Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 2, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1964
Page 14
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS AT eHFC«£ LEAVIKS OAWiaE, BEN FOCS UD THE MOWJlMS PAPER AMP... SHORT KIBS By FRANK O'NEAL 14 -Monday, Mar. 2. 1964 Redlands Daily Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DO BBOW DAN FLAGG By DON SlIERWOOD L'TTLE "ATE MS eoTTcN CUT 'OU KNOW THAT W '.VAS TO 5LU?r; VALESl/ iJH IhAK 5E TAKEM FAtX TO ffUSSA erOiV (T, AVSTEK.' SINCE THIS EXFECITICN BrSAS ^ YOU'VE _e :EN SEniNo US UPFORAKILL! LUCKY WE GOT OUT OF THAT TRAP CK YOUR NA,M= WOULP S£ IMEKHATIONAL ,VJP.' •.\cWE NOrOCJTCf^ THE V.0OC5 YET.' ThO ^E BOY'S AI ^E STARTING TO FCUC 'i 'J US! WHAT DO V/ l"^' / V / >CU,MEAN ?,>^)»OV /2- H HOLLYAVOOD (UPI) - The aim of the mission was to free Cuba from dictatorial rule. American forces sailed from Florida to do the job. They landed at a bay. It was called Guantanamo. The year was 1898. This massive irony of history, which now sees a dictatorial Cuban leader hoping to eject .American Marines from their base at Guantanamo, was one of the highlights of ABC-TVs hour-long weekend special, the dramatically - conceived documentary "1898." The Saturday night program was the third of four shows in the network's "Saga of Western Man" scries, which "re-cre ates" events in the contest of a group of key years: 1492, 1776, 1898 and 1964. Thus far, the series, offered in color and produced, directed and written by the husband-and-wifc team of John Sccondari and Helen Jean Rogers, is one of the un- i(|uestionably fine achievements of the 1963-64 season. Each hour is given a repeat perform ance — with "1898" coming up again Sunday. The "isgs" show employed the Spanish-American War as IN HOLLYWOOD Imogene dines in the hotel pool By Erskioe Jobason its central event; the emcr- HOLLYAVOOD — (NEA) — gence of the United States as "Together again. MORTY lilEEKLE By DICK eAVALLI jet^LD HAVe THOUGHT OF THAT ONE. YSyiS AfiO/ ALLEY OOP By V. T. IMLMLIN NOTICK or TBUSTEE'S SALE IXDEB DEED OF TRUST CR-263S NOTICE IS HEREBY CfVEN THAT, on Friday, the 27th day of March. 1964, at the hour of 10 a.m. on said day at the Northerly entrance to the County Courthouse, in the City of San Bernardino. County of San Bernardino. State of California, the un- dersiirned. CORPORATION OF AMERICA, a California corporation, as Trustee under the Deed of Trust executed by JOHN D. MARTCf and DOROTHY MARIE MARTIN, husband and wife, as Trustors, and recorded Ausust 9. 1955. as Instrument No. 174 in Boole 3711. Pase 563 of Official Records of San Bernardino County, C.iIifomia. given to secure an indebtedness in favor of FIRST WESTER.N BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, a California corporation, as Beneficiary, by reason of the breach of certain obligations secured thereby, notice of which was recorded November 22. 1963. a Instrument No. 19 in Book 6034. Paee 670. of s.iid Official Records. CORPORA- TIO.V OF AMERICA, a California corporation will sell at public auction to the hiKhest bidder for cash, payable in lawful money of the United states at the time of Mle. without warranty as to title, possession or encumbrances, the interest conveyed to and now held by said Trustee under said Deed of Trust, in and to the following described property, towil: Lot 94, Tract 4222. UNIVERSITY E.XTENSION TRACT No. 3. in the City of Redlands. as per plat recorded in Book 54 of Maps. Page B3. records of said County, for the purpose of payine obliga tions secured by said deed, including fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee, advances, if any, under the terms of said Deed. Interest thereon, and unpaid principal of the note secured by said Deed, with interest thereon as in said note and by law provided. Dated Februarj- 27, 1964. CORPORATION OF AMERICA, a California Corporation, Trustee By B. H. Hastings. Agent. a world power was its central theme; and Theodore Roosevelt was the centra! character, with actor Sidney Blackmer as his voice. He was bully, as was the entire hour. The program led up to the war by outlining the ending of the nation's great pioneer days. This was done beautifully with paintings and the creative cam' era work that has been so important to the series. The bursting optimism of industry was noted, as were the immigrants and tenements. Rather than lecturing, the script quietly inferred its social comment with the subtlety of a local columnist here who recently suggested that a couple of international movie star lovers are kind of steady-dating. ABC's recreation of the charge of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders up San Juan Hill was pulsating and electric as the clima.v. Several scenes were filmed recently in Cuba. "Present-day U.S. Marines." said the network of the Guantanamo sequence, "helped make it authentic by participating in the scene in 19th century battle dress." Th« Chsnnel Swim: Bert Lahr. starring in the new Broadway musical "Fo.\y," is interviewed at his apartment on NBC-TV's "Sunday" show this weekend,. .Oldtime movie headliner Anna Sten appears on ABC-TV's "Arrest and Trial' JIarch 15.. .NBC-TV's "Today' offers a two-hour salute to the late Fred Allen March 18. Strategy in the civil rights bill filibuster is examined on "CBS Reports" March 18. NOTICE TO CBEDITOBS No. 33301 Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of San Bernardino. EsUte of RICHARD A. BERGIN. Deceased. Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the alK }ve named decedent that all persons having .claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the neces^ry vouchers. In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at S'i East State Street. Redlands. California, which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decadent, within six months after the first publica tion of this notice. Dated February 7. 1964. PHILIP S. BERGIN. Executor of the Estate of the above named decedent. EDWIN R. BALES, Attorney at Law. 5M, East State Street, P. O. Box 188, Redlands, California, Telephone: 793-5481. Attorney for Executor. (First publication Feb. 10. 1964) Even after years of use. the words still can work magic at the bo.x office in movie advertisements. But in fast-moving television there is no time for memories or sentimentalism. Imogene Coca was billed with the usual "guest star" line when she appeared on Danny Kaye's show. But it was a reunion the big- eyed comedienne was eager to talk about after removing her make-up. Imagine." she said, "Together again after 26 years!" For Imogene, it was like turning the clock back to the Saturday Night Revue," the "biggest" show in the Catskills that summer. The year was 1938 and the place was the Tamimcnt Hotel, resort lodge. The unknown stars of the "Saturday Night Revue" for the entertainment of the hotel's guests were Imogene and Danny — at S50 a week plus meals. "We had to cat with the guests, who were forever ask ing; 'And what do you do?" ' Imogene recalled with a .shudder. "So I skipped breakfast and lunch and bad dinner in the swimming pool." The show's producer was Max Leibman, who later starred Imogene on Broadway and then on television with Sid Ceasar. Danny went to Broadway, too. but not for long. Hollywootl was calling and he hit it big. Hitting it big with "Grindl" was Imogene's hope for her first filmed television series. But the show will not be around next year. "I don't know what happened," she said sadly. "The ratings, 1 guess. We once had a 37 per cent share of the audience, someone told me, but two days later I asked, 'what is the rating now?" and he said he didn't know. It was funny. Dur ing 'Your Show of Shows' I don't recall anyone ever talking about ratings." In hope of building an audi­ ence, Imogene made a 23,000- mile tour of the country. "Everywhere I went." she recalled, "people said. 'Hi Grindl.' That's never happened to me before. "I remember I once started to write an article about television as being more like war than like show business. You know, men pushing buttons on control panels and comedians saying, 'I'm going out there an3 kill 'em,'; and the use of wonjs like 'casualty' for a canceljd show and 'borab' for a flop.^ "Well, now I'm a casualty.^ guess I bombed, too." Selected Short Subjects: Grapevine twisting that Linda Darnell is a member of the John Birch society brought a heated denial from the lady. "I don't even know what the Birch society is about." Sid Luffs law suits against estranged wife Judy Garland now acid up to Sl.450.00O . . . Dick Chamberlain and Raymond Massey will take turns directing some of next year's surgery on "Dr. Kildare" the show (along with "Ben Casey") which has given new meaning to the director's shout of Cut!" THE ALMANAC NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 33338 Sut>erior Court of the State of California, for the County of San Bernardino, EsUte of WILL L. FOWLER. Deceased. Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the sjid decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk; of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers. to the undersigned at the law office of Paul B, Wilson and Guay P. Wilson. 306 E. Slate Street. Redlands. Calif., which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said de cedent, within six months after the first publication of this notice. Dated Feb. 24th. 1964. ELIZABETH E. FOWLER. Executrix of the Will of the above named decedent. PAL B. WILSON and Guay P. Wilson. 306 E. SUte St,. Redlands. Calif.. Tel: 792-3373. Attorneys for Executrix. (First publication Feb. 24. 1964) -NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPEBTT AT PRIVATE SALE No. 32S3I ISuocrior Court of the State of California, for the County of San Bernardino, In the Matter of the E.itale of MtlRRELL WORKMAN. Deceased, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, as Administratrix of the Estate of Murrcll Workman, deceased, will *ell at private sale to the highest bidder upon the terms and conditions, hereinafter mentioned and subject to confirmation by said Superior Court, on March 10th. 19G4. at 11:43 o'clock a,m.. or thcrc- atter within the time allowed by Law. at the office of Paul B, Wilson and Guay P. Wilson. Attorneys, at 306 E. State Street. Redlands. California, all right, title, interest and estate of said Murrell Workman, deceased, at the time of his death and all right, title, and interest that the estate has acquired by operation of Law or otherwise, other than or in addition to that of said deceased at the time of his death, in and to the real property described as follows: Air that real property situate in the City of Redlands. County of San Bernardino, State of California, descritied as follows: Portion of Lot 1 in Block "K", Addition No. 7. Second preliminary Map of Redlands, as per plat recorded in Book 5 of Maps, page 8. records of said County, described Today is Monday, March 2, the 62nd day of 1964 with 304 to follow. The moon is approaching its last quarter. The evening stars are Venus and Jupiter. On this day in history: In 1836, 55 Texans issued a proclamation declaring the territory's independence from .Mexico. In 1877, Rutherford B. Hayes was named President by Congress in settlement of a dispute over the election of 1876. He was declared the winner over Democrat Samuel Tilden. In 1927, Babe Ruth became the highest paid baseball player up to thst time when he signed a contract with the New York Yankees for $70,000 a year. In 1943. the battle of the Bismarck Sea began. American airmen eventually destroyed a Japanese com-oy of 21 ships. A thought for the day—Mark Twain once said: "Good breeding consists in concealing how much we think of ourselves and how little we think of the other person." as (oUows: Beginning on the Westerly line of Cajon Street 384.86 feet Northwesterly from the center line of westerly parallel with Highland Avenue 237 feet more or less to the Westerly line of land conveyed to Eugene C. Warren by Deed recorded in Book lOO of Deeds, page 379; thence Northwesterly along the line of land so conveyed to the Southwesterly comer of land conveyed to John William Taylor by Deed recorded in Book 883 of Deeds, page 418: thence Northeasterly along the line of land of said Taylor to the Westerly line of Cajon Street: thence Southeasterly along the Westerly line of Cajon Street to place of beginning. Together with 1 share of Capital stock of Redlands Water Company. 'Being a residence and a large lot located al No. 923 Cajon Street, Redlands. California,) Bids or offers arc invited for said property and must be in writing and will be received at the office of Paul B. Wilson and Guay P. Wilson. Attorneys for said Administratrix, or may t>e filed with the Clerk of said Superior Court or delivered to the said Administratrix personally, at any time after the first publication of this notice and before making said sale. Said sale will be made upon the following terms: 1. The above property is offered for sale in it's present "as Is" condition without any warranty express or implied by either the Administra­ trix or her agents. 2. The buyer must make his orni examination of premises and title and the price bid nmst be net to the estate, excepting only real estate commission as alJovred by Court. (Termite inspection and all costs connected with repairs and/or remedial work required to be at the expense of buyer. 1 3. Cash in lawful money of the United States of America on confirmation of sale, or as may be contracted for. Ten per cent of amount of bid to accompany bid. The Administratrix hereby reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Dated: February 24th. 1964. NADINE O. PENSE. Administratrix of the Estate of Murrell Workman, deceased. PAUL B, WILSON and GUAY P. WILSO.V, 306 E. Slate Street, Redlands. California. AtbuiKx lor Administratrix, Street named for Evers COMPTON' (UPD—The widow of slain Mississippi integration leader Sledgar Evers took part in ceremonies Sunday renaming a street of this Los Angeles suburb in honor of her husband. Residents of the street raised funds to bring Mrs. Evers here for the ceremonies. NOTICE INVITING BIDS I. TI.^IE AND PLACE OF OPENLVG: Notice is hereby given that th» Board of Education of the Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. California, hereinafter referred to as the "Owner." hereby calls for seated bids to be delivered to the Assistant Superintendent of said Board at the Administrative Offices. 33 West Lugonia Avenue, Redlands. California, until the 9th day of March, 1961, at 10:00 a.m. iPSTl, at which time and place said bids will be publicly opened and read aloud for: Furniture and^or Equipment tor Classroom buildings "N" and "P", Cope Junior High School. Item No. Quantity 1. Chair Desks _ _ _„.. 35C 2. Teachers' Desks _ Ifl 3. Teachers' and Guest Chairs— 40 4. Library Table 5. Work and Display Table 10 6. Paper Storage Cabinets 10 7. Supply Cabinets .._ _ 10 8. Teachers' Storage Cabinets 10 9. Book Mobiles 10 westerly from the center line of llO. Darkening Curtains w/'Tracks 10 Highland Avenue; thence South- II. Motion Picture Projector 2 westerly parallel with Highland 1 12. Tape Recorder 13. Projection Screen ... 3 10 14. Film Strip Projectors H 15. Overhead Projectors 3 IS. File Case 10 17. Office Desk for Secretary I 18. Desk Chair for Secretary 1 19. Electric Typewriter 1 20. Outside Lunch Tables - 6 2. SECURING DOCUMENTS: Each bid must conform and be responsive to all pertinent Contract Documents. Copies are now on tile for public iivspection and may he oij- tained for bidding purposes at the office of the Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Business. 33 W. Lu­ gonia Avenue. Redlands, California. 3. PROPOSAL FORM: Each proposal shall be made on a form to be obtained at the office of the Assisunt Superintendent in Charge of Business. Each proposal shall be in a plain envelope with the name of the bidder and the equipment to be marked plainly on the face of the envelope and filed with the Board of Education at or before the time stated above. 4. BID GUARAN'rEE: V Each bid over S4.0CO shaU be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check payable to the owner or » satisfactory bid bond in favor of the owner, executed by the bidder u principal and company saUslactory to the Board of Education as sure^ in an amount not less tbaji 5^ of tlie bid; said check or bond shan be given as guarantee that the biidtx will execute the contract if it iM awarded to him. 5. AWARDING OP BtDS: Bids may be awarded on an item number basis or grouped as followsi Items numbered 1-9; Items numbered 10-13: Items numbered 16-19; aiM Item numtjered 20. ^ 6. RIGHT -lO REJECT BIDS: -• The Governing Board of safd School District reserves the right to reject any or all bids or waive airr informality in a bid. ^ 7. WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS: No bidder may withdraw his b(i^ for a period of thirty i30i days after the date set for the opening thereof: By order of the Governing Board of Redlands Unified School Distrid of San Bernardino County. Dated at Redlands. California, this 24th day of February, 1964. CHARLES R. STULTZ. Clerk of said Governing Board.

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