San Antonio Express from San Antonio, Texas on September 27, 1970 · Page 98
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San Antonio Express from San Antonio, Texas · Page 98

San Antonio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1970
Page 98
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JPos« 3*D it iXPRESS/NEWS—Sundoy, Stpt. 27, 1970 William Lear Just Wanted the Tax Man To Know... Lear Newton COArtPILED FROM WIRE SERVICES These people were mcniioned in the news Friday: WILLIAM LEAR presented the Internal Revenue Service with a $779^724 check for back taxes Friday. It was painted on a small metal wheel which “is the heart” of a smog-frec, steam- powered engine he is developing. “It’s a very unusual check,” said Lee Au- buhom of the IRS in Reno, Nev., as he accepted the six-inch diameter check-whed, “but we need more money.” “W’e had wanted this money to go into our steam car project, so I w’anted the IRS to see w hat the money was going for,“ said Lear, who developed the Lear jet plane. Lear also owed $17,194 interest accumulated since the July 13 date when the IRS filed a lien against him for 19fi6-67 taxes. He paid that amount with a conventional check. ★ ★ ★ HL'EV P. NEWTON, Black Panther cofounder, whose voluntary manslaughter conviction in the slaying of an Oakland policeman was reversed, is scheduled for a new trial Jan. 11. The date was set by Superior Court Judge Harold B. Hove in Oakland, Calif. The state Court of Appeal found earlier that the first trial jury’ had been instructed improperly. The date was set over the objections of defense lawyer Charles Garry, who complained that he had other courtroom cwnmitments. Hove siad, “There will be no argument” Newton is charged in the 1967 death of officer John Frey. He had ser\'ed 22 months of a 2-to-15-year term when a new trial was ordered. ■A” ’i’ ★ BOBBY BAKER, former Senate Secretary, has fUed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to overturn his conviction of seven counts of an indictment charging larceny, income tax evasion and related (Senses. Baker’s 1967 conviction was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals on June 30 and the same court denied a petition for a rehearing on July 29. In ai^aling to the Supreme Court, Baker’s attorney, Edward Bennett Williams, asked it to review, among other factors, Baker’s conviction by a jury composed entirely of government employes. ★ "A” ★ POPE PAUL VI turned 73 Saturday, but for the second year in a row he planned no birthday celebration. Vatican City sources said the pontiff has been deeply saddened by the bloodshed in Jordan and is even less inclined to make his birthday a festive occasion than he might have been otherwise. The Pope gave two bri^ addresses Saturday mOTHing, one to the World Convention of Secular Institutes and the other to pilgrims from Brescia, Italy. The pontiff and his staff also were putting the final touches on plam? to receive President Nixon in an audience Monday. Nixon, who starts a five-nation European tour Sunday, will be seeing Pope Paul for the second time in 18 months. A t A t A t SHIRLEY M.ACLAINE lost “a life saving of beautiful things” Friday night to thieves who raided h«* London hotel suite. Miss MacLaine said the antique indaln and Chinese jewelry stolen was worth “a lot of money.” Miss MacLaine said the antique Indian and Cinema City, an exhibition marking the 75th year of movies. Shirley JAMES HENDRIX SR. said Saturday that “no drugs were involved” in the death of his son, internationally known rock singer Jimi Hendrix. ______________________________ Radio Station Bias Charged PERSONAL MENTION “It was just an accident,” the senior Hendrix said in Seattle after his arrival from New York to make plans for his son’s funeral. Hendrix said he would have no further details on his son’s death until he receives an autopsy report sometime next week. Earlier reports had listed drugs as the cause of the singer’s death. Ar Ar A” BISHOP ELIAS MUAWAD of Aleppo has been elected by the Antioch Holy Synod in Beirut as the 163rd patriarch of the Gioek Orthodox Church of Antioch and the entire East. Bisihop Muawad, who will reign as Patriarch Elias IV over <uie of the seven ancient sees of the church, succeeds Patriarch Theodiosris VI, who died Sept. 19. With his election Friday, the 56-year-old Muawad becomes spiritual leader of some 230,000 believers in the United States, South America, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq who come under the jurisdiction of the Antioch church. "A A t A t MRS. W. AVERELL HARRIMAN died Saturday in a Washington, D.C., hospital. She was 67. Her physicians, Dr. George A. Kclser Jr., said she suffered a heart attack. The former Marie Norton Whitney, former wife of Cornelius Vanderbi’t Whitney, she and Harriman, fomier governor of New York and veteran diplomat, were married in 1930. • A" ★ ★ MRS. JESSIE D. BALL du PONT, 86, third wife of Industrialist Alfred I. du Pont, died Saturday at her family estate near Wilmington, Del. „ ^ _ Her husband, who died in 1935, organized E.I. du Pont Do Nemours and Co., and was one of the world’s richest men. He vva? a grandson of the founder of the Du Pont industrial emi^e. Mrs. du Pont was a native of Virginia and was married to the industrial magnate in Los Angeles in 1921. She was tn^en 36. Mrs. du Pont had lived in seclusion at Nemours, the family estate, for a number of years. Her secretary said she daed of pnemnonia. _____________ GOODfVEAR Baker OURLOWKIPRKD W ...IN SIZES TO FIT MOST GARS 4-Ply Nylon Cord FOR COMPACTS Comsts, Corwits, Falcons, Darts, Specials and Valiatits ^'ALL-WEATHER BZ” TIRE • C3ean sidewall desigm radial darts on shoulder • Triple-tempered nylon cord construction • Buy now at these low prices SPECIAL TO THE EXPRESS-NEWS UVALDE — A formal complaint to the Federal Communl- catiiMis Commission in Washington was signed and mailed by six Uvalde residents Saturday, charging that radio station KVOU here has been “non-re sponsivetothe needs of the Mexican-American residents” and is in violation of FCC regulations. The complaint was dismissed as “ridiculous” by station manager A.N. Meineke, who viewed the formal action as part of the national mood of dissent. “Protesting now is in vogue across the country and if it wasn’t, this would not have happened,” Meintíce remarked, a d d i n g he believed the letter would be the first FCC complaint in the 24-year history of the station. The complaint was prepared by San Antonio attorney Pete Tijerina, legal counsel for Involvement of Mexican-Amm- cans in Gainful Endeavors (IMAGE) and a consulting attorney with the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Uvalde residents submitting the complaint are Gabriel Taf- fola, Genoveva Morales, Mario Torres, Gilberto Z. Torres, Josué Garza Jr. and Abelardo Castillo, all of whom are associated with IMAGE. The “skeleton” grievances listed in the letter include claims that the ovK’all pix^am- ming of the station “is irrelevant and non-responsive to the social, economic and educational needs” of Mexican-Americans who comprise about 50 per cent of the listening audience. Other allegations claim the station has here by Mexican-American stu dents, adding that “very little cooperation was extended to Mexican-Americans attempting to have their viewpoints aired over the station.” He said complaints by local residents have' been brewing “for some time.” Calderon said the complaint is the first to be filed with IMAGE support in an attempt “to make broadcasters more responsive to the legitimate needs of the Chicano population.” Calderon noted that the media! often depict Mexican-Americans in a “distorted and unfavorable image while almost ignoring positive contributions.” The IMAGE spokesman said the broadcast industry has the power to help ethnic minorities achieve the promises of the American way of life and said, “stations are failing in their duties when they won’t help bring about constructive social change.” The formal action comes only weeks after KVOU filed an application to increase its daytime broadcasting power from 250 watts to 1,000 watts. The station license renewal will be reviewed next year, according to IMAGE spokesmen, and the complaints are expected to receive close attention at that time. i Meineke categorically denied! all the specifics of the complaint | and p 0 i n t e d out that Spanish music and news are broadcast for three and one-half hours, six afternoons a week. Piits Fed Ex. Tix $L78 tnd okl tire 6J0 X13 tube less MEDIUM SIZE CARS Camaros, Cliovrolets, Chevy lls, F-8Ss, Fairtones, Ambassadors, Corvettes, Rebels, Ptymooths and Tempests FI b to fiL Ite and old On «r USxK tBbaim LARGER CARS Buicks, Fords, Dodges, Mercurys, Pontiacs, Oidsmobiles, T-Birds FI b $253 to $Z57 Fed. Be Tax and old tim tSzM or 155x15 tubeiess «sc MM RAIN CMCCK PROaRAM Because of an expected heavy demand for Goodyear ISies, we may mn out of some sizes during this offer, but we will be nappy to order your size tire at the advertised price and issue yo« a Rein check for future delivery of the merchandise. 3 WAYS TO CHARGE * starred Locations Do Not Honor Bank OmdR Cardh. GOODYEAR—THE ONLY MAKER OF POLYGLAS* TIRES Police Shool Grcus Lions Goodyear Bock-To-School Special! JUMBO CORK BULLETIN BOARD WETUMPKA, Ala. (AP) -i Two circus lions were shot and; killed near here Saturday after ^OTOvide escaped from their trailer, fState poUcB sald officers de“i, i cicWed to shoot the animals after M6xic3ii“Am6nc3Jis, h 3 thpv 3 ttEck 6 d SL do 2 Thcv faued to pP 0 ;ide or offer equal b^“n loose about an houi wood - fibre base wiih enamel finish metal frame, side and top hanging clips, attractive and dururabie. 32" X 20" Genuine Cork Surface GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE HOURS: MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 8 A.M. TO 6 P.M. time to the Mexican-American population of this area to re- s p 0 n d to controversial editorials” when they were killed. Troopers said the lions, property of Carson & Barnes Cir- and that public s e ry i c e;cus,' escaped about six miles time has not been provided on a ¡north of here when the truck in “fair, equitable or equal” basis. IMAGE Executive Dir. Tony Calderon of San Antonio said the action is indirectly related which they were riding slammed into a utility pole. The mishap occurred on U.S. 231 as the circus was en route to Mont- 816 s. ST. MARY'S (Alamo at St. Mary'i) CA 2-1373 1811 614 S.W. 4702 3506 1346 401 1315226 3030 E. FREDERICKS. WEST MILITARY SAN PEDRO FREDERICKS­ AUSTIN COMMERCE DRIVE BURG ROAD FAIR AVE. N. ALAMO HWY. RECTOR COMMERCE BURG, TEX. CA 5-7677 WA 3-4563 TA 4-2371 PE 5-6141 LE 4-5468 CA 7-7881 TA 4-0208 Di 4-9786 225-7266 WY 7-2173 SAN MARCOS, TEXAS EX 2-3331 SEGUIN, TEXAS FR 9-2280- NEW kerrville . GONZALES, BRAUNFELS, TEXAS TEXAS TEXAS MA 5-2323 CL 7-7660 672-2875 "ASK YOUR GOODYEAR DEALER FOR HIS COMPETITIVE PRICE. GOODYEAR REAIL PRICES SHOWN ABOVE" to the school boycott staged igomery for a performance. < I SPEIER TIRE CO. 421 Fredericksburg Rd. PE 4-4646 Store Hrs. 8-5:30 Sat. 8-12 •Moster Charge Only TOM BENSON CAR CARE CENTER 1700 San Pedro Dl 1-3311 Store Hrs. Mon. thru Sat. > to 7 TEX-MART SERVICE CENTER 2530 Rigtby ED 7-3951 Store Hrs. 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 Days a Week TIRE TOWN 4226 BIcnco Road Son Antonio, Texas PE 4-0612 Store Hrs. 8:30-S:30 Sat. 8:30-3 JACKSON’S "BIO 4” TRUCK STOP Hwy. 90 East 661-2313 Store Hrs. Open 24 Hours Every Doy TEX MART 7131 New Laredo Hwy. WA 3-3711 store Hrs. 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 Doys 0 Week TEX MART Hiway 90 West OR 4^)181 Store Hrs. Open 24 Hours Every Doy AMERICAN CENTER 1111 San Pedro CA 7-7511 Store Hrs. 9 to 9 Sat. 9-6 RANDOLPH TIRE CENTER sr» Pat Booker Rd. Universol City 658-4771 Store Hrs. 8:30-5:30 Sat. 8:30-1:00

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