Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1895
Page 7
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RUB A oum THJIES MAIDIATTHCTOV, ALL USING SANTA GLAUS SOAR MlLLJDMS DOTHESAME. Sold everywhere. Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, CHICAGO.. WHO WILL WIN IT? THE GREAT INTERNATIONAL ATHLETIC EVENT. •om« of tli« Men tt-ho Will Do Honors for Johnny liull'H I.xlund—AlrtcrlcnnH Hop* to Tie tho IlritInherit— TlikcH Plato In September, HE INTEBXA- tional element prom- IMI.-S to he a most ponsplcuous factor In track and Held sport this) year. The fruition of halt the schem'CH on foot would rn.'ilc?' tho coming season almost too sensational, but tho athletic public can only count with certainty on one international treat—the groat struggle for supremacy between the chosen champions if the London and New York Athletic >lubs. Negotiations have progressed so up to date that only minor details •emaln uiiKottlcd. Sept. 21 has been mutually weed or. for tho first meot- ng, and the-Important question oC Irnainpr an equitable program has also )cen adjusted. The card will connlst of .he following elt-vnn events: One hun- Irecl-yanl run, 220-yard run, -MO-yard •un, SSO-yard run, 1-mlle run, S-mlle run, 20-yard high hurdle raco, running high ump, running broad jump, putting the 6-pound shot, and throwing IG-pounct lammor. The scorlnp will be docidecl y. first places, and tho team winning lx or more events wil-". bo awarded tho iiUm. Should tho rivals break even, y, scoring five events each and tleint? n the eleventh, the English custom of ddlncr second places to tlio score may ! TH£ TRIUMPH OF LOVE very Mini Who Now Would Ki;ou- lic I'ljiht r'ncis, \VouIil v\rmu» 1'or 1'iirtt Kri'or.-i imd Avoid 1'urure' .TitiHII.s, Simula KCCHX'C Ihc IVomlfrl'iil Jjitiit? "oolw CiilU\! "C'niiiplfJC Mur.hooil, mill Ilovr li? .\t- | jaln It." 'ITi-rc' nt lust 1< Information (ram n. liiu-h wmrcu that must work ^•omlor* \vith inii ol' intin." _uk fully clwrrihw nmutlioil liywlil-.-li* rlu full vitrin'nnit inoiily ]«>WIT. IV nwiluxl by wlilcli to cuil nil imnniur:il •Uns ou tho ayatL'iu. be adopted, but this Is a matter ror later consideration. The enterprise has already outgrown the limited scope of an intorclub contest, and while each of the promoting- clu'us will rely exclusively on members, the high quality of tho competitors will raise the contest almost to the dignity of an International championship. In hi.s latest letter on tho subject, Secretary Holman of the London A. C. names halt' a score of celebrities. The foreigners have been mobilizing with unexpected Industry, and if the up-town magnates do not commission a recruiting agent at once tiiey may receive a sad surprise when the wily Britisher names his complete team. Even now, with only ton foreigners to llguro on, the prophets think a tie Is tho best tho challengers could hope for. Tho estimate Is arrived at by conceding the visitors' superiority In the 100-yard, quarter-mile, one-mile; and _ three-mile runs, and the running broad lump, while tho Now York A. C. cracks are counted on to win the 120-yard hurdle,. 220-yard run, half mile run, shot and hammer. The tie Is supposed to come In on the high jump, which marks the von kcsit spot in each team. Although not a champion Of England, C. B. Fry will probably be the most linriixc-d visitor. I-Ils name is familiar to all American readers who followed the fortunes of the Yale team in the matfh with Oxford last year. Pry was capt.'iiu of the Oxford team, and although handicapped by an Injured foot, he sprinted fast i.-tiough to win the rtunh from his clubmato, Jordan, leaving tho Yale pair well astern. Ho could .only got third to L, P. Sheldon, Yale, in the broad jump, nnd, as Sheldon will carry tho N. Y. C. A. hopes in that event next September, the mooting o" the pair cannot fail to arouse general Interest. Fry is not champion o£ England at his greatest specialty, broad Jumping, for the simple reason that ho nuver tried for the- American brunette moving-. Ovenden was thf best sprinter in the London A. C. ranks until Downer and Bradley were annexed some weeks ago. He has a grand re-cord, and when at his best can irnv<?l with the speediest from 100 to 440 yards. An IntermcJlate distance la his specialty, as was conclusively shown last seaso.n when he took the 220- yard L. A. C. challenge cup In 22 4-5 seconds against a.wlnd. Ovente^ -was born at Tunbridg-e Wells in 1S66, and made' his first appearance on the path as far back as 1SS2. He is 5 feet 9V4 inches in . height, and is strongly built, though wiry. At getting away fast from his mark he is said to have few superiors, and his fine raking stride carries him over the ground in fetching- style. Ovenden Joined the London A. C. in 1S92, and captured two dozen trophies within the year, Including the 100 and 220 yard dashes at the Berlin championships. Hi won twenty-six prizes In 1803, and was very conspicuous In the eai^y part o£ last season as winner of the two short races in the London vs. Oxford games, and in other important events. Downer may be described as. the "dark one" of the foreign combination. Inches In height, ana, when In-condition, weighing about 160 pounds. Flnnit for In^onmr'n Future. Ingomar, a horse that Kit Chinn thought capable of giving all manner of local celebrities a good beating last year, has developed into a most uncertain animal. It Is said that his owners are contemplating putting him through a course of schooling for the jumps. This can scarce!y,,be the real Intention, for Ingomar has ha'd the faculty of winning at long 1 prices on several occasions when he has -won more wagers for his backers than he could over the jumps in years. Clifton Talbot, who recently returned to 'Frisco from a visit here, has arranged a match race for this week between Romair and Ingomar at seven furlongs for $2,500 a side, he furnish^ Ing the Romair money. That does not indicate a very speedy retirement of Ingomar from racing on tho flat. THE TRIGGER. C. A. BRADLEY. He Is a comparatively new man on the path, and his prowess is little known in this country. In Great Britain, however, he is regarded as the coming man, a reputation based on his many brilliant achievements during the past two seasons. He has twice won the 10D, 220, and -MO yards champioshlps of Scotland •and also acquitted himself with distinction among- the prominent English flyers. Though not quite so fast for a. dash as Bradley lie is a much better repeater, and will probably have a try for tho quarter mile here if it comes later than the furlong dash. FRANK J. BONNER. the national event owlntf to his busy pursuit of cricket. He is, however, the best broad lumper in the old world, and has rarely known defeat since he broke the European record by clearing -U feet. C inches. The Londoners can boast of a notable trio of sprinters in C. A. Bradley, A. 11. Downer and A. Ovemlen. ISradley has been undisputed champion of England for three years, durinir which lie lias won every level rai-u for which he started. He ha:j credit for about fifty ntrai;rlit wins I'rom tin: best sprinters in Great, llrltahi, handicaps of course cx- ccpted. altlioitfth even :it Lho latter same his SUCCI>SH lias bui-n phenomenal, In .View of tlie bit; starts lie has had to con- o cure nervousness, lack of sclf-contro!, du- Ddency, Ac. oexchaneo n. Jftded and worn nature for 0< brltrhtiH'ss, buoyancy and power. Ocuro (orovor effects of «xcesses,over\viTk, ry, Ac. O-fcivefull stronirth.ilevolopmcnt and touo ivery portion and orpin of the boily. ze-no bnrrler. Failure iiupossibli;. Two liand rcforonces. 10 book Is purely rnciUcnl nml sriondflc, less to Tnrioslty seekers, lnvalun%lv to men y who need it. dospairint; man, who li.nil applied to v.s, >utter wrote: Well. ( tell you that first day Is one I'll er former.' I-Ju^t bubbled vith joy. I itwi to Imic everyboily anil tell iliem my self liad died yesteriiar, and my new j elf bor-n tcxlay. Why didn't you tell mo n I tlrst wrote that 1 would Hud it this r?" • • n<lanother thus: f you dumped iv cart load of Rold at my it would not brinn such ^ladnests into uiy asvour method him done." 'tlte to the EKIU 3IKO1CAL COJtPAXY, 6ilo, N. Y., and nst for the little book ««'"C03IT'LKTE .MAXHOOD," -Itefi-r to aper, nnd tbe company promises 10 send I OJKI of tlio Second Hasoinon of tlio Frank J. Bonnet-, one of the extra players of Ihc Baltimore club of the National leajruo and American association waa born Aug. 20, IKC'J, iiL Lowell, Mass., but learned Lo play ball at TVor- C. B. FRY. cede. Bradley Is reputed to be a reliable ten-second man nt the 100-yard dash, ana the English athletic authorities officially credit him with that time. His averag-e time for the 120-yard dash Is 11 4-5 seconds, but he is said to have more than once covered the distance in a fifth ot a second less. Bradley has also sprinted up to ICO yards at his best gait, but he rarely tries to go further, and will probably confine his efforts to the 100-yard dash here. He will find a worthy opponent In T. J. Lee, the A. A. ~C. and Canadian champion, -whose remarkable pprintlnjr -was one of the sea- satlons of last season. Like Bradley, Lee has proved himself an "evea timer," nnd there is likely to be a lively scene when the famous pair leave the mark. Lee Is, if possible, even better as a 220-yari?. runner. He went the distance twice last year in record time, and his doing it again IR only a question of con- Dr. "William Carver, the champion shot ol the world, will shoot a match with Mr. Sober, the renou-ncd trick shot, at tho Phoenix Driving park soon. The secretiiry is now in communication with the parties, and the date will be armng-ed for a.n early day. There were two very Interesting- live- bird shooting: contests on Jlarch 23, at Brunei's island, near Pittsburs. One was between A. H. Kins: and \V. S. Kins', who shot at ZO birds each. The foremer killed 42 and the latter 39. The other contest was between H. 13. Mohlur and J, G. Messc-ner. who shot at 40 birds each. Mohler winning- by one bird. Frank Wrnprs, 'secretary ot" -the new Spring-field (0.) club, which has adopted the name of the Homo City Gun club, writes: "The club started with a charter list of fifty members, and now -has on file about that many -.tore u.pplica- tions. Each member pledges himself to abstain from hunting frame out of season, and to use his best endeirvors to restrain others from killing jramo illegally. The club expects to hold a tournament this spring." There is a movement on foot in Cincinnati to consolidate all the clubs in the city into one bitf organization Inside the next four months. The iiVen- tlon Is to lease one; g-un club ground and hold all meotinsrs and club shoots there. This would certainly make a strong 1 club to shoot a team race, ns^ the skill ot the Cincinnati gunner is well known. Trap shootinK in ihat city is certainly on the boom just at the present time, and arrangements are being: made to shoot a team race with any picked team from Kentucky or Indiana. This has been a very hard winter on quails, there having- been a p.-ix-at deal of snow with u thick crust fniscn over, The reports received have been very discouraging except from a few farmer* who are I'l-edin;;' the remnants of the bevies instead of takir.;j :i pot shot. A coon of a dozen prairie chickens passed through San Fr:i.noisco, Cal., on their way . to Honolulu, wliilher the birds wore shipped with a view of stocking- the Island with them. The naturo ol the.island, 'tis said, is suited- to then:, and the prospects are a call for more. At Kingston, Ulster county, a club has bec-n'formed to further prame propagation and to Introduce new species of game,In thot section. The club has leased a'bout o.OOO acres of land near the city, oh which grouse, qiin.il and jack-rabbits will IIP placed and protection afforded until good shooting can bo assured without dan/?jr of extermination. The club has been i;amod tho j Ulster Uuntinjr • Club, and already boasts of fifty members. for infants and Children. IHIRTY year.' ob.ervation of Castori* with the patronage <f miHionii of per»on», permit n» to apeak of it without gne»»in.i> It in nnqpestionaMy th« boat remedy for Infant* and Childrei-. the world hae ever known. It in harmleo. Childro Men it. Ir given them, health. It will aavo their live*. In it Mother* hnw •omothlng which 1« absolutely tafe and praotioftlly perfect sn. f child's medicine, Caatorifl dogtroys 'Worm*. Caitorift nJlnys Fevcri»hne««. Ctt»toria prevents vomiting Sour Cnrd. Cttstoria onf on Diorrhop* and 'Wind Colic. Ca»torJB rolievo* Teething Tronblon. Cantoria euro* Constipation and Flatulency. Cartoria ncntraligcn the effect* of carbonic acid gun or pojjontmn'afcc. Cnstoria doott Slot contain morphine, opfnm, or other narcotic property. Cagtorla ntmimilatoa tHo food* i»ojjulttte» tho stomach and DOWO!^. giving healthy and natural sloop. Caitoria in put up in orte*-nito bottle* only. It is not »old in bulk. Pop.'t allow any ono to noil yoa anything elue on tho pica or p that it i» "ju«t tt»,i;ood " and "-cnll answer evci-y purpose.." Sea that yon get C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A. Tho fao-ntmilo •ignatnro of wrapper. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. FRANK J. BOXNER. cester. His professional career, however, did not bepin until 1SS7, when he joined the Providence club, as one .of its catchers. He remained with the Providence club throughout the season, as well as the three succeeding- ones, his club winning the championship of that league during the first three years he was connected .with .it. In 1891 Bonner joined the Plainfleld club of tho New Jersey state league, and remained with it until the close of the season of 1892. That club also won the penant of its league both seasons. In 1803 Bonner ivas engaged by the management of the Wllkesbarre club of the Eastern league, where he remained throughout the season, taking part as a short stop that year In ninety^one championship contents, and ranking fourth in both the official batting and fielding averages of the Eastern league. In June of that year Bonner -was credited with making five safe hits, Including three ; home runs and a tripple bagger, or a j total of sixteen bases out of five times 1 A Man with_a History, Ills Body Covered tvlth I-iunps. Could not eut iiutL Tliou^lit lie \va> (join;; to dry up. (from the Sfashtiillc, Tcnn,, JSanncr.) Mr. John W. Thomas, Jr., of Tlieta., Tcnn., is a man with a most interesting history. "It wus in "S4," said he to R reporter who had asked him for the story of his life, "when I wia working in the silver mines of New Mexico, that ray troubles began. " From simple indigestion my malady developed into a chronic inability to take any j substantial food, and at times I was prostrated by ipells of heart palpitation. On the llth of. April, 1893, I suddenly collapsed, and for days I was unconscious, in fact I was not fully myself until July. On September 1st-1 weighed but 70 pounds whereas my normal weight is 165 pounds. All over my body there, were Jumps from ' the size of n grape to-the size of a walnut, I my fingers were cramped so that I could not • more than half straighten them, I had entirely lost control of my lower limbs and my hand trembled so that I could not drink without spilling the liquid. Nothing would remain on my stomach, and it seemed that ' I must dry up before many more days had • passed. "I made anotherronnd of the physician;, calling in one after the other, ana by the ttid ot morphine and other medicines they gave me, I managed to live though barely through the fkll." Here Mr. Thomas displayed hii arms, and just above the elbow of each therz was a large irregular stain as large as the palm of the h»n(f and of a purple color, the ipace #7S H \ HERE is a saying almost as old as bicycling, that "A 1 second-band Columbia is to be preferred to a new cheap ^ machine." Just as true to-day as it. was ten years ago. 4 ^V^s 2v~S ^Jvf •ysi ^V^!> 1 Second-Hand Columbia Bicycles All ibcsa Eiscliiacn J/.-tvo been thoroughly overhauled, fuid they n-iU give Uia Nntltifaction Columbian iiiii-.v* <ln. No. .17. •• s* " ex. " 0". •' '71. " 302. ?\0. 3C3. " Ml. " ;jju >"o. -JO. •• 39. 11 307. . No. •!!>. " C2. 11 M. " 75. Ko. 65. •• 308. No. 81. •• 69. " 310. Jfo. 31L No. 312. " 313. Columbia, Model 37'!>•! model. I'-!!w. OcarCB, " •' '• 7tt, 'OJ muJol. 'i!Ib:>.' O:iriiH. •• C 1 .;.' bluci rims. .... '91 inoilul. Si'.bs. OenriO, . Columbia, Jlodel 33. ' 5 ' l <!'"'rt™' K<M ™' ""'* '0.1 iKitiiTii. Itaccr. i'.U'jv (u-:ir Til 'W iinu.crii. Rnccr, . 'J3 imtCuru. Klicor, Columbia, Model 30. 3011)3. GonrC^, . " UJ, . " " G3, new, Colombia, Model 34. 30 ll)s. '9-t model. Gear C3. wood rims, 00 His. '!)•! model. Gear 03, Jt, T. tiros. 30 IbR. 'P4 model, Gcur G3, D. T. tires. Columbia, SZodel 36. '94 model Goar 63, . " " G.', . Colombia, Model 38. '» model. Gear 63, D. T. tire*. •• " 63, Jow fruiuo " 63, . . Columbia, Model 39- Columbia, Model 32. A, ! «! A 1, • P, . A, . A, • ' A, . A, . A, . n. r ^ • A, , . B, . A, . A. . A, . A, • **, Al, H. 15, A, • A, ' fH 7(1 75 0 1 * 0 0 l) V $a j IV.) 70 SCO 70 CO C5 SCO fctll $75 G5 CO *M $50 Century Co'.uajbia. IS'o. 135. Oonr .''>, . . - . . C, . c^O Light Rondster, Pncv.raatic UTCS. No. . 7. " "3). ••' 31.1. '02 mode!. Cicitr r,^, . •• 50 "''0 niltl '.'I'll r:, <*::i (.", 2." 11, ISO 1* IV; Lifr'.it RoaJstcr, SoJid Tirer,. Xo. z. X,l No. 0. No. -I"A <;2. No. 108. " 110. " 111. " llfl. " )Qa " 122. >'o. 520. 'LIO pattern. C^oai- . r .rt. j7ht Roadster, Cushion Tii Oe.iril Hartford, Pattern S. '94 Improved, .... .... Hartford, Men's. '9t paLtcrn C!. <.ii i ur<"3. " 03, hi^h fram*., . . « • '3J II.K t#rn I-. C<'iirC3, hipli fnmn 1 , vootl rims, 'DJ patl^rn G. Cc.ir 5'J, }tJRb frnnir, . , • • 'M jiiti.tcrn C:. Gear IX, liitb .'runic Tandems- c, '•;v. '.'. '.*} ' . i \ ' A, -. '^ r i A, n } }\ w /.. w -•, A l " , It* JDinmond I'min^ Special. HartforO (JVC10 UO., «t IH!<-, . . . ?iW No. VS. Diamond Frumi- Special. Zlsrtfor.l • >"o. 12. " 6. " HO. " 303. " 105. " 107. Cycle Co., 43 lb»-. Ladies' Bicycles. Cushion liryft. Columbia-." IHodd '90 pattern. ColnnibiA. Solid K C, C^3 , tire. 0"»r63. . . . . C, • It Hartford, P»ttorn 1J. Cokhioniijo-.d iO '93 pattern D. Hartforil. vC'arSV Is. :» ) F. " •" ii.A, .) ' ^rootl rim*. .... * Jij ift t^A^t A frrrUrnt romiition: R -jer\ FOOlf: C Food. ^l 1 ? , Cash must accompany the order. Freight or express charges are to be paid by purchaser. Jf shipped C.O.D., $10 mast be sent wnh order, as a guarantee. »POPE MANUFACTURING/;*)., Hartford, Conn. the bat. During the Manager Hanlon of the Baltimore club drafted Bonner from the Wilkesbarre club by depositing with President Young- S500, the amount required by the national agreement. Bonner joined the W* in se alcd envelope, without.any | didon . Both Qvenden and Downer will fielding. Bonner is of fe, and entirely freo, until it is ^cUintro- Drob . lbly stril> for tnis event and ke€D ! 4t andinK five feet sev, Baltimore team in the spring of 189-1, and -went to Macon, Ga., where the players got themselves Into condition for the following championship season. Bonner took part in twenty-seven championship games, twenty-four of which he played at second base during the past season, while Reltz. the regular man, was absent through Illness. He 'did excellent work and gave entire satisfaction, both. In his batting andl stocky build, seven and a half of"lS93 covered, by the mark was .unken nearly to of 1S93 j th(j ^^ <<Thatj ,, said Mr Thomaii , "i* what the doctors did by putting morphin* into me. "On the llth of December, 1S93, just eight months after I took permanently to bed — I never forget the date — mv cousin, Joe ' . Perfect health is maintained by expelling- from the body the decayed product of dig-estion. Constipation, with the terrible results following- the absorption of excreta, is quickly relieved by LEMON TONIC LAXATIVE. The refreshing- -properties.derived, from Lemons with the Tonic and Laxative principles of select vegetable p/oducts form an elegant tasting liquid Laxative. . Ladies -will find it of priceless valne. Many cases of supposed Uterine Enlargement prove to be bowel accumulations. Ge-itlemen will find it productive of Appetite, Energy and a Cles.r »" acc;rtain"cure' for Indigestion, Headache and Biliousness. LARGE BOTTLES. 50 era. AT ALL DRUGGISTS. EMON -TONIC- LAXATIVE , Foster, of Carters' Creek, called on me and Rave me a box of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills L. W. PILLING.- Agent'for Columbia and Hartford Bic-yelFS. Logansporc. ind. ATHLETIC. Dartmouth College has voted to sus- 'for Pale People, saying they had cured Mm i pend a)] relations with the triangular of partial paralysis, with which I knew he-i Daitmouth-TTIllIams-Amherst league had all but died. I followed 013 directions and bejran taking the medicine, as it result I itandoeforr 'you to-day tbe most surprised man on earth". Look at my hand, it is ai steady as yours; my face has a healthy look about it;" I hare been attending to my duties for a month. Since I began taking' the pilli I hare gained 30 pounds, and I am •till Raining. All the knots have disappeared from my body except this little kernel here in my palm. I have ft good appetite and I am almost as strong as I ever . "Yerterdav T rode thirty-seven miles on horseback, / feel tired to-day but not sick. I used to have from two to four spells of heart palpitation every night, since I began the me of the pills "l hare had bat four for one year, and to settle all differences by arbitration. : The Eetonia Athletic association of Seton Hall college has elected these • officers-for the present year: President, J. J. McDonough; vice-president. Eugene Kinkead; secretary, Banks M. Moore. In a wrestling match at Cleveland recently -between Tom Mon,on, of Detroit, and. Ed Atherton, of Belfast, N. i Y., the former fell against some scenery I and was seriously injured. Atherton j •was awarded the match. The New York University Athletic association has elected the following resulted as follows: Presiflent, Jonn. c. McCarthy, '96, TVaverly, X-' T.;-'viee- president, C. E. llalone, '98,: .Lancaster Pa.; treasurer, J. G. Gaynor. -57;.Syracuse, X. T.; secretary, J.:p.'-P«l»n«r« •95, Xew Tork City. . fpelli altogether. - . officers for the ensuing year: President, "I know positirely tha^ I WM cured by Bruce G. Phillips; vice-president, Cbes- Dr. Williams' Pink Pilli, and I believ* firmly that it i» the most -wonderful remedy in existence to-day, and every fact I have ter F. Whitney; secretary, Henry W. Brown; treasurer, Edwin L. Garvln; captain. John T. Featberson; manager, mediii,~and many reliable pbj- FicioiUh but none relieved me. Alter uJdcig lixbotUe* o! S.S.a&m | now welL I am VCIT jratelul to yon.aslfeel th»: It tared me from a life of untold agony, and nhall take ptoanu* U. weakio? onljr words oC pa!*e for your -woc- derfal medicine, and In reoommendinc it'4* — — ~~~ all wbo are aKIofiMl with thfa painful <i .presented to yon is known to my neighbor! _ B radlev 1^*££J£%M$?Z£» eertifyt ° The aanual election ot officers of the tte troth ofnsy remarkable cure. Fordham College Athletic association

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