The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on May 27, 1967 · 37
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 37

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1967
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O iS Saturday May 27 1967 THE MI A All HERALD 7-D - ©WTHS-TV Ed ©) WCCT H3C OOOOOOQOOOO 6:15 AJtt Sunrise Semester 6:45 AM News En Espanol COLOR 7 am Cartoens (to 9) Cartoons COLOR Superman 0 Cartoon Capers (to S) 7:30 AM Q Superheroes (to 8:30) COLOR ooooogooooo 12:30 PM The Beagles COLOR O Youth Issues 0 Discover America 00 Magilla Gorilla COLOR 1 PM Tom Jerry COLOR Navy COLOR SPECIAL Wrestling (to 2) 00 Hoppity Hooper COLOR ooooooooooo 6 PM NewsWeekind COLOR Producer Ivan Tors Is the Interview guest 0 Movli (to 7:30) “Diamond Jim” (1935) Edward Arnold Jean Arthur Cesar Romero Diamond Jim Brady is always unsuccessful with his romances but has a high old time anyhow An old rouser 6:15 PM O Weather Sport COLOR 6:30 PM G Hawaiian Eye (to 7:30) REPEAT “Robinson Koyo-to” O The Monkeet COLOR REPEAT The boys try to save a little old toymaker from computerized oblivian 0 NBC News COLOR 0 Newlywed Game 7 PM O Dream of Jeannle COLOR REPEAT Tony contemplates putting Jeannle back in her bottle 0 Flatt Scruggs COLOR 0 Men Into Space 7:30 PM Jackie Gleason (to 8:30) COLOR An outdoors musical show taped at Gulfstream Race Track featuring Bobby Hackett Dick Roman Charlie Ventura and a group of thrill acts O0 Flipper COLOR REPEAT Flipper is en route to deliver a parcel to Ranger Ricks but keeps getting sidetracked 0 Dating Gama COLOR 0 Go to Races 6:00 6:1S 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:1 8:30 8:45 1:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:43 ' 0 C V A ‘-a’ £)' I V-V rr5 Marvel COLOR 8 AM 0 Stingray ©' Lone Ranger 8:30 AM O Superman COLOR Forest Rangers Banjo Billy 9 AM Mighty Heroes COLOR 00 Super 6 COLOR 0 GEDf&oraa 1:30 PM Mr Magoo COLOR Dungeon (to 2:30) Rick Shaw (to 2:30) COLOR Amer Bandstand (to 2:30) 2 PM 1 Movie (to 3:30) "Hypnotic Eye" (1960) Jacques Bergerac Merry Anders Alison Hayes Madness stalks the hypnotist’s act when his women subjects disfigure themselves But even the hypnotist isn’t himself in this one A few surprises o 0 0 8 PM Don't Eat Dalsios COLOR REPEAT The Righteous Brothers guest as Joan and Jim need help with a PTA musical 0 Nawlywed Game COLOR Science Fiction COLOR 8:30 PM Miss'n Impossible (to 9:30) COLOR REPEAT "Mission" is routine yet wildly suspenseful No big Red plots this time Secret agent Briggs and squad are concerend with a crime-syndicate chief (played with considerable verve by Simon Oakland) who is staging a meeting of his “war lords” so they can divide up the year’s profits all nicely tax-free The gangsters are also plot-ing a series of assassinations and it’s up to Briggs to infiltrate their convention and! stop such nonsense 00 Get Smart COLOR REPEAT one has fun with Humphrey garet movie calssic “Casablanca” While Don Adams is resting up in the north woods Barbara Felton slinks around the Casbah as a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall With a blonde wig she undulates her songs in Casablanca’s Beat Parrot Cafe Her mission is to find the Choker who has strangled 275 top scientists 00 Lawrence Walk (fo 9:30) COLOR 9 PM Sat Movie (to II) COLOR “Come September" (1961) Rick Hudson Gina Lollobrigi-da A rich American discovers that his Italian villa Is turned into a hotel when he is not in residence 00 © VTVJ CBS WLDV-7V ABC XVM iw'j'Wwywuj aAtiiMOiWi- 0 Jumpin’ Jack COLOR 9:30 AM Underdog COLOR Atom Ant COLOR Porky Pig 9:45 A3I Unde Bob COLOR 10 AM Frankenstein Jr COLOR O0 0 0 Q3H23303 Wrestling (to 3) 2:30 PM Mike Douglas (to 4) Movie (to 4) ‘They Drive by Night1 (1940) George Raft Ann Sheridan Ida Lupino Hum' phrey Bogart A woman falls in love with a man who repulses her She kills her husband and tries to pin the blame on that man Tough film 0 Movie (to 4:30) “Navy Blues” (1941) Jack Oakie Jack Haley Ann Sheridan Martha Raye Two sailors on the loose in Honolulu Good musical pretty gals 0 9:30 PM NFL Action r COLOR 00 Piccadilly (to 10:30) COLOR Tom Jones and The Hollies are featured 10 PM Gunsmoka (to II) COLOR REPEAT A broke tries to get some cash poker game but loses 10:30 PM 0 Up With People COLOR 0 Scope COLOR 11 PM O News Weekend COLOR farmer in a Giannel Chuckles “You can suggest that perhaps an umpire is stone blind but NEVER tell him he has bad breath!” ©WPTV NBC © WEAT-TV ACC ?? 00 Flintstones COLOR King Kong COLOR 10:30 AM 00 Space Ghost COLOR Space Kidettes COLOR Beatles COLOR 00 00 11 AM Superman COLOR 3 PM 0 To Be Announced (to 4) 3:30 PM O Safari (to 5) “Phantom of the Jungle" Jon Hall 4 PM 00 Baseball (to 6:30) COLOR Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants -0 World of Sports (to 5:30) Grand Prix of Monaco Masters Surfing Championships (delayed from last week) 4:30 PM 0 Sam Snead News Weather Sports COLOR News Weather Sports Movie (to 12:45) COLOR “Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” (1947) Cary Grant Myrna Loy Shirley Temple Rudy Vallee An unmarried man is plagued by a school girl who has a crush on him Way above average comedy 0 ABC News COLOR 11:15 PM 0 Movie 12 "Uncertain Glory” (1944) Errol Flynn Paul Lucas Criminal offers to be turned over to the Nazis in occupied France to free 100 French hostages World War II dramatics 11:30 PM O Joe Pyne (to I) COLOR 00 Tonight COLOR 12:45 P 0 News COLOR 1 AM Q Late Show “Hypnotic Eye” Jacques Bergerac Anders 0 Nightmare Th (to 2:30) “Backroom” (1935) Boris (1960) Merry The Best On Radio i 11:10 AM — Young Bliami WKAT — “Sin School — Palmetto High?” is the topic 7:05 PM — Stereo Action W’AEZ-FM — Enoch Light and Toots Thielemans are featured 8 PM — Saturday Concert WVCG — “Schubert Symphony and Song — Part II” (Palm BatkM' Prfm Beach) w OOOOOOQOOOO Secret Squirrel COLOR 00 Casper COLOR 00 11:30 AM All Chs — Ship Launching COLOR Live coverage of the launching of the aircraft carrier John F Kennedy at Newport News Vat with Miss Caroline Kennedy doing the christening and President Johnson speaking 00000000000 5 PM Lost in Space (to 6) CS COLOR REPEAT Trying to missile the group lands on a hostile planet 0 Upbeat (to 6) 0 Auto Race Film COLOR 0 World of Sports (to 6:30) COLOR Rebel “400" Stock Car Race at Darlington SC and The Rugby League Cup Final from London 5:30 PM 0 Go to Races COLOR 00000000000 Karloff Marian Marsh Katherine DeMille An evil count throws his enemies into his castle’s horrible dungeon Not for the kiddies 2:30 A!U 0 All-Night Mystery “Two Seconds” Edward G Robinson "Mandalay” Lyly Talbott “Secret of the Whistler” Richard Dix Weekend Sports Today Oil Television Baseball PM — Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants Chs 7 5 World of Sports PM — Rebel 400 Stock Car Race Rugby League Cup Final Ch 12 On Radio Baseball 10:55 PM — Chicago California WKAT vs Sunday On Television Soccer 2:30 PM — Philadelphia Spartans vs Toronto Falcons Ch 4 On Radio Baseball PM — Chicago 3:55 I California WKAT vs Tiviggy in Hollywood And Gets an Eyeful By JACK E ANDERSON Herald Radio— TV Editor THURSDAY night saw the second installment on ABC (Chs 10 and 12) of the progress of Twiggy our Mod reincarnation of Wonderland’s Alice she of the minipinafore and the shaggy crew-cut When last we saw the lass 17-year-old saucer-eyed London model she and a lampshade-headed male companion named Justin de Villenueve were fresh off an airliner and caught up in all the vulgar crass commerc al hubbub of Manhattan It’s terrible how those New Yorkers always want to get right down to business All Tight so she’s pushing a line of clothes already So does everybody have to blow the punch line? Don’t be nervous In the Number 3 installment they toss her right into the sewing machines Meanwhile back to Wonderland this time Wonderland for sure — Hollywood If New York doesn’t know how to appreciate a visiting wraith Hollywood does ‘From the opening camera FCC Asked To Approve Clu 23 Sale THE Federal Communications Commission has been asked by Storer Broadcasting Co to approve the sale and transfer of the construction permit of its long inactive UHF television Channel 23 here to International Industries Inc of California Storer owner of Miami’s WGBS and a string of other TV and radio stations announced the proposed sale Friday Sale price is $250000 International Industries headed by A1 Lapin Jr is parent company of International Pancake Houses Under the sales agreement Storer would retain ownership of its transmitter building and 1000-foot antenna tower in Hallandale but lease it to the California concern The deal would also involve the Storer company’s per-forming and engineering service — installing and putting in working order the new operator’s transmitter equipment Storer operated a UHF station — WGBS-TV — on the channel from 1954 to 1957 then closed it after considerable loss when VHF broadcasters became too competitive Storer later sold Its property and equipment to Public Service Television Inc a subsidiary of National Airlines which operated a station on VHF Channel 10 for several years When Public Service ultimately lost its license as the aftermath of a congressional probe of the company’s application for the channel Storer bought the property and equipment back Carson Hearing Set ST LOUIS Mo — (AP) — A hearing on television star Johnny Carson’s application for an injunction to prohibit use of a picture of himself in an advertising brochure was set for July 10 in St Louis The hearing will be before United States District Judge James H Meredith Carson is also seeking $100000 in actual damages and $200000 in punitive damages in his suit Carson charges in his petition that David Drake of the Drake Institute of Hypnosis in Clayton Mo ordered 5000 brochures containing an unauthorized picture of Drake and the late night TV star Carson said the picture was taken on March 19 at a National Broadcasting Co reception Judge Meredith issued a temporary restraining order to prevent circulation of the brochures pending hearing of the suit Hayes Resigns Post at CBS NEW YORK — (AP) — Arthur Hull Hayes president of the Columbia Broadcasting System’s radio division for 12 years has resigned He will be succeeded by Clark B George a divisional vice president and general manager of WCBS-TV here Hayes who is 62 gave “personal reasons” for leaving the company with which he had been connected for 33 years It was reported that the resignation was due to illness In the family George 46 joined CBS in 1946 Twiggy ire Wonderland shot a close-up of the large Twiggy peepers masked with sunglasses it was instant TV series They even brought in Burgess Meredith to do the narration unseen — probably because he didn’t have time to shed his beak as Batman’s Penguin — and everybody ‘hustled to the nearest studio The place lookedi suspiciously like Lew Wasserman’s Universal lot where the rubbernecks get a paid admission tour vicariously enjoying the art of acting as exemplified in phony western shootdowns and barroom brawls (A young but seasoned actor who labors in a TV series produced at Universal once complained to me: “Holy Nielsen you can’t even go to the bathroom but what some tourist turns up with an autograph book”) Anyway Twiggy and friends enjoyed it You could tell that because when our girl Is really tickled she giggles In a descending arpeggio something like the sound of a Morris Minor with a failing battery and carburetor trouble After the thrill of shattering a plastic bottle on the noggin of a stuntman cowpoke she visited the foreign sets (Aow it’s Spine!” exclaimed she) Then it was on to Disneyland where there was no end to crazy camera shots of Twiggy right up to her flat behind in atmosphere Finally there was the call on Sonny and Cher a singing couple of renown who had borrowed a home and pool overlooking the inevitable San Fernando Valley Our girl incidentally got into swimming togs here and it turns out that she’s not as concave as we thought — unless etc The visit started with Horoscope By CARROLL RIGHTER Saturday GENERAL TENDENCIES: You certainly have a good chance now to get your surroundings in such an improved condition that everything is easier in the days ahead Be sure you build up a new security tor yourself by finding some practical means by which to please those upon whom you depend for the respect and good will of a public nature ARIES: (Mar 21 to Apr 19) Step out into the business world and contact as many powerful individuals as you can who are difficult to reach during work week State your aims Get your credit matters handled with intelligence TAURUS: (Apr 20 to May 20) Find some better system for Increasing success in the outlets that are vital to you and then off to be with charming persons You find new partners who can be instrumental in all of your affairs GEMINI: (May 21 to June 21) Find some new method that will iput a new spark in some personal relationship that is important to you Be sure to get your bills paid and do regular Saturday tasks Don’t let any grass grow under your feet — but literally MOON CHILDREN: (June 22 to July 21) If you sit down once more with associates and talk over your ideas you can undoubtedly convince them this -time Avoid individual who wants to start arguments or cause them to occur Be smart LEO: (July 22 to Aug 21) There are many tasks facing you so get right at them with out expecting others to shoulder your burdens and be sure to show diplomacy with others in PM Others are cooperative during the day They are quite different in the evening VIRGO: (Aug 22 to Sept 22) Find a better method for improving your recreational activities in the days ahead and begin with light Mamim (oral Gobi Oiombof of Common 50 MW TV MILS S’OO-tiOO 1 BRAND NEW FUTURE TUBES INST 1 1"-S3S Il"$30 13" $45 COLOR TV REPAIR SPECIALISTS ZENITH RCA FACTORY AUTH SEkVICI flVS Bird Rd— 221-5654 3612 Coral Way— 448-2V30 700-715 St MB— 865-8661 RELIABLE RADIO & TY breakfast and wound up with a celebrity-studded — Tony Curtis Eva Marie Saint Pierre Salinger and such like — social on the back forty Our last glimpse of Twiggy Was a close-up of her trying to recite the screen credits of the people who had been responsible for the half-hour real life fantasy But somebody at the party had handed her a full charge of bubble gum instead of a drink (what they won’t do for laughs out there would slay a herd of dinosuars) and her mandibles were in distress She so mangled the names that if TV’s craft unions go out on strike we'll know why The third and final installment is to come next month This one so a sign on the screen told us will relate: “How Twiggy Falls Into the Clutches of the Business Moguls" Slat Girl and Justin will get their intended comeuppance — thousands maybe millions of dollars worth It was perhaps not insignificant that a cosmetic sponsor of the show Thursday night was doing a very hard sell on a line of eye make-up commensurate to the weird femininity Twiggy represents There was this model brushing on her upper eyelid some sort of non-color paste followed by an accenting brown line around the contour of the eye As I get it girls if you can’t slip the old 16 to 20 chassis into the Twiggy flat-wear you can at least get your eyes bobbed Anti-Crime Unit Names Wesley JAMES W WESLEY JIL general manager of WIOD has been appointed chairman of the newly created! radio TV and news division of the Crime Commission of Greater Miami The appointment was announced Friday by Crime Commission president Sidney D Ansin who said Wesley and his division will coordinate the Crime Commission’s “Operation Stop Crime” among other projects Wesley a broadcaster since 1950 joined WIOD in 1965 after 10 years with Atlanta’s WSB Slay 27 1967 amusement to night Plan how to live within your budget much better Cut down on what are purely extravagances LIBRA: (Sept 23 to Oct 22) You have to be more attentive to your home as to furnishings burnishing etc if you want it to express the charm that you want it to Buy gifts for whomever you think a great deal about Show tangibly that you are devoted SCORPIO: (Oct 23 to Nov 21) Those persons you cannot see during the work week should be contacted now Then off to be with congenials for whatever purpose you have in mind Extend favors that bring you their good will SAGITTARIUS: (Nov 22 to Dec 21) Ideal day to do w hat ever will make your property more comfortable valuable Get monetary affairs better handled also One who has feet on the ground can give you excellent advice CAPRICORN: (Dec 22 to Jan 20) Some time spent in AM to improve your health appearance intelligently is wise Then out to be with persons whose personal aims are similar to yours You have savoir faire charm use it! AQUARIUS: (Jan 21 to Feb 19) If you forget fun and focus your attention on whatever is important you accomplish a good deal -Assist those comrades who have much worry troublesome conditions to contend with Give moral support PISCES: (Feb 20 to Mar i 20) Showing devotion to comrades makes them even more valuable to you in the days ahead Go after personal aims in a positive fashion also Then you get ' the right results in the minimum of time if il I a r 1 t l ml rb

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