The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on August 29, 1967 · 101
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 101

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1967
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Rod Laver Rolls To Pro (Title Keino Routs Rivals With 3:538 : Mile iccnTbjcw 'A EXACTLY A mi CON'T KfCW THIS you EOtfrl KNOW that wnwpoma J KNOW?' HOW CAM I HELP 'jOU IF i PONT KNOW WHAT WEEPS HELPING? NO NE5P 1C A6K HOW TUWY PIP IN THE TOURNAMENT X CAM TELL HE SOT OOBSSEO 0Y7HB tfVKCH (JACK'S FACE wHTMTASk: HOW 'lOU SHOT 012 LITTLE OP J MEAKI WHAT PACT' OF WK 6AME N EVERYTHING WAS OFF WX'PS? IRONS? CHIPPlNS?) J6UE55‘ " PUTTING? THE MIAMI HERALD Tuesday Aug 29 1067 MAC DIVOT (ft 211 ays to Two Hands oinmn The ordinary spinning rod fitted with small reel and line in the 6-12-pound rapge is commonly referred to as a “one-hand” outfit Such designation does serve to distinguish' the rig from those big spinners obviously designed for two-hand use — the surf and trolling models But the one-hand outfit is well suited for two-hand casting and if you use both mitts you’ll cast farther with more accuracy and less fatigue I realize that numerous veteran spin casters are inclined to look on two-hand castings as the mark of a novice But eien if you have to take some ribbing from your pals try casting with both hands Soon you’ll be ribbing them as you toss out consistently more effective casts If you do happen to be a novice by all means start out with the two-hand system You’ll learn faster 1 THE AVERAGE LIGHT spinning rod is 6V2 or seven feet long Its cork butt extends below the real seat for maybe 10 or 12 inches The caster’s right hand (assuming a right-handed angler) circles the reel seat with two fingers in front of the reel pillar and two behind This allows a firm grip with three fingers and thumb while the index finger is free to pick up and hold line for the cast The left hand is used for cranking and for centering the bail so line can be picked up and the bail cleared for easting During the usual one-hand cast the left hand is ideal So put it to work to earn that extra distance and accuracy mentioned Get a firm grip on the lower end of the rod butt with your left hand Remember that distance depends not nearly so much on sheer weight of the lure as on developing full rod power through proper timing Your ‘left hand helps bring out rod power to its greatest potential As you raise the rod sharply for the standard overhand cast your left hand provides extra leverage at the t ?r : Fishing 1 r VHb Vie fteawoy W ftvwMs4r svSVXvA & butt — providing resistance so the rod develops top casting “flex” And as your right hand drives forward for the cast your left simultaneously pulls back the butt putting a lot more speed into the toss A very real advantage to using both hands is not just the extra power provided but the fact that you can develop full rod power more quickly Thus you can get off a fine cast without raising the rod much past the vertical (12 o’clock) position An accomplished caster can of course do this with one hand but even he will find he can produce longer casts from the vertical with both hands GRANTED that two hands improve distance But how can the double-hand style contribute to accuracy? By giving you much better control' of the rod and eliminating whip at the butt The overhand cast is the most accurate because it is made on a single plane straight at the target If you could get off a perfectly STRAIGHT overhand cast there would he no room for lateral error (excepting of course the effect of wind on the lure) ( t The catch is that few anglers can manage to cast STRAIGHT overhand time after time Without realizing it they tilt the rod slightly to right or left — not much off the true vertical but enough to make a pretty fair difference in accuracy by the time the lure smacks water far out Your left hand on the butt gives twice the control against such slight drift ain Fails-to Stop Brabham i m v j j ’ -' - r - Canadian Prix Triumph Reprinted from late Sunday edition! MOSPORT Ont — (UPI) — Jack Brabham of Australia won the Grand Prix of Canada for Formula One cars Sunday for his second victory in the world championships this year Driving a Repco-Brabham the 42-year-old Brabham finished one minute ahead of teammate Denis Hulme of New Zealand Dan Gurney of the United States driving an Eagle placed third one lap behind Brabham captured the event in an elapsed time of two hours 40 minutes 40 seconds at an average speed One lap behind Gurney was Graham Hill of England driving a Lotus-Ford England’s Mike Spence was fifth in a BUM and Chris Amon of New Zealand sixth in the lone Ferrari Bruce McLaren of New Zealand driving a McLaren-BRM finished seventh after having held second place earlier in the race Brabham who changed tires on both his and Hulme’s car moments before the race said afterward his main problem was in being unable to see ‘‘Visibility was cut to less than 400 yards in the rain and on top of that my goggles kept steaming up" boosted his point total in the World driving championship to 43 points Brabham now is second with 34 Brabham’s first place lin-ish was worth $10000 plus $575 for leading 23 of the 90 laps based on a system of $25 for each lap led Hulme picked up a total of $6350 and Gurney $4000 The 220-mile Grand Prix was the eighth of 11 races counting toward the title and the first Formula One race ever held in Canada Despite intermittent rain throughout the race 55621 persons attended on the 245-mile circuit 50 miles northeast of Toronto Brabham took the lead with 22 laps to go in the 90-lap race after Scotsman Clark retired with electrical trouble due to the rain Clark driving a Lotus-Ford led the first three laps on a dry track but was passed by Hulme as rain started Sunday was the first time a championship Grand Prix has been run in the rain this season Horsemen Hire Winterbotham - OCALA — (AP) — Jack Winterbotham formerly a trainer tor Tartan farms at Ocala has been appointed executive secretary of the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders Association Elliott Mack!e president of I the FTBA made the an-1 nouncement WinterhothamTs - a graduate of Texas Tech and holds a degree in agricultural "education with' a minor in animal husbandry —United Press International Telephoto Brabham’s Racer Spews Spray on Rival and Spectators as he roars toward finish line WIMBLEDON England — (UPI) — Rod Laver of Australia defeated compatriot Ken Rosewall 6-2 6-2 12-10 to take the singles title in the World Professional Championships Monday Laver becomes the first professional champion at Wimbledon which made its debut on the pro circuit for the first time this year Laver playing some superlative tennis took a quick first step to the $8100 first prize by winning the opening set 6-2 In 25 minutes Laver had Rosewall reeling from the start jumping to a 4-1 lead Rosewall had some temporary success when two fast volleys helped him break Laver for 2-4 But Rosewall who lost two Wimbledon finals found little encouragement in his brief success The red-haired lefthander took Rosewall’s service in the seventh to lead 5-2 and then served out the set clinching it with a final ace Laver proved equally unstoppable in the second set and treated the capacity crowd to a brilliant display by winning In 33 minutes Rosewall came right back to shake Laver and hold him to 10-10 after the third set had been in progress for almost an hour Rosewall had three set points in the 10th game but allowed each one to slip away Laver seemed assured of victory when he broke Rosewall in the 13th game to lead 7-6 But he then hit his first bad spell of the match and to a tremendous roar Rosewall broke back immediately to level at seven-all Two games Jater however It was all over Rosewall double-faulted twice to lose his service to love in the 21st game and Laver won it for certain on his service The all-England Club which has led the campaign for an open tournament Wimbledon was pleased with the response to the eight-man affair It drew more than 300-OOO fans to the center court in three days Chairman Herman David commented: ‘‘we have achieved what we set out to do and brought the finest' tennis players ih thelvorld to Wimbledon “We hope to repeat this event in future years — even if we aren’t allowed to stage an open Wimbledon” Minnesota’s Bruce Smith Dies at 47 ALEXANDRIA Minn — (AP) — Bruce Smith former University of Minnesota foot-baU star died Monday at age 47 Death came at Smith's home following a long seige with cancer He won the Heisman Trophy in 1941 — only Minnesota plajer to achieve that honor — and was a first-team All-America selection at halfback that year Soon after his graduation Smith went to Hollywood and starred in a movie about himself entitled Smith of Minnesota Smith played professional football briefly as a defensive back for the Green Bay Packers MODERN 43 FT 111 FISH HAWK III DEEP SEA FISHING 3 TRIPS DAILY - Keep Your Fish 9:30 AM 2:00 PM$Q75 Nite Trip 7:30 PM 0 Children $200 PIER 5 CITY YACHT BASIN 374-2042 LONDON — (AP) — Kip-choge Keino of Kenya running the last V't laps on his own won the Morley Mile in 3:538 Monday The time was "only four-tenths of a second slower than the British all-comers’ record set by the 27-year-old Kenyan a year ago Keino was timed at 3:367 at the 1500 meters mark — a British record Jim Ryun of Kansas has a pending world record of 3:511 for the mile Keino might have broken Ryun’s record if he had had a rival to pace him -over the last part of the race Instead Keino had to run on his own during the last IV2 laps Britain’s Alan Simpson was second in 4:004 40 yards behind ‘ Keino scored his triumph at London’s White City Stadium — the track where Ryun beat him two weeks ago John McGrow of Britain set a fast early pace and clocked! :549 for first quarter Keino then took over and Advertisement MAN’S MOST FRUSTRATING ITCH Doctors call it Tinea cruris (jock itch) Now you can relieve itching — Boothe chafing — stop fungi that cause the problem Medical research has just developed a new answer to the discomfort and embarrassment of jock itch It’s a spray-on powder specifically formulated to stop the cause of this agonizing fungous infection Now available as CRUEX inis treatment works where others fail because it attacks fungi directly absorbs perspiration soothes and cools inflamed skin You apply CRUEX as a' push-button spray Only the powder touches your skin CRUEX is safe gentle effective It doesn't sting or burn Get CRUEX today At all pharmacies New CruexGuaranteed fo work or your money back WHY CAN WE Attract the beUt SALES TALENT AVAILABLE? this could be a clue FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY FOR OUR FAMOUS “M” SQUAD WE 1— Guarantee $1000 per month 2— Furnish a brand new Cadillac Lincoln ©rT-Bird 3— Offer two (2) paid vacations per year 4— Maintain for him and his family complete hospitalization plus $6000 to 10000 life insurance 5—$100 montly clothing allowance 6— and many other fringe benefits F YOU FEEL YOU HAVE THE QUAL1FI CATIONS WE ARE LOOKING FOR WHETHER YOU ARE A NOVICE INTHL ALES FIELD ORAN OLD "PRO See MR CALVIN At the Aloha Motel 75th Street and Biscayne Dlvd 1 1 am sharp 3 pm sharp or 7 pm sharp Tuesday Aug 29th Absolutely no phone calls EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYERS Unranked Boxer Beats Dunlop AUCKLAND New Zealand — (AP) — Elm “Tex” Henderson of Oakland Calif scored a technical knockout over Bobby Dunlop of Australia in the fourth round of their scheduled 10-rounder Monday night I 2k GOLFERS WOOD CLUBS Refinished like new RESH&FTING — RE10FTING REWEIGHTING-ALL REPAIRS GOLF GRIPS — CUSTOM SIZES CUSTOM WOOD5 & IRONS hondmodo to fit YOU Golf Clubs-Carlt-Bags Shoti-All Accessories GOFF’S 1423 Fan tt L Coral Cobit VACATIONS Closed - Week of Aug 28 com? dGco reached the half-mile in 1:569 This was well within record-breaking time and a 1 wase of excitement surged through the 8000 spectators Britain’s John Whetton helped Keino’s cause by stepping up the pace and taking a temporary lead on the third lap But Whetton dropped back and Keino went into a 30 yards lead at the bell clocking 2:5601 The Kenyan said afterward: "I was a bit disap pointed not to 'break any records Unfortunately I dud not hear the time at the bell and I ran the last lap more nr less in the dark” Keino's last lap without any opposition in sight was 538 RENT PLYMOUTH CAR AND OTHER FINE CARS $ iJus Ac t nil IP A Convrtibles I D WEEK W “IV j mi mm A A AARON MOTORS INC 1451 W Flagler St Ph FR 3-E765 oooGOGOsoooooeeoQQoe QDpD0IIMM Gn© pm m fe (T0fOSaiflr0& 8 Now you can KNOW for SURE! with the help of i ’ Engine and Drive-line Analysis Firestone engine and drive line analysis includes: Starter solenoid Max & Min cranking voltage voltage regulator generator charg-ing voltage distributor point resistance vacuum timing-initial advance dwell spark plugs plug wires ignition sec resist coil condenser sec voltage combustion idlecruise engine torque spec dynamic compression each cyl trans shift updown engine idle RPM speedometer accuracy We'll recommend ONLY the work you need if any and give you our estimate of the cost for ou expert mechanics to do the work1 No obligation Complete Alignmenf and Steering Analysis Complete alignment and steering analysis includes: Caster Cam-1 ber toe-in ball joints idler arm steering centered tie rod ends sway bar end links front wheel balance and percent of tire-wear (Side drag) on front and rear wheels We’ll recommend ONLY the repairs jou actually need and give you a written estimate of the cost if you have our expert mechanics do the work! Complete Brake System Analysis Firestone complete brake svstem analysis includes Rolling resistance — all four wheels brake iorce — all four wheels brake bal-' ance — left & right brake fade We also visually inspect brake drums & linings — wheel chnders — return springs — fluid level — brake lines — grease seals — wheel bearings — springs &: shocks We 11 tell ou exactly what repairs ll anv are needed and w hat they w ul cost it you elect to loot our expert mechanics do the work! i COMPLETE 106 POINT TEST ANALYSIS ONLY n® EGIM GM0 I (©ciinsinMS: rumxjD 0210) — — iP$fono "save ELECTRONIC (UQN DIAGNOSTIC LANE 2250 SW 87th AYE Call for appointment 226-7876 WESTCHESTER SHOPPING CENTER SAVE a UFE dm Your safsty is Our Business at Firestone

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