Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1916
Page 5
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FAUI?W*F Avalon Farms Hog-Tone a scientifically 'compounded preparation- that saves Hogsmakes 'em fatten up fast. Makes Hog raising a sore highly profitable business-. -K-very--bottle guaranteed if-fed according to directions to produce n profit of r. T/ } f- f-T*n*'\". J*,v >»!••.>% forrftrnn, .!•<> -{,/jii n «t - "*t tirr i* 'h< »-if>rrfj- ft'* M IM-. s • • ;*" i .. J.> s . W i ..f .,,!„-. -1-f — -....-|3r r ^»..-?;.. -p-j;,-. i >*. :%if. aiui Mi- r \lrf-, nrrt m;-l M'».j Af,:PT<> i'-js.-- ;<-,!,.-rjfV,! >f>.- f-i.:' r.-, I ,.fj \t f : 1 '-,>,,'<' r• -1>;,.., ... , , • 7 ._ . ' T!.:i! •.-•!>« C ^Hl-w-TvfSir KMUVSfj: n _ JUATES OH8 OlHf A WORD 'HELP WANTED ^-MALE ; A N'TI-;!» -TSXN'KH'?; *T <;f;-i!iMM !*• Auction Sales .in M *« n ! *^ • *. 5 • * !"i :' H i * , : , ,) , T...(r ||« Lj.iL^ir_._Liu: Mr-:. « Hog Raisers, Think of It! 400% FarmerH in this vicinity have received circulars alx)ut Avalon Farms Hog-Tonic. If you have not received one come in and let us explain the money-hack guarantee that goes with this wonderful hog remedy-sold on a DOUBLE GUARANTEE. 400 per cent, proiit guaranteed on Hog-Tone if you act now. W. F. FLOCK The Flour, Feed and Seed Store • C !.f L--MI -i v. . i r V( . . -ii-.-'l i." «iih M-< ! k v, 'h' !.- f !i< : iiri« - anil '••*' M"-'i' ''.i!h !:!'- fHx'ii'I .il!li .'!'!'! ! ' : .' r; S'l "D:, \" V, j!| ),, , |,;ii.'- I ,:.-,! .-, !'!<•!! • ! ,!- Kk'in !•< f>ii>- f ..rtlfi.t.-f: <;..<>!" - Mi-. Mii;r;i«' >-%.-y, v.'h" '>•'>'! hi-r 'M:;.;--!' vs-(<--k i;-- i. : . ?(,»•;; .i|..V.;- j.j, ,.<y >>-,w i'.. Hiininv rbt-M.'f r nnd f.ifnily rri"vi--l \v-fh !>.-,!>i :i f-trrn .-.TV t ' •)-. n vv ^ *-: rt-; f i Th>-n;;.->.' _t, . Vv'AN"rrvn < ' i i! !«« )| .1:11,^.-t,. i K H i i '< >HN ._',:: >; r ;» i h'KKj: T<f.'-<,. A. WAXTE'D—I,enrn .barter pav. Bniy to If'srn. ftesultt ».b- tninfd hrr<\ B!tre«? fvstt'tn nf Hfir- h«->r Cf»ll«.«f-a In the f." P.—53 branch! m h<>"t« nnd Fhftf<*, .WritA for cat a., j I , i .--. • .-.r-:r< i-Jtr. f > j:' : / * f f >3 ,;-d . f-ri i-.Jncr .•..-•.';;(,• ' , ,-i | ,,'!•»,. t ' t I'"!' f.f --{•-•p fit I.-..I [» • id» !hf hi« _L j. ' M -•• M f*-!'»-. srf* Mr. nn-T Mr rtu.f Hiil.i hf-n- victim.: h< O::<«. D-jtbv. HOG VALUES DROP Averaga Drops 7 Cents With Receipts Of 50,000 Head. l.'hitiibd, ll!.. Od. 17. .... .V«>ftt«..rdti,Vs VANTK!) i', i \V.\\TKIJ. .MAX Tri ItKLIAHLM MAN To i'li;| • T nt nil;hf ,<U lljrsi; I'!-.: :t . In over six month.". WILD AND WOOLLY WEST SUPREME N*«'\v < i" \<>rk, w«'Nt I 'mt< ii .I'M » it,:. |i'.. Tli I'-'i" jirli-d ti -niai \ jfruni Ilobert Hlmpffon ofi'l'tlon^ |bi> in.'Hiy Visitors n< the role"311 i; :• < n i Ti Ti n d FTrTI K." M il ''TiV v~ .7' "fi'ii 1^" f "hrn-t -rt- f*m it 11'~ t~rr nrrt r - MI. -t 'rrrnri-j forhiii tvvo hurdlers' whom- ennalf* I>|!< ' Humljiy, (Hher vi.«itonH fn-n, ^py^^^^^L-^-^-. IU.IH., .how,,, i^^,^ vcmr'm.rf";^ 1 :: Jill 1 1V--O l.U.'Iris Ih" WotldeifnJ .., I,,,O|.|MIV , ,,„) jviis C.-nii;,. Sib'lev, MINM"| ,i!l Ii te floln Illlnol^ who < .tine'with' . Paddi n uud Mr ;»nd Ml a. KUdK.l!) f n ii"-i*i itirh of tytnjr th»» A. A.'C. tvi--— l'i«»phM»-!<«w»i-in .»d«bt(iM» !•» a »rd for III' 1 roH> vault. It ,-ilso' K.'IVO I fl " nl l;i 'i' - i""' viridity. ;i,- a'-i,K'" !i>i..|Ti. ,.nlv .To. with Ar- m'tur's -I,--] same :> M SuninlMV ,-t; }:» !».- ' . . * , A year ;if;i> vf <•'!<•! r!.-i v lior A;ili'f>« WMC «h-:n1v. (MM th" b:!i(in.-<- or On- •vi-f-k tfti'tf was n il>-f-Utir> <il'> $! '<r I'.'.fi, Hut Mn«li-,r in, wiiir the MV.T.TK.' <3 ;iti!n!ii> at ??.!» I'<trt"V l,t>l!-lb, b"f v<-«i rc;|( iH'd .«! t.4(i vf«i«>rfj;i.v. rMjua!lin«r !, r i5t wcr-k'a lilijh '•"f'i! ami \\tUiiti |n,. t ,f vi !ii-'»i tn|». U'htti; f.-Mi'y kinrls "old' niicvr-nly* !iieh<'V. ottirrs wr.rr> |ii\v*-r, H»n *-ii ii iicltttfr * wc'st* rn rnaik'tu, in- '•ludtni; Hi 1"iHil. rccdvi-,1 \-jit.niHi oat- tl.' ypMiffiliiy. rinifihii hud ,11. (<<>» nt>d SlfniX Ciry 14. Him, ,,,.. A - r ,ii,t.l« for '• J..MI.IS. Ht. f'fiiil rc'tivi-tl J'.i.Son, 'unonu ih«' );ir<4f'W! dnv'ft on jcftird.' \VA\TKD frtrrn. Wiitr- MAHHIHO en re C< >|{V MAN . .¥N1> MACUINF nioidfTK nnd »m-n to learn molding trad* 1 ; nlso laborers. (!o»d prn-<\s ^tf.»-idy work. I'ratt Mailenbli- iron MEN*—o?n ILLUSTfUTRT) <%\TA- h»Kue explains how wr> teach the barber trade quiekly mailed free Moler Hnrber College.' Chicago, 111. . • • 71-95* wild and ,|M< tntot« a !n».Kl( ,t »,t of .rrrriy wwd, • r .ur.,1 ArlU/.Mu.-UH.i.'.V,,-;;; 1 ,;^ anil f,irih)i»-« for i ouUin^ on the };round'< :tdd<*d tt> tin' t.-n (oytiiciil tfikfii ffi'rn hoirit Wl« ^iirowr. These are JUKI a few of tde ninny athletP« iii the.west whose ler- i.rds Hhovv they are nbh? to Kivc- a ^jood vi ,j., account of UietnuelveH lit nny oontepts. , The iiihleK* who went to the .Hran-•"'''" « l . v< -" ""' ' on net. r. nt the borne «>f Mif-H Cni-T-etta W« st ai>i .'ihout liftv friend* /«f-the bride wet- prexent- to liike pfirt ill the afT.-iir, ll • brow r»f--tilt*—**?r*f—timi ninpjird it tijtutt ItH own tiinlietl fori hi iid. In the whole ntliletie realm there Isn't an event in whb-h wen'terners haven't put thrlr lntni"ive HnuesK nn air of rhamploi.-.t i| . with tin . , of tl,,*.- .ninies vvbuh the w.M- < ""« vi! " 1 '""'XrieK a Hhort time n K u an rni.nut i.n.'h. Here Is a ,.,,,,,., "'pn-Hentatives of Amerlea in uumi* ami all repaid .for the irip. WAS GIVEN A SHOWER. In honor of iin> nmrrhiKe nf. M'i«« vlHlITl|'loii«!i)p' Which mas |tro\i>in* \VJllntd of to Kilbane nf » i|ao. Huniuniwi'l»;ht KitJi« of M!mK>*<. U<-ri.?.«t the >>ea«, were ail westernerM t u,,. MttiiiM room :t inr^e whin with the pxeeption of Ted Meredith. ! trimmed wltli Mi'iall pink hoWK wa> — MiMpcnded from the reiiinu and in th!.' the Hinfillcr parcels. Th» bride tiiti-r opened the puckace* t< h,iiii|nun, . V u u n K ,i('!,titned i. T TAMPICO NEWS J bride tiiti-r opened the packaKew to find beautiful wlfts of nilver, cut £'"*'• and linen. The liourH were from 11 tit' i-I and tit nnori ati »*U'«ant lunch vv;»>• si-rved in < afefufia " j " Mi*t Eutiico Goebel .Become* Wife of ^Frod Frank. j on 1 Wediiwdav, o.-t, 1Kb, SwImtniiiK < Inunpioii,"> ~T,an>;« of Oilifotni.i. Amiriran IcriKde liiittlni; rhampion, Trin Hpetiki-r of Ti \>t.- National Icwjcue Hal Chime of California. jdaiiKhter, Mis« Kunk-..,., w/»» unite.i in A-mnteur nnd open golf < hamplon, imarrltiKe to r>ed Frank, I'romptly ut ChurleB Kvuti* of Illinoih. twelve oVhSrk thn nvveet MtpiinK of tin ,\«tlrmhr~l«'«iwin''M premier pltohf.r. widdlns man-h playt-d by Mrx, ttarney Iv^ltertK a 4:011 01- Stet IHT A nutnher of Whiltxldi ..... iinfvV den- iist.H held ii inoi'UtiK in th- city hall . Monday afternoon. M-\eral auto loads I T ftt »» » ' U )»T-l|l^ -I , V <» t , i i \ Ht IIVJl»*»5L141 , . j .•i picttv WfddlnK ill the homo of Mr.!. f* T ^« < '' ; '' hour.- wen" .-|>< nt HI li-ten""' land MI-H. Crnnt Ooebel when their j 1 "* t(l . »nt.-i«^tinK t«lk» and dlsrussion f> "t to the |irofe,M}i|rin of X \VrcfitlliiK i Johnnnn and Orlffln nf (Trtllfoplu. _ th<> .world 'A m-rU'R pic, but wune of th*> most |iromln«»rit mem her* of cm-h «*<ini- V>«>tlnK trftm «rt» ««ut \\ t >xt when they're m hoint«. Jerome TtttViTH'und I-'ram-is tmiinet, lh«' «>ABI'I» two hi'xt Kolfi-rw, liavc not b««<«n wen 111 lotitinunentR this year. and, <'0n««'<|U«>nU>'. were not of any -in Wiving honors fop_th«>_t|a_stv - fi»ti^m~yT7V " » i:ou».lii. of thi' bride, were r~tV :ind Thr- brtdnl jmrty <d" Mi-H \V>«t and liel as hrideMtnnld and best man and lit- can lid ttie rlnK In ii larK«» pink rose, .f44t^r«t'i—thi^- -ittoni tukint; their plain's under a canopy-of pink arid white with a htu'kftrfiuiul of jjreen foliaxo nnd flowers In one corner of the room. Here the vows were taken and the double j rrfemony used Khb-r Mll«-s llrown- i't n»nti»TM of The bride looked v«-ry pretty In a plain white xatin Kowp dt>volil of trirn- jntiiK and *he cnrrU-d vrhitv roHCH. The, bridesmaid wore a drt'xs ii£j>ink with n--ytlt> — ilet ovordresw. ^ at hlf Teg brought^ j*om« _«<»»< from tlu» west, SMOKED CIGARETTES ; FOR 22 YEARS Habit Wilt Ruinfng Him, But 'He Con- It In nnd track w liil«t the rinu twarer Inoktd very pretty In u white wilk with jiltik trimminK^ Afteif the ••eremony hearty ron«rut- ulatiunH were extended after which ««t down to an olP- thr»»<»-cour,H« dinner. ' dining ro«m and tablf.s wt-n» tlec- In pink onel whlt«»,* tin- bridal TAMPICO BRIEFS. MI»H Nina Kuok wan u Thursday niornintr pUKHt-nKor to . Manlhti*__»'hiiri -^TrTTpr=nTn^iv-m<«' of"-.Mr and MCM. .Ijinii s .IidniMin MrM,' Kllen Hwr-et. of tiardon I Main was a ThnrHday c-venlim nrriv c'Filcajto, where sho had been Hh«» vlnltrd h«ir HOU, H. 8. Swelt' family here. Mr. and Mrx. Hnirh Leahy and HtH*- daitKhtrr were Thur.sday eveniiiK pas- to l'niph<'\vn, where tlleV rehltivc.s. .Mr. and Mr*. K, (\ Currle and family, .Mr. .and -Alrn. John Murray.. 5 - Mr. and .Mrs, Aaron Calrapp were <ln Saturday iiftfrn>Min. rjittl"', 2i'.«ii'ti 'in<l l_'Ji71 siii'-'V* " vi. ir min A\ctrii.'<> t«rici' of hnns- ;it ' 'Kit ajto 'A;is Irt.ii.'. a^ulti."! I'J.r.'.l S.'tnnlnv. $!'".;! •i n-V rl; ,'> : ;o. $(*.'.,•) u vrar nfco Mini $7.13 " WHEAT WAVERS " r rade Was Light But Small Qaini W«ri. Made. chtiano. III. t',-t 17. -VVh'nt in-".« '•IIM mixed an.I the trnd'> IlKht. but •loj'lilH- x;ilf» Wer»' at K.'iiliH of ^ 'd i-Je. i r «»e lower In ('hlr.'iKo, \\'heat in outnido mnrkcin closed thi; Houthvvc'Mt bflns 1 and lni» N'orthvient iMmler. 'oi n Sn tb" S«'inhwes'i W.H '-xf hlKher *" '41' loiver. oiitn at Winnipeg w«"re H" lower. 1'ioviwions were n< live, atronK 1 nnij '•lelu'l-. and 1'nlNhed the br-st of the 1 iv. uith t«>rk 47'«'ii'.",'ie, Inrd ~*'~fi2f>(' i"d jib*. 74*'!.*><• higher for the ilny. to hold Wheat prirefi down SMALL MJHKOUm FAHM, $10 nml $;, monthly; no interest or tn*ej»- richly productive iniul: clom> to 3 htir markets. Write for pholotfrnph.. and * full mforrnatlon. MtinK«r A-J72, N y ^-'' * {|llt: • Kam;.'in City, Mo. 77-102* \V IL h 'f H AI > K~~MYJHINA rTi lT T FT; •• county,farm fnr n furm of zoo m'rot nr~;MO acre*. MUM be n Kl)1) ,i f,,, m and may put difference in caxh, Writ** '.X V. ?:" r.-uv» t;ny.»'-Ue, 5*7-1 !i!» M'-lf the ( i-i.'.l ''<•" i'.ip« r ndv'erfi- ••.. ns n-|!l ft-,. !!H. I, l'.-, IK tif-d th*» itipfi "t!y •i'1vr>rt!«' l d \M, • • matter w h.-tt th!'ii» to j-»«wr »«*(•". iiffif • r < W >! I I, r. I' i' !,, It . ,ii. t;.*..-! .Mj_...»,iU. ..n tw-'^v tim«." a« m.tnv i.ilN ;•- ', ..u iii,».. but do i.|>'-ii 5 ' in Th" 't-sV'ttf' fur •.•'•inline fsill ?=tx dny I II i 1 !l!l< v. ! j • f-i t- TiiV-il ., i i--\.--ri;T in f.i •«t in \VANTHI» SVVF.rM'lN'; AND FOUND HELP WANTED—FBMALIl ! WANTKM <;u:t, KOJ: <:f~y !i<>tisev.-ork. Applv to Mrs. (:;<!(. T'tl W< -'l Third St. Kof.Mi LAHCf; l'i i '•"iitainitii: Ixtuk iii lji'|».,. nt ;ir .A vi'iiuc I'. ' p i'< <-l niiiy h.-tvc NHiiu 1 by <>ii ?-"-ni' iiii.! pHyltiif for'rid. KTItiif iK ' WAN'TKI* oth'-r u'V- i u ; '•'' <"'• t« ;i! _______^__ fa int. Write 91 FOR SALJB ••"» i ,.._«»» jroi; Aviv VANTKII --(INK Hlid hi.nrdfr Who i ;iilii'". linn h In' Kooil frtflilly with lioiii'c. Ill' - l!f i.MU'KHs-AT .id'-, nitMTj " " • ik |."iitl«. .. !»!-'«2* I —. . . ' I'«'H K.M.I.: !H M M»"<»AK IIHATll ^li>\<- III roti'lUioll. I'..mill St. STERLING BOARD OF TRADE yej«tf'riliiy. ,-.. nt 011^11011" they were f>»<Mw h..w- Mnxwell Mpmbpr Open Wheat May t'Ks July I.-!|V Corn !«'C :'<;% May ,7^. i Oatt Muy '.?,!)£ Pork .Inn. .''/! ,vj turd I'<•«•' N;!:: Jan. in 7^' Ribi •Ian. IL'.?,* nnd lionrd .C'tlU:a High 1 ^^ I ti4«4 Qulnlf'van of Trade. !o, III. lift. Low IT Clot* WANTKD—KKCOND-HAND AUTO ''•i: SAI.I;. CIICAC "*4't H..-1L' l.'lifiT mobile*, will pay tho nlKhe'*t prlc* i — A!NO sell all kind*.of reoalra. MtJ»«-rHnn - Tho-|t5 TiilTorV liolh phonio. 3«tf WANTKI) TO UKNT --. FAI1M N'C.Ut Ht.-iliiiK. ^*" to l«',n nrri-.s in milk district pn-fcrri'd, Miitht coti«id'-i buy- ii»K if t»rle« in rltfht. Mu«t hi- in if*I . cujuUUun. .AUJri'JUi "^« IJ." ritrc <in•S,< III'. ffl.fll OLD KKATIIKU HKDH -- ni.UIIKST •prii'«>H pnfd for ol>l fcjttbi-t'H find CJINI off Hothliitf. A.ldrtNH S. .1'nink. ti<-n. ,!»«'!.. Sterling, p.nd postal, will .-nil. I "ill fiiliire Sto|-i MAUD • w. Hum Hit I Mill li<-ntt-|, AVrnite C. pi;n-t(rally new, fU*| l'<m SAI.K—MIX I'UtlK JtlUCD t«r Whit<> bi'.-its' with i»b«nty M."p. Mi-K 1 '"'!. Hurinon. Ktui HALI:-HI:KT HK.MKDY- rl;«>uniiiliHm. H'-nd on* <'l|^. Addrrx*. Hox 41'8, Hock ^3..iT i':'.ii'i 1."...'!" 14 tr >vt-r. was jiiglu'r thair lust Corn hfld strontr rnrt of, thu» Uuy •>-|ih n n e«rly in1vnnei» of '*4C"Rt:!i lv ''. 'c'Mt Inter on rctiliziiiir -""t*^ bv a few' '"'•al IOIIKM nnd by the beitrn In nvin- ••iiihv with tho break in whwit.' Dur- '>T««S(H w«*rv ffilr huyerH, c-lvlnw the *--''td Mitpport, Teaterday'H C.HICAGO STOCK MARKET. • «*hi«'HKo, II),, Ort, | HoKH open strong U-ft over '. , .3 jc, WAXTKD- .WASlUNflW AT HO Ml-;. — 13u8 Third Av«.. XO-;M ' •I! SAI.K--3 O. J. C. |»)AitS HHOI Horn*) huilK. Anton I.'luek, photi" .fj;'«)<i. Di.xon, . 1,«»ST- < -OI {AI HLA ST !•: \' '!•: NI N<5. between Luonxt.fcii. and Ninth Ave. Kvtiirn to (iftzt-tte ofTd-e. IJeward. • •Imii'-f jnii<> cxtrai'ti'd or In Will il«'|i\(.|', *'all morning?*, and i-'vcnhu:*. I.. HOIIM-, Hell M27IU. . T | FOE BENT hoiive nii<! H. ,1. Hix-n on LoouMt yt,,« lloneh ..!,...;,.,* $;) CH_ttl<-, weak. . ' '. Klu-ejj, Kti-aily.til-1»e lower. liquidation wan-, on in !>er<»mber >at« nil 1 T'rtre» rioted abotit th" bot- otn. . narth'ti-l'Yiizhjr and Watrner vcre K<K>d ne||er» of D«>cwnbcr and bought the May, tho latter o Kprradw between corn and r >ats. .Cash houseo sold , December nnd Cattle Sheep clone li)<; tof> prlre ... 32,(l(iO CH 1C AjSflMG BAUM MARKET. Si'hi'idh r. of lj>H«rk. rntdon-d down Saturday afti>rnoon und-*ipint u fr-vv hours with frlfiulK and relatives in Tltw waltwrs The puytnUt below IB thut of Mr, P, J. KU*ujf&my, Ii well -known u! ," ftlontmni, who knew that his IJfo wo* h*»Jnir rulncJ throtiKh licrnicloua htthlt of el garotte yet rould tint find nnythinK tn «top it and naiad* lhe*n*m>UH he «fn| thp now " until fix irlrl <if tho brhl«n HHSU-I Koy, l.illhtn R<iK»n<>, Uwina AndPi'aon. Mltiiib' 4ot»»Kon and Fr«-Uu Kmnk, At four o'clock tiu'y motored to whoro tfu-y tivok train fur t.'hicoKo for town, .Mrs, WorthlnKt(,ri, O f Hockford, i« n jrnent at the home ,»f .MIH. JI, I 1 . Allen The Indiex were former nei>,;hbcjrH wfiili' Hvinic in Miidiw>n, WiM. Friday ft f»w <»f the Uidit-f*' Aid «nrt Harmony club went to the M, K. par- K<»niiK<» where they worki-d Keltinit ready for the decorators who will n.\ - -- ~ -Aiwj There WJIH eonslderablo 'nt,'. MARRIED_TQpAY Cartoonist Goldberg Wedt;Mit» Irma Sceman of New York. tHy United Press.) New Yolk, Oi-t, 17.—When Ketiben K. Uildbertr, th« New York Kvenlnic Mall nipht 'B Tho hHde'« . tour. drewM wan n rkuWo book that can bluck v.elv»«l with ftir trinnniiiK and orn a Inrjje picture hat, * They w«'r« th*i r«>clpi,')u,s of many and tieutitiful and return from their wf-ddinw trip, they will presentx frwm After their whlel, rented m>«r Mr*. Orant floebel, prominent voting lady of »nu»y '•ut > fompliMtmn<nu aUributcs, i;ro.iin. ' . won nf Mr, and Mrt, Wrn. l-'ritnk il8<» prominent rpNldentH of thin vlHn ity, anjl IN a yotimr m«|n of *uplt>nclid ohttrttoter and InduwtrlouH habltx, . BWJI wi«h«« for n, <o««r iinv» lmpp> wedded life arp extended the n»'Wl> of-frh-ndsr- 1 - up several roomc. . Trary. I'lert-*-, an efficient In postofflci' wiwt not nhte to ut his place .Monday, on account of ill,. but hopi»H ii» |»». about In n few- da yw. Dr. and Mrs. rrnmbebu, of Jiethanv \\i-Ki Vli-Kinia, were Haturday an-ivui^ her* to bi» at th«> Will J>an>iu ovi'r Sunday, Tho doctor thw pulpit both nutrniii -^- 04—Hw^-f^ht-rsttirrrT'Tnm'h and hin tulku w«jro rnueli upprpoiHted. Mrw. Cram- ITH Wil- -artoonlst whone income in Maid .lo be ^iiiO.noi) u year, turned out hiti mystery -nrtonn.—lt'fc AH Wrorifj. IrmnV U'M All $V runs." "Ills frlendH .wondered whc »rmn mlKht be. ' Coldlwrp wiW mur- -iei^ ht»ro today to Miss Irma Keeman. flaUKhtor,of SlRel.W. Heejnan, n wholesale Kforer, • , Ofddbei'K «nw Mi*8 Keeman for the first time nt a rt'Htnumni with her pur- ••niH about n year ajjo. It WUH sevt-ra! months biter that liu nvet her. Oold- , III.. Oct. 17, Wheat — No. _ r,»,|, Jl.f.y 3-Sff l.fio 5-1*:- JVo. :i red, $U.7r,-Wl.tH; No. 4 rod. _>|-.a3'ii 1.45; No. a- , OMT — tU»H> WATCH,' SWISS movement, betwen J''ift!i Ave., |{o«lc' Kails and Willbim I'rujdi. terx. Find- * _~^»__ eT.IrT" at (lar.ette or I..,«ue,«V l, r »g j KoU 'n K ^ r _ .\IODKKN HoS ~ 1 * " ' liloc'k from car line. "Applysl - --• , 91- Tofte, Hork KV-St —A41T444-: 11 Fmder leave at XKI.HT ON \VKST Third St.-, porketbook, 'vintalnltiK money,' Kinder ple»,«*«» l«','i've at I5a- Ei'ttft office. Heward.." SO-92* ,i)KT— KHMAUS FOX TKKRIKH r' Olt itKNT -M«'1>KHN KIOHT-R^ puppy.-5 monthH old. Whitf. blae-K " ''" l " 4 ' 1 - fio| « Kn«« **e.ort<| St.. >2( and tun markings. JJewanl. Xotify ' '»"rry La idle, tiOft Third .AVB^ FOH SALI-: 1 i,AI«!K 110USEHC c-awt raiiKo, 1 sijinui' e.\tennlon room tJibie. l fain «tov«'. Inqulr W. I). Uoebm, at Kirt' Station. ' II. II. WnoVI, I'-HtG W»-»ii .\o. a bard wIMer, tLfiii I-i'.< i-'u; AO. 4 ham witiit-r. *1.4*m J (Jii- Hnmple Krnde, red. 11.43; Satnid<> $rnlde. hard, J1.,'H, . . • Corn—-No. U yellow, M J-;Ki y;j- \,i .1 yellow, !»0(fi91; .NY,. 4-yellow, Hit )-;"»/ 9»: No. 2 white, :ll ]-\'«l^; X u 3 white. 91 i-L'; N O> r, white, 87i-««j'sfi: No, C .white, 'ttti; Xu. i mive;l 9(t.1(?fl2 1-L'; • Xo. 3 mixed, it!ii SI l.i'" • s "» < mixed, 901-2; Sumpje grade, si'i Sterling, ,-'.' Notify -;'4t4<^4 90-32 I'OCKl-IT __ __ nlngton rnnd, between h'terlliiK and Mllledxeville. $10 to fir. iewun|. Kinder leave at Oaxette, !>Q-ftf* Phone aci-4. FOH HKXT—7-HUOM ALL« M( I'm bourn'.at I ins Kixth Avo. . TJi!'_'J°-y_J'• _wood» "• - No, -3-whitp, — No. L' white, <".I--*l473-4; . Xo ,4 white." 4f, , t; 1-L'; Ktd., 47'ii IS; .Sample ' ' 7.'Ki I.N. is n yoim(r not ««e thv expressionHf "I'm the Kiiy." "1 never thought of that." "U'« >AII WroiMt.'-- "Father was right,'.' except in hl» cartuotjH, <4Joldlui% r in a'native of Sun KranciHcy. HK cume t(* Now York in I!)07. • . OPEN SESSIONS JJarley -^ Rye— No, .. . I1.22SM..5; No, 4, STERLING €IH MARKETS (Corrected tMoaeu Dillon Company.) Xo. 3 yellow corn .............. Sic X«w Xo, 4 ywliow corn ............ 7»e tlon from her dutleH at the JUtht-y and IH thin week. frieiubi in Dana, HI ., j, K«v, ST. 1{08H, l>«ylon, ratio, {«8tifl(*j( that after bavin* been a hlave, to tobai'fo 44 yearn, he-got rid of tho habit initirely in a few' ilu>»>. greatly ImproviiiK lit* ht-alih. QUIT T09ACCO, GAINED 35 l,QS. 'jSOI>P8.WAji m SPJCTED Mr». HtWf-nomiburo, of Wjilnut, Com : plimented the Order,- Frhhn -afternoon tho W. u. c met MwWH, Wullace Turner. Lewis and V\ul(er l-lnnmi. of I'rophetwiown. mo- In MttiiKum, niila., 1^ about the biK^i'liniVMi' in A I ho put on »S Ilia. In lu-alUo since K«»Ulim t'Ut uf tubiuvu tiub- It through the, Jnfornmtion Kulnvd in book whifli you may U!M> ea»Uy Thai IMS could iU'\«-r <iuit wasi' the fear of Qpoir^i* Aiiihuwh. IVJMI t^tren, rhiladelplila, who'wuH a f-luxe oi io bacco for itiHiijr yettt**, but sifter Citing the book, he learned how the hub- U' OMUttl \ie> w»nciurn'd Sn three (i;tj>. .Now Jn» wrlten that he i» t'oievw fiev from the craving aivt I.H in nuu-b nn- iiroved- heal tti . BOOK GIVEN FREE. ~ ,A yaiunbie, IntrrtittmR 'book on how to ijvi<r«"ojr»t« iho tobacco habit (in an\ with tliern lit* Inspector, Mr». Nel ile m-iii«biir»,', of Wulnut. who in a most pleanlns nulnner .inhpeeted tin work. After the Inwinws of the meet in« <-!iwied, Mrs. Rem«burR wa« e.tllei •jpun to make n few rei«nrlc« and **h. *Hoke 411 hmh terintt of the v\ojls lien- rnf-mbi-ralUp of ilu* C»«-p« la T.iin- RHEUMATISM AFTER HIS DAMIING Ntrhotia) SpiritualUU AtaoJUtfon — of America M*«ti. o3y United, VretwJ Ht. Paul, Minn., Oct. 17.— With u •membership that has Jumped ' " ftbe'yenr »TO,OOr"to 450.000, the NStlo HplriUiallMtS AMHoeintion of America, convened hero joday In Jm tw«nty- fourth annual convention, Tlie Increase wa« estimated by Hec- retttry (hwrg«i-W. Kate» today. "Wt are Ki'owiim by leaps and bo Haid ho "TheHe flgures. Include the ehartered. oat.H ...,,..,.... No. 3 mixed oata ....... Wheat, Xo. 2 ,..,- . Itya ...V.V Barley -,...-' Liv* Stock. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Kstate of Patrick Sweeney, d The underxignrd having been nji- pointed ext-t'iitor of the hist Will and TeHtament of I'atrii'TT.Svveeney, late »i the County of Whiteside and State ui Illinois. tieeeaKed, hereby nive« notiei that lie. will upbear before .(he. Count) Court of -Whltewide County, at the Court Houwe in Morrison, at the December term, ojj the llivu Monday ii December nest, at whh'h time nil persons havinK rlalrn» »,ald estan are noufled, and re«nn««t«-d : to .attend f'.' thf> of havinK the same adjusted, <All perilous Indebted to .s.nid PHtati to make immediate pay-' K«>HKKXT— TWO VI front rooms, furnished frii- light keeping. M r >. «•, K, ,m n ith, 60S; A ve. F<»IJ KK.VT— MODKUNC-HOOM l-'ourth Ave and Third 8t. ixm HI:NT-MV HOUSK IN ROI Fall*!. 3l)» Kant ..Thln| .Hf. VVIU'I .. empty l»iter part of week. or phono t'v«nl »iter *n ({ 1. 'OH IU;XT— c,( €'4 miles Houthwiwt of Jlock' ln«iulre i'02 nth Ave. , to the Dated this ninth day of October,'A D, J018, . Edward Foley, Oct. 10. 17, 90t. Pat Bteer. , ,,, |»,00«»O.Sf *.. ,-,-,.,,-,-,|«,00@7.0f ) ROOM FOR. Modern conveniences. Bell pi Thinl Ht, AUCTIONEERS' A. COB, AUCT10NKI5R. ROCK Have had experience i« wi- kinds of ! " Kjiles anywher and .everywhere, (luarantee abs eatlsfaetion, .Caa r.efur you to a lint of KiiiiMiled ousiomi'i'H. 'jSinj m for dates, J^oth phonoK. •>- ... A. L. Hecl( HKNT — THOUOL'OHLY ern lioiihf. In wood location, at 311 Fifth Ave. Hell phone FOK HKNT—MAllCH Plimi > onwhare*. fine tit 200 m . _ and do not by any m«-am molude 'tho hOBtw of belleverw in H|»ir-" itualUm throughout tlw* country. Then ui-fi 'more than ineotjnjiM n ww In. HIM t'nitwl St«itiW ihroutchoiit th» i<ointdlnient- piro if, now ovtr 30. •U tlu« preuiiU^nt upon her for upon thJ« wnd all pulluiK toKUht-i aepend-i » v» murh the «ucc<>»»i of 41115 ,-»^s^(l^'^l^, Hhp also Ravtfthe coips HI inviatton In attend Uu- ooip;. at Wai- tiut wln.iK'V.-r tln-y found it fuiiwnu-ni ort Uu<> «il| uiidonb|i*d. Brings Painful Results. Once upon a time riujrle.s .Mullen, oj went KUimiiiK. It 'wu* ;> year, IncludiiiK bodies," s of indeiiundvin ilixiniti ruinj day, ami IOIIK cxpodtire void and w«'t bronchi t, tt - ^ t.H-k of rheumatism J|,. tta ^ e.-. to his h(iiiu\ A 1'iJiiid i.-roiuinc'iiiirii ^loan's in. itt. citing hi^'i'Wit as. e nt- .f H.s SCHOOL BOARD MEETS ACiAIN. Thr president au.d members «,f the lo.ini nf education of th,. tov\n*hip nit;h h.-tuiol -tin t .Sitiuidav I'Vt'nint: Hi Iho eilv h-tll to t.jlk over the. HhUl(> other Hrhriol building and Jo liuke tiHlh •("a.K.jn.-citiMit MI ilnir pl»n U)( ut \\ IniUillii,: Thev. h.'iv«- pia<-|li':f||\ ( , .. <v |n. "f buildinu and *\p. ti f., ii, -i--- •I'nipe to | (tut tlu- fit- inii , ( .-.iun.*le uf tho crttVtnjt ful tobaoro. ttiiurt.»lt;^iJs,; bpt-u'e the vur*. befui.' f 01 nil has bet-n wiittfii b> Kdw', 'Woods. U!»7 F, Station K, New ToiU N.. V., and lie \\M neiuj it fiv« to an> • one who writes atihlns f"r it, a« in- i.-. \fl.v ulixltnlH (hat iili who ar>; d at>p)l<'d Hoon iinpmx, Mullen tt- to i» \vn-< GIRL IS J50RKY Forn Roberts, 16, Sorry That &h« Oul Not Kill Her Father. (Hy I'mied t'n*K,) chii-,i«n. in., net. 17.—"I'm Kovry l didih'i nnihh him, | hear hr j.s going (• live ' I This* WUH tho fomment ,,f Kern Hob- IM. it;, 'who t.h,,t her miller, Ui l-Vank-J Roberts, a 'dcntM. luu-aime h« Would not return to la-r mother. Tin who is beli-evei!'to be insmu', refej RETAIL MARKET. n^f »ftptrsto 0§iry— Bttall. ,S4< creamery buttor IHI.CV butter ,,..........,., ....... sp< Fre»h en , -. . . . > New .80< ..6 .10. .,r»- , to -Kohi>rtb a»< her father while |i« de olared today that h.- J* hi r ntcji'-falh * besl pains.' •HI I lu> w,it,.able t» tfiutn' t< Mi. Mullen wutt't. "Slmv thai ev- perionei-' l have never |R-(.« wttlu.ut I.inniH-nt . in liie nifdii im Von will iin.l it i-ootlies, hiiuM-h , luoih.telie and n IJev.-.-' laitu- it-urn ism.-.m T7u-t ail At ul! bollle. d«it*t.»i' In had ln»en tcji * hjid.nrjred UK return JU) hi»'wifr fmm whoiii »«• \Tral n b t in u utmH-i.»u.-» |«utv Vlj -uid Mi- UmV.Hj ana Mtsr. ^u . "No tVrn. I can neCvr iivo with ,vt»ui piotiiet jijj;iln," >he sjjy.s be-ntiid. ."you will or you will pi 'to yoni «i-av*. " rejdied the.p-irt lii-fliK . thi'i . mluiiK Intii bix body. COST Of <l!y I int I'uul. .Mum. minutf. u, I'iess i i.u-t u. ',|i.r,itr !l .North. ti^ntT* OIK u>«biv b\ tlu> ~r.uli-o.ici »,.,.K i- *i4V-,Mt c'l.uly, 'but * •>,. l in, (idl,. the K *•'.•", I /"tTnir/ ., pi-i.iii.itni,ut iini to 'do/en , IP. .,....., Fruit. Ortnrea, Calif., dozen ... 10 CABINETSTUMPS Only Lan»ing And Lane jRvniain At , TN C*ptUI.''- nii'lll btlfiiit-NH Wai. Ult to ^M^•t itelk^ and In'tuN "ot l>Uii'.(is« jv»-t<'ida\ wlu-n IIIOM if the lUOIIliH'l;, >i| the eubilt' t and Hit ir ;i,..*i',t,ini>. uh» uir- not <«!- H'UiiV l!l the (aillpalKIt, let! W.u-hintt in th« inttit^t of 1'ieftldent \\iNon I'nlv J^etH-taiv ot Kt.ite IjiitMini; and Sfietaiv oi ili« Intel lot 1 vne u in uned, at iotl. The litter !», wild the Ami'tti.ii Mt' intiiuitt"t' • -itn intt-su'ii ,i' Ml mile * uv MAY NOT PAY CQMM(S8tONBR3. J, C. ,CHOM AND HON, AUCTION eer.H, Colettt Or Milledgeville." W. make u «pe<rialty of auml.;i «ale>« 'Conduct many sales eyery year, am can to many «atisl!et| ,ru» tornpm 'We Knafuntrie iibwjlute dat infaetlun, Write or j>hon« HH fo'i dates. temintM are t»» furnish work hor tftul fann niaohinory. and" to ' anclally able and willing to the larger farm a hajf ' ..JL-Jie>nl of pure bred lt<..,^,, t - v and |(» head ut puro br*<l HOWS. for the Hinalb-r farm to buy & Interest In 10 cuww and five HOW* further information Spuly at Wo Jawn, I'^nrni. Both phwnea. '«;. FRUJN, auctioneer, Dixon. lit. • Have aold pun red etpc'k in jieyeral fltate« th« reference. All falls promptly ed. I'.honc or write for date*. Chadwick, III, miv# riiado arij-whcr. Farm und stook wih/x my .spwlaltj ,lvx|u-rti'iu'e hnti been my tesn'he;i Mpwik both KnKli*h and tiermai Jli»lh phones. Cull, write or wire n -my expense. >. M. IHxon, III. With yt'tiix of .\\poiieiK -i tithe auction • business will ^uuran pcfipte for wlioin t hfive held wie- JM.\on IFoinu plii'in , ii ^uii'M-f. i ,• 1 te, (HI. v* Surveyor fl«ld notai of th* Original B»H Phon. 603 \\ t' ( > \\ '(( it \. »• \ n! Hi» l'"t t\ tn <leH-imilie \Ui( lilt I H* its < '»IIHIM- ^ ,oin i '> hail iivi vv^tlumt , i I hi! J..'iIJmL H^ujii;, iiiWltll-ic ^! - •' r DI:VR.NNY. .\fcTioxi;ri! I'lt'phi'thtown, III Will >iv sah .tinwhere Conduit inn to no >.ih» »''.uli Refeivnc* % UtnK 4.f l-io phetstown. CiU/.en.-. bmk r.iiniei, .\.itloual It.inK. KaiiiHi'v pln>n< l»><l "H 5-iib'ritH' a ndolikji___ 1 H t. llAlUtrX(7T07¥ iif.ietion Ktiatanti : il K \\ilj,(i |;,.(h'i II! ' c'riuxi;i;it ^ellln^ S.U "In e with M S. W. Lehman, M. R OIX«?N,JU 8p«oia! offic* conaulUni, dii«a*«» of women Or. H. R Van PHYSICIAN AND 8URQBON Offi&e 1 Ea*t Third «vei Alttt-Un'tt Re»tj Kstate

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