Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1916
Page 3
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STERLING, ILUMOIS..WEDNESDAY, OCT. 18, 1916, ?AG1 THftRt. SOCIAL AFFAIRS ANNOUNCEMENT MADE Of the Engagement of Miss Stella WaJzer and Louis Dftingerfteld. • Th< ' fit! i e<"frif!if i)!' Mi-is Sr,•!!.•! \V,iJ- r.'-r, nf Kf<-H-htr>TT, 1'nlft.. (.. f f^.iil* fs;is n ,iiti!i.Mni-c(} In JI<T A. VV;ll7.»T, *'f tills rjjy. T!u; Ufddiiig date? hst* luii }>wm n;inii>.! '••-bm thf- «f<iotfTK will takr- f>t;u c in ttir- \ cry noir future, •Ml.ww \Vnl*«>r, hointr';i i(«iil< i nt of iWs ' M> iinlJl tit'' t :ist f"n yi.'art.'i* *,vf)i known lu-ri', ami her m.iny ittrnd" will '.'ofTRratuIiil" hi-r. on the lui|i|iy <«vr'iit, MARRLEDJO YEARS Mr. A.ntf M-a. Frt»r-' B'-own, Of Pro-- phetntown. Celebrated S'lndn/, • Mr nnd .Mis i*. K Mroivn, nf I'rc- ' yrnr» Kiiiiilin i.i.) in t iimriM'iiniiiti.m nf III*' drl.v It \\Hf> 'dtxfn f«l 'it I! 'frti' J,\ invHlii,^ In ,-( i-«vv frifnds and h!i\ n.-i; t'lif .i-')iliir«'ii nt liortU'. t»in:u-r tv.-is served (lii ; ('(lU'i-nny nnd Hi" 'Iny W:IM sj.or.t vr-rv t H',i?antly in r,>cn"ini IK IfiPt tin (.'•'nix wiiic-f Hit' cv«-HT'il <|,i\ u nO otlifrviMi' ftiji• yltip, fht'innvlvc^. Thf (.dl'iuinr wt-ro iircHOKt on t)•«.•> oocMiMlitii. Afi'M \Vlii(tl«\ «if .Soiiiiatiily. III.; M. K. Ilrown, of HIP «<nmi> plnri 1 : Uf»v. nnd Mr«. A. K. t T lrlrn. Mrs. nni nnd fninlly, of Normnnil.v, III,; •MarlsiiH HrpWd nttrl •fnnilty, nf \\nlinit, III,; Kni'-inoti ltrmvn anil faintly. Gin- vcr nnil IMos, Hllnw Hcckncll aiul family, of Norrtifindy; and Mrs. Moody, of thw mi mo flfy. ROYAL NEIGHBORS Why? Made School Of Plum Far Their Instruction. Thn roKiilar rni'ftinK rif tlif Iloynl Nrlffhhorn wan hc"ld ln^t -oliild _hj__i.LM.* \Vnoi1miin hall. JhiTinic tho mipc'tlti'K live flpidlcftttniiB fur itictn »hlj> and out' traiiMfor \va» vot«>d I'liutH won" inado for tho 1.1th Hchool of InMrtictfori, which will IT h««iil thlH ywir nn Tnpsdny, Ort. -4th. at Ilot'ht'llr«. Mrs, Hntinah Slowory in a (JplfiK"' 0 from the lo<lf?p,' ntict «ln> win lw> acfompanlcnl Uy a IHTKO number of im'mbct'H. Th« tiiHtriK'lor this year will |M» Alice <tiilllniiil, of Koi'k Inland, who IM Labor^for What? For a little cake or two, or too light—or in a word,|a FAILURE! ruiiryour complexion frazzle your Temper • •-: .•-.-•- • - >P - • •••-• "__ •-- - waste precious Time waste Strength waste Fuel and all this Time, and Fuel, and! • . " * ' •'that may come out scorched on the top, or burned orrthe botton, or THE JQL CLRCLE Wa* Pl««i«ntly Entertained At Home Of Mr*. Cruie. Tlio Jolly i'lrt'lf was ontorlalnn) Turmlny nficrnoon at Mu« hiinn llnnry i*runi», Ab«iil twpnty-ltvn nirni- b*rm wrr«* jircwont nml thn timp WIIH •petit . ploawuitly • uvor thr-lr fancy ^'ork, and talkinfr "<>vH - ciirront Tim n«-xt mw'tlttR will ho hold with ^frlt,l K«>fh <ui I0*t«t l^onrth Htn>ot on Titwtilny, (><'tiib«-r slut. At the CIONC of tlw nftt'rnoini Sirs. <*nixt> . lK. roiisiatlnK of ft! A DELICIOUS . GRACf CHURCH GUILD. An all rtny. meetlnR of t*>» Church Qullij wa« held Tuenday at tho jjartah hounfl. T-n-onty Intllt-H present and th«» day was spent' In HCW-, Ing: At noon a picnic dlntuir .wan served. • ENTERTAINED J. E. CLUB. Ada Hnnwen,.. of 80!» Seventh won hoHtoHB to tho motnbtT.s of the J. 1C. cluh hint evening, ElRht youn»r lndli'H were prem>nt and the lime wn« H|x«tit In crocheting. Dainty re- frvMliini'iita wuro Hi-rvt-d hy .Mi«s Hun- Ben. ___ M EjETJ N O_._ TRAOC ivtAKK viKcariror IT'S MADE WITH BUTTER" Tho DelnhlUn society which WUH to meet with Mm, Stark Greene TbiirB- ilay afternoon,, will bo nontponed. on account of MO many memuem being out 'of town, until a week from Thursday. DANCE IN HARMON. The baBpball boya of liarmnn will a duiun- Friday evenlnir. Octolxr in Durr'a hall. The Maoae or- chentru at'.JDlkmi. will furnlHh the tnu- sic. NBWTONJMAN DIES Pionwr WhitMitle County Man III But Short Time. Following an illnens of ten .jli\yH of 7jnpiittii>ni«, Kilwnrtl C'.nttfV. ono of l.h« beat known rcj«l(fi»ntB of Newton, «iii'd Saturday ovening. fiotober Hth, at hi* homo In that town. Mr, t'offcy wan J-orn In Ireland sev- .enty-nlno yearn ago, and when a small boy with hl« iwrenta mmo to thin country. For a tlm» the family resided in the vlt'lnlty of Aurora and Sycamore. Shortly after the arrival of the family ^ in thin country. hl» mother died. Tho then Imiatcd in I.yonP. wi Hlx v iy yf»r« ago lie waa married f» MUM l«;ilen HuUivan. WrT CuIjTe ieurnwl the blacksmith's trade, and for a timfl worked at hl» trade in L»yonn, «t» Jtiovwl to Fultnn anrt then t in farming and ul»o a bVckiimiUi shop. About 4875 Mr. Cottey nur«'htt«ed a farm in Newton, whore ho reiiided until the time of his , death:; ' * i '" "• Mr. 'Coffey l» survived by llvfillntnjh. tcra, Mrs. Johannah Thornton of >VheU tpn. la,; Mr»,~^|ary B, Ilerd of He- Witt, -ltt-1 Mr», Ktttherirta Hleele »( Houk Inland; Kmma, who 1 lives with h»r brotb^r, W. P., In N«wton; and Wejmie, at home; three noun, John of Wptton, !oi! WllUain P. of Newton; "and Kdward, who conducted the home farm; and thn*» slutem Mm, Mar- suret Murphy of Oglesby, III.; Mr». " -*!»«»»** «*ft«r -o* Spring Valley; and Mr*. Mary Foltiard of l-'ulton. Th« funei'al wa« held nt the Newton Catholic church at 10;3(», oomUu-t- ed by U»v, J. J. Clancy, assinted hy • kev. J. A. Murray of -Clinton and H«v% " : ~TrVv7~MoSfti "oT MorTT«.ori. — ntrT.ev.- P J. Muldoon, bishop of HocUford, prem'lird the uermon. . Tim burial wus in the Pulton Cathoilo cemetery. Six Toothsome VarHies Silver tily > Golden Glow Argentina Mary Jane Raisin "Taste-Good" Cake is made from the purest of butjler, the freshest of eggs and the very best of materials such as used in your own home, Try a package tolay, then goodbye baking- day drudgery! No more stewing over a red-hot stove! No more cake failures! "Tastfe- Good" bakers don't have failures! ^t IS gooH IXM-IHISC it is alwuvs TAHTIO-(H)()I)"1TAKI < ] trtstcs gomllTecausolt IS -oni nnr sanio \n\ynt, wliolosoiuu in^n;i|iuulj»—inlxud always in t'Mii'lly 'Uiu'suiuu-prnpurtiiMi'-niul in lu't-urtlaiice wiilt oxaelly AT LAST! A Ntaiidurdisuul Hoaled-packagt; ( 1 ako, of unii'orni, dopundablo qimlily—Hie purest that can be'bakcd—• (lie most del it-ions you ever ate! ' ' . - Baked in These CiUes and Others Chicago StLoi Indiana; Linco Waterloo Superior Muscatine AND THINK OF IT! THIS I)KLl<n<)US, WIIOIJOSOMK, FINKLY-VLAVORKD CAKK.IS SOU) AT T1IH WOXDKKFUUA" LOW PliTCIO OF TKN CHNTS-A PACKAQK, Nj -HOUSRWiPK COUU) JJAKK IT KOU THK MONJ5V, THATfr VERY DAY! IT MEANS ENDLESS SATISFACTION TO YOU! TRY IT STANl)AT?BI2ING~STmXRT%T^(T1SrT)^rTT WE mm HI.. Ort. i«.— IVJJ 225,000 -waf tulrw-n havr ^ IwuanXj. N>en kdld h«re since the war ' The total sum l>ald for the hor«t»8 about $40,OiMM>00, About 7,<100 muies haVe'bM-n »o|<} for a total of |»95,o«o. tjuy Uftnnvr' arrived home from Mini wuVu 'tty 'inuvpd 'Bflth hU fani- Fwr the Trent- wd Drug Using . l»iR«li«teJjf--no coubarineat ; no uw ol * P»y- " Plc»«*nl »iwroundit)j«. Hone ~ teul Hi l s Ortftnal. SejtttHfii: Tttatmtnj MfcffWW HMfto, Ui. Six Varieties 1 /v Uc PER PACKAGE X, Sealed at the oven for your protection , Baked only by our cake expert at . STERLING STEAM BAKING CO. Sterling, :: :; Illinois NOTICE These cakes are sold by all Grocers,. It' you are unable to buy them at youtf er will see that you are supplied, t These cakes are fresh every morning. STERUNG STEAM BAKING CO. Sterling, III. Both Phono* A«to Delivery ily ja,<i year., lie '»H»»iif»m>(i of-hi<i f»t»'ii} n i-l> Uit«re and thinks livjw ill m.ivo i.sit'Ul I hutm- in • "i' id lh< (Jrovo, n'tuuu-ii to )ivi .M"H'!a>. oi.oi!. >.Ml,i»numun CORONER HURT ; DOUBLE TRAGEDY 'ii dih iiutciits Sunday, l,iv\<* iJuvvsiou aiul litnuly iuo- ! __ ti-n-d t<< St«-rliiiH SiUiiniuy to Official at Shumpai'an Suflert n Frac- Mother in Detroit Kills Her Son vi Then Her&slf GIVEN LIPE IN PRISON. » nii» irtVd of >l;!i'!iM:il tu life nuirilor, H u in! c ( \,< I U 1' I >•! I' i| J i, i 'III (<•.'. *ilt.._; jl •» f.< >• llfiny ,*..»• K.U> si! .ticiiii,^ f*«r Din- jn Ui<- iir.ii tutiitv lumlt ii 11 •»»;.•» in Um U [''all* i"f',,,*a I.i . o, i I, v '^"' *"— •!"-•* iiniil.un. II !•> -ll! .. U |i" , '• i l I VV ,-rl. Ml- Clift i t't ( , \| i' .11.1 tii'iti i* i i ..i.l f Ullllv, of |»t'i'C 11 liiu.iiu ui i»u4 ft-,- , l'IITjII* 1 Sin' «,it< i".nut HI !:• > r."iui u it. tlh' i iuld h in,- ,a (I'M xi<i, < ihi' fiftcii (.(I, I'.t-l IK I'll !)!«•() (lit. till' )!.!,•,'>, brt'.'lM '»,.. ,u •! !v>" int.i Hi. «,,in m.- h. .ul Th< ,^,'^J '±;.'rXi-'i! ,'JVi u: i .-=- 1 »«?. Mr,, FOR THROAT AUD LUNG£* ICcknian's Altar alive I 411.

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