Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1916
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IT TflOAY THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD LING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD THEf READ If TOMORROW \H CfTY PAPERS-] SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 92. .STERLING/ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY. OCT. 18, 1916." PRICE TWO CENTS. OFC. DIRECTORS FAVOR ALIVE AND WELL INTO A ; N. tMrJs WtMf nglnsufance , Mourned A Committee Makes Such a Recommendation and a Petition For an Election is Being Circulated* Phe people of .St*>rl!i)s nnd vlrinltyO lont? been talking nhou't th«* <lf- Ibillty, nnil even w'ct'fmity, of liavinst nark facilities, itulliihle tmtb- with unpoltutfd. wntfr, rliil- tn'n public iifftynrounel*!, find th»> wl>ftt could 1)P dortf to UNION SCHOOLS lost KprlnR npjMitntrd a.rmnmit on parks nnd playground*; consist-1 f of Ur. \V. H. Perry, chairman, John j M-d and L,. A. Hittorf, with In-| lone to lnv*««tl(3rat«>. fie committee reported It* the-Hoard of Directors <*f the AJWO- •ttOti of Commerce at a meeting held afternoon. The proper course p. If the community wnnt« more Is, etc.* IncludliiK regular mitnrner concert* without havln« to »o MHl each numiner and collect » fund In to follow the steps tftkf-h irt -and other communities of Into a park district nnd at. th IM election elect live park . and then let these the rest. ram stated that Di.non I HIM lt> II Park, L« Hallo has !t« Htnrved etc.. all of which draw ijMake Public An ' Interesting Report For FirsITWonth Of School. The Total Enrollment For Central School Was 520 and For Lincoln 238. lr*d« of picnicker* and touriKtu year. The main Idea, however veloplng park and playground «y«here would be for the benefit of home people, (something; that every in the community could use and 'Will Start hofird of d lectors dfcldfd It tpalgn nplrltfdtH'BH to KO ahoiid with pro|»oHittoii, and In nt-cpptlng report of thn committee, inntruct* committed to «o ahnul with n for jmrkH. etc. e flrat *tep l« ti\ g^t a petition by ono. hundred legal %-ot»«rH rot In the proposed purk district, ff the county Judge to call an dec- lit which tht* voter* of that terrl- Wltl d<>cld»> if gucfi U«rrltory shall Into the proponed park dls- and will alMu elect flvo commlB- B«rn« Th« directors docldwl thai ' district Hhottld emhrnce [•petition Is now ht-inK clrculaliHl, "- to Hon.- William A. Ulod- Oounty judge, him- to cull «n election, which muHt be not <tay* from th« ft IH the date of, election can prob- aet for about-two weeks after election In November. lM>llt>wltifr IB n report of thf Union w.*luu>lH..-fur«v.-TOunlU-*»f temlwr: Tot n I onrotlmfnt, t^cntrnl whixil, f>"fi. ToUil «>iiro|lmi'nl, Lliirtiln Hchool, l'3S Total, TfiS. ^Avoraiio dally enrollment. Ontrul school. 509.6. Av«ra»ti» daily ntti'iidnnc*', Central Discovered In West. Frank Walzer Came Upon the Man In a Hotel At Cheyenne, Wyo.» Recently. A let If r rn«.-»i\rtK yexteftlny finm l-Yatil* ' \Va)j!i-r *>!iy« he. and lii.« wifo H.-.-ii'lifd Cheyenne. \Vyu., «ll right. 'l'dr:v jjnl Jntit a niln ff>r a f«-w hnnt-5 tx'foro rc;f«')!lriK thnt t-lty but kept riKht i>» aft«i never mil \vei n bit, in f;ir't nithi-r enjoj'rd tl'e r:iin sk.rtu In thi'li nttichliir. . ' A very Intere^tlntr p-'trt of the letter. _ however. wa« nut' In regard to weather « oiHlltidHM. hut the nnnounre- ment that he ian ncro** T. N", Chlldd.- fo'rtiierly «>f HIs'rliiiK < 1 hlld.'» wa.« ctip- |io*cd tn hi- d<<ai{,-fnr hf wrote to Hter- ! i«trt!»H n yr-;ir ,iao hts vvi'4» tfo'-ng t" jump Into the Chicago river near a certain bi i'lftp. The letter wn« generally f-iinsl(l( l! Sf'»l n bltiil aJHl his discovery by Mr, \V'nl*<»r nt <'heyenne proves thM HUJlp''^!!!''!! «Hi< IMllT'-l't.' It will be "rememlw-red. that while In thl* r'lty i v hllil» vai urneml ' ngr>nt «>f. this .|!j>(ricu I'-r ..tht: IVtiriM l,it> In- stfrnru-t« •'•».,»• with h<iidi|iiarter«* In Hterlinff. U is wild he spent money with._a fre<; Hbile bnrr, Theii ail ;it "oTii-e IH unt intiiMUianclal diftlrnlty. It Wfix dlrtfi veir-d thr»t motley he hn I What Do You Hani? ,««** j***.-- • .w; rrrit ••<» tf-am cf Yvo!k li>.i«»>*. q Itny. Mr.|«tri:i «-;ittlr-, hi' 5!ovr <>r any s{-(-< ial farm of (in- Thi-.if rmi! ,1 t?r»*,'it tnnrty f-th'>r firttHi"* ,<!<- for ,«(ti<' V<m f*\n find '"it ;t!l ahum lh«tn'by miil- intr the H;is«ifipfl nnd uni'timi .•iijvctti?* iTif-nta .. npp'-Hrfntr from dT>- t" (!,ij id Ttif iJiiily U.'izetfe. Tlit-sf rohimn.H {ir*?**nt each d:iy mi'm>y-t!(nMni,' oppnl ! nni - tl*>s, Stnrt rcndlntr tfiem'todny i»mi rivttil yoiirji«-lf, nf /fhf'sc- op- Jii'f-niiitli'.-'s. If whnt you went I* nut nd\rr- llM'tl try adM-rlisins t«r wlmt }-<ni want in ttif HttMlftfd ,| f ,, pfirtmenl <tf Th*> Onr.Mtf and w,>me»n»dy wiSI fltifl It for y;>u, GERMAN REPORT ON LAST ZEPPELIN --RAIDJAYS $10,00MM WAS DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, AND HUNDREDS KILLED liv on. tfio IS. -Th»- -snlt of i «rnii-i-frtfinl (Hy 1'nifrd Trc^ \Vlrf!f*« To Snyvillf. I, tipws npr-ncy i«-»iir-«l a r«>(K>rt of f-ye witi:c*>n< > » pc-lfn ntfiH-kft on ICnsliind. "in thf-raid «! S»-pt<-mt)rr 23. en-f-r 100 |.iiilt!h>t,-« wrrr hfavity r pnrtly »|<-strtiyH] wltlj sin fstimatfd damajr<> c.f $|(»,n«o.f)iu». A Mrithh oruls- - ' fid mt-n killed ' Two '' , w ith four st;'ickK. nnrfiim-d nn thr Hunjhf-r. wax hit •chool, 1'er rent of attendance, 97.8. Number tardy. 4. Number neither abwnt nor tardy. 324. Number of yltdtorM, 65. Average dally enrollment, . Lincoln nchool. 283.7. Average dally attendance, 229.3. • Number tardy, 1. Number nc'Uher absent nor tardy 169. • Visitors, 10. . Total*, total-enrollment. 758. Average dally enrollment. 743,3. Average daily attendance. Ti'fc.S. I'cr cent of attendance, 97.9. Truant officer made'calln, 8. Bank depouitx, tVntral wcl«M»l. 174.66. 2i«nk deposit*, Lincoln Mohool, $40.13. Total. ni4.,6S». Ko far aw we have ind a considerable r „ o find out, all children under fourteen r'eam-of-HKe-ai'e-iii tichool. There art- a few, however, between fourteen arjd Hlxteea year* of age who or<h necea- iwrlly out of achool helping In the «up- mrt of the home. Such have working certificate*, and are regularly notes tnrnr.1 tit? .-it \iTiiniiM bankx, nnd an Investigation rollnvvi'il, Me wa« tirr«nti-d nnd brought to Hterllngv but tMitnchttw made bin «'j«.-ape and t-lforts were iniidt* tti find him. but to 11.1 avail. Then h<- Si'iit a Hitff t<» <tlil(h he cn'ld he coti'-.l not hour the Hhume, and wan,, Kiting to, end It all by jumping off one of the bridged ov-»r th»> t'hifiigo river. Many believed the otory but more did not. fhi? man even went no tar as to write another letter to certain'' pat-ilex In .Sterling .telling or tno awful din-d he contem- llttt «!dj_ n. n tl_i" »nie_.biil !e_yj!d__hini__djead, , Ho left a 'wife and two children in j Peorla. Mr. Walw'r K.iyp h«? *st.w Chllds and «poki« to him. but tiif latter did not w-ern anxiotiH to talk very much with him, nnd appeared bndlv seared nrhen recotrnirtod. The two met In a hotel SPECIAL TRAIN Will Bring Col., Lowden and State Republican Candk dates To Sterling. A Large Crowd Is Expected To Greet the Candidate; tow- den Mil Speak. , A irom't'iiifuun Orowd !H o.tiM'i'tod to tfrct't i lit- n(iit<! caiMlltliU'l-s o'f the ISc- party, uhcn th«>y romp III on REPORIDENIl tied the Lusitania Case With Germany. Acting Secretary Of State P< the Report a Partisan Scheme, c '•fU-K'-iit .HtrtT't. Uir- tnaln artery of rr'inrm i rc<' In Ui<> rnHropofi*. mostly liii<) in riiln.w.. In n pouthern l/indmi- suburb an itir>mllhiitl1in fn'o wa* !>l«iwn up. Thr l,tvf'n«io| jttatlon mul ttn- luidtrc nnd fntck.i wete KO va«>tM«'d Mint It will brImpossible to uif them for n luffs tiffic. • "ItfHr til*- Thames, «j«'vr»n h'>nxol -.rinks w<«rr d«'snr«»y*-d At Orlm"shv the { ' ?y ^- rn " P( ' fress.) hnrmrkF wr-rr hit and ovrr I'm .«.i|iHM-M killfd. At HuH p«»tnr nti.-irWx "wer«" > * Wrt!ehin K trm ' "• <'•• ort - IS.~-Thc rom|vl«-tf-l.v d.-stfi.jvd. only tin- walls rfm^iiinc. At l^t K r- h'-nvv li.-inriK.- W-IH j f}t * rrtlrttt mrmoratidtim to his port d«ne !<» munition fm--torh-« and the ralln»ad fU»tlon*t " " ' " jhipnt propfiNiiiff certain tr-rmn for •• "• • • •— _________^ ' ,_ ...... r .. [settlement of^the Lusitanla not been ffocppled l>y the United Stat Acting Secretary of Slate J'olk inally announced today, folk made! announcement heeauKe of publlii re port» that the memornndutn had HUGHES PLEASED EXPECT DEBATE Reception At Sioux City Has Stimulated Him For His Michigan Incursion. Roosevelt Forced To Cancel Dates Today Because Of Time LostDetburmp. Question Of Unction May Be Brought Before the Episcopal Church. House Of Deputies Favors Eliminating Part Of the Prayer For President. nnd WHf being ti*ed an t»is!» for the final settlement Ace Hy ivrrv Arnold. ..,„- r Oct. 18.--Governor tluuh'.'fi""will mnkf* bin second Incurnton Inli) Mlr.hittrut lodiiy In the best IlKht- ina trim he hn* enjoyed wince pilmlnin eon vent Ion thp itperiul ij-iiin tomorrow afternoon. Tht> truln will rcarh' Storllnut nt 2:60 o'clock, coming Jn ovrr the Burlington to Auncw. vrhi>rc It will lie trimMfprrwI to tlu- North .Wt'Htfro, enteritis: Strr- IriK over tlmt route. The cur from which the upwtkor* <wrl| talk at UK him 'UN tin' standard bearer for th*' 'party. There-wo* not any <fuo«tion that tho nominee ' wu*> with the Im- nbl* 1 to be4?n niadi> additional pictures, "The- Children of the Hhell." "Christ In the Tern)le," "The Dance of the Nymph*." and _ ne "City of Home." nil in color*, have petition IB being signed so rap- >0 °? H "« w « to th«" already, fine col- ••" there lm« been »o much talk > lc « l . lon f " r thc Sterling Union wchools. of popular parka and play-1 *"** Bertha William* ban been ill „. jidj for the people, that It IH ex* w • ^l'*! 0 '*' fever since the llrst week W«d the park district will be carried of wnuo1 - Her winter. Mrs. Craddock; £» large tna&rHy. - I hl > M Charge of h«*r room. We would UI-KC parent* to vl*dt thr [•hooln freituently and watch the work of the children' 'cionely. Your conHtant and active co-operation IB of the utmottt importance in encouraging home Htiidy «nd in keeping the children in Kchool- every day. Examine carefully the monthly report cards regularly submitted for your and give your children tti In Ci>eA'enne. but Child* did not stay very long nfter this meeting-. MrMval- wa* not mlMafcen in tb" iritia for <-ttch - were- in the Insurance*, business In.SterllnK at the i»anit« time, and had dealing* together of a bunlnetwi nature. So t hone-who ha.e. mourned Child* an dead-need aorrow no -lunger, for" thr dead in found and tn ta<?t-Yery much HEAVY ENROLLMENT ftAPTERJ^EDERS n Wiin Expects to Buy Many Cattle From Kiintas .City, JBollenbeck left fiteriinj? for Kan| .Clly, aao., Tuesday nfiernmm hop. **to purcha«o from one hundred to tundreil fc-oder<t.—Mr. Unit 6 or th« big cattle fe«f|V>r« tif thin —mud he hfts *pJendld faci!ltfe B .,, j. ln .* care-of tlmt number of cat^ through tho winter. It IUIH lonjj custom to so direct to Kan-, whpro in gathered tlu« wit- WP»t luid trt pick bul what hflnds to he good Htockem and fewi« |t, «h«mj.hwine j»nd_fHjt««ii 3 R»I n »ooti price for uif-m, Mr. Hollenbeck whlppvil to « a large nuinber of fat cattle no ban b»en foetllntt nineo »»i<} got the- top fit tlu» market of the. very be«4t. Oet- | y 7 «W hundred for them made them „, 1 and neventy dollart* per » -». i counted up In money very {.by the\arloa«P. .Mr. Hollcnbeci I," h« 11/idM that whin corn in, the ; lMt price-he mak«'M more in feed> cattle thftn when It In choajn>i- fur ":#y«rylK>dy i« feeding and the prices g«t down low. underHtund that yoiu will not tolerate repetition of low ^luportnwnt Kraden nor the continuance of low murkn in »ch<ilar«hlp in any- child-wdtar ht-p«j-»i^ oally and mentally alile to do better work. Your children will b<« helped lerently by strictly requjrintr them to xucceed. t'hlldr<*n nhould be i^oulred to de- -Vfitfr-a. -ptrriod »'«<,-h «clTtK)nTjiy~{o home «t«dy. Jf they do not iu|uin> wuch early, they will not have them to uoo in hiRh »»chi>ol, and college. not nt 1! Some Of the Registration Boards Were Unable To Finish Until Today. — The registration boardn yesterday dlHCOvered they had .Home urjluout* work beft»re them and Mime «t th««m did not liniiflr until late today,.- Some of the hoard* »H>1 not put down but few addre«nen of many of their nutm**, and in other ea^es on|y a third of the women were known and there will xtlll be a large number to renter two week* hence, Oct. 31st.- There are sis 'votiiiK precincts In the township, In at leant , two the iplctcd at f. work nleht and the work wax taken home ax unt . « --.-, ...» d-to tlu.tliiM home Work; let them prove U by exhibltinss n monthly - report *how- Ing u-«tanding of »u<3, Help with home Mtudy BometlineM, but not too much, The tichool buildinKM are clean" and Hunltary and the general health of the children Heems'better than UHUII). The work in all department* h» being ,j om . by .the teaeherH mid the pupils. Ho fur wu lum« not been tllHturbtt|- by t/ 60 intw Oosteni-yk, who ITor nenrly fifty - hud been a r««peetod-«i listen of county, died -.Monday mo- ep 16. at the hoine of his iter, Mm Will J, Slktema, on it a, venue, »a th«» result of n com"- by Hi8*rid- . Tht« attendance ban been «ood. A fln«» spirit exl8tn" among the teaeherH and Uu> pupils, Kv erythhur polots to a most suceesaful year. . . , , - born in- the about tbi^ty-thi-Mr years «»lrt h« country and came to Ciu Alter !»i 'he came to FHjlton, where, 'he «•«» married to Witts K tuii A few years' after their they moved to Union Grove. Oawtenrjs'k became a »uc- ei% Sim, OoMtenryk died , „. . ... ... the jflreaier i*urt of |h« 6 Blnc« the hu»bund haw imido hiei With hln daiighUr. Mrs. Limon Hchoolu mudo an average of 90% or more In their examinations for the tlr«t month : \ Central School, Jloom J«J~No\\ii Schlck. 94', Atarjorie Kldd, Florence Maymml, US; MargftretrDj eter j 0( KIJ^, beth Countryman. 93; Madelyn Wa«ley, SI : Boruthy — tutus,— L&nu Anttweuar Irene Martmflb. 90 ' and one man worked until mid -night. and then went to bed, and then spent Oil of thin ' forenoon tlnlNhlng. Thon It IH Incomplete for there wrv many wlumc nanujH and addreMxeK cuuld not be obtatned. Two boardx Hnl8htHTal«mL 5 o'clock, one at h-fo o'clock, and the athe.ra jUiday. . The~ Cfaaette ban -made effort Jo HC- cure tho number of volei-n in the to*n~ Hhips of KtcrlitiK and Colomn 4 but i» only abltt to ftive the ninnlicr fouiiil in pre0mion he made on II'M audience yiiuix City, In., last nlitht, An on pre- VJOUH (K'ciiHitin during Mn HtutnpltrK tour It was the hecklers who started the real flreworkB. A routed "and Mtimulaied by the way In which bin audience supported him out thi-_herklrrp ''' ' Sl. rjiy 1/tMijie. LT.IUIO*!— <»ct .~\Vith the Imi^irtnnt prnyrr clmniteH conenrred In by the hnUAe of deputlefi. thf Pro- !«'.«tnnt church In joint ne«- i if tln> hldhopn and dopnticx took tl** (|iii'st|i«ti of mi.isldim today a» tho west order. Tljlcre wna comment on thi> po.tniblli- ty <tf debate on tho (mention of line- tlon.l The Ho-called "Cntholfc w|ng" of tlV> conference Is expeeted to bring the ifcicRtion before the hoime If further Action IH taken on revision of the The unrtfonttn* are hopeful the fart thai the Kneolal cbm misi«/on refu«ed to make n rerommen- And »j>ujKht to by" T Tk>oiiiK, Tr TniKTieB'^'cut"Icwise." Never before In hly presidential campaiirn- itiK ha« the nominee been'more earnestly emphatic, more dramnlia and foreefuj that when he hurled hlsi vit- . „ -. riolio denial to «ny charwe that he wa« t tn " ' Pn commnndrnf-ntn. Is yet to come rer«rt of the joint commission on a rovljtlon of the commandment*, the Khonening of nix of to thrw n'porta e<| that the torpedoing of the was ju«tlflnble but admitted tlmt lo»« of Amerlpnti lives wan expressed regret and promised rcpa lion. , . Was Not Accepted. "The note haw nut been nccepled ii will rioj be mrtdP publlR," paid At 1nn Herretriry I'olk. "«tor|e« that had been accepted nnd wasi to be put I lulled were printed for piirtlKan ptt poxes, .The Ktate department In B K'linx to be drawn into a dlaouimion thin time." ' Tl wa« plainly stated at the depat mr-nt that ofTlclals con«lder the put llcatlon today a political move to Bti the flepnrltni>nt fh Us condi »f forrlKft affatrH. In addition tho d« partmerit- believ«»H tlmt fureign infll encew wi're HeekltiK an advantage brliiRlnit up the*lHnue. • Although no official would >ay delta Itely when the Ltmltanla cane will settled. liulh-atiotiH ate that It will be concluded until after election. AB80LUTE~FAiRICATION. By Kobert J. Homier, (Staff Correspondent of United J*re -IH, — Folio* n«Mocia.l«d with "Invisible jtoyernment," and coupled thi* with the pledge that if elected he would have "viHlhl* uov- ernm«»nt" HuKhfx arrived In rhlcaKO fhoHly before noon and remained on hi* pri- vuto car while It wan trannferred from one road to another. The candidate bpfnr«> the ilfputlrx for cotiHideration. In its* prenent position on 4he calender nf the-houM> It InJlkvly to come up for debate, late today or tomorrow. To Omit Part Of Prayer, 1'rayera for the prenident of Hie United. StateH, who« r\>ad. from the . lirayer book of the Protestant lale on the Lruin, „ , ,„„,. Ably fagged out by liu<t nlKhl'H exper r I ? churcvh. ^ for his "health, prosperity. _______ ,., hi» Hchtdulo which did not provide for any public appearance until Iste thia »yyrct« —•* VW'MT --*"-- -'- -—,1* * *m »— -j — n.,jmy«-».i m+,*,o~- . «.»»— -^n *wnv - cjiv farm! and labor IHSUOW the raain burden of bin acldreiw><m in Michigan. ' * flOO8IVCLT~OtLAYt0. fly J. I,-, Voder. (Hurtt Correspondent of United I'rc**.) Aboard Col. Jtootsevelt'H Rpwial TnUn. KpriiiKheld, Ohio, Oct. J8.— A frelsht train derailment near Delware, Ohio, nlxtut midnight, forc*nl , ItctoFe- velt"« npecinl train to detour about 150 mik'a- tlurlnn the Kinall hours' of the inormtiK and "gummed up" lib* apeak- inir dates today. The npecial WUK Hhunted <o the Hide lino of the Four at Ciiillon and provided-thn houce of blHhopn concunt ill the action uken yesterday,by the houafi f>f Hgf>i,itiefi flt the triennial tren- eral tjonventlon. COL. FRANK O, LOWDEN. did riot K«tt back onto the mrtin Hm- until 8prinirneld wa« reached. Over two bourn was lo«t. He*-au«e of the lout time and the imiHirtance of the «peeeh _ 1_|* f\ It -™ •. -r -f —— - r m --,- ~~,,f-c- r -,-r,,,-*,•** ,.„ •'•<^> *«jy*'^-\ (I Republican Candidate For Governor dellevered at Corbin, the other twelve Who Will Speak In Sterling Tomor row. the poll hookM made by ttu- bonrilw, nnd in Home oiwe« a» wtated above, are v«»r> incomplete, The following Ix the liwih of both men and the women nutm-a in the tally Hutu: FirtTt r*reeinet-~HOO -men- and 63^ women. I'ret'lnct — 2*6 nn'iv . nnd ' • Third I'ri'ctnct — got men and women. 34S women, ~ J-'ourth 1'recliifl—47» nun mid f»;'a wwnfiru l-'lfi'h h'recJnot—331» nu-n and Si« i*» an ordinary lint car rigged up for the oecaHion, A feature of the affair is that a real live elephant will be on thvrar. It la a baby elephant procur- «-d especially for tho trip, When tlu' tniln approachen Sterling •~ - will be u number of pretty lionilm up inio the air. I'pon leaving will be unit up and from them an they- burst will drop hundrcdx of advrtiwiiiK <loilser«. The train will carry evi-r> utate CHII- «horl platform uppeuranceH which had been net btHwi-cn Cincinnati and Tittt? the-, itcpul ft***«~ t 14—C!<im HurHhman, 84: Eva Kramer, Capitol* Cork, Jxnilne Crunk, US; Marguerite, !»cter«onr 83; Union Thorpe. Kdna Wlgunj, 91; Oertrude Cochrun. Lester Newell. Hannah tolita have resided In REUNION The Hpm« Of Mr. And . W»it*r H«$ktH La«t Ev*. Mr«, Walter N*. tluukell en- at u y reunion at their wants »uiTjy. |ifl Btrt'ct, Jufrt evening ly honor oi ttn, Mr. and Mrn MUlard Hint Mr, and .Mm. (Ji,'ome , orumaha, Xebr Tint hid- Hoom 18— Alda Holdrldge, »2 80 f ' * l * 1< ' Jor *n t ' e ^*'n'y,'Lucll« itooni i la—VmiH JIan»hmmi, 93; Laura Kldd, 90. . . Itoom 10— Maxim* I^iw, 91; Mildred , tio. ' u— Irene Itenner, Dorothy l, and 400 women. ~ •f 2.T7<Tmen-tt »tl HI ,-»T *v women, or a great total of 4,08. In Ooloina towiiKhlp there were tin- following number of immcH regiitlered: Kirat Voting Prwinot—366 men and 188 women. Becond J'recljH't-— 3il women. Third Precinct— -230 inert. ' men and t)« men and 176 ' a. total of 1.106 men and SM women, .or a <rr»nd t«>t«l of l,6u4 names. AUTO •Colonel l..uwdim down to Use candidat for the utatu office. t 1 o|onel Uiwden having many pewinal friends iti thin Kec,tion i« to make, the talk in «t«Tllng, The train will be pulled up JUKI citwl of the Ktatlon HU thai the people may gather .on the platform. The Npecial .tram will b-uve ChiW- cijthe. I'fortd county-, at 7r3» the. miirnttiK-ju ml will mnk WL80N DEPARTS. Hy Hobert J, liendef. (Htuff Corr<-Mp»ndent of Unitt»d U>ng Hranch, K. J., Oct. 18,— Accom panied by ,Mrn. Wllxon and Heoretarv iumully. 1'reHldent WliHon left here a 11:30 for hlx-trip report favoring the omiiwion of the form of prayer hitherto In UJH» wa* d by tho Jley. 0r. Edward I* of Berkeley, Calif,, who repre- nented the commission on revision of the praver hook. At oi'ice Honwell Pn'sw. brother of Ambnwtndor Page, imrtuiff to hl« feet. "I object to the omusftlon of the prayer for the president of the United Stales." ,he aaid. "After Appomattoi;. at the clewing; of the civil war, an old confederate colonel who ~wa» a lay reader In the Kplncopal c?hurch where I lived tdtlpped that iwrt of th«< prayer. His sinter, who was my mother. «aid he ought not to omit it. The president of tlm United Hinlen. whomnoever he may be, ought to have our prayern." THIRD BREMEN SAILS Injf a conference with *on and a telephone convemation Acting Secretary of .Slate Polk. p. , dentlal. Beeretary Tumulty . chamct il**«d an absolute fabrication* the p llBhed reports that the United Stat had accepted a aettlement in the tania caxe based on tiprmany** . c, tion that the attack wan junHflable. ATHENA TJireatenefl By -___QrowdL French Marines Leave the Theater. The Austro-Germans tt An Attack On the Whole Carpathian Front. (By United Pn-W.) Athene. Orcec««» Oct. t8.—Threatc with attack by a hu«o crowd of i allied detnonatratorM. the French rlne force which occupied the muni pal theatre ha» abandoned It and encamped in the Keappaleon ga near the royal palace. - whorr he will deliver three upeecheu tonior row. Nino «top>, will be made in p>, will be made in New »ork state today and tlu- preshk-n will greet the votei'H at « number o Arriving in tomorrow. York «t 12:30 th* n«.y..rn.... tl towns where tlui mmnbei-M of the party will »»p«»ak, during thn day ending at , Itlxon, I.iy> Ci.uuty, at 7:^5 p. in. train will corn.- to sterling from -- " ~ The president motored from the - vanian wtation to the (3rand Central Ho IH Ui excellent health and in the best of spirit* decant** of reportir-hiK advisors are biMngliiK to him regarding, most favorable m>w« of hi* campaign. make trtun . biindrt with the crowdw where his . _LU u^h __ . Co«>k. Kuthrwn Snavely. s "r- Muuricj> John, ton, of Mrs. was 8|M>m in n >.o«-inl way and refiwhiwittM \\w The hoitonul gtfiofitf Ut*|.irted* their ln.jtiH-« in I4it»ir uut«>mobilf Andenson, J»l: l^orot by loudens, so. 4— Kunu-e Taylor, u lowitv Frieda Altinfleld; no, Jiootn 3—<>otu4ld I>H'|I||K, 'jii Jtuom 7* Cronk, Walter 1'uul CAN BE USED AS A DEADLY^WEAPON (By United Press.) i . In thin 'city th.> truln wlW Mtop for ten miiHitex and then go on to Kulton wher« there will be. upewkiiiR for llf- teen minuter from th« car, then KO to Thomson -and then on t»tmt to Forre«. ton and back to Oixon. The Itinerary thai t.s now be,lt»: made in -tho-tuneH cittuniitud,by M-tftouu-of Mtate KILLED BY AUTO SETTING SHlFTeD,- rttj' 'I'mu'd l'r».M«,i— YwrKt N - Y .""Wl- I*.—C;i»afge» the sudden »hlft in the iiroiddenUal oddH of from a t.i i ngalnst Wllnwn to iu to 8. wan manipulated by Wall »tremt for the purpose of throwing a Wl|«on sou-e Into tho market and force down thf priced, was made by a number of brokers today. BREAKS RECORD . Ing the- writ «i|" habr.i.s corpiiM tih-.l several dayn ago by (leorge HurriH, «>i Chicago, tho Illinois Huprenui cmu-t Rico Bit, Hot>m..g rml. Alice f»oi-othy 8huli», , HI : l,oi« Con- l.undMtrotn."' Thcora Kt-lf -JO , Cramer, feJiellu I'.n.irud, Kenneth Itamffi^ra' 1 JuhU W 'M'- FOR IN CHICAGO Uurg»M. Son Of „, _. Of Thi^ City. Died Today. will uik \\lii-clrr , .(.«-.. n .,11,! ( \\liMi-, ,,| itufctt»!|. III- !!(,!, ,» l< « (11,'lult. 1 c,. i .r,,.tli. : ,Mi , n |>t (ion, • , Conrad iSchlck. <if chirngu, was Struck by tut unto driven by Kuril* Kfhic-k t'hut'gcd that HurriH liulihcratt- ly run into him. wild that the auto «ub used as u deadly vvi-,tpon, Harris wus c'o>nvivled and sentenced tt> the ref(»rmtit<>rv at 1,'oniiar. lit- (ileti a pot it Ion -for • jifvhtntjj corpus, claiming an error, in. the trial court. In dfHmUaing the petition tho tnipretne court upheld I by charge thai Harrit. uwnl the uuio as .1 de.tdly Lark, N. D. The many old. friends of Il<-rt Wernick, formerly of IHsun, will Im ' nl to It-Jim of bin ih'iith wbu-h tvil iii an uui^iHTiJJcnt'iu'ur hl» huuiu •ii .Js»Jlkt ,-"S'- fi- l ._ 'I he m-Wrf of Air. VVe-rlu-ck's was n-i'flveit is! l>».von ye.slcrdity in the .shape of u tflfgntm io Ins father, Kr* i ' SJdney Hatch Set, « New Running Record From Milwaukee to Chio«8o. ' in., oet. !».-. Sidney Hatch, t.hicago runner, broke all recordi* by AT COUNTRY-CLUB' Twenty U»die» E'ljoyed an Outing t-»die« Enjoyed • Today* C-iiinuy ( Itib, eii|.»v«-i»- n Jiltk- the nt in |it i'J«-M»M!l UJIIK volf'.md i ii |)urti «l ., inn- V<<!'. « !• 1«,\'i-i) .1! tiiiic ODD FEVLOWS DANCE. b!.'it,(>i«,nt- I;,, v« ' IN i n <-.MU .) i,it---t iaiH-hijf J'iUtv, I. 1 ! In- «u»n it. night bv th-j 4>,j.t 4' t -tl,A>, M,\-f- \\ '{ >i* filliiinliid liVvll.iilK i-i.di' u.i 'U 'l.i iVlittnv ai'.l I!,, u iiiniiii". u»- -i. t-.tuii: HIM lii-ii hud lu-i-o kdl- i'U in iin iiiiin iiccidi'tit Mi. Wmjitck k'lt mi Uu- :*iU train iiiKlu.. Hi» wiix met in Cliut«i|» by hi» nun, \',\, v\hu will iicc<>ini>;tu> inin lo 1-itiK |!"!t \V«-rnick' was one of DIXOII'M «-i knovMi nnd iiupKl.ti jounu me'h. i wan bi.cii 3! >»',«». UK<I ,»ii the \\Vr- ffirm- fu'nr hen- aini ;I|\\HJS,-ie- Midrd fiilH-r HU-I«- «u i» Uu. ,-ji), mail lU'iiul ',< ju-ju'* .IKO »hfit lu> ikas unlii'tl ui aiumuKi.' i" Ali» »'oi«» i'u\ Uticr iiii'ir tjuiiu.u;v Mi-, ai'ii Ah the Mystic Athletic club head- «)tiurterM in the loop, from Milwaukee al io;60 a. m. He lefi J^jlwaujjie ut s p. in. running the eitiimated 100 milen In II hoijrM Gti iniiniti'K and SQ, llau-li wa« running ajiaiimt tho record between Milwaukee and, Chicago set by Albert Corey in iyo7 of IS houra and 83 New York World Hears That Two Bremens Have Already Been .Captured/_~1_ ' " (By t*nlted New York, N. Y,. Oct. IS. —The New York,, World declared today t rereivFH information from DourceM which have nlwuyN proven fv* liable, that two Hremena have been captured and that the third l« now .en- route t,u thia country. \ • . ,<• x , - troopH are. htlll patrolling and guarding the palace, ^ slttmtlton IH very tense. Tha antt- lles are Btill working in tho croi denouncing tho alllo« for ooltrff Oreek warMhipit and attempting;' to up the mobs to homintlc*, for there Imit been no TO OUARO INFORMATION. IHy United l'res».," TnoTe~rjfTiTTJm iTil/fnaiTTieN puT~ ^tnffricttn-httrt'orit-tiie K"Vfii>nn'iit Kuurd the any Into of informal Ion to them. The Hritish Koveriimi'ut KUH- that valuable information wa* clajih between Um allied and antl-i Ued crowdH/ Heveral thousand watched the trannfer of the Ft marlnea, but tttert* was no demoni nhout __ have detained twonty-tlve of ammunition* at \ p olo In -Thea which it IK believed were the Interior of ThimmtlJfe — The inn on. If Ix suspected, • wa« shlpiM-d to the enemies of ttio allle Athena in virtually under „ law. All sorts of rumor* are; In el latfton and oflldiatH are putting f(j every effort to prevent a flash might develop Into serious at llfhts. thin Kinir f*on»tantlne tl In clnted tha O by <>lvii)inT~vt8rfnTKr-— ._~ . however, do not luuk for any iiH with KtiKliiml despite thi* (iot'lifmttonH of Foreign Sucre ary flrey in the Douxe of yen- erday. Ilia talk it w«»' pointed out wax full of intimations rather than dl- rec» i-hargeM, HIK! WUM thouKlit by some »f the authorities to have been In the - irat«n»Tif aTojrly to~the American pro- ««t aKaiiiHt tntwferenc^i with the JIEAR OF VILLA H0 U R«port»d To Have E»tab|i»h«d Hendquiirter* At San Uidro. (fly I'nlted Press) Kl PIIHO, Tex-. Oct., 18.—official an- lounwneiU wasi .made today by tin* lexical! defucio-niilttury Oreek klnK,J)un KOIIO to Tato palace ; ter__rt«viewiiiic the marines, and al TnK the cabinet council, at proclamation calling on tho WHH drafted. (Hy Unifed Preiw.) HucbareMt. Hounranla, t)ct, AuMtni-G<;rman» have launched on tack on thn wholo Carpathian If It wa» ofllclttlly announced today, " far they have been Mntni all news from the- front la ' »ut liorlUeM.ig|j._ iitiul heudituarterti at Han taidro «»n he line of the Mexico. -North Western about_ eight mlli-a wi*_l of ciiy." ' " ____ ______ , In JJm F«««jon of I'redeal of KroiiHta-Jt, the lUninmnian*! the offenniive and dl*ove -the eni back on tlm TnuiMylvanlan ftlopes. .. MAKi SOME tHy United Prewi.). ^ ixindgn, Kng,, Oct. 1*,— Notwl Mtanding the hunvy downpour jUght dm HrltiHh made some progr between I bo Albi>rt-Uai>aiiin« r»«wl I. en HoueffM, Kotne priwunera wore wa« Uretcoitifil by « large crowd, /!!»«« H(I>|IH were madt« by the ,„,. IH.1J4 party. The HiKt w«« u half hour, »>*>hu wlu-re he a«ked for «yniu. P 8 '" 1 ' 0 •-" »*bout 161} m to IIMI nud wan given gome M**r* n lii«'« Held bane. JuicV wnU hot wuti-t--. tit To I hia point ruNing buivda of VII- conceiuraiion -urdern. Hun gOUtll Of lit'll .. wa» ut Wuukeuun where ho The sue- L h(f th,.| uueuun were o atopped h( iiiinutes to chiuwe hi» «hoe« «ud th,.| third wu« ut Wumetktt for u foot maw- ! tr «ag,.. Hatch ourritid a letter frwm )W«y. Fl ENROITTR «A^*VV'U J. Hi Huhn, lilrU H>i Kit li U VM'JU (u I..UK. X, J). attii tiiu.' l.;i\.- ,u -uUil oft th.- :ltii, •>!>. t>» (.nuii; in IH'.S t.t I-. >iir\i\:.l l.v hf- \\nlMtt!" \Vei.'- j^iiu-s- (aim *.I *IA > 11 \ i • DEATH k J.,1 », ! I I '. *! ., '! l>< .!'\ - 1' t :•'• ,, . ' )! , ' r i^»] i I ». * w " 'n I i" ti i , nc U,~ • « ; !•.!(! tl ' i ' ' !.i ill !. n .i if ,1 -,! , (..!_ i', o I,.t| ,, i'- •"-!_. , i :• - 8A»V. .1. 4 ' lj- of .Mil of Cluvajjo, 'Mayor Fir*t jllinoia Cavalry it Enroutd to Springfield Today. (Hy tTiiited I'rcpM) •UU*. T*x.Oct. iJi.^Thf First Jlliiiui.s c«\ulry u, enroute, to Sprint;Held to be iiiuatt-recl out of the ftjclviu! jM»rvu-e after three urni si half ELECTION PKOBE If Charjei Ar« Provoo 1,600 May Be • ***' l " u> •' ll " "»' bi.nU'r. Tin- 'rtgliiiViu Thrown-Out In ChieAijp. f' 1 ** 1 UiM » llj *'* lu «'»j wfll travel ).y \s-a) Hi, ciof. !>>.- It utt 1 1'ioven •<—«JtTTrtrrri—froirr ~(\iv K t,f ' I" mt THE FRENCH REPORT. (Hy t'nlt(-d Pr*«») man detat'lum'iiiw ncuched th» J^Ve Itt-st lines but w-crw either killed ruptured, (Jen. HuiK reported, A| other jittncK WUK rhet'ked bv ; lire. The (irrinun awNault Holith Hotnntn iuiiovv(-tl Hi nil uiiMticcfHsl tiii-l«» north lit tlu> H-wninf. South' Hie Ai,icre uiHl Ho1ithetu<t pf Hh€ l-'eenvh detuehmenU cleaned, up enemy trencher. SHOT WITNESS Woman Held* B*by .in Qn« H«nd Fire* With Other in Court. • (Hy HnUed ' ChlcjiKt*. Ill, Oct. '18. <» Holding l<nli> in oiu- ami. Mrw. KaU^erlne MJ t»s«- in u «-rt>w<iod fcut'i I^ooin J iiirl ^lit-d three Mlt'itij at Jacob in thf her bj. t ii|<'H[l<i|ii|t»llt -Ms an.! >/•'" i inllnj! 'ut I :• 111'..'i< ! :» K.ifH ri v s iit>" ( —mrr i tl'vl. An U!!i<!..|iiiin-(i i 14 MI, I,,-,'>H.' m Mi) ,ltnuii;f w; ( *i done '.it s*irTt' rftr*~"tr n>"~i""- - .illt-il K'litiiM *A,'IK preh» ¥ ,nt »a Un> I'Uul • W tl IU'«.s 4'ul I I'll- |HI»f'Ull>i, ili'tily hht'''.''.iif-hril !lif b.ibv 111 tme -4 irt w otij :t n\i»Hi'r um\ llMij "^ *U"li», jhi- thtiii suilihiK Kiins'u.- I»,H K " . .- - l.imi-s Jj.'.V.Jl'Z.,'^ 1 "!,. i^-i< ^"iC'fA-" \\ Ti ii'iirij i >•!.'< i i i 'i ti ,»i. i. __ 1)i

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