Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1916
Page 3
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ROCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE ROCK FALLS. ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1910 MILITARY €U1! Th<- fr'«m t li oyg' Military Ciub Will MP?? Wj neiday Evening At Armory. Thf» lii.vs 1 M.;;i!.ii v f|i,t. uiU rii. \- r If !| t.v t;lk« j-.! tit.rial < - ,-td> ! Prill « h;< h nt l-V-rr Slifiid.-ui i«;« < of one nnti lour i> n> Will be |'.-«id. :tnd if !b<- n<-«-f'»mftrv fund." w(H fi.u. Illinois are lri\ it«--d nnd tf Ko<-k Full,* bovf co It will h*-!i,. in put them on the map . All th*> bovs wfd l«> some puldlr fplrttfd rltlRens who «i!! hHp furtii5h thf« necfftsury funds Such men a* INVITATIONS ISSUED rFor the Wedding Of Miss Hazel Wakcman aru ! William Murray, Mr Mr-' N. Vl«.)t 't!C f\ l\ t('l .\tr MM. I Mr |'t"' ! ! » Ifl'A It. .-•)•' \^"?fl tJrf 'it .M'-.t'«!,.,v .Mr, I,. A. .Mort K«-v HOWTQREfHJCE YOUR WEIGHT SAFE, RELIABLE WAY who nr< % "vrr-J-tnrdf-ned with i«< fa*, kiinw rajiv f«rt weJJ t h«> >!fH»rf!m t r!d;<-ulr> 'bat o-.-f-r-stont Mt.« I ';i ri ! U'akptnnn, to will Kv-tn ,M»rr«> Thurtiiny nf?frn<-m-n '"jTh- K !'i '''t i ' "'"'» r -5th. at th»i .McKenzlf home. '•J v "''. ' j T' 1 " cnvmony will !>«• p»'rfi'rme<l b.< "•'. '»•", t 1 '"*v. H, . W. Murray, of Uelvfdrnr NferltriK nit'i i f.^i,,.,. ,,f Jno K ;rmrn, in the f.n-M-m-i of thtrty-Mx fflatjv»'« ntiil frli'-mls. The hrld**-to-be is the eldest din tf-r ifp'Mr, nnd Mrs Kdward Wakeman tnrt has m.iiif* her "home with At th" head of thr> tnovi'rn«-fii. A petition hni nlr^ndy bcrn cin nlut- ..... *il to help the l«oj«. ;-v_ SURPRISE PARTY A Birthday Surprii* GivPh C**« Eld- r«nk»mp L»»t Evening. A 8tir|>rlsr< pntty wnn Rlv»«n «'ns« IC!- frn-nhnrnp tnjrt--rTTTitTTjf-~itt — htn — rrnrrtr n*t ,»>f Joxvn, Tl)« nffalr wn* In honor of }I!H twfnty-iMM'ontl lilrthil-iy. - Th«rt % v.cff twenty-two giu'sts present, arid llii'.v ptTjti'iitcd tiliti wltJi a •l>«U!tlfUi .Rolfi chain und. knife lt^ honor of thf pvfnt, , _ •' Th«i whnlo ; nffnlr wn« n complp|<« *i>rprlfl«» to him. The cv««tiing- w«u» In mimic and ;lat« hour (Ifllclotm rffroshnifnts w»»n» tuul at it TiiiH b*'fn nn rfficlffit operator ;«t (In* h)jfr*fntf> Tf>l«"phoTi«* < 'o. for ,i nitm- I b*-r of y»Mt'5 arid has many ftlondu \vh' ill t'(tngrniulfttP h^r In «<U«ft<«» ThP grmirn-to-bc Is a «ori of llov. S \V. ilurrny, formerly piistnr of thf Ftm'k Fulls churfh. nnd JlHft Uiirdlclt, I«nb)>IU' Hopkins. 'o Newton, l'>rn HII- Uroivhi M,nlon .Walton, tirown, Htpphpnmjn and FTplfti 'Httmp msd Rlnff, Mowror. flnrold Kltni»r All«-n. VA l>onnJd John bci-k, Jolni Kidrenknnip, Hfir.old and Ilujth 'ioldcr. RECEPTION hold!* n responsible position with the International Harvester Co, After a short wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Murray will return to this rlty to moke 1 their home..on En*t Third Etrppj. BIRTHDAY PARTY A SurprUe Given Mra. Wettell By Children And Frienda. Tho children and friend* of Mrs. Henry W«t*e11 of KnM Third street mtrprlwd her Sunday afterno<tff In lumot- of her birthday. Those, p'reaent wef-*»r-"M F—tt i H^- M w.~ -Jotm—W»t 3*11 - *wut family, 'Mr. and Mr«, Jame* Wetnell and family, Mr. nnd Mr*, Will Wetrell and family. Mr. and!,M_n». <»«ear Wet- leil and family. Mr. and Mrs, Henry «»ldn end family, fill of Hume; Mlsa Retia and 1/llllan and Harry WMzfll, nf Hm-k Kail*; Mr. and Mrs. Ham Wet- M-ll, of Sterling; Mr,-and Mr». l)nn Myerx. of Sterling. The children gave f*EWS Farewell Recaption Given Rev, Lett And Family. A fnrewell reception was glveis llev; •and Mrs, and family ln>.l fvcniiiK In the c-hiirch parlors, ' l The program wari very .KI«M|, the dlffen-ni churches being repreitf-nted. Miss HnKel Henri ' of the f'ongregu tlonal a brmiilfiil Thi- Male Quartettn from the Christian wan exceptionally Rood, while Ilf-v, O|!N of tlie Hroadway Methodist K"Vi< a splendid talk. , After the proitrnm the «»venlnK was spent in a soclnl way. Fnipjie mid afers WITP sers»'d. There are many friends who reititt. to see Hev. I»n and his family Irave. and 'they all wish Jjlm success' In his new charge. KING'S DAUGHTERS All Day Meeting Held Tfui'*d«y At Home Of Mrs. Knox. »-J , * 4 * .... . * -. ......... Kings' I>aughtern wll I meet 01 Thntwhiy afternoon ot th« )u»mc o Mni. Mai'tlri Ivtio.x , no.'ir .Mlnera ^Bprlnffq park. The .daw/Ml be «pen III »ewli»K f*«r Mrs. Knox. In the af -terntKin -a .business • meeting- will h and the report* «>f the n'ate con «"tM bn r"Tl.. "A Will be awrvcd at noon, - All thonn wlahtng to,jpp will pleano lak» the onn o'clock ri«r and other •conveyances will meet them at the-car ! MRS. FRYMAN DIES Died Mondav Afternoon After A Long Illneaa. i.—Atrmt—Fre^mttn—fitt»i«*d—awa B Monday afternoon at. her late home |, on Dlxorravenue.'^llhe ha« b6en sick for tt number of months, so her death ,W»» not. wholly unexpected. Mrs. Freeman has been a resident ol this city for a number of yours, and beitldt'H the family Kite leaves HOOTCH of frlendH who will mourn her loss. Th« funeral .'arrangements havo not |<yet been completed. RUNS INTO STEAM ROLLER. IV While Duncan Mclieth was driving' |ll« car along' the Golder road last eve- ulnjr h<» had the- misfortune to run In- -4o A, ateam roller, which resulted In [badly damaKlnK hln car, but aa.luok ; : %oufd liave It no one was hurt. Perfect rfumes Mirutt thoro is no .'thing JIM u perfect per- j t ~otfn?r; IH imide from flower itself. #M»st of our porfumes arc direct 'ebnoiitratiouB fr^oin the every popular in represented^ These perfumes by f their liigh quality givo louder la«tr- ing olfeotH, und thus great- Thrtr mot her a gt»M - - w-atf h -•« h»ln «nd other gift*.. Ice cream anil cake wan nerved which the giientH brought along MYSTIC^VORKERS Meetin0 Held Thla Evening In The Woodman Hall, Tho Mj-Htlc Worker*, lodge No. 32, will hold a meeting thin evening nl 7:30 o'clock In the Woodman hall, The rt-Kiilnr routine of btinlnewr- will take place, and the drill tenm will put on work. After tho regular buslneM!? meeting jlhe evening will bo'ape.nt In dancing', to which the public In invited. SNAKEjFoUND In The Baaement Of The Shoe Shop On Firat Avenue. The hiilloniilnt-; the Corn Carnival hud a hug« » with him nnd it Rot away In tho upatalrn roonm over .the... nhoe nbop on- Mrst avenue.. and W.IH m*en of H until yester- Mlb 'ONARY INSTITUTE. A ntimlipi >f Kns! people went to the iMlori.iry institute jit l-Vfitftn last Ft, iv. Those who at- tetid*f! were Mr. ; •! Mr«. Armrs Hr«nh, Mr. nnd Mr«.'F. Si -ill, Mrs*. Towfdey. !Mr». W. I). Dftwr-ller, 1 rs. Frank iJpt- weller, >!rc, C. Park* . ? Clarence, Hohert and Ruth Coats. L*., F'fimd- utejn, Emma Rcholt and Dorothj if'im- mC'l,-the. latter r<?pre*f'ntiiiK the «>tt> - b<dn Guild. Mm. Hal Knilth, return* 1 *! mlRfdonary from Afrk-a, cave the even'" ins lecture, Mrs, V. \\ r . Overton nnd Ml«» Dora Hntiftiknper were |?rei>enr •rind took part In the program. FUNERAL SERVICE HELD. I,|ttl*> Robert, the two year old son if Mr, nnd Mrs. Roy Otilnther wan iiirled Saturday afternfMin. The case « a very snd one, the child -being ac* •Identally kicked !>y a home. He did tot regain cotmrintiHnfss ancl lived but n few hours. Heartfelt Kympathy I* extended to the family, JORDAN BRIEFS. The meetings at Knot Jordan are In progress. Mrs. Hatiih Huff, well known in Jor» dan and a «l«U-r of tH« .lohns, Is re* If ir»' c.'irryltie around file I' tr.M [..lisr''!*" <>f imh'-nlthy Tn> v<>ii ar ufinti/'i-sjiBr i!y w f-f?kf-nirie "I'-ntr xi.fnl or"- j ir.-inp mill nr'-' 'ru'iving a !nsrf!"f-n whl«'h i d<-«tn''ys thf iHTiiitv «if your f1c>irf> | Thrrr- l« n>-> riPt'ii of anyone sufferlne; fn>m Miij-f-rfiinui* f;i(. If you want t<> rf-<hn« v tvHcM in ft firnr-ir-. j»,if> mid rr-MaHf WAV. without f--tnr - »ntit>n di«'t or tir»v«r»mv *>vrH«s>. here fs n ij'st worth Irvine. f*|>rrtrt ft* much time a* yftit can !n th<? nfipR ft!r, <Jiil«>«<; tsNe <>n* nfter ouch »nenl and ..HP i«efor«- rr-tirlng nt nipht. Weigh yourself once a week so hs to know just how fast you are Josinjt weight arid don't leave off t;he tr»»ftt- rnent or evi»n skip n single dose until you are down to normal. "'* < ill of korein Is absolutely is pleasant to't«ke. and helps tioij. Kve.n A few dnys treatment has reported to show n notlrpahic Ion In wcfRht. footsteps become _.. your work srems ensler nnd a liRhter and more buoya.nt feelln)!; takes possession of your whole belnK. Kvery person who sufferii front-a.upBr- fat should give this treatment Fred H. K DODGE BROTHERS MOTORCAR In Mexico and on the American border it hag distinguished .itself in government Iff satrifactoi-y performancf under condrtion* of unusual hardthip is now a matter of authentic record, It will pay you to visit us and examine this car. «K. r ERIE NEWS GUEST OBSERVED The Th« lire T!ic prir '-orisnmption is ly low. mlly hii>h. of the Tomfiifr i.r l!.>:id- lefe i« $7xr, (f. «,. !,. |)rtiolf( l« a n!''ply at her h»imc, after hav- IriK been fonflfKHl nt the -hospital for a number of weeks. 'Mrs; Kim- John luul fi tho past week which Krent c-onvenlence for the home. Mr. and Mrs. F, t/. Klchhorn and Miss Northlnston molored lo Viui Orlti f>n Saturday for a week-end visit nt the Kteru Faber and Frank llrown homes, Willis Tlllrnan will he called to Morrison thin wwK as petit Juror, George 'Koypr purohnsed a car recently. .They Jnotored to Hock FallH on Hunday. ; Saturday four auto loads went Society Mtt At The Horn* Of Mr«. J. C. Adami. The W. F. M. 8.. of th« M. K. chttrrh mei at the home of Mrs. J. «..', Adams \13'«L^jJ.:ViLJ*ftetrfbi!iu_ J IL.1 waa Kucsi ray and ago/t seventeen, Inciuding memowst-^Rnd- atnents. Wf-fi> iltraent. After thu bnslnpjis meeting and lesson the regular quat-lerly tea wan served by the committee and n ftoflal tlrnw TO UNDERGO OPERATION, Th« price of the Winter Touring Car or Roadster complete including regular mohair top it $950 (f. o. b. Detroit) to Slarved Hock. Snlle nnd Dwr Park. The following made up the party: Chris't, Walter,. Dorothy and day morning.. When Mr. Oerrndl, thn cobbler, went Into tin 1 . and found It there. W. J. Mowrer was called and ht« hit it on th« head with a Kfi« pl|* which Its tiff.- . '"'•'' MOTOR TO ROCK ISLAND. Mr." and MT«. Arthur Palmer, Mra. Ix»ul» Palmer, Mr*. E<l Weber and Henry Weber motored to Hock Island Sunday where they spent the day. Catherine Hummel, Frank, Hcrtha, Mabel, Krnnia. Arthur, Clark and Roy Let a Pfundsteln, Clarence •Parka and Rert Roylnglwn. Howard Gardner and Clarence Parka motored to Alt. Carroll on Sunday afternoon.' MrM. R. Comer, a ninter-ln-law of ;Mrir. Towaley, who came, homo with thFnr~from confenmrr—returncd—Sat«- urday to Gilson. . .Mr. and Mrn. jlohn Snyder and MrV and Mr«.-ClmrleH Parka attended the fum-rul of William hmi; on CEA8ERKAN OPERATION. A .ccauereun operation wa* performed 6*ti Mrs; Albert Scheler Monday jtt the. Public Hospital. Both mother and babe, u line daughter, are dolntj nice- ROCK FALLS BRIEFS Stop Don't Walk, call Bell 68«R for Partridge Auto Service.. Headquarters) at Loniffellows, 91-93.* . Nick Cavadas reaigned hfs position at Hanseh'8 barber whop and left for Detroit, where he will make bin future home at Strat* f ikm I ly motored - te- (.iregon and' Col. Lowden'a farm on Tuesday. . Mr». Mary Ayre« left lant Thuraday morning, for an extended vinlt with her Ii hospital where shn' wMI submit to an operation for an Inward tumor. 8h» wan accomplished by her husband, who will remain until after the oper- lUion. Her many frlendn hope to hear a favorable report soon. WILL HEAR LECTURER. The next number In the high wchool lecture course will be Thursday evening, October 39th, and the entertainment will h* a lecture by CharicB H. Plaltenhtirif a lecturer of fine reputation. ERIC BRIEFS, Mrs, Nun Fwwter, of Nebraska, and her sister, Mrs. Mary Filbert, from Watertown, were xuests Thuraday of Mrs. J. I', Hubbart >and family, Mr*. Fruisler remaining until I-Viday eve- nlri»f. She wan at one time a resident of tcri«,>but movcduo Nebraska a number of -yearo a«o, She recently camo from there to spend,tho winter with, her ulster at Watertown. —Mr-and-MrkrHenry-jBiinrhaTO-rcnt-- »-d Mrn. lx)ltle Melghan'a In the eastern part of town and will move Into it nbout the lirst of November from the room* in Mm John Hoffman's house; -Mrjr Hoffmtiip Iput «Ueen In. Twin City Auto CompanyJ 320 Locust Street HS'rttfs* CROSS, FEVERISH CHILD IS BILIOUS OR CONSTIPATED LOOK, MOTHER! IF TONGUE 18 COATED GIVE "CALIFORNIA t DlHCiiHMlon— Supl. Karkler. Sterling. ! Village and Rural tiection. j A Joint meeting of the VlllaKO am Hurnl TeacJiers 1 S<>etloin« will be heli In the Hcli-nco r»um at the hlxh achoo from 1:30 to 2:15 p. rn,, with Kupt Millet 1 of Dlxon • UH chairman. The ud- dri'M.stf* will hi- by Dr. Allen Hoben o the L f nl.ver«lty tt of ChicttKu, hln Hiibject bclnii. "The Character of ' CS and Nature Study." Rural Schooli Section. Co. Supl. Miller, of Dixon. will- pre- j fiidi' r 'over the following .___.___.__ Mr. and Mrs. ,)o»se Martin and nt' Dfton, spent the week end with \heir parents, Mr. and Mra. J. A. Gil- bcrt. Also R, K, Gilbert and wife and son were dinner' guesta on _tjunday. Mlasea Dorothy and EJileen and Vincent 1'yler returnc-d home today after a week's visit In Clinton, Iowa. Mr. and Mm. Carl Pyler returned home Hunday from MasKilora, ohio^ having been called there by the death of Mrn. PyJer'a aunt, P. D. OUon. of Tamplco, spent Bfon- day hero with Mr. and Mrs. .T, Hiron: • \V. The concrete wall wan laid and the b'arn nearly ready to raise on the Knoch Heede farm. . Frank MlUhoune and family and George Wechaler motored to Van Orln on Sunday morning, where Jtev. M. W. Wechaler, of Ub0e, Ind., is holding evangellHtlc meetinga, Mr. and Mr». Henry Gulnther were term, but ejcpects to return to Davenport «oon to spend the winter with a niece. Mr.' and Mr«. Byron Ilog*« and baby I tongue, mottjor! mother realise-*, after hor children "California Hyrup of Fig*." that this Is their Ideal laxative, brniuse they love Its pleasant tante alid it thoroughly cleaiusiea the tender little xtom- 5cKTlfvBr "amI""t«Twelirw1 thont-Krl pmgi— When cross, Irritable, feverish or breath :« had, stomach sour, look at the the CotintryHlde" — Prof. X, D. Address— "Our Hunil Schools"— Stat Hujit. lilulr. of Rural IM If coated, give a "fruit vlaltln? In Iowa and culled Home on account, of the death of their little grandaoh. . Mr. •andvAlrs. Lloyd J[ )ft J B r an(i J*°?V .ttccompApHTd IbyJ Mrr'and Mr«. 1. II. Kline/rfnd .daughter Franccw, took a 1oriK/uto trip on Sunday. ton from Yatea Co., Nebr., were recent visitors at the J. P. Hubbart home. Mrs. Lucy Buencher,. 4Rbo_cami> tp Sterling from Denver, Colo,, a f«w weeka ago, spent the pant week in Melghun. She expects to go to Indiana soon to visit relatives of her late hu«- Imnd. and will then return to Brie foi* a longer visit. This is her ilret vlult here, wince leaving thirteen year* ago. Mr."«tiid'Mm. F. P. Tlmmcrman arfr enjoying a visit from their son Craig, of Montlcello, Minn. Claudo- tlveY' and Jin a few hourn all the foul, constipated waste, suilr bile and uridi- KOHted, food paijgea out of the bo\v«.|H. and! f* you have a well, playful , chll " When its little nyxtem IK fu »-h«s atomach-ache _ -__ Kiipt. Tiu.S, IJrew%~Wln7d7Jw7~cIi'aTr~ num. "I'renent Day J»rrd»lemn for VllhiKc School lfr,iiicip:ilM"— 1'rin.W', T. Cra- tiiirn, "TtocklonVV ......... — ~ U(Kcu»slyn— I'rin. Alfred Tute. Hollo. AViB., where h? has found employment in a Jewelry store. . diarrhoea, Iridlgeation, collc-rcmcmber » good "innlde cleansitm"' should a! waya be th« first treatment Klven. , -Millions at mothers keep "CullfornU Syrup of F|R«" handy; they knAw a tfrMpoonful today uavtm a Mick child to naorrow. Ask your driiKKixt for a DO oeiit bottle of "California Hyrup. o FiK»." which hatt dlrecllona for babies HUME NEWS ](. Johnston and daughter, Mituf Pebe. of Ke..vvane.e t are here vlalting at the homo of their son and brother, U. 5- Johnston. , , Mm. R,,Mlor» came home today from i visit in Freeport. Ml«s Uladyn Pratt n»turneu""loday to ler homti in Chicago after a visit here with Mr. and Mra. OUH TTi'i*». House" of X' Monday on business. Mrs. W. H. Uryunt wuu here ' returned homf Monday, from u week's visit in Ma«iuo- ReTa, Ta,"~ " " e'r ocoflffcy i deni ruble toilet adjunct, our liiw, X WYUE Prtiorlptlon Rock Full* THE CARE OFJW FURNITURE A Famous Furniture House Issues • Free Booklet on ,the Subject The Tobey Furniture Company, 33 N; kVabash Ave., Chicago, ajid 669 Fifth Ave., New York, has issued a very inter- sting and valu&bie booklet on the care >f fine varnish and enamel surfaces,which will be maikd fr««jOBurequest Tremendous damage is done, says the Tobey Company, by the use of soap* injurinns poi'snes.—rnrrirf rtfan- VICTIM OPIIAZERS^ Student at Morninaaide Colle<je Die* of Dew Molnes, la.. Oct.'ll— liasing dur r Ing his drat week at Mornlnga.tde col- h'lin )H responsible for 'the death of Paul N, Blue, 20 yearn old, 'of Eagle »t a ho»pitul.—Ditt- Jiett-« was the cauae of death. An <*u- topay was held at the Harnach under* tukink parlorw ut the requeat of the l>are|iu. Mr. und-MrH. Donald; Ulue. ,, Tht» yiiinitf man matriculated at the college, which In located at Hioux City, at the beginning of the school year. With a number of other freahtnen he given the "treatment." The caae in mild to have been a very pcullar one, and while the diagnosis of dlabetea proved to be correct there were other complications that puxzled the doctors. — Mr. and Mrs. Edw'urd Vestal and Mr. P. Shearen of Omaha, Neb., cume Monday to visit Bert Scotl.Thex 4r'o\|c,jtliru in there auto and will visit until 'the wedding of Dolly Scott. . Mr, Sheart'ti went Tu(JBdny with 'both couplea nnd will leave in" their auto for %ialne,wherc they wlij make their home, ahd Mr». wer» cullera at Henry Olds afternoon. XFSSf Tuesday children of all ages . and i Krown-upa printed on .the bottle, liewltre of counterfeits aold here, BO don't be fooled Get the genuine, mndu by "California Wti; Syrup...Compsny*'. 1 ...'..-: . TEACHERS MEET (Continued from f'ago One.) «^»»«WaM^MIHM«>MI«l^«W«M^^m^MB«IM^ •— B«».i —,««(•,«.. m «.*~ —• *f—t Teaching, the Muutcr Craft— Supt. C u. Levitt, Savann*. i IWRT" .Nature Study; UH Place In Child Lift; —Miss Klsle IVygant. The Value of Story Telliiiur and Po- otry^in Primary ISducatlon—'&UKH An- lolte tli(> hwt few iiioniliB ri'Hiriifdluuiif FOR gAILSTRIKE Ninety Per C«Hr of Canadian Pacific Favor « Walkout. ~ Winnipeg; Man., Oct. 17.~-Official8 of tit Railway CoiidurlorH und by them for cleaning their finest pieces and keeping them In beautiful condition, is now fold by leading hardware, paint, drug, grocery, furniture and auto supply stores throughout the country. It is a perfect preparation for auto body requirements; keeps K car clean and looking like new. Costs no .more than" other polishes—25c, SOo and $1 sizes. the way of working hours and duties, aupport the recommendation of tho in- Mllike. a Cornell .Wood Board ^_, The fire resisting, sanitary wall board. ' **^ Easily put on, low in price. Telephone _ * 8$ for Wood Board, Lumber -and Coal ' h n s to n tti m B e r Co. Rock^alls FILED PROTEST Japan and RvM'* Object tq Conc*«. »iona to Amirioan Conc«rni. Chinese cinliuMHy officlHlx oanilirm the. Poklu report that tho JftpunoHO and railway and cttnal rij<lit con- to the American Jnti-i iHiUuiuU 'Corporation of New York nnd the Jitney company of St. I'aul, Kniljuxhy olTcttilM ^vould nut dis- vvluil WWM done with tht* protect il is, believed It Wit*' laid bcfoit* lUitf department. J wltlj but the KIULBO IN A TIP OVER. Hm-llngton, ia. »ii t. 17— I'Vunk Smith, wti» kilfi'd when ilu- uutoinobilti hi 1 wax diivuig piutiKi'xl ovi'r u bank ttvif iniltis* uorfh of hen-, Hi« back w/ts lir<"ik(>n. MIM.. t'hir.i Tunxmati u/ tins i'itj-, tin- ntln't Oifiijiuni 4>f tin n>itiiin»* Nl«v '.iilli MM! .1 bii'l.! i, I.'K Mr. and Mra, John Partridge of Rock Fulla were culler* Monday afternoon at Henry Partridge. .. T •Mr, and Mrs. Hurry puller and Mr, Mrs. David llutlcr-spent Sunday near Colutu with frlonda. Mm, Peter Rlglwr and Jrvln Wlikln. noil apent Friday with" Jonu^ Rlgler ffi Hock Fulla. Koad •i'onunlaitioner Cleveland had Mr», Henry W*t»el. of liook .r^ilft and Mra (Hark Vinton, of near Co VJsUwl John and Qacar Wutzel Hi'.nry i)hla laat week." Mra, Thomas C.'onboy, o/ vlalted • Bera-ar days this we«k lior foils, Kd, JQd- Jfiljn, Miai* Elizabetli Huber Iwa gone |ni her hom» An Belvldere for.* vlalt. ^ », Tha election board of Hume woura like all the women to register befo^ erection, and they cah do '«o on the* ifth of October at Karl Clevejand'a and on the 3ltH at the iiumo Center nchool houae. ^ Mr. and AJr«..t"a,rl Schicli aj-ont Saturday helping Mr«. Hiew move -ftoiii Hock l^ll» to SterUii*. Mrs. Knox iio« bpen i-uclug for Mr«< lx)nRunnckcr's children while ahe wiui in Chicago the paat week, Mr. arid Mr*. Uutiuui Wukcnuu r«- tiuiivd ii» iticir lioine utlcr t*pcndiu>j three weeks with their daughter, Mra. Harry spear. " ~ .. - Mr. and Mr*. Will Brown and of Kn<«. an4 Mrn Halidi 1>ie Carrol Moore. History; Jts Kieanor Toxwell. Inllucnce- Section. 8upt. Herman Wimmer, of Hochelle, will iH'fHide, th» proKi'iim luMnu: The Art of Que»tfoninK—MU« Mar- gar»t WcDerraott, Hochelle. telling,/or Qay'« \Vork-Hupt, <\ H. Anijeraon, Polo. 'An AnalyuiM of Content In Klemenl- ary Study—Hupt, H. CI. Jonen. Hockford. Grammar Section. Supt, C, K. 1'hureH, of Hock J-'alla, will be chulrmun of thlH.«wtion. Tlu program: —Advwutuges of the-Hlk and Hix Plan for thej>Tth Jtntl Ht'h.Uradea and lie NecesHury in the Orsan Union JLtl^Jb-Jjehjm»I—aiu>i, Th» Nature, Purpose'«>ul'Scope of UterarV'Work in the Tth and, Sth (iruduM—AIItiH Catherine Flnm'l. What a'5»upjl Hhould Know ana 1 What |Ie Hhould Pe Able To Do When tie Finlahei the Sth Omdo— Ml«* Mubt«l Sterling, • . • «>f I'orthuKk M-ent Sitturduy at l-Yank Kumti'a. ' '' PARALYSIS IN WISCONSIN ^\ifr, dot. 17.— One i'ut>t* at i>vdja» health autliont-ics iiom ewch' of tb« trtirmunj? CMiniiMHi h.i, Uivi-lj Hay, u»w» of «V»uty; }*»k«> l^tk«, in t'fiuni); sit i- I'roy. in WuluoilU t-V'in- «>•• • . * j ii f If tl 1'atroriH in the School"— Jennie 1'cttin. I)elo(t: . ' DiMciiHHion—Supt. H. M. Hinkle, Cam- brldKe. "Two Years' 111^11 School Work in a Village School"—I'rii), L. li. Morgridge, Cary Station. DiHciiHHion—Prin. llajph Skinner, Pearl City. Co. Supts. and School Boarda. Co. Sujit. B. L. Hirkbwck, Uulena, chairman. The New SunitaUon Law—Co.. Supt.j Annual H(»port«--Co. Kupt. John School Kqulpmcm't—Co. Supt. Kllza- hoth Harvey. W. Miller, IH.v«n. High Schoola.. riuui. _ Stomach Weil B Good Health Stomach Bitters 'Addrenn—"Kar Training In t^angunge \Vork"~Pre.««. H. \V. Shryock. Muaic Section. Mrs. Muriel Plielps, KterllnK. chairman. Folk Games and Folk Dancing—Mlsn Maude Nicholson. DeKalb. Organization and Management of tin' High Kchool Hands and Orchestras —John T. HalKht, Hockford. Organization and Management Of the High {School Glee Clubs and Choruses — Min« Nellie "Provost, Freeport. Drawing Section. {Catherine' H. Obye,""" Oalena, chairman. Applied-Drawing—Miss i,. Eveline Merrill. DeKalb. 'Drawing.'in Schools Without an In- i lLy£t°J!rrJ^ Ii> " 1 Bertha Held, Oalena. Shall W«H r uTDnfwTng^c7ri-artJtlMtar-"—^ an HiiHiK?—Miss Myrtle Irons, llock- 'ord. . • ":..- ', Art In Induntry--MlsH Kdnai^O. Ben-__ son, Freeport. The Olive and Its Oil. Ask for free booklet Cross Olive • < ^r i ^ M £HaV^^ M <iaaiMM^W*^iw*viv 50c, 75c, $1.25 Bottles 306 First Ave. . Making Realprogress JNCREASING your earnings, wjih* - out increasing your savings i* not making progress. Our Dept Weekly Savings CM wflladjust i toYyour earning power. Ask us to prove it. Sterling Illinois

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