyU after it IH ap- illed you^lf•' wonder what becamo of tho/bttcHache or Jumbago pain. ^old, hom-Mt "Ht, Jacobs but' you have.KclatHui, neuralgia, •lipunmtlsm or npralnn. UH it In abHo- and doesn't burn the A, -11, Cooling ftiRo on I.:, A. latfli on bUKllle U sV. llittorf • Frank Cumin, of Oixun, called on friends hf-re last evtMiinif. Mr. and : Mrp. .W- '*• Hen«on spent the d:iy Us chlrawo with frlendx. Frank Kronk, who ban btH*n very pick for three week.H is* improving, I?iiKebaM Miyji, Harmon will give ilanee in nurr'w ITttlt. Friday, '<.H"l."2" Mrw. Simon Kuinf<r. cf Hpent TueNilay ht'i't? on ..,('«•<-n..MarUn iv-iurnejj. from n'Vl.tit. in lieiroit, •i .UiuntuaK*'...i*al«\>.. V.. «M, <', aiWI Hatnrtia)". Oolober -rt-- - Mrs. <k»orK«" M;ii'tin,'of I't'i >-pi'iit Tii«'Hday ht-n 1 . Mrs. I'. A, Whltiivy,' of Kpont Tuesday here' with frk'hds, Ned t'oe arrived'h»mo Tuesday from \a vi«il In SprinsstU'lil. Alii*. K. K. ItO(i:«, Mr. and Mr«, Jay , of Tampico, spont -Tui'Sday Iitfr*' with ft-rendH JMuadiiy ,JIYJd.ajr. Read from a ad on paj;o 5.* ake>:- retui-nod -iiume. wwk's visit In (,'hi. , noilco. car loud of potatiios on irnek nt liarmnn. <Jvi your win- Mr.-*, purl' l^twolU-r, who' underwent ajierloua upt-rjitiau IK i tipidly improving and IH cntiroly out of diiiiKcr. — Mm. Irciif l{nii»it» Lmtdb. of fliira* i« viMltliiK ait tho home fit Mra. J<is- I'phlnc Ward un Hixth avemi« v . Sir. Wiwl Mrs, .1,,K Dintlchy U>ft to- ilny for u wm-K'tt' vlNlt with friends In North wood iimi Maxon City, lowu, and AIN'rt Irf>«, Minn, When KivliiK iv dinner «r party rv~ m«mbvr The Kntcrprlse, 315 First 4t¥4atue,-tmv^ a fnl^.4U>tv-of-4tohe»-4uul. plain jttc'hpd «r cut giiiiis for rent,* Itohtirt Mut'Mk und family left- yt'«ter« diiy for cjuklt»y, Kuu., wher« they wilt t IW Mil Ml IH'MT (hnt pll4ut* uwiivd ntioiiM advocate of „. ,,vs a student of the: ei if ;;is;en in farmiiiK for <-b-yen yearf, | HJI,|,, y |,,, M |,,,,i 4 ^mit Comfort t'tom it> i niovin;: IQ tin ir prej--ent home nlneieei» j ;,..„.,„)„ , UH | nnHhed MW--IV firm J»_Uj.u.i yearn a«o. ' I belief of ;l futur*' wilvatlon. f Mff, Miller was one of a family of j .,- ,, .. , ,.„ . \ thirteen ,-hildren. - four or whom ..r- j JlV^R ^^^ fin ' making horm 1 pl«'-n><ant; the family clr-• •. < x le happier. Ainoiit: h"r m-ichborH. xh«* i wa« known as eiiie to whom all mlf.'bt ,• K<« with their .trials: "be wan alway,-! ; leaily to lay asiib- her own work in j onter to share woine OUC'M i>l>-e biirdt'i'i" i 8ln- lived her life MiiK-lly m-CMi-dinw to-' ithe Colib-n Kllle, ever KlrivihK to do ; tlllto ifthvrx JIN >!|e would • that I bey ! nil^ht do iniio her, dnliiK (!ooi| with- t out hope of material reward, ever ready j -in—Irtrri—rt—ht-ffrtttK—Itrttrt}—tbrtf—It! Jtt^f-jr-f; mlubt be happy. Her husband, fain-j ily, frieinlH and neiKhbors wero .llr«t! in her thoughts, l.ler eharartvr wa« j one of rare sweetm-Ms H^<1 purity. \ Thv world IH bl-ttr : r that Mr«. Miller! has lived In -It.- She 'leaven behind her S a heritage of love. Hy her rare, un-j selfi-sb natnro «he bun without onten-1 , taught a lesson—the lenrnm that in tliH age of rush and pursuit REAL ESTATE LOANS First Mortgage Invettmenti Carefully «olnc(e.l 1'itrrn Mort- u:u;es reprctseiit th»* hiKhi'*t typo of ticcurlty. Tho income- \* Irro.itor tlian thnt of nny""t>thcr ln\e«unont offering nl»»olutft wiffly. Interest niul principal Collecteil without chfirjto. - JOHN M. STAGER Law Office Stager"* Stager Constipation! Slow Suicide.! Give Trex a Chance to Cleanse Your Bowel* and System. Makes You j F-«1-t^H»r~Tjgr.TnnnrOnty r ~25K j K. T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONDS ' Net 'Mo 6 per cent Exi-mpt from Inconia Tax LOANS .INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bfdg. Sterling. HI. (Set your liver nc'thiK freely, — your liowclfi rid of MtisKJiunt filth and ri-su- l«t«Hi. >'o«r ijyxu'm frvc from- irritfit- hiK P«IHOII and you'll ffel like a different pf*rxun. A :;£.«,' piu'kagt» of .Trox will prow it l>y rt-Btilisi. Wnu-h that ft>\erl»h, ht-adachy, dull, all-in, gnod-for-notli- ^nlHh. Trex starts thin«»j In a hurry, yi-t IM mild and j i>lca,iant. It promotes t-llmlnation of trritiitluK rheumntlc i»nd Dtht'r jwii*- OIIH ami iirluccK inittinil hody drain - ufto. ' You'll fi't'l . all mad*' <iv<;r, . fu'll of your old pup and Ringer, nm>. (lot ~ 7 , j pj^ -TTPttef tortny — jJ5e ,h t - Mt er- Pharmacy Co.. or othrr driiKBl. 1 »ti*,. or-dlr«M>t from H. B. -l>nton •-& O*v (Not Im-.iV Hi'ardHtown, III. 4TI JOHN A; WARD Attornty at Law MONEY TO LOAN On H«al K«tate S^cuHty • MORTGAGES FOR SALE Lawrence Bids)-. Sterllnfl, III. We Appreciate Your Order AUCTION SALE Saturday, Oct. 21 Beginning at 1:00 P. M, The .entire Ha-rdware .l»y. «if this cltyl Hul<«. 'Y. M. r. A., Friday. Julo Btoddard, Winter IX«|<'OVPPO, W, A. (lotdor. John A. lx>o« and William •ilrhuehi wtwt to Clinton. la,; today t» tit tend the Grand i*odgo nun-ting uf tho Odd J'VIHnVs,- , (lalUiwaya ad on page f».* Stock of Gus Breiding Including Wtrnvs; I^ad dors, (!ori} nunkinK Tooln, Washing Mat'liinos, liuild- mvs* and slidf liardware. Thi» «ale will offor a lot of good tinware and Kitchen Uton- I Sale will .continue Saturday —nigh't until everything i« »old, Frank Haskell, Receiver. . for onr coal, and it have our iiiniu'tliate will a rut ea re I'u I attention. '<.)ur -bins rontain iiotliiii"; but llio cU-aiu'st -kind of coal shipped tho iWl to di roc I from Bi Leader Ia«n]), l Nui. ....... '-'-- : ••-••-• Washed Nut tor fed Furnace.' fir \iiul - People's PHONES 211 SECOND AVE. Everybody Should Hear psusr; AT ACADEMY OF MUSIC 20th, AT 8:00 P. M. inator Sherman was In were passed. HE WILL TELL YOU THE COLD FACTS. Do Not Fall to MEXICAN SITUATION Ladies Especially Invited. EUROPEAN WAR. *****

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