Eastern Carolina News from Kenansville, North Carolina on March 31, 1909 · Page 3
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Eastern Carolina News from Kenansville, North Carolina · Page 3

Kenansville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1909
Page 3
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astern Carolina Hews KENANSVILLE, N. C. LOCAL SEWS. -It will be called "greater Raleigh" after a little while. Mr. H. D. Farrior Is at horns on a visit for a few days. . - .-Mrs. Alice Stanford is on a visit to Mi B- c- Bowdeik' Miss Mattie Pickett recently visited friends at Mount Olive. - Mr. A. L. Lanier, of Lower Du- liu was here on business last week. Rivers D. Johnson, Esq., of War-jgw. v is here last week on legal business. uansville nine will play Faison on toe hitter's diamond on next Mon-(; . , ...I we understand. whip-poor-wills have come crt. so e may now look for spring yo.i'.her sr. re enough. . f - dve:iise your business and your will grow. All wide-awake nn-rcluir.: - are found advertising. Miss Cora Kornegay has returned hon;e from Wannanish, where she has been teaching for several months. Corn planting is now going on among the farmers. The season is about two weeks earlier than last year. D. S. Hines advertises a farm for sale containing about 400 acres. Look up the ad in this issue. Good chance for right man. There is said to be such a thing a a dried apple trust coming into view. Surely its promoters though will be airaid to add any water. jurv of women all married nri all mothers, ought to sit in the case of the kidnappers. This would cause an object lesson to be made at least. The v. hopeful, t cold w;:-'.: good r....r the past v. Or.f thirty-two ,!: rowers are still very r. alter several days of A. early morning frosts. A erries were killed during L.n claims to have located ions in one small locality to be visited by Mr. Roosevelt Evidently the beasts are holding a convention to consider the situation. We art glad to know that Editor J. P. Caldwell, of the Charlotte Observer, is able to be carried to his home from the hospital. At last ac counts the patient was doing very Wf'l. hue passing through Texas a box car that was thought to. contain beans waafound to have about a score ot Chinamen. They were ar rested for violating the immigration law. I he small boys are enjoying a season of catfishing these days. They are fishing in the Grove and simply set their hooks to return after a while and find their hooks holding fast to cat fish. Messrs. Jesse D., Henry Rv Charles F. and J. N. Southerland and Mrs. Jas. F. Shine, of Aiagnolja, andS Mrs. Bcwden Oates, of Faison, were here Tuesday to attend the funeral of their father, Mr. J. N. Southerland li you are not taking the News, write us at once and let us put your name along with the 1,500 others who are bona fide subscribers. We don't, want any deadheads, but we do want more subscribers who will pay for the papor. Mr. G. C. Wilkins, of Beulaville, was a welccme visitor here Saturday Mr. Wiikins never forgets the News, and he always runs the editor down when his subscription expires to pay up again. He is- one of Duplin's best citizens and farmers. Mr. D. W. Alderman, of AIcolu, S. C, sends check to the William A. Allen Chapter, Daughters of the Con federacy, for the Confederate monu ment. Mr. Alderman is a native ,of Duplin and is now a leading business man of the Palmetto State. Stock running at large on the streets of Kenansville will not last many days. The commissioners are going to attend to this matter at once No town presents a good appearance with stock running at will on the streets and public places. The boys of the Grove Academy baseball nine went to Wilmington Monday where they played the Cape Fear High School. They stopped over at Burgaw on Tuesday and played the nine of that town. We will give a full account of the games next week. We are more in favor of taxing dogs now than ever. Nearly every day we see where some unfortunate person has been bitten by a mad dog The life of one person is worth more than a whole world full of dogs. Tax the dogs to educate the children will be a long step in the right direction. A daily mail from Magnolia would be a great convenience to our people The present R. F. D. route could eas ily come by Kenansville and not put anybody to any great inconvenience. This would give us all Southern mail at noon, so that it could be answered by the afternoon mail to Warsaw Let's try to get it. ' Now a fellow turns up in Pitts burg and declares that he believes himself to be Charlie Ross, the kid napped boy of long ago. Now the whole country willrobably go wild abqut getting into some sort of kid nappers' organization, without being willing to suffer the real pain and an guish of it. The Warsaw tODacco warehouse will have 80 feet added to the front this summer. This will afford all the floor space needed and it will be" a great advantage te- the management of the warehouse. Farmers, stand by this tobacco warehouse with' even more loyalty. The buyers will be there fcrall the large tobacco companies. Hon. B. F. Grady is not failing to write history for the people that has never been taught them before, His articles ring strong and clear with truth and those who read them should file them away for the benefit of com ing generations. Mr. Grady is, perhaps about the ablest historian ' in the State. He is every Inch a Southern r, but broad enough to give every man his just dues. i hose who have a soil survey map of Duplin, should- be -careful to preserve it. It would be a good Idea for our people to framethese valuable maps and hang them up in the homes and places of business. , They furnish a great deal of information about the sou and roads and streams. These maps were gotten up by the government in its geological survey of our eounty some six years ago. We notice that a bill has been introduced by Congressman Charles R. Thomas, asking for $10,000 for a monument for Moore's Creek Battle eround. Senator Lee S. Overman Is also active for the appropriation. To think that the whole nation should be deeply interested in this battle ground of the Revolution and to think of the little money that Congress has appropriated for it seems ' ridiculously strange. The News received a letter from the venerable editor and grand . old man, Dr. T. B. Kingsbury, this. -week, in which he acknowledges that he is getting old and can scarcely write. He says, "I am now In my 81st '"year.," All North Carolina would rejoice- to see him. live a score of years more: " He has been a useful man to the. State, and we shall, not. see his tfke again; We appreciate the complimentary letter from this wise and able patriot: - The. Moore's Creek Monumental Association decided a few years ago to elect historians In order that valuable information could be secured from all those who may have it Judge O. H. Allen, R. G. Grady and others whom we have forgotten, were elected historians. They are gathering all such important nlstory for publication and it will be published in nice book form. This will be of great interest to the people of the whole country.. Since our last issue we notice that a great many boys in the State have entered into the contest lor the largest yield of corn to one acre. Those boys in Duplin should bear it in mind that there are others trying for the prize. We want, to see the Duplin boys win out in harvest time. They have entered the race to win, and they are made of the right -sort of material to win. The board of education should offer a prize to these boys and encourafe them in their efforts. The Mount Olive Tribune has en tered upon its sixth year of life. The Tribune has ably represented its town and the stood countv of Wavne. Tt. rt- rknowledges the receipt of several 'back sets" up to now, but speaks hopefully of the future. We hope that the Tribune will prosper as the days go by. It is a clean, honest newspa per that deserves to succeed. Bro. Mintz ought not to forget that his greatest fortune has been made and the partner of his life will rejoice with him in all of his triumphs. We regret exceedingly to note-the death of Mr. Turnbull, of Bowden, father of Mr. A. R. Turnbull, of the Rowland Lumber Co. He ws found dead in bed on Sunday morning. Mr. Turnbull wa prominent in the busi ness world. He was a man of fine traits of character and liked by all who knew him. He had been down to visit his 'son, Mr. A. R. Turnbull who is general manager for the Row land Lumber Co., at Bowden. Notice of his death and something of his life appears elsewhere in this issue. SUDDEN DEATH OF MR. TURN BULL, AT BOWDEN'S, N. C. Mr. Robert W. Turnbull, president of The Rowland Lumber Company, of Norfolk, Va., and Bowden, N. C, and father of Mr. A. R. Turnbull, general manager of the company, died at Bowden, N. C, Sunday morning at 1:30, of heart failure, aged 75 years, 2 months, and was a resident of Minneapolis, Minn., where he and his son had other lumber interests. Since the stock of the Rowland Lumber Co. was acquired by the deceased and his son, Mr. A. R. Turnbull, he has spent his winters here, enjoying the mildness of the climate, and the general satisfac tory conditions of his interests here, The family, who were with him here for the winter, consisting of his devoted widow, three daughters and son and family, left here Sunday night, for their former home in Minneapolis, accompanying the body. The acquaintances in this section of this fine old gentleman will hear with sorrow of his demise, and extend to the son their keenest sympathy. Out of respect to the memory of the deceased, the large lumber interest of the company- will be closed a week. MR. JNO. H. BLAYLOCK PASSES AWAY ANOTHER SOLDIER DEAD. On March 20th, at the Soldiers' Home at Raleigh, another one of Du plin's soldiers answered to the last roll call on earth. Mr. John H. Blay- lock died after a long spell of illness, and the remains were brought home on the 21st and buried beside his wife in Wolfscrape township, Mrs. Blaylock preceded him to the grave several years and shortly after that his health began to decline. He was in his 75th year and was for a long while one of Duplin's most substantial citizens Mr. Blaylock was a brave Confederate soldier, a loyal and faithful patriot. devoted to his home and Southland From the first to the last battles in the war between the States he was al ways found on the firing lines- and he despised those who refused to follow the flag of Lee and Jackson in that bloody conflict. The writer deeply re grets to chronicle the death of this true man. We had known him for a good many years, and at his own home we have listened to the story of his career with interest. He was always cordial to friend and stranger, and no man was turned away from his door He leaves one son, Mr. D. J. Blaylock, who is following in the footsteps of his good father. He has the sympa thy of a great many friends. ' BEULAVILLE NEWS. Uncle Sam Wilkins, an old colored man of near here, celebrated his 101st birthday a short time since, and is hale and hearty, and can walk two or three miles briskly. He comes put to the postoffice often, a distance of about two miles, to get his tobacco, etc. Mrs. N.: P. Jarman is on the sick list this week. We hepe she will soon be well again. Miss Stanfield, of the graded school faculty, after the close of the graded school, remained over to teach a sub scription school for a few weeks. Dr. Kennedy made a professional visit over the creek last Sunday. Mrs. C. Q. Grlsham will soon occu py her new handsome dwelling, which Is now nearing completion. The postoffice department having designated our postoffice- as a domestic money order office will commence to issue money orders on Thursday, April the 1st. Some of our farmers finished planting corn last week and will soon be transplanting tobacco. Plant beds are real nice this spring. Mr. Scott Stanford passed through our town last, week en route tpKe- nansville after a trip down through Jones,, Onslow and Duplin counties. The Messrs. Fountain, of East. Du plin,-and the Misses Walton, of near here, were visiting in our town last Sunday afternoon. Even a slow-witted man may even tually get next in a barbershop. iWlfiiiiiiig ig Shipment Just In ! Newbury KILLS WOULD-BE SLAYER. A merciless murderer is Appendicitis with many victims. But Dr. King's New Life Pills kill it by prevention. Theygently stimulate stomach, liver and bowels, preventing that clogging that invites appendicitis, curing Constipation, Biliousness, Chills, Malaria, Headache and Indigestion. 25c. at W. B. Cooper's. Most druggists can furnisH an Imitation or something just as good. Robert Bruce McDaniel Memorial Hospital. KlNSTON, NVC, March 22, 1909. The Management begs to announce that the institution will de closed for annual vacation, renovation and repairs from April 5 to May 12. Very truly, Drs. J. M. and W. T. Parrott. NOTICE OF LAN Li SALE. By virtue of a certain mortgage deed, executed by J. Wade Stringfleld, to J. H. Rehder, on October 9th, 1906, and registered in Book 183 at page 99, in the office of the Register of Deeds of Duplin county, default having been made in payment thereof, the undersigned will, under the power of gale therein contained, sell at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash, at the court house door in Kenansville on Monaay, the 3rd day of May, 1909 the land conveyed in said mort- i-gage, described as follows: A one-half undivided interest in a certain tract or lot of land situate on the south side of Church street In the town of Rose Hill, adjoining the land of C. M. Steinmetz and others, beginning at a Stake in the center of Church street, in C. M. Steinmetz line, thence as his line S. 16 E.' 150 poles to a stake in the Matthews line; thence as the Matthews line S. 69 1-2 W. 15 1-4 poles to a-take, James Henders' corner, thence as his line N. 16 W. about 51 poles to the center of Church street; thence as the center of Church street to the beginning, containing 4 1-2 acres more or less. This the 30th day of March, 1909. J. H. REHDER. R. G. GRADY, H- D. WILLIAMS, Attorneys. -A NOTICE OF LAND SALE. By virtue of the power vested in the undersigned commissioner appointed by the Superior Court of Duplin Count, North Carolina, February Term, 1909, In a certain civil action entitled S. O. Middleton vs. Edward I. Brinson, I will, on Monday, the 3rd day of May, 1909, at the court house door in Kenansville, N. C, at 12 o'clock M., sell to the highest bidder for cash the following described parcels of land: . ' First Tract: Beginning at a spruce pine, corner of John Southerland's land and runs his line to the head of a drain, thence with the drain to Muddy Creek; thence up the creek with its., various courses to John Andrews' line; thence with his line to David Sloan's line; thence with his line to Clem Olispie's line; thence his line to the beginning, containing 100 acres, more or less. v Second Tract: Beginning at John Andrews' corner and runs his line to Everltt Brinson' s line; thence with his line to Clem Glispie's line; thence with his line to Hankins' line; thence the- Hankins line to the beginning, containing 10 acres more or less. Third Tract: Beginning at the run of Muddy Creek in - John Andrews line and runs with his line 72 yards to the run of the creek; thence the creek with its various courses to th beginning, containing 5 1-2 acres more or less. Fourth Tract: Beginning it a pine, John Fountain's corner, and runs his line about N. 60 E. 196 poles to a pine his corner, on the old line corner; thence the old line N. 45 H. 60 poles to a ,pine; thence with the old line K; 77 W7106 poles to a stake; thence S. 49 W. 160 poles to Isaac Edwards' corner; tffence his line in the big pond branch to. Fountain's linej -thence his line to the beginning, oontaining 116 acres, more or less. This the 20th day of March, -1909 i D. L. CARLTON, . . ' ; Commissioner. ami ;:ouchift efore Buying Supply MAGNOLIA, N. We again call our subscribers attention to the fact that we have been sending them sample copies of the weekly News and Observer and the Farmer and Mechanic for several weeks. Those who desire to continue taking these two excellent papers for a year will please send us $1.00 by mail at once. Every family in the county "should take these papers at this low price. An eight-page weekly and a sixteen page farm paper for only $1.00 per year is certainly a bargain. If you desire these papers please fill out the blank below and mail" to us at once. EASTERN CAROLINA NEWS, KENANSVILLE, N. C. Dear Sir: Enclosed find $ which please send me the for weekly Newj and Observer and the Farmer and Mechanic one year. Name Post Office. THE LURID GLOW OF DOOM wasBeen in the red face, hands and body of the little son of H. M. Adams, of Henrietta, Pa. His awful plight from eczema had, for five years, defied all remedies and baffled the best doctors, who said the poisoned blood had affected his lungs and nothing could save him. "But," writes his mother, "seven bottles of Electric Bitters completely cured him." For Eruptions, Eczema, Salt Rheum, Sores and all Blood Disorders and Rheumatism Electric Bitters is supreme. Only 50c. Guaranteed by W. a. Cooper. CHUFAS FOR SALE. 1 have between 60 and 75 bushels 6f seed Chufas for sale at my home about three quarters of a mile from Cooper's M1117 Apply at once. A. W. ANDERSON, P. O. Warsaw, N. C. ' FARM FOR SALE ! Will sell a farm containing about 400 acres, dwelling ready and In good community. Terms cash, or half cash. Write at once, v ' D. S. HINES, Kenansville, N. C. NOTICE. Having this day qualified as executors of the estate, of Wm. H. Sloan, deceased, this is to notify all persons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment All persons having claims against the said estate will present them to the undersigned on or before the 2nd day ofMarch, 1910, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. This the 2nd day of March, 1909. E. D. SLOAN, A. R. SLOAN, Executors. March 11th, fit. 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A full line of drugs, fancy stationery, rubber goods toilet articles, schoel supplies. NOTICE. Having this day qualified as Executor of the estate of Wells Mathis, deceased, this is to notify all persons owing said estate to make immediate payment All persons having claims against said estate will present them to the undersigned on or before February 27, 1910, or this notice will be pleaded In bar of their recovery. This February 27, 19W. RICHARD MATHIS, JACOB ROUSE, Executors. March 3 45 times. J. A. TAYLOR, Wholesale Grocer, - SOLE AGENT FOR GOLD MEDA FLOUR Wilmington, N. C. DR. J. H. HONNETT, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat SPECIALIST I Office and Hospital Practice. No. 12 North Front Street, WILMINGTON, N. C. FOR SALE. White Wyandotte Chickens and Eggs for sale. Full Blood. One Jersey and one Holstein Cow, now milking. 100 acres of timbered land. 700 acres other land. All good for farming. Call on or write,. C. V. BATTS, Wlllard, Pender Co., N. C. Heed on the Farm HOME ! for Fall and Winter Trade. to buy of me as I am careful to date, ana mat suite ine iraae. my store, examine my Goods and . " Magnolia, N. 0. Go WALLACE DRUG CO, Panics may come, ' And panics may go, But we go oh forever i - Supplying our customers with the best money can buy or American skill produce, PURE DRUGS, PATENT MEDICINES. SUNDRIES, HOT WATER BOTTLES, SYRINGESf TOILET ARTICLES, s STATIONERY,. TOBACCO, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, PIPES. Agency for HEADLEY'S FINE! CANDIES. We are after-business ! Give us yours. WALLACE DRUG CO, B. C. SHEFFIELD, Manager DR. J. G -MURPHY. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, and Fitting Glasses. tff Office Southern Building - WILMINGTON, N. C. REPORT QF THE CONDITION OF THE BANK OF ROSE HILL AT ROSE HILLjIN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA; AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS, FEB. 5 1909. Resources. Loans and discounts ...$ 37,832.25 Banking Houses, $3,751.76; Furniture and Fixtures $930.00 4,681.76 Due from banks and bankers 1,500.01 Cash items 677.90 Gold coin 450.00 Silver coin, Including all minor coin currency 149.21 National bank notes and other U. S. notes 813.00 Total ) $46,104.13 Liabilities. Capital stock $ 10,000.00 Undivided profits, less current expenses and taxes paid 1,259.10 Dividends unpaid... 6.00 Notes and bills rediscounted 3,200.00 Bills payable 3,000.00 Time certificates of deposit 16,492.64 Deposits subject -to check. . 12,135.52 Cashier's checks outstanding , 10.87 Total $46,104.13 i 8tate ef North Carolina, County of Duplin, ss: I, W. B. Southerland, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true te the best of my knowledge and belief. W. B. SOUTHERLAND, Cashier. Correct Attest: t W. D. HENDERSON, W. H. FUSSELL, MAURY WARD, Directors. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 12th day of Feb., 1909. J. F. BLIZZARD, Notary Public. DENTAL SPECIALISTS! Why Par Two Prices for Your DKiviys.rv work? We have the finest equipped offices in North Carolina and will save you money on all work. PLATES $5.00. CROWNS $4.00. Crown and Bridge work a Specialty. All work guaranteed, and at prices that will please you. Teeth Extracted Free. Lady Attendant. DR. JAS. W. POWELL'S DENTAL PARLORS, Garrell Building, 2nd and Princess Sts WILMINGTON, N. C. " 2he Doctor Who Don't Iturt." I. P. ALDERMAN, Justice ef the Peace and Notary Public ROSE HILL, N. C. MctlAIR & PEARSALL Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants, Wilmington, N. C. We - wish to thank our friends for their favors to us in the past to solicit their business for the year 1909. We continue a full line of Groceries at wholesale. Specialties: Flour, Coffee, Rice, Canned Meats, Evaporated Fruits, Cheese. Seed Oats! Nails!, Smoke DaCosta Cigars! 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