Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 12, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1944
Page 6
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WEDNESDAY JULY NAUGATUGK DAILYYNEWS The Air Today 4SIN) p. m. WOR—News; Gambling 3VARC---Broadway Mnlincc WATR-WJZ—Ethel and -Albert \vJJAJ,-'-VVTIC—Buckstugc Wife •1:15 |). in. WEAV.WT.IC—Stella Dallas 'WAT.R-W.IZ— Don Norman Show WABC—Matinee: News 4:30 p. in. WAEC—Orr .!ho .Record; Neighbor WAT n-\VJX— No ws WOK—Detective Stories WEAF—Lore n'/,o Jones •1:15 p. in. WEAK-WTtC—Young Widclcr Brown ' WA.BC— liny Scott Orch. WJZ-WAT rt—Correspondents A:IN) p. in. WJX—Hop Hurrlgan WABC—To bu announced WATR—Terry and Pirate:: WEAK-WTIC—When o Girl Marries WOR—Uncle Don 5:13 p. ni. WOR—Chick Curler WABC—Mother and .Dad •WATR—Melody Revue WJ 55—Dick Tracy WEAF-WTIC—Love and Learn WATR—Melody Revue 5:30 p. m. WABC—News WOR—-Tom Mix Show WATRVWJZ—Jack Armstrong •WT1C-WKAF—Just Plain Bill 5:'I5 p. in. WOR-WATK—Superman '.WABC—Wilderness Road 'WJZ—Capt. Midnight «:IH» p. ni. WOR—Prayer;' Headlines WATR-WTtC—News WEAF-WTIC- VVJZ— News. «:ir. p. III. WABC—Murary Orch. and Chorus WATR—Mu.«ic for Dlnl-ng ' -WEAK—To be announced WO R- WT.IC—Nc w.x WJ2—Hop Jhirrigun .-...•• • • , B:30 p.' ni. WOR—News. -' , .. WEAF—' Sercnaders WABC—Jeri Sullavnn VfJK— Whose War? Sports WATK—News: Songs . (i:'!5 p. in. WOR—Stan Lomax. Sports WATR—Pleasure, rrotlt: Inler- luclo WABC—World Today WEAK-WTIC—Lowell Thomas 7:00 p. in. WAEC —[ Love a Mvstery WJZ—News DON'T FORGET THE GT11 \VAIl LOAN JIHIVI:! ! HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEI,. 4HXO KOCCO HADO, Prop. WEAF-WTIC—Music Shop WATR-WJZ—Connie Boswell ' Bhow " ' •'"•• WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr.,. News 7:15 p; in. WOR—Anawcr Man WABC—Passing Parade WTIC—World News 7:30 |>, in. WO.R—Cnn You Top This? WABC— -jVces WTIC—Studio. Program . WJZ—Lone Ranger WEAF—-Roth Orch.. and Chorus WATK—Phone Your Answer 7:46 p. ill. • ' WTIC—To bo anounced WEAF—N own WATR—Spitulny Orch, 8:00 p. ni. WEAF—Beat the Band WATR-WJZ—Watch tli c World Go By WOR—News WTIC—Mr. and Mrs. North WABC—A., Carle Orch. 8:15 p. in. WATR-WJZ— Lum 'r.,V Abner WOR—Nick 'Carter «:30 u.'m. WEAF-WTIC—Beat the Band WOR—Xavicr Cugat VV-AVJC—Dr. Christian WJZ-WATR—Best Girla l»:00 p. ni. WA.BC—Jack Carson Show WEAF-WTIC—Time to Smile WOR—Gabriel Healtcr WATR-WJK— Dunnlngcr Show ft: 1ft p. m. WOR—Screen Test »::<» p. 111. WEAF—Mr. District Attorney WABC—Mildred Bailey Show A nt-Wja-T-Spollijrht on Lyman WOR—First Nighter IO;lNi p, in. WABC—Groat Moments W.IB-WATR—R. G. Swing, News WOR—News , WEAF-WTIC—Kay Kyacr Show 1»:15 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Ted Malonc WOR—War News 1(1:30 .p. m. WABC—Queri'tin Reynolds , WOR—Sympohnctto • . : WJZ—Green Hornet '•' VVA'i'R—Dancing Discs; Newa i 10:45 p. in. ; WATR—Chuck Foster Oroh. 11:00 p. m. ALL Stations—News Jl:lfi p. m. WOR—News: Weather: Almanac \VIiAF—Harkness of Washington \V 'I '/ ^J^ltt.w National League Pounds Out ..':-."• ' •••"."!" • • •• ••'•; ; ''•;•.- ',--'' •'; 7-1 Victory Over Americans INDIAN TAMER By Jack Sord? Pittsburgh's Rip Sewe Throws Hitless Ball Fo Three Innings Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment HOMIl 'EM WITH 11O.MH.S Victor — C'oliinililu — Dcecu SWAN ELECTRIC CO. CIIUHCII ST. TKL, 2374 , —News WABC—Tommy Tucker Orch. WATR— Ray Hcnlo. News Jl:30 p. m. WAEC—Invitation, to Music \VEAP-WTJC—Arthur Hopkina \VJJi—Rumpus Room WATR—Chiridge Orch.; News \VO1"<—Talk. Foreign Policy 12MH) MidnlKht WEAF-WTIC—News; Kry'thm Ramble WABC—News; Chicago Music U'OR—-Prlma. Castle Orclis. VVJZ—News; Morgan Orch. rrotnpt, Kxpprt WATCH A .IKWKL'tlY KKI'AIRINCi William Schpcro ilpW« % l«.T IWl CIIUJICII ST. —• i ^**^*-*^***--^*v»^**.**v*****^****S*s*, HALL CHINA TAliM-; KAMI'S 5 $8.95 to $29.95 ' CENTBB ST. THAI, 3-27B2 I 1 New Midget Generator Handy For Smoke.Screen Pino Bluff, Ark.'. (UP)—Designed for extreme porlabilily vrlth a maximum of output, 1he Amry' Chemical Warfare Service lhas de vclopocl a bantam -sized smoke screen generator for use in am imlbious work, In mountain passe and in restricted territory when standard sl/.e generators can/no be used. Pine Bluff Arsenal hcadquarlcr, said the gcncralor fills a long-fel need for equipment suitable foi uiic where space Is at a premium The powerful midget can fog an urea up to six miles long and 20C yards wide. i-'orty-elfrht of the pint-sized mn chines could blot out a city the size of Washington. Designed as "M-2," it will be placed in eervice wherever needed, leaving, the big "M-l" for permanent installations II weighs only 180 pounds empty ;und can be carried in tihc back seat of a jeep or In similar space on other vehicles an dcrafl. Two men can carry it, stretcher-fashion, and it is- small enough to hide in low 'bushes. Pittsburgh, July 12_(UP)—-Pitch era nip. : Scwcll of Pl'l.tsbnrgr an Jim Tobln of, Boston; shared lion ors with First Baseman Phil Cav arcita and Outfielder Bill Nlcho son of. Chicago In the 12th All Star game at Pittsburgh last-nlgtl The senior circuit routed th American leaguers . 7 to 1 In it fourth and most Impressive vie tory of thc r scries, ... The National leaguers—stcalin: the , junior, loop's' thunder —wen on . ;a 12-hlt batting, spree. Th .usually h a r (I-'hitting American coneclcd with just six safeties. Bucky Walters—^tlie ace of Cin cinnati's niouiid staff— scattered •five of those six blows In hls'lhrcc lniiin<gs, nnd' gave up lllo only American Jcnguc run. Rip Sewcll of Pittsburgh hurled three perfect innl'ngs for the Nats and Jim'Tobin of Boston did the same in the nintili frame. Philadelphia's Kcr.i Ruffcnsbergcr yiuld- cd only one safety during his stay on th hill. Ho was removed for a pinch-hitter. ... . Cnvarct'La, the Chicago Cub captain, and his Iconi-niatc, Bill Nicholson, starred on the batting side of t ; h c ledger. .-Cavarclla came l.hrough wllh a triple and a single and pot three walks. Nicholson belled out a double .that scored the tying run in the four-run fifth frame, und then, raced home on •Allglc Galan's .single, to put the Nationals in front <lo stay. Big Tex Hughson, the Boston Red Sox sinker-ball star, WILS touched for most of the damage. Ho came in after ,Ncw York's Hank Borowy pitched three scoreless innnjgs. Before Huglison left the box in the titth he had allowed five hits und four runs. •But the Nats were out there to put the game on 1ce. Whitey Kurowski of St. Louis hit big por-l- sidcr Hal Newhouser of Detroit for a double, scoring- two in tlic soventli. The senior loop tcarii filled the bases in the'eighth and add-:d another run when Musial filed out-, to Johnson. More -Ityin 29.000 fans .jammed Forbes field to .see tlic grune. Ted Williams' Won 1941 All-Star Game In Ninth o- 'Kcccssr Th« IWCMI hour b«com«« doubly cnjoyabl* ov»r • congenial glass oi light, tangy HanUy's f 'fi\l!l,\ f m \ This 'n' That | u . 1 (Ily United I'rcs.s) Wayne Wright—a veteran jockey of 13 years, standing—is starting his second comeback. The little rider, has recently been given an honor;i.blc discharge from the Coast Guard, and has been working out horses at Jamaica. He shouldn't have any trouble getting mounts, because he was hot ns • blazes before he left the turf for the Coast Guard. But he fought his real battle before he went into the armed services. It was in 1941. and after 10 years of successful racing, the little man slumped—as most jockeys do once in a while, and things got so blue, that he thought of retiring—leaving the work he loved more than anything else in the, world. But he ran into a veteran horse owner, John B. Partridge, and got another chance. .What meant most to the little man. was that Partridge had confidence in him. He started off just training the hoi-Kca. Then he rode a few in the afternoons, and started winning for .1 change. s Tic came to New York and rode three winners for Partridge on opening day, and was suddenly back in demand. : -.- . He climaxed that particular comeback by riding Mrs. .Payne Whitney's.shutout .to. the Kentucky Derby victory-! ^° K°^ *- nc chuncc, when Eddie Arcaro chose Devil Diver, coupled with Shut Out as an entry. Wright was back In the running, und stayed there until he entered .he Coast Guard. And now, he starts a second come-back trail. ^ HAN LEYS ALE Brewers of fine Ales and Porter Since i8j6 RETURN EMPTY BOTTLES REGULARLY Copr.Tlif Jftim* Haulcy Co., I'rovidcitcc, K. I. sf'J .The big event of the week in the quared circle is the Lee Oma-Lou s'ova fight on Friday night at De- roit'a Olympia stadium. Lee Oma—a Detroit heavyweight —meets his toughest competition is .he steps through the ropes igainst Nova—a canny veteran, and owner of the famed .."cosmic punch." . . Oma is riding a string of 19 straight victories — and he risks them'-ho meets Nava—who once fought Joe Louis—on Friday. Another, .heavyweight bout, has Tami Mauriello clashing with Vincc Pimpinells of' Brooklyn, at Fort Hamilton, New York, on Tuesday night. . Mauriello is making his first start since Joe Baksi beat him in the Garden last spring. Mauriello Is after a fall encore with Baksi. And his fight Thursday, is the first rung on the comeback ladder. In the lighter divisions, Henry Armstrong — the former triple champion and the aging master of Perpetual, motion—takes on Slugger-White bt Hollywood, California on.Friday night. Young Lightweight Joey Peralta —who's run'into hard luck'lately —dons the gloves against Johnny Green at Buffalo, N,' Y., Thursday night, And at New Bedford, Mass., Phil Terr'anova fights Snooks laccy, the same night. . Tall Ted Williams ' walked Into the battur's box. .On the mound burly Claude Paascau stepped 4o one side and looked to his man-' agcr for Instructions. . . It was July 8t.h—1,!M1. II, was the last half ,'ofj'the 'n-iritH'Inning, of the 1941 All-Star giimo.i J?OJSscau : was pitching at BrlggS'stadium ln, ; Octroi!-, tie 'had two outs in the ninth Inning, arid his National league All-Star 'learn led, 5 to •!'. Bill -McKechivie—the manager of the Cincinnati Reds — was- leading the senior league team for the second straight year and shooting for his second straight victory, On the other side of the fiold Del Baker of the Tigers wins pllot- •n-g tile American leaguers. 'On all sides of the field, .more than 54,000 fans jammed the stands. . .Baker's .Learn broke into the scoring column first. They, didn't collect a hit until Cecil Travis dou- jlcd In. the fourth Paul sDer- •inger. Travis moved dowiii to. l.hird fter Pete Reiser .caught Joe Dl- lagglo'w fly. He crossed -the plate when Ted Williams- connected for another two-bagger, v- . ' That- broke .the. iuc. .Then the cavy hilling started. The Na- ionalt; tied .the .count in Ihe sixth.' 'Itchcr Bucky Walters. doubled a.'nd citmc around .to score, • ' • But thu Junior leaguers come Ight back in Lhelrhalf of thc.sixlh. o clou't Bucky for another run to o .ahead. Then Arky Vaughn — the Na.- onal league's one-man Murderers Row—went to work. In the lop of the sevenlili, Washington's Sid Hudson was on the mound for the American league. ISnos- Slaughter touched Hudson for- a single and took second when Ted Williams fumbled, the. ball. .Then Vaugh-an stepped in, Arky drove the ball 1 ..inl.o .the stands — and trolled around behind Slaughter. The National Icugucru led, ihrec to two. . .The.. Americans couldn't score in their half of the seventh, Wftcn .the senior .loop 'team came lo bat in the eighth. Ed Smith had. replaced Hudson on the mound for I ho Americans. But l.hat didim'l do tlicm any good. Vaughan .'still 1 was hot. Johnny Ml/.c doubled off the •right field screen. And then it was Arky's turn again. Smiljh came' in ..with Ihc pilch — and Arky .promptly bulled it into the right field stands for another two-run homer. The Nationals led five lo t.wo. In the last .h-n.ll of the eighth title Americans managed lo pick up another run l.o make it flvu to 'three. ihc Uvst half of the' nmth •flic Junior lcague;ia got anothcr one off Claude Passeau. But while •thuy -did il, Passeau was getting two men oul.. .He found himself facing Ted Williams with two oul —runners on fir-it ;ind third—a:>i! tile game in the balance. Passeau looked lo Manager Bill McKochnic for instructions. McKochnic could have ordered Passeau lo walk Williams and load the buses. Bui ihc big Chicago right-hander had fanned Willliams In the oight'h.. McKcchnie made his decision: "Pilch to him." Passeau came down wH.h his burning speed. Three pilches, went, by Williams. The cotinl. went lo two balls and one strike. Then Pas- seau drew back. and. sent in, another hard one. Williams (swung. It was a towering drive — long and deep. The Nalional league . rigihl. 1 fielder- looked on>oe, and turned away. The ball landed far and away in the 'right field stands. Joe Gordon came in—Joe DiMaggio cd'mc in— a.nd Ted Williams came in to give the American league a seven to five victory. Locals To Exchange With Strong Mt. Carmd NiiH 1939 (40 HAS 0EAt)M H r/MESi>4 12 lliRuhber-Scovill Rained Out; Game To Be Played Here Mon. The.U. S. Rubbcr-Scovill Dusty League Softball game which w; washed oul. lasl. night, will b played at Recreation Field Moi day night, Mgr. Sy Seibcrling o the Rubco srjuad' sajd this morn ing. Short but heavy'showers cause the postponement of all but on in the City league. Som crs Brass defeated .liiie Eyelet 'Spe cialty, 5-1, in a"good contest. With the delay, U. S. Rubbc will be • strengthened as scvcra ballplayer* arc still on vacation Scovill, w.hich is lead ing the league is a tougJi proposition. v\ win fo the Rubbermen -will Uu-ow Ihi league into a horrible mess, with at least six teams wiUiin ttriki.n distance of first, place. NATIONAL LEAGUE No games yesterday. Tin; Standing W. L. Pet. St. Louis 51 21 .70S Pittsburgh 30 30 .565 Cincinnuli -12 33 .560 Now York 37 3D .-IS7 Philadelphia 32.-11 .'13S Brooklyn 33 43 ,-13-f Chicago 2!) -10 ,'120 Boston 30 '16 .395 No 'games today. M.o to r vehicles arc the sole means of transportation forlSmil- Ijon non-farm rural workers, many of them- foil defense planls. Cash Waiting FOR YOUR USED MACHINERY Table SIIWN, Jolntern, Band , SUWH, Metnr Lathes, Motors, and Klcctrlcul Applluncoa Phone 3-5030 WATI;RBURY Ask for MR. ANDREWS AMERICAN r,ISAGCJE •No games yesterday. The Standing W. L. Pet St.. Louis -15 3-1 Boston 42 36 .53 New York 30 35 Washington ...3830 Chicago 3-1 37 Cleveland 37 -11 Detroit 3C -12 Philadelphia 35 42 Hop Brook Defeats Prospect St. Playground, 7-5 Hop Brook defeated Prospect slrcet playground in a close. *ofl- hai; game yesterday afternoon at Hop Brook. The Brooks wont into a. 2-0 lead in the first inning. Prospect o.amc back with one in ihe second, only lo fall behind -1-1 by ihc -lime the fourth frame c-inic up. But a four-run splurge in the first of tlie. fifth gave them a 5- lead, which Hop -Brook tied their half of the same inning. Brooks added <wo more in sixth nnd finally, were l.hc winners, 7-5. Tommy Foy hit a' homer for the Hop Brook team for flic best clout of tlic <!.iy. The score by innings: Prospect ... 01 <\Q H. B 20001200 x—7 10 3 Batteries: Ivankcwich and Mal- lanc; Pr.Ia.ikis and R. Smith. Umpires: Grabowski and Fognrty. Brasscos Meet 'I., ^ Coast Guard Sat. In Return Match Fred Davi'.? Walcrbury Brasscou will play a return cng.-tgerr with the strong Coast Guard Bears of Groton this coming Saturday n'ight at Municipal Stadium. This will be the fourth arc-light game of the yenr in the "Gold Bowl" and should draw another large crowd. This scheduled to start at :30 p. m. sharp. In the Coast Guards lineup will >c Red Branch, former Yankee linger and Aaron Robinson, former Newark catcher who'will go against the Davi crew. Several ormer'.minor league stars .are al- o in the Coast Guard lineup Jn- liiding Eddie Walsh, of the South- rn Association: Bill Webber, of he Texas league; and a host of thcrs. Manager Davi assures tne fans hat Bill Johnson, Yankee world's ericn'hero .will be back at third base for the Brass City outfit, with Ripper Rchia, of Yale at short; Cy Block, former Chicago Cub at second; and Lefty Farrar. on the initial sack. In the outer garden Davi will call on Joey Russomando, Bobby Rhodes, Gene Ccsplicki,. or Dick Wagner, New Milford youngster. ; Howie Hack will do the receiving ! with Lefty Pc»!u!!o or Gene Thompson, former Cincinnati Red on ihc mound. uPmShasa.fatsf In ihc opening game of the year at ihc Stadium the Coast Guards beat ihe "Brasscos" 6-3 behind the masterful pitching of Red Branch, who isagain expected to throw for the invaders. The Coast Guards have one of the best records of any service team in New England. Last week they shut-out a sirong Camp Endicott team. 4-0, -with Billy Mc- Gec, properly of the Brooklyn Dodgers hurling five hit ball. Lefty Narducci, Ralph ^ trianna To B« Moundsmen St. Francis' CYO. nine pltyi'.i. strong Mount -Carmcl '•• Town Plot at Hamilton ,«. rt -,. night- in a CYO league gam« > The Saints are sti'l looking V' their Hj-st win of the season i fng lost, five tilts in ~ ' tilion in succession. Tonight they will have opposition, as the i u strong team. Having pl»y^i three games and winning the Toxvn Plot club U a hind the league leading i a.s' .squad, which has won'fivt'ij^ The Carinelites will have "ci" M.-iatri.-inn.-x on ihc hill, a lid ^ throws a dandy curve and » 2., it one. The Hintc-ppm- ile 3w a. beautiful infield with st*p Maslrianna on third, Mario Qu»l! iro, Wilby luminary, on • jhon. Bernic Lawlor on second, and £»). y Recchia on -first- Lefty Narducci is slated to r^r 'or the locals with Fraak- S4i \ngclo receiving. •. The Saints will gather n uit church at 0:30 p. m. for tnzupor- ation to Watcrbury. \UMV I-OSTAI, SERVICE C.imp Lcc, VaJ (U P)—The for,. Informalion Branch of'-Jn Vrmy Postal Ser\'ic<; ^receives .luj trangc and varied requests Ina he folks at home who, ->vani ij end pacltaprcs and letters to Uioit overseas GI's. A faWicr in Xliasi. sola wanted to send a washic- machine to GuadaJcanal, a.i(! 4 wife of a denial officer threatened that her husband would lull d the teeth of every postal clirk ht met because he hadn't receive: mail i.^' ihree montlis. .high production standards o! UK, motion picture industry-. . [ Free Lawn Mow Spurs Her Sales Of War Bonds .47 .•17 .(16 .•15 ' No games l.oday. ALCAZAR .TODAY - THURSDAY 99 It Is estimated that 500 million' pounds • -of used kitchen fats are wasted annually. "dyne's of Course" That's right: Clync's Is the place to go for handsome gifts, gifts that arc trcasui'ed. CLYNE GLASS SHOP 29 HltrrlHon'.-Avc. ;'W»tcrbury plus NEWS, COMEDY and FEATURETTES CLEARANCE BALE Coats, Suits and Dresses Greatly Reduced YOUB EYEGLASSES C, H. Tonilinson . . . . Ncary Building Nnugntnck, Conn. STORE CLOSED ALL DAY EACH MONDAY DURING • .JULY AND AUGUST Tacoma, Wash. (U P) — Mrs, jcorgc Mark was one of the na- ion's tup-flight women's tennis ilayers when she attended the Jr.iversily of Washinfrton not so ii;tny ycnr.s ago. Totlny ^hc is aking .1 strong bid for high hon- >rs among Tacoma Fifth War ^o:vn volunteer workers. To stimulate sales. Mrs. Mark ffors potential customers one roc l.'iwn mow now with each oncl purchase. The response liaa con .so heavy that her lawn-mow- g 1 services have been booked for days in advance. New Zealand's longest river is only SO miles in length. TODAY - THURSDAY ANDTDEVINE Fortiii>hiBONANOVA FRANK POGLIA- RAMSAY "AMES MORONI OLSEN. . KDRT KATCB . Use Of Motion Pictures By Industry Increasing- New "York (UP)—Industrial use of motion pictures hns increased a hundredfold since the start of the war, and the postwar release of film stocks may make a movie department as important a part of an organization as advertising or sales, the currant issue of Modern Industry has reported. The armed forces, which are using motion pictures extensively for training'purposes, and Ihc United States Ollice of Education, which has produced more than 100 industrial training Jilms, hits given the mpclus to motion piciui-c production by. industry, ihe magazine said. Films arc 'used by mo:-e than 5,000 companies today. It was said, and have unlimited possibilities for raining workers, salesmen, dealers and users, for building good vill nnd introducing new products. The magazine warns. however, ihat-to do a successful job, industrial, films must compete with the with VAN JOHNSON JUNE ALLYSON GLORIA D«HAVm JOSE ITURBI i I'MMY DURANTE GRACIE ALLEN / LENA HORNE J ATTACK HIT The Baltic of New Brink COMING FKIOAY "ARE TIIESK OCR Plus "COWBOV CANTEE ' ' ' Also COMEDY, CAUTOON nnd NEWS Chrysler and Plymouth O. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES- Repairing- 100 SOUTH MAJX'-ST. - Telephone 4090 LOEUI 5 POLI NOW The ALL SINGING ALL DANCING ALL LAUGHING ALL LOVING MUSICAL lOIINIttRVEY-MABlHURAIfE.JOEf BROWN EUGENE PAUETTE-SWIINGVANIIB CHARLIE SPI1K B A Z A A R! i St. Hedwig's Church Grounds Next 3 Week Ends -9 July 15-16 JuIy22-23 NEW CLASSES Wednesday, July 5, Summer School. Still time 'to enroll. POQT 1 JITTIOB • f'\J£j -*-"(XJI£T?GJP O F C O M ME B C E DjOINOS! Entertainment! Prites! FUR FOR ALL

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