The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 2, 1909 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1909
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFIELD GALIPRNIAN SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, 1909. _ • . _ _ : . „ — f ^^^^^^^^_^_^^^ d ^^^^^_^^^^^^L__| k ^^^ h ^g|ff£&^_^_^ Baktrsfitld Callforniaa ^•^t^y^Mi^^i^^gaM^MBm*^^iLMHL^^^^^m^^^au-^^^^^^j^^^^^a^^^j^^^^^^^^j^^j d Every Evening but Sundays at eld, Kern Couaty, California. Uy and County Official Paper stored in Postofflce at Bakers Held, Cal,, as Second-class Mail Matter. oenUamonth; $5 a Tear in Advance FREDHARRELL, Editor and Prop. ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^B^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^a^^ a _ m ^^^^ m ^^^^^^ a _ M __ M _ 1 _ 1 _^ m ^^^ a _ _ 1-1 _^.j^^^^^^^a—i—j—^^fc^^^^fc—m-^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1 ' -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Q^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P '•(•phone Main 31 TUKDAY, JANUARY L>, 1909. ^^^^•^^^^^v^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mp^kri^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T ^^^^^^^F*^^"^^^^"^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^»+^^^^ NO SUNDAY LAW. Ao.her Sunday law is proposed 'or California and thn bill will be in evidence at Sacramento. Let h L rtope tfwt the matter will be disposed of by defeating SATURDAY, JAN. 2 DEA TOM: Surprise and delight your girl with a fine box of Gruenhagen's candy. Get It at Meroney's BILL. e proposed men-sure. California ,d one such law on its statute opks in the days #one by. It as a dead letter for many yearn, and then suddenly its enfo/oe- ,ent was begun. The Democratic >arty in the next election after ;blic attention \vns called to the declared in favor of ita re- Irish rama A Beau tiful little cut glass Decanter filled with the finest I. D. Turck Brandy will be with every $4.00 purchase at J. B. BERGES & COMPANY Sunday Night jpeal, and on that issue largely, its lentite state ticket was elected. The law was repealed according to /promise. That was in 1883, and for 26 years there has been no talk 5;Of enacting a similar law until How. Rev. Somebody-or-other is $O the front with such a measure, Charles Erin Verner, the well known Irish comedian who appears at the Bakcrafleld Opera House tomorrow evening(, is in possesion of an entirely unsolicited letter from the well-known Irish patriot, Patrick Egan, which reads as follows: Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 6, '98. Dear Mr. Verner: Let me congratulate you most heartily upon the success of your presentation and your Irish play, "Shamus O'Brien. 11 It is educational and elevating, racy and refined, devoid of one single touch of coarse caricature. It portrays to the life genuine Iiish character It overflows with brightest Irish fun and frolic, most touching pathos and pure patriotism, all rendered by a company whose hearts are evidently in the work. In brief, it is the most truly delightful Irish piece and acting I have ever seen upon the stage and the agitation is on. Assemblyman Irwin announces his oppo-ji^ h wa nnest good wishes, I remain, Wtion to it, and let us hope there yoursv very faithfully, Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street will be enough others to vote with lira to insure the killing of the measure with as little delay aa possible, w MUST THE PEOPLE PAY. President Ripk'y of the Snnrn Fe says that all this talk about rates is very foolish and PATRICK EGAN, Ex-President Irish National League of America. In those days of "slap stick" com- erty, so-callod, nn actor whose work can impress people, as this letter in- I titrates the writer was impressed, is certainly worth while. Brewster'a Millions. In dramatizing and staging George Rarr MfCutcheon's story of "Drew, . . . ster's Millions" there hns necessarily that tho increase the railways pro- been some elaboration of this satire pOSe will not amount to a quarter on frenzied finance to make the play •!• _ ••••K±BK__ of $10,000,000. . Well, even acept- prosentnhle in dramatic form, though Afr TJinlev's f«tim'it<* \v» «fr a11 the fiaHont feuturcs of the story .ur. Kipnys tsnrn.ia, \\M«r arc s trirtly adhered to. Auditors to Take Tickets Now Jfc Heroafter on the Pacific system of the Southern Pacific the train conductor will no more be the man to take up and punch tickets, but passengers will have their squabbles over fares and tickets with the train auditor, who will replace the ticket taking conductor of the days of old. The change over the division went into effect yestctday and while the details of it are not officially known here three essential departures have been made from the prevailing rule in this: Train agents have been discontinued. Conductors are relieved of all duties in connection with the collection of tickets and fares. The train auditor \viil hereafter handle that part of the business. The change !n effect on the main line and nil Important branches, involves putting on in-\v men, a much larger number than the total number of train agents, whoso duty it was to board trains at the larger stations and accompany them on the up and down trips to pass upon and to punch tickets before the conductor mado bis rounds to take up the passed upon ticket. The conductor here-after will be the conductor in fact and his sole duty win be to supervise the operation ot BRIEFS AND PERSONALS Go to A. F. Stoner for first-class alfalfa sp*»d. tf Miss Caryl Beale, daughter of Mr. an<j Airs. E. M. Beale, left today to reenter school at Rio Vista. Chllblalnole, the only guaranteed cure for chilblains, for sale at the Bakersfield Drug Company. Iw JIM CORBETT WANTS TO FIQHT JOHNSON. LBADVILLE, Colo., Jan 2.—James J. Corbett, former heavyweight champion pugilist, tonight announced his willingness to meet Jack Jockson if it were necessary to bring the championship hack to a white man. "My stage career," he said, "is the only thing which prevents me from taking up the game at once, it makes my blood boil to think that a black man should hold the title—a man who has not shown himself a great fighter. Johnson simply is not) in the championship clash. i "Jeffries was very foolish in not \ accepting that $50,000 offer, win, lose or draw, because I think he is even now more; than a match for the victor Have You Consulted Him Crowds ot people are thronging to Irennan, the eel* palmist and clairvoyant, who located tn the Grand Hotel for tho past three weeks. The pro* lessor is doing a rushing business. his parlors being crowded with some of the most prominent people in this city. Everyone who haa called on the noted palmist and clairvoyant says that he tells their life better than they know it themselves, and they are convinced when he tells their name and very wish of their heart NO matter what your trouble help you, and If e can do all that e advertises, ask your neighbors, or better still, call and he convinced. He guarantees to reveal every in- «s«i ^^^_ ^* MM^^ aiways nave on nana safe and gentle horses that ladies can drive. 7ou will find everything spick ani span about our stables, our horats good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIFF Cor 21st and < 8ts Tel. Main 88 THE PEOPLE ALL Capital Paid Up, 1100,000 tn ChoruB Cried, filv* TTs Herplclde. This v.-orcl of late has been In everyone's mouth, and many iirc wondering no money you are in need of. The happiness of your future life may depend upon the right solution and proper advice. Tho professor makes no mistakes,'and all his predictions! are true, and lie may bo relied upon. Yrvt may wish to know if it IB advisable to make a chanro In business, In love and In mnrriagj, WHOM SHALL I MARRY? HOW Surplus, |25, ill right hiive the tnui.spnrhiion lines doll payin •worl freight is the highest in this stage. "Brewstor's Millions" comes to the Country. jBakorsfleld Opera House on Monday as the purser. The pooplc of California nro on- evening. What the pay of the ticket auditor listed to fight the proposed in-| A Fine Show. will be is not known here, as the de crease, and they should !>«* so enlisted. The roads are paying good profits. The dividends are heavy. and there is no excuse for the corporations' actions. They simply want to make more money, and they propose to make the people of this coast pay the added profits. as that of any glee ofn hf»anl in California. A Fine Show. The entertainment given by th University of California Glee Club this yoar is by far the best that haa over been presented by that popular organization. The club has practiced daily throughout the year and their work approaches as near perfection which has They have a flm> repertoire, including popular, Shareholders in railroads deem!Hassle and allege songs, while the it litlle short of anarchy to talk humorous songs which they sing as ^f <mvnviimnii* im-n..i-«liif» v.-t M'M'iuws keep the nudienrc in a roar or uo\t iiimcin ounnstiip. \<t n jof la 1Ullp> Owl tn thc flnc if they had n hnreim for <-»-i'Htmyj tatIor , they nrndo for themselves on public sentiment in ffivor of such HioU* trip last yoar, they are meeting public ownership, they eonld not'v-'ith crowded bouses wherever they make better proirivss tb:m tli.'v j'war am] those who attend thoir ,.,.,. ,- ', M-oni-iTt on 1 uoKday ovening i are now domir V ibnr disiv^iird |1 , al .,. rsnf , 1(1 Oppva House wli for the interest of the people---or ] Konu .tbing new and Interesting in Mir every interest save th*-ir own. jlifu*nf mlloire entertainments,' The Sunny Side of Broadway. and navigation of the craft, while the auditor wili be in the same capacity at, tail orders have not been received. The conductor, whose reBponsIhillties and duties have been cut down by more than half, receives as much as $140 per month, but the reduction of duties will not affect him because the wage question is one governed by an agreement between his brotherhood and the railroad company. "Goodness me! You don't say! 1 * "It's true UK gospel. 1 heard it from Mrs. Jones, and her cook's fellow lives next door to their washonvrmmn. -<o, you see, I get it direct."—Browning's druff, Itching scalp, and falling hair: this Is tho microbe that NEWBRO'S HERPI- CIDE promptly destroys; after which the hair grows. Sold by leading: drugfftcta. Bend lOc. In stamps for sample to The Herplcidc Co., Detroit, Mich. Two sizes, 50c and 91*00. J. A. HUGHES, Agent Marek's Cigar Store J. F. Marek, Proprietor 1308 Nineteenth St., Phone Main 908. Wholesale and Retail Utgars, Tobaccos, Pipes and Chewing Gum. Distributor for Bakersfield of LOVERA, 12i/ 2 c Cigar AVALON, lOc Cigar HALO, 5c Cigar I '-fi? i. BURGLARS RANSACK * Last night between the hours of 8 »nd 11 while Mr. and Mrs, A, Landuc- cl were attending the theater, their home at Twentieth and O streets was burglarized, The house was thoroughly ransacked but the loss is small. Two suits of clothes and several minor articles valued in all at $100, are missing, When the bamluccls returned they were startled to find their home in »uch a condition. Throe trunks had been broken open and the contents strewn through the rooms. Bureau drawers and chests were ransacked. Police Officer Bowen was called jn, but he could do nothing more than idVe'a description of the missing articles. CLARENCE BERRY HAS REP. AS AFTER DINNER SPEAKER. Hen Berry nnd his brothers nnd thoir families culohnned th<lug yoar at tho Alexandria 01 n family bitnquet, H»-n, M? .M»;I thu toafltmaHtt-r, but ('Inn good a' talkf-r us H.-n ->n I much of a gxiofl tiuu- ;>s hi>- l»,'iliiJ)f:i-i- oil. brother.-—Low j \Vhich is tho title of tho attraction nffop'd hy those famous originals, Murray & M;u'k, rould have been rallt-d tho "Funny Side of Broadway" with ih(» name appropriateness, as it is nothing but fun Intermingled with rntchy songs from start to finish. The attraction will play at the BakersfieJd Opera House next Wednesday evening. MONEY REFUNDED AT HUDNUT PARK YESTERDAY Th« race meet at HuOnut Park yesterday afternoon was a failure. After a Ions delay In beginning the first race wus run and at its conclusion Secretary Uitz announced that the meet would'bo called off and tho money refunded to the purchasers of tick- ei s at the gate. The small attendance the action, the horse owners to run their animals under circumstances. Tho firm nice was won by Primrose. Palahan and Santa Rosa flnlshod second and thlrtl. I \Vlfo—Vou mu«t tflvo Cousin Kale somothtn^: for Christmas, di«ar. It. isn't tho vuluo ut' tho thln^, you Unow, Imi thn tiioimht. HuHbnnd—Uhph! 1 uutfs^ it will in- just as well 11 Cousin Katf doosn't know too uiurh ahoiu tin- Uuui^ht. dial will go with It,—Life. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. OuUland Ol! and Asphaltum Co. Ixictuion of »rjnoirml i>Jaru of nenB, Oakland. CalitgruUi. . 'SoUc<' f« he(VM>v r'von that al n regular meetlnK of the Board (if Director Of 90s, an iiHsesumcnu of ono and Jf n-"itH ner sht<rt> was lev-Joil niton e subscribed capital stock of tho jri)"•"<[ urn. uavfitHf* im/m*m;ih'iv in iiiuHl Stutos void coin to tht'JSooro- ry or said comtmnv, .wt ita offloo m Oakland, .California. Anv, stuck um»n iusruenl shun romnln roJUlwnv street, tn tho Cttv of vtMM .*a<l. jCallfori wmcrr initi ana/3 . , , , , tSok will be defiiiQucnt and utlvt*riiWt{ * ai, uuuiio uticiiou. and tuiloss t is mado boioro. will IK* sold f you have overlooked sgruo d«ar friond, uo\v is tho time to ntaho up for the oversight. We still have a Tow suitable article* at attractive prioes. GREAT UCTI DENT? SHOULD I INVEST MY MONEY? IN WHAT SHALL, I INVEST? HAVE I ANY ENEMIES? CAN I TRUST MY FRIENDS? IN WHAT TOWN OR STATE WOUIJ5 1 BE MOST SUCCESSFUL? HOW CAN I SELL MY PROPERTY? The professor tells all these things, and many more. He is ever ready to help those with small capital to find a quick and sure investment. If your business is unsuccessful, or if you are In trouble of any kind, you should see this truly gifted medium at once. He has helped thousands on the road to success and he can and will help you. He not only tells you what your life j has been and will be, but also how to « better your condition in every possible . way. Thousands of people are failures ; today simply because they do not see j these things for themselves or are not i following the right trado or profession. j Prof. Urennan has mado a Ufa study • of those things and he is now p re par- i oil to show you how tn make n thor- ou«h success of your life. His foe is ; reasonable and within reach of all, I and If he does not make you a read- i ing that IH superior to any you have lever had he will positively refuse to accept any fee whatever. Office hours, 10 a. m., to 8 p, m. Sunday. 1 to 4 p. m. Lady attendance. Three reception rooms, so arranged that you meet no strangers. Perfect satisfaction by mall. Send $1, day and date of birth, for mail reading. SPECIAlr-Prot. Brennan is the only medium in the country who positively tells your full name; and he will tell it free of charge to all who come prepared to take a reading. Cap• ita! furnished for business enterpris- fes; partners found; property bought • and sold, etc. Remember the address, Grand Hotel, corner Twentieth and A checking account with the First National Bank haa so many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial* affair*. If you have uot already §uch an account with ua we shall be pleased to have yon open one and tett it fox yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Coiner 19th and H Street*. i MECHANICAL TOYS WE HAVE A FEW , Chester avenue. ihead of staira. located just at tf 4 PAINT YOUR HOUSE * House painting !s my specialty. <* I use nothing but the best materials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable prices, . r. D. MEREDITH, Contractor 2117 B 8t. Phone Main 172 LEFT FROM LAST YEAR WHICH WE WILL SELL FOR > COST HOLIDAY OOODB SEE OUR HOLIDAY CARDS. A WEABER. The Bon 1822 Chester ave Phone Mcln 4 HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPJN, Prop. Phone Main 25l Trains Leave M Bakersfield 101 Bakersfield -i i uu tut' i>tn aay or luarcu. tuoy. to iniv the (tauuqtiGut a»H<'SHnunu. touuther with the^co^tH of aiJvortlsliiff an<l ex- J. ENNJS. Secretary, KAHLER BROS MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS OAREFU Office Phone Main ATTENED TO BAKERSFIELD CLEANING Works Phone. Main 183 DYING WORKS AND RENOVATORY Altering and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. , 2027-2029 Chester Bakcnflcld, Cut. • "»*•< GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAQEMANN, Prop. New building. Morlern in every respect. 160 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steam- flbip offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OP THE CITY Free bus meetc all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Bills car to hotel. Entrance ou Powell St. | Leave for | Ant loch Berkeley . . . 1 ^^H M ^fe Chicago Corcoran .... 1 Denver 1 Fresno Grand Canyon 1 Hanford .. . . . ^ Kansas City. Johannesb'rg Oakland .... Oakdale ..... Richmond ... SanFranclsco Searchlight . Stockton Tulare Viaalta | YOB em He .,, . 1 A 7:55 7:65 7:30 7:55 7:30 • V ** *f 7:55 t t ** ** 7:30 7:66 7:80 7:30 7:55 • t V ** 7:55 7:65 7:55 7:30 7:55 .M. " 8:20" 8:20 9:00 R r20 o-on i' * UU 8- an U f <Qlf 0:00 8:20 9:00 8; 20 8:20 8;20 8:20 8:20 8:20 | P.M. "7: "30 7:30 7:30 f i 7 * QA 1 • wv 1 i i 7-30 | i UVf 1 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 1 • U \f 1 ^^^^^^_^^^^^._^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K i ^ r ^ rr ^^^^^^^^r r ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ • For detail information phone or oa4l on N.J.HUDSON, Agent

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