The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 2, 1909 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1909
Page 7
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)AY, JANUARY 2, 1909. LEGAL. LBQAL. NOTICE OP SALE OF FRANCHISE TO ERECT POLES AND 8TRINQ WIRES FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC HEAT AND POWER AND FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC CURRENT FOR HEAT, LIGHT AND POWER, AND OTHER USEFUL PURPOSES, FOR TELEPHONE WIRES CONNECTED THEREWITH, AND ALL NECESSARY POLES, AND ALL AP- PURTANCE8 AND APPLIANCES THEREFOR, AND TO MAINTAIN AND OPERATE TH$ SAME, ALONG, UPON, ACROSS, OVER OR UNDER EACH AND ALL THE PUBLIC STREETS, ALLEYS, AVENUES, HIGHWAYS, PUBLIC PARKS AND PUBLIC PLACES, AND FOR LIGHTING THE SAME, IN THAT PORTION OF THE COUNTY OF KERN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, HEREINAFTER PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED. om it May Concern: lereas, the Mt. ..Whitney of One Thousan least two (rood, n net-visors, condl er shall wall-1 R ana perform Com day oi a corpori 1' Dilcatlt f nted Its appllca »ard of Supervl am. State of t Ise running, to , Power ion. on the 14th 3. made and ore- ion In writing to the .jrs or the, Countv of California, for a fran- Jse running to said corporation, 1(3 iccessors and assigns, for a period ot ty years, to erect poles and strln? wires for transmitting electric heat and power, and Jor transmuting electric current tor heat, light and power, and other useful cur Doses, and tor telephone, wires connected therewith. and all necessary poles, and,all appurtenances anp appliances therefor, and for such electric wires and telephone wires, and to maintain and on- erate the same, gloncr. across, upon, over or under each ana all of thelBUb- I*c streets, alleys, avenues, highways. 'Ubllc narks, add, public places In all hat Doruon. prlhe County of Kern. Itate or California, described as folio-wit: i tinning at the North West tprner >wnsnlp Twenty-flve. South, ity-four JJast. ind thence riinnlng i fo the South west corner fit said tip Twenty-flve South. fRange y-fpur SasL and thenie run- '.h East corner of .nge East cornel ^South,- Ra: thence iimnlns last corner th,- said ge NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Kern-Utah Oil Company. Frincjnal „ ace t of Business. Bakersfleld. Kern County. Caflfprnla. Notice Is. nereby given that meeting, of the dlrecto" on the 3rd day or December, assessment of one-quarter of a per share was levied upon tne cai stock of the corporation, payable mediately to the undergigneo sec r or BftTd corporation, at The sher "jBce. BakerBfieid. Kern County < ik upon whl main uno Jay of Tan .nement.and , unless i sold 'on anuary. . p. m, to > . assessment. ,toge advertising and expens- DI rectors, ecretary. R ] c places: and, . Wnere_aa. it Is proposed by ' offer .for, hi, _ ...^ereas. it if Board of Supervisors ._ „,„. -_. and sell and grant to the nit-liest der said franchise on the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned: "•Now ' thi en. that the said , County of Kern hereby offers to sell and grunt a fran chfse for fifty vears to erect poles and string wires for transmitting electric heat and power, and for transmitting electric current for heat, llrht am power, and other useful purposes, ant for telephone wires connectei therewith. and all necessary poles. and all apnurtenances and appliances therefor, and fo such electric wires and telephoni wires, and to maintain ;ind operate the same alone, over, across, upon. ( under each and all of the nubl; streets, alleys, avenues, highways, pu lie parks and public places In said por tjon of said County of Kern, and fo lighting said public street, allevs. av> [i.ues. highways, public iwrks. and pu of said County of Kern, ant ne said public street, allevs. R ues. highways, public iwrks. and uu » c places, to the nerson. firm, or cor , poration timt will oav .._ Countv of Kern the hienest cash prlo Deration ."tfiat. wjl v^C therefor. — . saM Countv two snip or corporation to whom chlse Is awarded arisijie (r operation or possession, a: > *» * 11 '\ *-** \j\Ji to the sak and agree to nav an cent or t pay tc e gros . partner the fran from Its use fter tne firs flve years succeeding the, date of suci franchise.,and annuajlv " *— uie life thereo Ing tne life thereoT. Safd Tranchisi will be erante'l to. the person, firm o corporation who shall make the high eat cash tjtd therefqK. and wTTl aere to nay and pay to thje said County o Kern, two (2) per dent or the gros annual receipts of the person, part nerehip or corporation to whom th franchise Is awarded arising from it Deration or possession, after th 8 se ra Buc . o t n n f , ve years sncceoulnethe .date — C ranchlse. and7inmiTilIv~th"ereBf er during the life thereof: and In th aud . pavment is se shall be forfe is not i rfelt'-t. areb.v ..... event sa franchis Notice is also scaled bids. In writine for will he recmvi>d 10 o'clock a, in. on th February 100!>. sit made, sui herebv 'given tha there un t . _ ... .__. . -he third dav o ^ebruarv 190!!. sit the otrieo of th Countv Clerk of said Countv of Kern Countv Court House in Hi'k«M> Cern County, California, and tha . d day at the hour of ten o'cloc a. in. thereof. s:ii(l Board of SunerviK ors will meet in regular mooting a the reeulsiv meeting place of sai board in said Court House to open an read said bids nnn offer for salo an " and award sold franchise, nnd th — 3lveil will be P,t)e.ned ' --time: that all bids Countv < at the Ci fleld.Ker on said t 6TdV at t lara. with . at to-fejwweo* iHS^Tft' ltloned.,that such bid- and truly .observe, f ul- — .,_.-"orm ea-jh and everv term „... condition of said franchise, and ml in c^se.of any breach oroondlflpn f such oond. the whole amount of tne pnal sum therein named shall be tak- n and deemed tp oe llnuidated dam- ires, and shall be recoverable From ie principal and sureties unon said ond. If said bond be not so pled, the ward of said franchise will be set slap ojid any money paid therefor will anchlse so to be sold bv ..of Supervisors shall con- .dltlon to the usual and es- words a/id clauses granting franci klQAL. BEOAU OOQ UlCCNur NOTICE. Notice Is lntt. its of cense., ready e City ucers er the yea: ivcnr at the PBS tank bu: y of 1 on after the 16th da. . J will proceed to t unnoun :B found; Dated January running,on the streets thai .ring the license tag loi 'oundmaBter. iae In accordanc with said Act of icordance .ani Act ol th the ind in Tslons, Blature in substance ,tne nrovlsl ondit Ions. and llmllatfons mentloi - e said application of said MI tywer Cpmoanvnow on ffl id Board, whlc d tney the Clerk o ,l , apijllcatlon said , s .hereby referred or further particulars and is a part of the Boi . County of i 'ecember I4t te'H 8 ^ rs of.Saldrco "d of Supervls- tern. 'ounty CI Ofncio i S ervlsors or,BL._ _ tate of California. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice la hereby given that tht taxes on all personal property, an< one-half of the taxes on all real prop erty, will be due and payable on th« second Monday In October, and will be delinquent on the lut Monday in November next theralter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior therctt fifteen per cent will be added to tht amount thereof, and that if said on* half be not paid before the last MOD day in April next, at 6 o'clock p. m. an additional five per cent will fa- added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-halt oi the taxes on all real property will b* payable on and after the first Mon day IB January next, and wfll be d» llnquent on the last Monday in April next thereafter, at 0 o'clock p. m. ic .auction e before, w 2BU» , au with, costs o — ent r A es of the sale. , By order of th & day .our of 2 o'clock D. m, to nay together SANDSTONE BRICK COMPANY. Stockholder* Annual Mtetlng. The annual meeting of the stock- olders of the Bak'ersfleld Sandstone rick Company will be held at the of- ce of the corporation in the Produc- rs Savings Bank Building, No. 1706 Nineteenth street, Bakersfleld, Call- ornla, at 3 o'clock p. m., on Monday, anuary llth, 1909, for the election of (rectors, and for the transaction of uch other business as may be proper- y brought before It. PRANK 8. RICE, Secretary. Date of first publication, Saturday, December 26,1908. 12-24 NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF ° F and that unless paid prior added thereto to tht five per cent will be amount thereof. 2. Thnt all taxes may be paid at the time th first Installment, as herein provided, is due and payable. 8. That taxes may be paid in tht office of the Tax Collector in tiu county courthouse between the boon of 9 a. m. and IS m., and 1 p. m. ant 6 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. B. DAT, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. SHERIFF'S SALE. SUMMONS .In. the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of Caltforhia. _ J. O v , Hodkens. PJalntlff ys. Sllve* Bow Oil Company, pefendant- _ Action prought Tn me Superior 3onrt of the County ot Kern. ' California, and. the Complaint said Jjounty. of ,:Keni. In the ;he,CTeik of said Suoerlpr Op' ., The People or the State of Calif i a send Greeting to Silver Bow On , amoany. Defenoant. You are hereby reaulred to appear in an action brought against you by the, above-named^oTamuff. In the, Su- rlor Court of .the County of Kern. ate of California, and. to answer the • id therein, within .ten f th Nicholas ma-A.lax Consoll ny.Defendant. .By virtue pf a the Superior Kar Horn on execution issued oul ioqrt pi the Countv p! jalifbrnla. >¥I»erern ntlff. : ft? d *»/«?§ days (exclusive o; after se if serve irvlce^on yqi d within sai< ,-jre. within i Anil you ai " you fall to a< Plaintiff will service) elsewhere, ..arn. State of Nicholas Jacobs. P. ..... _.... ^_ ., A.lax Oonsolldiitejl fining Co.,, D§feijd 5th' day of nidgment r — — ..ovetnber. A. < ...- gum of J5S6.65. lawfu the united States, besides Interest, I have this day 1 ' d M %r money o costs ant levied upon all the right, title, claim and interesj of said defendant, of. In and to the following described real estate, to-wlt the Karma-Ajax mine, together with the mill, machinery and. appliances lo ' situated about rout e town of Molave am • described at page .records bf Ker.n. cated thereo miles south o n, r t la ou are hereby notified that If o * * no appear and answer, the' - .fudgmeut _fqr _._,. . e sail ounty. State money or " flalnt ,_ .pply to- demande ,...jiess .my ,id Superior .ern. State ot _, ot November. A. Cojnnlalnt as arislnp upo: ily to. tqe. Court take judgment .for any ces demanded in the M ibntract. or rt tor any other -jpTalnt, the seal o: ift C< f. c;-ffliLLBR. c: L Whltaker. Attorney for the Cqunfy of a, this 2nd dav % SUMMONS. of the County ia. „„ TS. Silver la the Superior of Kern. Stale of T. MT Hpdgens. Bow jpil xJompany. Action brought ID f the County ftHu t^.6 of .Kern, la ».^ (IE said Superli The People of flbe nla send greeting to Company. , You are _ In an action the abqye-na nerlor Courf of the Co— State of California, and to Complaint flled therein, w _ ,.__ ,vs (exclusive of the day of service) 1 " this Sin ..ouse sell at, ... e.v of the Unite Jftle. clalrn "^ibed 1 the Coun.,. _. , .ction. for lawful 1 States, air the . ._. _nd Interest of said of. in and to the above property, or so much thereo est and best b Dated Dec. 12-16 . s By T. A. ,_ heriff. puty. Notice Is herebv given, that ^uarmeetinjf of the s.tockhola.ec8 o( the Uie a.n- f the 'roclucers SaylngB Bank will oe held ,t the office of said corporation In Pro- ucers Savings Bank BiilldlnE:. In,the City of Bakersflelf, State of Callfor- -'-. on Tuesday, the 12th dav of Jan•y, 1909. at the hour of 3, o clock D. _... for the purpose of electing dlrect- )rs for the ehsmng year, and for the ransactlon of such other business as nay properly come before, the meet- ng. W. S. TEVlS. President. P. W. RoniOBon. Secretary. 12-22 fac- , 4 a Jy i posed of_C. ersnaw. De- . a copartnei derghaw and _ _!?{.._ .. ^_ ..— '-jgued out B Countv eler. 'Suite.j>f California, atteson A Wllllanispn Maning Co.. Plalntllf,, and Oloer. eopartnershjj) composed Tsnaw and F. H. Ofder- —•- r uoqn a Indgment the . ..., for tl ul money of S ides costs ana av levied, upon . claim and Interest of. Tn and to the real estate to-wlt day ol sum oi >e Tlnlteu, merest. 1 ill the rl said di losing All the right, title, and interest of said defendants or either of them Tn » Lot one (1) of Block nine (9> in the Chester tracj;. the, game being In of ornla f all the right, title and interest p defendants or either of them In to that certain leaseliold of the store now occupied by C. „!?. Older-1 haw & Qo. at No. IfilO 19th street, ie HBtterfeldc btilldlnf in the,City ... -jakersneld. Kern Countv. California l Public notice is.herebv given that I will, onjrlimv. the 8th day of January. A. t). 1909, at 2 o clock n. m. of aid dav. in front of the Court House iopr of the Countv or ,Kern. sou at public auction, for lawful monev <if the united States, all the right title, claim and Interest of said defendants, of. in and to the apove described pronertv. or so much thereof as mav lie necessary to raise sufficient monev to satisfy said iudsment. with Interest and costs, etc.. to the highest and best bid- Dec. Bv T. A. BaKor. Deputy. Sheriff. 12-16 _ . vs. Peter uperior DLLC". Jo'nrt o? tne"CbTintv"bf Korn/Stafe'pf "alifornla. and. the Complaint filed in laid County of Kern, in the, office of .he CTeirk of said Superior Court. The People of the State of Callfr- la send greeting to Peter Rouauet SHERIFF'S SALE. the ol e State" of Califor., to Sflver Bow OH lent L. Wegjman. x Consolidate' [endant. •tue of an ex uperlor r ,ff. vs. Karma- nine Company. 3purt of the County of Ca"Ufornla..,wb'" : ln E. tiff, and Karma-A.1ax Co.. Defendant. issued ou .— ~_-,,» — -— County itate of .CaTLfornla..,wr-«*Ii} SUMMONS. . _ In the Superiwr Court ot the County of .Kern, state of California. „ Ethel Rouauette. Plaintiff Rouauette. Defendant. Act'on brought in „ .the Court of the Countv_of Kt CB] sal ^The People of the State of Caltfor- ila send greeting to Peter Rouauette. lefendant . . . You are hereby reaulred to appear In an action brought against vou jjy the above-named nialnuff, In the. Suot the County of Kern. 'or?la t and; to answer the -ein J ler se se sew. And you are hereby full to lavf ifte iimmons. aner servuiB, ou vou yi mm ojuiiiinjun. ; aicnViKo.'i" ff seryed within,sal(| .County: If served i de ^,e Ka mill, in _. il tlH-reon. miles south of tl tales, besides costs and Interest vo this dav levied upon all the ..... title, claim and Interest of Sjikl endant. of. In nnd to the followlut: ' real ostate. to-wlt: ela'ewhefe. "within thirty da,vs. ,.Ui,o~; And you are hereby not.tfled that if > nle ' von fnn to BO Rnnear nnn nnswfir. the Plaintiff will take ludgmemt. for any monev or damages demanded in the complaint as arising upon contract^ or The Karma-Aiax mine, toeether with mill, mac' ' cated thereo aliK .. will apnlv to the — relief demanded in the co ..... _.. ....... Witness my hand . received \vil! be P,t><;n<;d find rea at that time: that all bids must b for the navKii'nt of a stated sum, i.. gold coin of the United States; that the said, franc-hiss will be struck off. sold and awarded to the nerson. firm or corporation who. shall make,the highest cash bid therefor: provided ._•».. .r..r _ t (he tljne of j{, c ODen ) ne responsible person, present or repre- franchlse a PI itn S said Sunertor Cou Kern. State of C 'or any other imnlalnt.. the nd and the s rt of the Cpu alifornia, this seal < antv < is 281 . only, thrit at the ti or said Plds. ;uiy r firm or corporation sented may bid for said sum not less than, t _est sealed so made may ier contby ,er v ,and sal ue until nnaily itruok oftsol- Jparti of Supe bTdder therefor ited ptjites. „„ seaM bid must be with cash or a certlfjed .to :t above 'or. ana not less er respon- ne may ,so J, franchise and awan i?i go (uperviBors __ .... for in gold coin ol comnan eck pav- C e TreaBureDor.sucn Countv. II arnount or atttd md. and no 1 will. §a. considered unless is*enclosed tnere- wlth nnd accompanies the same, ' successful bidder must deposl cent of t ^ - . --- fe "rao'J Countv Clerk of said '' frnnehlse will be, all id if he shall fall t sit .Immedlalelv. th the Posit at least ,nt of Tils bid 'said Countv - ~ .ruck off id ,.o makt then and ranchlse wi 'ffernil for sal 1 inakn tha 'or. rfublect. to .. t .j. not bo re CQiiBljiered a.a yol'l •t to stlld . ro will be until said traticliise is struck off. and awarded to a blddor wlio en and there H ilo to. the bid- highest cash , ._ -ho same con- .Icposlt as iil)ovr> nien- procetluro \vill be liaf] 1 ' Is struck off. Bolr - blddPr wlio shall make tho neccssni-v deposit or. at. limst ten per coiit^fii the succossl'ul bi'lder snuli donosll with the Clerk of t^ Countv. within Iwon tv-foni- hours itt' the iircf-DiMiicc of hi.' bid. tho remaining ninety ncr cent ot the amount tlu-rool. nn«l in case lie or it. Khali full to '!" so. ffieii ihc salil do posit theretofore inadi- will bo forfeit, ed. and the award lit said franchlsi will |jo void, and 85 1591 machinery and, aiiDllances lo- situated about four :ie town of Moiave ami moi-r- particularly described at page. 50, Book S, mining records of Kern Countv. State of California. The said nron^-tv being IP Kern Countv. State of California. Public notice Is hereby given that I will, on Saturday, the. 9th dav of ! January. A. D. 1909. at II o'clock a. m. i of s nt d dav. In froat of the Court ! House door of the Countv of Kern, sell at ptibllc auction, for lawful mon- ev of the United States, all .the right, title, claim and Interest of said de• fendant. or. In and to the above de- Oil Prlncl- scribed property, or so much thereof B»tv- cSrS? B^-fleid. i p?-- fir Mara^iferfm IcHfVWSrV tfeat at alS^Mfcr- **" to iWM etS onlh_e, «r] ate a DeceroU. ^ .aker. Deputy. r service on you of this SummonB. ryed wltmn said Countv: If served where, within thirty days rov. fall Halntlff LhT, mt f davs. notified that If so appear and answer, the u.o.u^.u Trifl talce ludjrment for any money or damages demamled In. tfie wil ill annlv to the Court for anv 01 lief demanded In the Complaint \VftneE3 mv hand and the hea id Complaint as arising upon Contract, or wljf annW j^anv^otber °I of said Superior Court ?0rn -S«?y?A? V D C S! tlie Seal „. f the County of ilri. this 16th ^By Bedel Smith,' Deputy Clerk. : Rowen Irwln and .1. \V. P. Laird, attorneys for plaintiff. 11-18 !eo. B. Whltaker.Atty for Pltff. 11- NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize nal place . of C( Coun ice i e of ay of irnl .»• ...h Before i .„ f ertfsei public auction, .and unless pi ade before. wllTbe sold oi ie 5th day. of February. I iour of 2 o'clock p. m. to pi Inquent asseesment. together w costs of advertising ana expenses o: sale F. I. BORTBN, Secy, pro tem. Rooms 208-294 Producers Savings hank hjMldln«. BakeifiSeld. Kern County. Caliwrnla. 11-27 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. alnta.Oil.Oomrjany. a corporation. *place of bualness. iplven: That at. a tors of the.Armin capital MOCK, ot sail abre on. or before NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PR SENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE E .TATE OF L. HAMMES. DECEA ED. TO ADMINISTRATdR. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California, In I ho ^i> of . tho estate of L. Notlcis is hereby given bv the under-' signed administrator of the entaie of L. llanmieH, deceased, to tho creditorii \ <}(. and all iiersons having claims auaiiiHt UK; s;iifl dc-t-eaHed. to exhibit them with tiie neeesary vouchers . witliln four months after tno first, wi ition of this iiotiee. to the said at his . . .ornia, ce i ConinTirv^"%rDpr8tJQHZh"eld on th day of jDecemher.,1908, an as- ent of sU andqne-fourth cents ' per share was levied upon the -I--Y. _. ~ a ia" C orporatlQn. pay- t ^Tuesday. January , Jplmore. secretary. . . street. Fresnp. California nv stock upon which this assessment all remain unpaid on the 9th clay oi . Jbruary. 1909. will be dellnauent ant advertised for sale at, public auction. " unless payment la made, befor" ild on Tuesday, the,2nd dav W9. to nav the dellnauent assessment, together with, costs of advertising and expenses of fltile. Dated. December 7th. ' ' (Seal) , , t A. I Secretary Armlntu 0 Location of offlne, Fresno. California. NOTICE OF ASSESSME N f." will lieTsoT' ! March. 190 STOCK t4 'H.nER'S ANNUAL : Tiip rr-triilar nnn"a1 irfellntr of the I stockholders of the First Nation-1 Bank of Dakorsni-ld will 1 IM-|(| at tnelr hanklni; house In the City of Bakersfleld. o'clock p. m.., on .Tuesday. !th. 1909. for the elecyon7qf directors and tne transaction of such "II- __^ i*.. — rZ. — - „ — .-. vnniT nf/^rvAfly COIT16 • Pr f!: ptljer busiqi ( /» f ti. iv tcember . -11 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids will be received by C. Rltzman at his residence. 812 H street, Kern, from December 21, 1908, to January 1, 1909, for the erection ot a one story concrete and brick building according to plans and spec* iflcations. The owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 130 C. R1TZMAN. SUMMONS. In the Huoen of Kern, State — ..*,•,•-, Bessie AHer, Pfalnl Aker..De(endni nnt. Kht i of the Countv V'B. Frank •Jfcllott orouii hi In, tho Sin.orlor Court Of the Countv of Korn. Sta P of CaII- fe&v a oT K°n L nt ote 'o n f -aig Ciejft ol 8 a^l S^Jpr fourt. . nli ic to Priink Aker, IJi;- then and HHMC visors, bo HE ' hluliest bld' siililfniiuihlso. will v said Hpnril of Suner- offered for Halo to the therefor, in the wamo twenty-four Hours aft^r Its accnntanpe. the award to him of sa.1'1 francnlse will bt> sei aside, ana the deimttU. theretofore made hv him will be ^.forfolloti. and, no further ;— ceedlnKs for the sale of said, franc will be had until thn Barao shall li< advertised for aal< Nouce Is fiirtn mutit pro- re, ,„ iuii.iie'r elven that work , comnionced In eorx\ faith within not niort' tlmn four from the granting of sucn franchisn. and If noi so cotamencBd within »atri timo,s!ii( franchise w» cranfed shall be declarei. forfeited, and snail no coinnleted within not morn than throe vears thereafter, and if not so coinnleted within Bolil lime. Bald franchlsp s<i trranl/'d shall bo forfeited: nrpvldoil that for eoml cause Bhown. said yoard mav bv r«8oiul uletlqn lutlon" extend thereof, no 1 he. time for com! exceedine three Noflce 18 also herebv sriyijn, that t suocetwrol.bidder.for said franchi oetul eum lnlKtrntor •muse, ill Ow Couiitv of .Ke is office in the court Cl|v rn. St nit t n of Bii tate of C . California. Bakersfleld Kuol mul Oil Cnmuany. Bakersllelil nipl MIKI un «.:;miu!iny. i I'/i'.'.'iniiff will' /K-iuion/Jf urlnclual r>);ic<» of business i ' «"""" . w .'" .. nn> hiinie lieinit t no place for the ;.ransiictlon of business of said estate in snir! K Public, administrator 6 MCGINN, _. Kenf County. Administrator of the Estate of and L. Hiiinnies. Deceased. Thos. Scott. Attorney for AdmlniHU;^ tor. NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROVING tho Superior Court of tno County State of California. Depart- Ir of Korn. lu tfih matter of tho estate of James Goodwin. ilecuaMd. NoiU'd Is horebv trlvcn, that Moil- dav. tno eleventh dav of January. A. 1) '1909. at 2 o'clock, i). m, of that dav. arid the Court room. Department No. 2. of said Court, nt. the Court Bouse. in tho Countv of Kern. State of California, have been appointed as the tlmn iind placfi for nrovlne the will of said .lames Qoodwln. deceased, now on Hio In said Court, and for hearing the application of A. D. Whlttemore for the Issuance to hl»i of Letters tett- umentanr fffere^n. Piourney. attorney for r>e- Deo. 29. A. D. 1968. 12-28 it n ..'rectors'V>f"tUo"nl)rive "naniud coriior atlon. held on the 5th dav of Dp™>m- ber. IttflS. :tn iiHs-osjiment of ono hundred dollars tier share was levied upon the p-yiiltal Htock pf the.corporation. Davable itnmeUlaterv,, to the secrotarv said corporation, Charles A. Lee. at i offjcw at the office of the County ..-corder of Kern County. , , Any »lock upon which this aasesB- ment shall remain unpaid,, on the 9th dav of January. .lOOT,, will be (leltn- 8 uent and advertUod. for sale at pub- c auction, and unless i^yraonl is made before, will be sold on tho ,30th ' • * fnArt .-. « av jjjfi delln- lls ecor of Korn. In the Office of t erk of said Suwrlo^Cqurt. The. People of I nla send Oreotlric fendant. , . . . You are herebv renuired to In nn act on broiir n. »!'.S'H SI .\"» J' v the above-named j'laintiff. lu tlie Su- norlor Court of tlie Countv nl Korn. Stuff of CaH'onilo nnd to ;insvvor tlie Complaint filed therein, within ten | (lavs (exclusive ot the day ot, Mcrvicol i nt'ter service on von ol 'liln h'iminoiiK. '. If served within said County: it si-rv-, fi\ elsewhere, wllliln ihiviv days. ' And von nre lirrebv iM;tlIl<-'l that if i vou fall to KO aiiiirnr and answer, the j 1'lalnilff will tali.- uidi-inent for Hiivj llioni'v or dnmnwH deni^ndeil in tlie I Coiiililiiinl (is iii'ishie uimii couiraci or i will "iniilv to tin 1 I'nui't tor anv other relief demand.-..! In.tlie < '"'•'' ^ ilnoss mv hand and. 'lie seal of H. H. cu lii-.U . twrethor pav the hor wi th dav of January, diient iissessme coptB oi ailvertlflinB and^exnenseB of •ale. PHAS., A..I,K15. f tho BaKcrsfTeld Fuel and ifleld. Cal. 12-9 of ?cretarv. or tnc J Oil Co.. Baliersfl NOTICE. To all whom It may concern: Notice Is hereby Riven that the Board of Superviwirp of the Count v of Kern win npt audit anv bill or bills tifiilnst tho county contracted bv coun- v and townflbjp officers orbv oersons ohlJnfc' office bv aDtiolntment of said Joard of Supervlsorg. unless a ropul- Hltipn IB wriune IB Jtlrst presented to and t'rftntod by the Board. Uy orffer oftne ty*y. JA a w Chairinan of Boird. Attest: 1. U mfleV. CWtt ^StS DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notlco is hereby given that all persons ownliiK and keepliiK dtiKH within, the llmitH of the T<««n of K«ra. that license tags for Uie year 1909 are now ready for delivery «t the office of tlie Marshal, and on »n<l after the 1st <lay of January, 190!). I will proceed to Impound all doK» found runnlMS on the Hli-eet» that are not wonrtnt; tho license tut; for the year 1909. 139 C. P. UAIHSKK, Marshal. AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H: Jones Carter 1 * Hotel, Marlcopa Bakertfleld Qarag«. Bakerafleld. Main 142. Main 1280 BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE RObT. 0. BABTOM, H»na<if r Tomorrow Night Carl Berch Presents the Greatest Living Irish Actor, Charles Erin Verner in the Historical Irish Drama, "Shamus O'Brien" A The Hero of '98 Mr. Verner will sing some of the real Irish Songs. Prices 25c, 50c, 75c and f 1.00 Buy Seats Thursday. Monday, January 4th COHAN & HARRIS COMEDIANS In Frederic Thompson's mnssivc stupendous production of Wirt- ehcll Smith and Byron Ongley's Dramatization of Geo. Barr McCutclu-on's celebrated story. Brewster's I Millions WITH ROBERT OBER And the same notable cast and scenic equipment as seen here last season, including the World's greatest Yacht Scene Prices 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.60 Buy Seats Saturday Mail oi'dors with cash or money order and addressed Btamped envelope will receive prompt attention. TUESDAY, JANUARY 5th Event of Mirth and Melody With the . ( Univerity of California Glee Club Under the Direction of CLINTON R. MORSE Bee the Grand Chorus of Trained Fleas. Brick says, "They, WU1 Tickle You." Prices 50c, 75c and $1.00 WEDNESDAY JANUARY 6TH. EVERYTHING NEW BUT THE NAME America's Great Comic Opera Farceurs Murray and Mack In the Second Edition of Their Greatest Success The Sunny Side of Broadway Extra Features—Tho Wonderful Faecogriiph; Latest Electrical Invention.. Original Sheath Gown (iirl.. Urea test Song Hits in Musical C»mcdy—Lyric and Music by Boyle Woolfolk ORIGINAL NEW YORK PRODUCTION AND BEAUTY * BRIGADE , 40 PEOPLE 40 25c, 50c, 76c and $tOO Buy Seats Monday.

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