Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 22, 1974 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1974
Page 8
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Tim« Herald, Carroll, la. Monday, April 22, 1974 Auto Service 75 Legal Publications SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox CARNIVAL by Dick Turner NEED A dent removed? Our expert dent remover will make that dent disappear fast. Make an appointment now at Peters Motors. 75-95-ltc Read The Want Ads CAR RENTAL Authorized daily rental service. Check our low rates today. HERMAN FORD-MERCURY West of the Mall, 792-1505 Q 75-208-5tc SERVICE RESPONSIBILITY is one ot our better sa\esmen. Houlihan Motor Service Center, Hwy. 71-S. Carroll. Phone 792-4787. 75-43-tfc FAST SERVICE, competitive prices, Craig's Gulf, hwy. 30 west, across from Hardee's. 75-41-2tc AUTO BODY REPAIR Guaranteed qualified work for only $7 per hour. See Dave at PERRY AUTO BODY \07East3rdSt. or call 792-3387 for free estimates. 75-K-t2tc NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING OF CARROLL COUNTY JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE APPOINTING COMMISSION Public .notice \s hereby given that a public meeting of the Carroll County Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission Is to be held at 4:00 P.M. on Thursday. April 25. 1974. at the courtroom in the courthouse in Carroll, Iowa, al which Unic the Commission will meet and consider applications for the appointment of two part-lime county judicial magistrates. Notice is further given that applications for the position of judicial magistrate may .he secured at the Clerk of Court's office .ip the courthouse in Carroll. Iowa, prior to the time of said meeting, which application shall be confidential. The position of judicial magistrate will be filled by an elector of the county under the age of 72 years, for the term of Iwo years. beginning July I. 1974. and expiring on June 30. 1976. with the salary of J4.800.00 per year plus expenses. The aforesaid mceeting shall be open to the public and anyone may attend. Tnc Carroll County Magistrate Appointing Commission consists of six members, being Ihe Honorable James C. Smith. Margaret Schwabe. Norman Soyer, Claus Bunz. Ronald H. Schcchtman and W. C. Arts Sr. CARROLL COUNTY JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE APPOINTING COMMISSION By: Ronald H. Schectman Secretary- April 22. 1974 COUNCIL MEETING- April 8, 1974 Members of the Carroll City Council met in regular session on this day. The minutes of the meetings held in March, 1974 were read and approved as read. The following bills were allowed. New Cars & Trucks 76 COME IN and see all the 1974 Fords — The closer you look, the better we look — Breda Auto Co. 76-226-tfc NEW & USED CARS CALL HAROLD ' JENSEN cation. io#S 792-9236 JOHN WHALEY CHEV. Inc. 76-80-ltc Calendar of Sale Dates Claimed and Auction Sales All types of auctions will be run in this Auction Calendar FREE if we have the advertising copy of your ad in our office. EVERY SATURDAY AT 1P.M. Farmers Livestock Auction. Special Dairy Sale — the 3rd Thursday of each month. EVERY THURSDAY— 7-.30 P.M. Carroll Livestock Sales. SUNDAY, APRIL 28— PUBLIC AUCTION 1 P.M. Furniture & household items. Harold & Elizabeth Rice, Owners in Dedham, Iowa. Wieland & Irlbeck, Auctioneers. PUBLIC AUCTION: Sunday May 5, 1:30 P.M. House & Lot Located at 1228 North Court Street, Mary A. Nagl Estate Owner. Harold Wietand & Gary Rupiper Auctioneers. Interstate Electric Supply — poles !or street lighting $7343.50 Interstate Electric Suqply - lighting material i supplies 51 09 Daily Times Herald - publishing fees j' 4 J Electric — services al pump station Loc Joe Manufacturing Company — 3 Loc Joe unlocking tools 22 - 50 National Chemsearch — supplies at sewage plant -Af™ Ed M. Fcld Equipment - supplies 232.65 Eddy Walker Equipment Company — equipment repair parts 198.07 Milk Insoeclinn Trusl Fund — water analvses 66.00 Kenny's Rug Cleaning — clean rug at golf clubhouse 113.84 Des Moincs Rubber Stamp Company — tags for swimming pool memberships 168.15 Carroll Lumber Company — supplies 118.51 Andrews Roofing & Sheet Metal — roof repairs al pool 201 05 S Si S Stores — skill saw and jig saw 54.98 Carroll Roofing Company — roofing at sewage plants 2850 00 Henningson. Durham 4 Richardson — Engineering Services 257 55 Herald Publishing Company — classified ad .' S.oo Joe P. Frank & Son — services & water storage tank 797 05 Turf Supply Company — golf course supplies 369.00 Dust Tex Services — rug service 4 10 Brenny's Market — dog food at city pound 5.33 Arnold Motor Supply — supplies and equipment repair '.297.69 Iowa Public Service Company — electric bills ' 4862.28 Iowa Electric Light and Power — gas bills 615.69 ' Bliss Tire Service — services & supplies 53.00 Sieg Fort Dodge Company — shop supplies 106.60 Municipal Service 4 Supply Company — one barminutor screen 266.31 Herman Ford-Mercurv — police car service and repair 104 74 Wayne's Signs — signs at golf course 17 00 Deb's RoBo Car Wash — police car washes 13.50 Sioux Sales Company — One Valtox Master Kit 50.20 Joe's Paint Center — paint 55.52 Carroll Machine and Weld — supplies and equipment repair 39.50 Rowedder Implement — Equipment repair 27.85 Duncan Industries — aluminum bases for parking meters 306.99 Toyne's Iowa Fire Truck Service — equipment repairs : 632.34 Peterson-Blddlck Company — grass seed .' 339,00 Wllke Drug Company — poison al golf course and sewage plant 12.38 Reinart Service — shop supplies 64.82 General Excavating Company — machine work 463.00 Carter-Waters Corp — saiurock for road maintenance 448.80 Coasl to Coasl Store — supplies 138.08 Stone Printing Company — office supplies 1042.85 N.W. Bell Telephone Company — telephone bills 339.13 American Aulomobile Association — supplies 2.24 Metro Uniforms. Inc. — uniforms and patches of P.I) 88.00 Standard Office Equipment — copy machine supplies 170.00 Nash Motor Parts. Inc — supplies and equipment repairs 39.25 Kolain Umtnrms — equipment holt for P.D ' 17.95 Allen Paper Company — teletype supplies ' 13.02 H & C OffilT Supply — office supplies 8.68 Walt Disney Educational Materials — P ». supplies ....12.50 Educational Aids of Long Hcach — bicycle materials B1 yi Iowa State Industries — bicycle license plates ^14.88 Itasca Equipment Company — equipment repair 165.43 Neppel Oil Company — gasoline, dicscl fuel ."...". 860.30 3 M Company — sign materials 289.58 Acco Unlimited Corporation — pump sta- lion equipment a °7 Rrown Supply Company — si«n material and valves. Kaskets. He B72I) 70 Carroll Supply Company — sired sign posts ' 21428 John Whaloy Chevrolet. Inc — equipmenl repairs 133.50 Carroll Fire Department — Fire Calls and Drills 69000 Total $3:135376 The following was included in the 1974 Paving Program: Thirteenth Street, from Court Street to 198'z' easl of Court Slreel. Also an extension of Eighth Street off Highway No. 30. Rejected a request by Mr and Mrs. James Prentice for paving of the alley from 12th Street, soulh to Ihe Carroll Public School, with 16 foot wide paving instead of the planned 12 (eel. Approved the removal of parking on Carroll Slreel in fronl of Lots 9 and 10. lilock 8. Original Town Granted an casement on the alley lying adjacent lo Lol 9. Block 44. Second Addilion lo Carroll, for as long as Ihe existing garage is located on this site The low bids as submitted by Herman Ford-Mercury. Inc were accepted on the following: One u < Ton truck on a hid of $3.168.39 One 2 Ton Truck on a bid of $4.461.00 The low bid as submitted by International on one 14 H.P. Garden tractor and mower was accepted on a bid of $1.420 17. Reset the date on the rezoning of Oullol One. Parkway Pla/a Addition to the City of Carroll, for April 29th. 1974 al 5.DO o'clock P.M. Aulhorized Mayor Wm S Farner and City Clerk Leon P. Oswald to execute Lease Agreement with Carroll County Historical Society on Ihe present City Library Building. Voted to limit to $8.000.00 the amount to be spent on repairs to the presenl Cily Library Building. Authorized Mayor Wm. S. Farner and City Clerk Leon P. Oswald- to execute easement on Fire Escape contained on Courtvlew Apartments. Approved payment. Irom Revenue Sharing Funds, to Inlerstale Electric Supply, for poles for street lighting in the amount of $7.343.50. The Council voted lo request the Iowa Stale Highway to widen Highway No. 30. from 10th Street, west to the Cily Limits, because of increased traffic In that area. Councilman Lewis S. Voyles was appointed as liaison between the Council and the Park Board. Approved the following permits: Cigarette: Municipal Golf Course Cigarette: Raymond Bohmd/b/a Dairy Sweet Cigarette: Mars Oil Company Cigaretle: Leisure Lounge Class "B" Beer for Frilz's Place Class "B" Beer for Sunday Sales for Pauline's Class "B" seasonal for Municipal Golf Course Approved Ihe cancellalion of a Cigarette Permit for Decker's Gulf Service Leon P. Oswald Carroll City Clerk April 22. 1974 COUNCIL MEETING • APRIL 15, 1S74 Members of the Carroll City Council met in Special Session on this day. Approved the recommendation of the Planning & Zoning Commission to rezone Lot 1, of the Irregular Survey of the NW/4 of the NW'ii. including Lot "A" therein of Section 24 Township 84. North Ranpp 35. West of the 5th P.M.. from R-l to "A" Mulli-family ana sel Ihe dale for the public hearing for May 6. 1974. Included (he area of 18th Street, casl of Gram Road, inlo Ihe 1974 paving program. Turned down an offer lo purchase Ihe Pelcr's Building, in which Ihe Cily offices is presently located. Instructed City Manager Arthur F. Gute and City Works Administrator Leo Clark to work with the Fire Department in exploring the possibility of using one stall at Ihe Cily Garage to house one Fire Truck, once Ihe Fire Department has moved into their new quarters Voled lo cover Ihe presenl sidewalk on Ihe casl. north and west sides of the Courthouse square, with asphaltic concrele. as agreed on by the County Board of Supervisors. Approved Ihe plan for the Hrtifinu nf ih<- mall, north of the new Municipal Complex, ana as presented by Henningson. Durham and Richardson. Inc.. consultants for the City of Carroll. Approved Ihe payment, from Revenue Sharing Funds, to Foss, Engelstad. Heil. for archileclural services lo dale, in Ihe amounl of $71.69. LeonP Oswald Carroll City Clerk April 22. 1974 LET THE DAILY TIMES HERALD HELP YOU AT YOUR FARM SALE "The governor just spoke on the energy shortage. He addressed us as 'my fellow pedestrians'!" THE BORN LOSER "Shame! Fred Freebisb sassed by your wife! Are you man or mouse?" "That's silly Pop! If you were a mouse Mom would be scairt of you!" by Art Sansom L Junior Editors' Quiz on ISAAC NEWTON STOP and SHOP AIR-WAY of WESTERN IOWA RUTTEN'S VAC SHOP On the corner of Main & Hiway 30 CARROLL, IOWA We sell all makes of vacuum cleaners Air-Way, Saniway, Kirby, Hoover, Eureka Repair and service on all makes. Bags, cords, hoses, switches, etc. A TRUE SPECIALTY STORE FOR VACUUM CLEANER NEEDS. 20 Years in Business Phone 792-3247 Gravity Passes' Works Answer,to Previous Puzzle QUESTION: Why is Isaac Newton famous? ANSWER- Because he discovered the laws of gravity. Isaac Newton, an English physicist, natural philosopher and mathematician, lived from 1642 to 1727. At an early age he had an inquiring mind and invented a number of mechanical devices. Newton's scientific contributions are numerous. His experiments with light are the basis for modern optics. He found that white light is made up of the seven colors of the rainbow. He invented a reflecting telescope for his own investigations and constructed one useful to astronomers He excelled in the field of mathematics and devised integral and differential calculus. Newton's discovery of the laws of gravity was one of the most important discoveries in the history of natural science. This discovery has made his other achievements less significant. He worked on the principle that all por- Uons of matter in the universe exert an attraction on each other This theory had a great influence on astronomy in explaining the orbiting of the planets. ^^ (Jean Veleri of Harrison, New York, wins a prize for this auestion You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) ACROSS l"The Money" 11936) 4" likely to Succeed" I 1954) 8 Egyptian deity 11 Inactive 13 Narrate again 14 Breaks off 16 Solar disk 17 Summer (Fr.i 19 Send forth 20 Ripped 21 Goes astray 23 Open (poet. I 24 Abstract being 25 Tennessee Valley Authority (ab.i 26 Mauve, for example 28 Demeanor 29 Positive electrode 30 Alaskan highway 33 Seasoning 35 Respond to stimuli 36 Cook in hot fat 37 "Mr. Wilson's " 11962) 40 "Adventures of a Young " (1939) 41 Hard fat 43 Two words of Hamlet's dilemma 44 Feminine name (pi. I 46 Wrath 47 Whetstone 48 "The Grand " (1949) 50 Smeared with fat 52 Forceful 53 Guides 54 Girl's name 55 Numeral DOWN 1 Dangerous dogs 2 Goddess of peace 3 Bias 4 Stingy person 5 "Number " (19431 6 Wine aroma (Fr.i 7 Fluttering tone reiteration SGrandiloquize 9 Surgical thread 10 Garment part 12 Three-legged stool 15 Cubic measure 18 "Manhattan " (1925) 22 Laminar 25 Colorations 27 Canadian province (ab.i 28Son of (comb. form) 30 Possessing weapons 31 Departs from 32 Card game 34 Soviet cooperatives 37 Stiff 38 Man's name 39Grasslike plants 42 Utah mountain range 43" Soldiers" (1921) 45 Mount in Jerusalem (var.) 49 Weapon 51 Lawyer (ab.) \MOUUP A, I TELL^OO ABOUT by Heimdahl & Stoffel BUGS BUNNY HEAD 'EM OFF AT THE- PASS.- BAM-- t *SO TH' BIG 6POWN BEAR SAYS T' TH' U'L WHITE a BONNY".. by Al Vermeer PRISCILLA'S POP WHEMEVER WEVE HAD A PIGWT ME BUVS ME A NEW DRESS. 1 ARE VOU TRVING TO PICK A QUARREL? FROM MR. BOTTS YES. ITS A PEACE: OFFERING by Frank Hill SHORT RIBS ITS HIM, ALL RI6MT. 17/ffff ftf/S.' -THIS LOOKS LIKE A NICE LITTLE TOWN. by Howie Schneider EEK & MEEK ( RE/SLW UJAIOT \. / DOT CF MY LIFE, AT THIS / / - RDt/OT, IS MY MJIF6 ! 55-93-Stc FRANK AND ERNEST (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN ) ALLEY OOP by Bob Thaves i FIGURED IT ALL OUT AND THEN X DIVIDED EVERYTHING BY TWO,, JUST TO BE OH THE SAFE SIDE. by Dave Grque WHERE IS OOP? WHAT IS HE THINKING? I HOPE HE SEES THE SUN IS SINKING AND RECALLS MY FRIGHTFUL PLIGHT— HOW I'LL BE PREY TO BEASTS OF NIGHT; M-22. BY GUM, IT'S HIM HE HAS COME BACK! BUT WHAT'S HE GOT UPON

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