Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1916
Page 4
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Tak» Elavntor to R«ady-to-Wear Department rfi of styles in prices to suit all. Visit Our ECONOMY, BASEMENT Every item we have on sale in this department is always specially priced—every day you will find new special values. We believe it is the best bargain place in Sterling. , Next time you are in our store visit the Economy Basement. Take elevator. ,-S !"• i . • 11 M s ' , r 5 r, , - , . , ) •* < 1 -4 • H \ ( I-!' r -.1 on r ^ t V •'IB <\ \ " t . ( -n. ! i ,t ! • >n !?••'• ml'-f! !'•.!* !!1 ih" i - " 5 * r " ! t h ' '• '< v ' : l I me '.;[» ;< .« " nfsfTjr' t" ' t \f* ,.>,),'., r the , . ill i.ptioll .« ( ij iti »>\ ertn lntli;(iia and T?i- T»!i'"-->!i «;m or.. H'lsrfif* r h'* ef. s, i, 'H. ,*-'*' brmv n! ! !>f> ctninfy !"TV. Th'- SV(»!>! MHrffi!- c«'i?inty tiptioTi in both > nnd'T th<» «Mij>hr;n- i>n« t«.:mi*' (•{ "home fiilc." n-hi-."-h ;tf- '(••O'lfllxfinf MH'hie.'iii a.i thf-y ;sl- I'.-iys (-'ffl'iiii?.'-' v !i«"!"* 1 th«v f-lc<t!f»ti o'fi- '•isl*: fire frii'n'Hy f«i.ih».' uoi vauMf* and 'Kl(«t to o\iTthr«'W the will of >!h !)- l«san voters Vty ftn'id, Thf» T"f"Krani. in j^nmTrinp n\- ;i stti-n^ sn\1*, "The unns; th;i* (rS<'d tu « thoiis.iii''? of irai'lhili'rit*4 for ! \Vhl,a|"f-y "i ;>re« tiuthifitj f SOCIAL AFFAIRS J fc^nu^i ^ , _ 1L ,--, „ y.' „"•';• i;,' 11, i iini.iijiiiiiin.i n .i,-- * WEO.AT HIGH NOON !l!ictt<-«. W anything «-ls and " rf inn, lint ijion>- STANDS CORRECTED. Th<" tJazctin eilit.or.ially H. f'-tv «<i ttietitinnP<i th« selecttun <if >>»'fiirtis a« th* hi'ni! of thr siili -lit \\',lls««ifi to fotl- fi«ht «i-l"».tf>«l bv I'r uhlr-r ili»» VfTfi-t hniir l:'\w<«n ..tbr niilrorni" in' their fe- InUnn ti>| lubor atid ttte infre^tji t>r thr>- pit bl !r. TUiis |>n|i*>r mtaled that Ooflhul* would be •» KIKX! Kptiointnit'iit l^rntisfi ho had enloyfd IttrKe «>X|»c'f- ieni'«> \\ itli «>lKbf hour i>rnbiem.«. This «ii.s mi error easily made an ait government work u rule i 1 * f-onlinfil t'i . 'however, Informs Tin- iina«Mir« (hat It error, «IH !h(> l*)in:umv cnntil wn.« Jbullt .under. a aperlat art, l h-it rnntrnry To tho it.«tial government rule, ten hours 11 day was tlnv r«'iriilar work day, and <mi>l«yeft Wfl'O Klvt'U Special tompett- l»i < % Hnt> of at'ctdfiii. They ^erf ni my control rflther than civil- Ian. and. the>t« cfin bo no roal t'omimr- i-ccti mn«M roKurdlitK th'ff work in thr citnal r.<in« with the eijcht b"tu- •m?t)iorl«» 1 1 nnd in .K«>vornhit>m work jtfn- < i ralJy. ALBANIA STARVING. Xonvithstamllng tho Jmmpnw sums sent from America to thf relief of the Bride Of P. H. Speareit Today. ) ——"-- Th'' rnwri.w t«f MiR« fMly JS' "f Flurnr- ynd I' H. Sj'.:ir-n, <•," «Vim- brMKP, .Mann., t»nk (>Uti c :U Meh noon l'»<!;i\ .'it Ki.itrili Hi M'-shu'ii-t parson- rtR»\ Ke\ . W, It. *'(»!lt!i, j.;i?=t,<r of !h« «'hirr«-h, p*'i (""rrni-tl i)n» ,>»<n.m<>>>v nnH Ur» miWf<Ii;Uf fimiily v, >tu^».:»t>rl fhf- c "ffMnonv. which «;i*i <-h;irmmK irt ilv *ltni>lH-i?y "f df'tml Thr yiUHijr "I'oiiple w:i<« iitt<'ni!p<t by Mrs. F. f-T. \'< «!;U. «.f l'..i«tnn, Man* . s\ Bister i if the i ride. ."itiil Avon Smtt. n. briithrr «>f . th»»- hrid«v '1 h<« bride wa* h«*ei>fninsly fittirrd in ••> trnvllnir i?:tit of hmwn hruad( loth find her F!H>I>« and hsit werjjj in harmotn with thp «nft. The !>i idf'Mnntil wore ;i irt'wn nf silk <>r-«t with i-hifTun. l-VHuwihss ihi* «'frt ITiituy th«> ^ i-iitiy »-f}tnirp(l in (!i* 1 hffttitifiil rn»in- try hninft uC th«> hriJ^s parcntH, .Mr. nnii Airs. Ilr-rt SiTiij, W»)«T« i» fiimiiUi- tni«* ^''ti'liiiK iiiisiHT, . wa.H «»TVf(i in (tiri'«i courses. TJm hum*" W-«F J«rti»- .1111) tl«-i -iirntfil (ft tin* i- rr«>|M» iwppr and iHui jnsi'M »\fr«< Uful |ii>tfu?"!y in tlw dcri'i.rjititin.f. A In-ill*'*?' (-:iKi> w;i* usf*d u.-J a r«'ftU'r|Mf'i.»* fur the lalilr. •.Jtlrp, Sfx'iir»'n N ili»> viiiittx^ tcr of Mr. ami Mrx. l!»-rt McUtt. «'H( farmers In Unrtu- t»iwri?hi|>. .Sin? h«-r in Hlcrlititc Nih'»ol and later iittcml- tnwn!«hj|' t>\ IS a yi«iM>K t«'ly with pleasing lii' .Mr. on the __lia|>i»y cv»»nt. is "Trvrrn. "" STERLING DAILY GAZETTE|£Jg£^J™ AND DAILY STANDARD l '" il " s " " • tllllinit SIXTY- SECOND of Ibis Tfive-*f»H«M»- " Urn! miuoHtj^,!thp.,8,f,vnie.' 'No iir- , Mr. Itiiycr, in r-vor juilcl fur that ill hi> tloi-s It will b« to He IIIU* ami fiunt«. into tb'« inil>- Kvery nintfis fnmoiis nml ii" fiillr.\v»M"». but Wilson. Dili I y Except Sunday.' D W ' Editor* »mf Publishers. ^ -OWw;1tt~W*irt-Tf»rrd-Strtiet;"rnrrvrirT Ait\ IJtTsoT'H. <li'l not' tumil ~\\ lii • Ent«r«d at PJSirtoiili^S^Bgruy^.'! "' l "" tli "' th " '"""'"> <1 "" y " 1>i<ut . hl * «• 8*eond Clau M*tt«r,, j«.niH in order' ID K»t b«>f«m« tin )li> illil in*} spcml ;iny tirtia ail- ; ai'tif.'HH in Thn • »;riie«'lti f unites It Ic j Hii«li''«. l!'i<iHi>vHf are jinuit nn«I fii- ! ni!trh*»(l "inH'i'rli««-inciii." lie H;I>'H: j HIHUM «-\c'i) anioiiK thiUJv who — iUi!iM_Jii-! ?iy_ ITI'-II t'viT' heard of -Mr. jihi'lr poltcli'M. Outtlde of Sterling and Rockin n fVu w,. •?<•-. wfn u as » moilf»t and Fall*) Anywhere in the United , I nltuu»i iiiiknouu but • brilliant lawyer, States or Canada. -j uiu!i; , nilk ,,, ,| t ui»-ii(i u lot «^f In., ............ 5^.r.« • cc. ..... ..... .J.WJ wnnn ••> • inniiN that luiil bi-c-n i»en»i?- tbfln nix month*, PIT month,. ,25 i tnui.-d • si ,!tii», i»uiin in N»?w York. He lip juul from ' tliiit Oay cr, wnnls that rinc« no hlitlx-i' thim a, •4ti:iu's -ln-iul, \Viuu U'H) xvurUI IH wait- liuc for I.-! ihvrilit. W-ht'ti a >nnn docjs hu pn-HH will «i1v»*rilj«» ,him to •rtjt—«rf—t-ho—AvtirMr^TWhpn—he- war AirilniH In Knr-oiH 1 , AVllIlam \Vil- Uml Ilovar'O, who has bron apiwulitiK fur .xtifTrririK Albunia, #iu <<•.<< that h« has had n» <r lie that in Ui|« bungor XOMO of iy.?* of fumlnn it relief. In not K!V«MI am! H«OH. Albanian corn In |flO u I)IIH)U<|, no\ir-$Si) a sack, anil mncaronl $fi A IMiuiul, Ho nJrclti'rcs that nut onfl vo- hiart or 'MM lt«H ilU'il of nUirvutiou In D«>liriipn, while 300.000 hi\v«* ilictl in Albnhia, from HtarvaUoti, Jlo fee thiit Ajnorlcan fair play Nhould <ilv«*rt of Us I' (in- Albanians. > \\ ho w^nt to hi'lp .Xlbanin. shnulil *: Arty—«ttHrl l«U J< >o_r'r£ittu_tlit prlc«» i»f a loaf of hrwiiJ up will h« ai>* Mil**., nnd tir«« only visited at tin' Scott hotnV <m fM'ViTiil lictftsionH, t)iit iliu*- !n>t ihrw tlm«>» ItiiM-niift tnriny i^ople who will wisti him rt swwHRful W<M!life. H<> Is mini nuinaRrr fur tin- .Mr. and' Mr*. Hi*-uron left thiji after for the Ni»w Fjiulnml whrr<« ithey will «wnd th«-ir mtHiii, They will In? tu lu>rn«» (<> iheir t'ricnd«« uffcr Xovt-ml>»«r Iftth in Huston. MUM*. Tin 1 nnly mil of tuwn nufs.l \vn» Mr*. B. ( >f Boston, Mn««., formerly .Mtn,i Hitth Woott. SHOWER^BRIDE Mrs. Clar«nc* Keeney Was Given * Miscellaneous Shower. . Mtti'V- OutcluT «'ntcrtalnff1 --_-_ .Indiiph club Inwt t'venl.nit In honor of Mrrf."CIitrenr« K^fiiey, of Rockford. nee . Mabel Hiint*ibt>r»,'er, a brido of a f«>w weeks, It wan In th<* nature of a ml.s shower and dnrlnw the«»ven- «he w«« the recipient or many on«> Klx m»ntb8 »n mlvnnc — One Rock Falle Poetoffice. ' ir*~ , t.'f« to !«• u frlond of in* ;f six months In Hdviinct'.... — ThPf* tnonttiH In (ulvanct 1 ..,... r. 1,'i'i" One month in arivnuw;. ."U.. ••-;.';.. •»&! '" l1 "" Jly th« wt««jt, payjible to tlu« carrier .lOjYuilc, iiiiMii 1 ;i I'fiituation VvlUcb liiin o£ Now THE SOCIALIST VIEW. A. <7. Boyor, a "Soclallft, in n corn- ! tW^-" ,ui,>li.; vH (out I.IH U. It y(ii Ul« p«intriUiitor« aio.iiiimt uhli< tr» juiy ) !l '" ! for, nro th*» nu*»t euwnllal things ini'<'' l; the world." T»iJ)«;l8 In lln» with ttonu-l.. AI ? : . n.BS lii't'orf or since. H« wlinnj inu'k giimbllnj, frauds, and ^miuV.)/ "t"iT lifi — a — Ttl'UI — uf — Uwi. : ami iu;iUiu,i S '«'» >N U.'M* »»'K..»lw he HUH dono ninnru WUnin ttll kind»: n tht> jut- worth l>lK Mpat-i- In j tint 'puperj* Ijt^auso ho tloeti thlnKH hi:.>. Mr. ru use whk-h t^hi*-tw»ttri«*!rr-tettt"ho--nms-nr7tn:"-' "»I Uuiiiil llguro a« an eilucutor bt>fi>ro he niuy •« - 1HWh relief. It Is w<!ll worth .,. i; , , |{,,,V^,vflt , knowing thut tli..y can g«-t at Uu- in th" mmle of nmta ait«l Iwrba, which ii» <^u»t whttt they net-il to rtH-oviT hVnltb, Thnl'm<»tllcln« In Lytllu K. rlnkluun'tf f iniu'h i IHH.-UIISJO ho clin-s lltingn worth FiTsiTifF 7lo*'» wttriti. wlillo . U will bo lni|>u.sHi- b|n to Ut'o|i hiH narnti ami faJe mui ut- t«-ram:%>» out of the imblio Un« Expressing Money in Terms of Shoes i? ••l When « iuitt»4»'avps tliis stprt^ \vi]h a purchase, lie has hi IH'H (ho HaiiU' vajui- as he huti Whoii he t'iiU?rc<l our (itMirs. The only UiOVn'm-e is J hat lht> \alui 1 - in Hrrtr-t'XprrssrTt~iJ5~shopv iiiiftoati of dollur hilN. t • > That is the staudunl of value''reiulored here. Thefii i$ 110 tsiifh thiay us uht-uiuitig greater value j»er dollar Uion. this store t)HVi-s. No t'iJiieern in all liie world ran ina^ tht k same. Crudes til' sh(H\s at lesis «>st than they mre'ihade hy Jhe nmiiufai'iurer.s wht* us. , .*'' ; ...•'. "'-' '. ' ' '. "" " J\ r o stow* can htiy at lej^s cost than >ve tl«». No store fan aKe gn v at< % r \alue per dollar than -we do. tncri-ty lulkM ho talks to t»ti>|<t.v air, uti- b'h» liiH ilcedH bavo ulr«Mu)> - brought him ;> fuliowJiiff tlmt brin«M ft crowd .to hwir him. Th« WuxtHto Is a, friend or ,thit» wurktiiK mnn.. Its editor ts n. wori«> litt,' niiin liiniHc If nnd not iiHhinneil of U. It Itus HO" fault to find with folka want to b» Sui-lallats. Prohlbltlonlsu. lii-mwnttH or l{pi)nb!U % »n«. But St < i-onsMet »mf«ir nnrt unjust the corjjLiiK crliiclHin of thoso .who Chink •Tlio (>nxettt> should whouiilcr their, bori- ' wrs "find nshT their ImttU-H, wh«ther it bellevi's their "wny'-'or" not. \Vhonewr l>pslrt« tlnd lhi>""Sociall«t.H do f aul u .vv.itu. - at hop. IKM»J>UV— Th win .tie anioiiK- mo llrst "t o (heir \vorh.- If th«y bavw Tl'e. solid MUill:,i,s acain in the «addle an<l thf two lia* lynching. Om» black man wan, Jynched for ' making; a remark -which probably JiiBtlnwl a covvlndlnir but not K lyiiiihlnK. An iiltl negro woman wa« lynrhed for the crtrnn of;her son." Two of the lynchlng» at Paducah, K.V., jiisr"a~liTn»» wouTfi of im. " df-nt \VllMon IH In no way responsible for such ontniKcM, wtii-lo he*would iib- hor thc-ni as much at) any man, yot tho thing l« thla section is-cx- Biv« him a polld : vole. It that before he tells Kuronc ! <» «>fc w ll tl t .lliey . J/a nno t *P*eti».d to does in oft'er, withtn reason- iihl«t llrnitH .of NIMICO the open. The Oir<(*ttw can . do no more. No fair minded contributor has a right to ai-,k or expijd more, i . "••• DETROIT EUECTf0N~>RAU6s7~ t>iut_.g.ij[ 1 »iiin....fratululj» re K 1st rat Ions wer«» tnudo In Detroit lias ctor Knows. Kidneys Muat be Right to Insure Health. Few ;n<o|ih> ,4o what, pxthnt lifjR'iula tion of t)u< Klilnt'j'M.' Tin- phynlfian in nearly all U. I'linnitcai of tho patient'H iirliu'. Uu H that unit's** thu Kldnfyri art* itn> in»; their work priipwi'ly, tin* other iir- -tirotwiir-tjaTlr n 'pap**r— h» fihonhy'kfv attention to dpnoiitTi'lVtK and a litth' IIHeflll . The early part- of th<» ovoninis was in a nodal way, after which ref r<»«hments wvre »i>rved. The Dutcher h.onif w«« artlHtlc-ally decoratml in Jlal- DEPT. - - The doors of the Sterling Dept. Store [Grocery Section not included] will be closed for a few days in order to invoice and remark the Hugh siiperb stock. Watch th e newspaper for announcement of the Great Bankrupt Sale. Shrewd matrons economically in_cnn^ 1 3^ujTg_daugh^ ters'.ami mothers, thrifty husbands and fathers can find much at this i Bankrupt Salje. It will be a, splendid time to buy fall and winter merchandise. Watch!—Wait!— We promise you a helping hand, to cut the high cost of living. Ezra Mathew, Receiver Fred H. Geyer, Gen. Mgr. JU«s ~\Vo«»(lforiI* will have t.'harirti of tlio <:hil<lr«>n ; i< i livhl the will IK- Ml. .mil Mt.s .I'j'm Voci. t< ami .Mr. -ami ,Mf William Kraft, i ecoratloriM and thu, tahlt* wax jfcc<iratiul_\vltiL_ witch v& jttuiullHK_ul_a. tho menu wa« »mrved Mrs. Keenoy wan to illVextlKI"'" tilt 1 ki'ttle to aw a gift from the altbounh what tlie witclum had broiiKht. which ^«h«- did - KOlld'itllver club. Mrs. thanked the KlrlH in a able manner. It wan a N»t<> hour when Jhe party br«>ke up and all report having had a splendid tlnwv On \V«lni'»day evenlnu Mrs, .Ande Pfundnti>in and Mrs. HOH.I Overly, of Lyndon will entertain the r^tntlves of - — '" j HUSKERS FOJ»M THE CROCHET CLUB i i'..,,x,n,.. m. ..,., .; Jin M ulj 1 !«•_£«_> i U ^MWi U.-.ION. ,•„,„ '* v i' u«n..n .in. I .in- <-ont» a coi , CroclH-; will i»''«' r..nipHl,.,l W«'<liK'8ilsiy uficriiooii at th- l. «-. «'•!,.,,„,,. („,, .„ ....... „,,, - it TUN i In- hln tf mul all inHnburn. iirt' asl<<'<l to tm lirvPci.)!. At the t' of .tllf afu-rnoon will b«* «i'rvod. Mrs. at a party at the home of A HOUSEJPARf Y Wat Held Over th* Week End at the Ramtay Home in Morrison. An annual birthday .house party. lnten>8tlnff anrt ununual'affair, ja in'~proKTess"tir Morrison. Each y«tr u up tlni back yard. rlRht. in our own ,. ROUMANIA'8 APPEAL. * Itoumunia triod U» kt>ej> out of the. Kuroptuin ma t-J strom ay lung an I-lnairy ™ after" strong from" tho allies thaV «h« would rt>o»lvl5 ~ Out allies. NOW - s lH* feolH tliey have not mad« good their promises and slio'Ts" aj>[Kwllnk ft>F"heIp that she may not mw»t th0 ?tit« of Holglum. Hoti- .manla has a front yf nearly 700 mih'» long on the wetiu>rn frontier, and «MIV- crat hundred facinjf Bulgaria, to tho fiouth. , Hht) bus morn milim to defend than bath England and hVance and a j5mail_.arJtuy. _ Blia-Jteara. that- the allies are not going to fultlll their pro- mi»e«. and that her fate may bo the Jala ut and tu ln'alih anij When tlu» ki^rioys .ure iifghH'ttuI or in any way, serif UM ^fc*ult» tiui<- in • fi'lloij-. A>i'v<irdiUK to h*>alth. li-j., Urlght'H IMxeaisi', whli-h is an ttdvuiifi'il. forui of lUtluoy is fa«»*-«l iii-jirly »«'« thousand lu "lie your in lh<* Slate of ls"»w —'.rht-rofoyty it l.ii iy ni'ceh<«ary to pay 'more attention tu jtn-. 'health of t)H'«i>, important or- , 'An iitr:tf h'ul ifiit-»rl>,^I«, . <'om|ii>uti(j that has ui'cosjt ax u kidney 4>r. 'Ki'lmer'.s Swump-Uoot, hf.lncy, U\fi and n-li)e»H"' Hie _ '('I,*' milt) und lic.ilmu iiuhtcnrv *>f ib IK rrep.'iiattun. in moj<t cjts»i-M, in «itn>n itT'U.*»ii. ttfciinhnK to i«wrirn mnt(>mi v iitji ;IIH| \>iiilei| K-Ftini'iny of tln>M ; who fi.iv>- riM-d thv n'iiu'd>. \\ln-n \-nu K'laiH'^.s ;,n'ni|ire attcii- tuni. I'-'l . !<i\,infj" : '!'Joii| at mice fimil ,MIN iih.ktni,n > It i- .'-"Ui ii> t«\fi> tiiiiK-'. i v l 1:1 i«ot Ui s of )«i. hUt'H .'Hi H ; G. BEAY 21 E. Third St, /,ti,,i M">. ,-!i .. , f E, W. MASON Ut-iM" l:tc I 'i.l. t,l< pi rj Kilnui i U'H 'tii«i» i, X. IfM, v* l H • 'ROM p of THeIld8 tfUtbel'. wrtrtTPITmF homu, HOinetlmos at anothej". 'in a ton day**' houHP party, thbir liirthduys. Among those are Mr. and Mrs. Eu«en»», Hutler. of MTH, Taylor \VUIiamx, of and Attorney- A. O. Hardwel'l. of Dlxon. /rhls year Judgt* und Mr*. ¥*. D., Ramxay, of Morrlaun, are the THE 0. E. ^CHAPTER Held a Regular Moating Last Night in Matonio Hall. Thousands ftltj this mild, family remedy to avoid illn« and to improve and protect their healt TheV keep their blood pure, tl liven active, their bowels regular < digestion sound and strong wlth- ChupU-r of ti. E. S. was held last night lu. the Ma««mli' tomj>'** Tlu- at- tendanre \vns"vury jjood, ami thi?y at--, feptt'd. the invitutii»n of th«- llm-k, clmpter' ta th«lr meeting to liw i'"V-iiUiy~-ufJjfeEii!>on. Th^y ul«o n»a«i<*, plans for t)u'ir~>u>xt mcetintf which will Im held on Xovvmht»r 0 ami .will h<' The> Iiuit Thursday and on Saturday the birthday. Uln- -gtvipn. .< nh#r ww Mr. and Mr». l^uther H«m««y, und two I'hlitirtm (if Morrison — the children and Krumii-lilhlrtn uf the Juitgct ami hiH vvjfiv—Hiid Mr. anil Mm. U. t', UanUvull. of Dixon. n*r Horn* Near Grand Detour, A family reunion wait ht>l«t at tlw J. p., Pi^rtaer honw two milM north of Ornnrt D^UHif Hnndny, uct, J5, in hon.'»r of-their van, Urovw.unU family, of Auroni, who ar«* vi«JtiMK ih#i» for a Another 8oe!ali»t Criticism. Kdltor tlnving ' >lr. and Mr- letters. «ml your r«i»ly to .th«> . would liku lo vxiirvtw sin u|»in- ion. . J«'li'»«t, Would lil<«« to atik: How Iw » jn»n-io btvon>« w»"H known to the -jijiblir, if not through the promi? 'If he staDil.s for tlu« rights of I)H« work- in« eluKs, hlioulj not tht>y !>»» told ot him, even thouih no! i>t*rt<onuHy in- in h.irnV How many ysjoplf, muy I H«k. t-ver heurd of Uiiidu's prior to liit* t'Min- ]<aij{)) '.' In what rv«lK'i-t i* he a iw- tiunul man fxot'pt tbut he iri nationally u>h t'riUv'l'-' t>o you not think that i-ouhl IK* u national man with ihc tiiurne uiuiHiiit oi'..pul>iu:Uy? You jiMv wai'ti' (all, who !>r«*#£iittf , MD );U-;i.H; ilmiK.-- tn l h-ts il»« -must I'Maciittu} Uuiiif Mi'-thf. wurV- I c«>ul»l onl> aay j|i IV|)IV. that I vvuiilil In* WjiJillK to Ic.nt' llMt ty tin* jiujsitu-nt uf thV mid- Vtif Aa >OU Mitt II. U Hi'«'ttlH <ll«)M» !if- tii'f"» that. Ou« i'('iilr|l'!»torei ai«- Hiosit HnaK-. in the WolUi MOONLIGHT DANCE, A moonlight dance will be .slven tonight in tho Woodman htill. troch»'s pUre«>-pi«-ce orchmtru ' %IH }>lay and Hie public is cordially Invit^l. GUESTS AT MURPHY'St : Mr, and .Mr«, K. «. Mei/i'e, of <'hi- cago, motored »»ui from t'hicauo and visited €>ver iiiKht witli vir. and M r**. Murpny aim Airt*. ,Mnrphy turned with thi«tn fur a fay -days' --=- ___ -~ . ow-H in HJB owners of tlu* _ nu>r House block und known, a« Tihe Walkovor H4ore und Th»- Cutter <*o. AT PFUNDSTglN HOME. Mr. wittl Mp. A. P. J»fund»t«'hi t«-rtuin*>d Svirfd*y the following Tlu>*» prcMeiit were: Martin If. I'ort- ner, wife and two sons, and Karl I'ort- iVtT. wife and MOD, of Rock' <iro\fr t'. 'J'ortner, 'wife uml daughter*, of AMrura; Hoy J'ortmT. wile and two t«onti, uiui Mr. and Thonist»n, of Pflrtner. of orrgon; C«rrU« Tort- IHT. of U nt ml l>et4Uir, Mr. and Mis fyrun Toms nial ti»s Kdith Portru*r, ut homK A lint- Social tinif was hud and n din IHT wa« »t*rved at 2 For st Service Forster and Call Sons , Funeral Directors iiylsiii II No. t (ntont»t« S» 191 o'clock. HOUSEHOLD CLUB Will Ho4d ^Their M««tmg twriTMra ni thoay rawer, Jiiut 'fin'ijiial libci ; t.v, ii»'> •A -ft'-f.f i .. ||. ,.1 • It .1 ,"tl thui Thursday Afternoon. TlH« it'KUlut' IIH'vtillB, *>f t!\t' H«>U»f" <»ii<l Si-uiU'i< clult- «ill IH,' hi-Jil Thurs* «Ui> iiftvinuon in th? >u>N«'nitjly rmnn at tlu- V. M" <.'. A, Thi- Hu-fluttS vvll) In- Ilinl (u <>nU'r lit i!,3u ifVknk, .»»•! shf •.-t, t!fu;»-n nuniUi\< Will lv hiu-nt -;-< ! - ' i t.iih 'ami ttvilinK .»vnu.niit«'ii '.'.u-.,! ii er- -4i£e.-r3ir3SltB—-tisa;fc'.itii.~.-.t«e ibar joined" iRi^ ytvir t-r j>i:«i»t The nr<'e;i4«) wiirimnfUt 01 J: A Reliable Friend io From Piles m> maitt>r how long or how l*utl K" to yoiii- (tniRgial rotiu) nut) Bi-t ;> : '*» . 4'i-in bus or I'yrwmW 1'ih- TrVwim^iiu-1J' JjnH»-.-attlJ il U "Hot i:,,^ 1 ::,^ 1 ;;;^ u r';,;.:;' ;;S:N; ^ ^ ^ ^ <•»« nulled fr#'«- ii» pla. nd ita Id ail i v i!!- t V.V .il ..yl'J~-Ml In (Ml..Lull ;; . i "u-.i u , u. UnotLi i M il.. . Free Trial Coupon i'\UA.Mll> liKr«J t'i'.VII'\X\ , ..Hi )'.\iuituti Uliltf \l.ift,hill. .Mi-li - Kllliljv >«-li'l tin- a i HI- •' iiniiit '<( i .fL^lc . j| t 6jLt rtn^jtiAi *r**-- i-«-!~ik»-4*- your l\M'f antl vuuFTiitMl U i i ol(i$,| y«Mi ytuir^U' art* t'ii y*»u rctir* 1 . What a .splendid- ow a j^'ooti hot watel tU 1 iuuk<*M at such an upon to 1't'i'j JI V»ni. Tlu'iv an; many nthtH* 1iuu'.» .;uui 4M'i'a>ii»ns, y\ u Hill • .( ii"Ui« It:*' HendricKs UrugCo, II- The 3teaS Store, 1 i

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