The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on July 4, 1967 · 41
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 41

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 4, 1967
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9 cc '' 110 "2 Z mr Ai ZO 4 441 040 '41 511 I 147 ria iE tlfp -Ali ' Welt JJ Kt fi9 214 140 (440 1rr te IALT 49 "4- tit - - 'Dirh' Dozen' Builds Poverfully Well Toward A Revo hina Climax "'HP DIRTY ritTZEN with Lea Mar Ernest Rowing Charles Bronson Jim Brown John Cassavetes Richard Jaeckel Genres Kennedy Trinl Lopez Ralph Meeker Rohert Ryan Telly Sava los 'wield Sutherland and Clint Wnjkpri directpel by Robert Aldrich in color At the Visulits Thonter Dy DICK BANKS Obsweer Staft Writer —rho Dirty Dozen" is a powerful motion picture concerned with rugged men bent on A ruthless mission The climactic sequence is revolting High-ranking German generids during World Tar II are trapped with their women companions In the bomb shelter of a French restores chateau The American behind the-lines raiders led by Maj Lee Marvin pour gasoline through air ‘tents on their screaming victims then set the Fhelier aflame with hand grenades "The Dirty DOM!" projects also a peculiar attitude Or ard military tVeciplitie tveryhody knows that the strict controls that hold an army together are painful "The Dirty Dozen" seems to Imply that they aren't really necessary In Its earlier reels this film Is often both vigorous and Intensely enjoyable Director Robert Aldrich has ball with varied character-tyres Involved In his "dirty dozen" military jailbirds asvaiting death or serving long sentences for murder rape and other crimes of violence Ire Marvin a recalcitrant individual himself (one wonders how he ever made major) has the job of whipping into an cfficient team Of killers these 12 men scraped from the dregs of the US Army Marvin establishes himself Movie Starting rrimes CAPRI — "Thoroughly Modern Millie" — Matinees Wed Sat Sun 2:15 pm Evenings at 8:15 pm CAROLINA — "Grand Prix" 2:00 And 8:30 pm (ENTER — 1'4 Trottbh" — 1:10 2:50 4:30 6:10 7:50 910 CINEMA I — "Hurry Sundown" — 200 4:45 7:30 10:00 CINEMA H — "A Guide For The Married Man" 2 4 8 8 10 DILWORTH — "Doctor Zhlyam" daily at 2:00 and 8:00 Pm MANOR - "Up The Down Staircase" 2:29 403 7:06 9:26 PARK TERRACE — "You Only Live T:Ice" at 1:10 3109 5:10 710 9:15 PLAZA — "Woman Times Seven" 1:45 3:40 5:30 7:25 9:20 — ''The Shaggy Dog" 1:05 4:40 9:15 "The Absent Minded Professor" 2:58 6:33y 10:08 VISULITE "The Dirty Dozen" 2:00 4:43 7:30 1000 Program at tho DrIvein Theaters begin at rfosk Stolen Pieassos Reappear LONDON --(UP)— Two Picasso which were stolen three years ago in London have turned up for sale at Christie's pollee reported The pictures were withdrawn when it was learned they were the same Picassos that disappeared on their way hack to American in 1964 They were to have gone on sale Friday Scotland Yard took possession of the pictures put up for auction by a D Wakerell Police said Wakerell bought the PleaSFAIS unaware they were stolen Detectives were attempting to trace the identity of the persons who Fold the pictures to Wakerell One of the Picassos is a 19513 painting entitled "Composition" The other is a sketch "Dejeuner sur PHerbe" dated 1961 They were sent to England by the Saidenberg Gallery and Pert s Gallery both of New yock for a Picasso exhibition at the Gimpel Art Gallery in Westminister On their way hack to the ship the pictures disappeared When a police Investigation failed to trace them Lloyd's underwriters paid the two galleries P026 in insurance Lloyd's is now technically the owner 1 rs' -": 1 I '' ea - w - If 01 P41'' '''''''' ' 01411:":NT '0i 301r Itil' : ' ': 1:11 ':41:ifIr:k- s'' l':104 Ai P'--4 ' ' 4NN 6 '1' r-ml' ' ve:e ' 1 itek LA al MARVIN RYAN Four Of The na equally totigh with any of his yartibird stun-Wes Ile lakes them Into COMMAtirlil tvntning with quite a few leepinnx along the way In common civility The CO of their training camp (Col Rohert Ryan) is an oldlime enemy of Marvin's Before you know it MI 12 are carrying on the feud much to the physical detriment of some of Ryan's Mrs In lieu of diplomas at the end of their training period Marvin gives the still-dirty dozen two fifths of booze and a night alone with seven shady ladies Thoroughly enjoyable Is the war games sequence in which ther 12 rascals capture Col Ryan's field headquarters by ignoring all the established rules of the exercises Veteran pro football fullback Jim Brown and Clint Walker are given plenty of opportunity to use their muscles Richard Jaeckel shows the American Cl at his best as MP Sgt Bowren Charles Bronson is strong as a ELVIS AT HIS BEST tlf DOUBLE the $t romance— the songs ir the actionI when P6iiiims rtlouBm lit PANAVISIONAnd METROCOLOR mow Ms from M G MidettlAvtago HELD! Phono 664 e77 fi L--GASTON1A N C OLD itATI$VILLI Ikg0 1140me $910 StARTS AT DUSK ADULII ONLY ALL NIGHT SHOW Knockers Up Christine Keeler Affair Girl Fever Sex Kittens Girl In Trouble Girl On Th Moon "Spend The Night With Us" S SHOW TIMES 2:29-4:46 7:06-9:26 DRAMA-COMEDY up The OMAN slam case : Starring Academy Award Winner SA:DYDENNIS the heed BEL KA UE!IAN s teePD 'And of MAN J PAKU1A b or R7BERT ViLlIGAN TECHNICOLOR FROM WARNER BROS L 1627 E Morehead 3750010 NOW )1At 002430 ektt Ws DOUBLE the romance ' the SOngs s( Ji the action! when :446 IWOO "D6C1Blee pri?ouBLv in PANAVISION'And METROCOLOR Early soc 'tit Birds 2 PM opr- IN COLOR JANE FONDA MICHAEL CAINE 41M 4 ttl) 1 VS I ILI ' 1 1L5t 1 All AMECAN SUPER sof RI --moostiol!" SP Y "In Like Flint" 1- RUN diti::-'41411-kz-11- AND VNE Action In Color -- NORTH 2 9 I STOCK is in U BLS 411 (veillif 40'141 00111111111"'''' - 4111": CAR RACING Irak " UFO cligiAMY All ENetcVLStIon occiistoll Double Trouble' Thrills In Color 477 t ' 0 Ili B SANDRA DEE 0410 GEORGE HAMILTON V41:1 THRILL SHOW PANAVISIONAnd METROCOLOR 00100 "DOCToR YOU'RE WITH KIDDiNG!"—Color s "'it -- from MGM COITNTIT r II 000000000000000000000 Cat 'rWir MARTY - I' ?Innen) Nwr Eye ti ' : 401 ROBBINS H rrtmetie I A I I Br 1 SANDRA DEE v witimmi 1 1 v --II" 414- 11irc711rAr'' - 7 1"- r- t' SHOW - Gor GEORGE HAMILTON 1 And METAOCOLOR woo ansie DOCTOR YOU FIE I'Mr ow ' 7 - WITH KIDDING"— Color COITNTIT Cat 144)w 1 ‘ 1$w 4a1-ts1--- pmARBRITNy5 MGM - 00001r l'Ila ''' it 976 v coNNg r -11LTHIATEIS I DINNIIIIIEITIt O e PLAY:mum sitso ft a Hot ) ELIZABETH 4 t 11: 1 ''' SMITH ' t o i r ' k ' ' 11A N C- ---- '11 Ii-11 33441414 TAYLOR --- ----- HOW 6 Tinitoof ' ! ir er k 14170NI I S 0 S :10 NG PAUL 0 MAN- Now 1 4- a 4 S r 1 i 9 70 NEWMAN fol MacLAINE at A at UGHTY "The Class Mena b 'elle" LAURENCE BUTTERFIELD : I 1 C 6) I g ‘k 1 I I I i An Award Winning iesrmassra ANs a ght luck tot 000 etti5tit $910 t Ni ttowni drama by 4 Tannessee 1111111111111111111111111111 P Williams ' 11 i' H A III RVEY K ADULII ONLY SHIRLEY With nrotossionat N Y Cst a ---- Iir do AND DINNIR N7 00 OW TO I 30 pm- Lei I' 0 r EDDIE 1C?"rt till'SIL S I 4S '' i'S FISHER e" rVA0 Vt'' 17-071ININCI JULY 1 Ith 1 r 1 4 'FOX notova-st4 THIEAtsta !MANOR SHOW TIMES 2:29-4:46 7:06 9:26 :1 11-1C THEY LIVED t CENTER T'llOrottql'aLl sloo NOtknil 141141:1E PARKITERIULCE BY EATING ' HORRIFYING DO YOU 1 1627 E Morehead 3751010 ' a HUMAN BONES! TERROR ro AcrloofPrwrIcoort Own IN COL(tR! at 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10 -9:15 DARE FACE NO W 610-730-930 I230-4 30 Mee pry) N T f 4i4r4 SEATS (4CA RI) 1 -I h NEWEST TWINS 007 is his lestw RESERVED SEAN BEST TETI !!in nr tfr (I) DOUBLE the T Mtjrzt 4111011 romance a I if 44141111 etitt the songs t rJ(ENTt JUI PHONE SHOWS titiveilenan i0111 WAyl 392-'2005 2-464-10 CONNERY pti414s IS qtrfix ONLY Att DELIGHTFULLY SOPHISTICATED ADULT TUN! 'PP 1" IWO N N I r " " s 1 2r0 r1 wff I 'd IVE I t4 ttrkt""t """ ijoinimilamatemomemarnimml ' 'I' ' I " 14 ' I l'4LOIMC -: lk MLA n - ' IDILwomni --N--- I 'LlitidtawM0i—AlitY112610114 4 log t mIsramen N ROCK ---- - 1E375 114 Ilig lc mo DAILY at 2:00 & 8:00 I WEST 1 0 COLOR t Who could over forgt JANE FONDA A CHARLOTTETOWN MAL iLARA'Who could over ROI3ERT MORSE forgot 'ZHIVAGO v tr7 6- 4 et km Kings Drive 1 Indepedence II MT HOLLY RD 39!-6011 WALTER MAITHAU -' L MICHAEL CAINE Iltase DAVID LEAN'S FILM IN A DOUBLE BLA—ST -: 'JUDSON mar(SISNEKNOVIV is ( - it t 7 1 OF BORIS PASTERNAKS t4 44'' : At I vt OF A-C-T-1-0N CiN GUIDE?'' -:- C - ' It &: r i - i :0 4rillit ?-- ? '''' rat 1 s ( t t b-- Z1111(11)OTOR 160 7 N - 441' Jrr 4e' '' ra 1 c PJ7 :-4 fkqi 11igifac-ii) 1 IN PANAVISIONs AND METROCOLOR ' ': a 1- 11 0 ' 0111) " Not muck tim loft to see itl I i TECHNICOLOR! ' L-9 IttlIn ks ii -- FIRST TIME AT POPULAR PRICES i PikiAlOhe --- - ALSO -- ' 11'100114tLAI"7-:6 ' Li CD01 bl DELUXE P 14 ' r' ' TlIE LAST 31 For tongius Ai40ne GivERAL At 100-4:00-6 00 ''' ') b it 2 00 4 43 7 30 in 00 00r CINIIIMA COPPORATON N----046 ":"3-1") tit l'$ 113111TIMPL a ACRES OF aP:940101161 INISRBACtir LARGOS SCRUMS s r E THESE OU:TSTANDING HITS!! git't SUNSET li-AuDiromumszim ?ARKIN '41 togi lawststiors la- ot THI mous i AT CHARLOTTE S t EADING THEATRES dor 1 I For MOu Audiefte 200 445730 AO 1000 0' VArrnsA1 't'i t $ -! ' ': ' 4' 4 g Ii i I ' '' ': " ': 1 ' ' P r " '' 4' -t :' ' 1oet7- i"'1F: f4AP''''' ' '-' 1r' -- '' z Vto Li N " k" :' '''' 71 4 rt l'i li BROWN BORGNINE Dirty Dozen remolivated murderer Telly Sava IAA almos( meals (he show as a paranole killer hopped up on religious mania SHOP AT ROBERT HALL EXCITING CLOTHING VALUES FOR THE FAMILY! LAST DAY 'HELLS ANGELS ON WHEELS" with Adam Roark' at 110-3:30-5307:304:30 N-0-W tual You ONLY LIVE TWICE" fit 1:301:30 5:30-7:30 9:30 STEWART A EVERETT THEATRES Bob Hope Phyllis Diller - Jonathan Winters - "8 ON THE LAM"- Color THE WILDEST BOND OF ALL "CASINO ROYALE" Fun In Color BIG JOHN WAYNE "THE WAR WAGON" Action in Color with Kirk Douglas JAMES COBURN as AMERICAN SUPER SPY "In Like Flint" Action in Color S E-L-V-I-S eggiAntY All New Act Ion IhOZIocclital "DT he ur ill Ilse ITnrocuobi ol or" SANDRA DEE 401010 '' GEORGE HAMILTON mospOIA "DOCTOR YOU'RE KIODiNG!"—Color NOW I 0 5:30 115 9:70 NAUGHTY As a luck Sous Night tiowni SHIRLEY MacLAINE ALAN AKIN ROSSANO RRAZZI MICHAtt CAIN1 Win MAULS 0011Times ?iven COLOR V1 e ' ' L 4 k EloNT F-1 1 L 4 I" I LAST DAY Cent" I N 1 DERR41111 ALso 1 !kM111m4d1R- - 'HELLS ANGELS Np "HAVE FIGURE 1 ON WHEELS" with Adam Roark' A$ at 110-330-5307:304:30 N-0-W"YOU ONLY WILL TRAVEL" Color je co BIDDEN ' it T N LIVE TWICE' 'lib I: fit 130 3:30 530-730 9:30 A NON N6 St BLVD At DIAMOND POINT523 ' THE HOTTEST STAR OF OUR TIMES IN 3 OF HER GREATEST HITS!! 4 ry 111111 t 0((l:!-r'' 0111)1014 ‘ 101Apos! I frt ANO itto it ! r st IlEA t L' 1 i ' l't-4LAi" FOOFDaa4 ua JonthnWintrs - 1 - N $ 110"'''' ‘i-t 4 aaE W i'' -- s- T 1 I — STEWART& EVERETT 'SOW THEATRES c nVo 0 0 li I fis '4 '0 411 ciLms BaeHro r J34 0 111111111'11"""Nomorsol -110-nPahshvlinis 1 - Winters - "8 ON THE '11 &DS 0 ni 'T-74 J 1 NORTH 29 1110111 LAM"- Color oil n n CI irs I tra 1 IS BEST 1 tz7!H::rtat4fio9ti1333h TRYON 00111) grE4 owaDRIL 00 "CASINO ROYALE" 1 111 U rriji 1001' JBLE the Fun In Color e E A 1 BIG JOHN WAYNE Lance 041114 "THE WAR WAGON" NOW songs ll wow Action In Color w Douglas ith Kirk e action! fa COMING TO (hen t:AEnG Cp B LI RN as '1øø:11 1 IS ij3iiritio4q MOON- SHINING 11101-- nut' A ILI I Now 14s sa 4 0 i 3 0 11 Fri KAMM Empol 11 16:1:1111171171' '17 '''' '' PAUL V7 ar 1113NNMAN) 9:70 NEWMAN I "The Class Meillrelle" 4P NAUGHTY As a luck t 0 b An Award Winning BUTTERFIELII LAURENCE M' 1C3 Night ttowni drama by re onemogonswommit k S Tnnessea Wil oliams ! t FISHER i AND n4 ' HARVEY Oilvis9t it41S SHIRLEY DINWith Professional N Y Cast --- NIR 700 TO 110 PM sm Lei AND EDDIE MacLAINE SHOW SAS I 1:' m OPENING JULY Ilth ALAN ARKIN 4i r Att 144IS: ROSSANO IlitAZZI "Come Blow ELEPHANT 1 I 1 t MICHAtt CAIN1 Your Horn" Win SEILLPS BURL air" SPICIAL ARRANGEMENTS MADI FOR SOCIAL CIVIC WALK ' IVES '11000 A150 Ix V rss TECHNICOLOR rite omal Imes AND ORGGRA0NuiZpAsTIONAL Rosoreations t$94541 Ibmwommimonansor ALL - ' ' 'AND URSUL-A-A-NDRESS S' 5 ' AT INTERSECTION OF I' ' cren PARK RD & HWY 5i (a 1 ' ---1 1COLOR P R ILVIS 1 ) ' ( 1 1 Ivaa0 iito O OI 131 FUN IN ACAPULCO COLOR PINEVILLE N C 14:ZzI14! I i — 0 1 oewwvolomAlltoio It 0PAV V 9 A F FM 1 ' ' ' ' I (11 1 11 I 1 i I PINEVILLE PI C q41: I I I 44cT4 4( A 4( a:kift 74'T 340- it IN10 WV Vir 'Ufa i -nal1a a a a aa-T a s- ouu I n Li 0 -"-----:--- - A 4' "4"7- AI "IC' ° 1- fshhe":" b 14' ICAROLINAll 1-N-1) WILKINSON BLVD 399-7761 ' ' '' ( :t ':t t tvtit Inn emmimai:kumetehi I---1 V ' i "ulaP r8su " 4 1 iwl l:"rt 0 Act !I' ' ' tl P A Lk tn — ------- — - ! HE BARN scE01"' :' NNER TI ()crop ut4 k DAILY AT 2:00 & 8:30 it' -ER 0 IREATR ' IC fr hfot 7st s 4 mez7011rmecs! rnrrrirrirj zb WINNER OF 2 V TR AMIN' TOME CAST tyaYs 7 "' erbter 4 THE "MAGIC ISTAGZ" " itilitii"dtv 4 11cspec tlandcfitytickl r r s r rT 0'Ir ! i ze yo:re ): -4 5411a011-1117±5 Q e Sam Newell Road '141 sua at atre! a only thawing to il at Matthews th two Carlona "44t11 ric:re i "°' t -4 r NE ir e (L'illi TA VP MI IP Tifir Call 847-9822 4: ''' — DINNER THEATRIC -St WITH Altiff TOME CAST 4 ON THE "MAGIC ISTA" 4( Sant Newell Road I ir Sam Newell Road 4( Matthews -Of -k cell 847-9822 -of lte- SHOWS JULIE 1011VI OVAt JULIE tr ALL SEATS RESERVED 4 —"--— Sam Newell Road 1 socHAp t 4 Olt two Co I moil 'AI:Vtl!I i- of Matthews "4411 ricly774 -I -- OP ir TECHNICOLOR '4 rpz 4t 4 A call 847-9822 4 It Ylf Wor 3 wd:111Y671101 mAdNk 1 44 -' i' ert)) H 1 num k-‘41 '''-' k' ' 'qt' I1) ‘Irs 3148 7 11144 SHOWS DAILY 2:15 & 8:15 PM Ti:3 Ahk SAP'AiiNT - - MILNER iv t ' rl ri ' oi JULIE AS YOU LOVE HER e 1 'S : L4 - - I 4 - 1- notervod soots at box offit or moll! J ! '' O LJNIVI A Ok ''' $ At wrierol JULIE ANIDPEWS MILLIE i rch $200 — $1141x $ 10 5 I of i ' I ' itt AND — r - !lass HUNTER'S tvolJt1om of Ttir - 111111111111MITZMIirlf FirrM r (ENT t PHONE SHOWS 392-1005EIMILLFAGE) 2-4-6-1110 I I — g 0 L" VII 2 0 morns w I isi e d i : : DELIGHTFULLY SOPHISTICATED ADULT NW 11 1 1 WOWS 2r0 rnimn tn5emos o'"""1 Ly ' LIVE A1111tEY ALIEEIIT '4 JAMES f a 1111A'HiltS EINNLI rE 111 - I I I I DELIGHTFULLY SOPHISTICATED ADULT FUN! ADREY 111EPHI11: 1110 s tr OP 111 V"r:'44 U TWO 147 ROAD t 'afo: BMW 1 IN L - A COLOR! sA IN COLOIt Ft 14 I I ALIP 1171111 L— CHARLOTTETOWN:MALL — latersediel Kings Drive I Indepedence 1110 GIAIERAL CINIIMA COPPORATON I Bermuda Church Becomes Dirorpe 11U('IMIeM I fillFt-tre till Ai5061:114:daib rair L 1 For M4turo AITI2ISITICISI VATICAN CITY --m-- ropm ''THE IMMORAL 1tErUlliS VI has created the new MR TEAS" Paul 2:00-445-7:30-1000 PM WHY NOT?? 1 ! Roman Catholic diocese of — Plus s-ond FeAturs — Hamilton Bermuda elevating Damn Them or Praise Them "THE VELVET TRAP" the church sso You'll Never forget Them— : ' there from miin ' 510 J 1 'CH ' Rliw o $ status called the Apostolic r-lt rip() LEE IIM 1 A Jn a Vicariate for the Bermuda Islands the V f mann LMETR0001011 BRowu DOWNTOWN-ART THEATRE atican announced 7 ' ts Bev Bernard James Murphy a Resurrectionist pirest N as IRNIST t CLINT ALBEMARLE RD i named the first hihop of BORGNE act''dtt WALKER Hamilton ' Mint RT 0) e RYAN it' 0 -1- L!r't CI-WPC Al all BORlif 51:491 i FREFILHERAFRObt q1- k't 1 ' ' i'V 11 110111SOILUMBER I gte 'it'la 'IOW Ot14 -- 4- "I ' t k I Rtir lit F J r7:j et 375-7761 t S20 W Summit Ave It — ESTIMATES ON MATERIAL FOR OLD & NEW HOMES A IL ‘' PASSIS 1 I1 1ir l'Ir b 1 Vtd Pm -14 Abla ts Thos T Z1 1 k 't ir 1 Atieliwi Viti I l'frar trArlion3111111414" imi IIIIIIbl'e411r1"gIIIIIIrVllgAmmoososoomnolnkdlMI I I &as 114-071111111111111 Inditololeithw A CONTINUOUS SHOWS TROM 12 NOON Baesd onto excotOnst491111u 011 4""s I - 4 z- II LAST DAY ADULTS Check Observer Calssifiell ids Daily It I The Game Talked About In 1111130f 1 I I Whspers iiirtil rr---Nric-r--- I i " is 12- lee— - 3 1 i 41 VATICAN CITY rope raul VI has created the new Roman Catholic diocese of Hamilton Bermuda elevating the church there from mission status called the Apostolic Vicariate for the Bermuda Islands the Vatican announced Rev Bernard James Murphy Resurrectionist pirest was named the first ilikzhop Hamilton REEIJHELPARtom texesatumBekt 375 7761 $20 W Summit Avs ESTIMATES ON MATERIAL FOR OLD & NEW HOMES CONTINUOUS SHOWS f ROM 12 NOON LAST DAY ADULTS The Game Talked About In Whispers I NONN6 faellvdEN r s Lesie E COMING TO NORTH 29 I 1 I 11 40 Iller - )6'N tr PINETILLI I CetrilTITI Startetweette eitimeas MOO dt rnanui CCIINTIT DINNER TEEETRE 11 Urn NOW pl RAMO "The Class Menagerie" An Award Whining drama by Tannessee Williams With Protossionat N Y Cast -- OMNI 700 TO I:30 PM SHOW $AS OPENING JULY Ilth "Come B low Your Horn" ' SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS 1 MADS FOR SOCIAL CIVIC AND ORGANIZATIONAL GROUPS gown" &lions t$92$41 AT INTERSECTION OF PARK RD & HWY SI NP O 00X 131 PINEVILLE N C i with -"ER Of 41 laiiaythit a brogpa lititi-"dtvP" sze r 01114r s cAvvi:"Lo 11416 so c41-Aur 004: 4141k4PL Orr rhe a 4 4( rpz DAILY 2:15 & 8:15 PM AS YOU LOVE HER! wrierol ANIMEWS MILLIE FIOSS HUNTERS volJtlom of h"leor4oreviriff1111111-7--v 11- sar-1 FC:: I 3 I II I I 114 I )Thorouqb116) EllE pitAckEnn jib- a IN COL( t cr Nof Prwni ooftr 11041 pno N decA pg bn-:12:: AIME FINNI r rTirtrs ROAD COLOR! - ttt:! Mtoo ''N intottoimment "' I - 0 I m 1 1 risballitt3CN"41 Elq A7141 I tzoll Rw0ABLET ER TR MNICIATIR SHEAl 1 Id 0 60101vp 74 lit 4:ir 11 I 4 lAtfa'" 0111: 0 so MN bl DELLA 2 - PJ- Illtbssi At 100-4:00-600 1 00-10:00 ''mm IArt1111s 2:00-445-7:30-1000Pli Damn Them or Praise Them You'll Never forget Them— npn LEE MARVIN IRNIST BORGNE 11011IRT RYAN 41'' AIL rokssuN Vtd too 1 Tilos Atitclion Check Observer Calssilled ids Daily S BLVD At DIAMOND POINT 523s THE HOTTEST STAR OF OUR TIMES IN 3 OF HER GREATEST HITS!! all I 1 NOW! 1 si sHINING — BUTTERFIELD IMMBOOMBIONISEINEI AND I ELEPHANT 11 I WALK mmempommannommow ALL TECHNICOLOR J 1 le 1 ELEPHANT P AND BURL 4 A150 I 1 WALK IVES e'le7EN I ittirmsto MNLI UK3ULA ANE)Rt3 Lommaiiiista usolFUN IN ACAPULCO COLOR ELVIS NOW! WILBY-KINCEY THEATRES''' ICAROLINA1 DAILY AT meszyllommtmec roi 711cspectLindvnyti ad 11 only tiltowIng In th two Com linos! 61WilienTLV itILMJ riot JAM IVA IMAIf SAINT notervod soots at Orch $200 at 1:10 - 3:10 - DAILY at 2:00 & 8:00 Who could over forgt ilARA'Who could over forget 'ZHIVAGO PANAVISIONs AND METROCOLOR Not much tim loft to see it! FIRST TIME AT POPULAR PRICES SEE THESE OUTSTANDING HITS!! AT CHARLOTTES LEADING THEATRES Inntatomogge T 101-01 ' lc I( RIZABETH TAYLOR PAUL NEWMAN LAURENCE HARVEY EDDIE FISHER AND BURL IVES 2:00 & 8:30 IJTOUJ WMIESITAND box offit or eeo111 —NIx $130 5:10 - 7:10 -9:15 Th NEWEST 007 is his BEST YET! (00A THE CHARLOITE OFAERVUZ WHY NOT?? ALBEMARLE RD CINTAAL At All 1111130f 3 AtiOMI 1WAPOS! NORTH 29 !tgi 1333 h TRYON NOW! Isti RUN II' i SOUTH 29 WILKINSON BLVD 399-7761 i1b4 WINNER OF rrsr THEY LIVED BY EATING HUMAN BONES! WEST 16 MT HOLLY RD 399-6011 40 ilElaika Tutviey July 4 1)61 9C 4 1)61 "C ric-n OWING Audione OORAL I Fe Ours - El TRAP" NOW SHOWING For M4turo "THE IMMORAL MR TEAS" — Plus Scond Fe Ours - "THE VELVET TRAP" a bOwNTOWN—ART THEATRE BORNF 53 1 49A AND a el 41 —di FoorTan JonathanWinters i R---- MOON kr SHINING AND STOCK CAR RACING THRILL SHOW ‘11 WITH MARTY ROBBINS CONN! SMITH 1441 014 50111k ?-141 A150 umsezzongnmiratur TOGETHER si 2 ACADEMY AWARDS! REST musicAt SCORE! I TECHNICOLOR WE' AND! THE HORRIFYING DO YOU TERROR DARE FACE TWINS thr-Tr ?Idiot° 110:12 ROCK HUDSON IN A DOUBLE BLAST OF A-C-T-I-O-N r E p 1 CU 1 I 1 CHNIL OLOR Lie L''2 Ittlatii - - ALSO - THE LAST SUNSET INE - - -ottottoomtototratottottNaktillowhitalaulloallttle11103101100mantellotottattoeulelltotoopliorgerwmanttimattttoltt----- — ---- -----414-40qpoawevourroo40 04 1 elk - - Ar5 tothottsetattnottto tf Itt (1) i ie toc1 t t- t otroillglrZAamsAmoralgottletandbalarrrLamdLi!wZIg ouot ! trsA '000110010104044191' - - - -el -"

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