The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 1, 1909 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 1, 1909
Page 7
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tittAL. RE80LUTI0^4 CONTENTION TiFirth U8tue H O e or Cru Jer the io lowtnB bower r work" to he doneTn the said Clty.,to-wlt: , ** To cpnBtruct a slX-lncTi snwer along i*ev the followlnz streets and alleys, par- coy trcular\_y as follows, to-wlt: , . & LEGAL, tent mo .tor and iick solution of JcKnesb of the inches ana the cone. The w*. .»..»«.» of. concre the concrete «hafl " ' ie Inside, bpt ton. ue pn . , . of, tne he toundatlon shall be naH *e . ciniz at, a he west lin oint twenty feet , of Chester Ave- runnlUK u fine of sa sectln east o and Fifteenth .Streets: ince west,alone the center alley and across all Inter- vim* pv.riels to a Point twenty-reet st of the east line of Gstreet. Also, Commencing at,a noint,twentv teet west ot ,the west line, of Chester Avenue in the center ol the alley between Thirteenth and Fourteenth Streets. running thence,west alone the center line of said alley and across all ! st C m _ lorm snai. bottoms .•— and the tqpj a level with itrncteq,of."concre"ie~amf IL.... -- mpnes thick. .The .ton of tne cover lalibe on a level, with the **reet ,sur- the top shail be covered with a olid cast iron cover with hole •»«• ttrip to .remove the same. The ^'YB' 1 for house connections lerelnabove referred" to ana described cted. shall T?e made nuu it first aualltv vjt rifled. salt-Blazed sower pipe materials, nn „.. -.~ twenty " street. HUG Vi acaiu CHIW.T MUVI ftCrOBS tersectInK streets to a point feet east of the east line of "l Co'mmenclne at a noint_twentv feet •wp«t of the west line of Chester Avenue in the center of the anev.between California Avenue and /Thirteenth Street, running thence west ^nnc tne i of said aflpv nnd across all CBntcr Hn© ut ouiu «H^T «'•»« ". v ".''"'«*ri»» fntersectTne streets to a DO n^ twenty feet east of the east line of ! 'U" street i. a point teh feet wefi 43 Ol. fl. . OLI ct.i the south line o ? f "tHe"cenI , 32 feet south -. -—, — teenth .Stl *t. runnlnE •!h- I,...... 12 feetlsou _enth Stf fev. .-.....«- fpn feet wtrt of r.he center Iln K W" Street to a point 132 lee of the south line of Thirteenth Also Co'mmenclne at a west of the west. 11 in thejjentnr ot.the tw«>n Fourteenth an runnine thence east tine oreaid aflev Ir west of the center street Also. Commenclne a west ofthe west thence sou... U r fine along • >t south Street • ••. t«^;i«i" •• "• ~v~ • n jone the cente ev~lb,a point 103%, line of said if it a oolnt 285.25 fee line 6f "F" street an< it Fourteenth street TT *JBV V»* »,»J1^* T» ***** . »*» 1 « •**• * In the center ot rourteent running thence east alone t..- ~.--— line of said fourteenth street to i polni tenTTeet west of the center Iln of W F" street. Also. , . . o noint twenty fee Ime oi "O streflt f Com psl o the west thence west alone the center line said alley to a ppinJL.ten fi'?t w.est o the center line -* CommepcipB' west of the '...-> the center of the iUtfsAtsT;}' UtOAL. numuer hall be stxtv-thr u » ... --..—. in the sala six-Inch sewer. any number of saId/'Ys B shall eight Inch sewef/as •** • ve re.f lolv ii*v66n ™,— e placed In ndlcated. In ^,... specifications, herel .... _ , And it Is hereby resolve,. .,..„ -.- 'lared. that. In the opinion of the said loara of city trustees, of said city, the said contemplated work and improvement herefnabove referred to and de- •lbed.,is of more than local .or qrdl- rv public benefit, and It Is therefore -liruier resovled and declared thai the costs and expenses of said contemplat- L ana improvement Is to be. and B changeable upon afllstrlct. 1 Board pf , do hereby benefited by. improvement, an scrl NOTICE OF SALE OP FRANCHISE TO ERECT POLES AND STRING WIRES FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC HEAT AND POWER AND POR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC CURRENT FOR HEAT, LIGHT AND POWER, AND OTHER USEFUL PURPOSES, FOR TELEPHONE WIRES CONNECTED THEREWITH, AND ALL NECESSARY POLES, AND ALL AP- PURTANCE8 AND APPLIANCES THEREFOR, AND TO MAINTAIN AND OPERATE THE SAME, ALONG, UPON, ACROSS, OVER OR UNDER EACH AND ALL THE PUBLIC STREETS, ALLEYS, AVENUES, HIGHWAYS, PUBLIC PARKS AND PUBLIC PLACES, AND FOR LIGHTING THE SAME, IN THAT PORTION OF THE COUNTY OF KERN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, HEREINAFTER PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED. y . wor an mprovemen, d ich district IB to be assessed" to pay an trl d expenses, thereof. wn a strlctls ewer Di s. ber T I and "8 One Thonsan. st two stood, an anorovedjpv "— tion 4»U _ett penal sum en and oee anes. fli _. with, It nt sureties, rd ptJBn- . ™.» SUCh Din- lv observe. Jul- every term ^nchlse,.. wad reach of cendiflpn ount of tne e tak- diam- E»UIU uuvuawvL •»* «•«» irjr,_»z;i.fci ». ana; snail be recoveral nHncbal and". sureUes. u dv, ".said bond oe not M ird of saM franchise- wll anv monev p To Whom It May Concern: Whereas, the Ml. y/hlti Comp day c lente. "loan! ,ern. jtney . Power on. on the. 14th ade and pre- In writinK to the , of the,, County of rornla. for a fnjn- ed. ffio ! win he set I therefor will DOO UCEN8E NOTICE. Notice ,ls he spns.pwnlniraiu Jhe limits of The that ueense'T a re now ready .-. c — cej>f (be Clur ClerS.». ffl- !&S T %V oay^fTanu W^&WWth^ truK the license tag rot the franchise so to bfr sold bv of • Supervisors shall con- usual and es- IBPS erantlntf In sub'stance "the provisions, ind Hnilfntlons men *• year 1^ cp _ -, dmttiter . Dated January 9. 1908. OC&ltl >S C*l*V-Ht t>V -•« * compliance with sa lsiatur.e r ~ -••*.-»— nnttn\] hereof. . nnr of now on • u». •-,,.u..«J . -..IH ,..l»ll»-v.u In the said application Whitney T*r""r Comnsn with the.,Clerk of said i_-..-.. salfl application Ts hereby fefc for further particulars and Is a *Co ,ap^Icraon,?s./ a ereb a vTP,ferre •d of Sunervls- order of the 2.of n-nM Count v " - - , tb~b"e .knov newer uistrlct Nuipuci x«nrc to be composed and consist of the lots an a, lands.,portions of ... jr parcels of lands Jvinx within ie exterior boundaries of said Sewer istrlct Number .Three..and which said lots and lands, portions of lots, or parcels of lands ts. and J»ball be the lots and lands, portions ot lots, or parcels ot lands to be assessed to pay the costs and expenses of -Md con- templaed work and Improvement, for the said contemplated construction of said district severs in x cKlse runnTnK to said corporation. .Its successors and assigns, for a neric fifty years, to erect poles and s wires for transmlttinc electric and power, and for transmlttinit trie current for heat. ITsm and p December 4«ni i i, MJ, 1111 tjt^i/;** W&SWM o^TtleTOS IS: g?CTc°aVlfoT n .£ OUntV ° f ^ er i^2 cu wurn auu IUIMIUTCUI^MI.. -id contemplated construction o ___ ,-strict sewers in said Sewer TMs- trTct mmber Three and The exterior boundaries of said district is to be and are descnhed as follows, to-wlt: Commenclne at the Intersection o $e,centen\ne of Chester; avenue an California Avenue ar. ^runnlnsr nort to the Intersection of the. center line of Chester avenue and .Fifteenth r and phone , erate the same, alone, acr over or under each and all o lic streets, ublic par nances and appliances therefor. for such electric wires and tele- e wires, and to maintain and opal upon. e pub- ROAD NOTICE. Office of the Cierfc of the Bourd of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California . to-wit: Bcxmnme jf Township Lwenty-fQur avenue ,and * .*—- r « ;e west alone the center. leenth street to a point ««st of the west .line .ol! South to the_.- . A — rownshlp Twenty-five Twenty-four it the North West corner rwgntv-f\ve^South. IU asir'an'd'thence fu luth west corner _ Ian ire •unnine of said notni twenty feet FUteenth Commenclne at a no,., .. south of the south lino Q? .£ " I i3?ixi i UKUIBI uu< street and ten feet west of the center, east paral Fine of "F V| street runnlpi; the nc ft8o«th the center ten west of the renter Ifneof no rth said |J P" street to a point twenty feet Bouth of the center liiu' of California Al ¥5 U construct, an cieht-inch sewer alone the folowlne stn'ets. particularly as follows to-wlt: W3. ter i'treeT:""th' Llpe o of f (.25 feet " street: StrGGt iu 11 u*-'i*-'_v VL*'" »v^v» of the south lineof Callforr-'a avenue: thence west to the center ]jp e of Oleander avenue, and S7.7B feet north or the so&th line of CalifornTn avenue: thence south 351.75 feet alon<r the center lin.e. qt qi.pan.der, avenue; ^thence »~ v thence Boar lines- ^f-'Cairfo^ia^vemie-ancf"^ street: thence east to the place of c °! be For nl a n more full and complete cle- en. scrlptlon o? U f woA f dereta con^em- Jg *- J profiles on SM1 tv-fo ine East to t hFn T: ownshFn -si last and ie South f-flv South. Ranee thence run- !ast corner of U14C t^uuLi* M^tnai vjvriu^i v/>. , . 'enty-nve .South. Ranee 'wenty-slx East and thence runnine lorth to the North East corner of said 'ownship Twentv-flve South. Ranee ' rentv-slx East, and,thence runnine .. jst to the point of beelnnfp.e. all of the Mount plnblo Bape a and for llehtlne BV al leys, avenues, pub erldian, streets, anil piib- ireas. of Si upervlsors tc ancT'seu a"nd"eVan"t to th.e ^er for sale, itenest bid- ie terms and lated to r/p e cfnth 8 BVR^t°rimii1ne%ence south ..feet west of the (vnter line of saW .' street to a noint tw the center linn ot ""^nmli-ncine at a yoint tw .. bw _ - !*»"-• •-'i u»»*». k-entv fee* south California ave- and specltlcatloiis on ,itv Engineer In the ofnce Cltv of R'lU- (ier said tranchlse idltlons herel DW, . that lilt' naiu Vvuuiji.* "i -j-~ - •em: offers to soil and crant .a mm ier said trnnchlse on the terms and iondhlons hereinafter mentioned: Now, therefore, notice is hereby elv- sn. that the said Countv of Kern To all non-consenting owners of the hereinafter described lands, take notice, that the report of the viewers on proposed County Road No. 268, described as commencing at the Intersection of the eastern boundary of County Road No. 99, and the line between sections 20 and 29 of township 27 south of range 26 east. M. D. B. ft M., thence east along and 80 feet on east side of said section line, 840i.7 feet to corner of sections 20, 21, 28 and 29. thence east along and 30 feet on each side of the line between sections 21 and 28. 22 and 27.,lQBn feet to corner of sections 22,28,26 and 27, a distance of 2.64 miles, has been set for hearing before the said Board of Supervisors at their rooms in the County Court House, In the City of Bakersneld. county and state aforesaid at the hour of 10:30 o'clock a. m.. of the 4th day of January, 1909, where any and all persons Interested therein may appear and make objection thereto if deemed proper. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that th* taxes on all personal property, an« one-half ot the taxes on all real prop erty, will be due and payable on £h« second Monday In October, and wll be delinquent on the last Monday It November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereu fiiteen per cent will be added to th* amount thereof, and that If said one half be not paid before the last MOD day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m. an additional fire per cent will b' added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half ot the taxes on all real property will h« payable on and after the first lion day In January next, and wfll be de Unguent on the tar —--••-- ' •—" next thereafter, at BAKER8FIELD SANDSTONE > BRICK COMP/L. Stockholders Annual Meeting, lift ! The annual meeting of the ste holders ot the Bakersneld SandstoMtl Brick Company will be held at the of-1 flee of the corporation In the Prod**-1 era Savings Bank Building, No. 17«l Nineteenth street, Bakersfleld, CftU-l fornla, at 3 o'clock p. m., on Monday,I January llth, 1909, for the election otl directors, and for the transaction of I such other business as may be prope*| ly brought before It. FRANK S. RICE, Secretary. . Date of first publication, Saturda&l December 26,1908. U-tt\ NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Oft HOLDERS OF PRODUCER?! iS.BANK. ^v,,.^ is hereby elven that tne nual meetlne of the stockholders of Producers Saylmrs. Sank will be r ,t the offlce of said corndrajfon in of 'CaP lucerS'Snvlnes^ 2ltv of Jiake.rsne .. . nla. on Tu uar\\ 19Q_9. m .'for the oitt ,v 8'. uesday. the 12th dnv of the hour qf S.oclo iinir for! for the purpose of electln I ors for tne ensulne year. ~ transaction ot such other HUB mav properly, come -.before, tl InKj \Y- S. TEVlS. Pfe F. W. Ronlbson. Secretary. , in Apr» • o'clock p. nu therets to the and that unless paid prior five per cent will be added amount thereof. t. That mil taxes may be paid •) the time th flnt Installment, u her* In provided, is flue and payable. 8. That taxes may be paid In tht office of the Tax Collector In the . „ county courthouse between the honn >yl of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. and | § 6 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. B. DAT, Tax collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. SHERIFF'S'SAL No 28457* Matteson and 'wTllamso- ,, .urine Co.. Plaintiff, vs. Oli . ^iroB,. a copartnership comnosed „ i. Qldershaw and F. H. Oldershaw. 'enaants, . By- vittue of au exec..... af flie BUperior Court of my ,, o!. top AneeleR wat? of Calf- lerefn mUeson..C WU»amspn, on , T'l . _-.. - ._.-Jn«, and haw Bros., a copartnership con C. TL Qwrshaw and F. |T., ..... for if money of les. costs ai.» iy levied upon SHERIFF'S SALE. V 1*3 * IV<U \* M*.'** ' ,1m and, interest In and to the — ill the rluht. title said defendants or e! and to Lot one (1) ~ fn the..Chester .tra aa Him Bi»tryuu:Hu»-i»a ">• A 1 ^- fit of the Cltv Clerk ot theCL. -, ersneld. said plans, ordflles ancf Iflcatlons havlne been adorned b Bo " of ) sr>ec v tl ..Vf..a .... ...IK UKCI1 » ul "i\P"/.VlI V.,, iard of dtv Trustees on the 9th dav Ateori^^llandcpmnlete^ ,t!UV UHflb IU WIMI UIIU Ulillll u IIM1I- i;n,se for flftv veara to erect Doles and strlne wires for transmitting electric heat and power, and for trnnsnilttlnsr electric current lor bent.. Hunt and power, and other useful purposes, iind IPO-'for telephone wires connect pd he ; thprewith. __, and., all itlff. vs. Kar.. _.lnlne Oomoa- nv. Defendant. , , . By virtue pf an execution Issued ou of the Superior Court of the Co — Kern. Stni Nfcholas .J^ A lax Oonso ffillflo or nubile | the ind i * ho upon Jh dav of >erior Court of th.e Counfv p! lie of T Cairrqrnia. ,^e Jacobs. Phtatlff. iolldated Mlnlne ° ia., wherein and Karma- LCoy.Defend- .N. ludement. necessary nnd for telephone ander, avenue, west side main sewer ot the L To construct . , sewer, herelnhbove . j\i lamp-holes, to bo.lor of the main and outtail :itv of. Bakersneld. lamp-holes (n t>o sad ^•;s£fefeM' ( f j ne _ t^.entv teet jwest of .the: west of the coimtv nuntv of Kei The Bakers ofnce , Coimtv ne -^^ e of D B; iated as .the tnsouth line street and on the center tlce,, u publls of . as the n resolution o. of the p^ssaee shed 1 In the I wspaner in Intention anf,. _B thei-eof shall manner and bv of •'{"""street. one. ten teet w of H street and Knllth 1 persons reauireu uv mw. „»_„_,_ _» The superlptp— **nt or streets ui said cltv is hereby directed to post notices of the .mssaee, P/.th> resolu- .^^ of the passaee pi tr..» . In the manner and_l_nthe_fo bv law. and. to to be publishgd t cause law. :t; IAJ 00 Pi.u/; 1 . ^X»».^«« newspaper In the manner %ff; . form re- a similar 3ne. fwentv line of Qn C*» V ' * v-f *- WCS- lester avenue in 16 al> ^our» I h%tr"eets „ ^.\v Clerk of „. ^..reeled to post intention on or near. Hoard ie cltv. is. here- poles. and nil appurtenances and appliances therefor. -- J '— such electric wires and — wires, and to maintain and operate the same alone, over, across, upon or !_.. U „«.! „!! «P \llf* PUbljC WHVS, pub- n said por- „... ^ ^rti. and for Intr said public streets, alleys, avenues, hlehwavs, public narks, and ptib- Ilc places, to the nerson. tlrm. or corporation that will ,pav to the said Countv of Kern the hichest cash price therefor, and aeree to pav and pav to sal' 1 County two per cent of tne cross annual receipts of the peTson. partnership or corporation to whom the franchise Is awarded arlslne from Its use. operation or possession, after the first five vears succeedlne the. date.of such franchise, and annually thereafter dur- Inc the life thereof. Said franchise will be E-ranted to the person, ir" " corporaJLlo.A who shkll make the d therefor, and will pay to the said. C.ountv o upon th e lands of unknown owners, A. N Towne Co.. H. C. Phillips, estate of H. P. Bende- deceased, S. W. Root, Ollle Thomas, W. A. Prick, W. Falconer and the San Francisco Sav- Incs Union. By order of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO. Chairman of the said Board. Attest: I. L,. MILLER, Clerk. 12-16 ,. Jovember, A of J586.65. la •"1 States, have th J d Interest , r ot then IB! lock nine f j .same i»l] the City orBftKersfle, i. State of. pallforn i{. ami" to"tfia't"certa!n , -. store now occupied by. ihaw &, Co. at No.. 1 ie Haherfeltle bull akersneld. Kern lldinir In County. .situate «o v«» » j], « \j - *• * *. . toeeifier with appliances lo\bout four lowve nnd NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. 8e all thp rlcht, title, claim nnd,Interest of sutd defendant, of. In and to the fpllowlne doscrlbed real estate, to-wlt: the Knrma-Alax m 1 — *—-"•-- —«»^- tne milt, machinery cated thereon, .situ mllcH south of the t more particularly 50. Book 8 of mlnli Co_untv._ §t^te_o/ Cj IA tt^ji vy \ P»I * utt k u % v- the 9th dav of J at 11:30 p r cTpck a. i front of the Co the Countv of ,K« .. i r _ ,._.^., _ allfornln. Kern-Utah place of bni Oil Coj ilness. U-.V.W w *^H9 " • Co.tinty. Cnllfprnia, many, lakersfle put Un iupflc°auctfon. farInwTul'monev o s hereby civen thnt' the.8t(i day o; JM- S e Court Hos iCern. )iipnc uucumi. for lawful money o. Jnjted States, all the right, title, cy and Interest of said defendants, of. .. npd to the above described pronerw or so much thereof as mav be neoM to raise sufficient..mpnev U) sal ,o.. said ludemei costs, etc.. to the Dated Dec. v ?'"t- ilehest I best' f/lncjoal ?foe° l c^nf^ sld. Kern f endant. of. In est cash to nay an Kern, two ann ners ual shji) nchi l receipts of the person, firm or all make the hieh- for, and will aeree the said. County of per cent of the gross th or corporation » of the allev runnlne oetweeu g an)e to be nt frteenth and Fourteenth streets. fn the manne )ne 132 feet south of the south line (Ia i]y newspa Fourteenth street s-nd on the cen- j hereby c lino of "I street. , . „„„ resolution w llin yi . ,.,,,^,. ,.f ,l, 0 r>or»tpr line i «# T»^»u*fto(j r ?S Sf^r^te^TnA V'Sus'e the J|se. on. fe t0 mfen^^s£ &<&&%& » ratio dea part- LTlllAl..* i V^|l«»iv»J* 1*1 It" , 4L4 • n Not ce Is hereby elyen that nt a meettne of the., dlr S ctor Shnfi he «)n on the^rd day of December. 1908. an assessment of one-quarter of a cent per share was levied upon the capita? stock of the corporation, payable 1m 5?'YW-..'i\_. »_ ru. ----lersiKned * ern ^ at the aher County. elven that I if Jani. m. purt -,• v» .4.ern. [on. tor aw/ul mgn- Jutes. all . Interest of _ u». .»• and to the obqve ae scribed property, or so njuah tflereof as mav be necessary '" l monev to satisfy sal Interest and ,€.,__.— esl and, best bidder. batc ^ ec 'M »,Y. Sheriff. 12-16 By T. A. Bakgr. Deputy. Bv T. A. Baker. 'Deputy she ri - 1Z-" franchise Is awnrdea ariflne from fts afte iperatlon or,possession •""cerTffv nf KOlirtePnin JSIMJCL t'uu wi* «-"v- --— i ! nt;it:i»> ^«.-i >-" » ""i ?lr oJ!? (> ,?n' •rttWt^of the center line i ^^S^^ 1 ^ °Ak?$ KiWSinMw ° tf ,; ° n i - 2Htti (irtv Our-, i wont v left east «t.'"f... e>1 -" 1 llnp - thnt the. foreTOine „. tbe Board of B-ik«vrreH b\ the ijnv oi ri'iK'v ; n -f;"- becpinhe-. 190S. bv er dtinn. event sa on or possession. au«r i— vears sucpeedvne t.he date or 1 i. and annually thereaft- en ...^ /Pftl D ou*j. c^'i l u^ ;.nv .it*..*; franchise, and anntyillv t.herea evem »aiu iitiv'nient ..' v«^,' franchise shall be forfeit'- V ffd the nnv .. and In the made, said in n ( I 1 " 01 '' fr line st'-ect and on the cente the Is also hereby ulventhat sealed bidp in wrltlne there- for will IJP recplved un to \Tf.riniini(l 1 1 < | o'clock a. m. on the third dav .or iMCUOUaUI. I f....i. „..,..... 1Or.(, ,,t tl.n f^H\nn nt \ Notice ealec! !k upon which this remain unnafd on. aay^ tjie oin day of Januapr. be detlnauentand advertise at public auction, ani Is maqe will da: at me d6..~v with costs „. es of the sale. , By order of th 11-5 offiop None. Ab^-piit: St. -r\U ,,'sldpnt of tbc Uu> Cltv of B Board of of - Kflinuir 1 ' linn fir IMP oinpp o- MIP , i'""'itv Clerk of sold Countv of Kern. liit thp Countv Court KOUSP in IV'i"»r.s- 1 field. Kern Counfv. ralifornia. and that I\i.-M II Vxlilllll v . 1 nil i\/t "•«• - ,' on said day at the hour of ten o'c tiHTcot. ttiild Hoard o( Su'.iervi*- o Clerk of l.HV l'U'1 IV .ill'i ^--^ V ^"V"*U i . /%f thp Bo'-rd of Trustees ot the ' of Bf< The' St ieKalttv O f this resolution is o'clock aini. 'jiH'fi'Ot. naid Hoard ~.' ;."..-. (.rs will meet In ivuular raeetinu thp rpfular nipptlnir nlncp ot board in said Court House to op rend said ^Ids. and, offerer s and awaii of' the Board of Directors. T. A. DAIvER. Secretary. r so muoD thereof v to raise sufficient ild ludement. .with etc.. to the hien- SUMMONS. In tbe Superit-r Court of the Couii oflern.%teof C«|o a rn. fe ^ " itlai th ... ... ie offlce Superior Court, left-lite. M Calif Peter uaue SHERIFF'S SALE. vuu w E. L. Wen .lax Con so lejendant. By virtue of . the Superior, .orn. State eeman. insolidated a ludirr IV n. Plalnlttr. vs. Karma- ated Mfmnc Company. upo o [rcYerk" of ._ The Peonle p. ... v ita send creetlne to le you"are hereby reoulred to an_ }n an acflon broueht Ajtalnst YOU the above-named plaintiff.. In arior Court of the tale of v^lUpn 1 '^' lomnjaint filed th „»"« fexcluslve of t after service on If served within,™ elsewhere, within And you are he vpu fivil to,so appei pYalntlfl wlu take money .or damBBes ui I"»i»s 1 ili' c l. n it r' *' 7V "» '*y .r 1 "*v Vr* of I1514.35. lawnilmonev of tlie United States, besides costs and Interest. JSMSK^-S^-ng alley runnine between California ave- ,nd Thirteenth street. » twpntv teet soutr HUB of Fifteenth street ^P^IH $8&tsM- n WVP^ 6 ??!? fiSffi u of.the south un - —"--nth street an.iLien.jM 1 If teenth s ie center Iln south o .reet n o*f""V stree-T the south line ten feet west NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PR*- «&•*& MM'l^pe^fl SENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ES- or corporation who shall make t ..TATE OF L. HAMME8 DECEAS- H^eft^shn^tlSSOTeCT ED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. jf said ? pon and L1 .. •« .....v i-^> mt-i »',».-. »'/' otllP. ailtl I j, sell and award snld franchise, and thf; bidp received will be onenod and read at that tlnip; that all bids must be for the payment of a stated sum in told coin of the Unlfpd^ States:, thnt the. said, francjjise .wl^be^ struck off. Pe 9 it SUMMONS . _ In the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. J O. Hodeens. Plaintiff vs. Silver Bow Oil Company. Defendant. D . . Action brouu'bt In the Superior rvmr! of the Countv of Kern S. California, and the Complaint ' ' Countv of Keni. In tho ^ of said Superior C if thp State ol ~... Silver Bow I have this dav levied upon all the rlKlit. title, claim and InteresJ of anid dpfpiijlani. of.. In an<[ to thp follow OP ' ' ' " iourt of the County llfornla. . . T .„ .... ., Of the estate of L, Hammes. deceased. Notice Is hereby Klven MT vu-o """"i Blened aAmVnfstrator, of^Uje esUteoi ine claims To exhibit W Itli VM^ MV ,«™..«n four months after llcation o. —, mlnlstrator at npuBe, in. tb< Countv of .K' the same trans TV " joucners iur months after the first pub&%^a£te&M same o* snctlon o aid Kern ated Dece jne. \AC l v^ w .- T of Fourteenth street of the center, lino of Onf> 1'V* t'OOt SOllt n Ol i u*" rn»>!«••• fe^^'^^r^'of^^rg One at the Intersnctlpn of lhn.cen : terflno of "0" street and.o line the LruilfJti:ii''u ui wt.w."--- in said Kern Cqunty. Dated December^. Public administrator'p, (e <3itv of -BaTrersneld. irnT State of eaTlfornla. « th e Place for the lusiness of paid estate IN. . Oountv. !st.ate of 'or Admlnlstrn ._ , inereioi: uruviuou it tfie time of the ooenlne la. any responsible person. ir corporation present or reore- mav old for said franchise n iot less than.ten ner cent aoov- nest sealed Wd therefor, an- BO made may Tie raised not less . c.. —., ->^Qr recpon- ,», ,xuJ rranc struclt off. sold.and awa SiinerviBorB to. v u ove . ... ^nd ttlfl oia so maae may ue ruir""* ""* tan ten per cent bv any o; Ible. mdder. Mid said bldr ontJn.ue \jnurnnallv sal ' JCK oS. sold.a ird pf Sunervlov,| S i~ ~«. er therefor In cold coin o ,u ".« must , cash"or a certlt, i Treasurer, int ' acco.mnan neck pav County. successful bidder must deposit at leas! ten per cent of the amount pf Ws bit with the Conniv Clerk of said Countv »__• _. _-l,l < Mn *irtVtnn nltlr Ytft OTfllrtlT r\f lthhe Couniv before said franch to him. And if h such "of tYiPcenteV •- J - .ny-iiifiTi ii| III 1 , , .„_ feot-"«.W. of Amf^parallei-'wUh 0 ! 1 ! %r^v^fc r wS« f ;Vbf W e A . !i^^^•S 11 1lu,^^^ipn!^^5|! To c.inMtrucl iiian-ho cs In 'V° ^ ! &^tt^4'™«™^ ""''SfeS^^V&S^Hn,; . STOCKHOLDER'S ANNUAL MEETING. The rpsnlar ann Htock'">ldPrs " f . depoBit ! aSTw je struck'ofi 'all .to make Idll IAJ UlunA Iv. then ant not he re red as void IIP HKiiln offered for sale dpi- who Hhall make the h bid therefor, snbiect to tn< iubest cush al >i« Bank i)'"id °nt '^ eTr hnnklnp ! and ic same con , (s'stnL., ./,,. ..... av.'iwlod to it hldilp.r. Avlio slui —^ bid tnPI'yiur. hiluirv.-L tu m^- rawm- ma! pipeline of the d tlons as to (lonoslt BH abpvo mon tho Pir»t Nation-1 tlotied. Sa d nrocei III-P will lit! hi < Bakersfleld, w until said fnjnch SP s. s ruck .off. sol, . ...... Hillirn!*?. ; 01HI a'-ni'i'^'l •" n '," ll< ,'. .* . i , »vi-nup. 'hnnse "in" the'Cltv of Bnkersfleld. i mal;p thp npcpssarv ilpposlt of nt leas tho n»!di r°,V -,t " o'cUiPk Pi n". on Tuesdav. i ton ner cpnt ot. the. amount, .of hlBjil u iwl <>•'•• <• ' *.„...- ,,1A" OTIP of ••! l''strpot ana twewtv fnol south ' £ ft r^fei^lfeh^iln'^lne ••V" slrool and twetit^ '"Pi- »o»lh of P I'OlltlM- llJlP Of " One. 157.75 IP'.'! fal fornia of V^!.v1off''i^9. I) ^tb^\>,Pcpn^ a?r n eq«s inJfthe transaction ot s«A i ton vic*i* C't'iit \ji IIK- nmi/»«m »" • iln-n-lor. ;i-i herein iiroyldod, i Hiicccssl'iil biddei' chilli doposlt "" rk of wild Countv. within 'Sal wit te t( tf.Un n jy aa nav nr i "rlv como t • t'l" k of Kairi CoiiniV. WltlVln tw -I 8%^ l r h ^ JXtg-Tl^S.PrPR. ijv.nmr ho-.n, Pt. ,h,- yrrrnfnce of. 1,1 i-fTOlV 11. DoccinVn'V iithriobjc ,, li! ^P^Sle^or^^te' »lf . -. ••<••••.•• «'•> >•• "«••• -ST|! PI! real pslatq. Tho Karma-AIax tnli.... .... the mill, machinery and. apt, , cated thereon, f if miles south of tni tlcularl. ., 8, mining 'STirf'ii rcui I'suiMj, n»-wiv. Tho Karma-AIax mine, toiietlipr with ... _,.,_ o _ v nnd opullnnct's lo situated nbout four o relief demande State Of IPll»;n avjuiii u» nil 1 I..TT.. »;, ..v •filed m more uarticularlv doscrlnqil nt office of ."\ Hook 8. niininK iccorda of hereby an action t he above-nam rtiaulred to appear action brpueht attalnst YOU b» plaintiff, in the Bu- o service) ummons, unty: rfserved vs (exclusive of f served wit elsewhere, w AnVf ou are . emande ess my rlor emDer. SUM perior tate of vs. Silver lanf. rior ern. e Complain ern, i the o T V of , e People w.... anuar >f p» ( f. ... iquse door ell at publl ev of the, Ui Hie. claim ant * of. u . endant. l1)ed —„--,-. of. in an3 scrfbed property. as may be ne nonev to sal~»< —.- ••i---.-— nferest anT costs, etc.. to the ffl%miops 12-18 Bv T. A. Baker. Demitv. 8 la "send omoanv. Callfor Bow 01 We^v an renulred_ to aopea; YOU BF8 nui«ut ipM«4i *j\» v« "*T.;—fiw in an, action brpURht nenlnst YOU bv the, above-named plaintiff. In the Su per or Cotirt of the Countv of Kern gtata of California, jind, to answer tb« Hunt J ver the tec ,.. .weiil\ foot Houth o of California .avcniip. t north of tbe Honih avpiiue nnd on llie ^-^•^iTwsr.^g^^i Rnnfcl nf TPUStfc'fft. for tint vunon •.* vj -*":* ^¥wAa^,.« Bp n(< .tlons on irk. snld RnKine'cr anil •••v;i,A"^fi\> ISiSn'i 1 'Sron^ and ^ne'clficat jm.s 'ar, fierrlVv "«o,HPA nB ' o f teffo"- nK. d<>- NOTICE TO H^EI ( Rg ON PROVING matter of^the estate of James clven. that Moil of s: sali te C a, l GC Nottr"' | C s e ¥eff!bv clven. that Mon- frW-f f i v o e a h ck d % v ^ Wtfv: sntfjho.^tj;^.^!? 1 ^^^^ 6 ^,^!!' of California, nave Jonntv^riTorn? i Court r Ov been ;ourl r „ , ..... Jtate of CK. appointed as the 'PH. i n-TOUT ntlUlM '»i ill' 1 ; 'r<-.-IPIMU^.- .M ... 12-11 bid. the romalnlne nlnptv ner cent < the amount tliereof. and In case lie or Ml Hliall f:-il "> dc, so. then IIP K'*' 1 ' 't"- nosit tluTPtotore inade win be forfeit:«,!. and t IP award of said franchise ! will be veld, and said IninchlsP, win vlKorH. be ataln offered for Bale to thp hiirhpst bld'lor tliprofor. In tho samp manner and under tho name, restrlc- ^ffltefoVte^*^ 11 ^ 11 thf C)prk of said Ooiinlv the remain- Ine nlnetv iii>r cent of his hid. wlt.hin twentv-four hours lifter Us acceptance. th.P award to n.ljn "f yil|l fra^oMse him after service on v if BL-rved within sal' elspwhero. within tiun. WS,' D « ... • And you are hereby notified that l vou fall to so annnnr »nd nnswnr. u\ Plaintiff will tako ludKinent for anv monev or (laina.e<«i denmndod In tne Oonntv: If serve lrtv « 1) V 1 " I' i »' ; '' l " i" i 1 .* ' "ni.rt of this rpsolution IP said upwers *•"• nn nio tn HUM! Court, and the ftppllrutlon of A. D. for tho Issuanco to him of tamentarv thorpon. M|U<BR olp ,.,.. Oeorcc Flouriiev. attorney for PC_ ± ,,u. C u Dec. 28. A. D. 1908. ___ 12-29 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids wM bo received by C. nitzmnn at his residence, 812 H street Kern, from December 21. 1908, complaint as arlHlnn will apply to the. (-OJ..V ,•-.• - rcllpf demandoci In the complaint. Witness mvJiand and the seal said Superior .Court of the Ogptv iCorn. State of CiUlfornla. this 281 dnv of Oct.. A. D. a«ii'i.. . „„ ,,,„.., fioo ountv. r roi>""t_v n o'uiwn"of"MbiaVp nnd Kern Julv " By del Smith, Rowon Irwln .1. W tortipvs for plaintiff , f Clerk. P. Laird, Stiito qf Cnllrornla. Tho said point: In Kern Countv. State ^utjjl'c notice la hereby m E]von that fill, on Shturoav. the 9th dav of luary. A. D. 1909. at 11 oVIpck n. m. po'd dnv. In front of the. Court the Countv of Kern, ctlon. for Inw.ful mon- I States, aft the rfsrht. a tetest of sala qe- to tho above de'. or so much thereof ifflcient itT With •r~~ -,j«vi' Be BU|— if? said lijgKmenir' ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Armlnta Oil lation of n Iff* ^ BaKerp Noti r-Dany, a oornoraUoa. ^ of business, fornla. eTi . by lilven: That , rectors or the Armln '•— A at. a np beloT on aa as._ cents i POD the _._ on. Divv- icsdav, January [more, jjecretary, ? np, California, hfa assesRment i The 6th day of nupiit and gOBSiiient. fqeother with costs vert sine and exnenaes of salo. Dated. December 7th. 190,8. •al) A. I), Kl.MOHR. iecrntarv Armlnta Oil Conii)anv. • Dcutlon of offlco. 1047 I St.. i, Cullfonilu. l!i-l (SealV Se Loc Fro sno. Office of the Clertt or.the Boar* Supervisors, County of Kern, St of California. To all non-consenting owners of hereinafter described lands take tlce, that the report ot the views on proposed County Roa*} No; 271, de scribed as commencing at the c to sections 1 and 12 on the boundary of township 26 south lange 25 east, M. D. B. & M., then west along and 30 feet on each ST of tbe Hne between sections 1 and 2 and Jl, 3 and 10, 4 and 9. and 6 8, a ilsosnce of 6 miles; noaa 471 A, beginning at the ter aectfbn corner on the past dary of section 12 of township south pf 'range 25 east, thence along tfhd 30 feet on each side line Between the north and halves of sections 12 and 11, a tance of 2 miles; Road 271 B, commencing at the .„ ner to sections 11, 12, 13 ami 14- township 28 south of range 25 thence west along and 30 feet on ,_, hide of the line between sections;'! and 14, a distance of 1 mile; Road 371 C, commencing at corner to sections 13 and 24 o east boundary of township 26 _ of range 25 cast, thrnce west alti and 30 feet on each side of the ~ between sections 13 and 24, a diet of 1 mile; also ' extending east from Blurting point 119 feet to No. 99; Bond 271 D, beginning at Iho will be set thorotofrc aside. wane oy , -vu,- i,.n.-i.... and no further cccdlnirB for thp H"!P of said fn;" will bo had until tho same Khali iMlvprflseil for n!tle. Notjre IK further ,5 lv .™, ^{f/ wil .K tiro- .Milse ho re- o must be coniliH'iicoil in sroo'l In not niorp tluin f(>iir umnthn fr.ou so c frniic forfe cbVnnipncci work th wltli- the • tf r'-s'SFd "IVSe 1 H',: ted Hhnll be (lcc!-ir iichlHO BO L'rantpd Hhnll IIP dcol-irpd feit pil. ami HTnill be comtdt'tPi! within not more than thr<-p vp.nrH thoroart- 'n.f in- v.^dtn LII..TI . ..I •'<<o within KM ic iniie ^>IMI franclUHP HO PTHIltPd Khali be forfeited: provided that foi I'noil oniiKo Hhown. H'lld.Board, muv bv If not piilf! f hill, .,« .. niinllty yk.... iniiti>rlal 'ind ....... . standard .Iron covers. A fSlfflfl&'teSir feet J ®K>ind shaft be qonstrucieil •ick laid ft cement mortar NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. ,,„.... „ .- - - Bakersflpld Fuel and Oil Cpmmmv. ter section corner on the south D ocatlon of principal tmico of biiHlnesH ,j ar y o f S0 ctlon 13; thence north ai p'rS"' feun?y r r%ltol 011 Sotip^ and 30 feet on each side of - erebv elve.n,.lhat at a meotlne of the v , Clerk. OeoT'lS. Whltaker.Atty for Pltff. 11 NOTICE OF A88E88M"-NT. Grand Prize Oil Company. Prtncl- nal place of business. Bakersfleld. Keen Countv. California. ... herebv iriven that at a directors, held on the Cern .Countv. C Notice In her ijoetlni! of the list day of Novc nent of ono cen, innn tnA nnnlt.n.1 lie d I recto; u .»v Jovember. ment of ono nprin the can (ion. payable ,...,..,.. dornlirned socrejjyrv >jT<;..»..^. . ..•.•... an assess- ;ent per share, waslevled lal Btock of Ihe corDora- imtnofllatelv to the unsaid corpora hereby Klven." that "at a meotlne _ directors of the. aboyo named cprpor ild on Iho 6th dav of Decem asspaamont qf ono nun share was levied upon _,...,_. -.-.JK of the corporation. i>avahTe lmmedfalerv,to the secretary H said corporation. CharfoB A. Lee. at Ills office at the office of the County ecorder of Kern County. .. Any stock unon which this .ftasess- menl BhaU remain unoalrt on the flth day of January. i9f)9., will fbe uelln- iuent an* advertised for salo »t pub- ,lc auction, and unless payment Is made before, win he sold on the 30th day of January. 1909. to nay the dolln- mipnl nspp-smpnt, toeether with the nriHiH of iiilvortlalnir and oxneutigH of dorw irned socretiiry of said corpora- Uou. at rooms Z,03-20i Producers Jav- InL'H Bank build ne, Bakersneld. Kern Co)int.Callfornl_n. ... L1 ... .,.,. „„„.„. Anv 'stock upon ....„„ remain unpaid 1th duv o.r .lanu iitiniiuuoui. and adyer.. nubile siictlon. and un n^.^-v, , --.... • roHolution'"«"xtond" the 't'lmo for com to January 1, 1909. for tho erection J ))( .H,MI thereof, not t-xceodliiK three b°u,.ynra»nrto7ans a and US i&l-^ToV ffln»-S Ifications. The owner reserves the nj^st..^/^^^^^-^^*^^^^!]; deilnduen •li IF K (i 5th dav of K 1 our of 2 o'clock whlch thl? t^ inrv. rtlBt' ^ oiictlon. and unlo; inndn before, will l»o sold thr lst«l for sale 8 lnps pavment will bo sold on Haturdav. >f Fobrnarv. ]90fl. at the costa of iis paVment Haturd * of t.. n.' m. t'o'pfiv'the <jv „„„..,„,. ..ipnt, tpcethor wit advertising and .expenses o F. B. BORTHN. Secy, pro tern. , OOHW of H'lvortlslnK ale eofPt"rv, of the Oil , Co., Bakera , lnK apd ..expenses of CHAS, Awl'vlS' , nnkorsflold Fuel iiml deW. Gal. 12-!> NOTICE. To all whom It .may concern: I (J nil WUU*U it i*i«*-r »**,'ii*»v» v Notice Is lierebv Klynn tji Board of Supervisors of thp Cc Kern w 11 not audit nnv bill tlMJ Bounty, of i 8 lir . right to reject »ny and the C nine 8Bru ^,i^ < « lt "JT ,iov« nW«r R! frnn- «*><» F. •. BORTHN. Becj ^wE^K^iV® ^SHftgB«JB«.w to Bald County In the penal sum tr. OKBflma. nit p r,< bill ted irbv nttnont «. ~... . unless a roniil Irst presented t( lard. „,.,..v IU. or l)i " 8 jntv contructod bv coun- in officers orbv oerscmi Bee ov appolnttnont of sal; .. _. — each between the east and west section 13, a distance of 1 mn been set for hearing before th 3oard of Supervisors nt their n the County Court House, in City of Bakersfleld, Kern Coun State of California, at the hour of o'clock, a. m., of the 4th day ot J«" ary. 1909, where any and all per~ interested therein may appear make objection thereto if dc proper. .. The said proposed road or pu| highway will pass over, through f upon the land* of Kern County T* Company, R K. Sherwood, J. I* ertson, F. Evi rt, Chns. B, Lawre Chas. Bcnton, J. H. Melcher, M. kins McFnrlaml-1-alrd, S. Tuek«Fy! K Kalrd, M. 1- McFarland J.'W.f, tner. J. B. Kae, S. A. Stlropson. J^ Yonkum. 1^. i<. Knlor, J, L. Nethaf,' Sfhninakpr and M. M, Cecil. By order of the said Board ot- H. A, JASTRO, Chainuan of said Boaro. Attest: Attest: I.

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